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    World News
10/22/01 - 10/28/01

Sunday  10/28/01

top10,000 Pakistani tribesmen set off for Afghan jihad  10/28/01 Arab News 

Radio warns Afghans over food parcels  10/28/01 BBC 

US broadcasts 'not being heard'  10/28/01 BBC: "Although most knew that America was bombing their country, there was much confusion about what had sparked this action."

The Story we Hear on the News and Read in the Newspapers is simply not believable  10/28/01 Center for Research on Globalization: hard hitting analysis by Stan Goff, retired US Special Forces Master Sergeant.

Washington Behind Terrorist Assaults In Macedonia  10/28/01 Center for Research on Globalization: Dated 8/01, raises interesting issues about the US role…

U.S. to immediately carry out antiterrorism law  10/28/01 CNN 

Aid effort stalled by conflict  10/28/01 Independent, UK: "Aid agencies are unable to launch a national appeal to help feed millions of displaced Afghans, despite growing reports that refugees are already starving to death."

British Jews at odds after rabbi criticises Israel's 'colonialism' policies  10/28/01 Independent, UK: Some sanity creeping in to debate on Israel: "A prominent liberal, Rabbi Dr David Goldberg, has provoked consternation by describing Israel as the "last colonial power in the world", a "fact" which had left many Jews questioning their unconditional support of the country."

Blockades, Vigils and Marches  10/28/01 IndyMedia UK: fine listing of a LOT of antiwar activity in the UK

Two killed, 18 injured in bomb blast in Quetta  10/28/01 IRNA, Iran 

Massacre dans une église au Pakistan  10/28/01 Le Monde: masked assassins kill 16 at protestant mass being held in a Pakistani Catholic church. Pakistan is prosecuting or has jailed 2500 for blaspheming against Mohammed, a law generally used against Christians

A Bomb Of A War?  10/28/01 Outlook India: "America comes closer to feeling it might not win the war as doubts begin to be voiced within"


Bus wreckage testament to stray US attack  10/28/01 Sunday Times, UK 

Hijackers were from wealthy Saudi families  10/28/01 Sunday Times, UK: "Predominantly from the western provinces of the kingdom, they were also all adherents to the Salafist school of Islam, which believes in following literally the doctrines and practices of the earliest disciples of the Prophet Mohammed. Al-Fagih, the leader of the London-based Movement for Islamic Reform in Arabia, said contact with dozens of local sources confirmed visits by at least 11 of the hijackers to training camps of Bin Laden's Al-Qaeda... One hijacker now identified as a ringleader on September 11 is Nawaf al-Hamzi, who sat in seat 5F of American Airlines flight 77, which crashed into the Pentagon. Al-Hamzi, according to local sources, is the brother of a police chief from the coastal town of Jizan, in southwest Saudi Arabia... Another al-Hamzi brother, Salem, was on the same plane, in seat 5E. Hani Hanjour, a trained commercial airline pilot and the son of a wealthy businessman from Ti'af, 50 miles east of Mecca, was also on the flight, as was Majed Moqed, a law student at the King Saud University in Riyadh. He is the son of ahead of the Baniauf tribe and from Annakhil, a village near Medina. Friends have said that he was known for his desire to join a jihad and was a relative of an extremist leader who took part in the 1979 storming of Mecca's Grand Mosque, Islam's most holy shrine. "

The making of the world's most wanted man  10/28/01 The Guardian, UK 

China warns British: beware Afghan trap  10/28/01 The Independent, UK: "An almost total lack of knowledge about fighting a war in Afghanistan has forced the US and Britain to turn to the Russians and the Chinese, who have recent experience of campaigning in the region. Speaking from Oman yesterday, Air Chief Marshal Sir Peter Squire, the head of the Royal Air Force said that he has held meetings with the Chinese. "I met a three star general on a visit there recently and his advice was quite simple: 'Don't put troops on the ground for any significant amount of time.'

Why we have to go after the terrorists - Henry Kissinger  10/28/01 The Scotman: From the man who got the Nobel peace prize while threatening the North Vietnamese with nuclear weapons: ""I HAVE never seen the American people so united in determined defiance," said Henry Kissinger in his familiar slow, deep, throaty voice. "The terrorists have not realised that the more they try to do to us, the more violent will be our response." - hey, Henyy, the more violent you are, the more recruits they get, OK?

Taliban claim to arrest CIA agent  10/28/01 Times of India 

Red Cross demands explanation after US bombs hit aid depot  10/28/01 Yahoo 

US bomb kills 10 civilians in opposition-held Afghanistan: medic  10/28/01 Yahoo: No civilian casualties…

Saturday  10/27/01

topDr. Bernadine Healy resigning as Red Cross chief, saying she was forced out  10/27/01 ABC News: "She said the disputes dealt with how the American Red Cross should handle a decision by the International Red Cross to exclude the Israeli branch from membership in the global agency. She said there were also policy differences over how to spend nearly $500 million raised to help the victims of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks."

Terror Additive  10/27/01 ABC News: Indicts Iraq….

Philippines the second front in war on terror?  10/27/01 Asia Times: "Zamboanga City (whose central square is called Plaza Pershing) is where Gen John J "Blackjack" Pershing was stationed for a while after the US took control of the Philippines in 1898/99 and where he made his headquarters from 1909 until World War I as military governor of Moro Province. He made these comments on the Muslim Moro warriors he was fighting in Mindanao and the Sulu Sea islands in the protracted Moro Wars of the period: "He [the Moro warrior] is absolutely fearless, and once committed to combat he counts death as a mere incident. The nature of the Moro is such that he is not at all overawed or impressed by an overwhelming force. If he takes a notion to fight, it is regardless of the number of men he thinks are to be brought against him. You cannot bluff him ..." Another American commentary on what the US military was up against at the time reads: "A Moro who has worked himself up to religious fanaticism goes forth to kill all unbelievers in Mohammadanism until he himself is killed. It took some killing. Capt Wood watched as a Moro rushed out of the tall grass ... and made a beeline for one of our flankers. The man emptied his rifle into the Moro, but he came bounding on and did not stop ... That was why the War Department recalled its .38 caliber Colt and Smith and Wesson revolvers from the Philippines and substituted the heavier Colt .45 [for its superior stopping power]."

Tribes march to Taleban's aid  10/27/01 BBC 

U.S. Is Planning an Aid Package for Pakistan Worth Billions  10/27/01 Common Dreams - NYT 

Milling Anthrax: Just a Click Away?  10/27/01 Human Events 

Executed rebel's plea for help ignored by allies  10/27/01 Independent, UK: Abdul Haq, the legendary Afghan commander captured and executed by the Taliban, embarked on a doomed mission to rally tribal leaders in the country after Britain and the US spurned his pleas for help, sources close to him have revealed. Mr Haq believed he could secure key defections from the Taliban in Kabul and Jalalabad, a Western supporter said. But when he approached the British authorities for money to muster a force of about 5,000 men, he was offered four satellite telephones. "To an Afghan, it was a worse insult than offering no help at all," said the supporter. "He said he already had 50 satphones, and that was the end of it."

Kabul Red Cross is bombed again by American jets again  10/27/01 Independent, UK: Seems to be a deliberate act, a crime against humanity: "The ICRC reiterates that attacking ... facilities marked with the red cross emblem constitutes a violation of international humanitarian law," it added. Staff had seen a "large, slow-flying aircraft drop two bombs on the compound from low altitude", it added. The warehouses – a distribution centre for food, tents and blankets for up to 8,000 families – had been specifically identified to the American government by the Red Cross as an aid centre which should be avoided by the daily US bombing raids on the Afghan capital. Large red crosses were painted on the roofs of the buildings."

Tehran gripped by worst rioting since revolution  10/27/01 Independent, UK 

'The Taliban are not worried about being bombed'  10/27/01 Independent, UK 

'This could take four years'  10/27/01 Independent, UK: On the day the Government gave details of the task force for the ground war, the chief of defence staff, Admiral Sir Michael Boyce, warned that Britain was facing the "most difficult military operation since the end of the Cold War, unprecedented in the problems it presents ... we are rewriting the rules as we go along". Sir Michael prepared the public for a long war of attrition that would continue through the bitter Afghan winter and beyond, with inevitable casualties. He said: "We are in for the long haul. We can carry on until the job is done. If it takes three or four years, then it takes three or four years."

Pakistan: "Attack on Afghanistan was planned before Sept. 11"  10/27/01 IndyMedia 

Changing American War Aims Risks Losing Public Support  10/27/01 International Herald Tribune 

Taleban speeding up EU reform?  10/27/01 Kathimerini 


Congress Leaves Cuba Travel Ban Alone  10/27/01 NewsMax 

Next Bioterror Shoe to Drop: Dengue Fever?  10/27/01 NewsMax: "Hawaii health officials confirmed this week that three more people tested positive for dengue fever, raising the number of infected people to 62. Officials are now investigating 258 people who may be infected. The outbreaks, which ominously came to a head in mid-September, are the first documented local transmission of the virus in Hawaii since 1943." - call Fidel fast, this is bad news and the Cubans did a great job of bringing it under control, suspecting that it was caused by right wing Miami Cubans."

White Pride World Wide - The white power music industry is helping to drive the internationalization of neo-Nazism  10/27/01 Southern Poverty Law Center: "Today, racist compact discs might be recorded in Poland, presed in the United States and sold via the Net in Sweden. A German neo-Nazi might see his favorite American band at a concert in Switzerland. In many ways, this remarkably violent music is accomplishing for the radical right what decades of racist theorizing didn’t: It has given Skinheads and many other extremists around the world a common language and a unifying ideology — an ideology that replaces old-fashioned, state-based nativism with the concept of "pan-Aryanism."..."You kill all the niggers and you gas all the Jews," George Burdi sang with his band Rahowa, short for Racial Holy War. "Kill a gypsy and a commie too. You just killed a kike, don’t it feel right? "Goodness gracious, Third Reich."

White Power Bands  10/27/01 Southern Povery Law Center: It is said that US based Nazi groups have allied themselves with Islamic Fundamentalists against the Israelis and Jews worldwide.

MacDill's new 'village' helps coordinate globe  10/27/01 St Petersburg Times, FL: "To help coordinate the international war on terrorism, the U.S. Central Command at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa has recently established the Coalition Coordination Center, a politically sensitive enterprise that includes military personnel from around the world... The 12 countries represented at Central Command, which is directing the war in Afghanistan, are the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Jordan, the Netherlands, Italy, France, Qatar, Turkey, Belgium and Canada."

Warning over irresponsible reporting  10/27/01 The Guardian 

Attack on Afghanistan was planned before Sept. 11: Zaki  10/27/01 The Nation 

Intelligence disaster for anti-Taliban coalition  10/27/01 The News, Pakistan: "Abdul Haq, the most promising anti-Taliban Pashtun figure, was working closely with the western intelligence services before he walked into an elaborate trap laid for him by Taliban intelligence in eastern Afghanistan early this week, according to Pakistani security sources in Peshawar."

The Americans can do without us  10/27/01 The Times, UK: on nuclear peril: "It is a measure of the ground lost in the Anglo-American propaganda war that, with confidence in victory faltering, Washington and London must fall back on whipping up fear."

Over 50,000 join anti-US rally in Karachi  10/27/01 Times of India 

Israel Finds Radiological Backpack Bomb  10/27/01 UPI: Little noticed story dated 10-14: "Israeli security last month arrested a man linked to suspected terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden armed with a radiological backpack bomb, as he attempted to enter Israel from the Palestinian Territories via a border checkpoint at Ramallah, according to U.S. government officials."

A Week of Setbacks Tests U.S. Patience and Its Plan of Attack  10/27/01 Washington Post: not to mention that the Rangers got chased out of Kandahar the week before…

FBI and CIA Suspect Domestic Extremists  10/27/01 Washington Post: "Senior officials also are increasingly concerned that the bioterrorism is diverting public attention from the larger threat posed by bin Laden and his network, who are believed to be planning a second wave of attacks against U.S. interests here or abroad that could come at any time, officials said."

Friday  10/26/01

topRep. Issa says airline kept him off flight because of his Lebanese heritage  10/26/01 AP 

America’s free society has no freedom of information  10/26/01 Arab News: "But the American people are not allowed to hear or see what is happening around the world. They cannot see the pain their proxies are causing or hear the cries of victims for help and understanding. It is a total blackout. There is no TV station showing anything about the world outside the US. The massacres of Palestinian women and children or the demolition of their homes are not shown on any American TV, or printed in newspapers. It is a total censorship so far as the news of the Middle East, Asia or even Europe is concerned. There is no world outside the US. The US media impose full restrictions, curtailment and full censorship on all the news coming into the US."

Afghanistan: Rejected Posts to H-Genocide and Related Correspondence  10/26/01 Counterpunch:  "Contains the rejected posts and the astounding responses from the board of this list, which includes 2 Holocaust survivors. The board is unable to accept even a discussion of the possibility that a genocide is occuring in Afghanistan. The Holocaust survivors apparently are suffering from post traumatic stress disorders and their judgement may be impaired. By not dealing forthrightly and accurately with their problems, Americans run the risk of further crimes against humanity such as the one executed on 9-11. Note that American racism and anti-semitism will make a backlash against the Jewish people all too easy, since a scapegoat is needed to bear their sins - it was not the Israelis who, according to UNICEF, murdered 500,000 Iraqui children... If anyone is in doubt about the genocide under way in Afghanistan, check our page on this topic.

Genocide Scholar "Silenced" on Academic List For Comments About Bombing of Afghanistan  10/26/01 Counterpunch: "Jones asked: "If coalition leaders are aware of the present situation, as most of the major humanitarian agencies and international media appear to be, and choose to continue the bombing in coming weeks ... could any resulting largescale mortality legitimately be termed genocidal?"

Is the US Attempting to Sabotage Humanitarian Aid to Afghans?  10/26/01 Counterpunch: "A clue may be found in previous statements by Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage, who expressed concern early on that humanitarian operations be conducted ''in a manner that does not allow this food to fall into the hands of the Taliban." Since the Taliban, as the men with guns, will always be fed while there is any food in the country, this seems like a hint that the United States would consider interfering with the supply of humanitarian aid in Taliban-controlled areas, in order to erode public support for the Taliban. Further hints come today, with the second bombing of a Red Cross warehouse complex in Kabul. It was entirely plausible that the first strike was accidental, but the second does make one wonder."

FBI Seeking to Wiretap Internet  10/26/01 Fox News: "Stewart Baker, an attorney at the Washington D.C.-based Steptoe & Johnson and a former general consul to National Security Agency, said the FBI has plans to change the architecture of the Internet and route traffic through central servers that it would be able to monitor e-mail more easily."

Pentagon reluctant to fly home body bags?  10/26/01 Frontier Post, Pakistan 

Massacre continues against Afghan population  10/26/01 Granma: • More than 100 people, mostly patients and medical personnel, were victims of bombings by U.S. and British airplanes against an Afghan hospital • According to Taliban authorities, more than 1,000 have been killed since the beginning of the attacks • Kabul accuses the U.S. of using chemical and biological weapons • U.S. ship accidentally bombs Northern Alliance positions • Islamic organizations in Pakistan have recruited some 100,000 youths to fight U.S. aggression in Afghanistan • The first contingent of 1,550 soldiers from Australian special forces leave for Central Asia • Massive protests in Indonesia threaten government’s stability • American Association of Jurists declares that military aggression against Afghanistan is illegitimate

Tom Ridge, the new chief of terrorist repression  10/26/01 Granma: • The "Strong Man of Philadelphia" is notorious for his championing of executions, crowded prisons, and the merciless repression of racial minorities • The new Office of Homeland Security has the mission of controlling and directing the multiple tentacles of a fearsome and gigantic investigation apparatus • As governor of Pennsylvania, he spent $1 billion-plus USD per year on keeping an average of 36,000 people, in their majority blacks and Hispanics, in jail

U.S. delivers a clear message to a host of Israeli visitors  10/26/01 Haaretz, Israel: "The United States expects to win the war against terrorism and impose a new international order, from which Israel can benefit. America has no illusions that the accomplices of terrorism in the Arab world have turned over a new leaf. Washington is continuing to carefully monitor Syria and Iran, and in coming days, new names will be added to the list of terrorist organizations and wanted terrorists. Among the newly listed will be those fighting against Israel, such as members of Hezbollah."

16 Arrested As March Blocks City Streets  10/26/01 Hartford Courant 

Are the Anthrax Letters Homegrown?  10/26/01 IHT 

US jets bomb Red Cross compound for second time  10/26/01 Independent, UK 

Experts Challenge Military, Political Tacks in Central Asia  10/26/01 LA Times: "The experts, including former senior U.S. officials and ambassadors, are warning that both the political and military elements of Operation Enduring Freedom are doomed to slip into a quagmire--or fail entirely--unless U.S. policy is quickly amended, goals reduced and the air war soon curtailed. "The military bombing in and around populated areas should stop now because it does more damage to the political goals than we achieve militarily by a bomb hitting a car with some Taliban [forces] in it," said Peter Tomsen, the last senior U.S. envoy to Afghanistan, who served in the post from 1989 to 1992."

Knee-jerk fear threatens what America stands for  10/26/01 Miami Herald: There are those who would say this type of racist hysteria has always been present… this article documents the extent to which it has become legitimate, a dangerous development, both for people of color and for Americans who, ultimately, have to learn to live on this planet with everyone else…

Global Eye -- Lights Out  10/26/01 Moscow Times: "But now the Divine Defender has decided enough is enough. Last week, he took time out from bombing the bejesus out of his fellow fundamentalists in Afghanistan and ordered his fellow fundamentalist in the Justice Department, Attorney General John Ashcroft, to gut the FOIA. Ashcroft -- yes, the same man who anointed himself with cooking oil when he was elected to the Senate, to signify that the Lord had given him "dominion" over the masses; the same man who proclaimed that Jesus was the King of America -- says that he alone must now pass judgment on any "significant" FOIA requests: i.e., anything that might prove embarrassing to the Divine Defender or his patrons."

Uzbek Sacrifices Freedom and Teeth  10/26/01 Moscow Times: "There are numerous underground Muslim groups that stand in opposition to Karimov's government but advocate political change only through peaceful means. Most prominent among them is Hizb-u-Tahrir, a group that has never been involved in violence but which opposes both Western democracy and Soviet authoritarianism. Hizb-u-Tahrir would like to see Uzbekistan eventually be part of a Central Asian theocracy, a caliphate. Uzbekistan has responded to these various nuances with all-out war on independent Islam. According to Mikhail Ardzinov, chairman of the Independent Human Rights Organization of Uzbekistan, where Adilov works, there are more than 7,000 people in Uzbek jails today for crimes like praying in private or possessing non-Karimov-approved literature about Islam. New York-based Human Rights Watch, the only international group with a permanent Tashkent office, agrees with that figure."

Shootdown: Some Reflections  10/26/01 The Black World Today: "In June 1996 the International Civil Aviation Organization [ICAO] issued its report on the shootdown, concluding that Basulto's plane penetrated Cuban airspace on February 24, 1996. If that event occurred now, after September 11, 2001, Congress and the President would perhaps not be able to blame such a shoot down for the passage of a horrendously oppressive law like Helms-Burton. Finally, the people of our own country may be able to understand what the citizens of other countries feel when threatened from the air. Helms-Burton was going to be passed anyway--minus Title III, which, in any event, is so outrageous that it hasn't been enforced. How shameful that we as a people have allowed Cuba's defense against terrorists to be used as justification for a terrorist law aimed at starving the Cuban people into submission."

First US ground attack 'could have ended in disaster'  10/26/01 The Independent, UK 

Mystery man handed over to US troops in Karachi  10/26/01 The News, Pakistan: "The entire operation was so mysterious that all persons involved in the operation, including US troops, were wearing masks," he said. A masked US trooper was also making a video film of the entire operation."

Split over ground war tactics  10/26/01 The Scotsman: "BRITAIN’S further contribution to the US-led coalition was delayed this week because of differences between Whitehall and the Pentagon, senior defence sources in London said yesterday."

Pakistan intelligence services failing to weaken Taliban  10/26/01 The Telegraph, UK: "In the past 10 days, two prominent Taliban officials - Wakil Ahmad Muttawakil, the foreign minister, and Jalaluddin Haqqani, minister for frontier affairs - as well as several minor officials have held talks with Pakistan's Interservices Intelligence (ISI) in Islamabad about creating a splinter group of Taliban which would denounce their leader, Mullah Mohammed Omar. They returned to Afghanistan only to denounce Pakistan and America. Their defiant comments, broadcast by BBC Pashto and Persian services, have strengthened Taliban resolve."

US special forces beat retreat as enemy 'fought back like maniacs'  10/26/01 The Telegraph, UK: Confirming reports that have already appeared out of Israel, Russia, and India. When the Taliban knows this perfectly well, the only audience being left in the dark is the US public…

Bin Laden's nuclear threat  10/26/01 The Times, UK 

M15 taps into extremist websites  10/26/01 The Times, UK: "MI5 has uncovered 15 websites, including Saudi Arabian “oppositionists” and the Chechen Jihad. Many have discussion pages enabling users to give their opinions about bin Laden and the bombing of Afghanistan. MI5’s Arabic-speakers started transcribing the discussions and joined in"

Anthrax at CIA  10/26/01 Times of India 

Taliban defy US raids to capture Opp leader  10/26/01 Times of India 

UN says US bombs hit mosque, village  10/26/01 Times of India 

US wakes up to Osama's nuke dreams  10/26/01 Times of India 

New anti-Taliban coalition appears 'Southern Alliance' wants government still 'in line' with Islam  10/26/01 Worldnet 

Thursday  10/25/01

topInside the Bin Laden Family  10/25/01 ABC News: the gloves are off, this interview would never have been on mainstream media a few weeks back, but we've had the NSA revealing intercepts from House Saud and now Diane Sawyer interviewing Osama's sister in law - "What I have heard is he has the backing of some of the royal family. They think the same way. Not all of them, but some of them. You have to understand, I think in Saudi Arabia Osama bin Laden has a little following. And in my opinion, this is what makes him dangerous .... Because he has, I think, he has the backing of a lot of people there."

Nobel laureate says US strikes on Afghanistan "as despicable" as Sept 11  10/25/01 AFP 

Saudi hits back at Western "hate" campaign and vows to defend Islam  10/25/01 AFP: House Saud staking its positions in the face of Western media attacks

Thousands of Pakistani tribesmen ready to join Taliban  10/25/01 AFP 

Unintended Consequences  10/25/01 Alternet: Excellent article tracing the history and "side effects" of US and British interventions in the Middle East. Must read.

Bush and Cheny in intimate business contact with the real prime suspects of the WTC/Pentagon crashbombing frame-up  10/25/01 AMERICAN PATRIOT FRIENDS NETWORK: from a militia site…

US Mengele type experiments  10/25/01 AMERICAN PATRIOT FRIENDS NETWORK: from a militia site…

U.N.:Unexploded Bombs Litter Village  10/25/01 AP: "Unexploded bombs from a U.S. air raid have trapped villagers in a west Afghan village, leaving them afraid to venture from their homes, U.N. officials said Wednesday."

Take stand against smear campaign, Abdullah tells media  10/25/01 Arab News: House Saud hits back

This report cannot be independently verified  10/25/01 Asia Times: "This information cannot be independently verified." This is the new mantra on 24-hour news TV as the Slaughter Show of the world's most miserable by the world's most affluent reaches its third week - with very good ratings indeed…. "Duck!" Rumsfeld would say they are nothing but liars."

Exclusive Interview With Syracuse Professor Horace Campbell  10/25/01 Black Electorate 

Raid on Bethlehem - Mission Accomplished?  10/25/01 Counterpunch: Details the recent victims of Israeli terror in Bethlehem: "We all still remember that after the last agreement in Beit Jala, Bethlehem was a quiet area where ceasefire worked well. The three who were assassinated [by Israel] in the car bomb played a significant role in preserving the ceasefire. In fact after this military invasion of Bethlehem the settlement of Gilo is under fire every day. Second mission executed "successfully"

Top 10 Reasons Why Al Gore Would Be a Better Wartime President Than George W. Bush  10/25/01 

Dos científicos paquistaníes pretendían fabricar una bomba atómica para Al Qaeda  10/25/01 El Mundo, Spain 

Powell descarta vínculos de Cuba con el terrorismo pero admite que la Isla es objeto del espionaje de EE.UU.  10/25/01 Granma, Cuba 

Families blown apart, infants dying. The terrible truth of this 'just war'  10/25/01 Independent, UK: "The American broadcasters have a phrase which they repeat in reporting civilian casualties in Afghanistan: "The claims cannot be independently confirmed". And, of course, there is no way to check on anything that the people at the Al-Khidmat Al-Hajeri hospital say. But if this is all a hoax perpetrated by the Taliban, why does Mr Ullah speak of them with such disdain? And would even the Taliban mutilate a baby to win a political point? "

16 kg of morphine seized in Torbat-e Jaam  10/25/01 IRNA 

10 kg of opium, 10 rifles seized, four arrested in Fars prov.  10/25/01 IRNA, Iran 

US business lobby calls for lifting of sanctions against Iran  10/25/01 IRNA, Iran 

Wounded Afghans die due to lack of proper medicare: Afghan source  10/25/01 IRNA, Iran: "According to Gilani, based on the latest news from Afghanistan, during the past week alone, at least 150 victims of the U.S.-British bombardments who had received medical treatment at Afghanistan's various hospitals and then released, died due to the inappropriate, insufficient treatment."

Fidel Castro pide al pueblo cubano prepararse para otra crisis económica  10/25/01 La Jornada: Fidel asks the people to prepare for a new "Special Period" of economic crisis as tourism losses mount. Twenty hotels have already closed.

Economic fate again in Saudi hands - U.S. economy threatened by potential instability in kingdom  10/25/01 MSNBC 

Anthrax bacteria likely to be US military strain  10/25/01 New Scientist: "The bacteria used for the anthrax attacks in the US is either the strain the US itself used to make anthrax weapons in the 1960s, or close to it. It is not a strain that Iraq, or the former Soviet Union, mass-produced for weapons."

Who sent the anthrax letters and are there more on the way?  10/25/01 New Scientist 

Pakistan Gives Two More Bases to U.S.  10/25/01 NewsMax 

Nuclear scientists picked by agencies  10/25/01 Pakistan Observer 

US cannot defeat Taliban: Beg  10/25/01 Pakistan Observer: Former Chief of the Army Staff "Gen Aslam Beg said that the United States landed its ground forces in the south of Kandahar. But Taliban forced them to flee. One US helicopter was crashed and the people were killed. It is not possible for the United States and allies to defeat the Taliban. The matter would go much ahead and they would feel repent. Therefore, it is better for them to realise that the coming time is difficult for them. The use of power is no solution to the issue. Thus, there is a need to start political process."

Castro Says Anthrax Less Serious Than a Cold  10/25/01 Reuters: Fidel, whose land has had to face numerous acts of bioterrorism: ``Studied properly, anthrax is less serious than a cold,'' he said in a speech Wednesday in the eastern city of Santiago de Cuba. ``There are appropriate medicines to make the bacteria disappear very quickly.''

Success Against Taliban Hinges on Pakistan  10/25/01 Stratfor: "a fight in Pakistan would be much easier than a fight in Afghanistan, and it would undoubtedly have the vigorous support of a real strategic asset: India. A victory in Pakistan would cut off sanctuary and create the real foundation for defeat of the Taliban. However, it would also tear apart the coalition, driving many Islamic countries from a position of uneasy support to active hostility toward the United States."

Bush's War Hawk  10/25/01 The American Prospect: "This is good news because it's a clear indication that Perle and company are not winning the internecine battle within the Bush administration between Perle's Pentagon apparat and Colin Powell's State Department. The former wants to use September 11 as a pretext to bolster the U.S.-Israeli security alliance and take the fight beyond al-Qaeda and Afghanistan to Iraq and perhaps even Syria and Lebanon."

The Reverend And The Rabbis Al Sharpton Heads For Israel  10/25/01 The Black World Today 

Anti-war MPs force Blair and Short on to defensive  10/25/01 The Guardian: "Backbench critics of the US-led coalition's military campaign against the militant al-Qaida network and the Taliban regime in Afghanistan launched a group called Labour Against the War last night, amid growing signs that internal opposition to Tony Blair's policies is growing in confidence - despite differences among the opponents."

Taliban build base inside Pakistan  10/25/01 The Guardian: "The Taliban's popularity grows as the bombing continues. "My God, it is terrible, the Taliban's support is increasing by the day," said Maudir Bakht, a political scientist at Quetta's university. "Before the bombing they were disliked by a majority of Pakistanis but now there is a level of moral and humanitarian support which may start turning military."

US: Bin Laden may escape the net  10/25/01 The Guardian 

Israel planning 'ethnic' bomb as Saddam caves in  10/25/01 Times, UK: this 1998 article assumes new relevance for the future

Stop cluster bombing, Diana's fund says  10/25/01 Times, UK: "The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund today calls on the US and British Governments to end the use of cluster bombs in Afghanistan because of the “serious long-term threat to civilians”.

Peshawar's dusty streets teeming with tales Pakistan's crossroads city is host to traders, storytellers, fighters, 'fixers,' refugees, spies, spies and more spies  10/25/01 USA Today: Memo to spooky: when locked in your hotel room, order green tea, not nescafe!

Additive Made Spores Deadlier  10/25/01 Washington Post: narrows it down to the US and Iraq

In a Changing World, Cuba and the U.S. Stay the Same  10/25/01 Washington Post 

Postmaster Suggests Washing Hands  10/25/01 Washington Post 

Wednesday  10/24/01

topThe Mystery of Flight 93  10/24/01 ABC News: Why have they yet to release the recordings from the black box? This sounds more like a missle hit the 4th hijacked plane on Sep 11: "The emergency dispatcher, Glenn Cramer, told The Associated Press the man on board reported the plane "was going down. He heard some sort of explosion and saw white smoke coming from the plane and we lost contact with him."

What If...? By Junious Ricardo Stanton  10/24/01 Black Electorate: "What most people don’t know is that the area bordering Afghanistan in what used to be called the Soviet Union in the territories in the Caucasus around the Caspian Sea contains literally billions of barrels of untapped crude oil and natural gas. This crude and gas is the prize of many US oil and gas companies that have joined together to form exploration, engineering, drilling and excavation consortiums. Getting the oil and gas out presents numerous challenges physical, political, financial and technological. Politically these now separate governments are free of Russian hegemony and free to negotiate deals with Western (mainly US) energy, engineering and financial entities."

Mideast strife hits WBUR  10/24/01 Boston Globe: "The conflict in the Middle East - where media images are crucial weapons for both sides - moved onto a new battleground recently, as two major corporate donors decided to end their support of WBUR-FM to protest what they saw as persistent anti-Israeli bias in public radio."

Attacks rally Taliban's confidence, supporters  10/24/01 Christian Science Monitor: in depth analysis of current Taliban fighting spirit, situation on the ground

COINTELPRO: The Untold American Story  10/24/01 Congressional Black Caucus: thanks to right wing nut case David Horowitz for pointing us to this valuable compendium on the Black Caucus' report to Durban. Ah David, it's people like you who plow the ground for the seeds of terror…

New Anti-Terrorism Law Poses Old Risks  10/24/01 Counterpunch 

Pentagon admits US jets bombed old people's home in Afghan city  10/24/01 Independent, UK 

Jewish settlers desecrate mosque  10/24/01 IRNA, Iran: "Army-backed and protected Jewish settlers vandalized and desecrated a big mosque in Israeli army-controlled Al-Khalil Wednesday, Palestinian Wakf sources said. The sources said around 12 armed settlers broke into Masjid al Kazzazin inb downtown al-Khalil shortly before dawn Wednesday where they desecrated Quranic texts and damaged the Mihrab. The sources added that the settlers also cursed Prophet Mohammed (God's blessings be upon him) and Islam, saying "they will destroy the Ka'aba and destroy Mohammed's tomb in Medina."

National ID Card System Failing to Attract Supporters  10/24/01 LA Times 

When the Press Is in the Dark, So Is Everyone  10/24/01 LA Times: "This is a war for freedom. So let's have some."

3 who removed U.S. flag remain on leave - Fellow firefighters criticize them  10/24/01 Miami Herald: "On Sept. 15, the three men removed a flag that was attached to the fire truck they were using that day. They said the flag was not hung properly and blocked their view. In discussions later that evening, the trio said they also talked about racism in America and that they thought the U.S. flag was a symbol of oppression for black Americans. They were surprised by later reports that stated they were Muslims and that they refused to ride in the truck because of their political views. The greater surprise, however, came when they were placed on paid administrative leave."

Microwave beam weapon to disperse crowds  10/24/01 New Scientist 

Taliban Threatens U.S. Troops With Torture, Death  10/24/01 NewsMax 


The Geopolitics of War  10/24/01 The Nation: ". In one of the most extraordinary occurrences in modern American history, President Roosevelt met with King Abd al-Aziz Ibn Saud, the founder of the modern Saudi regime, on a US warship in the Suez Canal following the February 1945 conference in Yalta. Although details of the meeting have never been made public, it is widely believed that Roosevelt gave the King a promise of US protection in return for privileged American access to Saudi oil--an arrangement that remains in full effect today and constitutes the essential core of the US-Saudi relationship."

Say it loud: no more support until Israel agrees to pull out  10/24/01 The Guardian: "The race-biased, them-and-us reporting of Israel/Palestine conflict works both ways. Consider the media coverage of death - how western audiences are invited to feel the agony of Israeli teenagers slaughtered in a disco or two poor 14-year-old Israeli boys bludgeoned to death in a cave, as if they were our own children. Palestinian deaths are rarely made so graphic or memorable: they are anonymous people, counted as numbers, bodies aloft among depersonalised funeral crowds. Obituaries of murdered Israeli cabinet minister Rehavam Zeevi described a real man - obnoxious, rabid, but a rounded man with a history, a hinterland, a family. In comparison obituaries of Abu Ali Mustafa, the 63-year-old head of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine blown apart at his desk (for whom Zeevi was shot in revenge), mainly concerned the politics of his movement and what his death might presage, with no humanising idiosyncrasies."

Hoon hesitates to send Marine force  10/24/01 The Times, UK 

China denies any contact with Taliban  10/24/01 Times of India 

Tuesday  10/23/01

topDelayed Anthrax Treatments?  10/23/01 ABC News: as the accompanying picture suggests, most postal workers in DC are afronorteamericano…

US air strikes hit Taliban troops hiding in residential areas: UN  10/23/01 AFP: "The UN also revealed US air strikes had destroyed a military hospital in the western city of Herat but gave no indication why the medical facility was struck." So much for Rumsfeld's denials - "We have no evidence at all that the allegation you cited is correct," Rumsfeld told a reporter. "I am sure it is not."

US softens demands for Israeli withdrawal from Palestinian areas  10/23/01 AFP 

Uzbeks accused of using anti-Taliban fight to clamp down on rights  10/23/01 AFP 

Life Under Occupation  10/23/01 Alternet 

It’s time Americans asked, ‘Why us?’  10/23/01 Arab News: Intense Saudi discourse against US hypocrisy and hype, the gloves are coming off of US ally as House Saud suffer numerous attacks in the American media

Oldest copies of Holy Qur’an on display  10/23/01 Arab News: Prince Turki in a different role: he is rumored to have been friendly with bin Laden; he was head of Saudi secret services until August, when he was fired 3 weeks before 9-11, around the time when rumors of an impending major Al Qaeda action were breaking out: "According to Prince Turki Al-Faisal, chairman of the board of directors of the center, the exhibition seeks to highlight various phases of the Arabic calligraphy as it evolved in different periods and regions. Also, it provides an insight into the evolution of printing through the ages. The prince said the exhibition is the largest collection of Qur’anic editions under one roof. "

Should African Americans Wave The Flag? By Donna J. Warren  10/23/01 Black Electorate: "Don’t need evidence to find bin Laden guilty. Nothing new to South Central LA. Most of the 56,775 inmates in California’s prisons under the 3 Strikes Law were convicted with little or no evidence, often on the word of a police officer, or worse still, sentenced to 25 years to life because 5, 10, 15 years or more ago the evidence was a bargained plea. 57% of these prisoners are African American; this in a state that may be 12% African American. California Courts don’t need evidence to convict."

US copters in Pakistan fired on  10/23/01 Boston Globe: "Two US military helicopters were strafed by small arms fire over Pakistan yesterday - an ominous sign for American forces who are counting on Pakistan to support the US campaign against terror in neighboring Afghanistan."

Jerusalem Patriarchs March In Solidarity With Bethlehem  10/23/01 Conservative News: "The Patriarchs of Jerusalem's Catholic and Orthodox churches led hundreds of Palestinian Christians and others on a solidarity march calling for peace, from the outer edge of Jerusalem to the center of Bethlehem on Tuesday."

Taliban-held town holds the key to averting a famine  10/23/01 Independent, UK 

US denies Taliban shot down helicopter in Afghanistan  10/23/01 Independent, UK 

Russia To Ban Foreign Religious Sects  10/23/01 Lenta.Ru 

Tchétchénie: Paris reste critique  10/23/01 Liberation, France: Unlike the US & UK, France stills maintains a critical stance on Chechnya


Anthrax And Iraq - Is The U.S. About to Expand the War?  10/23/01 Pacific News 


INVENTORS OF BIOLOGICAL WARFARE NOW EXPERIENCE ITS HORRIFYING EFFECTS  10/23/01 Radio Havana: "Though the "father" of biological warfare is well known, no one in Cuba is happy to see the suffering and fear of the U.S. people, or to witness innocent people dying. For those who are responsible for terrorist acts committed against a tiny country whose only crime is trying to be what it wants for the last 40 years, we simply want to recall a popular refrain in Cuba: "What you don't wish for yourself, don't wish for anyone" -- or in other words: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Wonder if they have heard of that one in Washington."

Kuwait MPs Demand End to U.S. Afghan Strikes  10/23/01 Reuters: Kuwait, who the US saved from Iraq…

Senators Take CDC to Task Over Anthrax Response  10/23/01 Reuters 

Afghan War Will Shape Future U.S. Military Structure  10/23/01 Stratfor, US 

Southwest Saudi Arabia: Hotbed of Radical Islam  10/23/01 Stratfor, US 

Bin Laden 'must be held alive, if possible' - UK  10/23/01 Telegraph, UK: "He [Bush] has signed a special order which enables the CIA to carry out lethal operations. But Downing Street said that Britain was sticking to international law, under which assassinations were banned."

Pressure on the Saudi safety valve  10/23/01 The Guardian, UK 

Anti-war MPs in Labour resent gag order  10/23/01 The Hindu 

6 die in attack on H. Kashmir airbase  10/23/01 The Nation, Pakistan 

Hundreds held ahead of anti-US protest  10/23/01 The Nation, Pakistan 

Moscow stance over Taleban splits coalition  10/23/01 The Times, UK 

'China assisting Taliban in war against US'  10/23/01 Times of India: This tends to confirm Israeli Intelligence Portal DEBKA's assertions about China's role in Afghanistan which date back to Oct 6

US ground operations being staged from Pak  10/23/01 Times of India: "In Pakistan - where opposition to Musharraf's support for the US war on Afghanistan has led to violent demonstrations - news of the country being used for attacks on the ground is likely further to inflame popular sentiment."

US jets hit Afghan oppn posts by mistake  10/23/01 Times of India: those high precision weapons that almost never hit civilians…

A War Game to Send Chills Down the Spine  10/23/01 Washington Post: biowar game predicts large US casualties for smallpox attack, elsewhere this has been placed at over 1 million.

At Pentagon: Worries Over War's Costs, Consequences  10/23/01 Washington Post: The Afghan war "seems to be a short-term, possibly shortsighted strategy," said one general who is not directly involved in the anti-terrorism campaign. "Our actions so far show only short-term thinking."

Moscow: U.S. 'blitzkrieg' has failed  10/23/01 WorldNetDaily, US: this christian fundamentalist site is in partnership with Debka, the Israeli Intelligence portal.

Monday  10/22/01

topCartoonists' Quandary  10/22/01 ABC News 

Bin Laden is a step ahead of foes, says opposition commander  10/22/01 AFP: "He also claimed he had offered to cooperate with the United States to snatch bin Laden in 1996 -- before the 1998 embassy bombings in east Africa and last month's attacks on New York and Washington which the US blames on bin Laden. "I said to the American counsel in Peshawar (Pakistan) that Osama is here. 'If you want him, come and get him', I said. But he did not take it seriously," Qadir said. "The Americans just laughed at us."

Yemen partially closes port to prevent extremists from joining Taliban in Afghanistan  10/22/01 AP 

Russia bolsters Northern Alliance  10/22/01 BBC: a profound insult to most afghani - "President Rahmonov at one point referred to Mr Rabbani as the president of Afghanistan. They were later joined by the military leader of the Northern Alliance, General Mohammad Qassim Fahim. Mr Putin called him the "Afghan minister of defence" - apparently not by accident. Mr Putin ruled out any role for the Taleban in a future government, saying they were "linked with international terrorists".

The Enemy Within By Armstrong Williams  10/22/01 Black Electorate: "All signs indicate that the recent anthrax attacks came from within."

Anti-US rage boils in moderate Pakistan city  10/22/01 Boston Globe: "RAWALPINDI, Pakistan - Tens of thousands of protesters yesterday jammed a central square to howl fury at the United States, hoist placards bearing the face of fugitive terrorist Osama bin Laden, and demand the overthrow of this country's government in a surprising show of anti-American rage in a city considered moderate and representative of the Pakistan mainstream.

US ally fights growing anger  10/22/01 Boston Globe 

Afghans report beginning of backlash - Bombing campaign reversing goodwill  10/22/01 Chicago Tribune 

Terror probe raises concerns about civil rights  10/22/01 CNN 

Bastion of Dissent Offers Tribute to One of Its Heroes  10/22/01 Common Dreams: "Danny Glover, the actor, called her a hero. Alice Walker, the writer, called her inspiring. The crowd, 3,500 strong, awaited her appearance with the giddiness of autograph seekers awaiting their favorite Hollywood star. It is not often a fairly new member of Congress is honored so publicly, by so many, for a single vote. But Barbara Lee, the Democratic representative of the Ninth Congressional District since 1998, was honored today with songs, poetry and speeches for being the only lawmaker in the House or the Senate to vote against granting the president the authority to use military force against terrorism."

The "Patriotic" Attack on Democracy and Higher Education  10/22/01 Counterpunch 

America Faces a Long, Harsh Winter in Afghanistan  10/22/01 Debka, Israel: Caveat: More an indication of fantasy life on the Internet than serious reporting, useful to point to things to look into, but more times than not, way off the mark… "US raid on Kandahar a failure - "Despite official assurances that they went off without a hitch, several independent military sources reported the US troops took a number of casualties – some from friendly fire. Some of the raiders appear to have mistakenly opened fire on other Western ground and air forces in the area, accounting for the stubborn insistence by the Taliban that its forces caused the Americans a number of losses. The Taliban education minister, for example, said Afghan soldiers killed between 20 and 25 US troops. The Americans also were shaken by the fighting ability of the Taliban and the heavy fire their fighters directed at the assault force. DEBKAfile’s military sources say that, immediately after the Taliban high command spotted US forces landing, it set up an artillery barrage aimed on the landing zone, rushed tanks carrying infantry to the area and opened up with anti-aircraft fire, which proved ineffective. Two weeks of intensive bombers and missile strikes against military camps, command headquarters, airfields, helicopter landing pads, fuel and ammunition dumps and military convoys, failed to bring the Taliban war machine to collapse. Furthermore, morale remainedl high and the Taliban’s heavy weaponry remained intact. Intelligence information suggests that the Taliban were able to keep most of their fighting strength and heavy arms safe and hidden in mountain caves."

Al Yazira muestra los restos del helicóptero americano que los talibán dicen haber derribado  10/22/01 El Mundo: Taliban displays pieces of 2nd helicopter they say they shot down. Reminds you of stories of extra body bags beyond the official count in Grenada…

American jets hit Taliban front line in effort to take Kabul before winter  10/22/01 Independent, UK: "General Powell, who indicated the opposition was closing in on Mazar-i-Sharif, said America would not necessarily suspend operations for the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, which starts in the middle of November."

US finds military campaign a hard sell  10/22/01 Independent, UK: "Will the Taliban's morale be dented by pictures of New York firefighters raising the Stars and Stripes in the rubble of the World Trade Centre, which American special forces are reported to have distributed in Kandahar over the weekend?"

Afghan Taleban claim another downed aircraft found in south  10/22/01 Khilafah 

Terrorist Camps at Home  10/22/01 News Insider 

The Jihad Next Door  10/22/01 Newsweek: "The struggle for Kashmir helped fill the terror camps in Afghanistan—and now poses one of the most dire threats to stability in the region"

Unanswered Questions About Flight 93  10/22/01 SF Gate: "WOULD OUR GOVERNMENT LIE TO US? Suppose, just suppose, that United Flight 93, the hero flight, Newark to San Francisco, was not crashed in rural Pennsylvania by hijackers but rather was shot down by American jet fighters. "Friendly fire."

Humanitarian Crisis Will Jeopardize U.S. Military Goals  10/22/01 Stratfor: from a leading private US intelligence source: "International relief agencies have launched a volley of complaints against the United States and Pakistan for impeding humanitarian efforts along Afghanistan's borders. The United Nations will likely voice similar criticisms as winter sets in and member states seek a culprit for ensuing starvation in Afghanistan. Within months, U.N. Security Council members will lose consensus for the U.S.-led military campaign."

Thousands Rally in California Behind Barbara Lee, the Lone Congressional Dissenter  10/22/01 TBO 

Anthrax hoaxer curbs 'illegal'  10/22/01 The Guardian: "A government plan to crack down on anthrax hoaxers by immediately increasing the maximum sentence to seven years' imprisonment will breach the European convention on human rights, legal experts and MPs have warned."

Rebels double opium output  10/22/01 The Guardian, UK: "Opium cultivation in territory controlled by the opposition Northern Alliance in north-eastern Afghanistan doubled last year, the UN said last night. After the Taliban issued a successful edict banning farmers from growing poppies drug barons pushed their business into Badakshan, the mountainous province under opposition control. Now more than 80% of poppy fields in Afghanistan are in Badakshan, the UN drug control programme said in a report."

FBI considers torture as suspects stay silent  10/22/01 The Times of London: "The investigators have been disappointed that the usual incentives to break suspects, such as promises of shorter sentences, money, jobs and new lives in the witness protection programme, have failed to break the silence."

First US ground mission a failure: Report  10/22/01 Times of India 

In Bethlehem, Altar Boy's Death Brings Conflict Home  10/22/01 Washington Post 

Pat Robertson: His Liberia Deal  10/22/01 Washington Post: "But a few years after American Embassy staff stood on an airport tarmac in Liberia to bid a sad farewell to the five dead Americans, Pat Robertson signed an agreement with Charles Taylor allowing Robertson's for-profit company, Freedom Gold, to start a mining venture in southeastern Liberia. The deal gives Taylor's regime 10 percent ownership of the company, not including royalities and rental fees that it will pocket when the mining venture gets rolling."

Protesters Attack Coca-Cola Plant  10/22/01 Washington Post: "Maoist guerillas protesting the U.S. strikes against Afghanistan attacked a Coca-Cola plant in southern India on Sunday, blasting dynamite and causing significant damage to the facility….In Berlin, the ATTAC anti-globalization group that helped organize mass protests at the Genoa G-8 meeting in July declared Sunday that it would now oppose the U.S. attacks in Afghanistan. Our movement against neo-liberal globalization is now also an anti-war movement," the group said in a statement following a weekend meeting of members.

Taliban: U.S. Jets Hit Hospital  10/22/01 Washington Post: some of the same high precision weapons that also fell on US allies, the Northern Alliance…

Palestinian security chief gunning for Arafat's job  10/22/01 World Tribune, Falls Church, VA: Straight from Spookland in Falls Church: "A Palestinian security chief with close ties to Israel and the United States has emerged as a leading player in the struggle to succeed Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat. Palestinian sources said Col. Jibril Rajoub, head of the PA Preventive Security Apparatus, has been meeting U.S. and European diplomats over the last month and has presented himself as the favorite to succeed the 72-year-old Arafat. Rajoub, 55, told the diplomats that he is the only Palestinian figure who can restore stability to the region and resume peace talks with Israel, the sources said."

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