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8/26/02 - 9/1/02  

Sunday  9/1/02

Authorities defend actions of air marshals who drew guns on plane  9/1/02 AP: white people do not like having guns drawn on them - "Lineberger, an Army veteran who had been visiting his son in Savannah, Ga., said he plans to file the complaint with the TSA on Tuesday, saying the air marshals overreacted. He said about 30 other passengers also planned to complain."

State Spending On Prisons Grows At 6 Times Rate Of Higher Education  9/1/02 Black World Today: "A new report shows that during the 1980s and 1990s, state spending on corrections grew at 6 times the rate of state spending on higher education, and by the close of the millennium, there were nearly a third more African American men in prison and jail than in universities or colleges."

Schröder hardens Iraq stance  9/1/02 FAZ: "Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, who has already made a central campaign issue of German neutrality in any U.S.-led attack on Iraq, hardened the German position this week by branding the U.S. goal of toppling the Iraqi dictator “a mistake.“ His election challenger also opposed unilateral U.S. action but would not rule out sending German troops to help."

Grupo desconocido asume decenas de ataques contra tropas de EE.UU.  9/1/02 Granma: "Los diarios egipcios Asharq Al Awsat y Al Hayat publican un comunicado del Ejército Secreto de los Combatientes Musulmanes, el cual asegura que ha matado a 59 soldados estadounidenses, tres canadienses y 15 "agentes afganos", y que seguirán su campaña para "vengar a la gente inocente asesinada por los canallescos ataques estadounidenses en Afganistán". El escrito ofrece detalles de una treintena de operaciones llevadas a cabo por los miembros del grupo contra tropas estadounidenses en seis provincias del Sur y el Este de Afganistán, incluida la capital, Kabul, y la cercana base aérea de Bagram." None of this in the US media.

U.S. faces bigger issues than hitting Iraq  9/1/02 Japan Times: "However, U.S. President George W. Bush's single-minded pursuit of victory against the "terrorists" who perpetrated the infamous Sept. 11 attacks has its dangers. It would be particularly risky if top priority is given to attacking Iraq while more urgent problems, such as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the recovery of U.S. economic vigor and the precarious state of Latin American economies, are put aside. Bush would be better advised to spend the rest of this year attending to these more urgent issues. The world is more interdependent than Americans are prepared to accept. Any immediate attack would undermine innumerable delicate balances that exist among divergent forces and interests in the world."

Confronting Anti-American Grievances  9/1/02 NYT: "Yet there has been a remarkable reluctance in America to confront the more complex historical dimensions of this hatred. The inclination instead has been to rely on abstract assertions like terrorists "hate freedom" or that their religious background makes them despise Western culture… The rather narrow, almost one-dimensional definition of the terrorist threat favored by the Bush administration poses the special risk that foreign powers will also seize upon the word "terrorism" to promote their own agendas, as President Vladimir Putin of Russia, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon of Israel, Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee of India and President Jiang Zemin of China are doing. For each of them the disembodied American definition of the terrorist challenge has been both expedient and convenient. When speaking to Americans, neither Mr. Putin nor Mr. Sharon can hardly utter a sentence without the "T" word in it in order to transform America's struggle against terrorism into a joint struggle against their particular Muslim neighbors… If America comes to be viewed by its key democratic allies in Europe and Asia as morally obtuse and politically naïve in failing to address terrorism in its broader and deeper dimensions — and if it is also seen by them as uncritically embracing intolerant suppression of ethnic or national aspirations — global support for America's policies will surely decline. America's ability to maintain a broadly democratic antiterrorist coalition will suffer gravely. The prospects of international support for an eventual military confrontation with Iraq will also be drastically diminished. Such an isolated America is likely to face even more threats from vengeful terrorists who have decided to blame America for any outrages committed by its self-appointed allies." From the man who helped launch it all in Afhganistan.

Sept 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows  9/1/02 Peaceful Tomorrows: news of peace events

Iraq: Slide from the impossible to the apocalyptic  9/1/02 Sunday Herald, UK: the US genocide continues - "The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that each month an average of 5000 children aged under five die as a result of 'embargo-related causes'. Last December, 11,500 people died, the majority of them children."

Saturday  8/31/02

topRussian military helicopter downed by missile in Chechnya  8/31/02 AFP: "A Russian Mi-24 military helicopter was shot down by a missile in the breakaway republic of Chechnya, killing the two pilots, the ITAR-TASS news agency said, less than two weeks after the deadliest attack in the Chechen war left 118 dead." The same has happened to US helicopters in Afghanistan, always disguised as "accidents."

Britain, Italy ready to exempt US citizens from ICC war crimes trials  8/31/02 AP: "Italy and Britain signaled Saturday they may sign bilateral deals exempting Americans from International Criminal Court war crimes trials. The European Union said it would seek an accord to that effect with Washington next month."

Upcoming Bush protests  8/31/02 Citizens For Legitimate Government: PITTSBURGH - LABOR DAY - MONDAY - 9/2, SOUTH BEND, INDIANA - THURSDAY - 9/5

Germany threatens a Kuwait pullout  8/31/02 IHT: "Germany will withdraw its specialized nuclear, chemical and biological warfare unit from Kuwait if the United States attacks neighboring Iraq - precisely the kind of step that Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder six months ago warned would affect German-American relations for 30 to 50 years, according to German media reports."

Berlin Refuses to Hand Over Moussaoui Documents to the U.S.  8/31/02 Islam Online: "The minister, whose comments appear in the news magazine Der Spiegel's Monday edition, said the United States must understand "that our documents must not be used for a death sentence or an execution."

Russia's Overtures to 'Axis of Evil' Nations Strain Its Ties With U.S.  8/31/02 NYT: Pooty Poot is not obeying his Imperial Majesty -- "A flurry of Russian overtures to Iraq, Iran and North Korea — nations the United States calls an "axis of evil" — is exposing strains in the newly forged relationship between Presidents Bush and Vladimir V. Putin, American and Russian officials say. In recent weeks, Mr. Putin's government has conspicuously pursued a range of economic and diplomatic accords with all three countries — from proposals to drill for oil in Iraq and build nuclear reactors in Iran to a warm meeting between Mr. Putin and North Korea's reclusive leader, Kim Jong Il, in Vladivostok on Aug. 23."

Friday  8/30/02

topTIPS Domestic Spy Network Goes Too Far For White America  8/30/02 Black World Today: "When the Bush administration announced the introduction of Operation TIPS, however, it may have crossed the line of what had been viewed as acceptable sacrifice of constitutional protections in the name of the war on terrorism. And one of those lines that the Bush administration may have inadvertently crossed, is to open the gated community of White America to the police state tactics which have long operated in communities with large Asian, Latino and Black populations."

Local British rabbis stand behind Chief Rabbi Sacks  8/30/02 Haaretz: "British rabbis living in Israel seem largely supportive of U.K. Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, whose criticism of the West Bank occupation triggered controversy in Britain this week."

Israeli dart shells kill family of Palestinians  8/30/02 Independent, UK: "The images of the youth's damaged insides were produced at our request after we returned to the hospital to check out whether the flechettes that we had discovered at the scene, buried to their hilts in the branches of blast-torn fig trees, had also hit people. "We have seen these nails many times before," said Dr Hani Sammour, quietly. "Some people die from them." Palestinian suicide bombers routinely pack their bomb-belts with nuts and bolts to maximise the injuries of the Israeli civilians whom they target. The Israelis always – reasonably enough – furiously condemn this revolting tactic, citing it as evidence of their attackers' terrorist credentials."

THE ANTHRAX PROBE: MORE FBI BUNGLING?  8/30/02 NY Post: "It surely bothers Dan Burton, no ACLU zealot but a traditional Indiana conservative. Speaking of the Hatfill case, Burton told me: "It always worries me when the accusations and investigations are put out in advance of solid evidence." The day is long gone when knowledgeable conservatives worship at the FBI's altar. As chairman of the House Government Reform Committee, Burton was stunned when he learned of FBI complicity in the wrongful conviction in 1968 of four men (two of whom died in prison) for murder committed by FBI informants in Boston. To protect these sources, Director J. Edgar Hoover sent innocent men to prison. Before the current congressional recess, Burton introduced a bill to remove Hoover's name from national FBI headquarters."

Israel and Iran: A New Chapter in an Old Tale  8/30/02 Startfor: "Recent allegations that an Israeli company was caught shipping military parts to Iran have raised several questions about shadowy ties between the two countries. Despite denials on both sides, it makes sense for Israel and Iran -- which share a common enemy in Iraq -- to maintain open channels of communication and trade. The big question is how Washington feels about that situation now, even though it has exploited covert ties between the two Middle East regimes in the past."

US wants to learn why it is unpopular  8/30/02 Sydney Morning Herald: "The State Department has invited about 20 scholars to a two-day conference in September to hear their views on why the United States seems so unpopular around the world. Richard Boucher, a department spokesman, said the conference - on September 5 and 6 - was the culmination of a project that looked at anti-Americanism in Europe, Russia and in the Muslim world, and how it could be addressed."

Thursday  8/29/02

topCampaigns and Resolutions from across Canada and the U.S.A.  8/29/02 Canada Palestine Support Network: the movement is causing a stir in Canada.

Major battle brewing over leaks in Senate  8/29/02 CS Monitor: "One of the most serious is the FBI's current investigation into the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. It is alleged that a member or staffer leaked the classified text of two terrorist messages that the ultrasecret National Security Agency (NSA) had intercepted on Sept. 10 about an imminent attack. What it adds up to is an unprecedented probe of Congress by the FBI, raising complicated questions about the separation of powers not seen since the days of the Pentagon Papers in the early 1970s."

Three Hundred Citizen Groups Call on Secret World Bank to Open Up Bechtel Case Against Bolivia  8/29/02 Earth Justice: Bechtel is a heavy CIA contractor.

France shifting stance on Iraq  8/29/02 IHT: "More and more at the highest levels people are saying, 'We don't like a military operation, but there's likely to be one, so what do we do?'" one senior French official said. "So the goal is to keep all our options open and not criticize, not to provoke a backlash. We feel that Washington is expecting us to react negatively and we have decided not to. It's a tactical choice." . Another senior official put it more bluntly: "We're driving the Pentagon crazy by keeping silent."

Gas deal will show which way the Saudi wind blows  8/29/02 Times, UK: "THERE is one way to judge the White House’s unsteady attempts to repair the frayed relations with Saudi Arabia. But it is no wonder that the Bush Administration is quiet on its significance: the signs are that it may go against the United States. The test is whether the Saudis choose to press ahead with the Saudi Gas Initiative, four years in the planning."

Iraq debate is over, U.S. on 'path to war'  8/29/02 Toronton Star: "You simply cannot back down from this kind of speech," said Lee Hamilton, a Democrat who was chairman of the International Relations Committee during the 1991 Persian Gulf War. "This lays it out. ... This speech comes very close to a declaration of war."

Economy, more than war, setting tone for elections  8/29/02 USA Today: "The battle for control of the most closely divided Congress in 70 years enters its most intense phase this weekend as economic issues begin to eclipse the war on terrorism in voters' minds. That has made Democrats more optimistic than they have been in months."

FBI Runs Anthrax Drills in Fla.  8/29/02 Washington Post: "–– FBI agents and scientists ran through decontamination drills Thursday before a planned search of the quarantined home of The National Enquirer for clues in last year's anthrax attack."

Wednesday  8/28/02

topUS CASUALTIES IN COLOMBIA'S CIVIL WAR  8/28/02 ANNCOL: "US troops are being targeted in Colombia. For the first time ever by any media outlet, ANNCOL can reveal the names of 12 US citizens who have been killed in recent years whilst working for the US government on military related projects in Colombia."

A new threat to Black politics?  8/28/02 Final Call: “To have non-African Americans from around the country putting millions into a race to unseat one of our leaders for expressing her right of free speech is definitely a problem,” said Rep. Johnson.

'A link between Saddam and bin Laden? No way'  8/28/02 Jane's Intelligence Digest: "Alex Standish, editor of the UK journal Jane's Intelligence Digest - required reading for war-watchers and war-makers everywhere - thinks US intelligence officials are making 'a big mistake' on Iraq. 'They are trying to convince us of something that is highly unlikely', he says. 'If they really believe that Saddam is feeding and sustaining bin Laden's men, then they can't possibly understand the fundamental difference between Iraq and al-Qaeda." As with the Chinese and the North Vietnamese, the Americans, being proper monotheists, tend to demonize their entire environment.

U.S. to Seek Saddam Ouster Regardless of Inspectors  8/28/02 Reuters: "The United States will seek Iraqi President Saddam Hussein's ouster regardless of whether he lets U.N. specialists resume inspections of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction capability, a U.S. official said on Wednesday… The official called Saddam a supporter of terrorism and a threat to the region, saying that these were also crucial parts of the U.S. case against Saddam. " In other words, the US wishes to replace Saddam as the local bully boy and thereby control Iran and Saudi Arabia, dominating most of the world's oil supply.

More African American men incarcerated than enrolled in college  8/28/02 SF Bay View: "– A new report shows that during the 1980s and 1990s, state spending on corrections grew at six times the rate of state spending on higher education, and by the close of the millennium, there were nearly a third more African American men in prison and jail than in universities or colleges. The report, “Cellblocks or Classrooms?” provides state by state analysis of corrections and higher education spending and is the latest in a series of reports by the Justice Policy Institute to show the fiscal impact of the nation’s overuse of prison as a solution to social problems."

They call him Black Revolutionary Political Prisoner, but I simply call him Daddy  8/28/02 SF Bay View: and they have the arrogance to complain about political prisoners in Cuba - "My father, Robert Seth Hayes, former Black Panther Party member, has been a resident of the New York state prison system for the past 29 years, making him one of the longest held Panthers in the United States. He was arrested in September 1973 – I was only three years old at the time – sentenced in 1974, and continuously denied parole since July 1998. His latest parole board hearing was July 2002, and again he was denied release for the third time. All this despite the fact that he has an exemplary prison record with several accomplishments, not the least of which is the successful completion of several college level courses, along with peer counselor training and mentorship programs that have enhanced his ability to serve the prison population the best way he knows how – as an advocate, teacher and leader, gaining him enormous respect from his peers. The parole board, in an effort to continue to punish him for his political activities, overlooks all of this, including the fact that upon my father’s release many people are prepared to support him in his transition back into the community in whatever capacity necessary. Now in his fifth decade of life, my father is managing both diabetes and hepatitis C. Under the best of circumstances these two diseases are difficult to control, and prison complicates our efforts tenfold. It took a near death experience before he was properly diagnosed a diabetic and an organized effort on the part of his family and friends to galvanize together politically to secure him medical treatment for the hepatitis."

What the Black Caucus needs to learn and do after McKinney loss  8/28/02 SF Bay View: "So instead of the big parties the Caucus usually holds at their annual shindig, what should be on the agenda of this year’s caucus: #1 Workshop on Campaigning 101. Many Black Caucus members need to review, or learn, how to campaign and to eliminate the mindset that Black folks are going to come out to vote just because they are Black Caucus members and that just by showing up on election day they will win without any opposition or by 60-90 percent of the vote. # 2 Establish a national fundraising base. When Earl Hilliard and Cynthia McKinney were in trouble, there were no Black organizations or individuals they could go to match the money Isreali, Jewish and conservative lobby groups poured into the campaigns of Hilliard’s and McKinney’s opponents. If outspoken Black members of Congress are going to be targeted by outside interests, they need to set up a network of wealthy Black individuals and organizations that can match donations dollar for dollar from conservative groups #3 We are your representatives. Most Black caucus members are elected from areas of the country with large black populations, but there are many areas of the country, like Denver, Las Vegas, San Diego, Seattle and other places with growing Black populations that have no Black members of Congress. If Black Caucus members can tap into the concerns and issues of Blacks living in areas with no Black Caucus members, not only can they extend the mandate of the Caucus but tap new sources of fundraising and a national base of support."

Israel's 'corrupting' war under fire - from chief rabbi  8/28/02 Sydney Morning Herald: "Britain's chief rabbi, Jonathan Sacks, has warned Israel that it is adopting a stance "incompatible" with the deepest ideals of Judaism, and that the current conflict with the Palestinians is "corrupting" Israeli culture. In a move that will send shockwaves through Israel and the world Jewish community, Professor Sacks departed from his policy of offering only public endorsement of Israel by giving an explicit verdict on the effect that 35 years of military occupation and decades of conflict are having on Israel and the Jewish people. "I regard the current situation as nothing less than tragic," he said in an interview. "

Probe Of Alleged Bomb Plot Too Narrow, Muslims Fear  8/28/02 Tampa Tribune: "Representatives from 19 Islamic organizations said they fear that Seminole podiatrist Robert J. Goldstein didn't act alone in what police say was a plot to attack mosques. Authorities say he had a stockpile of weapons, including sniper rifles, mines and plastic explosives."

New al-Qaeda chiefs 'operate from Iran'  8/28/02 Times, UK 

Indications of Serious Flaws in a 9-11 FBI Flop - Spooky Goofs  8/28/02 Village Voice: "Last fall, after inventorying the rooms guests had fled on September 11 in a hotel directly across from the World Trade Center, a security guard reported finding a ground-to-air aviation radio locked in the safe of Egyptian student Abdallah Higazy. Higazy was called in, questioned, and thrown into solitary for a month. During an FBI lie detector test, he confessed. Then the radio's real owner, an American pilot, came forward to claim it. The security guard admitted he had lied. Higazy was released. Higazy's wrongful captivity had many bizarre moments, but the specter of possible FBI coercion in obtaining his false confession has overshadowed all. In fact, federal judge Jed Rakoff recently ordered a probe of the polygraphing. Yet a careful review of records unsealed by the judge—over vehement opposition from U.S. Attorney James Comey's office—shows the case was flawed from the beginning by investigative carelessness and assumption, problems never before fully revealed."

Germany holds up Israeli military shipment said headed for Iran  8/28/02 Yahoo: Iran-Contra, again.

Tuesday  8/27/02

topDemocracy versus oil  8/27/02 Al Ahram, Egypt: "Peace and security in Sudan come at a price -- greater democracy. Will the key players pay the price, asks Gamal Nkrumah"

Consumer Confidence Falls Sharply  8/27/02 AP 

While media spotlights one anthrax suspect, another is too hot to touch  8/27/02 Arab News: "Dr. Zack left Fort Detrick in December 1991 amid allegations of unprofessional conduct. The Jewish scientist and others were accused of harassing their co-worker, Dr. Ayaad Assaad, until the Egyptian-born American scientist quit, according to an article in Connecticut’s The Hartford Courant, the country’s oldest newspaper in continuous publication. Dr. Assaad sued the Army, claiming discrimination after Zack’s badgering."

Florida primary could be confusing, Democrats warn  8/27/02 CNN: "The ballot instructs voters to "Vote for One Pair," meaning a combined entry of governor and lieutenant governor, though none of the candidates has chosen a running mate. Voters who took the instruction literally would "overvote" and nullify their choice, Democrats said Saturday." Similar instructions caused 50,000 overvotes in 3 black sections of Jacksonville alone in 2000.

Global climate change threatens the insurance industry  8/27/02 ENN: "The industry to be hardest hit by these careening catastrophes is insurance. According to the Department of Energy, insurance losses from natural disasters have increased 15-fold since 1960, even when corrected for inflation. Carlos Joly, the chairman of the United Nations Environment Program's insurance industry initiative, says, "The threats to our economies and lifestyles from climate change are no less consequential than terrorism." He adds that the danger is much more commonly accepted among European insurers than among American providers." Perhaps people don't read in the US.

Washington Bends the Rules  8/27/02 NYT: "Despite the draconian dictates issuing almost daily from the Justice Department, it is not the watchdogs in Congress but the judiciary itself that is blowing the whistle. The most recent example came from the super-secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court in the form of an extremely unusual open opinion — only the second in its quarter-century history. The judges of the court unanimously criticized federal agents for misleading the court in applications for secret eavesdropping warrants on 75 occasions during the Clinton administration (as of September 2000) and an unspecified additional number between September 2000 and March 2001. One request was even signed by F.B.I. director Louis J. Freeh… In the end, Kafka's Josef K. becomes so fatigued in his fight to find out why he was arrested that he just loses his will to resist. The release of the May 17 opinion (by the court's new presiding judge) to the Senate Judiciary Committee, and the committee's release of it to the public, can reasonably be seen as cries for help. The Justice Department has to understand that democratic oversight of law enforcement is not taken lightly by Congress or the American people, even in these threatening times."

Bin Laden Reportedly Back at Helm of al Qaeda  8/27/02 Reuters: Osama bin Laden ( news - web sites) is firmly back in command of al Qaeda and the group is digging in for guerrilla attacks on U.S. troops in Afghanistan, an Arab journalist with close ties to the militant's associates said on Tuesday." And Al Qaeda is keeping up with a steady pace of attacks on the Afghan government and US troops, some of which are going unreported in the US press, as is the custom.

Withdrawal of U.S. Holdings by Saudis Could Affect Lebanon  8/27/02 Stratfor: "Recent Saudi-U.S. tensions allegedly are leading to a withdrawal of as much as $200 billion in Saudi investments from the United States, according to news reports. If true, a large portion of this money could find itself in Lebanon, which would shift the balance of power toward the Sunnis and likely would alarm Syria."

B'nai Brith to confront U of T for petition - Faculty members accuse Israel of atrocities  8/27/02 Toronto National Post: "Officials from B'nai Brith will meet today with representatives of the University of Toronto to discuss the university's response to faculty members who have used their university titles and university facilities to circulate a petition denouncing Israel for "atrocities" and "crimes against humanity."

20 troops from US-Afghan troops killed in Afghanistan rocket attack  8/27/02 Ummah News: is there light at the end of this tunnel? - "Two US helicopters were destroyed in the South of Kabul due to which eight US and twelve local Afghan troops were killed on Monday. The helicopters were flying over the Loogar district of Muhammad Agha when unknown assailants shot down these helicopters by rocket fire. The debris of these helicopters was seen lying every where in the region and all the troops were dead. According to eyewitnesses local villagers immediately ran to collect the parts of the destroyed helicopters. 45 minutes after this operation almost more than a dozen US helicopters appeared over the region. When no weapons nor attackers were found they took away the dead bodies of their troops. Another report came from Loogar that on August 20 at around midnight in Dasht Qila (fort) Dolat an intensive attack was made on the US base due to which at least four troops were reportedly killed. One attacker who was arrested was severely wounded, but died later from his wounds."

Venezuela has discovered a new light crude oil deposit  8/27/02 Vheadlines: "in Lake Maracaibo, according to Deputy Energy & Mines (MEM) Minister Bernardo Alvarez. "This year we've found a considerable petroleum deposit which is expected to hold reserves of around a billion barrels ... but a lot of investigation is needed, and it'll need plenty of developing and investment to exploit it."

Monday  8/26/02

topIraq: Bush gets new warning from senators, key ally  8/26/02 Arab News, Saudi Arabia 

Rift between blacks, Jews worries Democrats for fall  8/26/02 Baltimore Sun: "It has to be a worry for the Democrats," says David Bositis, senior political analyst at the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, an African-American think tank. "The worry is that some percentage of black voters will become disaffected and won't vote in November."

U.S. - Saudi Ties Go From Bad To Worse  8/26/02 Black World Today: ''The Pentagon briefing leaks to the media were not a slip, but designed to warn the Saudis that they must act more effectively against terrorism,'' said Ali Jaber al Sabah, a political analyst in Kuwait, in an interview. In effect, the Saudis were also being warned ''to take part in the war on Iraq, which they have rejected so far, or risk seizure of its oil fields and its financial assets invested in the United States,'' he added. Saudi analyst Khaled al Maeena said, ''There is no empirical or factual evidence to substantiate any of the U.S. accusations (against the Saudis). No matter what U.S. leaders have had to say in defence, the damage will take a long while before being repaired.''

Saudi Arabia: The Sarajevo of the 21st Century  8/26/02 Center for Research on Globalization: "In his appearance on Australian television Dr. al-Fagih discussed the likelihood of a Balkanization of Saudi Arabia by dividing the kingdom into three separate states and separating the eastern oil provinces from the holy sites in the west. Such a shot-term solution might delay what seems to be an inevitable final conflict. But there is another telling factor that has not been discussed in the major media. There are signs that major financial power houses are looking into gold hedges, especially mining and actual possession of gold in anticipation of a large gold "bust-out." The head of the California Personnel Employee Retirement System (CALPERS), the largest pension fund in the country, recently announced his resignation to go into the gold sector of the financial markets. Recent reports starting in 1998 indicate that Saudi Arabia contains enormous quantities of gold. A 1997 Saudi embassy press announcement revealed 800 locations where gold had been discovered. A Nov. 8 report from Ohio State University -- based upon new Global Imaging System technologies, confirmed "2,100 known occurrences of gold, silver, copper, and other metals in the western third of the Saudi peninsula." Saudi Arabia appears to be sitting atop one of the largest gold stores on the planet."

The Infinite War and its Roots  8/26/02 Center for Research on Globalization: Author "Stan Goff retired from the U.S. Army in 1996, his last assignment being 3rd Special Forces Group. He entered military service January 1970, and his first assignment was as an infantryman with the 173rd Airborne Brigade in Vietnam. His service took him to seven more conflict areas after Vietnam, including Guatemala, Grenada, El Salvador, Peru, Colombia, Somalia, and Haiti. His assignments included 2nd Ranger Battalion, 1st Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta, 7th Special Forces, the Jungle Operations Training Center, and the U.S. Military Academy at West Point."

Military Study of 9/11 Scenario 25 Years Ago  8/26/02 Cryptome: "When asked the question, what kind of plane would be best to hijack? My choice was Boeing because it had the one lock/one key fleet; information I acquired from living in Everett, WA and having brothers who worked there. Lt. Teague on another day asked what could be done about it (?) I suggested asking Boeing to change their lock system. When asked what kind of weapons could be used (?) I said a plastic handled box knife to get it through a metal detector; then Sgt Middleton said that you could get weapons on a plane through the luggage area (he knew someone who worked on a ground crew at an airport) he was then questioned separate like others whose ideas the groups leaders wanted more information on. When asked what type of political climate the country would be in when the attack happens(?) we came up with hamstringing ; that is when one political party sets up the incoming administration with a disaster to happen."

US-Russia ties jolted by crisis in Georgia  8/26/02 CS Monitor: "The free hand given to Russia to prosecute its own "war on terrorism" – an ongoing fight against Chechen separatists – is now being slapped by Washington. Russia received a stinging rebuke from the White House over the weekend, after Russian planes on Friday reportedly bombed targets some 20 miles inside the border of its southern neighbor Georgia. Sunday, a force of 1,000 Georgian Interior Ministry troops began an anticriminal, antiterror operation in the volatile Pankisi Gorge, according to wire reports. The gorge is a suspected refuge for Islamic militants."

Libyan spy spills the beans  8/26/02 Financial Gazette, South Africa: "LIBYAN spy Yousef Murgham, summarily deported from Zimbabwe last week, has revealed startling details of Libya's growing economic and military stranglehold on Zimbabwe, which is immersed in its worst crisis for survival."

Taliban melt away before army sweep  8/26/02 Guardian, UK: "The commander of the biggest US search for Taliban and al-Qaida fugitives in Afghanistan for five months said last night that the quarry appeared to have been tipped off that the troops were coming. When Operation Mountain Sweep in the south-east ended it had nine prisoners and a tonne of weapons and ammunition, but it had failed to engage any sizeable units in combat. "It was clear to me there was advance warning at each site we went to," Colonel James Huggins, commanding officer of the 3rd Brigade taskforce of the 82nd Airborne division, said."

American travesty  8/26/02 Independent, UK: "When 46 people were arrested for drug offences in the sleepy Texas town of Tulia, the local lawman was hailed as a hero. But there was a problem – almost all of the defendants were black, and there wasn't a shred of evidence. Andrew Gumbel reports on an extraordinary story of racism and police corruption."

Tinman Protesters Harassed in Nashville  8/26/02 IndyMedia: "Cops threaten to arrest protesters who were standing on a public sidewalk outside hotel where Dick Cheney was attending private fundraiser for GOP. Cops tried to move them a block out of sight. Protesters refused." And won the right to protest, allegedly part of the Constitution since the Americans went up against the British.

Brazil Lula:Would cancel Petrobras overseas rig contracts  8/26/02 Petroleum World: "In what may be a u-turn in the recent vow by the Workers' Party to honor all overseas contracts, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said over the weekend that he would cancel contracts to build three Petroleo Brasileiro SA (PBR) oil rigs overseas. According to O Estado de S. Paulo, Lula, who is leading the polls ahead of October's presidential elections, said the platforms would cost Brazil $1.5 billion. "It doesn't make sense to keep asking the IMF for money and spending this sum on platform purchases," said Lula. "The money could be used to generate jobs in Brazil," he said."

Venezuela finds oil deposit at Lake Maracaibo - Official  8/26/02 Petroleum World: "The discovery was made in the Tomoporo area in the huge Lake Maracaibo in Zulia State. Amid falling reserves of light oil, the discovery is potentially promising, Alvarez said. The outgoing deputy, who is supposed to head the Venezuelan Embassy in the U.S. shortly, added that state-owned oil monopoly Petroleos de Venezuela SA (E.PVZ) soon will give detailed information on the deposit. Venezuela is one of the top suppliers of crude oil and refined products to the U.S. and one of the prime exporters within the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, or OPEC."

The Iraq Debate: The Coming Counterattack  8/26/02 Stratfor: "What appears to be a retreat from plans for a U.S. attack on Iraq may in fact be little more than a lull in the storm. The Bush administration is bowing to the letter of coalition partners' demands to be consulted before an attack is launched, and a diplomatic blitz involving European and Saudi leaders is soon to come. The administration will demand from these partners an alternative strategy for advancing the war against al Qaeda -- but Washington officials will not settle for an invisible war. Faced with demands for their own suggestions, coalition partners likely will have little to say, and the consultations will turn into a sandbag for the anti-war faction."

Bush and father at odds over Iraq strike  8/26/02 Times, UK: "A GROWING rift between George W. Bush and his father’s senior advisers over whether to invade Iraq exploded into the public yesterday when James Baker, Secretary of State during the Gulf War, said a unilateral US attack on Saddam Hussein would be economically and politically perilous. Mr Baker, who played a key role for George Bush Sr in building the international coalition in 1991, became the most senior member of the previous Bush Administration to oppose an invasion, giving the clearest signal of a split between father and son over how to tackle Saddam. In recent days almost the entire war cabinet of Mr Bush Sr has lined up to warn against attacking Iraq without international support, with one — Lawrence Eagleburger, a former Secretary of State — bluntly denouncing pro-invasion hawks as dangerous and “devious”.

U.S. rejects Saudi students, but bilateral defense ties maintained  8/26/02 World Tribune: "Western diplomatic sources said U.S. authorities refused entry to 60 Saudi students who were accepted in universities in the United States under a program by Saudi Aramco. The Kuwaiti Al Rai Al Aam daily reported on Monday that Aramco, responsible for the marketing of Saudi oil, is expected to seek alternatives to U.S. universities. They could include the American University in Cairo or the American University in Beirut."

World News

"There is one safeguard known generally to the wise, which is an advantage and security to all, but especially to Democracies as against despots: suspicion." -- Demosthenes 

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