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Regional is a US based firm that has run some projects in and about Cuba:

Technology and Society in Cuba (ongoing)

REGIONAL’s long-term engagement with Cuba has intensified further. Planning is underway for the deployment of a custom technological solution that will significantly ease the transfer of digital information without the use of the internet. In addition to the management of their own project in Cuba, REGIONAL has  been advising other initiatives in Cuba, covering film, architecture and media.

Freedom House (Spring 2009)

In Spring 2009 REGIONAL was selected by Freedom House to train and advise a leading Egyptian liberal media entity in the application of new-media tools in the expansion of their role in Egyptian society.  In Sharm el Sheikh and Cairo, REGIONAL led interactive training and strategy programs for a staff of 30 creative-workers and journalists. Subject modules included tactical collaborative filtering and sourcing, citizen-involved journalism, the integration of social networking into publishing models, and editorial and community strategy. In preparing recommendations, REGIONAL performed field-research on the organizational culture of the client and the cultural and operational context in Egypt relevant to the development of new cultural activities. REGIONAL will be continue to advise Freedom House on further resource allocation and developmental priorities for their initiatives supported in Egypt.

Harvard (Budapest – Summer 2008)

From June 23-25, Harvard’s Berkman Center for the study of the Internet and Society hosted a three-day event in Budapest with approximately 25 leading academics and practitioners working in the field of the Internet and Democracy. We were invited to speak directly on the subject of the internet and democracy in authoritarian regimes and were on a panel with John Kelly, who alongside the Berkman center recently mapped the Iranian Blogosphere. We presented our research on informal information exchange in Cuba, discussing demoracy as a lived process of pluralistic discourse and decentralized empowerment, and the internet as including all the possibilities of digitally networked public spheres. To conclude we questioned if a smooth transition to democracy from authoritarianism is far from guaranteed, particularly given a long history of state control, and argued that initiatives should center on small ‘d’ democracy for citizens to prepare themselves for collective participation. (excellent documentation from Patrick Meier)

Stanford Human Computer Interaction (Stanford Univerity – 2008)

The Stanford HCI Department invited us to speak in their ongoing lecture series on People, Computers and Design. The Stanford HCI Group works across disciplines to understand the intersection between humans and computers. For this talk we led an expanded discussion on our work with emerging technology in Cuba and the lessons it offers for social dynamics and technological development across the world. (link to abstract of talk. link to lecture series website)

From Regional's web site


O’Reilly Emerging Technology Conference (San Diego – 2008)

“Of necessity and humanity: what Cuba can teach us about ourselves and our own technology.” The Cuban people live in acute technological scarcity, yet illuminate strategies for living and creating in a society of excess. This talk will share inspiring adaptations and surprising interpretations of technology in a country that is constantly on the brink of emergence and complete transformation. (link to conference. link to REGIONAL’s Cuba talk. link to report on BoingBoing. link to Cory Doctorow’s extensive notes.)



DAI in Cuba

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