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Chris Simmons
US CounterIntel, founder of Cuba Confidential

"Chris Simmons has been a Counterintelligence Officer since 1987 and a Latin Americanist since the early 1980s.  From 1996-2004, he was deeply involved with the majority of US Counterintelligence successes against Cuba.  He was a central figure in the identification, investigation, and debriefing of convicted Cuban spy, Ana Belen Montes. She remains the highest-ranking Cuban spy ever sent to prison in the US.

Simmons was the lead military official in the May 2003 expulsion of 14 Cuban spies serving under diplomatic cover. This was the third largest expulsion of diplomats in US history, and the only one not targeted against Russia/USSR.

He has lectured on Cuban Intelligence throughout the US Intelligence Community, to members of Congress, academia, a major Washington DC think tank, and on radio and television. From 2007-2008, he wrote a column on Cuban Intelligence for the Miami Herald.  He retired from the Defense Intelligence Agency in December 2007."  -- from the now defunct site,, replaced by Cuba Confidential.



Cuban spies continue to exploit 'Sister City' program  8/9/2009 Washington Times: by Chris Simmons -- "Consider, for example, the heavy-handedness of Afro-Cuban DI officer Felix Wilson Hernandez. A specialist in targeting blacks, he served in Washington from 1996 to 2000. Mr. Wilson featured prominently at the national formation meeting of the U.S.-Cuba Sister City Association in Pittsburgh in March 1999. That same month, he went to Cambridge, Mass. - an emerging sister city - and lectured at Harvard University about blacks in Cuba. One month later, Mr. Wilson was in Richmond, Calif., interacting with its significant black and Hispanic populations. He also repeatedly visited Seattle community leaders in preparation for the World Trade Organization conference in the winter of 1999. At the time, Seattle's Friendship Committee was active in its sister city initiative."

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