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    World News
9/9/02 - 9/15/02  

Sunday  9/15/02

N.Y. men linked to Al Qaeda  9/15/02 Boston Globe: "Top US law-enforcement officials said yesterday their arrest of five American citizens of Yemeni descent in suburban Buffalo has disrupted an Al Qaeda-trained terrorist cell. The men were said to have attended a training camp in Afghanistan in the spring and summer of 2001 that was visited by Osama bin Laden."

Fortunes of war await Bush's circle after attacks on Iraq  9/15/02 Independent, UK: "When the United Nations relaxed its sanctions regime in 1998 and permitted Iraq to buy spare parts for its oil fields, it was Halliburton, under Mr Cheney's leadership, that cleaned up on the contract to repair war damage and get Saddam Hussein's oil pipes flowing at full capacity again. Two Halliburton subsidiaries did business worth almost $24m (£15m) with the man whom these days Mr Cheney calls a "murderous dictator" and "the world's worst leader".

Bush planned Iraq 'regime change' before becoming President  9/15/02 Sunday Herald, UK: "The report describes American armed forces abroad as 'the cavalry on the new American frontier'. The PNAC blueprint supports an earlier document written by Wolfowitz and Libby that said the US must 'discourage advanced industrial nations from challenging our leadership or even aspiring to a larger regional or global role'." But you are no longer fighting hunter gatherers, are you?

Ex-US politician refutes administration claim of Iraq-Al Qaeda link  9/15/02 Ummah News: "Speaking on U.S. NBC TV Sunday, Brent Scowcroft said, " I believe that he (Saddam Hussein) is on the list, prepared by Bin Laden (wanted head of al-Qaeda), of persons to be killed". Scowcroft, one of the leading planners of the 1991 Gulf War, added that "Hussein is a secular, not an Islamic leader. He is a communist President".

Saturday  9/14/02

topReconstruction of the raid where Ramzi Binalshibh was captured Sat Sep 14, 5:37 PM ET  9/14/02 AP 

Neo-conservatives and pro-Israel lobby working to destabilize Middle East  9/14/02 Arab News, Saudi Arabia: "— Many in Washington have noted the emerging strong-arm tactics of the neo-conservative Christian coalition in the Bush administration working with pro-Israeli lobbies. This summer, for example, the American Alliance of Jews and Christians (AAJC) was formed, an advocacy group created by former Republican president hopeful Gary Bauer and Orthodox Jewish Rabbi Daniel Lapin, with a high-powered board of advisers including the Rev. Jerry Falwell, the Rev. Pat Robertson, Charles Colson of Prison Fellowship Ministries, film critic Michael Medved and Rabbi David Novak. Now, Dr. Clifford Kiracofe, a professor at Virginia Military Institute says he knows what’s going on: This neo-conservative network is working to destabilize the Middle East, which they believe will benefit Israel."

In the dark of night, with no witnesses  9/14/02 Haarez: Israeli murderers at it again - "That night, the four were sitting in the courtyard of the plant, which is lit by a searchlight. The guard was sleeping in his camper in the yard. Hisham turned on the stonecutting machine and joined them, said Ishaq. He himself went to the toilet, and when he came out he saw from a distance that his friends and brothers were sitting on the floor, with armed soldiers standing over them. He hid behind a pile of stone from the factory. The hum of the stonecutting machine prevented him from hearing what they were talking about. "I thought they wanted to interrogate them, as usual," he said… In the blinding light of day, this road and the green plot of land alongside it are spread out like a miniature pastoral painting. Along it, on the road, beyond the gravel barrier, not far from the factory, the body of Ala'a Ayayda was found the next day, shot in the knees, the belly and the neck, as relatives who washed his body, and the videotape, testify. Further on, near Calev's tomb, the bodies of the 30-year-old twins Husam and Hisham al-Halayka were found ("They were born on the same day, and died on the same day," they're saying in the village). Next to them, tossed in the field, lay the body of their uncle, Atiyya al-Halayka, 25. Husam was shot in the forehead, the two others were shot from the back. There is no argument between the IDF and the Palestinians regarding the location of the bodies."

Reno's camp may sue over touch screens used in Florida primary  9/14/02 Knigh Ridder: Targetting the Batistiano voting machine - "Janet Reno's campaign for governor is trying to build a sweeping case against the now-infamous touch-screen voting machines that campaign officials believe may be responsible for Reno losing the Democratic nomination. The case, summarized in a draft document obtained by The Herald, would not be used to challenge the results of last week's election, even if Bill McBride is certified Tuesday as the nominee, campaign officials said Saturday. Instead, the evidence would become part of a larger effort to put the blame for Florida's latest election fiasco at the feet of Gov. Jeb Bush and the election reform law he signed with great fanfare last year. "What we're doing is far more important than whoever the nominee is," said Reno campaign manager Mo Elleithee."

TV dots airwaves with inaccuracies  9/14/02 Miami Herald: "Television reporters were certainly connecting dots -- lots of dots, some of them seemingly from another planet -- but if journalism is about facts and not hype, then they definitely weren't doing what they were supposed to do. Friday's coverage was the source of a staggering amount of misinformation."

Reno's Call for Recount Rejected  9/14/02 Washington Post: "In an increasingly eerie replay of the 2000 presidential election in Florida, former attorney general Janet Reno today demanded a statewide, manual recount of the votes in Tuesday's Democratic gubernatorial primary. But state officials said that was not possible under Florida law. Reno campaign officials made the demand as elections officials here continued to sift through the returns from Miami-Dade County. There are reports that perhaps thousands of votes were not counted Tuesday night in the unofficial tallies of Reno's narrow statewide loss to Tampa lawyer Bill McBride." The Banana Republic of Florida.

Friday  9/13/02

topWho is the Madman Here? Bush's UN Non-Sequiturs  9/13/02 Counterpunch 

US Military Builds Up Huge Attack Force  9/13/02 Guardian 

Backing on Iraq? Let's Make a Deal  9/13/02 LA Times: "After struggling for months to talk other nations into helping oust Saddam Hussein, President Bush is beginning to use terms they might find easier to understand: cash, weapons, business deals and favors. Bush's speech Thursday at the United Nations marked the start of intense behind-the-scenes negotiations to see what inducements will help convert countries that so far have been balking, at least publicly, at joining the anti-Hussein campaign."

Invasion 'bloody mess'?  9/13/02 NY Daily News 

Colombia: Narcotráfico-paramilitarismo-corrupción  9/13/02 Rebelion: Comunicado del Ejército de Liberación Nacional

Colombia notes talks with rebel unit  9/13/02 Reuters: "Colombia's month-old government said yesterday that it has met in Cuba with representatives of the country's second-largest rebel army to explore the possibility of peace talks, just as the Marxist guerrillas allegedly hijacked a school bus with six children aboard."

Germany may deny US use of its airspace  9/13/02 Scotsman, UK: "THE Pentagon fears that the chancellor, Gerhard Schröder, might deny the US forces in Germany - the greatest concentration of American men and materiel outside the United States - the right to use German airspace in any attack on Iraq. This would prove a devastating blow to planners who rely on Germany as an integral part of their strategy to overthrow Saddam Hussein."

Massive world recession to occur if Iraq attacked: Economist  9/13/02 Xinhua: "The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), which operates under the Economist magazine, predicted that the world would suffer a massive recession if Iraq were attacked and Middle East oil producers protested by pushing up the oil price. Robin Bew, the chief economist of the EIU, told Xinhua in a written commentary Thursday, "Our forecasts assume that the United States does attack Iraq, and that the Middle East oil producers oppose the US action and team up to cut oil production, and thereby, pushing the oil price to, say, 70 US dollars a barrel or more, that would deliver a massive supply-side shock to the global economy and probably trigger a massive recession, similar to the oil shocks in the 1970s," Bew said."

Thursday  9/12/02

topThe Anniversary of a Neo-Imperial Moment  9/12/02 Alternet: Osama struck a pot of gold by hitting hard with Bush & Cheney in office, causing the US to dramatically overreach itself, a goal of many terrorist acts - "The document argued that the core assumption guiding U.S. foreign policy in the 21st century should be the need to establish permanent U.S. dominance over virtually all of Eurasia. It envisioned a world in which U.S. military intervention would become "a constant fixture" of the geo-political landscape. "While the U.S. cannot become the world's 'policeman' by assuming responsibility for righting every wrong, we will retain the preeminent responsibility for addressing selectively those wrongs which threaten not only our interests, but those of our allies or friends," wrote the authors, Paul Wolfowitz and I. Lewis Libby –- who at the time were two relatively obscure political appointees in the Pentagon's policy office."

Little force behind U.S. tough talk  9/12/02 Chicago Sun Times 

FBI Agents Return to Hatfill's Home  9/12/02 Fox News: "FBI agents searched the former home of Dr. Steven Hatfill, a focus of attention in the anthrax case, for the third time on Wednesday, according to a source close to the case. The search was carried out under the authority of a warrant, said the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity. Hatfill's spokesman, Pat Clawson, said Hatfill was not informed of the search and has not lived in the apartment in Frederick, Md., since Aug. 12. Hatfill's apartment has been searched twice before, the second time under warrant."

Latin Grammys Hide the Big, Uncool Truth  9/12/02 Pacific News: "When the third annual Latin Grammys are broadcast on Sept. 18, America will get what it expects -- the exotic and sensual aspect of the music represented by superstars Marc Anthony and Gloria Estefan. Absent will be a very different regional Mexican music that brought in about half of the $600 million total Latin record sales here last year."

Report from Zimbabwe  9/12/02 SF Bay View: by Ron Wilkins - "I recently returned to L.A. from Zimbabwe as part of an official fact-finding team. As our mission neared an end, Elombe Brath, chairman of Patrice Lumumba Coalition and the leader of our 14-member delegation, said to a newspaper reporter, “Our conclusion is that the land reform program is justifiable and long overdue.” Brath further echoed the sentiment of our team when he stated, “Although we knew that the Western media was subjective in its interpretation of events in Zimbabwe, we were shocked by the level of bias and unprofessionalism in stories about this country.”

Saudi Arabia: Policy Shift Concerning Attack on Iraq?  9/12/02 Stratfor: "Saudi Arabia may be subtly shifting its stance concerning a U.S.-led attack on Iraq. If so, even tacit political backing by Riyadh would make U.S. military operations in the Persian Gulf considerably easier."

Wednesday  9/11/02

topBeleaguered Africa has few tears to spare to mark terrorist attacks  9/11/02 Agence France Press: "What with the ravages of war, AIDS and famine as well as its political and economic marginalisation, Africa seems to have few tears to spare to mark the anniversary of last year's terrorist attacks on the United States. Most of the commemorative events held across the continent Wednesday will be staged by US diplomatic missions, rather than national governments. And Kenyans affected by the the 1998 bombing of the US embassy in Nairobi, which claimed 250 lives and wounded more than 5,000, and which was also blamed on al-Qaeda, are still bitter over the absence of any personal compensation from Washington for their losses. "We are all equal and deserve equal treatment," insisted Philip Gitahi, the chairman of the Nairobi Bomb Blast Survivors' Association."

Election Glitches Delay Fla. Results  9/11/02 AP: the Batistianos at it again?

Bush's plan - Recipe for armageddon  9/11/02 Creative Loafing 

Sharon warns against diversion of water sources in Lebanon  9/11/02 Haaretz, Israel: "One professional hydrologist estimated yesterday that if executed in full, the Lebanese plan would divert some 3.5 million cubic meters a year from Lake Kinneret - enough to lower the lake's level by about two centimeters. But despite the already poor state of Israel's water economy, a two-centimeter drop in the Kinneret would not cause it to collapse completely, he said. Thus he argued that the main issue is one of principle - Lebanon's unilateral change in the status quo governing water usage in the north. However, Lebanon has already unilaterally altered this status quo twice before, in March and August 2001. Both times, the new pumping elicited a furious verbal response from Israel, but no concrete action - and both times, the pumping continued unabated. The main difference this time is that a much larger quantity of water is involved."

Liberating America From Israel  9/11/02 Media Monitors: by Mr. Paul Findley, who served as a Republican congressman from Illinois for 22 years, is the author of 'They Dare to Speak Out' and a member of the American Educational Trust's Foreign Relations Committee.

THIS WAR IS A FAILURE  9/11/02 Mirror, UK: "Among the 598 people being detained without charge at "Camp X Ray" on Cuba, 13 are Britons. According to an FBI official speaking privately, "only one of these guys is a genuine suspect". The Blair government is aware of this, yet says nothing about the mistreatment of British citizens."

Pentagon Tells Troops in Afghanistan: Shape Up and Dress Right  9/11/02 NYT: "On Monday," said a Special Operations Forces officer, leaning against the mud wall of a local bazaar, "we got the word: some general in Washington ordered no more beards." Asking that his name not be used, the freshly shaved officer continued, "The guys are really burning on this" and nodded to his squad, men who all looked as if they had just emerged from a sheep-shearing shed… Instead of knots of bearded men with a few touches of local garb and concealed weapons strolling through this city with a studied casualness, a Special Forces squad looks like what it is: foreign soldiers patrolling in Afghanistan." And Osama thanks those kind American generals who have learned nothing from their many colonial wars.

Tuesday  9/10/02

topArab Station Airs bin Laden Tape  9/10/02 AP: "In Tuesday's broadcast, the voice named all 19 of the hijackers and gave the places of birth of most of them. The men, of whom 15 came from Saudi Arabi, were lavishly praised for their piety. "Those men (the hijackers) have realized that the only course to achieve justice and defeat injustice is through jihad (Muslim holy struggle) for the cause of God," the voice on the tape said in Tuesday's clip. There was no way to verify whether the person speaking on the tape was bin Laden, or when the recording was made. Abdel-Bari Atwan, editor of the London-based daily Al-Quds Al-Arabi who has interviewed bin Laden in the past, said on Al-Jazeera that the voice sounded like bin Laden's. A different man speaking on Tuesday's excerpt said of the hijackers: "They provided the greatest lessons and expertise to all young people to give up fun and play to stand up and destroy the remnants of pagan America." The voice said hijackers Khalid Almihdhar, Nawaf Alhamzi and Salem Alhamzi came from the western Saudi city of Mecca, home of Islam's holiest shrine. Fayez Ahmed, he said, came from the Saudi region of Asir, Hani Hanjour from Taif, western Saudi Arabia, Majed Moqed from Medina, home of the burial place of Islam's seventh century prophet Muhammad in Saudi Arabia, Ahmed Alnami from Abha in southwest Saudi Arabia and Satam al-Suqami from the region of Najd." Early reports had most of the Saudi hijackers from the south, near Yemen.

In Surprise Move, Saudis Bar Western Oil Firms From Key Natural Gas Fields  9/10/02 Dow Jones: this was widely viewed as a litmus test of Saudi - US relations - "In a move with implications both for U.S.-Saudi relations and the profits of Western oil companies, Saudi Arabia has said it won't open its most promising natural-gas fields to the companies, people close to talks on such an opening told The Wall Street Journal. ADVERTISEMENT The move appeared to all but end a yearlong plan by the companies to invest $ 25 billion in Saudi Arabia, in what was billed as a historic reopening of the kingdom's petroleum sector. Saudi Arabia has produced all of its own oil and gas since the 1970s, when it bought out four U.S. oil companies' interests in Aramco."

INSIDE THE NEW CAMP X-RAY  9/10/02 Mirror, UK: "The cramped cells, cut from steel shipping containers and even smaller than X-Ray's notorious cages, are collected in 10 blocks. Delta, surrounded by thick green netting to keep out prying eyes, is brightly lit by powerful arc lights 24 hours a day and the camp is ringed with seven wooden guard towers manned by sharpshooters. There are regular incidents when some prisoners go stir crazy, shouting and screaming as they climb and claw their cell walls in despair. But most of the time there is an eerie, pathetic silence. On our two visits to the camp there wasn't a sound and it was hard to believe there was any life behind the wire at all. Overhead, like extras in a bad movie, huge black turkey vultures lazily circled the parched landscape. The 30 who have tried to end their lives have taken desperate and pathetic measures. A few have used the plastic utensils issued with their meals to try and slash their wrists. Some repeatedly banged their heads against the metal wall in their cells or punched the walls in frustration. Other men suffer from insomnia which in turn makes them anxious and then depressed. A few pace their cells manically or pass the time doing endless press-ups. Extraordinarily, the military insist none of men's mental health has degenerated since being incarcerated in either camp and that all 37 had their psychiatric problems before being captured."

Nelson Mandela: The United States of America is a Threat to World Peace  9/10/02 MSNBC: "…Scott Ritter, a former United Nations arms inspector who is in Baghdad, has said that there is no evidence whatsoever of [development of weapons of] mass destruction. Neither Bush nor [British Prime Minister] Tony Blair has provided any evidence that such weapons exist. But what we know is that Israel has weapons of mass destruction. Nobody talks about that. Why should there be one standard for one country, especially because it is black, and another one for another country, Israel, that is white."

Beers "Corrects" Falsehood Under Oath in Dyncorp Case  9/10/02 NarcoNews: "Under oath and "the penalties and pains of perjury" last November, Assistant Secretary of State Rand Beers made a blatantly false statement, toying with the emotions of American citizens after the aerial attacks of September 11th to try to justify, of all things, aerial herbicide attacks on Ecuadoran peasant farmers near the Colombia border. Now he swears under oath that his outrageous and shocking statement was false."

Hugo Chávez Frías: un hombre, un pueblo  9/10/02 Nodo50: extensive interview.

Oil at New Highs After Shipping Warning  9/10/02 NYT: "Oil prices hit new highs on Tuesday as a warning from the U.S. Navy of potential al Qaeda attacks on oil tankers heightened worries about a U.S. military campaign against Iraq. The Navy's Bahrain-based Marine Liaison Office issued the warning to shipping in the Middle East but said it had no evidence that any imminent attack was planned. International benchmark Brent crude oil peaked at $29.02, its highest level since just after last year's September 11 attacks on the United States."

U.S. Lawmaker Going to Iraq to Cool 'War Rhetoric'  9/10/02 Reuters: the next target of the Israel lobby? "Rahall, a descendant of Lebanese peddlers who made their way to West Virginia to sell their wares to coal miners, said he wanted to "help illuminate the plight of the Iraqi people." He said he hoped to stress upon the administration the need for a much clearer explanation as to why there was a "ratcheting up of the war rhetoric at this particular time."

US forces launch strike in Afghanistan  9/10/02 Scotsman, UK: "AMERICAN forces have launched a large-scale operation in south-eastern Afghanistan, aimed at Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaeda network, the US army said last night. Details of Operation Champion Strike were released as the Arab satellite channel al-Jazeera aired excerpts from a videotape in which bin Laden praises the 19 hijackers involved in the 11 September terror attacks. Champion Strike began a few days ago and is centred in the Bermel valley near the town of Shkin, about 150 miles south of Kabul, close to the border with Pakistan, Major Richard T Patterson said. Major Patterson would not say when Champion Strike was launched or when it would end. He said there had been one firefight involving US soldiers, but there were no US casualties nor deaths among the enemy. However, soldiers taking part in the operation had detained a number of people, and seized weapons caches, including land mines and rockets."

Saudis seek checks on extremism  9/10/02 The News, Pakistan: "The way America looks at Islamic activities has changed since the September 11 attacks. Saudi Arabia lies at the heart of all these activities and America wants to see the Saudi society and system modified," political analyst Dawood al-Shurayan said. He believes the Saudi regime will face major trouble, particularly in ties with the United States, unless the religious establishment accepts reform and silences its wayward elements."

Gov. Bush Extends Fla. Voting Hours  9/10/02 Washington Post: "Florida's first big test of its new elections system turned into a nightmare Tuesday as polling stations opened late on a busy primary day and problems cropped up with the touchscreen voting machines brought in after the 2000 debacle."

Monday  9/9/02

topGM Wheat Portends Disaster for Great Plains  9/9/02 Alternet: should Cuba buy American wheat?

ARMY OPENLY WORKING WITH DEATH SQUADS  9/9/02 ANNCOL: "Since Colombian President Uribe declared a "state of domestic commotion" and assumed special powers one month ago the army has intensified its joint operations with right-wing paramilitary groups leaving a trail of blood across the country."

US forces disgruntle civilians in remote province  9/9/02 AP: "However, for the people of this remote, mountainous province along the Pakistani border, the war is ever present in the rumble of distant explosions and the faint roar of B-52 bombers passing overhead. And the US operation is fueling hostility against the Americans, even among officials loyal to President Hamid Karzai, who admit they asked the US military to come here because of threats from Taliban fighters hiding in the mountains. The Afghans complain that the Americans have relied on faulty information that has caused injury and death to civilians trying to live without getting mixed up in the conflict. That in turn is increasing support for militant organizations, including the Hezb-i-Islami movement of Hekmatyar, who has called for jihad, or holy war, against the Americans and who is suspected of involvement in last week's car bombing that killed 30 people in Kabul."

Washington's Mouthpiece in Colombia  9/9/02 Colombia Report 

The October Surprise and the World It Made - Speak, Memory  9/9/02 Counterpunch: "The treasonous Republican intervention with the mullahs was confirmed by several credible sources, foreign and domestic, including two national leaders: Abolhassan Bani-Sadr, who as president of Iran in 1980 had full knowledge of the negotiations; and future Russian Prime Minister Sergei Stepashin. At the time of the probe, Stepashin was head of the Supreme Soviet's Defense and Security Issues Committee. At the request of the investigators, he carried out an extensive review of Soviet intelligence files and sent Congress a remarkably detailed report on the Reagan-Khomeini connection. Several witnesses (and Stepashin's report) put Bush on the scene for at least one day of the Paris sessions."

A Black United Front - Barbados to host World Racism conference follow-up  9/9/02 Final Call: "A follow-up meeting to the United Nations World Conference Against Racism is planned for Oct. 1–6 in Bridgetown, Barbados. The "African and African Descendants World Conference Against Racism" is open to all concerned Black people and representatives of non-governmental organizations, whether they attended last year’s UN conference in Durban, South Africa, or not, organizers said."

Polls show decline in support for Bush as fears mount in America  9/9/02 Independent, UK: "George Bush's public approval rating has slipped yet further, driven down by concern over the way he is handling the war on terror and preparing to launch a military strike against Saddam Hussein."

RIGHTS AND THE NEW REALITY - Congress, Courts: Step In  9/9/02 LA Times: "The most urgent need for attention comes on the legal front, where the cumulative effect of the Patriot Act has been to massively shift power from federal judges to investigators, putting innocent people at far greater risk of unwarranted government scrutiny, harassment or persecution."

Blinded by its might  9/9/02 MSNBC: "When Tony Blair’s pollsters recently sought to explain the British prime minister’s sagging popularity, one of the reasons that surfaced in a secret Downing Street survey came as no surprise: George Bush. After Sept. 11, Blair and other U.S. allies have found that a cozy relationship with the world’s only superpower is no longer an asset."

The Informant Who Lived With the Hijackers  9/9/02 Newsweek: "At first, FBI director Bob Mueller insisted there was nothing the bureau could have done to penetrate the 9-11 plot. That account has been modified over time—and now may change again. NEWSWEEK has learned that one of the bureau’s informants had a close relationship with two of the hijackers: he was their roommate."

Gore Vidal Says Bush 'Wants War to Go on Forever'  9/9/02 Reuters: Remembering the attacks and the suffering they brought had become something of a "new religion" for Americans, the outspoken writer said in an interview broadcast on the BBC World Service. "First of all this is the anniversary of what is becoming more like a new religion than anything else in the United States," Vidal, one of contemporary America's most prolific writers and harshest critics, told the "East Asia Today" program. "Some people in the United States were rather delighted that it (the attacks) mobilized the entire country and focused on a single enemy, which we'd been demonizing for quite some time -- the Muslim world," Vidal said. "He (Bush) wants this to go on forever. He said to Congress after 9/11: 'It's going to be a long war'. He was thrilled."

World News

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