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1/6/03 - 1/12/03

Sunday  1/12/03

Comunidades negras colombianas bajo el fuego paramilitar  1/12/03 "García es dirigente del Proceso de Comunidades Negras, una red de 140 organizaciones que tienen su base en la región selvática y húmeda del Pacífico colombiano. A raíz de la Asamblea Nacional Constituyente de 1991, las comunidades afro-colombianas, que habitan la región por más de 300 años, lograron la legalización de sus tierras de las que ahora están siendo desalojados por los grupos paramilitares de las Autodefensas Unidas de Colombia, que cuentan con 8000 hombres en armas y son responsables de numerosas matanzas de población civil desarmada. En la siguiente entrevista, el dirigente afro-colombiano desentraña los verdaderos objetivos de los paramilitares, su forma de operar y los devastadores efectos que están teniendo la violencia sobre las comunidades negras de esta atormentada región."

Belize: The burial of the Caste War’s history  1/12/03 Amandala, Belize: "Belize has been an independent nation since 1981. Theoretically, we control the material which is taught to our children. It remains a puzzle why one of the two mass political parties in Belize cannot bring itself to endorse the teaching of African and Maya history in our schools. It is not a puzzle why the Roman Church in Belize, the most dominant force in our educational system, does not want to teach African and Maya history. One big reason is because the Roman Church in the Yucatan committed and endorsed atrocities against the Maya and African element who rebelled in the Caste War. That is our proposition. We await a dissenting argument, even though we know there can be none."

Chávez asistirá a la toma de posesión de Lucio Gutiérrez  1/12/03 Aporrea: "El presidente Hugo Chávez anunció este sábado que asistirá a la toma de posesión del presidente electo de Ecuador, el ex coronel populista de izquierda Lucio Gutiérrez, el próximo 15 de enero."

Maestros ratifican el paro y aseguran que no permitirán el asalto a las escuelas por “hordas chavistas”  1/12/03 Aporrea: "Nota de aporrea: Transmitimos la noticia tal cual como la publicó Unión Radio en su página web. Si ustedes se indignaron tanto como nosotros al leerla, se sentirán el doble de estimulados para aparecerse en las escuelas el lunes para reclamar el derecho de sus hijos a la educación." Hordas? Sounds like they have the people on their side, the Chavistas.

Saudi charities barred from NGOs conference in Paris  1/12/03 Arab News, Saudi Arabia: "The French Embassy here refused to issue visas for 13 Islamic charity officials who were planning to attend an international conference for humanitarian organizations, one of the officials said yesterday. The officials, representing leading Saudi Islamic charities, were consequently unable to attend the Paris Conference for Humanitarian NGOs held Jan. 9-10, said Saleh Al-Wohaibi, head of the World Assembly for Muslim Youth (WAMY). “The French Embassy refused to provide any explanation. We requested to meet with the ambassador or the consul but were denied. They refused to give any reason for the rejection,” Wohaibi said."

Critican asesinatos de líderes indígenas registrados en diciembre: Violencia preocupa a expertos de ONU  1/12/03 Guatemala: "Las muertes de Antonio Pop Caal y Diego Velasco Brito constituyen 'una enorme pérdida para el pueblo indígena', expresaron Hina Jilani y Rodolfo Stavenhagen, delegados en materia de derechos humanos."

Israeli at US loan talks is implicated in massacre  1/12/03 Independent: "Israel is asking the United States for $8bn (£5bn) in loan guarantees – and has sent to Washington one of the former army officers implicated in the 1982 Sabra and Chatila massacre of Palestinian civilians to persuade the Bush administration to grant the money. Amos Yaron, who is now director general of the Israeli Ministry of Defence, was the Israeli military commander in Beirut when Lebanese Phalangist militiamen entered the refugee camps and slaughtered up to 1,700 Palestinian refugees. He ordered flares to be dropped over the camps, at the request of the Phalange, and Israeli soldiers blocked the exits to prevent civilians from leaving the area. Israel is pleading for the money – along with an additional $4bn in military aid – on the grounds that a US invasion of Iraq will provoke further attacks against Israel."

Iraqis Buying Guns to Fight Possible U.S. Invasion  1/12/03 Reuters: "I have a tribe of 200,000 people and 12,000 of them are in Baghdad ready to fight. We are all human shields against America," the 50-year-old Bedouin chief told Reuters. "There has been growing interest in buying weapons. It's in the interests of Iraqis to have weapons to face the American fighter...We are all military now," he said, adding that Iraqis would be keen to punish American troops for the suffering of Palestinians fighting U.S. ally Israel."

Venezuela: Slow, low intensity, (so far largely bloodless), class warfare  1/12/03 Znet: "The majority of people here think that the notion that there even is a general strike is laughable. The graffiti on the walls says so, with lines like: “This is the strike of the rich”.

Saturday  1/11/03

topUS urges world's help in restoring stability in Venezuela  1/11/03 Boston Globe: "The Bush administration is working with the Organization of American States and member nations to peacefully end the standoff between the Chavez government and its opponents, Fleischer said. He pointed out that Gaviria has been quietly discussing options with other OAS states, including formation of a ''Friends of Venezuela'' group ''to help the Venezuelans find a solution.'' Thereby legitimizing the sabotage of the rich, white racists who want to rule the country.

CounterPunch's Zapatista Archive The Zapatistas to Invade Spain!  1/11/03 Counterpunch: "CounterPunch will be running a regular archive of letters, documents and kindred Zapatista-related materials. Leslie Lopez of Santa Cruz is translating such documents, many of them hitherto untranslated into English, and is generously making them available for readers of the CounterPunch site."

Reflections On: "The Coup Lacked Professionalism"  1/11/03 Counterpunch: "Other CNN "analysts" offered profound words like "this should teach Chavez that he can't exclude minorities," or "people's patience wore thin over his high handed methods." Euphemisms, like "minority" of course means the ultra rich;"

Turkey points its N. Iraq military deployment at… the Kurds  1/11/03 Debka, Israel: "The US-Turkish deals thrown in disarray by Ankara are: A. Turkey’s war role, hinging on its commitment to open a second front in northern Iraq and leave the Americans free to focus on their drives from Kuwait in the south and Jordan in the west. They are also backing away from making Turkish bases available to the US air force as jumping off points. B. Turkey’s post-war stake in the north Iraq’s oilfields and the oil cities of Mosul and Kirkuk, as well as the share-out of oil revenues among the US, the new federal government in Baghdad, Turkey and the Kurds."

Thaw in Greenland threatens new ice age  1/11/03 Guardian, UK: "The snowfalls of the past week may be just a taster of what is to come, if the latest predictions from scientists are correct. The amount of ice melting from the surface of the Greenland ice sheet broke all known records last year, threatening a rapid rise in sea levels and a return of very cold winters to Britain because of a slowing down in the Gulf Stream."

U.S. Confirms Its Role in Venezuelan Negotiations  1/11/03 LA Times: "On Friday, however, White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer said: "The United States remains deeply concerned about the deteriorating situation in Venezuela. The severe damage being caused to Venezuela's economy, as well as the increasing likelihood of violence and civil conflict, requires a solution."

Venezuela Crisis Complicates Iraq Situation, Experts Say  1/11/03 NYT: "The crisis in Venezuela is creating major new complications for the Bush administration's campaign to oust President Saddam Hussein of Iraq, causing oil shortages that would probably make a Persian Gulf war more costly to the economy than once anticipated, American officials and industry experts said." Asi mismo...

Al-Qaeda members held after battle  1/11/03 Times: "UNDERCOVER FBI agents have arrested four senior al-Qaeda members in armed raids in Pakistan and Germany."

Debating Venezuela: Giordano & Delacour vs. the "Experts"  1/11/03 Znet: "Chua contends that there is an ethnic dimension to Venezuela’s political and economic crisis. She identifies Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez as a "pardo," a "term with both class and ethnic overtones that refers loosely to brown-skinned people of Amerindian or African ancestry" who make up roughly 80 percent of Venezuela’s population. Chua argues that Venezuela’s tiny minority of white "mantuanos," the Venezuelan term for persons with European features and pretensions, has always controlled Venezuela’s economy. She contends that the mantuanos are part of a much larger global phenomenon of "market-dominant minorities: ethnic minorities who, for widely varying reasons, tend under market conditions to dominate economically the indigenous majorities around them."

Friday  1/10/03

topAs Venezuela Boils, Blacks are Caught in the Middle  1/10/03 "As Chavez has alienated the predominantly white political and business elite, he has appealed to the poor majority, who are black and Indian. Observers note that Chavez's populist rhetoric has exposed Venezuela's ethnic and racial fault-lines (the country's population is 21 % white, 10 % black, 67 % mestizo, and 2 % indigenous), and deepened the divide between the country's white middle and upper classes and the poor majority — some 80 % of the country's 24 million people live in poverty. With populist rhetoric — not to mention copper skin and curly hair — Chavez is seen as a champion of the country's mestizo population (mixed people of black, Indian and white background) and he often appeals directly to the poor and non-white majority to counter the racism of the elite."

Personal Voices: Republicans Don't Really Care about Improving Race Relations  1/10/03 Alternet: "I can't count the number of times some Anglo conservative has used the N-word in reference to African-Americans in front of me, even toward those they root for, such as Dallas Cowboys running back Emmitt Smith. I can't count the number of racial "jokes" or references some white City Council member, police officer, businessman or other establishment figure – whom I know to be a Republican – has told to my face."

Attorney charged with helping client direct terrorism is being punished for speech, her lawyer says  1/10/03 AP: "The instant indictment, on its face, implicates the First Amendment and the court must therefore consider the very legitimacy of the effort to criminalize the alleged acts by which Ms. Stewart is charged. This indictment seeks to punish her for a `statement' and for being a lawyer and acting legally," it said. Stewart was charged last year with helping deliver messages from her client, Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman, who is serving a life sentence for conspiring to blow up New York City landmarks and assassinate Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak."

Campaña para sacar el dinero de Banesco el lunes 13  1/10/03 Aporrea: "Unamonos en esta campaña, avisemos a todo el mundo para que el proximo lunes saquemos los reales de BANESCO y de todos aquellos bancos (Una MInoria) que cerraron ayer, es importante castigar a esta gente, ya muchos de nosostros ha sacado su dinero de los bancos, pero debemos hacer incapie en esto. Lo mas importante es que cuando saquemos nuestro dinero de los bancos, les hagamos saber a los que nos atiendan que gracias al Bocon de Carlos Ortega se tomo esa desicion, porque ese miserable dijo que esto era un ensayo y podian hacer un paro indefinido, por lo tanto nuestro dinero se quedaria preso alli hasta que ha ellos les de la gana, igual como sucedio en Aregntina."

Identificados dos pistoleros de Los Próceres. Uno de ellos es paramédico de la Alcaldía Mayor  1/10/03 Aporrea 

Conflict builds over ruling on citizen's wartime detention  1/10/03 Boston Globe: "A president's power to wage war against suspected terrorists deemed to be enemies appears to be intact after the sternest legal test yet. But the issue is far from settled, legal analysts said yesterday."

John Malvo: the View from Antigua  1/10/03 Counterpunch: "The rage of America, and in particular, of President Bush and A.G. Ashcroft, has the governments of the Caribbean trembling at the thought of the backlash to the sniper dilemma. Already carriers of Antiguan passports are subject to severe scrutiny, refusals of US visas, and the rounding up and deportation of Caribbean people is on the increase. We fear that our mainstay tourism may be cut off, and our airports downgraded by the FAA/TSA. Because of this fear, any outcry by Caribbean officials against the treatment of the minor, Malvo, is silenced, and downplayed. Malvo is on his own."

Gun Battle In Karachi: The Real Story  1/10/03 Jihad Unspun: "Police sources claim that people inside the house hurled grenade but there was no eye witness who could confirm this claim as nobody heard the sound of any explosion. Police claimed a gun battle broke out but there was no witness to this event either. There is the possibility that the firing was carried out by the Pakistani police as they did in Lahore when they came to arrest Dr Ahmed Khawaja to create an impression of a "clash".

Bank customers to call on Supreme Court to suspend bank strike  1/10/03 Vheadlines: "Bank clients represented by the Association of Financial System Customers (Ausfin) are due to call on the Supreme Tribunal of Justice (TSJ) to suspend an action proposed by the National Banking Council aimed at nullifying a Banking Superitendency (Sudeban) resolution obliging all Venezuela's banks to operate normal hours."

Thursday  1/9/03

topMajority of Russians want peace talks with Chechen rebels  1/9/03 AFP 

Heavy blows for Colombian death squads  1/9/03 ANNCOL: "In the space of one month, paramilitaries from the death squad umbrella organization AUC have suffered the loss of more than 150 lives in three separate battles. At least 60 of the deaths were in battles against a combined FARC and ELN force in the Sur de Bolivar department, 600 kilometres from the Colombian capital."

Talks target threat of Caribbean being used as terrorist gateway  1/9/03 AP: "Officials attending the Organization of American States meeting plan to discuss how to prevent terrorists from using the Caribbean as a way station. Officials have said they are concerned terrorists could pass through small airports or step off boats on poorly patrolled coastlines as they head for their targets. If terrorists slip into US territories such as Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands, the mainland is only a short plane ride away."

No Draft, No Peace Rangel and Conyers are right  1/9/03 Black Commentator: "Black Congressmen Charles Rangel (NY) and John Conyers (MI) are correct in advocating a return to universal military service. In the 30 years since the last young American was drafted, the U.S. has constructed a volunteer military machine that is disconnected from the life of the nation, a foreign legion-like force to which whole sectors of the population have only the most tenuous ties or - among the most privileged - none at all."

Guatemala rights record may hamper trade deal -US  1/9/03 Forbes: "Death threats and attacks against Guatemalan rights activists may obstruct the signing of a free-trade pact between Washington and the Central American nation, the U.S. ambassador to Guatemala said Thursday. The United States and five Central American nations -- Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua -- launched free-trade talks Wednesday aimed at reaching an agreement by the end of the year."

Terrorism and oil: Washington’s fatal obsession  1/9/03 Granma: "While Pentagon experts predict that a war against Iraq will last but a few weeks, other specialists, including some in Britain, the United States’ central ally, believe it would be a protracted and bloody confrontation. Such arguments hail from renowned institutions such as Medact, a British affiliate of the International Association of Doctors for the Prevention of Nuclear War. That agency is warning that U.S. aggression against Iraq could cause between 268,000 and four million deaths. The research was based on consultations with doctors, nurses and specialists in Iraq, the United States and Britain."

Regionalism Transcends Non-Interference in Venezuela  1/9/03 Trinicenter, Trinidad: "This Venezuelan crisis has opened a Pandora's Box with unexpected and uncontrollable regional implications that may culminate in greater cohesion, solidarity and co-operation and pose a challenge to US hegemony that regards Latin America as its own sphere of influence."

Wednesday  1/8/03

topColombia: Blood will flow in the Rio Cimatarra Valley  1/8/03 ANNCOL: "A group of three hundred death squad members is moving in on villagers in the Central Colombian Rio Cimitarra Valley, says human rights group. The right-wing gunmen are already patrolling the nearby Magdalena River in motorised canoes. Meanwhile, the Colombian Armed Forces are turning their blind eye."

Liberman's Supreme Soviet - Purging Israel of Dissenters  1/8/03 Antiwar: by Uri Avnery - "Liberman, together with National Religious leader Effi Eytam and some of the Likud leaders, is in the vanguard of the dirty column that is besieging Israeli democracy. Last week they succeeded in inducing the majority of the politicians in the General Election Committee to disqualify two Arab Knesset-members (Ahmed Tibi and Azmi Bishara) and an Arab election list (Balad) from participating in the elections, expelling in practice 20% of Israel's citizens from the political arena."

Israel's Sharon Slams Corruption Reports  1/8/03 AP: "With a widening corruption scandal endangering his re-election campaign, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon on Wednesday angrily denounced reports he is under police investigation for receiving $1.5 million from a South Africa-based businessman. Three weeks before Israel's Jan. 28 election, Sharon's once comfortable lead in the polls has been steadily dwindling since allegations surfaced of vote buying and underworld involvement in last month's primary, in which his Likud chose its candidates for parliament."

U.S. soldiers in South Korea feel growing anti-Americanism  1/8/03 IHT: as they do in Yemen, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the Phillipines, Colombia, Indonesia, and many other places.

US, Pakistan Gunfight: The Inside Story  1/8/03 Jihad Unspun: "The recent gun battle in South Waziristan was basically a fight between two religious schools. One is pro-American and another is anti- American. This enmity pitted the armies of the two allies against each other at Angor adda post on Pak-Afghan borders in the Southern Waziristan - the most sensitive area located on the Durrand line. Following the heavy exchange of gunfire between Pakistan, US and allied troops, approximately eight troopers of the allied forces were severely injured, eyewitnesses said. Later, US aircraft bombed one of the Madaresah and an adjacent mosque. This incident brought the forces of these allies in the battle against terror against each other, compelling Washington and Islamabad to interfere in the matter immediately to avert further escalation."

Turkey's Reluctance on Use of Bases Worries U.S.  1/8/03 NYT: "Marc Grossman, the under secretary of state for policy, recently flew to Ankara to discuss a package of grants and loans on favorable terms that could help offset the effects of a war. Turkish officials said the financial package could be worth up to $14 billion, but American officials said it might be worth more." Negotiations…

Families of Sept. 11 Victims Hold Vigil in Iraq  1/8/03 Reuters: "I've found immediately an understanding of what we have gone through which is something that you do not always find in America," said New Yorker Colleen Kelly, who lost her brother William in the World Trade Center."

UK signals push to secure Iraqi oilfields  1/8/03 Sydney Morning Herald: "While the US and Britain deny oil is a factor in the looming war, some British ministers and officials say privately that oil is more important in the calculation than weapons of mass destruction."

Pyongyang threatens war if US limits trade  1/8/03 Time, UK: "NORTH KOREA gave warning yesterday that any attempt by the United States to impose economic sanctions as a result of its continuing nuclear weapons programme would provoke war on the divided peninsula."

Tuesday  1/7/03

topPalestinians Under 35 Banned From Israel  1/7/03 AP 

Hermana de jóven asesinado el viernes: "Nosotros seguiremos la lucha de Jairo"  1/7/03 Aporrea: "Elvira, acompañada de su madre, Martha Morán, y de la esposa de su hermano, Caridad Rojas de Morán, se reunió con el Vicepresidente de la República, José Vicente Rangel, quien ofreció ayuda a la familia, particularmente a los dos pequeños hijos que deja Jairo Morán, Jessie, de 13 años, y Tairo, de cinco." We salute the courage of this family.

Vecinos de La Florida: "Que se lleven sus muertos pa' Cuba"  1/7/03 Aporrea: "Los familiares de Jairo Morán explicaron esta mañana en el programa "En Confianza" que los disturbios en la Funeraria Vallés el día sábado fueron ocasionados por los propios vecinos del Edificio Salvador y otros edificios cercanos, donde vecinos insensatos comenzaban a gritar "que se lleven a esos muertos a Cuba", "esos muertos están bien muertos" y otras frases similares. La reacción bolivariana no se hizo esperar: piedras y otros objetos contundentes fueron lanzados contra dichos edificios, y desde allí (posiblemente ante la activación de algún plan de defensa) se oyeron algunos disparos. Luego, la Policía Metropolitana reaccionó atacando a los bolivarianos en la funeraria."

Genoa police 'admit fabrication'  1/7/03 BBC: "Italian media have been publishing transcripts of an inquiry into the policing of the 2001 Genoa G8 summit in which officers admit fabricating evidence against protesters. At the centre of the inquiry is a police raid on a school being used as a dormitory by anti-globalisation demonstrators, in which dozens of people were injured. A senior officer, Pietro Troiani, reportedly admitted under questioning that two petrol bombs allegedly found at the school were planted by police to justify the raid."

Venezuelan government orders banks to normalize hours  1/7/03 Granma 

Mujahideen Land Mines Take Out Two US Military Vehicles, 8 Dead  1/7/03 Jihad Unspun: 'Two US military vehicles have been destroyed in Afghanistan’s southern province of Paktika, by land mines laid by Mujahideen. It is believed that eight US soldiers who were in the cars have been killed and one US soldier severely injured. The injured soldier was transferred to the Bagram air base for treatment. According to the details received form across the border, the US soldiers were on a search mission looking for Al Qaida and Taliban in Dana, Paktika on Sunday when the two vehicles hit the mines, exploding upon impact. The eye witnesses told of deep craters at the blast site and said “there is almost no chance that anybody had survived the blast.”

FBI alert for 5 men reportedly laid to hoax  1/7/03 Reuters: operation T.I.P.S. proceeding at full efficiency.

72% of Venezuelans would like to see a negotiated settlement.  1/7/03 Vheadlines 

UNICEF, Venezuela: Striking teachers and school directors guilty of children’s rights abuses.  1/7/03 Vheadlines 

Defector: Chavez gave $1 million to al-Qaida  1/7/03 WorldNetDaily: "Over the weekend, threats on Diaz's family at his home in Valencia, Venezuela, prompted him to have them moved to an undisclosed location with the help of colleagues in the resistance movement, according to an American businessman who helped bring Diaz to the U.S. Diaz is a "man of highest integrity," who has risked his life to speak out, Shane Conner told WND. Conner has made numerous trips to Venezuela in the past two years and developed close contacts among some of the military resisters. The owner of, he sells radiation protection equipment to governments, militaries and private individuals."

Monday  1/6/03

topCandidate for Calif. GOP post apologizes over article  1/6/03 Boston Globe: "Bill Back, a candidate in next month's election for the chairmanship of the California Republican Party, has issued a statement apologizing for distributing an article that suggested the country might be better off, in everything from race relations to international affairs to morality, had the South won the Civil War."

Chavez backers attend funerals for rally victims  1/6/03 Boston Globe: "Vice President Jose Vicente Rangel and several Cabinet ministers helped carry the flag-draped coffins of Oscar Gomez Aponte, 24, and Jairo Gregorio Moran, 23."

Trial to begin for 11 Miami officers  1/6/03 Boston Globe: "Based on information from two retired officers who pleaded guilty to conspiracy in September 2001, 11 other officers were indicted on federal corruption charges alleging coverups in four police shootings in which three men were killed… ''The history of Miami has been characterized by ugly police-community relations,'' said Howard Simon, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida. ''There is a loss of confidence, if not outright hostility, by the minority community because of the great number of shootings of typically unarmed black young men.'' …The four Miami shootings involved the killings of three black men. A fourth man was wounded, and another man involved in the shooting was not harmed."

Anti-American groups mobilising Afghans for jihad  1/6/03 Daily Times, Pakistan: “Throughout Friday and Saturday, an announcement was made from an unknown radio station to urge the people of Paktia to prepare for war against the coalition forces and the Karzai government,” Afghan intelligence sources said. The announcements were heard again and again by the residents of the province. “The US-led allied troops have been trying to locate the radio station but failed so far,” source said." The Germans did better than that in WWII…

Gobierno venezolano ordenó a los bancos a abrir en horario normal  1/6/03 Granma: "La resolución de Sudeban se apoya en artículos de la Ley de Bancos que delega en ese organismo la responsabilidad de garantizar el funcionamiento continuo, regular y eficiente del sistema de pagos del país."

23 dead, 100 hurt in double suicide bombing in Tel Aviv  1/6/03 Haaretz, Israel: "Channel Two television reported that foreign workers in Israel illegally had been wounded in the attack but were hiding for fear of deportation. Television stations read police announcements in English, assuring illegal foreign workers that they would not be deported if they sought treatment or searched for friends and relatives in hospital. Interior Minister Eli Yishai ordered immunity from prosecution for all foreign workers caught up in the attack, through injury to themselves or their families."

US attack on Iraq will be a major error: Indian ex-generals  1/6/03 Navakal: K.S. Randhawa, a former Indian Army advisor to the Iraqi government, said that "if pushed beyond a certain point which threatens his survival, Saddam Hussein will respond. This response is already in place inside the United States. If the casualties were in thousands before, they will be in hundreds of thousands next time".

American Indians Say Government Has Cheated Them Out of Billions  1/6/03 NYT: "More than 300,000 American Indians gave a federal judge a detailed court filing today based on private historical records asserting that the government had cheated them out of as much as $137.2 billion over the last 115 years."

Chavez talks of martial law after two die  1/6/03 Sydney Morning Herald: "President Hugo Chavez has said he will consider imposing martial law to quell Venezuela's internal crisis after two people died and dozens more were wounded during a march aimed at ousting him. Two police officers were wounded on Saturday when supporters of the President fired on a police post in Caracas during a wake for one of the two people killed on Friday. Supporters of Mr Chavez blamed police for the deaths, which occurred when gunfire erupted during violent clashes involving rival demonstrators, troops and police on Friday… "I am obligated to protect the people. I am obligated to protect public order," Mr Chavez said. "If they force me to [decree martial law], I'd have to do it." But, he added, "so far, despite everything that has happened, there has been no need to apply any exceptional measures".

Bin Laden's deputy calls for attacks on "all Americans"  1/6/03 Yahoo: "By God, do not prevent new Muslim souls from taking part in the Jihad (holy war), which consists of killing all Americans, just like they kill us all," Zawahri purportedly said in an e-mail, the lawyer told AFP. "The Jihad against the enemies of God who kill us all over the world surely comes at a price. This price is minimal, whatever it is, since it is a matter of satisfying God and reaching paradise," he wrote in the message."

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