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Ife-Ile Dance Company Presents Sixth Annual Baila USA Dance Festival 2005, 6/9/05-6/12/05

Ife-Ile AfroCuban Festival in Miami: 9/01-10/01 

Ife-Ile Afro-Cuban Dance Company

Ife-Ile Afro-Cuban Dance Company is a Miami based, non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of the Afro-Cuban culture through the arts. Ife-Ile is a combination of both the talents of Neri Torres (Artistic Director, Choreographer) and her brother Ezequiel Torres-Master Drummer (Musical Director). Ife-Ile Afro-Cuban Music and Dance Ensemble has participated in a number of cultural events throughout the nation and abroad. Besides Afro-Cuban dance which Ife-Ile is best known for, the company also performs modern dance and popular Latin dances such as salsa, mambo, conga, cha-cha-cha, etc.



 -- Four-Day Event Celebrates Afro-Latin Culture in dance --

Miami, Florida, February 16, 2005 – IFE-ILE Dance Company presents the sixth annual 2005 Baila USA Dance Festival: “Roots of Salsa” , which celebrates the art of dance in the Latin and Caribbean culture. This year’s theme is “Roots of Salsa: The Rumba Institution.” The event will be held June 9-12, 2005 at the Hilton Miami Airport, 5101 Blue Lagoon Drive, Miami, Florida 33126.

The authentic Cuban Rumba is an umbrella term for perhaps the most important and Complex musical manifestations of the Afro-Cuban dances of the island, encompassing drumming, dancing and song. Rumba evolved into several other rhythms including what is known to the world today as Salsa.

More than 5,000 people are expected at the four-day festival, which will feature 30 dance workshops on traditional and more contemporary styles that have influenced modern Salsa dancing –and including Salsa - well as a dance competition in the Rumba Guaguanco dance style with celebrity judges, panel discussions, seminars and live musical performances with renowned professional Cuban teachers, dancers and scholars. Entrance to the family-oriented event has a minimal charge for workshops and seminars and the pre-festival 2 days event at the Florida International University South Campus is free. BAILA USA also includes traditional merchandise, dance parties and information booths about local and international dance troupes, events and schools.

Live performing bands include Tiempo Libre a talented Miami band with its contagious Timba sound that made waves all over Europe! Dance professionals include

Aramis Pazos, dancer/choreographer in the Bay Area and graduate of the National School of the Arts in Cuba, Yanitzia Mizrahi, dancer/instructor in Rome, Italy graduate from the National Schools Dance Instructors, Ana Machado, dancer/instructor former soloist of the legendary Cabaret Tropicana in Havana, Cuba, Zoraida Rodriguez, Ballet maitre former soloist from the Ballet de Camaguey, Cuba and other remarkable dance professionals.

Award winning choreographer Neri Torres is the founder of IFE-ILE Afro-Cuban Dance Company and BAILA USA Dance Festival in Miami, Florida. Trained in jazz, Ballet, Modern, and Afro-Cuban dance, Torres has choreographed, directed and performed numerous shows (from musicals, movies, commercials to videos). (Read full bio:

In commenting on the Baila USA festival, Neri Torres said, “We created the Baila USA Dance Festival, in 1998 as a tribute to our Latin, Caribbean and African roots. By combining the Spanish word for dance – baila – with USA, we embrace both our ethnic traditions as well as the multicultural melting pot of America. The event is a way for not only dancers but also families to enjoy and learn more about the joy of dance inherent to our idiosyncrasy. Baila USA is a feast of movement.”

One of the festival’s many highlights is a spectacular Dance Gala Performance featuring “Guaguanco, the Rumba Musical” by Neri Torres’ IFE-ILE Afro-Cuban Dance Company! The dance gala is scheduled for Saturday, June 11th at the Coconut Grove Playhouse and will showcase the collaborative talent of energetic local, national and international dancers and musicians for an unforgettable story about the evolution Of Rumba. The four-day event culminates on Sunday, June 12th with a traditional Afro-Cuban party of drumming, dancing and lots of fun.

The festival is produced in collaboration with Florida International University & African New World Studies (Biscayne Bay Campus), WDNA and Telemiami.

About IFE-ILE Dance Company

IFE-ILE Music and Dance Ensemble is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the Afro-Cuban culture through the arts. The dance troupe, featuring Artistic Director and Choreographer Neri Torres have participated in the Latin Grammy Awards, Super Bowl Sunday, Billboard Awards, several grass roots festival including Folklife for the Smithsonian Institution, Emancipation Celebration in Trinidad-Tobago, also several videos and commercials. The dance company also teaches dance to all levels and ages, including Afro-Cuban, Modern Dance, and Latin Dances, Salsa, Dancercise and Drumming. The IFE-ILE Dance Studio is open to the public on the first Saturday of each month.  For more information, please visit , call 305-476-0388 or


IFE-ILE Afro Cuban Festivaltop

When:September 28 - October 6, 2001
Where:Miami, FL

Just when you thought Miami couldn’t get any hotter, this year’s Afro-Cuban Festival promises to spice up the city like never before. Thousands of people from all walks of life will descend on the beach, downtown and Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood to participate in the 9-day tribute to all aspects of Cuban culture, with an emphasis on its African roots.

There will be massive Conga lines in the street, soulful Rumba jam sessions and Afro-Cuban drumming and dance extravaganzas. 

The popular festival, which kicks off South Florida’s tourism season, is highlighted with a vibrant street fair and a high-energy dance performance by Miami’s world-renowned Afro-Cuban dance troupe IFE-ILE. 

The street fair and concert will also be held in downtown Miami, offering succulent Latin cuisine, memorabilia, children’s activities, and the best of local Latin and Caribbean talent, including a guest act from Brazil.

Excitement continues during the week with film screenings, art exhibits, poetry readings, drumming and dance classes, panel discussions on Afro-Cuban culture and a children’s show.

The annual festival, now in its third year, is sponsored by IFE-ILE Inc.,

Miami’s foremost Afro-Cuban Dance and Music Company. It is presented in collaboration with Miami-Dade Community College.

For pre-registration, hotel information and a complete schedule of events, e-mail us at or call IFE-ILE Inc. at (305) 476-0388. You can also visit us on the Web at

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