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Public Radio's Afropop Worldwide and
the Cuba Research and Analysis Group (CRAG) 
are pleased to announce

Afropop Worldwide Study Tour of Cuban Music: The Havana-Oriente Express

January 12-28, 2003 / in two parts

"Going to Cuba with Afropop Worldwide was the trip of a lifetime. A music lover's dream come true.CRAG was efficient and helpful. The ground service on the whole was excellent. And our leaders all deserve praise." --Larry Katz, Boston Herald

By popular demand, we are offering this trip in partnership with the Casa del Caribe of Santiago de Cuba in two one-week segments: a week in Havana and a week in Oriente (the eastern half of Cuba). Travelers may attend either one, or both, of the modules.

Both parts will be stimulating and comfortable, but in general we expect the Havana module to be a bit more relaxed and the Oriental module to be more highly programmed, with the Havana module focusing more on contemporary popular tendencies and the Oriental module focusing more on history and tradition. The culture of Oriente is quite distinct from that of Havana, so the two halves of the trip will not duplicate each other. Travelers attending both segments will have two extra days between segments, during which they will travel by land, together with the tour staff, across the handsome island of Cuba.

This is not beach-resort tourism. This is an educational experience for people truly interested in learning more about Cuban culture. Of course, when we say culture, we don't mean the opera. Cuban culture is a lot of fun, and we should warn you: it may entail dancing. And yes, it's okay to smoke a cigar.

The schedule is still being planned as of this writing, and requires some flexibility in order to take advantage of the fact that popular musical activities in Havana happen on short notice. There's always something exciting going on in this supremely musical city. Time permitting, our itinerary in Havana (January 12-19) is expected to include, but not be limited to, the following:

*) a welcoming dinner in a Cuban home, with live music.

*) an architectural tour of Old Havana with a city historian.

*) a visit to the funky Cabaret Las Vegas to see Yoruba Andabo play and dance rumba and santería

*) nocturnal research to observe the awesomely virtuosic dance bands of Havana, playing the hard-eged polyrhythmic music called timba, in their natural habitat.

*) attendance at a club presenting Cuban rap.

*) a visit to Havana's famed outdoor dancehall La Tropical.

*) a guided tour of the impressive museum of the Yoruba Foundation, an independent organization of practitioners of the Yoruba religion (popularly called santería).

*) talks with our resource personnel: the American musicologist and veteran Afropop producer Ned Sublette (author of the forthcoming Cuba and Music: From the Dawn of Time to Mambo Fever) and the distinguished Cuban anthropologist Dr. José Millet (author of Tierra Tiembla and other books).

*) side trips and individualized missions can be arranged through our staff.

Travelers who wish to sign on for the Havana portion of the trip only will return home on the morning of Sunday, January 19. Travelers attending both halves will then travel with our team by land across Cuba and will be on hand to welcome Santiago travelers, who arrive January 21.

Oriente: January 21 - January 28:

A week in Oriente coordinated by Dr. José Millet of Santiago de Cuba's cultural study institution, Casa del Caribe. Dr. Millet has spent his life studying the culture of his native region, and it is a privilege to have him providing entry for us into the world of traditional Oriental culture. We will visit & learn about:

*) places where musicians gather to play traditional son, changüí and trova.

*) overnight trips to Baracoa (the first town founded in Cuba), Holguín and Guantánamo, meeting local folkloric figures in each place.

*) the mountains of the Sierra Maestra.

*) a society of the tumba francesa, brought from Haiti to Cuba at the end of the 18th century, with 18th-century French salon dancing and traditional African music.

*) the practice of traditional and creolized African religions in Cuba, including vodú, palo and santería.

Our visits to Cuba include:

· Round trip airfare from Miami, Florida to Havana

· Ground transportation to and from airport in Havana/Santiago

· Lodging at 4-5 star hotels

· English speaking Cuban tour escort

· Daily breakfast, most lunches and dinners

· Medical, dental, liability and repatriation insurance

· All museum and music venue entrance fees (associated with program)

· Preparatory reading materials, extensive logistical information and useful maps

· Walking tours of Havana's and Santiago's historic architecture and legendary music venues

· Cuban visa, plenty of local music and a whole lot more!!

Price: $2,800 for either one-week program (per person based on double occupancy). For single rooms, add $200. $4,400 for full 16 days (per person, based on double occupancy). For single room, add $300.

(This fee includes contribution to your public radio station that broadcasts Afropop Worldwide.)

Note: exact travel dates may shift by one or two days as charter flight schedules are not yet published.

For more information, call the Cuba Research and Analysis Group at (505) 344-5049 or send an email to We encourage you to visit for photo essays of past APWW tours.

The Cuba Research & Analysis Group (CRAG) is a private non-profit and tax-exempt organization based in Albuquerque, New Mexico whose mission is to improve and enhance relations between the peoples of the United States and Cuba through cultural, academic and informational exchange activities. CRAG is a 501 (c)(3) organization licensed by the United States Department of the Treasury and is made up of scholars, writers and community and cultural activists playing a needed role in bringing people together in lasting, effective ways. CRAG personnel have been taking groups to Cuba for over 20 years.

World Music Productions (WMP) is a non-profit, multi-media entertainment and education organization devoted to promoting greater understanding and enjoyment of the contemporary musical cultures of Africa and the African diaspora. WMP produces Afropop Worldwide, the PRI program hosted by Georges Collinet heard throughout the US since 1988, and the active web WMP has organized highly acclaimed tours to Africa and Latin America, including Mali, Madagascar and Cuba. What distinguishes Afropop Tours is the quality of the direct experience with local artists.



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