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    World News
11/5/01 - 11/11/01

Sunday  11/11/01

Taleban foes claim taking 5 provinces  11/11/01 Arab News, Arabia 

Clash of wills - Rights versus security in Fort Benning protest  11/11/01 Creative Loafing, Atlanta 

El enemigo de Israel  11/11/01 El Pais, Spain 

Papon and the killing of 200 Algerians in Paris during 1961  11/11/01 Flame, Ireland 

Postwar Arab links to the ODESSA network  11/11/01 Flame, Ireland 

The Role of the SS Handschar division in Yugoslavia's Holocaust  11/11/01 Flame, Ireland 

THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT IS NOT SUPPORTING THE TALIBAN WITH TROOPS - RECENT STORIES INTENDED TO FRIGHTEN THE RIGHT ARE DISINFORMATION AND PROPAGANDA  11/11/01 From the Wilderness, US: "The Debka reports are dubious and highly suspect as to their intent. WorldNet Daily, which has a well-deserved reputation for solid journalistic standards, should be careful of risking its credibility by republishing such outrageous and unfounded stories. Such stories can and have had the effect of distracting attention from important debate and increasing fear levels in selected groups. And as fear increases, logical, relevant and essential analysis goes out the window."

Bin Laden taunts the West: 'I'm ready to die'  11/11/01 Guardian, UK 

'I can understand why she'd want to be with Americans'  11/11/01 Independent, UK: Chelsea's fears » A student from Washington DC explains why US youngsters in Britain feel 'a little sensitive' these days

Muslim leaders warn of riots over anti-terror law  11/11/01 Independent, UK: "Muslim leaders have warned David Blunkett that his crackdown on terrorism and religious hatred could spark off fresh race riots. Members of the Muslim community in Britain fear police will target them unfairly."

Western aid 'could spread extremism'  11/11/01 Independent, UK: "Across the Muslim world from West Africa to Asia, Islamic schools were moving in as the state primary education system failed. This set in chain a process which resulted in the fundamentalist groups replacing government as the focus for popular loyalty and gave the terrorists their "support structure". Mr Malloch Brown had seen the same process in Latin America, where fundamentalist Christian churches had moved in to provide education as the state and the Catholic church retreated."

'Michael Jordan of Saudi diplomacy' leading PR full-court press  11/11/01 Jerusalem Post 

Exile organizations are planning hurricane relief effort for Cuba  11/11/01 Miami Herald 

The Arab/Muslim Nazi Connection  11/11/01 Middle East Digest, Christian Action for Israel: "To show gratitude towards his hosts, in 1943 the Mufti travelled several times to Bosnia, where on orders of the SS he recruited the notorious "Hanjar troopers," a special Bosnian Waffen SS company which slaugh-tered 90% of Bosnia’s Jews and burned countless Serbian churches and villages. These Bosnian Muslim recruits rapidly found favor with SS chief H\einrich Himmler, who established a special Mullah Military school in Dresden."

Protesters Clash Over CNN Coverage  11/11/01 Newsday, NY 

Muslims in Britain come under attack  11/11/01 Sunday Times, UK: "British Muslims claim to have suffered more than 300 racist attacks in direct retaliation for the terrorism of Osama Bin Laden"

Pakistan Moves Nuclear Weapons  11/11/01 Washington Post 

Sen. Leahy, ABA Protest Ashcroft's Monitoring Order  11/11/01 Washington Post: ""I am deeply troubled at what appears to be an executive effort to exercise new powers without judicial scrutiny or statutory authorization," Leahy wrote. He said he had received no warning that Ashcroft was considering acting "unilaterally" in this sensitive area. Ashcroft's action also drew sharp criticism yesterday from legal and civil liberties groups, including a statement by the American Bar Association saying the new policy could violate the rights of innocent people."

Saturday  11/10/01

topWhat's Happening with the Bangor Airport Incident by Nancy Oden  11/10/01 AfroCubaWeb 

The Vietnam-Afghanistan Mirror  11/10/01 

Taleban rivals capture Mazar-e-Sharif  11/10/01 Arab News 

Bin Laden 'has nuclear weapons'  11/10/01 BBC: "But in the Urdu version of the article, Bin Laden does not threaten to use nuclear or chemical weapons."

Saudi anger at US silence  11/10/01 BBC 

Bin Laden in high spirits, more confident: Hamid Mir  11/10/01 Dawn, Pakistan 

Osama claims he has nukes: If US uses N-arms it will get same response  11/10/01 Dawn, Pakistan 

New Direction in Search for Anthrax Culprit  11/10/01 Debka: Debka's usual mix of fact and fiction, focusing on Iraqui and Hizbollah links to South American Nazis.

Al-Qaeda nukes may have reached US shores  11/10/01 Frontier Post, Pakistan 

Fidel May Be Part of Terror Campaign  11/10/01 Insight, US: Martin Arostegui is a right wing journalist born in Manila who contributes to the National Review, Insight, and Cuban exile publications. He specializes in defense, counterrorism, and special ops. Insight is a Washington Times publication, the Sun Yung Moon crowd of ultra right crackpots. This is an example of hysterical writings based on complete fantasy. Ana Belen Montes was monitoring US based terrorist, a long term major concern of Cuba, which has faced many terrorist attacks, including bioterrorism, in the last 40 years. Putin pulled out of Lourdes because he was embracing an alliance with the US, not because the Cubans were up to mischied at Lourdes. Cuba is widely recognized in US intelligence circles as not engaged in terrorism. It is on the State Department list thanks to Cuban exiles, who want to shift the blame for their long history of terrorism. The article is riddled with lies and half truths, depicting Cuba's response to 9-11 as one of gloating which was far, far fom the truth.

Afghan women group calls for an end to military strikes  11/10/01 IRNA, Iran 

Brace yourself for the new McCarthyism  11/10/01 Japan Times: Cartoonist Ted Rall has to go to Japan to get this published…

Iraq Issues Nuclear Threat to the West  11/10/01 ME Newsline, Israel: "The United States has assessed that Iraq is threatening nuclear retaliation for any attack on the regime of President Saddam Hussein. U.S. defense sources said intelligence agencies and the Pentagon agree that Saddam has made the most explicit threats since the 1991 Gulf war that he is ready to use nuclear weapons. They said Iraq appears to be preparing either nuclear or radiation bombs in response to any U.S.-led attack on Saddam. There is plenty of reason to watch Iraq, U.S. National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice said. There is plenty of reason to make very clear to the Iraqis that the United States does not intend to let the Iraqis threaten their own people, threaten their neighbors, or threaten our interests by acquiring weapons of mass destruction. On Wednesday, the Baghdad-based Babel daily, published by Saddam's son, Uday, reported that the president met with the head of the nation's nuclear and defense programs. The newspaper, reserved for the most authoritative messages from the regime, said Iraqi nuclear chiefs have pledged to accelerate their nuclear programs in defense of the nation."

Cuba declines U.S. aid, wants to pay for relief  11/10/01 Miami Herald 

Memos forbidding collateral damage pics on Florida newspaper  11/10/01 "Per Hal's order, DO NOT USE photos on Page 1A showing civilian casualties from the U.S. war on Afghanistan. [Note: "Hal" is News Herald executive editor Hal Foster.] Our sister paper in Fort Walton Beach has done so and received hundreds and hundreds of threatening e-mails and the like. Also per Hal's order, DO NOT USE wire stories which lead with civilian casualties from the U.S. war on Afghanistan. They should be mentioned further down in the story. If the story needs rewriting to play down the civilian casualties, DO IT. The only exception is if the U.S. hits an orphanage, school or similar facility and kills scores or hundreds of children. See me if there are any special situations."


Abortion Clinics Hit by Second Mail Scare  11/10/01 Reuters 

Saudi Arabia Breaks Up Al Qaeda Cells -Diplomats  11/10/01 Reuters 

Editorial: This, too, is terrorism - Letters to Planned Parenthood call for action  11/10/01 Sacramento Bee 

US-Saudi relations confused  11/10/01 The Advertiser, Australia: "THE Saudis were furious; the Americans were worried. So President George W. Bush called Crown Prince Abdullah to apologise – for the US media."

Cuba wants US emergency goods  11/10/01 The Mercury, Australia: "Cuba has challenged the United States to authorise unprecedented sales of food and medicine to the communist-run island in the wake of its worst hurricane in half a century."

Pakistan police shoot 4 dead in anti-US protest  11/10/01 The Times, UK 

Hate Groups Use Attacks to Recruit Members  11/10/01 Washington Post 

Journalist Says He Met Bin Laden  11/10/01 Washington Post 

U.S. regards Iraqi report as a nuclear threat  11/10/01 World Tribune, Falls Church, VA 

Friday  11/9/01

topSuitcase Nukes Raise Concern  11/9/01 ABC News 

"Reparations And Our Rendezvous With History"  11/9/01 Black World Today: by Manning Marable: "The twenty-first century truly began-politically, socially, and psychologically-with two epochal events: the World Conference Against Racism, held in Durban, South Africa this summer, and the terrorist attacks of September 11 which destroyed the World Trade Center towers and part of the Pentagon. These events were directly linked."

Ask Politex  11/9/01 Bush Watch 

The Bush-Bin Laden Money Connection  11/9/01 Bush Watch 

Voices from the Region: Interview with Commander Abdul Haq  11/9/01 Carnegie: Now we know why the US let Adbul Haq die, as he put it on 10/11, 2 weeks before the Taliban executed him after a US failure to support him: "So instead the US should keep up the pressure, but not bomb. But the US is trying to show its muscle, score a victory and scare everyone in the world. They don't care about the suffering of the Afghans or how many people we will lose. And we don't like that. Because Afghans are now being made to suffer for these Arab fanatics, but we all know who brought these Arabs to Afghanistan in the 1980s, armed them and gave them a base. It was the Americans and the CIA. And the Americans who did this all got medals and good careers, while all these years Afghans suffered from these Arabs and their allies. Now, when America is attacked, instead of punishing the Americans who did this, it punishes the Afghans.”

Michelle: the most destructive hurricane the island has ever seen  11/9/01 Granma 

The Cuban Foreign Ministry thanks the U.S. government for its concern regarding the damages caused by Hurricane Michelle  11/9/01 Granma 

Bush says life in the US will never be the same again - Poll reveals American fears of casualties in long war  11/9/01 Guardian, UK 

Race to find mafia's uranium bars  11/9/01 Guardian, UK: ""If terrorists exploded a dirty bomb [made from the uranium bars] in Villa Borghese Gardens, they would create little more than a large hole in the ground, but the centre of Rome would be contaminated for a century," Captain Roberto Ferroni, of the finance police, told La Repubblica."

Splits open in UK-US alliance  11/9/01 Guardian, UK: "British ministers privately expressed frustration yesterday with the US prosecution of the war against terrorism, the first sign of serious differences between London and Washington since the attacks on September 11. Although Tony Blair saw his quick trip to Washington this week as an opportunity to cement Britain's position as the No 1 ally of the US, unease is growing in Whitehall. There is concern on both the military and diplomatic fronts over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; the bombing strategy; perceived lack of US consultation with its allies; and insufficient US focus on the humanitarian crisis. The British government is also intent on opposing the expansion of the war beyond Afghanistan and is horrified at elements within the Pentagon pushing for an all-out assault on Iraq. The handling of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the main source of dispute, with Downing Street and the Foreign Office worried that dithering in Washington in its handling of the peace process risks alienating Arab opinion, which is seen as crucial in the coalition against terrorism."

U.S. Adjusts Battle Plans as Strategy Goes Awry  11/9/01 IHT 

Freed French journalist tells of paranoia affecting Kabul regime  11/9/01 Independent, UK 

German government faces collapse over war row  11/9/01 Independent, UK 

US shows video of man being blown apart  11/9/01 Independent, UK 

Pressure on US to stop bombardment grows  11/9/01 Irish Times 

Caspian security under threat  11/9/01 Jane's, UK 

Methodist Bishops Criticize War  11/9/01 Newsday 

Anthrax probe hampered by FBI blunders Agents unprepared for complexities of case  11/9/01 San Francisco Chronicla 

Caves and tunnels resist air strikes  11/9/01 Sydney Morning Herald: "Talking about the tunnels and caves that line the walls of the Panjshir Valley, Abdul Hafiz of the Northern Alliance sounded like a proud father. "They are resistant to bomb attack," he said. "No bomb or missile can destroy these caves.""

I watch Pakistanis join the Taleban  11/9/01 The Times, UK: "The only reporter in the city, I saw a people united rather than divided by the American bombardment. The airstrikes have brought civilian casualties, but there is little sense of panic. “The Russians were much more tough and brutal, but the American soldiers are much softer and will not be a good match for us,” Zabihullah declared with thinly veiled contempt. Many agree with him. Far from turning ordinary Afghans against the Taleban, the bombing has revived their support just as it was waning. “No one will accept foreign forces coming here,” one bus driver told me."

Thursday  11/8/01

topGerman, Turkish MPs oppose role in Afghan war  11/8/01 AFP 

Military Stop Green Party Coordinator at Maine Airport on 11/1/01  11/8/01 AfroCubaWeb 

A silent genocide  11/8/01 Al-Ahram, Egypt 

Politics of evasion  11/8/01 Al-Ahram, Egypt: "Israel's actions in the occupied territories confirm that Ariel Sharon believes the era of Yasser Arafat is over. The Palestinian leader has two ways to prove him wrong -- and neither is appealing."

Shifting fortunes  11/8/01 Al-Ahram, Egypt: "As the fortunes of the US war against terrorism decline, those of the "war party" in the administration seem to rise."

Tough test of loyalties  11/8/01 Al-Ahram, Egypt: Kwame N'Kruma's son: "The British anti-war effort is gaining momentum even at the heart of the political establishment, writes Gamal Nkrumah from London"

Blackmail and threats not calculated to strengthen ties between states  11/8/01 Arab News, Saudi Arabia: House Saud bares its knuckles to the Wall Street Journals' classic colonial piece: "In conclusion, US-Saudi relations are indeed at a crossroads. If attacks on Saudi Arabia and its people do not cease, Saudi Arabia might well find it necessary to reassess its 70-year special relationship with the United States. This might well include reversing its policies and entering into partnerships with the rest of the world. This might well include cutting its links with American educational institutions where Saudi students face daily harassment. This might well include pulling hundreds of billions of US dollar private sector investments out of the American financial system, thus further accelerating the US economic recession. This might well include playing a different role within OPEC. The list goes on. No one is served by the rhetoric of hate and bigotry. Terrorism takes different shapes and forms."

If Feingold Is Praised, So Should Lee  11/8/01 Black World Today 

Afghanistan's Vietnam Dilemma  11/8/01 BlackPressUSA: "What the American press, the military, the politicians and most of the public did not realize is the Vietnamese had hearts large as Mount Kilimanjaro, an unyielding determination and a resolve to fight no matter what it took or how long. These were human factors the American military strategists did not calculate. The film ''The Godfather'' gave us a glimpse of that, when the Don went to Cuba (before Castro) and saw a revolutionary jumping in a military vehicle killing a Cuban officer, and himself. This gave the Don doubt that the business he intended to conduct there would succeed, because people that determined are very hard to defeat. His caution turned out to be correct in the film, and in real life. Ironically, we are witnessing the same kind of resolve in Afghanistan."

Black Americans Reluctant To Follow Bush War Policy  11/8/01 BlackPressUSA 

Smallpox plan grants sweeping power  11/8/01 Boston Herald 

Screwing the Greens?  11/8/01 Counterpunch: Author of letter defaming Green Party member who was prevented from flying for her political beliefs has had to retract his defamation…

Taliban say 37 civilians killed  11/8/01 Dawn, Pakistan: Sure, call it propaganda, but some of this will wind up being verified: "The head of the Taliban's Bakhter news agency, Abdul Henan Hemat, said 20 people had been killed in the villages of Qazi, Sarghich and Khoshab, north of Kabul, over the past two days, according to people who had fled bombing raids. Hemat said that in Afsaran, a village on the road from Kabul to Bagram, about 50 kilometres north of the capital, five people were killed and 12 injured in US bombing. The official claimed that shortly after dropping food supplies in the western province of Herat on Tuesday, US planes bombed the region killing seven people and injuring 12. Five people were killed and up to 10 injured when bombs struck Sorkhrod village, 10 kilometers (six miles) from the eastern city of Jalalabad."

Fox: Civilian Casualties Not News  11/8/01 FAIR 

26 more body bags in Jacobabad  11/8/01 Frontier Post 

Pentagon flies home 18 body bags  11/8/01 FrontierPost, Pakistan 

Recovery work after hurricane damage continues  11/8/01 Granma 

Taliban suicide squads primed for action  11/8/01 Guardian, UK 

President Responds to Waning of Support After Rebuffs to Earlier Offers by Allies  11/8/01 IHT 

Gaddafi's son joins fight to free detained aid workers  11/8/01 Independent, UK: "Libya, a former state sponsor of terrorism, is backing the US-led war on terror and trying to free eight Western aid workers on trial for their lives in Afghanistan."

UN fears 'disaster' over strikes near huge dam  11/8/01 Independent, UK 

U.S. commando raid botched, reports say  11/8/01 St Petersburg Times: "On Wednesday, however, in an interview with the St. Petersburg Times, retired Army Gen. Wesley Clark, the U.S. European Command commander who directed the war in Kosovo, helped bolster the news accounts of a mission gone awry. Clark said British military sources told him during a visit to London eight or nine days ago that the United States indeed sustained 12 injuries as reported in the New Yorker. The New Yorker said three people had suffered serious injuries; Clark said he heard two people had suffered serious injuries. The injuries were not life-threatening, he said."

FBI 'was told to back off bin Laden family'  11/8/01 Sydney Morning Herald 

Don't demonise Bin Laden, cautions MoD official  11/8/01 The Guardian 

Israel angry over extremist Jews on American list  11/8/01 The Toronto Star 

4 US soldiers killed as Taliban down chopper  11/8/01 Times of India: There were uncounted body bags in other wars, too: "However, a Pentagon spokesman said that the US military had received no report of a US military helicopter going down over Pakistan, Afghanistan or anywhere else. Pakistani officials confirmed that a US helicopter had crashed in Chaghi district, near the Afghan border to the north of the Dalbandin airbase in Baluchistan, but had no details of casualties."

Taleban retreat could take war across border  11/8/01 Times, UK 

In Poll, Most Americans Back Bush  11/8/01 Washington Post: "Seven in 10 Americans support sending a "significant" number of U.S. ground troops into Afghanistan. But support for a larger war drops to 52 percent when those surveyed were asked if they would favor sending in ground troops if the result was a long war with many U.S. troops dead and wounded. Democrats in particular were more reluctant to accept large numbers of casualties in order to launch a major ground war in Afghanistan: 37 percent say they would; 57 percent disagree. Independents were divided, and seven in 10 Republicans favored sending in ground troops even if it leads to a major war. This is a dramatic change from the days immediately after Sept. 11, when a Post-ABC News survey found that strong majorities of Democrats, Republicans and independents were ready to wage a major war with "groups or nations responsible for these attacks."

Clinton calls terror a U.S. debt to past  11/8/01 Washington Times: Strong stuff from Bubba: " Bill Clinton, the former president, said yesterday that terror has existed in America for hundreds of years and the nation is "paying a price today" for its past of slavery and for looking "the other way when a significant number of native Americans were dispossessed and killed."

Wednesday  11/7/01

topOsama offered to form army to challenge Saddam’s forces: Turki  11/7/01 Arab News, Saudi Arabia: From the formerly unobtrusive Prince Turki, brother of the king and ex-head of Saudi secret services…

Militia leader killed, deputy wounded during attemped arrest  11/7/01 Arizona Republic 

Lions and Tigers and Bombs  11/7/01 Counterpunch: "Wednesday's Washington Post reported that Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson was preparing to augment the U.S.'s present order for 54 million doses of smallpox vaccine by an additional 250 million. But alas, there are stumbling blocks. Most immediately, the vaccine in question is a new variant on the old cowpox formula, and it has never been tested on humans; as such there's no assurance it will provide immunity. There is also the same legal bottleneck we have seen in the anthrax scare, generated by a few pharmaceutical companies interested in protecting their patents at all cost. Acambia PLC, the manufacturer contracted to supply the initial 54 million doses requisitioned by the U.S., does not expect to be able to fill the order until the end of 2002. Former Minnesota state epidemiologist Michael Osterholm surveyed the smallpox vaccine situation in his pre-9/11 book on biowar, Living Terrors; he wrote that "we are years away from being remotely ready for the specter of smallpox."

National Draft Registration Effort Hits High Schools  11/7/01 Fox News: Ah yes, the draft…

FBI claims Bin Laden inquiry was frustrated  11/7/01 Guardian, UK: "His speech came as a poll showed that doubts are growing about the prospect of a protracted conflict in Afghanistan, along with concerns over the Bush government's handling of the bioterrorist threat at home. A survey for the Washington Post found that the public's impulse to rally and support the president has been tempered by the likelihood of casualties in a shooting war."

Sharon wants 1m new Jews for Israel  11/7/01 Guardian, UK 

Bush thwarted FBI probe against bin Ladens  11/7/01 Hindustan Times 

The Black Caucus' Loyalty Problem  11/7/01 Horowitz: by that arbiter of good sense, David Horowitz

SAUDIS ANGRY AT THE US MEDIA TALKING ABOUT IRANISATION OF THE KINGDOM  11/7/01 Iran Press Service, France: ""Like the months before the overthrew of the Shah in Iran, when cassettes containing speeches of Ayatollah Khomeini were distributed secretly, in Saudi Arabia, it is the same thing, Ben Laden having replaced Khomeini, but the messages to the people are similar", he pointed out. Pakistani newspapers say the Saudis have conveyed to the United States, via Islamabad, their concern that if bombing of Afghanistan was not stopped during Ramazan, the Kingdom could face "massive rallies and upheavals", involving hundreds of thousands of Muslims who gather there from all over the world for the last days of the holy month, according to Mr. Salim Bokhari of the Pakistani newspaper "The News"."

The Emirates order and what it means  11/7/01 Jane's, UK 

Final US ultimate warning to Iraq  11/7/01 Khilafah: "The Kuwaiti daily al-Seyash issued on Sunday quoted sources at the British house of commons as saying that the British prime minister Tony Blair asked the Jordanian King Abdullah II during his visit to Amman to convey a final warning from the US administration to Iraq on the need of accepting the return back of the UN inspectors to Baghdad within three weeks, otherwise the next station of the war against terrorism after Afghanistan will be Iraq."


The impact of war on Iran - Tehran struggles with domestic effect of U.S. action  11/7/01 Startfor 

100,000 Afghan children facing death: Unicef  11/7/01 Times of India: UNICEF tracked the murder of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children and no one listened…

Inside Al Sharpton’s Controversial Meeting With the Palestinian Leader - Lunch With Arafat  11/7/01 Village Voice 

HHS Set to Order Smallpox Vaccine for All Americans  11/7/01 Washington Post 

War Support Ebbs Worldwide  11/7/01 Washington Post 

Tuesday  11/6/01

topU.N. Torture Sleuth Concerned About U.S. Detainees  11/6/01 ABC News 

Illinois School Uses Lie Detectors  11/6/01 AP: Lie detectors are so accurate!

Police Detain Turks Smuggling Uranium  11/6/01 AP 

In Light Of 1,000 Detentions It Is Hard To Believe That This Is Not A Government War Guided By Religion And Race  11/6/01 Black Electorate: "...none of the detainees has been charged in the plot or with other acts of terrorism. In addition, the pace of detentions has accelerated visibly as government officials have received information about new threats and issued public warnings -- spiking sharply, for example, after rumors of planned attacks Sept. 22. The government's strategy and methods have elicited protests from defense attorneys and civil libertarians. They say the campaign is a massive act of racial profiling similar to the internment of 110,000 Japanese Americans at the start of World War II... The Post's analysis of the identified 235 detainees shows with greater precision who is being picked up. The largest groups come from Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Pakistan. Virtually all are men in their twenties and thirties. The greatest concentrations were arrested in several states with large Islamic populations and what law enforcement officials have identified as al Qaeda sympathizers: Texas, New Jersey, California, New York, Michigan and Florida.

Somebody Blew Up America - Amiri Baraka  11/6/01 Black World Today 

Taliban girds for expected invasion force  11/6/01 Christian Science Monitor: "Aslam Khan, a teenage villager patrolling the hilltops near the Logar River, says, "The district administrator says US paratroopers might try to land here. He says that if we catch an American, we'll get a new home in Kabul. I am counting the hours and looking toward the skies. I know I can kill at least one."

War nerves fray as America waits for a lucky break  11/6/01 Guardian 

Revealed: how bungled US raid came close to disaster  11/6/01 Guardian, UK: Confirming the New Yorker story with additional details from Pakistani sources: "According to an authoritative and independent source in constant touch with Kandahar, Delta Force commandos, the most elite force in the US army, searched Mullah Omar's compound but found it had been stripped of anything that might provide useful intelligence. As they emerged they came under intense fire, forcing them to retreat. The Taliban later retrieved "an American foot", still in its boot. "There was a lot of blood," the source said. "The Taliban had expected an attack. They were ready and waiting."

Few voting reforms found after Fla. fiasco  11/6/01 Houston Chronicle 

Taliban are afraid of attacking rebel chieftain, claims his brother  11/6/01 Independent, UK 

Congress Seeks To Split Environmental Movement  11/6/01 IndyMedia: "Representative Scott McInnis (R-Colorado) today sent a letter signed by himself, Representative James Hansen (R-Utah), Chairman to the House Resources Committee, and other Members of Congress to key environmental organizations calling on them to publicly disavow the actions of eco-terrorist organizations like Earth Liberation Front (ELF) and Animal Liberation Front (ALF), terrorist cells that have exacted a substantial financial and personal toll on scores of individuals and enterprises throughout the United States."

Four US servicemen killed in copter crash: Report  11/6/01 IRNA, Iran 

Taliban's secret weapon: underground channels  11/6/01 Knox Studio: The roots of the coming US defeat: "Stretching for hundreds of miles, the channels are essentially invisible from the ground, making them ideal for launching hit-and-run surprise raids on unsuspecting enemies or as unseen supply routes. Some segments are as deep as 100 feet and spacious enough for storing quantities of ammunition, weapons, food and other war necessities. Others are far shallower, some only 3 feet deep; these are often used as shelter by civilians fleeing fighting in their towns. Still others connect to mountain caves and newer bunkers and tunnels."

Three Palestinians executed in cold blood  11/6/01 Nile Media: "Israeli soldiers executed three injured Palestinians in cold blood today according to witnesses from the Palestinian Red Cresence Society."

New York survivor's son turns traitor  11/6/01 The Courrier Mail, Australia: One more result of the decision to bomb Afghanistan: "Junaid's mother was led to safety from the blazing World Trade Centre by New York's brave firefighters and policemen. But 26-year-old Junaid's thank you has shocked New York. In return for saving his mum's life, the Islamic-American has turned traitor and bought a one-way ticket to Pakistan to sign up for the Taliban and kill Americans."

Coalition partners at odds over war aims  11/6/01 The Iriahs Times: "Serious divisions are emerging in Germany's ruling Social Democrat/Green Party coalition over the war in Afghanistan. Ten of the 16 Green Party state leaders have called for a suspension of military action and further anti-war feeling is certain to be heard at a meeting of the coalition parliamentary parties today - not just from the Greens, but also from disillusioned Social Democrats."

Uzbekistan's Human Rights Problem  11/6/01 The Nation 

Arabs have taken over fight from Taliban  11/6/01 The News, Pakistan: "The Arabs and not the Afghan Taliban fighters are controlling important parts of the country and fighting major battles on frontlines. Talking to people of Kandahar and those close to the Taliban, revealed that Arabs troops had taken control immediately after bombings by the US and allied forces started. "The power centre shifted to the Arabs as they were the main fighters," a Kandahar resident said. The Taliban still have all the liberty to frame their own rules and apply on the locals but these rules do not apply on the Arabs. "The Arabs are the real fighters who are repulsing the attacks of Northern Alliance and US allies on Kabul and Mazar -i- Sharif," a foreign non-Arab fighter who, for the last three years, worked as cook with Arabs, told The News during a chat."

US unleashes the Daisy Cutter on Taliban  11/6/01 Times of India: nice pic of this bomb, size of a VW beetle, weighing 6,750 kg, explodes over an area with a 600 yard radius

HHS Set to Order Smallpox Vaccine for All Americans  11/6/01 Washington Post: "The previously announced administration effort to vaccinate all Americans against smallpox, a deadly disease that was eradicated in the 1970s, took on a renewed sense of urgency as one of the leading smallpox authorities warned it was conceivable that former Soviet scientists were helping to "weaponize" the smallpox virus for nations such as Iran, Iraq, Libya and North Korea."

Report Finds 'Weakness' In Nuclear Controls  11/6/01 Washington Post: "Government records about plutonium and uranium loaned to U.S. academic institutions, private companies, hospitals and other government agencies cannot account for "substantial" amounts of the material, according to a report released yesterday by the Energy Department inspector general."

U.S.: Strikes have paralyzed Bin Laden's forces  11/6/01 World Tribune: Such wishful thinking. Elsewhere we find out that bin Laden's Arabs have basically taken over Afghanistan …

Monday  11/5/01

topBehind the USA Patriot Act  11/5/01 Alternet: "The new law, known as the USA Patriot Act, reaches into every space that Americans once imagined was private. For instance, police can now obtain court orders to conduct so called "sneak and peak" searches of homes and offices. This allows them to break in, examine and remove or alter items without immediately, if ever, presenting owners with a warrant detailing what they were entitled to do and where. This seismic shift in the government's power of search and seizure also extends to the examination of records. Authorities can browse medical, financial, educational or even library records without showing evidence of a crime. The law overrides existing state and federal privacy laws if the FBI claims that the information is connected to an intelligence investigation. In addition, credit reporting firms like Equifax must disclose to the FBI any information that agents request in connection with a terrorist investigation, without the need for a court order. In the past, this was only permitted in espionage cases."

The Coming Apocalypse  11/5/01 Alternet: "If the object of this war was to thwart terrorism -- to bring existing terrorists to justice, and to isolate them politically and culturally so that others won't throw in their lot -- in less than a month, the United States has perpetrated one of the most abject failures in military history. It still does not know where any of Al-Qaeda's leadership even is. It is on the verge of succeeding in its goal of creating a unified Afghanistan government -- unfortunately, Afghans are uniting behind the Taliban, as warlord after warlord sets aside long-standing differences to stand shoulder to shoulder to fight the American invaders. Tens of thousands more young Muslim men are lining up to cross the borders into Afghanistan to join them. The ones that survive the experience will carry a lifetime of hate: living, breathing proof that within a month, America bombed a country but lost its war in spectacular fashion."

Hurricane Kills Five in Cuba  11/5/01 AP 

Black Leaders Blast Anti-Terrorism Law  11/5/01 Chicago Citizen 

Anthrax attacks may be homegrown  11/5/01 Christian Science Monitor 

El fracaso de la incursión terrestre en Kandahar obliga a EEUU a replantearse estas operaciones  11/5/01 El Mundo: New Yorker story as it plays out in Spain

10 US troops' bodies reach Shahbaz Base  11/5/01 FrontiersPost 

Fidel visita Matanzas, provincia afectada por el huracán  11/5/01 Granma 

Pressed by Militants and the West, Royal Family Treads a Thin Line  11/5/01 IHT: "Saudi Arabia has 30 percent unemployment and one of the highest birthrates in the world. Average income has dropped by at least half since the oil boom of the 1980s." Actually, per capita income has gone from $25,000 in mid 80's to $7,000 today.

U.S. Weighs Taking War on Terror to Somalia  11/5/01 IHT: Revenge for US special forces getting chewed up Mogadishu?

Zionist parliament lifts Arab lawmaker's immunity  11/5/01 IRNA, Iran: "Underscoring the racist nature of Israel's democracy, the Israeli parliament (Knesset) voted on Monday to lift the parliamentary immunity of Arab lawmaker Azmi Beshara so that he may be tried for describing Hizbullah as a liberation movement."

War in Aghanistan could cost U.S. $1 billion a month  11/5/01 Knox Studio 

Bombing Alters Afghans' Views of U.S.  11/5/01 LA Times: Thanks to US bombing, the people of Afghanistan now support the Taliban - adelante, Bush!

ESCAPE AND EVASION by SEYMOUR M. HERSH  11/5/01 New Yorker: The story the Pentagon is busy denying: "Delta Force, which prides itself on stealth, had been counterattacked by the Taliban, and some of the Americans had had to fight their way to safety. Twelve Delta members were wounded, three of them seriously. Delta Force has long complained about a lack of creativity in the Army leadership, but the unexpectedness and the ferocity of the Taliban response "scared the crap out of everyone," a senior military officer told me, and triggered a review of commando tactics and procedures at the United States Central Command, or CENTCOM, at MacDill Air Force Base, in Florida, the headquarters for the war in Afghanistan. "This is no war for Special Operations," one officer said—at least, not as orchestrated by CENTCOM and its commander, General Tommy R. Franks, of the Army, on October 20th."

THE HOUSE OF BIN LADEN  11/5/01 New Yorker 

A Vigorous Debate on U.S. War Tactics  11/5/01 NYT 

CUBA CLEANS UP AFTER HURRICANE MICHELLE  11/5/01 Radio Havana: "Meteorologists stressed that the powerful storm -- which attained a Category 4 of a possible 5 on the Saffir-Simpson Scale -- was the strongest hurricane to hit Cuba in more than 50 years."

White House, Dept. of Justice at Odds Over Arrests  11/5/01 Reuters: "The White House on Monday said the ''lion's share'' of the more than 1,100 people detained in connection with the Sept. 11 attacks on the United States have been released -- sharply contradicting the Justice Department (news - web sites) which says most are still being held. As rights groups grow more vocal in their questions about the arrests, White House spokesman Ari Fleischer (news - web sites) on Monday claimed that there were not many people still being held by the U.S. government."

Ground War Strategies Part 1: Grand Strategy  11/5/01 Stratfor: "Al Qaeda must have at least one and preferably more Islamic states under its control in order to succeed. Afghanistan, for both geographic and political reasons, is unsuitable for the group's long-term plans. Al Qaeda would dearly like to have the resources of countries like Egypt and Saudi Arabia behind it, but without becoming a prisoner of those regimes in the process. To achieve its goal, the group needs to generate a political upheaval in several Islamic countries in which its supporters would supplant existing political elites. If this were to happen, then greater things would be possible. The attack on the United States was not an end in itself but a means toward this end. Al Qaeda must first persuade the Islamic public that its vision is not sheer lunacy but a practical political-military possibility. The Sept. 11 attacks were designed to convince that public that America is not invincible. Just as important, al Qaeda must convince the Islamic public that America is not only highly vulnerable but also the enemy of Islam. To prove its point, the organization would like to see Washington make war on multiple Islamic countries simultaneously. America must also be proven to be heedless of innocent Islamic lives. Although the current air campaign in Afghanistan is not as broad as al Qaeda would like, it does serve part of its purpose."

Nuclear scientist falls ill after questioning  11/5/01 The Guardian: "A senior Pakistani nuclear scientist detained for his connections with the Taliban suffered a heart attack while he was being interrogated by intelligence agents, his son said last night."

Taliban fought off US commando raid: Report  11/5/01 The Times of India: New Yorker story as it plays out in India

US commando's body expected in Pak city  11/5/01 Times of India 

Support for U.S. feared waning - Anger grows in region, Pakistani politician warns  11/5/01 Toronto Star: "The U.S.and Britain have blundered into a bombing campaign that may have devastating consequences for Afghanistan and the volatile region of South and Central Asia, says one of Pakistan's leading politicians. "Before the bombing, the Taliban did not have the support of the people," said Imran Khan, who heads the Pakistan Movement for Justice. "Now, instead of being isolated, they have turned public opinion in their favour.''

U.S. Campaign on Schedule, Generals Say - Commanders Deny Report That Taliban Inflicted Serious Injuries on Army Unit in Raid  11/5/01 Washington Post: "Myers and Franks denied a report in the New Yorker magazine that a raid last month on a Taliban stronghold by members of the top-secret Delta Force encountered stiff resistance and that 12 U.S. soldiers were injured. They said there were some injuries during the operation, but that none resulted from enemy fire." - OK, so they were from friendly fire!

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