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Roots of My Heart - Raices de mi Corazon Main Photo Gallery

English summary of Raíces de mi corazón - English subtitle version available

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Mambises Children in the Liberation Army

Roots of my Heart - Raices de mi corazon

The Independents of Color

Foto Gallery: Raices, El Alacran, Baragua, Eye of the Rainbow

Raíces de mi corazón
Roots of My Heart
Photo Galleries

"Raíces de mi corazon" ("Roots of my heart"), an independently produced short feature film, deals for the first time in Cuban media with the 1912 massacre of over 6,000 members of the Independents of Color, the hemisphere's first black political party outside Haiti.  

Photos on the set... 
Photos on the set -2: Mercedes looks at her ancestors' photos

Members of the Party: the Independents of Color

Roots of My Heart - Raices de mi Corazon Main Photo Gallery - © Gloria Rolando, 2001

Mercedes researching old papers

The Mambí's two headed staff

Mercedes in the streets with her son

Mercedes' great-grandparents
Maria Victoria and José Julián

Mother of Dreams by the sea

Mother of Dreams holds Mercedes

The Mambí

The massacre

Maria Victoria learns of the massacre

The past and the future

Celebration after the massacre, presided over by Jose Marti's son, in Havana's Parque Central. Note the bottle of wine in front of each celebrant.

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