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Myrna Padron DicksonMyrna Rosa Padrón Dickson

Reception for Afro Cuban Activist Artist Myrna Padrón Dickson
Encuentro 5 9A Hamilton Place (Near Park St.)
Thursday, May 18th 7 PM    July 26th Coalition

Black cuban women, feminists, cultural promoters, Popular educators, Mirna Padrón Dickson and Diarenis Rosa Calderon Tartabull direct an Independent artistic-social project MirArte Diadia (2009-present).

Agents of change and social transformation, they travel with Political Education in Human Rights and the Culture of Peace, with a gender perspective, differential and intersectional approach.

They operate in community spaces, to demonstrate dissimilar patriarchal attitudes, racism and sexism. They want to break up the relationship between the various communities that represent the status quo and their relationship of solidarity with all affirmative practices.


  • Curatorial work processes, exhibition management, to lesser known artists and creators who demonstrate through visual anthropology the influence of Africa and its diaspora in folk / traditional culture of Cuba, its relationship with the Caribbean and the Americas.

  • To use the concepts and methodology of popular education to achieve these goals.


América Latina: Activismo lésbico aún no sale del clóset  5/19/2014 Proyecto Arcoiris: Esta comunicadora cultural e integrante del Proyecto Arcoíris, que se declara independiente y anticapitalista, supo mantener a su hija junto a ella cuando salió del armario y vivió otra vez el proceso con la niña de su actual pareja, que en los inicios de la relación tenía cinco años y hoy es una adolescente de 13 años." 

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Myrna Dickson, Proyecto mirArte diaDía, Directorio de Afrocubanas


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