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Egypt News
 al-sha'b yurid isqat al-nizam - the people want the fall of the regime

These feeds are frequently updated, all in English:

Al Jazeera live TV stream -

Al Jazeera twitter -

Debka, Israel A few psyops here, also interesting reporting

Democracy Now -

France24 - English edition

Muslim Brotherhood -

Reuters -

Robert Fisk, Independent

Twitter -

We Rebuild -
Site devoted to helping Egyptians circumvent loss of Internet

Egypt Newstop

Live blog Feb 12 - Egypt protests  2/12/2011 Al Jazeera English: celebrating the resignation of Mubarak

Live blog Feb 11 - Egypt protests  2/11/2011 Al Jazeera English: the resignation of Mubarak

On the Streets of Cairo
  2/9/2011 Counterpunch: "These be your gods, O Progressives! This is the man your champion had championed to "manage" the "transition" in Egypt from the dead hand of a discredited dictator to a backroom string-puller lacquered with a new coat of PR. Of course, when world of Suleiman's private temper tantrum leaked out, the Obama Administration began to backpedal on the firm support for Suleiman it had shown earlier in the day (which had come complete with a long phone call from Suleiman's long-time friend, Joe Biden). Now, the White House was troubled by these "unhelpful" remarks. Unhelpful indeed -- for they gave the game away too soon. Wrong-footed by this unforeseen outpouring of popular will, Washington has not been able to cobble together a proper storyline to justify a violent crackdown by the regime. The American power structure has been set reeling by something that is simply outside the boundaries of their mental universe: a non-violent, non-sectarian, non-ideological, leaderless revolution by ordinary people."

Egypt nears military coup. USS warships in Suez Canal  2/8/2011 Debka, Israel: "Although reforms and pay hikes have been pledged by the new Egyptian government, large groups of workers, mainly in Cairo, rebelled against state-appointed managements and set up "Revolutionary Committees" to run factories and other work places, including Egyptian state TV and Egypt's biggest weekly "Ros el-Yusuf."

An Interview with Egyptian Blogger "Sandmonkey" - More Than a Facebook Revolution  2/7/2011 Counterpunch 

The Muslim Brotherhood and Democracy in Egypt  2/7/2011 Counterpunch: "Since the late 20th century, far from being advocates of religious extremism, the Muslim Brotherhood like other Islamically-oriented candidates and political parties in Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Pakistan, Malaysia, and Indonesia have opted for ballots, not bullets. Among the Brotherhood’s most vigorous critics (and enemies) have been Egyptian militants, including Al-Qaeda's Ayman al-Zawahiry. For decades the Muslim Brotherhood, though officially illegal, has proven to be the largest and most effective non-violent opposition movement, politically and socially within mainstream Egyptian society."

US envoy's business link to Egypt  2/7/2011 Independent: "Wisner's astonishing remarks – "President Mubarak's continued leadership is critical: it's his opportunity to write his own legacy" – shocked the democratic opposition in Egypt and called into question Obama's judgment, as well as that of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The US State Department and Wisner himself have now both claimed that his remarks were made in a "personal capacity". But there is nothing "personal" about Wisner's connections with the powerful Washington law firm and lobby shop Patton Boggs, which openly boasts that it advises "the Egyptian military, the Egyptian Economic Development Agency, and has handled arbitrations and litigation on the [Mubarak] government's behalf in Europe and the US". Oddly, not a single journalist raised this extraordinary connection with US government officials – nor the blatant conflict of interest it appears to represent."

Saboteurs attack Egypt gas pipeline to Jordan  2/5/2011 AFP: "Egypt supplies about 40 percent of Israel's natural gas, and in December, four Israeli firms signed 20-year contracts worth up to 10 billion dollars (7.4 billion euros) to import Egyptian gas."

El 'modesto' patrimonio de la familia Mubarak podría ascender a 70.000 millones de dólares  2/5/2011 Aporrea: "El patrimonio de la familia de Mubarak podría estar entre los 40.000 y 70.000 millones de dólares --entre 29.000 y 51.000 millones de euros--, según informó la cadena estadounidense ABC citando a expertos. El origen de este dinero estaría en los contratos militares suscritos durante la etapa en la que Mubarak formaba parte de la Fuerza Aérea egipcia. Sin embargo, una vez ya en la Presidencia, desde 1981, Mubarak diversificó sus inversiones."

Uprising in Egypt: A Two-Hour Special on the Revolt Against the U.S.-Backed Mubarak Regime  2/5/2011 Democracy Now 

Egypt, the US and the Israel Lobby  2/4/2011 Counterpunch 

Mubarak's Last Gasps  2/4/2011 Counterpunch: "Meanwhile, the last touches of a crude plan to abort the protests and attack the demonstrators were being finalized in the Interior Ministry. In the mean time, the leaders of the NPD met with the committee of forty, which is a committee of corrupt oligarchs and tycoons, who have taken over major sections of Egypt’s economy in the last decade and are close associates to Jamal Mubarak, the president’s son. The committee included Ahmad Ezz, Ibrahim Kamel, Mohamad Abu el-Enein, Magdy Ashour and others. Each businessman pledged to recruit as many people from their businesses and industries as well as mobsters and hoodlums known as Baltagies – people who are paid to fight and cause chaos and terror. Abu el-Enein and Kamel pledged to finance the whole operation.Meanwhile,the Interior Minister reconstituted some of the most notorious officers of his secret police to join the counter-revolutionary demonstrators slated for Wednesday, with a specific plan of attack the pro-democracy protesters."

Frank Wisner in Cairo: The Empire's Bagman  2/2/2011 Counterpunch: "From inside the bowels of Washington's power elite, Frank Wisner emerges, briefcase in hand. He has met the President, but he is not his envoy. He represents the United States, but is not the Ambassador. What is in his briefcase is his experience: it includes his long career as bagman of Empire, and as bucket-boy for Capital. Pulling himself away from the Georgetown cocktail parties and the Langley Power-point briefings, Wisner finds his way to the Heliopolis cocktail parties and to the hushed conferences in Kasr al-Ittihadiya. Mubarak (age 82) greets Wisner (age 72), as these elders confer on the way forward for a country whose majority is under thirty."

Why Egyptians are Calling Obama the "Black Bush"  2/2/2011 Counterpunch: "As an American of Egyptian heritage who left the U.S in 2006 to live in Egypt, I quickly discovered that the grievances I heard from my colleagues and the youth of America were no different than those of Egyptians. The common complaint amongst all voices was that of suffocation. Both regimes have the same review cards amongst the general population in both countries. However, the social , economic, and political landscapes of Egypt are more accelerated. What is happening in Egypt now, is an excellent forecaster of what is about to hit America."

Obama to Egyptian Army: Remove Mubarak now, start transition  2/2/2011 Debka, Israel: "President Barack Obama delivered an ultimatum to Egyptian Vice President Omar Suleiman and the army and security chiefs: Mubarak must be removed in the coming hours or else US aid to Egypt will be cut off, debkafile's Washington sources exclusively report. Pressure on the Egyptian armed forces to oust the president forthwith was further applied by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who called Vice President Omar Suleiman, US Defense Secretary Robert Gates who called Egyptian defense minister Mohamed Tantawi, and US armed forces chief Adm. Mike Mullen in a telephone call to the Egyptian chief of staff Gen. Sami Enan."

CIA: Frank G. Wisner arrived in Cairo  2/2/2011 Voltaire Net: "Mr. Wisner is the son of Frank G. Wisner Sr., co-founder of the CIA and Gladio. Together with Allen Dulles, Wisner Sr. was one of the architects of the U.S. secret intervention doctrine: support those democracies which make a "good choice", oppose those which make the wrong choice."

How Cairo, U.S. Were Blindsided by Revolution  2/2/2011 Wall Street Journal: "At 4 p.m., the battles appeared to tip decisively in the protesters' favor. An order came down from Mr. Mubarak to the Minister of Interior, Habib al-Adly to use live ammunition to put down the protests, according to a person familiar with the situation. Mr. al-Adly passed on the order to his top lieutenant, Gen. Ahmed Ramzy—but Mr. Ramzy refused, according to this person. "It was a poor assessment of what [orders] his generals would take from him," this person said. When Mr. Mubarak saw that Mr. Adly wouldn't get the job done, he gave the order for the army to deploy, this person said. Mr. Adly was furious, according to the person. Mr. Adly then gave a sweeping order to pull all police from the streets, from lowly traffic monitors, to prison guards, to the vast armies of truncheon-wielding riot police that had been a ubiquitous presence around Egypt for decades."

'Anxious' Israel backs Egypt regime  1/31/2011 Al Jazeera: "Israel has called on the United States and Europe to curb their criticism of president Hosni Mubarak "in a bid to preserve stability in Egypt" and the wider Middle East, an Israeli newspaper reports. The Israeli daily Haaretz reported on Monday that the foreign ministry, in an urgent special cable, instructed its ambassadors to key countries, to "stress ... the importance of Egypt's stability"."

Netanyahu tries to play Egyptian military card - and gets Grad missiles: DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis  1/31/2011 Debka, Israel: "Netanyahu's first two reactions to events in Egypt were knee-jerk gestures to old friends in Cairo rather than part of a far-sighted, clear-eyed assessment of the fast-moving Egyptian epic. They were misplaced on five counts."

New Ways Used by Egyptians to Get Online Minus the Internet  1/30/2011 Financial Feed: "We Rebuild has established a Sweden dial-up number. The group is collecting a number list that Egyptians can call and the information is fed on a Wiki page. French Data Network running one of the dial-up numbers said this set up is their first time. Its president Benjamin Bayart said the ISPs modem provides connection every few minutes."

Robert Fisk: Egypt: Death throes of a dictatorship  1/30/2011 Independent: "In the pantomime world of Mubarak himself – and of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in Washington – the man who still claims to be president of Egypt swore in the most preposterous choice of vice-president in an attempt to soften the fury of the protesters – Omar Suleiman, Egypt's chief negotiator with Israel and his senior intelligence officer, a 75-year-old with years of visits to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and four heart attacks to his credit. How this elderly apparatchik might be expected to deal with the anger and joy of liberation of 80 million Egyptians is beyond imagination. When I told the demonstrators on the tank around me the news of Suleiman's appointment, they burst into laughter."

U.S. role in Egypt crisis "shameful"-Chavez  1/30/2011 Reuters 

Anonymous Internet Users Team Up To Provide Communication Tools For Egyptian People  1/29/2011 Huffington Post 

US behind Egypt internet crackdown  1/29/2011 Press TV, Iran: "Narus, now owned by Boeing, was founded in 1997 by Israeli security experts to create and sell mass surveillance systems for governments and large corporate clients."

Breaking: Al Jazeera Reports Mubarak’s planning exile to Tel Aviv—The Writing on the Wall  1/29/2011 Veterans Today 

The many renditions of Mamdouh Habib  5/7/2009 Crikey: "In Egypt, where torture seems to be a Government sport , Habib was interrogated by the country’s Intelligence Director, General Omar Suleiman, who is is ranked second in power to President Hosni Mubarak. Back in 2001, Suleiman took a personal interest in anyone suspected of links with Al Qaeda. As Habib had visited Afghanistan shortly before 9/11, he was under suspicion. Suleiman slapped Habib’s face so hard, the blindfold was dislodged, revealing the torturer’s identity. According to his memoir, Habib was repeatedly zapped with high-voltage electricity, immersed in water up to his nostrils, beaten, his fingers were broken and he was hung from metal hooks. He was again interrogated by Omar Suleiman. To loosen Habib’s tongue, Suleiman ordered a guard to murder a gruesomely shackled Turkistan prisoner in front of Habib – and he did, with a vicious karate kick. Suleiman is expected to be the next President of Egypt."

TODAY'S BLACK EGYPTIANS: 2006 - An Essay through PHOTOS by Kola Boof  4/12/2008 Indiginous People of Africa and America: published 7/07 - "The true Egyptians--the Black Egyptians do still exist, and instead of debating about the "ancient" people....why do we never force the WHITE MEDIA to show images of the black ones? Why is it that in America--only the WHITE ARAB INVADER groups, the BEJA and the Noor are ever shown on television or in magazines?"

Egypt says ships did not cause Internet cable damage  2/4/2008 AFP: [Rumours blame the US/Israel] - "Damage to undersea Internet cables in the Mediterranean that hit business across the Middle East and South Asia was not caused by ships, Egypt's communications ministry said on Sunday, ruling out earlier reports. The transport ministry added that footage recorded by onshore video cameras of the location of the cables showed no maritime traffic in the area when the cables were damaged. "The ministry's maritime transport committee reviewed footage covering the period of 12 hours before and 12 hours after the cables were cut and no ships sailed the area," a statement said. "The area is also marked on maps as a no-go zone and it is therefore ruled out that the damage to the cables was caused by ships," the statement added."

What Democracy Looks Like - The Streets of Cairo  3/25/2003 Counterpunch: "The people respond by directing their fury, not only at U.S. imperialism, but the pro-U.S. governments that seek to deny them the democracy of street protest. The democracy that might start to look like revolution. The corporate media has provided some minimal reportage on these demonstrations, which have occurred throughout the Arab world, from Rabat and Casablanca to Beirut and Amman. Rarely in citing the numbers do they note that in most parts of the Arab world such demonstrations are illegal and that those who participate are often putting their lives on the line; nor that the U.S. government wants them to be illegal, and applies pressure on Arab governments it subsidizes (notably Egypt) to continue to suppress anti-U.S. dissent." The beginning of the end for the US in Egypt?

Egypt Torturing Anti-War Activists, Group says  3/24/2003 OneWorld: "Anti-war activists and protesters detained by Egyptian authorities in recent days are being tortured by police, Human Rights Watch (HRW) charged Monday in a detailed release that includes accounts by eyewitnesses and activists."

U.S. cancels new aid to Egypt  8/19/2002 Stratfor 

Egypt will not let US warships pass through Suez Canal  8/17/2002 IPS: perhaps this explains Bush criticism over human rights violations in Egypt that would normally be ignored.

Egyptian newspaper: Washington considers adding Cairo to "Axis of Evil"; Egypt sold weapons to Iraq  5/29/2002 Zawya: "Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak's visit to Washington next month is to counter calls to add Cairo to the "axis of evil" label by some U.S. intelligence authorities, an Egyptian magazine reported Monday."

Intensified calls for Arab boycott trigger controversies  5/8/2002 Arabic News 

Mubarak: U.S.-led war on terrorism serves Israel  4/30/2002 Al Bawabe: and Egypt gets billions from the US…

Economic boycott forces McDonald’s to change name in Egypt  4/19/2002 Ummah News: America's efforts to market to 1 billion muslims may prove problematic.


'They are Nazis, Nazis, Nazis'  4/10/2002 Al Ahram 

Islamic feminism: what's in a name?  1/22/2002 Al Ahram 

Israel’s latest worry: Egypt  1/22/2002 Jane's, UK: "The reason given is that Israeli military intelligence discovered that in all recent Egyptian army exercises, the targeted enemy was Israel. The Israelis acted quickly and asked the Americans not to supply Egypt with new, state-of-the-art F-15s. At first the Americans refused. However, they changed their mind after the Israelis provided them with proof."

Consumers Want Bin Laden But Government Says No  1/10/2002 Black World Today: in Egypt - the long reach of American $$$

Changing their tune  1/3/2002 Al Ahram: "A decision by Sweden to extradite two Egyptian militants marks a shift in attitude among Western nations on political asylum in the wake of 11 September"

In the dark valley  12/20/2001 Al Ahram: "Faced with a growing and politically-loaded African refugee crisis, Egypt struggles to accommodate those who seek refuge. Gamal Nkrumah writes on the challenge and the hope"

Reaction to tape showcases a region's discontent America seen as intractable bully by Arab world  12/16/2001 San Francisco Chronicle: "Take what most of the Western world regards as the "smoking gun." Despite widespread calls in the Arab world since Sept. 11 for the United States to produce "proof" of bin Laden's guilt, the tape did not make the front page of either the major Egyptian government or opposition daily papers on Friday."

Postwar Arab links to the ODESSA network  11/11/2001 Flame, Ireland 

Nobel laureate says US strikes on Afghanistan "as despicable" as Sept 11  10/25/2001 AFP 

Al Qaeda's Egyptian Leaders  10/18/2001 Stratfor, US 

Les Egyptiens sont encore indécis mais l'université gronde  10/8/2001 Le Monde, France: Debka reports 20,000person demonstrations in university

Anti-terror campaign likely to pit Egyptian government against bin Laden's Egyptian allies  10/7/2001 AP 

The Alleged Brains Behind Bin Laden  10/2/2001 LA Times



The Palestine Papers -


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