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Congresswomen Yvette D. Clarke
11th Congressional District


Letter on Cuba

From: Congresswomen Yvette Clarke <>
Sent: Mon, 31 Mar 2008 4:42 pm
Subject: Message From Congresswoman Clarke

March 31, 2008

Mr. Elliot Markson

Dear Mr. Markson: 

Thank you for contacting me about U.S. relations with Cuba. I appreciate 
you taking the time to express your views on this important issue.

As you know, the United States has maintained a long-term embargo on the 
Cuban government. This embargo prevents Americans, with some exceptions, 
from traveling to the country and prohibits commercial transactions with 
Cuba. This embargo was originally imposed to weaken the Cuban government 
and to ultimately cause its collapse. In reality, the embargo has done 
little to undermine Fidel Castro, and now Raul Castro’s, rule.

Removing the embargo on Cuba would provide and new and valuable market 
to United States businesses and farmers. I also believe it is in our 
country’s best interest to promote greater diplomatic ties with Cuba. 
And Americans, as free citizens, should be able to travel freely, 
including to Cuba. As such, I cosponsored H.R. 624, the Free Trade with 
Cuba Act, which would end the trade embargo with Cuba. It is my hope 
that with the new leadership in Cuba, Congress will address the Cuban 
embargo issue and usher in a new era in U.S.-Cuba relations.

Thank you again for sharing your concerns and please be sure to visit my 
website at to sign up for my e-newsletter to stay 
updated on this and other issues.


Yvette D. Clarke
Member of Congress






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