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2005 Workshop

2003 Rumba -  Conga Workshop

VII Workshop of Rumba and Conga “Alfonso Iyaé” CubAché
Bejucal, Havana, 8th – 10th December 2006

The Alfonso House opens its doors to give you   the Cuban Aché, in the "Alfonso Iyaé" workshop. You can enjoy the flavor of a variety of AfroCuban rhythms, such as: The Rumba, the Conga, the Mozambique and the Salsa. You will also be delighted with the chiming of the drums and congas of Charanga City.

Delegates can participate in the Rumba and Conga concert “Peña”, Tambor  “ Ocha Religion party”, the  Congas Festival ,  dance and percussion classes. There is a Matinée with a Salsa music Band at the House of Music “Havana”.

 These activities, among other options will be at your disposition.

Date: 12/08/06 up to 12/10/06

Auspices of: National Union of Cuban Artists and Written (UNEAC) the Havana.
Address 9 street corner 14 Bejucal town  of Havana 
Phone: (53)(47) 6813 29

Honor Presidents: Lic. Omar Felipe Mauris President UNEAC the Havana Prov., Eloy Machado “El Ambia”  Lic. Helio Orovio  Music specialist. Salvador González , Hamel Studio, José Luís Quintana “Changuito” and Federico Arístides Soto “Tata Güines” Masters on Percussion. Gregorio Hernández ‘El Goyo” and  Lino A. Neira PhDr.

General Coordinator: M.Sc. Cristóbal Alfonso 

Address: 9 street  # 604 Bejucal town, of Havana, Cuba 
Phone: (53)(47) 68 1606 o (537) 8 73 9925
E-mail: or

Workshop programs in Cuba

Friday December 8th   of 2006
          Place: Bejucal

       10:00 PM Dance and Percussion Class 

         2:00 PM Theoretical workshop

         5:00 PM Rumba and the Conga   concert

Saturday December 9th   of 2006
          Place: Bejucal

       10:00 PM Dance and Percussion Class 

         3:00 PM Rumba and the Conga concert

Sunday December 10th   the 2006
        Place: Bejucal.

        10:00 PM Dance and Percussion Class

          3:00 PM VIII Congas Festival

          Price: $80,00 CUC/Persona

         Includes: Participation in all activities of Workshop Welcome Cocktail and lunch (3)

Post Event Activities

Monday December 11th   of 2006
         Place: Havana City

         2:00 PM Dance and Percussion Class 

Tuesday December 12th  of 2006
        Place: Havana City

       10:00 AM Dance and Percussion Class

         3:00 PM Orisha Party

Wednesday December 13th of 2006
         Place: Havana City

           2:00 PM Class of Dance and Percussion

           9:00 PM The Music’s House.

Attention: For all interested in Post Event activities participation, communicate with the General Coordinator

           Price/ person 

           Dance and Percussion Class( 2 hours)  $ 10,00 CUC
           Orisha Party $ 20,00 CUC

Contact with: Julio Antonio Massana 
Mexico DF, Telephone: 5633-5932 
Fax: 5633-5932 

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