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10/21/02 - 10/27/02  

Sunday  10/27/02

Ferocious persecution of Colombian oil workers  10/27/02 ANNCOL: "As a consequence of our nationalist position in defence of oil as the driving force behind national development, the Colombian State has unleashed a ferocious persecution of the Oil Workers Union (USO). It was our struggle that gave birth to the state oil company. ECOPETROL. Today we are still fighting to prevent the privatisation of this company, which belongs to all Colombians. This persecution grew worse with the arrival of the neoliberal government of Alvaro Uribe, slave to the multinationals, which, piece by piece, is dismatling the political, labour and fundamental rights that were achieved through the dignity and sacrifice of workers during their history of struggle. In the last 14 years, around a hundred valient USO leaders and activists have been assassinated by State security forces and paramilitary groups; two have been detained and disappeared; ten have been kidnapped; more than two hundred have suffered the rigours of displacement from their places of work so as not to meet the same fate as those before them; and several live in exile abroad."

BBC reports bin Laden warned Australians were al-Qaida targets  10/27/02 BBC: "In a videotape purportedly showing al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden, the British Broadcasting Corp. said Saturday that bin Laden singles out Australia as an enemy of Islam, because Australia helped East Timor gain independence from Indonesia… Australia led an international peacekeeping force into East Timor in 1999 after an overwhelming vote for independence from Indonesia, which is the world's biggest Muslim nation." Monotheists of every stripe do not like people escaping from their orbit.

Brasil le dice sí a Lula  10/27/02 BBC: "El Tribunal Superior Electoral de Brasil proclamó al ex sindicalista Luis Inazio Lula da Silva, de 57 años, como el presidente electo de ese país para el periodo 2003-2007, tras la segunda ronda de las elecciones de este domingo."

The Secret War  10/27/02 LA Times: "Known as the Intelligence Support Activity, or ISA, when it was established in 1981, this unit fought in drug wars and counter-terror operations from the Middle East to South America. It built a reputation for daring, flexibility and a degree of lawlessness. In May 1982, Deputy Secretary of Defense Frank Carlucci called the ISA "uncoordinated and uncontrolled." Though its freelance tendencies were curbed, the ISA continued to operate under different guises through the ill-starred U.S. involvement in Somalia in 1992 and was reportedly active in the hunt for Bosnian Serbs suspected of war crimes. Today, the ISA operates under the code name Gray Fox. In addition to covert operations, it provides the war on terrorism with the kind of so-called "close-in" signals monitoring -- including the interception of cell phone conversations -- that helped bring down Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar."

Bush adds Sun-Sentinel, News Chief endorsements for governor  10/27/02 Miami Herald: "Bush landed the backing of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel and The News Chief of Winter Haven just a day after picking up endorsements from three other newspapers. Democratic challenger Bill McBride picked up one endorsement Saturday. As of Sunday, Bush had seven endorsements to McBride's six… Bush received the endorsements Saturday of The Tampa Tribune, The Miami Herald and the Orlando Sentinel. McBride received the support Saturday of The Palm Beach Post."

Exit Polls Show Lula Coasting to Victory in Brazil  10/27/02 Reuters: "Former union leader and veteran leftist Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was heading for a sweeping victory in Brazil's presidential runoff on Sunday, according to two exit polls. The polls by the Ibope and Datafolha institutes gave Lula, as the former metal worker is known, 63 percent of the vote against 37 percent for Jose Serra, the candidate of President Fernando Henrique Cardoso's centrist coalition."

Taliban gone, opium returns  10/27/02 Sydney Morning Herald: "An attempt to curb heroin production in Afghanistan has been overwhelmed by the country's largest-ever opium poppy harvest, according to a UN crop survey published yesterday. It said 3,400 metric tonnes of opium would be produced in Afghanistan this year - higher than the 2,700 tonnes estimated earlier this year, and considerably higher than the 2,000-tonne harvest before the Taliban banned production. The survey shows Afghanistan is set to resume its place as the source of 75per cent of the world's heroin. Opium production under the Taliban fell to only 185 tonnes during 2001. In January the interim Afghan Government announced a ban on opium poppy cultivation, trafficking and abuse." Making the world safe for heroin.

Saturday  10/26/02

topFrance stiffens resistance to tough US draft resolution on Iraq  10/26/02 AFP 

Black Voices for Peace  10/26/02 Antiracism Net 

Farrakhan: Sniper Suspect Was Member  10/26/02 AP: "Farrakhan said Muhammad joined the Nation of Islam in 1997 but that he had not been in contact with the group since 1999, when he was involved in a domestic dispute with his wife, also a member of the group. "Those who knew him never said ugly things about his conduct or his behavior," Farrakhan said." -- This fits the Gulf War Syndrome pattern of someone suddenly snapping and giving vent to homicidal urges.

U.S. Invasion of Grenada - Urgent Fury - United States and the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States vs. Grenada and Cuba  10/26/02 FortuneCity 

Black Voices for Peace  10/26/02 Pacifica: radio file


How the CIA traced al Qaeda's regional role  10/26/02 The Age, Australia: "For three months Omar al-Faruq refused to talk. But CIA interrogators at a US-held military base in the Afghan desert used sleep deprivation, isolation and other undisclosed techniques banned in the US to break the 37-year-old Muslim cleric they believed to be a key al Qaeda representative in South-East Asia."

Nerve gas killed Russian hostages  10/26/02 UPI: "Footage aired on independent television in Georgia shows doctors reputedly with hospitals in Moscow saying the several dozen hostages who died in Saturday's dramatic rescue were poisoned by the gas Russian forces used to wrest control of the Chechen-held theater… A Chechen-born film director who recently filmed a documentary about Pankisi Gorge told UPI: "We are sorry for the innocent lives that have been lost (in the Moscow hostage crisis). We know what it's like because our own (Chechen) people have died for the past decade day after day."

Thousands protest Iraq war in DC  10/26/02 UPI: "A crowd estimated at more than 100,000 gathered in the nation's capital Saturday to rally and march in protest of a potential war with Iraq. In the shadow of the Washington Monument and steps away from the Vietnam War Memorial, the group demanded a halt to preparations for a possible war against Iraq… Organizers said the total surpassed 200,000, but police would not confirm any numbers."

U.S. Allies Won't Isolate N. Korea - Japan, S. Korea Leaders to Tell Bush  10/26/02 Washington Post 

Justice argues Bush has final say in Hamdi case  10/26/02 Washington Times: "President Bush has authority as commander in chief to order the indefinite imprisonment of American-born terror suspects without second-guessing by federal judges, the Justice Department told a federal appeals court yesterday. Justice Department lawyers set the stage for a landmark courtroom battle in Virginia on Monday, telling the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond that a federal judge in Norfolk did not have the authority to conduct an inquiry into the president's decision to imprison Yaser Esam Hamdi as an "enemy combatant" without charges, a lawyer or a trial."

Friday  10/25/02

topA MAN NAMED MUHAMMAD - Imposing an agenda on the Maryland sniper  10/25/02 "Clearly, they have been looking for ways to strike back at us since the failure of their follow on attacks after September 11. This may be it. Remember that we are at war."

Australians Vote Green: History-Making No to US War Plans  10/25/02 Counterpunch: "Did the US Embassy or anyone from the Bush administration contact the government before their representatives went to Wollongong to question candidates in the Cunningham by-election about issues such as the impending war in Iraq? Did the government respond? Is this not a breach of that Vienna convention? Does the government recollect any similar incursions into Australian domestic affairs in the past?" Well, yes, actually. It reminds us of the Nugan Hand Bank and the formidable groups involved - CIA, Army Intelligence, Navy Task Force 157, George Bush

Quiet redeployment of American forces in the Gulf suggests attack will be delayed  10/25/02 Independent, UK: "The headquarters of the US 5th Fleet continues to host a battle group in Bahrain led by an aircraft carrier. But, diplomatic sources said, there are no plans, as had been expected, for the USS Abraham Lincoln to be joined by another carrier. The USS George Washington, which was in the Gulf before Lincoln, is believed to be on its way home. The Amphibious Ready group of the US Marines, has also left the area recently. The force, which will play a key role in any assault on Iraq, is undertaking an exercise in Djibouti, in the horn of Africa. At the same time, the upsurge of recent activity by al-Qa'ida and their sympathisers has led to an upgrading of security for American and British service personnel arms and equipment. There are fears about possible suicide attacks on shipping in the Gulf."

Veteran of the Gulf War who trained for notoriety with the chilling motto: One shot, one kill  10/25/02 Independent, UK: "The man suspected of being the sniper who has killed 10 people in the Washington area, was trained by the best. Not only did John Allen Muhammad serve in the US military in the 1980s and 1990s, including a stint on active duty during the Gulf war; he was also, for many years, attached to a West Coast army base famous for its sniper training programme. The programme's motto: "One shot, one kill." A Defence Department official who spoke to reporters yesterday said Mr Muhammad was an expert marksman who earned several badges and ribbons during his years in the army and was known to be particularly proficient with an M-16 assault rifle."

Marines Ordered into Colombia - February 2003 is Target Date  10/25/02 NarcoNews: "Two battalions of US Marine Jungle Expeditionary Forces have recently received deployment orders for insertion into Colombia this coming February, 2003. According to reliable sources, the battalions, which with support will total roughly 1,100 men, will rotate in and out of southern Colombia, with orders to eliminate all high officers of the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia), scattering those who escape to the remote corners of the Amazon. The FARC hierarchy has been the subject of intensive US intelligence scrutiny for several years. The offensive will mean that the US is fighting wars on three fronts simultaneously: Afghanistan, Iraq and Colombia. While this reporter did not see a battle plan, according to our sources the offensive will be led by the Colombian military, which will push the FARC south toward the waiting Marines. A similar but much smaller operation involving former US-SEALS was called off at the last minute two years ago. The Bush Administration is supposedly prepared to take the heat for as many innocent Indigenous peoples and Colombian campesinos — a number that could reach the thousands — as might be killed in the offensive."

John Allen Muhammad is African American Muslims' Worst Nightmare  10/25/02 Pacific News 

Qatar Coup Plot May Thwart U.S. War Plans  10/25/02 Stratfor: "A foiled coup plot in Qatar raises questions about the ability of the government in Doha to survive, and with that, about U.S. access to the massive al-Udeid air base. If Qatar is forced to rethink and limit its cooperation with the U.S. military, it could remove a key component of Washington's war plan for Iraq."

America's message to UN: You're with us or against us  10/25/02 Sydney Morning Herald: ""You're either with us or against us," was the message that Washington was sending to the other permanent members, a US official said."

Fox says he might oppose U.S. resolution on Iraq  10/25/02 The News, Mexico: "President Vicente Fox said he may oppose the U.S.-sponsored United Nations resolution seeking unrestricted arms inspections in Iraq. Fox said he shares the concerns of Russia and France over language in the text they say would allow the U.S. to automatically attack Iraq if it believes Saddam Hussein's government is hindering inspections. The U.S., seeking to build support, has expanded talks to include the UN Security Council's 10 elected members such as Mexico."

Sniper suspect served near chemicals tied to Gulf War malady  10/25/02 The Plain Dealer, Cleveland: "The Washington sniper suspect, John Allen Muhammad, may have been exposed to chemical weapons that have been linked to Gulf War Syndrome, an illness which experts said can result in unexplained bouts of intense violence. Muhammad, arrested early yesterday as a prime suspect in the Washington area shootings, served with the Army's 84th Engineer Company during the Persian Gulf War, military officers said. That unit, attached to the 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment, helped inspect, catalog and destroy extensive stockpiles of Iraqi chemical weapons at a depot near Khamisiyah, Iraq, in March 1991 after the cease-fire March 3, Pentagon records show. According to Defense Department and CIA documents, the 84th Engineers handled the Iraqi chemical weapons stored in bunkers at the Tall al Lahm Storage Depot South and Tall al Lahm Ammo Storage Facility near Khamisiyah. The 84th Engineers also helped demolish Iraqi rockets filled with the deadly nerve agent Sarin during March 10-13, 1991, Pentagon documents show. The process of blowing up the rockets may have vaporized dangerous amounts of the nerve agent, Pentagon investigators later concluded. According to a final Pentagon report on the issue, "U.S. troops may have been exposed to chemical agents that are a suspected cause of Gulf War Syndrome." Gulf War Syndrome is the name now applied to a variety of complaints that can range from mild headaches and dizziness to illnesses such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or Lou Gehrig's Disease. Out of the roughly 540,000 American troops who served in Desert Storm, some 175,000 are thought to have some form of the neurological and neuro-immune illnesses that have been documented so far. "Once it came out that he had a military background, I said this must be a Gulf War veteran," said Dr. William E. Baumzweiger, a Los Angeles neurologist and psychiatrist who specializes in treating Gulf War Syndrome patients. "There is no doubt that a small but significant number of Gulf War veterans become homicidal" because of Gulf War Syndrome, said Baumzweiger, a leading expert on the syndrome." OK.

Thursday  10/24/02

topChristian Coalition Boosts Israel  10/24/02 Counterpunch 

America Risks Being Dragged into Chechen Terror Crisis  10/24/02 Debka, Israel: "After Putin threatened to send Russian troops to Georgia to root out the Chechens, the Tbilisi government finally went into action. In the past two weeks, Georgian special forces have been flushing Chechens out in operations in which US Green Beret special forces have also taken part. They have netted several dozen Chechen captives, most taken in the Pankisi Gorge. Among the captives was a group whom the Georgians call “Arabs”, a local euphemism for Saudi, Yemeni or Egyptian al Qaeda operatives attached to the Chechen rebellion. This group was handed over to the American contingent and has since been flown out of Georgia to US detention facilities, including Camp X-Ray in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba."

Moscow reaps the Chechen whirlwind  10/24/02 Guardian, UK 

Chechen site registered in Orlando, FL, down during hostage negotiations in Moscow  10/24/02 Kavkaz:, a Chechen site registered to an Orlando, FL, man according to Verisign, is down. This coincides with the Chechen take-over of 1,000 people in a theatre in Moscow. The Times of India is reporting that demands in the theatre takeover have been made through this site.

US Labs Designing Nucelar Weapons For Terror War  10/24/02 Khilafah 

LULA: A BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH  10/24/02 Radio Progresso: "Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva is a Pernambucan from Garahuns, where he was born, according to his baptismal certificate, on Oct. 27, 1945 . In the opinion of his older siblings, that was the date of his baptism; his birth date was Oct. 6. The fact is that this month he will enjoy a double present: He will be elected to the presidency of Brazil on the 6th and will assume his post on the 27th."

VENEZUELA : RADICALIZATION IMPOSED  10/24/02 Radio Progresso: "Recently, President Chavez announced that every locked-out factory could be taken by the workers, reopened and managed jointly by its occupants, as has happened in Argentina and other neighboring countries. Discussing the possibility, Venezuelan Ambassador to Cuba Julio Montes told me that the measure (joint management) is contained in a presidential decree that’s already approved. Its execution only depends on the attitude of entrepreneurs in the announced strikes. If the decree is enforced, a new phase in the Venezuelan process would surely shock the system's essence. At the same time, it would suddenly confer power to the working communities and therefore the government. All this may happen well beyond the will of its leaders. This scenario would place Venezuela on the road to social change common to these processes: radicalization of measures through what some call a typical situation of action and reaction. Others simply identify this development as the theory of the screw, or, in other words, whoever turns the screw the tightest is most likely the winner."

Senior Military Officers Call for Uprising Against Chavez  10/24/02 Stratfor: "A group of 14 senior Venezuelan officers of the National Armed Forces (FAN) declared themselves in open disobedience against President Hugo Chavez at about 1730 ET Oct. 22 in Caracas. In a statement broadcast nationally by private television stations and the Union Radio network, army division Gen. Enrique Medina Gomez, the spokesman and apparent leader of the dissident officers, demanded the immediate resignation of Chavez and new general elections."

Phone triggered US consulate bomb, say police  10/24/02 Sydney Morning Herald: "In Renon, the blast was caused by 500 grams of TNT activated by the vibration of a handphone," said a national police spokesman, Brigadier General Edward Aritonang.

New faces of Andean politics  10/24/02 The Economist: "Neither Lucio Gutierrez, a leftist colonel, nor Alvaro Noboa, a banana magnate, looks likely to bring stability to Ecuador, but both embody new regional trends"

Rebels ask for ransom, end to Chechnya war  10/24/02 Times of India: "Over 40 heavily armed Chechen rebels, who have taken about 1000 people hostage inside a Soviet theatre, have sought a "large sum" in addition to the demand for the complete pullout of Russian troops from Chechnya."

Wednesday  10/23/02

topBin Laden's secrets are revealed by Al Jazeera journalist  10/23/02 Independent, UK: by Robert Fisk - "Mr Zeidan's investigations reveal there were 2,742 Afghan "Arabs" from al-Qa'ida – in other words, Muslims who had fought for Mr bin Laden – in Afghanistan during the Taliban era: they included 62 Britons, 30 Americans, eight Frenchmen, 1,660 north Africans, 680 Saudis, 480 Yemenis, 430 Palestinians, 270 Egyptians, 520 Sudanese, 80 Iraqis, 33 Turks and 180 Filipinos."

Russia and France block US draft resolution on Iraq  10/23/02 Independent, UK 

DC, San Francisco Marches on Saturday, 10/26  10/23/02 International Answer: site gives information on planned marches

African man badly hurt in Berlin neo-Nazi assault  10/23/02 IRNA, Iran 

Indonesia's final days?  10/23/02 Jane's, UK: "However, JID's sources within the Western intelligence community caution that these conclusions may be premature. One key factor is the choice of target, which would seem to represent a radical departure for Al-Qaeda. As one expert who has been tracking Al-Qaeda and its allies for years observed: "This attack just doesn't appear to fit the established pattern. Al-Qaeda's record of terrorism points to high-profile assaults on highly symbolic targets: US embassies, the World Trade Center, military personnel. Aiming at foreign tourists in a predominantly Hindu enclave like Bali points to local militants with a different agenda."

McAuliffe Describes Jeb Bush as the Democrats' Top Target  10/23/02 NYT: "Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic national chairman, said today that his No. 1 goal in the Nov. 5 elections was to defeat Gov. Jeb Bush in Florida and that his No. 1 worry was whether Senator Jean Carnahan, Democrat of Missouri, could hold her seat. "Jeb is gone!" Mr. McAuliffe declared brazenly, brushing aside the determination of the White House to protect the president's brother. "There won't be anything as devastating to President Bush as his brother's losing in Florida."

Amiri Baraka coming to Oakland  10/23/02 San Francisco Bay View: "Baraka will be in Oakland this weekend for three events: on Saturday, a writer’s workshop at 3:00 and a jazz and poetry explosion at 7:00, and on Sunday, a discussion of Black Reparations at 2:00."

BALI? BLAME 40 YEARS OF US STATE TERRORISM  10/23/02 The Mirror, UK: "State terrorism, backed by America, Britain and Australia, has scarred Indonesia for the past 40 years. For example, the source of the worst violence is the Indonesian army, which the West has supported and armed. Today, troops continue to terrorise the provinces of Aceh and West Papua, where they are "protecting" the American Exxon oil company's holdings and the Freeport mine. In West Papua, the army openly supports an Islamic group, Lashkar Jihad, which is linked to al-Qaeda. THIS is the same army which the Australian government trained for decades and publicly defended when its terrorism became too blatant."

Line Up Your Sources for the War in Iraq  10/23/02 The Street: " my estimates, the S&P 500 is about 15% lower and the price of a barrel of oil is $5 higher than they would be if war with Iraq was not on the horizon. Uncertainty about this war affects the prices of gold, treasury bonds, international markets and insurance rates on shipping."

Tuesday  10/22/02

topClosing In: Bloodhounds Lead Investigators to Ex-Government Scientist in Anthrax Case  10/22/02 ABC News: Hatfill is a friend of South African nazi leader Ter'Blanche, imprisoned for murdering a black man, and was also a protégé of the guru of Rhodesian biowar, which was unleashed against thousands of Shona farmers.

Nightclub terror plans revealed  10/22/02 CNN: "Jabarah told his FBI interrogators that Hambali was planning to "conduct small bombings in bars, cafes or nightclubs frequented by westerners in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and Indonesia."

Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002; Reporting - AGENCY: Federal Election Commission - ACTION: Notice of proposed rulemaking.  10/22/02 Cryptome 

Commander charged with torturing Palestinian boy  10/22/02 Guardian, UK: "An Israeli army commander has been relieved of his post after being charged with torturing a young Palestinian boy in Bethlehem while interrogating him as to the whereabouts of his father. Lieutenant Colonel Geva Saguy is awaiting a court martial on several charges, including ordering the boy to strip naked, holding a burning paper under his testicles, threatening to ram a bottle into his anus and threatening to shoot him. The boy's name and age have not been revealed."

Threat of unreality TV  10/22/02 Guardian, UK: "In the media, places like Bali only feature as tourist playgrounds. That endangers us all… For the past nine months, priests and tribal leaders in West Papua, the easternmost province of Indonesia, have been trying to warn the world that an Islamic fundamentalist movement is using their land as a training ground. Laskar Jihad is commanded by a man trained by al-Qaida in Afghanistan. Some of its members have already been involved in terrorism in the islands of Ambon and Sulawesi. Since January they have established seven bases in West Papua. With the help of the Indonesian police and army, they have been stockpiling arms, recruiting Javanese immigrants and training them for combat."

At least 14 killed as bus hit by car bomb near Hadera  10/22/02 Haaretz: "Monday's car bombing was carried out despite increased security measures instituted by the Egged bus company. Ron Ratner, a spokesman for Egged, said security officers in cars are now trailing buses, looking out for potential car bombs. "From the first reports reaching me, there was such a (security) vehicle dozens of meters from the car bomb," he said."

Masked settlers torch cars of olive-pickers  10/22/02 Haaretz: "Masked settlers yesterday set alight seven cars belonging to residents of the Palestinian village of Turmous-Aya, on the Ramallah-Nablus road. The incident was part of the settlers' ongoing attempts to prevent the villagers from harvesting olives in the groves between the village and the settlement of Adi'ad."

Lula Da Silva Conquers the Soul and Joy of Brazilian Artists  10/22/02 Prensa Latina: "Rio de Janeiro's "Canecão," the most famous Brazilian show house, was transformed Tuesday by a massive representation of the most noteworthy artistic creators of Brazil, who came together to support Lula da Silva's cultural program titled "Imagination at the Service of Brazil."

Sleuth Without a Badge  10/22/02 Time Magazine: "Lake has assembled what may be the most comprehensive website on the anthrax case outside the FBI,"

West too quick to finger Al Qaeda for Bali terror  10/22/02 Toronto Star: "All we know now is that we don't know who was behind this," says Paul Evans, an expert on Asia at the University of British Columbia. "We're just guessing as to the actual perpetrators of this violence ... "No one who knows anything about the region thinks that Al Qaeda was directly involved."

'Boondocks' comic echoes African-American thoughts  10/22/02 USA Today: by DeWayne Wickham

Monday  10/21/02

topMarch For Peace On Saturday  10/21/02 Alternet: "This Saturday, Oct. 26, tens of thousands of students, peaceniks, priests, union members, war veterans and working moms and dads will gather in Washington D.C. and San Francisco to protest the war on Iraq. It will be the latest and biggest in a series of protests that have been spontaneously emerging across the nation over the past few weeks."

War fever weakens ailing economy  10/21/02 Baltimore Sun: "Oil prices have been flirting dangerously around the $30-a-barrel mark, a price that has been associated with the last four recessions. Each time a Bush administration official makes it sound as if an attack is imminent, the price spikes. When Vice President Dick Cheney delivered his first major speech on the subject in late August, for example, oil prices jumped 65 cents. The chief U.S. economist for Deutsche Bank, Peter Hooper, estimates that each dollar added to the price of oil costs consumers about $12 billion a year."

In Defense Of Black Reparations  10/21/02 Black World Today: by Manning Marable - "Inspired by Randall Robinson's 2000 book, The Debt, that became a pro-reparations manifesto, a stellar group of trial lawyers, led by Johnnie Cochran, and Harvard University law professor Charles Ogletree, began to meet regularly to map legal strategy. Other attorneys with extensive experience in winning litigation around victim compensation claims became involved, including Richard Scruggs, who won a $368.5 billion settlement from the tobacco industry, and Alexander Pires, who won more than $1 billion to compensate black farmers for the decades of racially discriminatory policies by the U.S. Department of Agriculture."

Is There a Hip-Hop Vote?  10/21/02 Pacific News: "When legendary hip-hop icon LL Cool J recently endorsed New York Republican Governor George Pataki over the Democratic Party nominee, who is Black, it surprised many in New York state politics and the civil rights community."

Abortado intento de asesinato de Chávez  10/21/02 Rebelion: "Durante la transmisión de su programa Aló Presidente, el presidente Chávez denunció el aborto de un magnicidio contra él a su llegada de una gira por Europa. Según Chávez, el día Viernes en la noche, al hacer una escala en Canadá para reabastecer combustible, recibió una llamada telefónica del ministro del Interior y Justicia Diosdado Cabello, alertándolo de no aterrizar en el aeropuerto internacional Simón Bolívar de Maiquetía, ya que existía un plan para asesinarlo. "Eran como las 8 de la noche del 18 de octubre de 2002. Resulta que a un cuerpo de Inteligencia llegó la información, menos mal que a tiempo, acerca de un presunto movimiento de armas, que se llevaba a cabo por parte de sujetos desconocidos en el Paseo "La Zorra", en la Parroquia de Catia La Mar del Estado Vargas. Se comisionó un grupo de funcionario civiles y militares para ir a investigar". "Allá llegó el equipo. Como a las 20 horas, es decir a las 8 de la noche, estaban acercándose al lugar y fueron repelidos por una granada fragmentaria, les lanzaron una granada y disparos de armas de fuego. Un grupo entonces de choque estaba allí, con capacidad de respuesta armada." Dice el informe: "reciben fuego de armas, les lanzan una granada, afortunadamente son gente bien entrenada y pudieron guarecerse del ataque. Observaron a varias personas que se desplazaban rápidamente por la playa, entre los quiscos ubicados en la arena de la misma y el rompeolas, por lo que la comisión procedió a realizar varios disparos con el fin de evitar el escape de las personas involucradas en tal hecho. Sin embargo, montaron un vehículo cercano y escaparon."

Protest against war on Iraq disrupts U.N. session  10/21/02 Reuters: "Demonstrators protesting a possible military strike on Iraq briefly disrupted a session of the U.N. General Assembly on Monday but were quickly escorted out of the hall by security guards, a U.N. spokesman said. The group of 13 demonstrators entered the public gallery of the cavernous General Assembly hall as part of a public tour and began shouting, spokesman Richard Sydenham told Reuters."

FBI can't confirm agent dead in Yemen  10/21/02 UPI: "Monday's editions of Lebanon's Al Mustaqbal newspaper reported that Yemeni authorities had discovered the body of an American, believed to be an FBI agent working at the U.S. Embassy, who died in mysterious circumstances. Al Mustaqbal quoted U.S. Embassy sources in Sanaa as saying the American was found two days ago in a car on the Sanaa-Hadida road west of the capital. Other sources told the newspaper that the victim was believed to be from the FBI and to have diplomatic status. FBI agents sent to work abroad are frequently designated as legal attaches at U.S. embassies. The U.S. Embassy in Sanaa imposed a blackout on the incident, which occurred shortly after U.S. Central Forces Commander Gen. Tommy Franks visited Yemen last week for talks on fighting terrorism."

World News

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