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African Atlantic Research Team (AART)
University of Colorado


The African Atlantic Research Team (AART) of the University of Colorado is pleased to announce a Special Invitational Seminar on RACE, RELIGION, AND NATIONAL IDENTITY. The seminar is a jointly sponsored offering with our partners, Casa del Caribe of Santiago de Cuba. The seminar will be held December 27th, 2000 through January 2nd, 2001 in Santiago with faculty from AART and Casa. Cost for the 7-10 day curriculum can not be determined with exactness at this time but close approximation can be calculated at $150 per day. This includes round-trip travel from Miami to Santiago; double occupancy hotel accommodations with two meals per day; all transfers; and visas. In addition, airport departure fees are levied by the two cities as well as costs for luggage over 48 lbs, assessed at $2 per lb.

The seminar curriculum will include at least one ceremony from an exemplary African-derived tradition as practiced in Santiago; site visits to historical locations significant to race, religion and Cuban national identity; guided tour of the El Cobre replicated Bakongo altar constructed by one of the nations most renowned AfroCuban artist; at least one interview with a leader of one of Santiagos African religions; and lecture discussions led by noted experts of these traditions. Our hope is that participants will be instrumental in preparing others to participate in the annual XXI FESTIVAL DEL CARIBE, to be convened July 3-9th 2001. The U.S. government restricts travel to Cuba and each seminar participant must be a professional educator or a registered student.

Before air reservations can be made, everyone must sign an affidavit that attests to their profession. A $200 non-refundable deposit must be received by November 25th. 

For further information contact:
African Atlantic Research Team
Santiago December Seminar

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