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Reggaetón Cubano - Cubaton
los reggaetoneros

 "Las instituciones culturales de cada provincia, municipio o localidad del país tienen la permanente responsabilidad de orientar el gusto musical…"  -- UNEAC


SBS Launches First Cubaton Station in the Country: Exclusive  8/15/2016 Billboard: "In a nod to the growing popularity of urban Cuban music in the U.S., Spanish Broadcasting System today flipped its Miami top 40 radio station, La Nueva I95.7 FM, to Ritmo 95.7 FM, with the tagline “Cubatón y más” (Cubatón and more) on Monday (Aug. 15). The move sends a major message to the marketplace that commercial radio sees Cubatón -- the mix of reggaetón with Cuban beats and sometimes trap -- and the Cuban urban movement in general as more than a passing fad."

If Reggaeton’s what you want, go ahead!  7/12/2016 Havana Times: "A few months ago, on the day people celebrate the founding of the UJC and OPJM** in Cuba, a number of primary and secondary schools put out powerful speakers onto the street and shook the neighborhood with reggaeton’s contagious beat. I stopped for a moment at one of these celebrations to watch the erotic choreography that these young people dressed in their mustard colored uniforms were performing. In early days, this festive occasion used to be celebrated with music by Silvio Rodriguez; clearly, both teachers and students agree on the fact that it’s no longer the time for trova (folk) music."

Danay Suárez, Polvo de la Humedad  7/11/2016 Brooklyn Rail: "Song after song, Cuban artist Danay Suárez’s album Polvo de la Humedad is a well executed hip hop and reggae album. With her grave rapping voice, soulful singing voice, and nuanced rhythms, she mesmerizes with the sincerity of perfected expression. This is sincerity we expect in contemporary reggae music but no longer expect much of in hip hop."

El Príncipe firma contrato de 5 años con Rottweilas  6/29/2016 Vistar: "El Príncipe comienza una nueva etapa, ahora más internacional, con nuevas expectativas. De la mano de Rottweilas, la disquera del puertorriqueño Cosculluela ahora llega “una nueva etapa para mí, hace tiempo veníamos hablando la posibilidad de hacer mi carrera a nivel global pero hasta ahora es que se materializa”, nos dijo El Príncipe de los nuevos comienzos."

Músicos cubanos que no debes dejar de oir  11/23/2015 Vistar: "La nuestra es una tierra musical. Eso no es un secreto. De esta Isla del Caribe han salido exitosos músicos. Chucho Valdés, Juan Formell y Los Van Van, la popular Celia Cruz y el Septeto Santiaguero son quizás, algunos de los de mayor renombre internacional. En esta ocasión, la revista digital PAPER destacó en su artículo “10 Cuban Musicians You Need to Hear” la obra de jóvenes exponentes de esta manifestación en el país. Contrario a lo que muchos pueden pensar, entre los nombres resalta Michael Sierra Miranda, más conocido como El Micha. Un reggaetonero al que califican como figura prominente en la escena del “Cubatón”, cosecha propia de La Habana, y uno de los pocos exponentes que ha logrado trascender más allá de su barrio."

Si tu cuerpo pide reguetón…  9/27/2015 Negra Cubana: "Si ser feminista implica que no debería escuchar reguetón, entonces yo no sería feminista."

Alejandro Santoya: del Yabó Reloaded al Yonki  6/13/2015 Vistar 

Reggae finds its groove in Cuba  5/31/2015 Jamaica Observer: "Many travel experts expect the entertainment and lifestyle scenes there to explode once the US normalises relations with the Communist country. That could be this year. Jamaica is Cuba's closest neighbour, so it seems inevitable will have a presence there. From May 18-22, the exhibition, 'Bob Marley Time Will Tell', took place at Casa De Las Americas, in Havana, Cuba's capital."

Romeo Santos & Enrique Iglesias Win Big at 2015 Billboard Latin Music Awards  4/30/2015 Billboard: "The track featuring Descemer Bueno and the Cuban group Gente De Zona spent a record-breaking 41 weeks at No. 1 on Billboard's Hot Latin Songs chart."

The Strange Case of Cuba’s Gilbert Man  2/14/2015 Havana Times: "Cuban USB drives – the people’s Internet – are now carrying the graphic details of the massive police operation conducted some weeks ago, when the well-known reggaeton music promoter Gilbert Man (a Cuban citizen holding ID card number 86060806804, issued to Gilberto Martinez Suarez on March 14, 2014) was arrested."

Video Showing Arrest of Cuban Reggaeton Musician Leaked  2/10/2015 Havana Times: "Though the announced re-establishment of diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States opens the possibility for the US to demand the extradition of fugitives from justice, it seems unlikely Martinez will be handed over to US authorities. The cases of the dozens of fugitives from US justice living in Cuba after committing acts of million-dollar Medicare and car insurance fraud have been brought to the discussion table and constitute issues to be addressed during bilateral negotiations, but no short-term solution is yet in sight. Some charged with Medicare fraud have voluntarily returned to the United States to settle their debts with justice."

Cuban Reggaetón Singer Who Fled U.S. Flaunts Bling, Gets Arrested in Havana  1/26/2015 Billboard: "The 28-year-old fledging performer was allegedly one of a trio of identity thieves who had used 100 different credit cards to buy expensive electronics and make purchases at Toys R' Us, Babies R' Us and other stores of over $150,000. It was not his first arrest. The Sun-Sentinel reported that Cuban-U.S. policy over the past decades has enabled Cuban-born criminals escape to the island. Because of the icy relations between the two countries, they could normally could live there with no fear of being returned back to the States by Cuban authorities. The historic talks between the two nations could lead to changes in cooperative law enforcement. According to the Sun-Sentinel, the U.S. Marshals Service in South Florida has been compiling a list of fugitives believed to be living in Cuba, "in case things change," and the Castro government begins to comply with extradition requests."

Hit Single “Bailando” Sweeps the Board Everywhere Except Cuba  12/4/2014 Havana Times: "The super-hit Bailando (“Dancing”), selected Song of the Year at the 2014 Latin Grammys, whose official version has had over 567 million views on YouTube, has made it to the top of the list in all countries around the world save Cuba, where it was unable to secure the Most Popular Music Video of the year trophy."

Gente D’ Zona’s Latin GRAMMY success spells new era for Cuban artists  10/22/2014 Voxxi: "On the telluric success of the song, Descemer told Javier Poza on Mexican television, “It’s beautiful having the beginning of a career after 20 years of hard work. I didn’t always have the courage to defend my songs. I just found the courage and enthusiasm with the support of fellow artists and friends like Enrique Iglesias and Jorge Villamisal.” But Descemer is not a rookie in the music industry. In his 20 years as a producer and songwriter, he has worked with Enrique for the last 10. In 2011, he helped Iglesias gain a Billboard nomination with the song “Cuando me Enamoro,” featuring Juan Luis Guerra. That hit was number one in Billboard charts for 18 weeks and remained in the Top 10 for an entire year."

Gente D’Zona humbled with their Latin Grammy nods  10/16/2014 Voxxi: "For Randy Malcom, singer of Gente D’Zona, having a Latin Grammy nomination is a true blessing. From their native streets in Cuba to becoming a global success, the hot duo has a lot to celebrate. Malcom and bandmate Alexander Delgado have been the island’s hidden gem for many years. The world discovered their captivating sound when they were featured in Enrique Iglesias’ version of Descemer Bueno’s original song “Bailando.”"

Cuban Music: Neither Rap Nor Reggaeton  8/25/2014 Havana Times: "The organizers of the contest are evidently clear on what qualifies as “Cuban” music and what does not. “Ballads”, a genre dating back to medieval European poetry, invoking the genius of Polish composer Chopin and the popular music of nearly all Western countries of the twentieth century, is “Cuban.” “Traditional songs,” which can be just about anything, are also “Cuban.” Neither rap nor reggaeton are, however."

Better Dance Cuban-style  3/7/2013 Granma: "Referring to the Baila dance project, aimed at promoting traditional rhythms and dance among young people, Alonso affirmed, "We are going to teach young people to dance, not because they don't know how, but because we want them to improve. Given the controversy over the acceptance or rejection of reguetón and timbatón, we aim to guide young people, to restore the popular fiestas, traditional styles danced in couples, and ballroom dancing, which have been forgotten. It is better to teach them at the grassroots level."

¿QUIÉN FORMA EL GUSTO MUSICAL DE LA CUBA DE HOY?  2/8/2013 UNEAC: "Tendencias socio-culturales de la sociedad cubana de hoy. (Resumir, desde el punto de vista científico, a partir de estudios realizados, dónde está y hacia dónde se mueve la sociedad cubana actual, que nos permita explicarnos fenómenos como la aceptación popular del reguetón en sus variantes más agresivas y prosaicas)."

Gente de Zona will perform in Italy, France, Spain, and Germany in February 2013  1/17/2013 Havana Cultura: "Reggaeton band Gente de Zona is back in Europe this winter!"

REGUETÓN QUE VIENE Y VA  1/14/2013 UNEAC: "Las instituciones culturales de cada provincia, municipio o localidad del país tienen la permanente responsabilidad de orientar el gusto musical…"

Cuba Targets Racy Reggaeton Lyrics  1/7/2013 Huff Post: "Cuban authorities recently announced restrictions reportedly declaring state-run recording studios and broadcasts off-limits to songs with questionable lyrics. They also prohibit such music in performance spaces subject to government control. The rules would theoretically apply to all genres, but it's reggaeton that leading cultural lights have singled out for criticism in official media while warning of new rules governing "public uses of music."

Se acabó el “perreo” en Cuba  1/7/2013 Joseph Caceres: Comentario: "Anónimo dijo... Esto solo se puede hacer donde gobiernan hombres"

Cuba Dances Reggaeton  12/25/2012 Havana Culture: scroll down for image links to popular Cuban reggaeton players.

Reggaetón vs. Nueva Trova (Esp)  12/21/2012 Havana Times: "…los sucedido el pasado día 16 de noviembre en la provincia de Ciego de Ávila, donde se debía celebrar el concierto por el 45 aniversario de la Nueva Trova. Los jóvenes trovadores protagonistas del concierto se llevaron la desagradable sorpresa al ver al supuesto público, integrado por jóvenes y adolescentes, que los obligaron a suspender el concierto ante la reiterada y descompuesta manera de pedir que los trovadores fueran sustituidos por el ya omnisciente ritmo del reggaetón."

Reggaeton vs. Nueva Trova (Eng)  12/21/2012 Havana Times: "They were talking about what happened on November 16th in Ciego de Avila Province, where people were supposed to celebrate a concert marking the 45th anniversary of Nueva Trova. The young trova singers who were featured there got a nasty surprise when they saw the supposed audience — composed of younger people and teens — force them to cancel the concert with their repeated and upsetting manner of asking that those trova tunes be replaced by the now omniscient rhythms of reggaeton."

Alkana. Reggaetonera, rapera, mc  12/20/2012 Havana Cultura: "Mileidys González, alias Alkana, is one of the main ambassadors of the feminine branch of the Cubaton Hip Hop. Describing herself as a true “feminist”, she regrets the lack of representation that afflicts women in her musical scene. “If you speak about hip-hop, you’ll always end up speaking about men first, and you’ll have to dig deeper to find something else. That scandalizes me, because there’s a lot of women doing a great job”, she explains."

Cuba cracks down on 'vulgar' reggaeton music  12/8/2012 Guardian, UK: "Musicians who play reggaeton are threatened with being struck off official lists, making it harder for them to work, and recordings are already being purged from official catalogues. Radio and television stations are also under pressure to drop reggaeton – though Cubans can still turn their dials to radio stations in nearby Miami or elsewhere."

¿Quién ha inventado que en Cuba se ha prohibido el reggaeton?  12/7/2012 Rebelion: "Por contra, ninguno de estos medios mencionó una sola vez la palabra “gobierno” al informar de que, hace meses, un videoclip de la famosa cantante Rihanna fue retirado de las televisiones de once países, incluyendo Reino Unido y Francia (15); otro de Robbie Williams era eliminado de la BBC por presión de varias asociaciones de pensionistas (16); y otro de No Doubt fue retirado por el propio grupo tras las protestas de colectivos indígenas, por mencionar solo tres casos recientes (17). En la citada entrevista al presidente del Instituto Cubano de la Música, Orlando Vistel menciona otro de los aspectos denunciados por intelectuales y músicos de la Isla: la ínfima calidad musical de gran parte de los temas reggaeton que, a pesar de ello, cuentan con una desproporcionada presencia en la radio y la televisión del país. El funcionario propone en la entrevista una regulación en los medios cubanos para retornar a un equilibrio de estilos musicales, que refleje la inmensa variedad y riqueza musical de Cuba, hoy parcialmente eclipsada por la hegemonía del reggaeton."

Cuba: Reggaeton Hit ‘Chupi Chupi' Denounced by Authorities  12/7/2012 Global Voices: "[It’s] known that censorship and banning only stimulates consumption of what is prohibited. Over the past few days people haven’t stopped talking about the “Chupi case,” and those who hadn’t yet seen the video have gone running to find it. What makes it subversive has had an inverse effect on—and made attractive—everything that disgusts the authorities."

Cuba cracks down on Reggaeton music  12/6/2012 NBC Latino 

Cuba cracks down on 'vulgar' reggaeton music  12/6/2012 The Guardian 

Cuban Government Censors Reggaeton and "Sexually Explicit" Songs  12/6/2012 ABC Univision: "Although reggaetton and hip hop musicians are not a direct threat to the Cuban government, they have amassed a large following and audience across the island," Raices wrote. "Over recent years, the music scene in Cuba has become increasingly reflective of the diversity and interests of its population and has become an outlet for their observations and for communication among its citizenry."

5 videos de reggaetón que Cuba reprueba  12/5/2012 Union Jalisco: "Estos son algunos videos del género, de artistas originarios de Cuba; conóce las letras que incomodaron al gobierno cubano:"

Contra el reggaetón, nada  12/5/2012 Nuevo Herald: "El reggaetón sobrevivirá, sin embargo, la presente andanada puritana por dos razones principales. En primera porque sus grabaciones circulan de modo alternativo en un país sin mercado oficial para esos menesteres y en segunda, por lo rentable que resulta para la industria del turismo contratar a uno, dos o tres cantantes y un DJ, que son los componentes del reggaetón, en vez de una orquesta, para amenizar sitios nocturnos donde la entrada puede sobrepasar los $100 o CUC, la moneda convertible cubana."

Ni la vulgaridad ni la mediocridad podrán mellar la riqueza de la música cubana  11/30/2012 Granma: "Las instituciones culturales y los Consejos de la Administración en las provincias y los municipios cuentan con la autoridad y el deber de velar por la correcta aplicación de la política cultural. Pero insisto: las medidas administrativas y jurídicas no son efectivas por sí mismas si no van acompañadas por una labor de orientación, esclarecimiento y convencimiento acerca de los valores que debemos promover".

Cantante del “Chupi Chupi” acusa de censor al ministro de Cultura  11/26/2012 Café Fuerte: “¿Cómo pudo un ministro de la cultura ir en contra de lo que quiere y prefiere su país?”, se cuestiona el músico. “Quién se cree que es para hacer callar a la expresión más pura de Dios que es la música porque a él no le guste, y despojarme a mí, el supuesto músico que él esta representando, de lo que tanto he llorado, he luchado, he trabajado, he sufrido, he anhelado, he soñado, he respetado y moriré amando…”

La vulgaridad en nuestra música: ¿una elección del “pueblo cubano”?  11/23/2012 Granma: por Doctora María Córdova

SOME NOTES ON REGGAETON  9/25/2012 Cuba Now: "Other equally important elements have made daily contributions to the proliferation of fads and modalities found in reggaeton; among them, we must stress the high marketing level music has today in the contemporary world. It's not by chance that Miami’s Music Czar Emilio Estefan has shown so much interest in the work of Puerto Rican reggaeton musician Don Omar, or the fact that Sony Music has dedicated space in its productions to members of the reggaeton family, like Buddha’s Family, Mickey Perfecto or Noztra, or that Universal -another great music producer and distributor- has also become interested in that Caribbean phenomenon. You have to sell recordings and that's done where marketing points to. In the contemporary world, trade is centralized in urban zones, which are their basic sources of income because most of the circulation of merchandise takes place there and the buyers are the great number of people who live there. If we take into consideration that a good amount of that public is formed by people with low incomes whose culture is formed in the group of values determined by their belonging to a basically dispossessed and politically dominated social class, we can have an idea of the kind of artistic product they can buy."

Este viernes 17: Reggae en Alamar por Marcus Garvey  8/16/2012 Red Observatorio Crítico: "Un género común para grupos de músicos de La Habana, quienes “vienen trabajando en uno de los géneros más representativos del Caribe y menos promocionado en Cuba”. “Sus influencias y aportes a la nueva generación de la música popular son de nuestro interés, así como visualizar una muestra de sus exponentes en La Habana” –explican los organizadores en un promocional. “El homenaje al nacimiento de Marcus Garvey…” será realizado por “…un Grupo de Artistas y Promotores de la Música, con la colaboración de la Dirección Municipal de Cultura de Habana del Este…” –contiene la nota."

The latest 2012 Cuban Reggaeton in the brand new compilation of the "Cuba Top Reggaeton" Hit series  4/11/2012 Cuba Music 

The Puerto Rican reggaeton duo Jowell & Randy could not enter Venezuela last Friday. The authorities of that country claimed that they had the wrong visa to perform at a concert they had planned there.  3/20/2012 ReggaetonLine: "We feel extremely humiliated ... in the six years we have been traveling the world, we never went through something like that. I am so sad. Well, we go back to Puerto Rico, deported for the first time." The artists were supported by their fans on social networks."

Disrupted Femininity  2/7/2012 Cuba Now: "In Cuba, reggaeton usually reproduces a passive image of women which, from a prevailing stereotype of beauty, are presented as if their essence were that of sexual objects. Lyrics present a high male chauvinist contents and an extremely vulgar language. The present essay, from a feminist standpoint, analyzes this phenomenon."

Prohiben el Reggaeton en Venezuela  1/11/2012 Emu Digital: "La norma más reciente de Hugo Chávez dice exactamente así: “Se prohíbe la divulgación y promoción de lo que son géneros musicales como el reggaeton y el vallenato, pues su alto contenido grotesco incita a movimientos vulgares y sexuales no acorde con la edad e higiene mental de los niños”. Los partidarios de Chávez afirman que "la prohibición se suma a las tantas otras realizadas en países iberoamericanos como Honduras, Nicaragua y El Salvador."

Lyrical Subversion in Cuban Reggae  8/20/2011 Image & Narrative: Published in May, 2005 - "When several specialists express conservative opinions in using the term “Cuban reggae” as a solid genre, this essay is conceived as an approach to the social processes that catalyze the consolidation of a musical style --reggae-- in a given space – Cuba. My main argument is to emphasize that reggae was born in Cuba under the same conditions of marginalization and subordination that still today make it a lyrically subversive cultural tendency. It is necessary to note, however, that there is more than one type of reggae. I mainly focus on what is more universally identified as “roots” reggae without disregarding the interesting fusions of the Spanish Caribbean influences with Cuba's musical mainstream, which gave way to the so called reggaetón style. In characterizing “subversion” in a thematic analysis, the paper is based on a more cultural meaning in the mere political connotation of this word."

Venezuelan duo Chino & Nacho set to release new album called Supremo  4/21/2011 Examiner: "The band initially evolved from merengue hip-hop to a dance reggaeton rhythm but with a unique Venezuelan flow. With the arrival of their very successful hit “Niña Bonita” featured an original version and then adapted a U.S version which gained more international exposure. Why? They have featured popular musicians like Divino, Don Omar, R.K.M. & Ken-Y, Potro Alvarez & and Baroni."

Paulo FG New Album ‘Sin Etiqueta’ is OUT!!!!  1/3/2011 Timba Geek: "News coming from one of the most famous Cuban artist inside and outside Cuba, finally the new album of Paulo FG ‘Sin Etiqueta’ is out on sale. Salsa, reggaeton and obviously timba are among the rhythms present in an album produced by Bis Music record label."

The Rise of Reggaeton  6/27/2010 Norient: "With a building presence in clubs and on radio in New York and Miami, a couple breakthrough hits were all that reggaeton needed to introduce its sensuous sounds to the mainstream. With its Spanglish verses and overt pan-Latino pride, New York-based rapper N.O.R.E.’s “Oye Mi Canto,” featuring Nina Sky and reggaeton stalwarts Tego Calderon and Daddy Yankee, explicitly pushed and promoted reggaeton to what had become — thanks to 2003’s banner year for dancehall — a reggae-friendly audience. Climbing the charts soon thereafter, Daddy Yankee’s “Gasolina” became the kind of pop anthem that no one could ignore (or avoid), convincing hip-hop moguls from Lil Jon to Diddy to get in on the action."

Cuban Reggaeton!  8/28/2009 listen to tracks

Colores sin Benetton, pero a ritmo de reguetón  6/1/2009 Cuba Encuentro: "En un concierto de César López, el célebre saxofonista empezó con estas palabras: «Bienvenidos al Havana Jazz Café, territorio libre de reguetón». Las críticas son conocidas: su chabacanería, su falta de modestia, una sexualidad desenvuelta, su ruidosa vulgaridad, el enaltecimiento de la violencia, etc. Semejantes comentarios se usaron para atacar al son, a la rumba, a la santería y a otras manifestaciones populares con actitudes francamente clasistas, racistas o que delatan un prejuicio intelectualoide. Algunos raperos tratan de trazar una línea infranqueable entre el hip hop y el reguetón, tildando al segundo de frívolo, materialista (lo que yo llamo «la fulatría») y falto de conciencia, lo cual es cierto en muchos casos. Y cuando viene esa crítica de parte de raperos, difícilmente puede atribuírsele tonos racistas, ya que la gran mayoría de los raperos son negros o mulatos."

Lo que hace falta es Jama! El Video Clip! Reggaeton!  4/25/2009 YouTube: "Valla, el Panfilo en un video clip de reggaeton, con una jeva haciendole coro y to jajajajaja"

Lo que hace falta es Jama! (EL ORIGINAL!)  4/25/2009 YouTube: "Comida!!! Graba ahi!!! Panfilo en Cuba!!! Señores ya esta el reggaeton de panfilo en este enlace, Ya panfilo es Artista jajajaja A Gozar!"

Prohíben el reggaeton en las escuelas de Venezuela  6/7/2007 Periodista Digital: "Estamos prohibiéndola para captar la atención de los docentes como formadores. Suena como una imposición, pero no tenemos otro remedio".

I’m Cuban, a site full of culture  9/10/2006 Cuba Now: "When browsing Internet, looking for information about Cuba, this address will appear:, and you will not regret having finding it, as the most important cultural leads of the Island are customary of this site, which is becoming a model within our culture. There you will find valuable information about the evolution in the music, arts, cinema, plastic arts and literature markets, taking into account the results of the sales there promoted: the CD Reggaeton a lo cubano(various artists) and the DVD Live in the UK. Alive in Cuba (Félix Baloy and Afro-Cuban All Stars) appear among the ones with most sales in their genre, while the DVD Memorias del Subdesarrollo(Tomás Gutiérrez Alea) and La vida es silbar (Fernando Pérez) are the most applied for films. Meanwhile, Los orishas en Cuba, by Natalia Bolívar, and Esculturas, by José Villa, appear among the most requested book titles, only to cite some references."

Grabará Maná versión en reggaeton Labios compartidos  8/26/2006 PL: "San Juan, 26 ago (PL) Vulnerable al influjo del reggaeton, la banda mexicana Maná grabará una versión de Labios compartidos en ese ritmo, fusionado con rock, en alianza con el dúo puertorriqueño Calle 13. El reggaeton es real, viene de la calle, declaró Alex González, baterista del grupo, en conferencia de prensa en Carolina (16 kilómetros al este de San Juan), en la cual recibió un disco doble de platino por la venta de 40 mil copias de su álbum Amar es compartir. A este pertenece el tema Labios..., que ocupa el primer lugar en la lista de favoritos de la revista Billboard."

Lanzamiento del nuevo trabajo discografico "DEL MONTUNO AL REGGAETOWN"  9/20/2005 Cubanos en la Red 

Cuban acts a top draw in Vegas  12/31/2004 Miami Herald: "Tropical Passions, a show with a cast of mostly Miami expats, is based on Havana's nightlife in the 1950s and features the Grammy-nominated Tropicana All Stars. It's at the Las Vegas Hilton through Sunday. Havana Night Club: The Show recently made headlines when all 50 cast members sought asylum. It's at the Stardust until Jan. 11. Ticket sales for both are brisk… Said Tropical Passions singer Ivette Viña: ``I think it's important to educate people about what was happening in Cuba in the '50s. You want to make sure when people leave the theater, they have a positive image of Cuba.'' (Viña, by the way, called Havana Night Club a cliché, with focus on drawing an arc from the time slaves were brought from Africa to Cuba to Havana's reggaeton of today.) " The Cuban-born Merida, who oversees the third-largest Hispanic chamber in the Southwest with 1,200 members, said that Hispanic visitors from other states call him asking about Latin acts."

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Cuban Reggaeton on YouTube

Cuba Dances Reggaeton, Havana Culture: scroll down for image links to popular Cuban reggaeton players.
Reggaetón Panama - Puerto Riceños

Alkana. Reggaetonera, rapera, mc 12/20/2012 Havana Cultura: "Mileidys González, alias Alkana, is one of the main ambassadors of the feminine branch of the Cubaton Hip Hop. Describing herself as a true “feminist”, she regrets the lack of representation that afflicts women in her musical scene. “If you speak about hip-hop, you’ll always end up speaking about men first, and you’ll have to dig deeper to find something else. That scandalizes me, because there’s a lot of women doing a great job”, she explains."

For some history on Cuba's attempts to engineer their musical culture, see Radio Havana's Eugene Godfried's works, especially

Cuban Popular Music: Renewal Efforts From Above, 9/04

The African Cuban Diaspora’s Cultural Shelters and Their Sudden Disappearance in 1959, 8/04

Dialogue with Juan Cruz, Past President, ‘Marianao Club Social’ - La Havana, 8/19/04

Dialogue with Founding Leaders of Guantanamo’s Social Club ‘La Nueva Era’, 8/6/04

La Protesta de Baragua: Culture and Popular Music Have the Last Word -- They Say What the Official Culture Can’t, 8/04

Buena Vista Social Club: Critics, self-criticism, and the survival of Cuban Son
, 11/00

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