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See Video on Demand for home viewing via download, at a good discount for individual viewers. The page below is to order DVDs.

ERTIN accepts:   without a PayPal account, it's a PayPal option.

Ordering Gloria Rolando's DVDs
Help support her work!

Individual price is for home use. The price for Institutions is for viewing at a school, university, cultural center, or other institutional location. Special arrangements need to be made in order to offer these films to the general public in theatres or by broadcast. Institutional prices include Public Performance Rights within that institution. Institutions can download a copy of the EagleRidge Technologies, Inc. Institutional License Agreement with Public Performance Rights.

Use PayPal or use your Visa, Master Card, Discovery, or American Express card without even registering at PayPal - we will not see your financial information. When you check out after "Add to Cart,"  just look for the "Check Out" link on the lower right (see Help page).  To pay by mail or by PO, follow instructions below. Any questions, email, replacing _AT_ with @.
DVD Title Individuals - Home Use Educational & Cultural Institutions
1912, Breaking the Silence - Chapter 1, 2, & 3/1912, Voces para un Silencio, Capitulo 1, 2, y 3, documentary: has English subtitles.  First documentary on the massacre of the Independents of Color in 1912. 150 min. Worldwide. [See below for individual chapters]
1912, Breaking the Silence
Chapter 1, 2, & 3  - $60
Home Use, worldwide
1912, Breaking the Silence
Chapter 1, 2, & 3  - $500
Institutions, worldwide
Raices de mi Corazon- /Roots of My Heart: has English subtitles. The feature film that opened up discussions on the 1912 Massacre. 51 min. Worldwide.
Roots of My Heart - $25
Home Use, worldwide
Roots of My Heart - $275
Institutions, worldwide
Cherished Island Memories - A History of Cubans and Cayman Islanders: in English and Spanish, with subtitles, English speaking Cayman community on the Isle of Youth, 38 minutes. Pasajes del Corazón y la Memoria. Worldwide.
Cayman Islanders - $20
Home Use, worldwide
Cayman Islanders - $200
Institutions, worldwide
Oggun: - English subtitles. Staring singer Lazaro Ros. 52 min. US only.
Oggun - $25
Home Use - US Only
Oggun - $200
Institutions - US Only
My Footsteps in Baragua: in English and Spanish, with subtitles. Deals with the English speaking Caribbean community in Cuba. 53 min. US only.
Baragua - $20
Home Use - US Only
Baragua - $200
Institutions - US Only
Los Marqueses de Atarés: available without subtitles, Spanish only. Great carnival scenes. 46 min. US only.
Los Marqueses de Atarés - $25
Home Use  - US Only
Atarés - $200
Institutions  - US Only
El Alacrán- /The Scorpion: has English subtitles,  priced at $15 for individuals and $100 for institutions. Carnival Comparsa. 19 min. US only.
El Alacrán/The Scorpion - $20
Home Use - US Only
The Scorpion - $150
Institutions - US Only

Nosotros y el Jazz has not been commercially released, no copies are available.

Eyes of the Rainbow is no longer commercially available.

Reembarque and Dialgo con mi Abuela are out of stock.

To order
- either use our PayPal shopping cart above, even without registering with PayPal or:top

$20 $ .94
$25 $1.56
$100 $6.25
 $200 $12.50
$250   $15.63
1 DVD $6.55
2 DVDs $9.45
3-4 DVDs $12.75
5 DVDs $14.90
10 DVDs $18.60

           If you want to ship via Express Mail International, email us at [replace _AT_ with @] for a quote. Prices start at about $25.

           Note that foreign orders need to be paid in US dollars. 

US law (Berman Amendment) allows for the import of music, films, books, paintings, and sculptures from Cuba, virtually the only legal avenue for financial transactions concerning culture and for expressing our support.

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