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Jacuma Kambui and his alleged Assata connection


Jacuma Kambui is head of the Talking Drum Collective and the owner of, which purports to support Assata in her struggles. He has left a very dubious trail on one of Davey D's forums which starts with an interview of Willie “Mukasa” Ricks, a legendary veteran of the US civil rights struggles who originated the use of "Black Power".  Kambui then kicks in with an attack on the interviewer, Kalonji Jama Changa, who responds by accusing Kambui of being a manipulator and thief. According to postings on the forum, two of Kambui's associates joined him in his sorry endeavors, Darnell Crawford and Alexis Lucas - they apparently developed a web site for the Prisoners of Conscience Committee (POCC), took in orders, never fulfilled them, and kept the money. It goes on from there with gun point confrontations, sly tricks, surveillance, all the classic operator moves.

Changa further specifies that Crawford was an information specialist at the US Army's Tank and Armament Command in Warren, MI, something he supposedly did his best to hide from others as he pontificated on Army surveillance of militants.

Kambui's response to the many accusations is to summon two lists of activists who were supposed to support him. A member of the Davey D forum checked out 5 persons on the second one at the bottom of the forum and they had not agreed to the posted statement. Kambui went on to wage an internet campaign against Changa, filled with many dubious assertions.

Kambui's work on has been c called into question as he has posted a variety of copyrighted materials without permission and refuses to take them down despite repeated calls to remove them. 

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