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Pan-African activist Elombe Brath died Monday at age 77.Elombe Brath
People's Scholar and Ambassador

The ever impressive Elombe Brath participated in a 2006 screening of Gloria Rolando's Roots of My Heart at City College



In loving memory of Elombe Brath, our ambassador to the African world  6/5/2014 New York Amsterdam News: "Reggie Mabry, Pan-African strategist and Sons of Africa associate, said, “Of all the transitions that occurred recently, Elombe’s is the biggest and most significant because he was our direct connection to the revolutionary movements that were happening around the world. He stood alone as our ambassador to Africa, especially in understanding and engaging the worldwide Pan-African revolutionary movement. Thus, his understanding and involvement must be duplicated by every African at home and abroad.” Accordingly, letters of tributes and reflections were shared by representatives of Cuban revolutionary great Fidel Castro, President Hifikepunye Lucas Pohamba of Namibia, former President of South Africa Thabo Mvuyelwa Mbeki and Minister Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam."

A Tribute to the People's Scholar - Elombe Brath (1936 - 2014)  6/2/2014 The Blackboard: "He was 77 years old and was born on September 30th, 1936. Over two thousand people came out to pay their respects to Mr. Brath and his legacy in the Pan African and Black Liberation Movements. Mr. Brath stood tall in Black activist circles not just in New York City but in the Caribbean and Africa as well. Mr. Brath was indeed a revolutionary – a committed activist in the Pan African and Black Liberation Movements."

Elombe Brath dead  5/26/2014 Black Agenda Report: "Rodolfo Reyes, the Cuban Ambassador to the United Nations, also honored Brath in 2013. “Cuba remembers with high esteem his tireless struggle for the freedom of the Cuban 5, unjustly imprisoned in United States jails,” said Reyes. “By following the example of Elombe Brath, we can turn into reality the goal of our leader, Fidel Castro, that a better world is possible, where justice, human dignity and solidarity prevail."

Harlem mourns death of Elombe Brath, lifelong warrior in battle for pan-African empowerment  5/21/2014 NY Daily News: "'Tireless and genuine fighter,' Brath, who was 77, fought apartheid as founder of Patrice Lumumba Coalition; fought to end use of term 'negro', advocated on behalf of Central Park 5 and co-founded African Jazz-Arts Society & Studios."

Cuba Shed Its Blood Against Racism Cuban President Gets Rousing Welcome In Harlem  11/6/1995 The Militant: "With these remarks, Castro began explaining at some length the essential role of Cuban volunteer troops in Africa in helping to defend the sovereignty of Angola, win the independence of Namibia, and bring about the downfall of the apartheid regime in South Africa. The Cuban president spoke for more than an hour, with translation, after introductory remarks by Elombe Brath, leader of the Patrice Lumumba Coalition and the event's chair; Rosemari Mealy, author of Fidel and Malcolm X: Memories of a Meeting; Rev. Calvin Butts, pastor of the Abyssinian Baptist Church; and Luis Miranda of Casa de las Americas."




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