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    World News
10/29/01 - 11/4/01

Sunday  11/4/01

GMU Student Charged in Flag Burning  11/4/01 ABC 

Bangor, ME Aiport: Military Stop Green Party Coordinator From Going to Political Meeting at Maine Airport - 11/1/01  11/4/01 AfroCubaWeb: More to this story than meets the eye…

Muslims must take initiative to solve problems  11/4/01 Arab News, Saudi Arabia: "As for the indiscriminate bombing (of Afghanistan), we must ask where is this situation heading. Is the objective the American occupation of Afghanistan or the destruction of the Afghan people by the Americans? I do not see it this way. I am not defending the United States but the Taleban should bear the responsibility before the world. They have been served with resolutions by the United Nations asking them to hand over (Osama Bin Laden) or bear the consequences. This is an international demand, not a demand by just one country." The prince dismissed the charges from some quarters that Wahhabism fostered extremism. He said: "It is an unacceptable proposition invented by the smear-campaigners who seek to serve the Zionist cause. The Zionists would like to see, as would the perpetrators of the terror attacks in New York and Washington, the relationship between the United States and Arabs and Muslims severed. Each of them — the Zionists and the terrorist attackers — serves the interests of the other." Prince Turki added: "This does not mean we accept the bombing of homes and innocent people. No, we sympathize with the Afghan people and we have told the United States that its efforts to achieve its objective and catch the perpetrators should not be at the expense of the Afghan people." Speaking on the Taleban’s excesses in the last civil war, prince said: "How many Afghans were killed by the Taleban in its battles after the capture of Kabul, Mazar-e-Sherif, Bamian and other regions? They did not even spare the trees and plants."

Kingdom has big role to play in Afghanistan  11/4/01 Arab News: See our page on Prince Turki - "JEDDAH, 4 November — Prince Turki Al-Faisal, former director of intelligence in Saudi Arabia, knows Afghanistan and its leaders far better than most others. He has been closely involved with the country and its problems for nearly a quarter of a century. His interest began before the Russians invaded the country at the end of 1979 and has gone well beyond the usual limits of his job. It became a heartfelt attachment to what he believed was a just cause: an occupied people seeking independence. I could read these deep feelings on his face when he entered Kabul in April 1992 with Pakistani Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif. The two men were the first non-Afghan leaders to visit Kabul after its liberation." … Prince Turki reacted angrily to claims by American analysts that Saudi Arabia breeds terrorism. " This is totally unacceptable. Let them look at what they have, at the terrorist organizations in their own country. In the United States there are 200 terrorist organizations, targeting not only domestic interests but those of the entire world. Instead of highlighting a very small minority of bad people, they should look at the thousands of others who are the peaceable and peace-loving majority."

There is enough proof against Bin Laden: Turki  11/4/01 Arab News: See our page on Prince Turki - "Prince Turki Al-Faisal, former director of Saudi intelligence, said yesterday that there was enough proof against Osama Bin Laden to convict him of the terrorist attacks in the US. "The religious edicts (fatwas) issued by him are the main evidence because they call for attacking American soldiers and civilians."

War on terror stirs a campus conflict  11/4/01 Boston Globe 

Green Party USA Coordinator Detained at Airport; Prevented by Armed Military Personnel from Flying to Political Meeting in Chicago  11/4/01 Counterpunch: ""An official told me that my name had been flagged in the computer," a shaken Oden said. "I was targeted because the Green Party USA opposes the bombing of innocent civilians in Afghanistan." Oden, a long-time organic farmer and peace activist in northern Maine, was ordered away from the plane. Military personnel with automatic weapons surrounded Oden and instructed all airlines to deny her passage on any flight."

Prospect of Bush-Arafat Handshake Is Far from Firm  11/4/01 Debka, Israel: As is usually the case with oddball Debka, a mix of untold truths and mierda: "One high-placed UN source told DEBKAfile: He won’t give an inch – not even a clue to his intentions. Everyone has tried without success to talk him round – German foreign minister Joschke Fischer, European Union foreign executive Javier Solana, even British prime minister Tony Blair. He turned them all down and practically laughed in their faces. The only thing he would say- in the hearing of Blair – was that he objected to Osama bin Laden’s every word and action, which is more than any other Arab or Muslim leader dares say out loud." Wrong: see articles from Arab News in Saudi Arabia for 11/4/01, which discuss Prince Turki, an old friend of Doomsday Man Osama.

Peace and Justice Marches, Vigils and Demonstrations Occur Worldwide on October 27  11/4/01 IndyMedia: "Marches, vigils, teach-ins and demonstrations took place around the world on October 27 to continue questioning the "war on terrorism." The International Action Center reports that actions, most sposored by the coalition known as International A.N.S.W.E.R. -- Act Now to Stop War and End Racism, occurred in 75 U.S. cities and over twenty countries. Reports have come in to Indymedia from cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta (watch video), Portland, the Twin Cities, St. Louis, Chicago, Philadelphia and Albuquerque. Visit the IAC site for reports about the actions, and for news about upcoming peace and justice actions and events. Stop by IMC sites like the IMC-UK, which features a calendar of upcoming actions, the Barcelona IMC which features multilingual reports, and other IMCs throughout the world for ongoing coverage of anti-war demonstrations internationally."

IRAN TO OFFER COVERT BACKING TO TALEBAN AND AL QA’EDA, SOURCES CLAIM  11/4/01 Iran Press Service, France: From an Iranian exile site: "According to the source, Iran has sent to Afghanistan some 1.500 men, "fully equipped", drawn from the Revolutionary guards elite "Al-Qods" force to Afghanistan, mixed with Afghans militias belonging to Mr. Golboddin Hekmatyar, an unpopular Afghan warlord who lives in Iran. Mr. Hekmatyar, a former CIA collaborator, is remembered as the man who fought bitterly with Ahmad Shah Mas’ood after the defeat of the Red Army in Afghanistan, pounding Kabol for several weeks, paving the way for the Pakistan, Saudi and US backed Taleban’s almost bloodless take-over of the ruined capital in 1996. Since the start of the US-led military operations in Afghanistan aimed at "Al Qa’eda" organisation and its Taleban protectors, Mr. Hekmatyar has entered talks with the Taleban, offering them the support of his men, estimated at some 5.000, to fight the Americans. "At the same time, Iran would provide a thoroughfare for "Al-Qa’eda" to reach the Persian Gulf, where the US has a large armada, via the Iranian province of Sistan and Baloochistan on the borders of both Afghanista and Pakistan", the source said, adding that "warm waters’" seems to be the code name for possible operations.

What if bin Laden were hiding in Europe?  11/4/01 IRNA, Iran: "As former Iranian president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani said in one of his Friday prayer sermons in Tehran after the September 11, following the terrorist attacks on the United States an unprecedented consensus was created in the world to fight terrorism. But the United States and Britain failed to take advantage of this golden opportunity. The process is now reversed. Instead of sympathizing with the Americans, the whole world is sympathizing with the Afghans, it said."

Les talibans narguent leurs ennemis  11/4/01 Le Figaro: The Taliban multiplies its acts of resistance, counterattacking on numerous internal and external fronts.

Secret C.I.A. Site in New York Was Destroyed on Sept. 11  11/4/01 NYT: "With their undercover station in ruins, C.I.A. officers in New York have been forced to share space at the United States Mission to the United Nations, as well as borrow other federal government offices in the city, officials said. The C.I.A.'s plans for finding a new permanent station in New York could not be determined."

US soldiers turn on Pentagon over war tactics  11/4/01 Sunday Herald: "One Delta Force soldier said that military planners 'think we can perform f***ing magic. We can't. Don't put us in an environment we aren't prepared for. Next time, we're going to lose a company.' Twelve Delta members were wounded, three of them seriously. One military man reports that Delta Force officers were 'still outraged' last week as after-action arguments over how best to wage a ground war continued."

British Muslim support for terror  11/4/01 Sunday Times, UK: "FOUR out of every 10 British Muslims believe Osama Bin Laden is justified in mounting his war against the United States. And more than one in 10 say the attacks on the World Trade Center were justified, write John Elliott and Maurice Chittenden."

ISLAMABAD'S NUCLEAR DILEMMA: Pakistan panics over threat to arsenal  11/4/01 Sunday Times, UK 

Beijing produces videos glorifying terrorist attacks on 'arrogant' US  11/4/01 Telegraph, UK: Film voice over: "This is the America the whole world has wanted to see. Blood debts have been repaid in blood. America has bombed other countries and used its hegemony to deny the natural rights of others without paying the price. Who until now has dared to avenge the hurts inflicted by unaccountable Americans." On the unofficial films the commentary is even more callous: "Look at the panic in their faces as they wipe off the dust and crawl out of their strong buildings - now just a heap of rubble. We will never fear these people again, they have been shown to be soft-bellied paper tigers." Elsewhere music shops are selling out of a bootleg version of the summer's top pop hit. The amended song implies that America deserves to suffer for its disregard for the point of view of countries weaker than itself.

Iranian officials in secret Taliban talks  11/4/01 Telegraph, UK: Iran is switching sides: "Iran is believed to have offered to arm and fund the return to Afghanistan of Gulbuddin Hekmatayar, a former Mujahideen leader, who has been living in exile in Iran and wants to take up arms against the former king. Officials also discussed providing fuel to the Taliban."

UK Teachers told not to preach against the war  11/4/01 Telegraph, UK 

Laden seen in Kandahar  11/4/01 Times of India: "Bin Laden was in the city mainly to "boost the morale of the people who have been braving the carpet bombing (by the US) for the last couple of days," the Pakistan Observer quoted "reliable sources" as saying. It said Laden, who is hiding in one of the "longest caves", addressed a gathering of his "Arab elite guard and the local residents."

A Deliberate Strategy of Disruption - Massive, Secretive Detention Effort Aimed Mainly at Preventing More Terror  11/4/01 Washington Post: "The document's language offers the clearest window so far into a campaign of detentions on a scale not seen since World War II. As investigators race to comprehend the ongoing terrorist threat, the government has adopted a deliberate strategy of disruption -- locking up large numbers of Middle Eastern men, using whatever legal tools they can. The operation is being conducted under great secrecy, with defense attorneys at times forbidden to remove documents from court and a federal gag order preventing officials from discussing the detainees. Law enforcement officials have refused to identify lawyers representing people who have been detained or to describe the most basic features of the operation. The officials say they are prohibited from disclosing more information because of privacy laws, judges' orders and the secrecy rules surrounding the grand jury investigation of the Sept. 11 attacks."

An Intelligence Giant in the Making  11/4/01 Washington Post 

Hunting Bin Laden: U.S. Stymied by Slippery Target  11/4/01 Washington Post: More reasons for the Great Defeats: "They don't have the sources, the information," said Ahmed Rashid, an author who has written about the Taliban and traveled extensively through Taliban-controlled Afghanistan in recent years. "It's going to take many months to build it up. They need anti-Taliban Afghanis on the ground. For that, they have to help build the anti-Taliban movement in the south, and it's going to take time and money and lots of effort. It's not something you can do with U.S. commanders and U.S. bombs."

Somalia Draws Anti-Terrorist Focus  11/4/01 Washington Post 

Saturday  11/3/01

topTHE TOP FIVE LIES ABOUT THIS WAR  11/3/01 Anti-War Committee of Students in Solidarity at the University of Pittsburgh 

New Harvard poll indicates firm support for war on college campuses  11/3/01 AP 

Differences emerge between US and Britain over war  11/3/01 Asia Times 

Green Party activist denied Chicago flight  11/3/01 Bangor Daily News 

Bin Laden rails against Crusaders and UN  11/3/01 BBC 

FBI appeals for anthrax help  11/3/01 BBC: the Federal Bureau of Incompetency

Libyan ties still figure in West Africa strife  11/3/01 Boston Globe: Many Cubans were sold into slavery by the Fulani Jihad, ancestor of Kaddafi's efforts in West Africa.

Outcry at leader's backing of US softens  11/3/01 Boston Globe: Judging from other reports, this is wishful thinking…

Police seek van with suspicious cargo  11/3/01 Boston Globe: The Galleria Mall, "el corazon del monstro" according to a delighted well known rumbero, visiting for the first time…

MAG: 12 U.S. DELTA MEMBERS WOUNDED ON RAID OF OMAR'S COMPLEX, THREE SERIOUSLY; PENTAGON RETHINKS 'SPECIAL FORCES OPERATIONS'  11/3/01 Drudge Report: Our readers will have gotten some of this upcoming Seymour Hersh New Yorker piece from our report on the foreign press accounts of the Kandabar raid on Oct 18: "Twelve Delta members were wounded, three of them seriously. The intensity and ferocity of the Taliban response "scared the crap out of everyone," a senior military officer tells Hersh. The Delta team stormed Mullah Omar's complex, but found little of value, Hersh reports, and then, "as they came out of the house, the shit hit the fan," one senior officer says. "It was like an ambush. The Taliban were fighting with light arms and either [rocket-propelled grenades] or mortars." The team immediately began taking casualties and evacuated… The Pentagon could not give details of what really happened near Kandahar "because it doesn't want to appear that it doesn't know what it's doing." Another senior officer says, "I don't know where the adult supervision for these operations is. Franks -- the general in charge of the U.S. Central Command -- is clueless." Speaking of Delta Force the officer adds, "These guys have had a case of the ass since Mogadishu. They want to do it right and they train hard. Don't put them on something stupid. We'll get there, but it's going to get ugly."

Dozens killed in village 'with no military targets'  11/3/01 Independent, UK 

First rains for four years bring new misery to camps  11/3/01 Independent, UK: "When we found Qalan Issah and her four children, they were sitting helplessly in the mud and shivering in the icy wind. The other refugees crowded round, clamouring for help but Ms Issah said nothing. The flood had just swept away her tent, the only shelter for her and her children. They would have to spend the freezing night in the open and might not survive."

Millionaire brothers who bankrolled the rebels  11/3/01 Independent, UK: "Exactly what the relationship was between the Ritchies, Abdul Haq and the political and intelligence establishment in Washington remains unclear. The CIA has denied any involvement in Mr Haq's last mission into Afghanistan, though it seems obvious he was liaising with it, and the Ritchies say they have no relationship with the CIA, despite their link to Mr McFarlane."

Pakistan and India 'one terror strike from war'  11/3/01 Independent, UK: and the nukes will fly

American delegation arrives to Qatar in gas-masks  11/3/01 Kavkaz: Sin comentarios

Colonialism draws its last breath as the Ummah awakes  11/3/01 Kavkaz: "Inumerable people expressed that now is the time for change and destruction of American and British roots in Pakistan. Some also commented that a change of government is not sufficient for the system must also change. Support for this call is immense and growing day by day as Hizb ut-Tahrir initiated its mass contact campaign the very next day."

CLOSING IN ON OSAMA  11/3/01 New York Post\: swagger talk, but indicates planning for raid on caves near Kandahar…

Castro's Planes Fly Over U.S. Despite Terrorist Ties  11/3/01 NewsMax: This is about the only undistorted thing in this feeble article by the come mierda at NewsMax: "He referred us to the Cuban Interests Section in Washington. Repeated efforts to reach the Cuban office through two separate phone numbers resulted in incessant ringing during business hours. No one answered."

Taleban digs in deeper despite intensified US carpet bombing  11/3/01 The Scotsman 

US spooked by ‘spirited’ Pak nuclear scientist  11/3/01 The Times of India: "Sultan Bashir Mohammed, a top Pakistani nuclear expert now in custody for suspected links with the Taliban, is a believer in djinns, described in the Holy Koran as beings made of fire. A proponent of "Islamic science," he has written papers suggesting that these entities could be tapped to solve the energy crisis. He has also spoken about the possibility of developing souls and communicating with them."

US war is about religion: Rushdie  11/3/01 The Times of India: "In a searing critique of what he felt Islam had become to a "vast number of believing Muslims", Rushdie said it "stands not only for the fear of God - the fear more than the love, one suspects - but also for a cluster of customs, opinions and prejudices that include their dietary practices, the sequestration or near-sequestration of ‘their’ women, the sermons delivered by their mullah of choice, a loathing of modern society in general, riddled as it is with music, godlessness and sex…"

FBI arrogance and secrecy dismays US  11/3/01 The Times, UK 

Islamic Militants March in Pakistan  11/3/01 Washington Post: Yet the Boston Globe claims these marches only have "a few hundred" now… ""Musharraf is a risk for Pakistan," Islamic cleric Qazi Hussain Ahmad told the 10,000-strong crowd, many of them ethnic Pashtuns, the largest ethnic group in neighboring Afghanistan."

States Devising Plan for High-Tech National Identification Cards  11/3/01 Washington Post 

Friday  11/2/01

topMexican American site being suppressed over critique of Zionism being suppressed over critique of Zionism  11/2/01 AfroCubaWeb: Aztlan is a Mexican American site which recently has been tracking such stories as the arrest of two Israelis armed with grenades, dynamite, and Glock 9mm pistols (see their page, which have been ignored by the US media. They have been told by their hosting provider, Hostex, to remove two pages dealing with an Anthrax mail type incident.

Does America know what it’s doing?  11/2/01 Arab News 

Jewish leaders angry over Episcopal protest  11/2/01 Boston Globe: "Jewish leaders, alarmed by the public expressions of support for Palestinians by many of the state's religious leaders, held a news conference on the steps of Congregation Kehillath Israel in Brookline. Reform, Conservative, and Orthodox rabbis from some of the area's most prominent synagogues, as well as the heads of the American Jewish Committee, the Anti-Defamation League, Combined Jewish Philanthropies, and the Jewish Community Relations Council, gathered to criticize the protest by the Episcopal bishops and some of the subsequent comments by other Christian leaders."

More Christian leaders voice concern over Israeli actions  11/2/01 Boston Globe: "Christian leaders from around Massachusetts yesterday added their voices to those of three Episcopal bishops calling for greater concern for Palestinian rights, as Jewish leaders decried the Tuesday protest by the bishops outside the Israeli consulate in Boston as unfairly one-sided."

Pentagon: Afghan village a 'legitimate target'  11/2/01 CNN: "The people there are dead because we wanted them dead," the official said. The village was attacked about 2330 local time on October 22 with torrents of withering fire from an AC-130 aerial gunship, known in the military as "Spooky." The U.S. has repeatedly insisted strikes are not targeting Afghan civilians Earlier the humanitarian group Human Rights Watch released a statement saying it had reports detailing "25 civilians killed in the village". ...Survivors said the bombing was carried out not only by jets, but also by helicopters. All of them denied the Pentagon's assertion that the village was a base for Taliban and al-Qaeda fighters. Robertson said the village's 15 houses had been destroyed, and the rubble contained no articles of obvious military value. Instead, he said, boxes of soap, children's shoes, women's clothing and other domestic articles lay among the destruction."

Op-Ed Echo Chamber: Little space for dissent to the military line  11/2/01 FAIR: When the full extent of the US crimes committed in this war become known, we can point to this as one of the guilty mechanisms.

B-52 onslaught hits key Taliban positions  11/2/01 Guardian, UK 

Prague missile possibly aimed at Israeli plane  11/2/01 Haaretz, Israel: "An armed, anti-tank rocket launcher found two weeks ago near a Prague airport runway may have been intended for an attack against an Israeli airliner, a newspaper said Friday, citing a "well- informed source."

Foreigners are shackled, then jailed and denied their rights in FBI crackdown  11/2/01 Independent, UK 

A State of High Alert  11/2/01 Insight: "After the Sept. 11 attacks on New York City and the Pentagon, Insight has learned, NEST was put on a state of high alert and operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week in the nation's capital and New York City monitoring for nuclear-related weapons. Federal officials have told the magazine that this includes extensive use of deployed sensors and specially equipped vehicles patrolling the streets of both cities."

Taliban capture, may hang ex-monarch's supporters: Press  11/2/01 IRNA, Iran: "Taliban have arrested 25 followers of tribal leader Hamid Karzai, a supporter of ex-king Zahir Shah, reported Pakistan-based Afghan Islamic Press (AIP). "It is expected that some of the important people of those arrested may be executed later today (Friday) in Kandahar though it is possible that they may be hanged in Uruzgan," it noted."

Anthrax case hits daily 'Jang'  11/2/01 The News, Pakistan: "The country largest newspaper, Daily 'Jang' -- a sister publication of 'The News', has been hit by another confirmed positive case of anthrax, forcing the newspaper offices in Karachi to put its editorial staff on antibiotics and to move the staff out of the infected area until it is properly disinfected."

Death falls from sky on village of innocents  11/2/01 The Times, UK: This is a Murdoch paper and they are printing this! "Hiding in the entrance to a nearby cave, he watched as the gunships — believed to be American AC130s, deployed to hunt down and kill Taleban forces and terrorists from the al-Qaeda network — circled over the village firing repeatedly at the people as they fled their homes."

Al Qaeda Cash Tied to Diamond Trade  11/2/01 Washington Post: "The terrorist network led by Osama bin Laden has reaped millions of dollars in the past three years from the illicit sale of diamonds mined by rebels in Sierra Leone, according to U.S. and European intelligence officials and two sources with direct knowledge of events."

Thursday  11/1/01

topIrked U.S. Recalls Venezuela Envoy  11/1/01 AP 

Judge Rules on Student Anarchy Club  11/1/01 AP: "A judge ruled Thursday that a 15-year-old sophomore cannot form an anarchy club or wear T-shirts opposing the U.S. bombing of Afghanistan because it would disrupt school."

Venezuela Defends Afghan Concern  11/1/01 AP 

Heavy US bombing destroys 2 villages  11/1/01 Arab News 

India stands up to the big boys  11/1/01 Arab News 

Full text: Bin Laden's 'letter to Muslims'  11/1/01 BBC: ""The Pakistani Government has fallen under the banner of the cross. The Almighty God says: To the hypocrites give the glad tidings that there is for them but a grievous penalty; yea, to those who take for friends unbelievers rather than believers: Is it honour they seek among them? Nay, all honour is with God. "O supporters of Islam: This is your day to support Islam. "Whoever believes in God and Doomsday must not rest at ease until he upholds right and its supporters and until God defeats falsehood and its backers."

Diplomats fault lack of US notice on many detainees  11/1/01 Boston Globe 

CIA's Haq cover-up is part of a pattern  11/1/01 Chicago Sun Times: By Robert Novak, conservative columnist: "Unnamed CIA officials flat out lied when they told reporters that the first they had heard from Abdul Haq was his futile plea to be saved from the Taliban fighters who surrounded him and then murdered him last Friday. That fits the pattern of deceit, arrogance and ignorance that describes the U.S. role in the murder of the legendary Afghan commander. Actually, the Central Intelligence Agency had been in contact with Haq's representatives since last February. It was not a congenial liaison. The CIA's reaction to plans for overthrowing the Taliban regime was apathy. Even after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, when Afghanistan became elevated to the top U.S policy priority, highest-level Bush administration officials were indifferent about Haq's unequaled potential to ''flip'' Taliban commanders."

US Attempting To 'Recruit' Russian Veterans of AfghanWar  11/1/01 Counterpunch: "The sources said the US Defense Department is offering a salary of $5,500 to volunteers for a tour of duty in Central Asia. They added that the US military attaché in Moscow is advertising this offer on the Internet and looking for persons with combat experience in hot regions. They noted that the Russian military establishment is dismayed by this effort."

3,500 Russian troops killed in Chechnya: Kremlin  11/1/01 Dawn, Pakistan: "The Kremlin conceded on Thursday that nearly 3,500 Russian soldiers and 11,000 rebel fighters have been killed in Chechnya in a 25-month war that officials again vowed would continue until the last rebel was dead… The office of Sergei Yastrzhembsky gave no estimates of civilian casualties, which human rights group fear may stand in the tens of thousands. The spokesman added that between 1,500 and 2,000 rebels, many of them mercenaries from Arab states, were still operating in the republic, primarily in the southern mountains which have served as the fighters' base since the start of the war. The official toll has been consistently disputed by Russia's Soldiers' Mothers Committee, which, quoting hospital and morgue documents, says that the true casualty figure may be three times higher than Moscow admits."

Chomsky to lecture on terrorism  11/1/01 Dawn, Pakistan: "Noam Chomsky, one of America's most prominent dissidents, well-known for his long career of protest against US foreign policy, from the Vietnam War in the 1960s to the bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999, is arriving in Pakistan to share his views about the contemporary situation...Organisers at Dawn have done a lot of hard work to arrange the lecture in Pakistan as the professor is scheduled two years in advance to deliver lectures. And, the lectures are not delivered to elite intellectuals only but they are mostly listened to by a popular audience. Despite the world-wide acclaim of his intellectual capabilities, interestingly enough, Chomsky has been left out in a way by the US media, a fact which the professor acknowledges. Explaining the reason for this, Chomsky himself says: "Why should they offer space to somebody who's trying to undermine their power, and to expose what they do?" "

PML Javed Hashmi detained  11/1/01 Dawn, Pakistan: "He is the first secular politician to be arrested since Pakistan announced its controversial decision to support the US-led war against terrorism, although several religious leaders have been detained."

El hermano de Bush recibe una carta con polvo sospechoso  11/1/01 El Mundo: Jeb Bush gets Anthrax letter, Florida Dept of Health overwhelmed with samples so testing is being carried out by the Florida Department of Agriculture

Red Cross Spokesmen Refute Pentagon Lies  11/1/01 Emperor's Clothes: "Christoph Luedi: This we can confirm is not correct because we started four days before the bombardment to distribute food out of these warehouses to disabled-headed families, a distribution which started on Tuesday and should have been ongoing until Sunday. This distribution was notified to the Americans especially in light of, because we distributed to different districts and this leads to a massing of people and we wanted to keep them [the Americans] informed that the massing people was linked to our distributions."

Atomic agency warns of nuclear terror risk  11/1/01 Financial Times, UK: "...the threat was most likely to come from the explosion of a conventional "dirty bomb" that would spread radioactive materials. Making such a bomb could expose the terrorists to life-threatening radiation. "The willingness of terrorists to sacrifice their lives to achieve their evil aims makes the nuclear terrorism threat far more likely than it was before September 11," said Mohamed El Baradei, IAEA director general."

CNN to carry reminders of US attacks  11/1/01 Guardian: "News presenters on the service that is shown to US viewers will be required to end each report with a formula such as: "We must keep in mind, after seeing reports like this, that the Taliban regime in Afghanistan continues to harbour terrorists who have praised the September 11 attacks that killed close to 5,000 innocent people in the US." Ah, CNN is now state media…

The west must kick its oil habit  11/1/01 Guardian 

B-52 jets attack Taliban positions  11/1/01 Guardian, UK: Carpet bombing villages…

U.S. papers: FBI hunting suspected terrorists with Israeli passports  11/1/01 Haaretz, Israel 

Afghanistan: New Civilian Deaths Due to U.S. Bombing  11/1/01 Human Rights News: "At least twenty-five, and possibly as many as thirty-five, Afghan civilians died when U.S. bombs and gunfire hit their village, Chowkar-Karez, on the night of October 22, Human Rights Watch said today."

ANALYSIS OF U.S. ANTIWAR STRUGGLE  11/1/01 IndyMedia: "Yet, in such inhospitable soil, a mass antiwar movement is growing in our country faster than Jack’s Beanstalk. What such a movement may or may not accomplish is the subject of this article, moving from the particular of a peace rally in a semi-rural region of New York State to the general prospects for U.S. peace forces…. Noting that the right-wing defined the rally as being “pro-Taliban,” one of the speakers said that “Such a designation contains a certain historical irony. During the 1980s, when the United States was massively intervening in the Afghan civil war, albeit clandestinely, many on the left warned that this would result in the overthrow of Afghanistan’s first progressive government and its replacement by a backward, right-wing fundamentalist element. This of course is what happened, resulting in the ascension to power of the ultra-conservative Taliban. At the time, our critics labeled opponents of the Taliban as communists. Now they label us Talabandistas as well as 'commies' for opposing this second U.S. intervention in Afghanistan. Then we were told to ‘go back to Russia.’ Now we have been told to ‘go back to Afghanistan.’ Historical accuracy has never been the far-right’s strong point.” "

Fuel/Air Explosive (FAE)  11/1/01 Military Analysis Network 

Final Text of USA Anti-Terrorism Bill  11/1/01 Polytechbot 




Cheney's Halliburton sold equipment to Iraq in 1998  11/1/01 San Francisco Bay Guardian: "According to the Financial Times of London, between September 1988 and last winter, Cheney, as CEO of Halliburton, oversaw $23.8 million of business contracts for the sale of oil-industry equipment and services to Iraq through two of its subsidiaries, Dresser Rand and Ingersoll-Dresser Pump, which helped rebuild Iraq's war-damaged petroleum-production infrastructure. The combined value of these contracts exceeded those of any other U.S. company doing business with Baghdad."

THE B52'S ARE BACK  11/1/01 The Mirror, UK: The long-range aircraft is effective because of the sheer number of bombs it can unload at any one time. They were used in the Vietnam War to devastating effect. Although not very accurate in its targeting, the B52s are a potent force. Yesterday, they almost certainly caused more devastation to the Taliban than in the last 24 days of air strikes..."A child was martyred in Herat province today after touching a cluster bomb thrown by American planes."

Assad ambushes Blair  11/1/01 The Times, UK: "Mr Blair was publicly rebuffed when President Assad, who had invited him to Damascus, used a joint press conference to attack the war in Afghanistan, describe Palestinian terrorist groups as freedom fighters, accept Taleban claims on civilian casualties, and call Israel a terrorist state. The President compared Palestinian “resistance fighters” to General Charles de Gaulle in his resistance to the Nazi occupation in France. "

Experts Warn Bioterrorism Could Expand  11/1/01 Washington Post: "experts who track anthrax caution that the terrorists appear to be sophisticated scientists -- not basement experimenters following a poisonous recipe for the first time"

Pakistan sends supplies to Taliban  11/1/01 Washington Times: from Sun Young Moon's paper, he who marries off many brides at once, with respect to the Indian military:"The Deccan Herald of Bangalore, quoting a classified Indian intelligence report, stated that the arms from Pakistan to the Taliban were being sent disguised as United Nations humanitarian relief supplies."

Wednesday  10/31/01

topWe will recall Saudis in US if harassment continues: Naif  10/31/01 Arab News 

Bishops join pro-Palestinian rally  10/31/01 Boston Globe: Three Episcopalian bishops, in front of the Israeli Consulate in Boston: ''Today and every day we stand with our Palestinian brothers and sisters who are suffering violence in West Bank towns occupied by Israeli forces,'' the bishops said in a statement. ''There can be no peace without justice, and the Palestinian people are victims of an injustice that cannot be allowed to continue.''

The 'cave man' and Al Qaeda  10/31/01 Christian Science Monitor 

Bureau of Prisons: National Security; Prevention of Acts of Violence and Terrorism; Final Rule  10/31/01 Federal Register:  "The current regulations of the Bureau of Prisons on institutional management authorize the Bureau to impose special administrative measures with respect to specified inmates, based on information provided by senior intelligence or law enforcement officials, where it has been determined to be necessary to prevent the dissemination either of classified information that could endanger the national security or of other information that could lead to acts of violence and terrorism. This rule extends the period of time for which such special administrative measures may be imposed from 120 days to up to one year, and modifies the standards for approving extensions of such special administrative measures. In addition, in those cases where the Attorney General has certified that reasonable suspicion exists to believe that an inmate may use communications with attorneys or their agents to further or facilitate acts of violence or terrorism, this rule amends the existing regulations to provide that the Bureau is authorized to monitor mail or communications with attorneys in order to deter such acts, subject to specific procedural safeguards, to the extent permitted under the Constitution and laws of the United States."

Afghan War Risks Radicalizing Muslims, Analysts Warn  10/31/01 IHT 

THE CIA HAD MET BEN LADEN IN JULY IN DUBAI  10/31/01 Iran Press Service, France 

Sentimentalism has surrounded Bush White House: Daily  10/31/01 IRNA, Iran: "It [the editorial] added that by saying that uprooting terrorism requires a firm global will and blessing of the United Nations, concluding that retaliatory military action, retribution and revenge will not get the job done and could well turn out to be counterproductive."

Hijackers got visas in Saudi Arabia  10/31/01 MSNBC 

Why Sharon is a War Criminal An eye-witness report of the 1982 Sabra and Shatila massacre  10/31/01 Nile Media: Published in 6/01, this account by a Dutch doctor gives a very good idea of what Sharon represents.

*"LA RUMBA SOY YO" WINS LATIN GRAMMY FOR BEST FOLKLORIC ALBUM  10/31/01 Radio Havana: "The Best Folkoric Album Award went to Cuban producer Cary Diez and arranger Joaquin Betancourt for their powerful, multi-artist compilation of authentic rumba called "La Rumba Soy Yo." Bis Music produced the award-winning album… Before coming back home, the Cuban musicians donated blood at a local children's hospital in Los Angeles -- a donation for the victims of the tragic events of September 11th."

*AS WAR FALTERS, US ENACTS NEW REPRESSIVE LEGISLATION  10/31/01 Radio Havana: Every US resident is a legitimate company target: "This will mean the loss of privacy in one fell swoop. Now telephone conversations can be listened in on without a warrant, microphones can be planted in homes and automobiles, in offices or in all three places . People's most intimate activities can be spied upon and the courts will be unable to interfere. But that is just the beginning. Now the CIA finally has something it has been desiring for decades: it can now legally mount covert and open actions inside the United States. Not that anyone believes it wasn't already done, but it was done clandestinely and exposure could bring legal action against the spy agency. Among the many troubling issues is that those who exercise their constitutional right to assemble, that is, participants or promoters of protest demonstrations, could for political reasons, be interpreted as pro -"terrorist"…. This law has brought new fears to the common people in the United States, not from far away foreign enemies, but from the very institutions that are designed to protect them and insure their security. More and more the United States is looking like the police states it so loudly deplores."

*TALIBAN STILL DEFIANT AFTER FOUR WEEKS OF BOMBARDMENT  10/31/01 Radio Havana: "Taliban Education Minister Amir Jan Muttaqi, also spokesperson for supreme leader mullah Mohammed Omar, Wednesday told the Associated Press news agency that Afghanistan's lack of sophistication is precisely why it can't be easily defeated. He said the country has no sophisticated computer, communications and aviation systems - that it lacks an infrastructure whose destruction would plunge the nation into chaos."

U.S. Sees Increased Potential for Nuclear Attack  10/31/01 Reuters 

US planning full invasion if special forces fail  10/31/01 Telegraph, UK: "But the difficulties of gathering intelligence was shown by the rapid aborting of a US special forces mission into Afghanistan 12 days ago. Resistance was far higher than expected and it has made military planners think again."

Confusion over war's next phase as ground attack stalls  10/31/01 The Guardian, UK: "Amid a growing realisation that the lightning attack by US airborne troops into Afghanistan captured on grainy video this month was little more than a public relations exercise, there is also increasing concern and frustration in Washington about the way the military campaign is going. "The Americans are very desperate about what to do next," another well-placed defence source told the Guardian."

Russia to commit quarter million combat troops  10/31/01 The News, Pakistan 

CIA agent 'met Bin Laden in July'  10/31/01 This London 

Mistake to declare this a 'war'  10/31/01 This London: Sage advice detailing the roots of the coming American defeat, from a servant of the British Empire, which had a lot of experience with this issue over the years: ""But to use, or rather to misuse the term 'war' is not simply a matter of legality, or pedantic semantics. It has deeper and more dangerous consequences. To declare that one is 'at war' is immediately to create a war psychosis that may be totally counter-productive for the objective that we seek. It will arouse an immediate expectation, and demand, for spectacular military action against some easily identifiable adversary, preferably a hostile state; action leading to decisive results."

CNN Chief Orders 'Balance' in War News  10/31/01 Washington Post: The US has a free press: "The chairman of CNN has ordered his staff to balance images of civilian devastation in Afghan cities with reminders that the Taliban harbors murderous terrorists, saying it "seems perverse to focus too much on the casualties or hardship in Afghanistan.""

U.S. Jets Damage Kandahar Hospital  10/31/01 Washington Post 

Taliban leader cites help by China  10/31/01 Washington Times 

Three prominent Black women speak out against U.S. policies  10/31/01 Worker's World 

Professors blame U.S.for terrorism  10/31/01 World Net: The Young America's Foundation compiles enemies list of liberal profs

Tuesday  10/30/01

topIs Questioning War Naïve?  10/30/01 Alternet 

House Dems Lose Russian Nukes Move  10/30/01 AP 

La Voz de Aztlan given "Ultimatum"!  10/30/01 Aztlan: Mexican American site told to take down page discussing possible Zionist involvment in Anthrax letters based on a letter the site received with white powder and pro-Zionist mutterings:"July 5, 2001 was on the week that the second largest Jewish publication in the United States, the Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles published a very negative article about our publication because we had written a series of pro-Palestinian and anti-Zionist editorials. The one page letter contained a small amount of a yellowish white substance and the text of the letter alluded to the fact that Jews had an illustrious history in biological research that included the development of the Salk vaccine. The letter ended with "Unfortunately, if Hitler was alive today he would pin a medal on you. Unfortunately during World War II the Arabs also supported Hitler. Racism and hatred destroy!" A few minutes after opening and reading the letter, I started sneezing and coughing and became ill with flu like symptoms. I connected the commencement of the symptoms with the suspicious white substance in the envelope and proceeded to place the letter and envelope in a plastic zip lock bag. Within hours I was able to see my doctor and he put me on 30 days of antibiotics. I have had recurring flu like symptoms ever since."

New snags in US-Saudi ties play to bin Laden  10/30/01 Christian Science Monitor 

Majority want bombing pause  10/30/01 Guardian, UK: "Exclusive poll shows support for war cooling - 54% say halt attacks and allow aid convoys into Afghanistan"

Former Iraq arms inspector offers bleak outlook  10/30/01 Indenews: "Mr. Ritter, a former Marine now working as a political and military analyst for Fox News, all but ruled out the possibility that the current anthrax poisoning campaign in the U.S. is the work of Sadam Hussein. He bases that conclusion on his direct knowledge of Iraqi capabilities and his assessment of that country's political goals. He also believes the U.S. strategy of bombing Afghanistan not only won't help end international terrorism directed at this country, it might unintentionally provoke the nightmare of a nuclear confrontation between Pakistan and India."

No cure for the victims of Kabul's rabid dogs  10/30/01 Independent, UK: "The lack of vaccines is just an entry in a long list of complaints by the Taliban's health minister; no medicines, no cold storage facilities, no transportation, no laboratories. He had called the news conference to condemn the US-British campaign, now in its fourth week. Najibullah Masoomyar, chief of the health ministry's sanitation department, said: "If this goes on for another month, the children will have mental problems. At night I hug my son and my wife to my chest, because they are crying." He was at the news conference to complain about the lack of clean drinking water, which he blamed on the nightly air raids. He said the sanitation department has been unable to work because it is in Kabul's northern Khair Khana neighbourhood, where the sewage is treated and dumped. "But the trucks can't go out there because of the bombardment," he said. "The drivers are afraid" There have been several assaults on the northern neighbourhood, by jets searching out Taliban military positions as well as its front-line concentrations facing the Northern Alliance." And this chilling description of unknown US special weapons, reminiscent of Panama and other US slaughters: "Dr Waziri said three patients [victims of a US bomb] came to the hospital with only minor injuries but developed respiratory problems. Their lungs could not take in oxygen, they began to spit blood and later died. "For sure we don't know what it was," he said. "We do not have the facilities to conduct tests."

Saifullah, man of peace, killed by American cruise missile  10/30/01 Independent, UK: by Robert Fisk

American bone on the island of the ghosts  10/30/01 KavKaz: The hard to understand English is worth wading through on this well informed site. Today's gem: Revival Island, which the US has pledged Uzbekistan to decontaminate from Anthrax, does not belong to Uzbekistan, but is near some large oil deposits… plus a description of Soviet germ warfare experiments on local Aral fisherman families..

Terrorism Attacks Spur House Plans for Sharp Hikes in Defense Funds  10/30/01 LA Times 



Rumsfeld: U.S. troops in Afghanistan  10/30/01 MSNBC: "The Red Cross warehouses in Kabul destroyed last week were not hit by accident, a senior U.S. military official told NBC News, saying they were bombed because Taliban troops had commandeered the food stored there."

Survey Shows Doubts Stirring on Terror War  10/30/01 NYT: user: unknownnews/passwd: unknown: "Americans for the first time are raising doubts about whether the nation can accomplish its objectives in fighting terrorism at home and abroad, including capturing or killing Osama bin Laden, saving the international alliance from unraveling and protecting people from future attacks, the latest New York Times/CBS News poll shows.



TURKISH NATIONAL ATTACKED BY DUTCH SOLDIERS  10/30/01 Pravda: "Mustafa tried to settle the conflict down, but the soldiers were going on and on: “All Muslims must get a bomb in the a**!” Then they hit Mustafa in the face several times and it seemed to be over. However, while Mustafa was trying to reach his car, he was run over by the military vehicle of the Dutch soldiers at a high speed and fainted. Besides a brain concussion, Mustafa Chitak had 21 fractures. As his pal said, the Dutch military men screamed,“One more Muslim out of this world!”

Backing for Bush starts to weaken  10/30/01 Telegraph, UK 

Rage of Luton Muslims  10/30/01 The Times, UK: “There are people leaving all the time. Not just in Luton, but all over Britain. We, as Muslims, don’t perceive ourselves as British Muslims. We are Muslims who live in Britain. All we want to do is go to Afghanistan to defend the honour and sanctity of Islam. I have a wife who is eight months pregnant. But I am thinking of going and helping my Muslim brothers. I read that we are brainwashed. That is nonsense. We are intelligent people and we hate America and the British Government for the bombing.”

Taliban supporters seize northern town  10/30/01 Times of India: "The rebels, armed with rocket launchers, Kalashnikov assault rifles, handmade guns and swords, took over most government offices in Chilas about 350 km northeast of Peshawar on Sunday."

UK warns its Muslims against joining Taliban  10/30/01 Times of India: "Four British Muslims were killed in the bombing of a house in Kabul where they were staying with other foreigners who had gone to help the Taliban, the British press reported Monday, quoting the Al-Muhajiroun Islamist movement."

Bush: fear of bin Laden nukes  10/30/01 United "One U.S. government expert said that the United States gained new knowledge of the backpack weapons in the 1990s through Russian double agents run by the CIA. One U.S. source familiar with the program said: "We had defectors who trained on backpack weapons and who bluntly told the agency that everything they knew about the devices was wrong. We didn't understand how they were assembled or how they were to be used."

Pressure To Curtail War Grows  10/30/01 Washington Post 

Rebels Say Taliban Strengthening in West  10/30/01 Washington Post 

An Israeli Victory, An American Defeat: ILSA Extended Another Five Years  10/30/01 Washington Report on Middle Eastern Affairs: To be put into the Central Asian oil calculus: "How, then, to explain the fact that Congress—pushed by AIPAC—voted to extend ILSA for another five years? President George W. Bush favored a two-year renewal, with the obvious intent of dropping at least the Iran portion when the extension expired. Caught off guard by AIPAC’s early and intense lobbying for renewal, however, he didn’t push very hard. Exxon Mobil did lobby to end ILSA, but the American oil giant lost out to Israel’s determination to prevent an export route for Caspian Sea oil via Iran, the most economically viable route. For Israel—regardless of the cost—it must be the Baku (Azerbaijan)-Ceyhan (Turkey) oil pipeline route, no matter what. Of course, the bulk of the addional cost for Baku-Ceyhan would be borne, directly or indirectly, by the United States. If Israel can pressure the U.S. to make Baku-Ceyhan a reality the Jewish state will have shown Turkey that it can “deliver” the U.S., and that the Israel-Turkey alliance is in Ankara’s interests."

Monday  10/29/01

topHOW THE ANTI-TERRORISM BILL WOULD CONVERT DISSENT INTO BROADLY DEFINED "TERRORISM"  10/29/01 ACLU: "People associated with organizations such as Operation Rescue and the Environmental Liberation Front, and the World Trade Organization protesters, have engaged in activities that could subject them to prosecution as terrorists."

The ugly face of Washington's ally against terror  10/29/01 AFP 

Deadly bomb blast in southern Philippine city where U.S. military advisers are staying  10/29/01 AP 

Support for Attacks Falling in UK  10/29/01 AP 

Arab countries to raise $90 million for PA  10/29/01 Arab News 

Saudi Arabia, the US and terrorism  10/29/01 Arab News: "Only when faced with retaliation for terrorist acts, did Al-Qaeda try to pose as the champion of the Palestinians. Saddam Hussein did the same when the world turned against his occupation of Kuwait, in order to try and win support from the Arab countries."

Experts fear backlash from Afghan strikes  10/29/01 Arab News, Saudi Arabia 

Islamophobia and the new great game  10/29/01 Asia Times: Remains as valid today as when it was published on 10/18, describes the roots of the monstrous defeat awaiting the US: "Muslims from Indonesia to Senegal now understand. No American now can walk safely in this area."

War on terror 'may last 50 years'  10/29/01 BBC: says UK Admiral - the Forever War…

Secrecy on arrests fuels rights debate  10/29/01 Boston Globe: "Behind an unusually thick curtain of secrecy, US authorities have arrested or detained nearly 1,000 people in a vast dragnet that has, so far, yielded no direct link to the Sept. 11 attacks but has stirred concern about civil liberties abuse…. They also say their clients are being physically and verbally abused while in prison and are facing immigration judges less willing to set bail."

Macedonia shooting is worst incident in weeks  10/29/01 CNN: another front for Al Qaeda?

Neo-Nazis and 9/11  10/29/01 Counterpunch 

The Silent Genocide  10/29/01 Counterpunch 

Signs point to a bin Laden-Balkan link  10/29/01 Halifax Herald 

Sept. 11 Tactics Followed Qaida Operations Manual  10/29/01 IHT 

Challenger tanks grind to a halt as desert sand clogs filters  10/29/01 Independent, UK: "Railtrack has the wrong kind of leaves on the line, now the British Army has wrong kind of tracks on its tanks. That, combined with the wrong kind of sand meant that Britain's main battle tank, the Challenger II, kept breaking down during the Saif Sareea 2 exercise in Oman."

'West Wing' creator warns of blacklist  10/29/01 Independent, UK: "The creator of The West Wing claims the surge in American patriotism since 11 September is threatening to create an anti-dissent "blacklist" similar to that which split Hollywood during the McCarthy era."

Tajik court sends to prison six Islamic party members  10/29/01 Khilafah 

An enemy. At last  10/29/01 Le Monde Diplomatique, English Edition: "And we can now expect alarming side-effects, including a modern McCarthyism directed at the opponents of globalisation. You enjoyed anti-communism? You're going to love anti-Islamism."

Uzbek Internet Something of An Anomaly  10/29/01 Moscow Times 

Cynthia McKinney’s Last Stand  10/29/01 National Review: "As for Ms. McKinney's suggestion that "many" Americans don't want to hear what African-Americans have to say about foreign policy — this idea is simultaneously arrogant, offensive, and moronic (a trifecta!)."

Anthrax preparation indicates home-grown origin  10/29/01 New Scientist: "As anthrax continues to turn up in US postal facilities, and postal workers, evidence is emerging that it is an American product. Not only are the bacteria genetically close to the strain the US used in its own anthrax weapons in the 1960s, but New Scientist can reveal that the spores also seem to have been prepared according to the secret US "weaponisation" recipe."

Annals of Covert Action: The Stranger  10/29/01 New Yorker: Reposting of this fascinating 1995 story about a Pakistani who shot up CIA personnel at the entrance to company HQ, and was later bought in Pakistan with a $2 million reward.

Congress pushing ground attacks Bush officials say it's too early for that move  10/29/01 SF Chronicle 

Three U.S. officials wage the war  10/29/01 St Petersburg Times 

Peace by precision  10/29/01 The Guardian: "Moreover, the consensus Tony Blair has built at home to support this war is as fragile as the coalition he has helped construct abroad. So far, nearly all of this opposition has come from outside parliament. But dissent among MPs is slowly growing and the larger the movement outside the Commons the more likely those inside will be to follow their conscience (or at least their commonsense) rather than their whips. As the recession continues to bite, people will increasingly question the value of spending millions on a murderous war with neither cogent objectives nor any clear timetable, when we could breathing life into the health service and fighting poverty at home."

DAD AND 7 KIDS PERISH  10/29/01 The Mirror, UK 

PILGER: HIDDEN AGENDA BEHIND WAR ON TERROR  10/29/01 The Mirror, UK: From the man who played a large role in uncovering the Cambodian genocide: "The Royal Marines, who will do the real dirty work, will be little more than mercenaries for Washington's imperial ambitions, not to mention the extraordinary pretensions of Blair himself. Having made Britain a target for terrorism with his bellicose "shoulder to shoulder" with Bush nonsense, he is now prepared to send troops to a battlefield where the goals are so uncertain that even the Chief of the Defence Staff says the conflict "could last 50 years"…. One Iraq: "According to an internal UN report, covering a five-month period, 41 per cent of the casualties are civilians. In northern Iraq, I met a woman whose husband and four children were among the deaths listed in the report. He was a shepherd, who was tending his sheep with his elderly father and his children when two planes attacked them, each making a sweep. It was an open valley; there were no military targets nearby…" On Miami:"There is no war on terrorism. If there was, the Royal Marines and the SAS would be storming the beaches of Florida, where more CIA-funded terrorists, ex-Latin American dictators and torturers, are given refuge than anywhere on earth."

SICKENING TERROR ATTACK CITY BOAST  10/29/01 The Mirror, UK: "A report which claims the American atrocities are a golden opportunity for the rich and famous sparked fury last night. According to the newsletter the 2,800 backers of insurance giant Lloyd's of London, called Names, are set to profit from spiralling premiums in the aftermath of September 11. The report, in the Association of Lloyd's Members News, says some have already rocketed by 1,400 per cent.

Osama bin Laden Is a Sign of Things to Come Excerpts from an Interview with Eqbal Ahmad  10/29/01 The Progressive: Great 1998 interview with the grand old man.

US special unit 'stands by to steal atomic warheads'  10/29/01 The Telegraph, UK: "There are a number of possible targets for the use of these weapons by renegades sympathetic to the Islamic extremists in Afghanistan. These include India, itself a nuclear power, or the four American aircraft carriers and British vessels currently cruising off Pakistan's coastline as bases for air and commando attacks on the Taliban and al-Qa'eda."

15 more dead in tragedy of errors  10/29/01 The Times of India 

Rumsfeld points finger at Saddam  10/29/01 The Times, UK 

Call to topple Pervez  10/29/01 The Tribune of India: "Addressing over 25,000 highly-charged and slogan-shouting people at The Mall, Qazi said: “Take along at least 10 days food with you and don’t bring arms. We will lay siege to the city and not return until the unpopular and illegal Musharraf government is replaced by the one capable of standing up against the enemies, and acceptable to the nation.”

Allies defend cluster bombs  10/29/01 Times, UK: "Christian Aid also joined the opposition, saying that the use of cluster bombs contradicted America’s stated intention to minimise civilian casualties. “They are as dangerous as anti-personnel mines. In fact in Kosovo more people were killed in the years after the conflict by the bomblets left behind by cluster bombs than by landmines,” a spokesman said."

Pak tribals take over airstrip  10/29/01 Tribune of India 

It's Wrong to Deny the Needy  10/29/01 Washington Post: Black Caucus member McKinney defends herself: "In my three-page letter to Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, a longtime friend of America, I expressed my disappointment with New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani's refusal of a $10 million donation that would have helped the victims of the Sept. 11 tragedies. I asked the prince to direct the $10 million to American charities outside the mayor's control, and I specifically suggested that he direct his charity toward poor blacks who sleep on the street in the shadows of our nation's Capitol.As a result of my letter, I have been condemned by the Anti-Defamation League. I have been attacked as an anti-Semite. All this despite my support of the War Powers Resolution and my long-standing voting record in support of Israel....I am heartened by those who have defended my right to speak. A large group of ministers and civic activists in my district held a news conference in support of my right to speak my mind. Two Jewish organizations that support my right to speak are Not in My Name and Jews for Peace in Palestine and Israel.... Why such a negative reaction to my letter? [when many leading politicians have been pointing out the need to deal wiht the Israel Palestine issue] I believe that when it comes to major foreign policy issues, many prefer to have black people seen and not heard."

Red Cross Stunned by Bombing  10/29/01 Washington Post 

Residents: 3 Villages Hit by U.S  10/29/01 Washington Post 

Iran seizes 2,000 protesters, satellite dishes as unrest spreads  10/29/01 World Tribune, Falls Church, VA: From a spookland site. The CIA is rumored to be involved in this unrest.

U.S. military warns troops, families of rising tension in Kuwait  10/29/01 World Tribune, Falls Church, VA 

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