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12/2/02 - 12/8/02  

Sunday  12/8/02

Russia shocked by elite forces' killing spree  12/8/02 Guardian, UK: John Muhammed and Timothy McVeigh's comrades in Russia, hard at work.

Tela pudiera quedarse sin playas públicas  12/8/02 Honduras News: "Entre estas playas se pueden mencionar las ubicadas al frente de la colonia Zacapa (al extremo Oeste del centro de la ciudad), las del barrio El Paraíso, las de las comunidades garífunas de San Juan, Tornabé, La Ensenada y Triunfo de la Cruz, así como muchas al extremo Este hasta pegar al cerro Punta Izopo, sin dejar de mencionar algo de común saber: que algunos empresarios hoteleros se apropiaron de grandes porciones de playas para construir sus inmuebles." The theft of Garifuna lands continues.

Arab-Jewish Cooperation in U.S. Can Send Powerful Signal  12/8/02 Palestine Chronicle: "Last week, the Arab American Institute (AAI) and Americans for Peace Now (APN) released a joint public opinion poll of Jewish and Arab American attitudes toward Israeli-Palestinian peace. Roughly 87 percent of Jewish Americans and 97 percent of Arab Americans surveyed agreed that Israelis and Palestinians alike have the right to live in secure and independent states. When polled about the likely details of such a two-state solution, including the evacuation of Israeli settlements from the West Bank and Gaza, implementation of a right of return for Palestinian refugees to the new Palestinian state, and sharing Jerusalem as the capital of both states, support remained high with 52 percent of Jewish Americans and 79 percent of Arab Americans favoring such a compromise. In addition to revealing that our two communities are more moderate and less fanatic on Middle East-related issues than people are often led to believe, the survey results also send a clear message to our decision-makers that Jewish and Arab Americans want to see the United States follow policies that will encourage the Israeli-Palestinian peace process rather than detract from it. The results also raise some key questions that must be addressed both among and between the Jewish and Arab communities in this country."

Palestinians arrest al-Qaeda 'poseurs'  12/8/02 Sydney Morning Herald: "Palestinian security forces have arrested a group of Palestinians for collaborating with Israel and posing as operatives of Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda terrorist network, a senior official said yesterday. The arrests come two days after Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon charged al-Qaeda militants were operating in Gaza and in Lebanon."

Bush in clash with UN over Iraq weapons dossier  12/8/02 Telegraph, UK: "Hans Blix, the chief UN weapons inspector, has told the 15 Security Council members that they will be given the report only after sensitive information about weapons manufacture had been removed. The purged details are expected to be the most sensitive - precisely the information that America most needs to compare with its own intelligence."

Thousands rally to protest Venezuela shooting  12/8/02 Times of India: "As tens of thousands of people marched to demonstrate support for the embattled Chavez, thousands of protesters gathered to stage their own rally. Earlier in the day, hundreds of people clad in black converged at the Plaza Altamira to mourn those gunned down during a protest Friday night. The government confirmed that three people were killed and 29 wounded, but local media said a further two had died of their wounds. Seven people were arrested after an assailant opened fire on demonstrators at the square." A CIA connected gunman hard at it?

Venezuela: The Fire Down Below  12/8/02 Trinicenter, Trinidad: "FOR the discerning eye in those among us who lived through the tense years of the Cold War, the events in Venezuela are playing themselves out in classical State Department styling. With international eyes focused on the showdown in Iraq where the Americans are clearly setting the stage for yet another invasion, this time to unseat Saddam Hussein and replace him with a White House-friendly regime, not many people outside of South America and some Caribbean countries are bothered about the seemingly permanent state of unrest that has gripped Caracas. And even here many believe that Hugo Chavez looked for his troubles, so let him fend for himself. Few people recall that here was a young rebel who defied the odds of a coup-maker and won some 80 per cent of the popular vote in two successive elections. Or that in the process, he all but annihilated the traditional parties that had controlled Venezuela's politics for decades, sharing between them the spoils of an oil-rich nation in which the bulk of its citizens live in squalor. He was seen as the strongman who would deliver the downtrodden from a state of persistent poverty. He would stop runaway corruption that has bedevilled resource-rich countries like his own, Nigeria, Angola and Brazil, to name a handful, in which the leaders looted the treasuries in a most vulgar manner."

Saturday  12/7/02

topVenezuela protests block oil exports  12/7/02 AP: "The five-day-old general strike has virtually halted all oil shipments from Venezuela, the world's fifth-largest oil exporter and a top supplier to the United States. . Captains anchored tankers offshore, tugs stopped guiding ships from Venezuela's oil-rich Lake Maracaibo and dock crews stopped loading oil and natural gas. Operations at several refineries were shutting down in a process that takes several days." The oil boys mounting another coup.

Venezuela: tropas abordan petroleros  12/7/02 BBC Mundo 

Jenin riddle: Why did an Israeli soldier shoot a British official in the back?  12/7/02 Guardian, UK: "British officials say they are determined that the Israelis will not be allowed to get away with a cursory investigation into Mr Hook's killing a fortnight ago. Whitehall, in turn, is under pressure from Hook's two sons, both British officers, who visited the site of his death and came away sceptical about the Israeli version of events. Sources in Whitehall say that the Foreign Office is unhappy about the delay in providing an explanation, and that British diplomats in Jerusalem meet the Israelis every day to press the issue."

Denuncia Chávez sabotaje contra la industria petrolera venezolana  12/7/02 La Jornada, Mexico: "Confirmado, que se busca la ingobernabilidad, dicen a La Jornada fuentes cercanas al presidente."

Crónica de muertos anunciados  12/7/02 NarcoNews: Reich & Co at it again.

Venezuela: Startling revelations and relevant questions  12/7/02 Trinicenter, Trinidad: The Company hard at work - "Writing in this week's Quinto Dia Miguel Salazar says, "a foreign intelligence agency has been charged with controlling delivery of money from a powerful international economic community to the axis of subversion encouraged by a strengthened ultra-right ... the agency is responsible for actions aimed at capturing sympathy among the military ... one of its delegations was expelled from the State Political & Security (DISIP) Police as soon as the director appointed by Caldera left ... it's estimated that there are more than an hundred agents on the payroll ... the agency's political action section has recruited top figures in Venezuela giving them considerable financial resources ... opposition leaders, mayors, State Governors, trade unionists, NGOs, human rights activists, church leaders, parliamentarians, oil sector figures and government officials receive money ... the connection to the government is through a lady close to an influential official. More serious: there is a special ops division specialized in psychological warfare, assassinations, sabotage and paramilitary actions ... psychological warfare and infiltration is centered on the media."

Friday  12/6/02

topMan Sentenced for 'Burning Bush' Comment  12/6/02 AP: "A man who made a remark about a "burning Bush" during the president's March 2001 trip to Sioux Falls was sentenced Friday to 37 months in prison."

Harris lands key House role  12/6/02 Bradenton Herald, FL: "She's been elected to Congress for just more than a month, but already Katherine Harris has landed a leadership role in the U.S. House. The chamber's third-ranking Republican on Thursday tapped Harris, R-Sarasota, as an assistant majority whip." Rewarding vote fraud!

Satan Cries, "Take Aim" - Going After Hugo Chavez  12/6/02 Counterpunch: "On November 25, 2002, the Washington Times (which seems to have the inside word on the Bush White House) ran a story that attempted to tie the Venezuelan government of Hugo Chavez to the FARC and ELN revolutionary forces in Colombia. In the story, a couple "dissident" military officers claimed that the Venezuelan military has turned a blind eye to FARC encampments inside Venezuelan territory and has even given arms to some FARC units. The so-called "dissidents" are military men who are loyal to groups within Venezuela that engineered a failed coup last April and who appear to be trying to organize another one (with the assistance of the United States). They have a vested interest in destroying the Chavez government. Since they can't do it via democratic means, they hope to do it through military ones. The Washington Times story was important for two reasons-it seemed to be a straightforward piece of propaganda released by some Pentagon or CIA propaganda office, and it is an attempt to tie Venezuela's popularly elected government to groups designated "terrorist" by the US government."

Médicos calorizan masiva marcha del Bloque Popular  12/6/02 El Tiempo, Honduras: "Más de 3. 000 personas atendieron ayer el llamado del Bloque Popular para marchar contra las privatizaciones, protesta que contó por primera vez con la presencia de más de 200 médicos y estudiantes de Medicina que se oponen a la privatización de la salud. La marcha de protesta inició a las 4: 00 de la tarde en el Parque El Obelisco, y participaron además de los médicos, maestros y los sindicatos agremiados al Bloque Popular. También participó un nutrido grupo de sindicalistas provenientes de El Progreso, Yoro; Tocoa, Colón y Atlántida; maestros de diversas zonas del país y muchos pobladores de patronatos de las colonias marginales de la capital."

With runners and whispers, al-Qa'ida outfoxes US forces  12/6/02 Independent, UK: "According to the same officer, American security agents in Karachi were looking for the murderers of US journalist Daniel Pearl but there, as in many other cases, they would find their arrest "targets" had fled because of secret support within middle ranks of the Pakistani army. "We would go with the Pakistanis to a location but there would be no one there because once the middle level of the Pakistani military knew of our plans, they would leak the information. In the North-West Frontier province, the frontier corps is a second-rate army – they are a lot more anti-Western in sentiment than the main Pakistani army. In the end we had to co-ordinate everything through Islamabad."

Médicos se unen a protesta  12/6/02 La Prensa, Honduras: "Los médicos, considerados un sector de elite en la sociedad hondureña, se unieron ayer a los sectores populares por primera vez en la historia durante una jornada en la que protestaron en contra de las privatizaciones. “Empeorarán nuestros males, si privatizan los hospitales’’ era una de las consignas que gritaba un reducido grupo de médicos especialistas, generales y hasta estudiantes de la Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad Autónoma de Honduras, Unah, los cuales se mezclaron con obreros y maestros para manifestarse en la calles."

Venezuela: Two dead, twenty injured following gun attack  12/6/02 Trinicenter, Trinidad: "The gunmen are described as opposition hoodlums who used automatic weapons against defenseless passers-by on Avenida Francisco Miranda. Interior & Justice Minister Diosdado Cabello has come out strongly to repudiate what is now being dubbed the Plaza Altamira Massacre and has ordered an immediate and thorough investigation to establish responsibilities. Government officials are denying opposition claims that the attack was ordered by President Hugo Chavez Frias."

Thursday  12/5/02

topPHOTOGRAPHER ARRESTED FOR TAKING PICTURES OF VICE PRESIDENT'S HOTEL  12/5/02 2600 News: "The agent told Maginnis that his "suspicious activities" made him a threat to national security, and that he would be charged as a terrorist under the USA-PATRIOT act. The Secret Service agent tried to make Maginnis admit that he was taking the photographs to analyze weaknesses in the Vice President's security entourage and "cause terror and mayhem." When Maginnis refused to admit to being any sort of terrorist, the Secret Service agent called him a "raghead collaborator" and a "dirty pinko faggot." OK!

Anti-US anger grows among Arab moderates  12/5/02 CSM: "The killing of an American in Lebanon is just one recent sign of a pattern of anti-US attacks in moderate Arab states."

Berlusconi implicated in deal with godfathers  12/5/02 Guardian, UK: "Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian prime minister, was in personal contact with some of the mafia's most senior bosses, a major mafia turncoat has told investigators in a deposition revealed yesterday. Antonino Giuffre, a powerful boss who began collaborating with magistrates in the summer, said the mafia decided to back Mr Berlusconi's Forza Italia party from its foundation in 1993, in exchange for help in resolving the mafia's judicial problems."

Parents furious as Pentagon slides recruiting officers into classrooms  12/5/02 Guardian, UK 

Powell Says U.S. Will Increase Military Aid for Colombia  12/5/02 NYT: which will have as consequence furhter arming the paramilitaries - "The new aid will put Colombia roughly on a par with Afghanistan and Pakistan as a recipient of American military and antidrug assistance, administration officials said."

Marjie Lundstrom: Anti-war protesters are flowing in from the mainstream  12/5/02 Sacramento Bee: "Unlike the early days of the Vietnam anti-war movement, says Zunes, churches and labor unions have edged into this movement much sooner. Those speaking out against attacking Iraq already include the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, the National Council of Churches, the United Methodist Church and, in this state, the California Federation of Teachers. AFL-CIO President John J. Sweeney has expressed reservations to both houses of Congress. There are many pacifists, says Zunes, but there are also pragmatists this go-round. These are the people who question from a practical, utilitarian standpoint whether war would be good for American interests. They worry about an international backlash against America and the loss of American lives. They wonder what would happen after a war."

Turkey, Saudis fall into line with backing for US invasion  12/5/02 Sydney Morning Herald: "The news came as Saudi Arabia agreed to allow a US-led coalition to use its airspace and the Prince Sultan Air Base in a war against Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, unidentified defence officials said."

President Chavez Frias has accused merchant navy action as act of piracy  12/5/02 Vheadlines, Venezuela: "In a broadcast address this morning President Chavez Frias has accused Merchant Navy Captain Daniel Alfaro of committing an act of piracy by using a government ship to sabotage the distribution of gasoline."

Venezuela: Rebel Merchant Navy Captain evokes Cuban card and HR abuses as reasons for rebellion.  12/5/02 Vheadlines, Venezuela: "Alfaro pulled out the Cuban card and elemental human rights abuses and hammered home his crew’s disagreement with Aquatic Spaces Institute director Rear Admiral Marcial Gonzalez Castellanos’ statement that things in the Merchant Navy were "hunky-dory."

Wednesday  12/4/02

topFBI Awareness of National Security Issues and Response Advisory  12/4/02 AfroCubaWeb: "A loose network of antiwar groups is planning a "week of action against warmongering" to occur December 15 - 21, 2002. Organizers, who have expressed strong opposition to possible U.S. military action against Iraq, are advocating "explicit and direct attack upon the war machine," and have called for attacks on the headquarter facilities and other assets of oil companies and defense contractors, singling out Boeing and Lockheed Martin. Department of Defense (DoD) assets also represent potential targets for attack."

Death squads strikes again in South Bolivar region  12/4/02 ANNCOL: "Units from the Colombian army and allied right-wing death squads have encircled the village of Mico Ahumado en South Bolivar. The inhabitants are fleeing to save their lives from what they fear is a new massacre."

'Dirty' Bomb Suspect Wins In Court  12/4/02 CBS News: "A federal court has authority to decide whether Jose Padilla, a former Chicago gang member accused of plotting with terrorists to detonate a radioactive "dirty" bomb, was properly detained as an enemy combatant, a judge ruled Wednesday. Padilla has been barred from meeting with lawyers since his arrest May 8. U.S. District Judge Michael Mukasey said Wednesday that Padilla may meet with them now."

"Tension on Campus": A Call to Silence  12/4/02 Counterpunch: "This "tension" is described in a number of ways; "making Jewish students feel unsafe on campus"-despite the involvement of a number of Jewish students in the very movements accused of causing this tension, "creating an environment of hate," "causing discomfort among students," "making people afraid to be Jewish on campus," and "poisoning the dialogue." However it is described, it usually returns to a thinly-veiled allegation of anti-Semitism and demands that, in some way, this tension be stopped."

US names Elliott Abrams Mideast envoy  12/4/02 Jerusalem Post: the Coca Contra team is firmly in place with Negroponte, Poindexter, Reich, and their less well known cohorts. See AfroCubaWeb's Abrams page.

Cowboy Justice: The legal lynching of the Carson 10  12/4/02 SF Bay View: "Rocky Boice Jr., a 24-year-old indigenous warrior with Hopi-Paiute-Seminole ancestry, has been convicted of a second degree murder which he did not commit. Carson City, Nev., was named after notorious Indian killer Christopher “Kit” Carson, and in this city cowboy justice prevails. The Carson City Sheriff’s Department upholds its mission every day to serve (the rich) and protect (their property). The news media tried and convicted Rocky before his official trial ever began. The all-white jury, supposedly made up Rocky’s peers, sealed the deal on Sept. 18 when it reached its guilty verdict."

Tuesday  12/3/02

topAmerican al-Qaida operatives can be killed  12/3/02 AP: does this mean they are OK with the Cuban 1996 shootdown of exiled Cubans?

Bulger stand: loyal to brother  12/3/02 Boston Globe: "University of Massachusetts President William M. Bulger testified before a federal grand jury last year that he spoke to his fugitive brother, James ''Whitey'' Bulger, once since the gangster fled to evade federal racketeering charges, but that he felt no obligation to help authorities capture him, according to a transcript of the secret court proceedings obtained by the Globe. William Bulger, a lawyer who was president of the Massachusetts Senate when he talked to his brother in January 1995, said his brother was seeking legal advice. He said he didn't urge him to surrender to authorities ''because I don't think it would be in his interest to do so.''

Catholics admit persecution of Aids victims  12/3/02 Independent, UK: "Caritas Internationalis, an umbrella organisation representing around 150 Catholic relief agencies worldwide, has put itself at odds with senior figures in the Catholic hierarchy by issuing a statement of "regret". Drawn up in advance of World Aids Day, a week today, the statement says church members including bishops and priests silently condoned discrimination against people struggling with the virus. "We acknowledge with deep regret that Caritas members have not always acted promptly or positively to respond to the challenges posed by HIV/Aids," says the statement drawn up on behalf of Caritas by the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (Cafod), based in Britain."

Family tells how Israelis buried deaf father alive  12/3/02 Independent, UK: "Beside the pile of flattened concrete, all that was left of his home, Maher Salem described yesterday how his 68-year-old father was killed when the Israeli army demolished the house on top of him. When he found his father, Mr Salem said, the old man's head was "like a bar of chocolate, it was only two centimetres thick".

Peace protests near White House growing  12/3/02 UPI: "The Pennsylvania Avenue park has long been a home to activists, some of them permanent residents, most of them temporary visitors. But as talk of war with Iraq becomes louder, the number and variety of activist groups in Lafayette Park continues to grow. The scene near the White House is only a small part of a growing peace movement that is showing its face in a very visible, sometimes very loud way, across the nation."

Monday  12/2/02

topCOLOMBIAN REPORTER TELLS ALL - TO U.S. PRESS  12/2/02 American Reporter: "Colombian journalist Ignacio Gomez told a roomful of America's most influential journalists Tuesday how Washington-supported Colombian president Alvaro Uribe is connected to drug traffickers and how U.S. military trainers helped organize a massacre in his country. Among the 1,000 guests at the Committee to Protect Journalists' annual dinner at the Waldorf-Astoria grand ballroom were NBC's Tom Brokaw, CBS's Dan Rather, Time-Warner's Walter Isaacson, Reuters CEO Thomas Glocer and executives and reporters from the nation's major TV networks, newspapers and newsmagazines. Gomez, 40, has twice gone into exile after death threats. The media "stars" applauded him for his courage. But did they put his revelations into print or on air? If you didn't see the stories he recounted in the American press, don't be surprised. As they do every year at the CPJ event, "leading" U.S. journalists lauded the courage of people chancing death for telling the truth, but continue to pull punches in their own news organizations for fear of endangering their multi-million-dollar salaries. Here's more of what Gomez unveiled for colleagues. After he investigated a 1997 massacre in Mapiripan, in which 67 people were decapitated, Gomez reported in 2000 that the Colombian military officer accused of masterminding the crime had been accompanied "at all times" by a dozen U.S. military trainers. He also linked the massacre to paramilitary leader Carlos Castano."

Colombia: Solidarity trip planned on Coca-Cola's crimes  12/2/02 ANNCOL: "Union organizers and members in Colombia have been under particular attack. In the year 2000 alone, 129 unionists were murdered. Sinaltrainal (Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores de la Industria de Alimentos--the National Union of Food Industry Workers), the United Steel Workers and the International Labor Fund have filed a case in U.S. courts accusing Coca Cola of using paramilitaries to intimidate and assassinate union organizers. The lawsuit focuses on the murder of Isidro Segundo Gil and the intimidation of five of his co-workers from a bottling plant in Carepa. This case is not an isolated incident. It is representative of the struggle that union organizers must wage every day in Colombia. Sinaltrainal leaders say Coca Cola uses paramilitary violence as a systematic strategy to intimidate workers and keep enlarging already excessive profits."

New Book Reveals Disturbing Evidence Of Abu-Jamal Injustice  12/2/02 Black World Today: "Twenty-two years ago Mauer-Carter says she heard a Philadelphia judge say he was going to help prosecutors "fry the nigger" on the eve of an important 1982 murder trial… Lindorff's book - for the first time - identifies the person who was with Terri Mauer-Carter in 1982 when Sabo allegedly made that biased remark. This person was Mauer-Carter's boss, Richard Klein, a Philadelphia Common Pleas Court judge at the time who now sits on PA's Superior Court. When Lindorff confronted Klein in September 2001 about Mauer-Carter's claim, the respected jurist refused to either confirm or deny his former employees assertion about Sabo. Judge Klein said, "I won't say it did happen, and I won't say it didn't. That was a long time ago," Lindorff writes in his book. Klein's refusal to firmly reject Mauer-Carter's claim, plus other cryptic comments by Klein, leads Lindorff and others to conclude Sabo made this statement." Mistrial.

Muslims in Kenya fault US, Israel  12/2/02 Boston Globe: "While publicly condemning Thursday's bombing of an Israeli-owned hotel, leaders in Mombasa's Muslim community also condemn the United States and Israel, which they say created the conditions for the attacks. A strain of Islamic extremism has taken root in this East African city with strong historic links to Oman and Yemen, a suspected Al Qaeda haven. The growing extremism was evident shortly after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center, when many Muslims cheered in the city's narrow streets."

“Rich Man’s Strike” Fails in Venezuela - Anti-Strike Multitudes Flood Open Market to Defend Democracy  12/2/02 NarcoNews: "Today’s attempted “strike” in Venezuela – the fourth this year attempted by pro-coup elements of the oligarchy, the country’s former rulers, foreign interests, and that nation’s corrupt and dishonest Commercial Media – is, by all accounts, an abject failure, limited to wealthy neighborhoods while the great majority of Venezuelans work and shop today in open defiance of the strike call."

Head of suspect site warned of 'surprise' visit, UN admits  12/2/02 Sydney Morning Herald: "However, a UN spokesman, Hiro Ueki, admitted on Saturday night that the head of a suspected weapons site had been given warning of the visit by the UN experts earlier in the day. "He was informed ... that the team was coming to remove an air sampler and install a new one," Mr Ueki said. "That is all [there is] to it," he added, in an apparent attempt to counter emerging doubts about whether UN inspections of suspected weapons sites are really on a no-notice basis."

PM's invasion threat angers Asia  12/2/02 Sydney Morning Herald: "Indonesian legislator Alvin Lie said Mr Howard's statement was "very dangerous". "Howard should learn to control himself," he said. "Indonesia and Australia are both victims. I strongly support increased co-operation among neighbouring countries to fight terrorism, but not attacks." A spokesman for a left-wing Philippines group, Bayan, said his members would now protest against Australia, instead of the United States, and described Mr Howard as a "bully". "That's a very arrogant statement," Renato Reyes said. "It's no different from those coming from the United States."

Fiji coup plotters armed by Israeli ambassador, court told  12/2/02 Ummah News: "Rebel soldiers carried out the 2000 Fiji coup with weapons supplied by the Israeli ambassador, a treason trial was told here Monday, December 2. Army Captain Jotame Misivono told the High Court here that the weapons, which included Uzi sub-machine guns, gave the plotters an edge over the regular army and police." As in Venezuela?

Antiwar Effort Gains Momentum - Growing Peace Movement's Ranks Include Some Unlikely Allies  12/2/02 Washington Post: "Most members of Mothers Against War are grandmothers in their seventies whose lives are already full. Yet they spend hours a day on the Internet, reading and spreading information on Iraq and the United States and planning for marches, e-mail campaigns and teach-ins. Having lived through the Vietnam antiwar movement, which took years to build, the Mothers Against War are buoyed to find themselves part of a fast-growing movement of people from every walk of life, from every political stripe."

World News

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