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9/16/02 - 9/22/02  

Sunday  9/22/02

Colombia creates security zones  9/22/02 BBC: "It will allow the armed forces to impose curfews, restrict civilian movement, arrest suspects without a warrant and search vehicles and houses without any kind of legal limitation. All foreigners wanting to travel to the zones in the north-east and north-west of the country will have to seek permission from the Interior Ministry."

Have local hawks flown south?  9/22/02 Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram: "We've printed several packages of letters recently on the possibility of war with Iraq. After the second one, I asked the man in charge of letters -- Jim Peipert -- if there truly were no letters in support of attacking Iraq. Not one. At least not then."

Hospital removes MD who tried to place Muslim students  9/22/02 Miami Herald: Hysterical waitress ruins the life of 3 interns and now a doctor.

Manifesto for world dictatorship  9/22/02 Sydney Morning Herald: "Now we know. The Americans have spelt it out in black and white. There will be a world government, but not one even pretending to be comprised of representatives of its nation states through the United Nations. The United States will rule, and not according to painstakingly developed international law and norms, but by what is in its interests. In declaring itself dictator of the world, The United States will have no accountability to non-United States citizens. It will bomb who it likes when it likes, and change regimes when and as it sees fit, it will not be subject to investigations for war crimes, for torture, or for breaches of fundamental human rights."

Saturday  9/21/02

topFlorida Muslim arrests were mistake  9/21/02 BBC: "Police originally said the three medical students, who are US citizens of Arab descent, had been overheard in a diner plotting an attack, before driving off at high speed through toll booths without paying. Now the authorities have admitted their conversation was not about terrorism and that CCTV footage has shown they did in fact stop and pay the toll."

On Campuses, Critics of Israel Fend Off a Label  9/21/02 Boston Globe: "When Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor Nancy Kanwisher helped launch a spring petition calling on Harvard and MIT to cut their financial ties to Israel, she saw it as a political protest against Israel's alleged violation of Palestinians' human rights. But in the months since she helped gather signatures on the two campuses, her effort has become the target of a much larger counterpetition - and, this week, a high-profile denunciation by Harvard president Lawrence H. Summers, who declared her group's actions ''anti-Semitic in effect, if not intent.'' After his stinging speech, divestment was once again in the spotlight, as students and faculty debated yesterday whether it is possible to protest Israel without evoking the grim legacy of anti-Semitism."

Friday  9/20/02

topUS threat to stop Iraq inspections  9/20/02 BBC: "The BBC State Department correspondent Jon Leyne says the US is in effect giving an ultimatum to the Security Council."

Senior Schroeder aide defends German justice minister against alleged Bush-Hitler comparison  9/20/02 Boston Herald: "The regional newspaper the Schwaebisches Tagblatt reported Thursday that Daeubler-Gmelin, while speaking about U.S. threats toward Iraq, told a small group of labor members: ``Bush wants to distract attention from his domestic problems. That's a popular method. Even Hitler did that.'' The newspaper said it had cleared the quote with Daeubler-Gmelin, which is common practice in German journalism. She, however, denied that."

War effect: Price of oil to skyrocket - $40 per barrel level likely as Iraq operation proceeds  9/20/02 Stratfor 

Thursday  9/19/02

topPalestinian boy shot as Israel razes bombers' homes  9/19/02 Reuters: "A Palestinian boy was shot dead while stoning an Israeli tank, and army bulldozers razed the family homes of two suicide bombers on Thursday, a day after the first Palestinian suicide bombing in Israel in six weeks. Palestinian doctors and witnesses said Israeli troops shot the 10-year-old boy who was throwing stones at their tank in the West Bank town of al-Bireh. The army did not immediately comment."

Monday  9/16/02

topSaudi Hints at Cooperation With U.S.  9/16/02 ABC: "Saudi Arabia has turned up the pressure on Baghdad, hinting that it might offer its desert installations as a jump-off base for any U.S. military campaign against Iraq as long as such an attack had U.N. sanction." Which dubya is not close to getting.

ARGENTINE MILITARY BELIEVED U.S. GAVE GO-AHEAD FOR DIRTY WAR  9/16/02 National Security Archives: "State Department documents released yesterday [8/21/02] on Argentina's dirty war (1976-83) show that the Argentine military believed it had U.S. approval for its all-out assault on the left in the name of fighting terrorism. The U.S. Embassy in Buenos Aires complained to Washington that the Argentine officers were "euphoric" over signals from high-ranking U.S. officials including then-Secretary of State Henry Kissinger." Henry, the war criminal.

World News

"There is one safeguard known generally to the wise, which is an advantage and security to all, but especially to Democracies as against despots: suspicion." -- Demosthenes


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Iraq news: Soaring death rates among Iraqi children, 1999 BBC, UNICEF 500,000 child deaths

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