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Havana. September 2, 2004

Demonstrators outside the convention in New York demand

BY ELSON CONCEPCION PEREZ—Granma daily staff writer—

WHILE hundreds of thousands of U.S. citizens have marched through the streets of New York in protest against Bush and his politics, in Madison Square Gardens, the venue of the Republican Party convention, a group of young people yesterday interrupted the speech of Andrew Card, the Cabinet chief, shouting: "Bush kills! Bush lies! Bush Out!"

Another one; 1,7000 arrested.

The demonstrators were evicted from the area, some were punched, others knocked to the ground and handcuffed and thus entered the already lengthy list of 1,700-plus arrested in six days of protest against the president, now officially presented as the candidate for a second term in the White House.

In an in-depth analysis on the subject on yesterday’s Roundtable program, journalists Reinado Taladrid, Juana Carrasco, Lázardo Barredo and Renato Reccio, headed by Rogelio Polanco, explained that this is a convention that does not decide anything, where the principle is to sell an image. It is a gigantic technological operation, one of manipulation and marketing over four days.

Today the neoconservatives dominate in the Republican Party with a strategic plan of dominating the world. These are the people that are in power in the United States, those that, if they win in November, already have a platform of war for the new term.

The budget for this rally stands at $170 million, while the Democratic Party spent $95 million. The current elections are the most expensive in U.S. history. Kerry has collected funds of $304 million and Bush $318 million. That explains that, whatever the outcome, it will be a government of millionaires for millionaires. In total more than $3 billion is being spent on the elections in the United States.

More than 40,000 police, thousands of FBI and secret service agents and 10,000 special guards armed to the teeth are protecting the convention venue. Sniffer dogs, F15 Hunter planes and helicopters and the Coast Guard on full alert complete the vigilance.

Contacted by phone in New York by Miguel Angel Masjuán, a Radio Havana Cuba journalist, Eugene Godfried explained that the Bush government has created the phantom notion of possible acts of terrorism. The convention is being staged around the image of Bush as the only man able to halt terrorism.

A bellicose atmosphere has been created to divert the attention of the U.S. public and the world from the condemnation of the war, the deteriorating domestic socioeconomic situation and other adverse factors in that country, in spite of the fact that certain sectors have reached an awareness of the need for the Bush administration to come to an end, the journalist emphasized.




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