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Guerra de Razas

Guerra de Razas (Negros contra blancos en Cuba), Rafael Conte, José M. Capmany
Imp. Militar de Antonio Perez, Muralla 40, Havana, 1912  193 pages

Written during and right after the 1912 Massacre by reporters "embedded" with the Cuban Army, this piece of propaganda informs the public about the noble campaign against the "racist revolution." 

The Epilog contains a list of those who partook of the Banquet celebrating the victory in Parque Central, la Habana, under the statue of Jose Marti, whose son, "Coronel Jose Martí y Zayas-Bazán," was one of the presiding Jefes.

Contains photos of important army participants as well as of 2 reporters among the many who did so much to stoke racist fires across Cuba.

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   PDF Downloads

1. guerraderazas-frontpage.pdf   34KB  

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3. guerraderazas-fotos.pdf    1MB

4. guerraderazas-epilogo.pdf   611KB  requires rotation 90°



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