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Etubom Asuquo Etim
Maskmaker, musician, Obong-Nyamkpe in the Efe Ekpe Eyo Ema

10 Beckles Davies, Calabar, 
Cross River State, Nigeria



Etubom Asuquo Etim, at left, is a producer, musician, and mask maker from the Ekoretonko (Cobham Town) community of the Efik Kingdom. He holds the Ekpe title of Obong-Nyamkpe in the Efe Ekpe Eyo Ema in Calabar. In Cuba in 1848, an Abakuá lodge called Ekueritonko was founded, in remembrance of the Ekoretonko community of Calabar. At left, Etubom Etim stands between two Idem Ikwo masks that he made. This photo was taken at the Efut Palace in Anantigha, Calabar South (2006).

  Research and photographs by Dr. Ivor Miller





Etubom Asuquo Etim at his loom

Etubom Asuquo Etim at his investiture as Etubom of
Ekoretonko community (Upper Cobham Town).

Title translates as "group of young proud Efik."
Etubom Asuquo Etim, at left, produced this record

Etubom Asuquo Etim wears Ukara cloth at his investiture as
Obong-Nyamkpe of Efe Ekpe Eyo Ema (Ekoretonko community).


For an account the festival, see Cuban Abakua Participate in the Ekpe Festival, 
December 19-26, 2004, Cross River State, Nigeria

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