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    World News
10/8/01 - 10/14/01

Sunday  10/14/01

Muslim Rebel Threatens U.S. Beheading  10/14/01 AP 

Sandinistas have ties to Iraq, Libya, says Bush administration  10/14/01 AP: little noticed article from 10/7. The Bush people want to bring back the Contra War. Can't get enough of Coca Contra, even with Bin Laden stealing a page from Dad's book on financing wars through narcoterrorism? Now they can activate the Reagan era network against CISPES, etc. Perhaps they can even bring back the Contra death squads who were active in LA…

War Views: Afghan heroin trade will live on  10/14/01 BBC 

Facing militants, Russia steps up role vs. Taliban  10/14/01 Boston Globe 

Saudi elite linked to bin Laden financial empire  10/14/01 Boston Herald 

CDC site on Bioterror  10/14/01 Center for Disease Control 

U.S. may have let Taliban chief get away  10/14/01 Chicago Sun Times: The rage of a looser who may make mistakes: "When U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld heard that Omar could have been attacked but was not, the report allegedly says, he was furious. One military official is quoted as saying that Rumsfeld was "kicking a lot of glass and breaking doors."

Anti-U.S. rampage kills hundreds in Nigeria  10/14/01 CNN: The dead are apparently mostly "Christians" killed by Moslems, a continuation of the age old Fulani jihad which put many Yorubas and others into slavery in the Americas.

Text of the Al-Qaeda statement, 10/14  10/14/01 Dawn: "Al-Qaeda orders Americans, the English and their Arab accomplices to leave the Arabian peninsula because the ground will burn beneath their feet...The storm of airplanes will not be calmed, if it is God's will. The storm will not calm, especially as long as you, the United States and Britain, do not end your support for the Jews in Palestine, lift your embargo from around the Iraqi people, and have left the Arabian peninsula, and stop your support of the Hindus against the Muslims in Kashmir."

Drudge Report quotes explosive US revelations on House Saud  10/14/01 Drudge Report: Seymour "Hersh also reports that a number of conversations between members of the Saudi Arabian royal family that were electronically intercepted by the National Security Agency, beginning as early as 1994, "demonstrated to analysts that by 1996 Saudi money was supporting Osama bin Laden's Al Qaeda and other extremist groups." The intercepts, Hersh writes, "depict a regime increasingly corrupt, alienated from the country's religious rank and file, and so weakened and frightened that it has brokered its future by channelling hundreds of millions of dollars in what amounts to protection money to fundamentalist groups that wish to overthrow it." By 1996, Hersh reports, Saudi money was supporting Al Qaeda and similar extremist groups in Afghanistan, Lebanon, Yemen, and throughout both Central Asia and the Persian Gulf region. "Ninety-six is the key year," one American intelligence official tells Hersh in the October 22, 2001 issue of the NEW YORKER . Hersh reports that the intercepts have provided several important insights into political and economic affairs in the kingdom, including the extent of the physical incapacitation of King Fahd, the corruption of specific royal-family members, and the funding of fundamentalist groups through charities. The intelligence official tells Hersh that asfar as bankrolling fundamentalist groups goes, the Saudis had "gone to the dark side." Current and former intelligence officials suggest, Hersh reports, that the instability of the Saudi regime is "the most immediate threat to American economic and political interests in the Middle East," and that "the Bush Administration, like the Clinton Administration, is refusing to confront this reality." Impacting Monday…

Al menos 200 muertos en dos días de protestas islámicas en Nigeria  10/14/01 El Mundo: Anti-US protests have triggered Moslem-Christian riots with over 200 dead so far.

The Lies About Taliban Heroin  10/14/01 From the Wilderness 

Interview: Saad Al Fagih  10/14/01 Front Line: [Front Line]: You're saying that, under the surface, there's a lot of jubilation that there was a successful attack on the United States. [Saad Al Fagih]:The first thing that happened after the incident, people received a message in their mobile phones, "Congratulations." And then the next message in the mobile phone was, "Our prayers to bin Laden." That was very natural. Not in the religious circles, in the zealot circles or the Islamically devoted circles, [but] very much in the liberal and corrupt circles, people who do not observe Islam, who do not [go] to mosque or [are] maybe involved in drinking or women or even drugs. They were very jubilant and happy and looking at bin Laden as a hero. People started killing sheep and killing camels and making big feasts and inviting their relatives and friends to celebrate the big event in America. You cannot see those things. There's no freedom of expression. There's no freedom of assembly. There's no way to expose those feelings. ...

Looking for Answers  10/14/01 Front Line 

City sealed after threat to air base  10/14/01 Independent, Pakistan: "Authorities in Pakistan arrested hundreds of militant Muslims and sealed an entire city [Jacobabad] today after leaders of an influential Islamic political party vowed to attack an air base where US personnel were said to be working. A spokesman for Pakistan's powerful Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam party said thousands of followers were massing and would move toward Jacobabad Air Base."

Mystery of terror 'insider dealers'  10/14/01 Independent, UK: "To the embarrassment of investigators, it has also emerged that the firm used to buy many of the "put" options – where a trader, in effect, bets on a share price fall – on United Airlines stock was headed until 1998 by "Buzzy" Krongard, now executive director of the CIA."

Surprise at large turnout for national anti-war rally  10/14/01 Independent, UK: "The police estimated 20,000 people were on the march from Hyde Park Corner to Trafalgar Square, while the organisers put the numbers at 50,000….The Stop The War Coalition announced that it intended to hold another national rally on 18 November."

The suicide bomber and the Baghdad conspiracy  10/14/01 Independent, UK: "Last week, John Negroponte, the US ambassador to the United Nations, gave the message personally to Mohammed Douri, his Iraqi opposite number. "There will be a military strike against you and you will be defeated," Mr Negroponte is understood to have told Mr Douri." Negroponte previously distinguished himself as godfather of Honduras death squads.

Adeila Guevara: Cuba could be next victim of war  10/14/01 IRNA, Iran 

Over 100 Iranians infected with ebola-type virus  10/14/01 IRNA, Iran 

Prolonged war could cause US to lose support of many states: daily  10/14/01 IRNA, Iran 

Achilles' heel of America  10/14/01 Kavkaz: "And you see, God already gave them the warning only eleven years back - as chinks of Kuwait burning by torches. O, similar, that soon we shall admire satellite photos of Persian Gulf on fire! What a nice show it will be, My God!"

Saudi Aid to War on Terror Is Criticized  10/14/01 LA Times: It's a problem," said Robert Baer, a former CIA officer in the Middle East. "Saudi Arabia is completely unsupportive as of today. The rank-and-file Saudi policeman is sympathetic to Bin Laden. They're not telling us who these people were on the planes….Cannistraro, who left the CIA in 1990 after a 27-year career, said he has retained contacts within Saudi Arabia. Based on their information, Cannistraro said he believes the amount of money flowing from there to Al Qaeda is, "at a minimum, tens of millions a year. That's a bare minimum. . . . The amounts of money from Saudi businessmen going to the Al Qaeda organization accounts for much of the resources the Al Qaeda has." Six or more of the 19 suspected hijackers who crashed U.S. jetliners on Sept. 11 are believed to have obtained their visas at the U.S. consulate in Jidda, Saudi Arabia. "

The spectre of bioterrorism  10/14/01 Le Monde Diplomatique: from 1998, in English: "The outbreak of anthrax in Florida is raising fears of a bioterrorist attack. As Le Monde Diplomatique wrote three years ago, Washington strategists regard this type of threat as an "Achilles heel" for US power. The article concluded by recommending the following courses of action: first, spend more on welfare to combat the threat; second, conduct international relations on a democratic basis."

Get to know Abu-Ali before he is put to death  10/14/01 Nashville City Paper 

Treasury action smacks of arrogance, violates human rights, says Al-Qadi  10/14/01 Saudi Online 


Campbell urges BBC to censor bin Laden videos  10/14/01 The Guardian 

Iraq 'behind US anthrax outbreaks'  10/14/01 The Guardian: Bin Laden must be hoping the US will be widening the war to include Iraq, thereby destabilizing and perhaps terminating several Arab regimes. Meanwhile, US hawks have rediscovered the Hundred Years' War: "Administration officials … told The Observer : 'We see this war as one against the virus of terrorism. If you have bone marrow cancer, it's not enough to just cut off the patient's foot. You have to do the complete course of chemotherapy. And if that means embarking on the next Hundred Years' War, that's what we're doing.' "

The Guardian's Weblog - best analysis on the net  10/14/01 The Guardian 

Full text of statement by Sulaiman Abu Ghaith  10/14/01 The Guardian, UK 

Latest war sparks an eclectic protest movement  10/14/01 The State, South Carolina 

Exposed: Musharraf was on Rabita board  10/14/01 Times of India: "Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf was till recently on the board of the Rabita Trust, whose assets have been frozen by the US and UK for its links with Osama Bin Laden and his al-Qaeda network."

About 20,000 protest in Germany  10/14/01 USA Today 

Problems in Bioterror Response  10/14/01 Washington Post: Perhaps the US should consult Cuba, which has a lot of practical experience defending against a long string of such attacks, most launched by Miami… And this article is incorrect in labeling Bob Stevens "the first person to die of a biological attack on American soil." That honour goes to the victims of the British, such as Lord Amherst, who gave small pox infested blankets to Native Americans.

U.S. Operated Secret Alliance With Uzbekistan  10/14/01 Washington Post 

Debka: Conflict's Drudge Report?  10/14/01 Wired: Oct 5 article reviewing Debka, the Israeli Intelligence Portal: "Like the Drudge Report, which it resembles, Debkafile clearly reports with a point of view; the site is unabashedly in the hawkish camp of Israeli politics and has partnered with the far-right news site WorldNetDaily for a weekly, $120 subscription product. That slant, combined with Debkafile's breakneck pace ­-- its eight-person staff updates the site as often as 5 or 6 times per day with terse, one-line tips and sparse news briefs -- means it often airs unfounded, inaccurate rumors while breaking legitimate news."

Turkey cools to war effort after nationwide demonstrations  10/14/01 World Tribune, Falls Church, VA: "Turkey is having second thoughts about assisting the U.S. offensive against states sponsoring or harboring terrorists. Over the weekend, huge demonstrations erupted in several Turkish cities against the U.S.-led attack on Afghanistan. The demonstrations began after mosque prayers on Friday, Middle East Newsline reported."

Tactical nukes deployed in Afghanistan  10/14/01 WorldNetDaily, US: "Military sources place the U.S. nuclear weapons in four former Soviet Central Asian bases – the military air facility at Tuzel, 10 miles northwest of the Uzbek capital of Tashkent; at Kagady in the Termez region; in Khandabad, near the city of Karshi; and at the military air base in Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan."

Global realignment  10/14/01 WorldNetDaily, US based, allied with Debka: "Bush and Putin have just put certain nation-states on notice that if they can't - or won't - prevent their nukes from getting loose, we'll do it for them. If terrorists detonate a nuke near the White House or the Kremlin, our nuke-weapon scientists can, from a rad-chem analysis of the fission products, tell you almost in real time how the nuke was made and who made it. So, if it turns out to be a Pakistani nuke, then the message seems to be that Islam can kiss their remaining Islamic bombs and infrastructure "goodbye."

Saturday  10/13/01

topLeaders of journalism groups decry excessive security put in place since terrorist attacks  10/13/01 ABC News 

Anthrax: one of the apartheid state's deadly weapons  10/13/01 AFP 

Kiev admits Ukrainian missile downed Russian airliner  10/13/01 AFP: contrary to Israeli Intelligence Portal's reporting on this issue….

Two Sudanese nationals "disappear" from Indian flying school: report  10/13/01 AFP 

Anti-war protesters rally in London  10/13/01 BBC: 20,000 march!

White-Only Press Conference at the White House  10/13/01 Black Press USA 

Sharon draws a line in dealings with US: Some see pressure on Israel as gesture to woo Arab backing  10/13/01 Boston Globe 

Bill OKd to expand anti-terror powers  10/13/01 Chicago Tribune: House Republicans work with White House to scuttle previous bill negotiated with Democrats - "For example, the House Judiciary Committee's version included a "sunset" provision that would have eliminated the new law-enforcement powers after two years. The revised measure changed that to five years. The Senate bill contains no expiration date."

Homeland Insecurity  10/13/01 Counterpunch: "Under Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge, the Homeland Security Office will coordinate 46 government agencies against terrorist suspects in the United States. Ridge will perform this function in conjunction with Bush's deputy national security advisor, Army Gen. Wayne Downing. Bush Administration officials are still working out the "lines of authority" between the two new positions, but it's clear that from now on, the military is going to have a central role in domestic anti-terrorism activities. The reason for the military's prominence is simple: Bush wants to establish special, extra-legal military tribunals that can try suspected terrorists without the ordinary legal constraints of American justice. These military tribunals apparently would have the authority to execute terrorists within 30 days of their conviction."

JUI firm on 'gherao' of airport  10/13/01 Dawn, Pakistan: "The Secretary General of Jamiat Ulema Islam Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haidri has warned the government not to stop the supporters and workers of his party from reaching Jacobabad airport on Sunday. "Any high handedness to stop our supporters from reaching Jacobabad on Sunday will trigger off an un-ending chain reaction" he warned the government on Saturday while speaking at a press conference at Darul Uloom here." Their aim is to stop American troops from using the base.

Bin Laden May Have Acquired Small Nuclear Weapons  10/13/01, Israel: "In a special investigation,DEBKA-Net-Weekly learned from well-placed intelligence sources that the millionaire terror master did procure a supply of uranium-235 six months before his Al Qaeda suicides carried out their September 11 strikes in America. The uranium was delivered following an extraordinary deal between the most wanted terrorist in the world and one of the world’s most dangerous mobsters, a shadowy Ukrainian-born Jew called Semion Mogilevich, who rules over an arms-trafficking, money-laundering, drug-running, prostitution and graft empire. Sources who spoke to DEBKA-Net-Weekly on condition of anonymity report that for a princely sum estimated at US$40 - 75 million, Bin Laden bought between 12 and 15 kilos of uranium-235, all of which came from Russia or some Central Asian Muslim republic. If this is true, the master terrorist has enough fissionable material to build between 3 and 5 nuclear devices."

Ocho muertos en disturbios islámicos contra EEUU en Nigeria  10/13/01 El Mundo, Spain: 8 dead in Kano, Nigeria, protesting against the US

Chronology of anthrax events  10/13/01 Florida Sun Sentinel: shows many suboptimal official responses and process failures.

The Taliban: Exporting Extremism  10/13/01 Foreign Affaris 

Kenya: Official averts tension over rumour of "Arab militants"  10/13/01 Hoover's 

Bomb victim's father links bin Laden to Saudi attacks  10/13/01 Independent, UK 

Saudi Arabia is unsafe for Westerners, says dissident  10/13/01 Independent, UK: interview with the well informed and well reasoned Saad al-Fagih, the director of the Movement for Islamic Reform in Arabia - "Mr Fagih said he had heard of two attacks on Westerners in recent days that had gone unreported by the authorities – a small explosion in a hotel in Riyadh and another at a grocery store in Al-Khobar."

Palestinian Islamists: Our protests are not pro-bin Laden  10/13/01 IRNA, Iran 

Thousands join anti-war rally in London  10/13/01 IRNA, Iran 

U.S. pursuing domination of Central Asia, Caucasus region: Safavi  10/13/01 IRNA, Iran 

Manifestations anti-américaines à la sortie des mosquées au Pakistan, en Asie et au Proche-Orient  10/13/01 Le Monde, France 

Killing Them Softly - Starvation and Dollar Bills for Afghan Kids  10/13/01 Media Monitor 

Five test positive for anthrax antibodies  10/13/01 Miami Herald: 5 more in Boca at American Media, owner of tabloids reputed to have printed derogatory articles on Bin Laden

Lawyers worry about secrecy being used in roundup  10/13/01 Seattle PI 

Bush whips up a desert storm  10/13/01 SMH: "One of America's closest friends in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, has refused to freeze assets of suspected terrorist Osama bin Laden because of the royal family's fears for its own survival against an Islamic uprising. The New York Times reported that the rulers of Saudi Arabia have also upset the Bush Administration because of its reluctance to fully investigate the hijacking suspects, at least six of whom obtained US visas in Saudi Arabia. Of the 19 countries the US has announced have frozen assets of terrorist organisations, Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar, Jordan and Saudi Arabia were noticeably absent."

The Civilian Toll  10/13/01 TBWT 

Refugees back Taliban's casualty figures claim  10/13/01 Telegraph, UK 

Anti-US protests worldwide  10/13/01 The Guardian, UK 

Bunker busters useless for cave complex  10/13/01 The Herald: "The average height of the Hindu Kush, a spur of the Himalayas which slashes across Afghanistan from northeast to southwest, is between 9000ft and 10,000ft. A nuclear warhead would not penetrate that depth of solid rock."

Why Ryadh Stiffs America  10/13/01 The New Republic: author "JOSHUA TEITELBAUM is research fellow at the Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies, Tel Aviv University, and the author of Holier Than Thou: Saudi Arabia's Islamic Opposition, published by the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

Differences surface between UNHCR, govt  10/13/01 The News, Pakistan: "In Pakistan, red tape and security concerns prevent UNHCR field teams from getting access to border areas to monitor possible population movements or from offering immediate assistance to any new arrivals," said Yusuf Hassan while speaking at a daily press briefing on Friday. The UNHCR outspoken head has also used exactly the same words in his press statement. Expressing astonishment over the statement, Pakistani officials refuted such baseless claims of "red tapism" by a responsible refugee agency.

Bombing victim tells how US raid hit village  10/13/01 The Times, UK 

9 militants shot in encounters  10/13/01 Tribune of India 

U.S. Gun Industry Armed Osama bin Laden's Terror Network: Al Qaeda Bought 25 Barrett 50 Caliber Sniper Rifles  10/13/01 Violence Policy Center: The same type rifle was captured from CANF linked Miami terrorists planning to assasinate Castro

Widespread attacks reported on Westerners in Gulf states  10/13/01 World Tribune, Falls Church, VA 

US, Uzbekistan confirm formal deal on anti-terror military cooperation  10/13/01 Yahoo 

Friday  10/12/01

topMarchers Call for Boycott of US Goods  10/12/01 All Africa: "If the United States continues its war on Afghanistan and the Taliban without offering proof that Osama bin Laden was guilty of the September 11 attacks on the US, then South Africans should boycott all American goods....Some 5 000 people took part in the march, which was organised by the Congress of SA Trade Unions, the Western Province Council of Churches and the Muslim Judicial Council (MJC)....The MJC's Moulana Ighsaan Hendricks called for US president George Bush to be put on trial. "If bin Laden has to face trial for killing people, then George Bush has to also face trial for killing people," Hendricks said."

Afghanistan's Coming Humanitarian Disaster  10/12/01 Alternet 

Sharon's Strategy Would Lead to World War  10/12/01 

House Adopts Anti-Terrorism Bill  10/12/01 AP 

Pharmacist Says Suspected Hijacker Needed Treatments for Skin and Chest Irritants  10/12/01 AP 

Saudi clerics issue edicts against helping 'infidels'  10/12/01 Christian Science Monitor 

European critics fault U.S. coverage of terrorist aftermath  10/12/01 Freedom Forum 

Two Palestinians hurt in shooting; Jewish extremists suspected  10/12/01 Haaretz, Israel 

Give us the truth about anthrax, and save the spin  10/12/01 Houston Chronicle 

Bombing curbed to stop Alliance taking Kabul  10/12/01 Independent, UK 

Dominic Nutt : West risks culpability for a massive tragedy  10/12/01 Independent, UK 

Land war 'expected to last through the winter'  10/12/01 Independent, UK 

Robert Fisk: Egypt is a nation caught between Islam and the West  10/12/01 Independent, UK: "most of the "Islamists" who spread their word in the towns around Luxor were Saudis. Their leaflets had been printed in Saudi Arabia. And why hadn't the Egyptians dealt with this? Well, one Egyptian detective confided, Egypt wasn't going to attack a country which brought it great wealth: Saudi Arabia."

Palestinians to join anti-war rally in London  10/12/01 IRNA, Iran 

9-11 Aftermath Heals Historical Rifts for Indian-Americans  10/12/01 Pacific News 

Racial Justice - Behind Today's Campus Anti-War Protests  10/12/01 Pacific News 

US jets pound Kabul, Kandahar with bunker busters  10/12/01 Pak News, Pakistan 

Iran Denies Claims of Terrorists' Presence  10/12/01 People's Daily: Iran on Thursday vehemently rejected a US claim that the Islamic republic was sheltering several terrorists, denouncing the charge as "baseless and unfounded". Iran's state IRNA news agency quoted an unidentified official as making the response to Venice Canistraro, the chief of counter- terrorist operations of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), who reportedly said on Wednesday that seven people in a 22- men list of the U.S. "most wanted terrorists" were believed to be in Iran.

News Update  10/12/01 Radio Havana: President Bush "Surprised" By Anti-Us Sentiments Among Some Islamic Groups, Numerous Anti-Us Demonstrations In Asia And Middle East

Nader attacks U.S. bombing campaign  10/12/01 Salon: "When are we going to learn from history?" he tells a cheering San Francisco audience. "When are we going to learn that we can't bomb our way to justice?"

Why the U.S. is losing the propaganda war  10/12/01 Salon 

Kyrgyzstan: Future Front in Anti-Terrorism War  10/12/01 Stratfor: "The United States is considering a protracted ground campaign in Afghanistan. As thousands flee the war-torn country, the core military target -- the support network of Osama bin Laden -- may develop beyond Afghanistan's borders in neighboring Kyrgyzstan. By spring 2002, Kyrgyzstan will likely emerge as a hotspot in the anti-terrorism campaign."

Radicals' Rise Weakening Arafat  10/12/01 Stratfor 

Why U.S. Anti-Terrorist Message Won't Fly In Islamic World  10/12/01 TBWT 

Angry Malaysians ask US to justify terrorism claims  10/12/01 The Guardian 

Two-thirds in US fear escalation into wider war  10/12/01 The Guardian 

US deploys controversial weapon  10/12/01 The Guardian, UK 

US puts squeeze on Israel amid fears over propaganda battle  10/12/01 The Guardian, UK 

Words of hate with an extra chill factor  10/12/01 The New Zealand Herald 

US anger at lax response  10/12/01 The Times, UK: "Washington’s greatest concern is the unwillingness of the Saudis to clamp down on charities and organisations that channel money to bin Laden, as 19 other countries have done."

Blair knocked off course by Saudi rejection  10/12/01 The Times,UK 

US may use Pak for ground offensive  10/12/01 Times of India: "The United States has railroaded Pakistan into readying the staging area for ground operations in Afghanistan as it began pulverising Taliban defences in the heaviest bombing reported to date. Despite qualified denials and clarifications from Islamabad, eyewitness accounts and some official acknowledgements spoke of hundreds of US special forces landing at airports in Sindh's Jacobabad and Baluchistan's Pasni. Pakistani troops formed the perimeter around the airports to protect the US forces from attacks by the restive local population."

Why the U.S. Can't Lean on Saudi Arabia  10/12/01 Village Voice 

Officials: Letter May Have Anthrax  10/12/01 Washington Post: "A letter containing pornographic material that was sent from Malaysia to a Microsoft office in Reno has tentatively tested positive for anthrax, state officials said Friday."

Thursday  10/11/01

topGerman couple escape unharmed from petrol bomb in Saudi Arabia  10/11/01 AFP 

Putin gambles on support for US action in Russia's back yard  10/11/01 AFP 

US inquires about six Lebanese allegedly planning attacks in Kuwait  10/11/01 AFP: The United States has asked Lebanon for information on six Lebanese suspected of preparing attacks in Kuwait and allegedly linked to Islamist Osama Ben Laden, Prosecutor General Adnan Addum said Wednesday.

Thanks But No Thanks, Larry Ellison  10/11/01 Alternet 

U.S. Personnel Said in Pakistan  10/11/01 AP 

Kuwait alert after Canadian shot  10/11/01 BBC 

Dual US Objective: Finding Bin Laden and Restraining the Russians  10/11/01 Debka, Israel: scroll to bottom: "On Sunday, October 7, exactly 1 hour and 50 minutes before the first US air bombardment, two light planes took off from Kahandar airport, without lights. They appeared on the radar screens of US attacking bombers for five minutes before vanishing, never to be traced until now. According to the intelligence coming in from Kandahar to US intelligence, those small, shadowy aircraft carried Bin Laden, the Taliban leader Mullah Mustafa Omar and their top lieutenants to a secret destination. The ease of their escape bears testimony, according to military observers, to the long-term planning capabilities of Bin Laden’s military advisers. On the assumption that the US bombardment would be executed primarily by heavy B-52 bombers and a small number of B-1 craft, they waited for the first sortie to pass and the sky left clear, before taking off into the dark yonder. DEBKAfile’s military experts presume that the two fugitive craft headed north to a secret landing strip as yet undiscovered by US satellites in the Hindu Kush mountains. For the time being, therefore, the Americans have run out of strategic targets in Afghanistan, except at the cost of heavy civilian casualties. Their plan therefore is to keep the aircraft up over the mountains around the clock in the hope of spotting 'emerging targets'. But the Americans have a second reason for maintaining a round-the-clock air presence: the secret Russian plan they have got wind of. Our military sources and informants in Moscow reveal that the tanks, the APCs and the self-propelled artillery Moscow gave the forces of the anti-Taliban Northern Alliance are in fact manned by Russian troops. Altogether three armored brigades of the 201rdRussian Motorized Rifle Division are now poised on the outskirts of Kabul, planning to enter the Afghan capital ahead of US forces. This exercise would repeat the gambit the Russians pulled in the 1999 Kosovo War, when they beat NATO to the draw by taking over Kosovo’s main airport before the alliance had a chance to effect a troop landing there. By their round-the-clock bombing threat, the Americans hope this time to deter the Russians from jumping in first again."

Headlines of World War III from Israeli Intelligence Portal  10/11/01 Debka, Israel: "Pakistan Throws up Army Positions Around Ministries, Hotels and Strategic Sites after Defense Ministry and Army HQ in Rawalpindi Go up in Flames - Musharref Permits US Emergency and Logistical Use of Two Air Bases - Taliban Units Cross into Tadjikistan and Engage Tadjik and Russian Troops - Taliban Incursions into Pakistan Reported in Four Places On Fourth Day of US Raids Over Afghanistan, Taliban Deny Its Air Defenses Were Destroyed - In Tour of Inspection Wednesday, Chinese Army Chiefs Raise to Full War Level Preparedness of Heavy Military Concentrations Along Afghan Frontier - Earlier DEBKAfile Disclosure: China Moves Muslim Troops into Afghanistan to Support Taliban and Bin Laden Against US Assault - Three Russian Armored Brigades Reach Kabul’s Outskirts with Anti-Taliban Northern Alliance Ahead of US Troops"

U.S. Is Likely to Target Groups in East Asia Linked to bin Laden  10/11/01 IHT 

Arafat faces internal crisis after his security forces kill three Palestinians  10/11/01 Independent, UK 

US discloses plan to widen war on terror to East Asia  10/11/01 Independent, Uk: "...the Bush administration said it would pursue the al-Qa'ida network wherever the trail led. This could lead to US involvement in overt and covert operations against Islamic extremists in the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia, all countries where the al-Qa'ida recruits have planned attacks against US targets and where the organisation has financial and other links."

US general will go to Philippines as Bush fulfils his pledge for a war without limits  10/11/01 Independent, UK 

Moscow is provoking war between Georgia and Abkhazia  10/11/01 Kavkaz 

Robert Fisk: Lost in the rhetorical fog of war  10/11/01 Khilafah 

Washington intensifie ses bombardements  10/11/01 Le Monde, France: Over 300 dead from bombings in Afghanistan - "Concernant le nombre de victimes civiles touchées, aucune source indépendante n'est en mesure d'avancer un bilan. Selon différentes informations diffusées par les talibans, les raids aériens alliés auraient fait quelque 300 victimes civiles depuis le dimanche 7 octobre, et plus de 140 personnes pour les seules dernières vingt-quatre heures. Quant aux pertes militaires, aucun chiffre n'est fourni par Kaboul. Les Etats-Unis, de leur côté, ont choisi de garder le silence sur ce sujet. "

Moscow Fortifies Georgia Border  10/11/01 Moscow Times 

Decoding bin Laden  10/11/01 MSNBC: "scholars argue that stifling such message could hinder U.S. efforts to secure worldwide Arab support. “If anything, it will sharpen opposition to the United States,” says Bacian, who argues that Arabs are eager to hear the Bush administration acknowledge their concerns about U.S. policy. Arab news networks have already reported the Bush administration’s media-control efforts as “censorship.” “A better response is for the administration to try to understand what is so appealing to the masses about bin Laden’s message,” says Hathout. “They must understand what sentiments he’s exploiting. Bin Laden didn’t create these sentiments.”

Royal Mess  10/11/01 New Yorker: "As the United States government weighs various responses to the September 11th attacks, the role of Saudi Arabia is crucial—both because it has history of hosting U.S. bases and because much of Osama bin Laden's animosity is directed against the Saudi royal family. (Bin Laden was born in Saudi Arabia but has been stripped of his citizenship.) This article, from 1994, looks at dissatisfaction with the House of Saud from within the kingdom."

The Clash of Ignorance  10/11/01 Outlook India: by Edward W. Said

Pakistan allows American forces to use 2 of its airports  10/11/01 Pak News 

China to Spend Altogether 347 Billion Yuan on Western Railways and Roads  10/11/01 People's Daily, China: spending a lot of money on the region near Afghanistan

Yemeni Authorities Detain Bin Laden's Father-in-Law  10/11/01 People's Daily, China 

Britain says no evidence linking Iraq to attacks  10/11/01 Reuters 

New York Mayor Rejects Saudi Prince's Donation  10/11/01 Reuters: New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani on Thursday rejected a Saudi prince's $10 million donation for victims of the World Trade Center after the prince criticized U.S. policy in the Middle East. Prince Alwaleed bin Talal toured the site of the Sept. 11 destruction with the mayor, offered to donate $10 million and said, "The government of the United States of America should re-examine its policies in the Middle East and adopt a more balanced stance toward the Palestinian cause."

New York Mayor Rejects Saudi Prince's Donation  10/11/01 Reuters 

Islam: Religion of the sword?  10/11/01 Salon: And the Christians have never had a holy war, nor did they ever sing the Te Deum as they went into battle for their God, and above all they never colonized the whole planet in the name of bringing Christian civilization to the natives!

Even in the Ruins, Race Matters  10/11/01 TBWT: Ground zero - "But the other night I saw six white cops get busted with several Rolex wristwatches that they had stolen from an expensive shop in the financial district. I saw this happen but I have not seen a word of it on television!"

Airport ablaze as Kabul suffers biggest raids yet: Air strikes: Taliban leader's relatives reported killed  10/11/01 The Guardian 

US may turn attention to far east terror groups  10/11/01 The Guardian, UK 

Russian troops clash with rebels  10/11/01 The Independent 

More civilians die in heaviest night of bombing yet  10/11/01 The Independent, UK 

The forgotten Muslim victims of 11 September 2001  10/11/01 The Independent, UK 

Nato chief warns of 'poor man's nuclear bomb' risk  10/11/01 The Times, UK 

Russian forces 'already in action'  10/11/01 The Times, UK 

Pak to deploy 50,000 policemen at madrassas  10/11/01 Times of India 

Bin Laden Said to 'Own' The Taliban: Bush Is Told He Gave Regime $100 Million  10/11/01 Washington Post 

Civilians Mourn Dead in Kabul  10/11/01 Washington Post 

Police photograph peace vigil crowd  10/11/01 Worcester Telegram: " a police officer at the vigil Monday at Lincoln Square said Worcester police had “been instructed by the FBI to take photos of all demonstrations,” according to a letter to Chief James M. Gallagher from Worcester Peace Works, which organized the demonstration."

Wednesday  10/10/01

topInternational street protest swells against US air attacks  10/10/01 AFP 

Abkhazia: Guerrillas Bomb Villages  10/10/01 AP: "The leader of Georgia's breakaway Abkhazia region mobilized thousands of reservists after suspected Georgian and Chechen guerrillas raided a village and unidentified aircraft bombed three communities from the air. A long-simmering ethnic conflict on Russia's southern border has escalated since Monday's downing of a helicopter carrying four U.N. observers, four crew members and a translator. It remained unclear Tuesday who shot down the helicopter. Abkhazian separatists drove out Georgian forces in a 1992-93 war that ended in a cease-fire and de facto independence. Clashes and bombings have continued despite the presence of Russian peacekeepers. On Monday, attackers killed 14 people in the village of Noa, said Martin Tarkil, a spokesman for the foreign ministry of the self-declared Abkhazian government. The ministry blamed Chechen and Georgian fighters, and accused Georgia of bombing the three villages. Georgia denied involvement, saying the aircraft - two helicopters and four planes - came from Russia. There has been speculation that Russia, which is fighting its own war against separatists in Chechnya, wants to crack down on Chechen rebels hiding in Abkhazia. "

Afghanistan's ruling Taliban say 'no restrictions' on Osama bin Laden now  10/10/01 AP 

Islamic students hold third day of anti-US protests in Indonesia  10/10/01 AP 

Nation set to push Sharon on agreement  10/10/01 Boston Globe: "The Bush administration is prepared in the next few weeks to publicly increase pressure on Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to accept not only a Palestinian state but a viable Palestinian homeland that includes a ''shared Jerusalem,'' according to US officials and a State Department draft statement."

Administration urges caution in airing al Qaeda statements  10/10/01 CNN 

Anti-U.S. protests in Jakarta turn violent  10/10/01 CNN 



Semion Mogilevich  10/10/01 Gangsters Inc: Hunted for selling nukes to Al Qaeda - "Allegations of Mogilevich's devilish array of criminal activities are extensively detailed in the reports: The FBI and Israeli intelligence assert that he traffics in nuclear materials, drugs, prostitutes, precious gems, and stolen art. His contract hit squads operate in the U.S. and Europe. He controls everything that goes in and out of Moscow's Sheremetyevo International Airport, a "smugglers' paradise, " says Elson. Mogilevich bought a bankrupt airline in a former Central Asian Soviet republic for millions of dollars in cash so he could haul heroin out of the Golden Triangle. Most worrisome to U.S. authorities is Mogilevich's apparently legal purchase of virtually the entire Hungarian armaments industry, jeopardizing regional security, NATO, and the war against terrorism. In one typical criminal deal, Mogilevich and two Moscow-based gangsters sold $20 million worth of pilfered Warsaw Pact weapons from East Germany, including ground-to-air missiles and 12 armored troop carriers, according to the classified Israeli and FBI documents. The buyer was Iran, says a top-level U.S. Customs official ho requested anonymity…. Like mob bosses everywhere, Mogilevich couldn't sustain his empire without the help of corrupt police and politicians. There is one documented example of a criminal associate of Mogilevich mingling with American politicians. In March 1994, Vahtang Ubiriya, one of Mogilevich's top lieutenants, was photographed by the FBI at a tony Republican Party fundraiser in Dallas, says an FBI report."

Manhunt on for Bin Laden's Russian nuke connection  10/10/01 Geostrategy Direct, US: "Spanish authorities are investigating a Russian organized crime figure for his ties to the al-Qaeda terrorist group headed by Osama Bin Laden. Semion Mogilevich is suspected by Spanish intelligence and security police of being connected to Bin Laden and his group’s efforts to acquire weapons of mass destruction material and components on the black market. Mogilevich is a Ukrainian by birth who carries an Israeli passport. U.S. intelligence officials said Mogilevich may be a key connection to efforts by al-Qaeda to acquire so-called "suitcase" tactical nuclear weapons that Russian officials have said are not completely accounted for since the demise of the Soviet Union in 1991. A Bin Laden associate, Algerian Hamal al-Fadl, has told U.S. Investigators that he was in charge of seeking to acquire suitcase nuclear bombs on behalf of Bin Laden. Mogilevich is suspected of attempting to smuggle uranium into France from Russia using several members of his crime family. He is believed to be somewhere in southern Spain and a manhunt is underway for him, according to intelligence sources."

Robert Fisk: Bush and Blair have already lost the talking war across the Middle East  10/10/01 Independent, UK 

War began in Abkhazia?  10/10/01 Kavkaz, Chechnya: "Early in the morning on Tuesday, Russian planes bombed Kodori Gorge." In Georgia.

How the US 'rewards' its agents  10/10/01 Khilafah in Pakistan 

America's Uzbek Connection May Inflame All of Central Asia  10/10/01 Pacific News Service, US 

No fire exchanged with Taliban: Gen. Qureshi  10/10/01 Pal News, Pakistan 

Semion Mogilevich, the "Brainy Don"  10/10/01 Profaca Mario's Cyberspace Station: Extensive files on a man hunted for selling nukes to Al Qaeda

Air strikes spark demonstrations across the world  10/10/01 Taipei Times 

Saudi oil fields vulnerable to attack  10/10/01 Taipei Times 

The Racial Aspects of Tom Ridge's Anti-Crime Policies In PA  10/10/01 TBWT: Ridge is head of the new Office of Homeland Security, a domestic terror organization

Cuba wants justice too  10/10/01 The Guardian, UK 

Missile clue to Russian plane crash  10/10/01 The Guardian, UK 

'We have more suicide bombers set to strike'  10/10/01 The Guardian, UK 

US commandos on way to Pakistan  10/10/01 The News, Pakistan 

India helped FBI trace ISI-terrorist links  10/10/01 The Times of India 

Rioting spreads to other Pak cities  10/10/01 The Tribune 

Bin Laden vs. Bush: The Battle for Arab Minds  10/10/01 Times Magazine 

Thobani accused of hate crime against Americans: Complaint sent to Ottawa police 'pure harassment', UBC professor says  10/10/01 Vancouver Sun, Canada: "If you point to the factual record of U.S. foreign policy, you are now accused of spreading hate," she said. "It really is unbelievable."

‘A New Form of Slavery’  10/10/01 Village Voice 

Germany Targets Egyptian Doctor: Ties to Alleged Hijacker, Financier Cited  10/10/01 Washington Post 

Palestinians ask Israel for help as pro-Bin Laden riots spread  10/10/01 World Tribune, Falls Church, VA: "Israeli sources said the PA has asked the Jewish state for riot control systems. The sources said Israel has not responded to the request"

Arab allies mum about Iran links to Bin Laden  10/10/01 World Tribune, US 

Tuesday  10/9/01

topTwo dead, at least 200 injured in Gaza riots  10/9/01 AFP 

Bin Laden Official Urges Holy War  10/9/01 AP 

Doctors Without Borders calls U.S. food drops 'propaganda'  10/9/01 AP 

Paige Urges Schools to Recite Pledge  10/9/01 AP 

Taliban Leaders Say Stronghold Bombed  10/9/01 AP: "Officials at the scene said the victims of the Monday night bombing raid were U.N. workers who cleared anti-personnel mines in Kabul, one of the world's most heavily mined cities."

Osamagate  10/9/01 Centre for Research on Globalisation: "The 'blowback' thesis is a fabrication. The evidence amply confirms that the CIA never severed its ties to the "Islamic Militant Network". Since the end of the Cold War, these covert intelligence links have not only been maintained, they have in become increasingly sophisticated. New undercover initiatives financed by the Golden Crescent drug trade were set in motion in Central Asia, the Caucasus and the Balkans. Pakistan's military and intelligence apparatus (controlled by the CIA) essentially "served as a catalyst for the disintegration of the Soviet Union and the emergence of six new Muslim republics in Central Asia….A major war supposedly "against international terrorism" has been launched by a government which is harboring international terrorism as part of its foreign policy agenda. "

Next target: Saddam?  10/9/01 Chicago Sun Times 

The Empire Strikes Back  10/9/01 Counterpunch 

China Closes Its Borders Tuesday with Tadjikistan, Kyrgistan and Southeast Russia. China Moves Muslim Troops into Afghanistan to Support Taliban and Bin Laden Against US Assault  10/9/01 Debka, Israel 

US Preparing Shortly to Hit Second Target-Country – Either Bin Laden Bases in Somalia or Iraq NATO Forces from UK, France, Germany and Italy Are Heading for Middle East  10/9/01 Debka, Israel 

Black lawmakers declare in time of U.S. crisis 'We will stand and lead America!'  10/9/01 Final Call 

Only atonement can shield America from 'terrorism'  10/9/01 Final Call 


IDF razes agricultural lands in Gaza following shooting attack  10/9/01 Haaretz, Israel 

Report: U.S. nuclear weapons sent to Afghanistan as 'last resort'  10/9/01 Haaretz, Israel 

U.S. forces in Uzbekistan direct bombings to targets  10/9/01 Haaretz, Israel: See our page on Uzbekistan for a more complete picture, including the 7,000 people jailed for non-authorized practice of islam and the insurgency there.

Alarm over aid drop in 'world's biggest minefield'  10/9/01 Independent, UK 

Police in gunfight with armed protesters  10/9/01 Independent, UK 

British aid moves into Afghanistan  10/9/01 IRNA, Iran: Trucks have carried British aid into "The first major shipment of food across the Iranian border, according to news reports here Tuesday. The 100 tons of wheat flour has been taken by Afghan truckers toward the northwestern city of Herat."

Central regions of Afghanistan remained intact in air raids  10/9/01 IRNA, Iran 

Indian hospital for Afghan refugees on Tajikistan border opens  10/9/01 IRNA, Iran 

Taliban militants air force commander killed: source  10/9/01 IRNA, Iran 

Ten relief groups prepared to serve prospective Afghan IDP  10/9/01 IRNA, Iran 

UN has suspended relief operations for Afghanistan  10/9/01 IRNA, Iran 

UNICEF representative in Tehran concerned over Afghan children  10/9/01 IRNA, Iran 

Shamil Basayev: «We are fighting against international terrorism»  10/9/01 Kavkaz, Chechnya: "I want to remind to Bush and the rest, that on our ground since hundred of years with breaks, there is a ruthless and bloody terrorist war carried out by Russia. We in the form of Jihad conduct national-liberation struggle. Therefore, we accept everything that corresponds to Shari’ah. And reject everything that contradicts to Shari’ah. We have no connection with Bin Laden. But we have connection and friendship and mutual support treaty with leadership and people of Afghanistan. Afghanistan is the unique country in the world, which recognized independence of Chechen Republic of Ichkeria."

Rush to Conform Endangers Liberty  10/9/01 New York Observer 

ANTHRAX OUTBREAK  10/9/01 New York Post 

U.N. Says Raids Hamper Afghan Food Deliveries  10/9/01 Reuters 

Attack will produce more hard-liners, says Mahathir  10/9/01 The Pioneer, India: "Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad - Asia's longest serving leader - today condemned the US and British attacks on Afghanistan, predicting they would fail to wipe out terrorism but could produce greater support for Islamic hard-liners."

Outbreak points to 'inept' attack on newspaper office  10/9/01 The Times, London 

Attacks on other countries possible: US to UN  10/9/01 Times of India 

Anti-American Threats Escalate in Indonesia  10/9/01 Washington Post: Indonesia was the site of mass killings- 500,000 "communists" - in the early 60's, with participation of the CIA station chief.

Next Phase To Include More Troops  10/9/01 Washington Post: Next week?

Saudis Refuse to Rule Out Terror Link  10/9/01 Washington Post 

Refugees becoming major problem in US-led coalition against terrorism  10/9/01 Yellow Times 

Monday  10/8/01

topPalestinian police tear gas and beat anti-US student demo in Gaza  10/8/01 AFP 

Sequence of events in US attacks on Afghanistan  10/8/01 AFP 

Turkey's Islamist press fumes at US for 'crusade' against Islam  10/8/01 AFP 

US-led strikes spark demos in Germany  10/8/01 AFP 

The Anti-War Movement's Challenge  10/8/01 Alternet, US 

FBI Probe Possible Terror Anthrax Link  10/8/01 AP 

French Defense Minister Indicates Special Forces Already in Afghanistan  10/8/01 AP 

Officials: Tests Show Presence of Anthrax in Second Florida Man and at Newspaper Building  10/8/01 AP 

US: Humanitarian Airdrops Successful  10/8/01 AP: The fraud here is that the US sends in 35,000 food packets and ignores the termination of 700 tons of food a day that can no longer go in from Pakistan due to the bombing. With 6 million refugees on the edge of starvation, 35,000 meals is a joke.

Violent backlash in Pakistan  10/8/01 BBC 

CBC Chair: America ‘Needs To Listen’ To Why They Hate Us  10/8/01 Black Press USA: Congressional Black Caucus - "“It is clear that there is great hate expressed against (America). And that hate cannot be without some motivation whether it be accurate or inaccurate. We need to know what it is. And we need to know what caused it and how we can solve it,” Johnson said. “America needs to listen to see if there is a way that we can solve this diplomatically because I don’t think you can continue to high-jack or bomb and think it’s going to solve the entire problem,” said Johnson, who said she learned of the bombings from television when she got home from church."

ARAB WORLD: Protests, horror greet US assault  10/8/01 Boston Globe 

In Boston, protest is small and brief  10/8/01 Boston Globe 

The Pot Calling the Kettle Black - Philip Agee  10/8/01 Counterpunch 

Did suicide bomber cause Riyadh blast?  10/8/01 Dawn, Pakistan 

Bin Laden Upsets Three Applecarts  10/8/01 Debka, Israel: "In Islamic terms, he disposed neatly of Yasser Arafat’s yearlong attempt to turn his confrontation against Israel into a holy war and to crown himself the defender of Al Aqsa...Bin Laden easily cut the Palestinian leader and his intifada down to size as no US president or Israeli prime minister has ever done. He referred to him as "debauched" "a follower of injustice" and deserving the "wrath of God." With one hand Bin Laden hallowed Arafat’s Jihad; with the other, he pronounced him unfit to lead it, placing himself at the forefront of the holy war."

200 missiles hit Taliban positions  10/8/01 IRNA, Iran 

Afghan Pashtouns intent on capturing Ziranj  10/8/01 IRNA, Iran 

Taliban, Afghans clash in border city  10/8/01 IRNA, Iran 

US targeting innocent Afghans: Hizb-e-Islami  10/8/01 IRNA, Iran 

Why the Israelis revealing all US nuclear secrets?  10/8/01 Khilafah: "Talking to Russian Public TV on October 2, Rustam Jumaev, the press secretary of the Uzbek president denied "rumours" that the US Special Forces had landed in Uzbekistan. But 'denying' the said 'rumors' he also revealed: "The men mistaken for special forces were, in fact, US customs officers who were training Uzbek border troops in ways to prevent the smuggling of nuclear weapons and radioactive material." He did not bother to tell as to when, how and from where "the US custom officers entered Uzbekistan." The CIA-financed Radio Free Europe also made fun of the 'denials,' the Tajik government keeps issuing regarding the presence of the US troops on its soil."

Missions Will Grow More Dangerous for U.S. Troops  10/8/01 LA Times: "One big worry of retired Maj. Gen. James Guest, a former commander of the Army's Green Berets, is what might happen if the Taliban captures a Green Beret. Guest says terrorists have tortured Russian prisoners--sometimes skinning them alive and sending videotapes of the horror to the victims' hometowns. What, Guest asks, would happen to public support for this war if tapes of Americans being tortured were shown on television? "

Les Egyptiens sont encore indécis mais l'université gronde  10/8/01 Le Monde, France: Debka reports 20,000person demonstrations in university

Networks Ignore CNN Embargo On Middle East News Channel's Footage of Attacks On Afghanistan  10/8/01 Media Central: "On Saturday, a letter from Qatar-based Al-Jazeera – the only TV news organization that has direct contact with the Taliban government and Osama bin Laden and permission to broadcast live from the regions under attack – warned the networks against using its pictures until six hours after they aired on CNN. "Any party that picks up material off Al-Jazeera air and runs it before Al-Jazeera lifts its embargo on it shall be held legally responsible and could face prosecution in a court of law," according to a letter from an Al-Jazeera executive that was provided to Inside."

Crescendo Of Rage  10/8/01 Outlook India 

Panic Grips Pakistani Cities, Fear Taliban Retaliation  10/8/01 Pak News 

Bin Laden Vows No Peace for «Infidel» America  10/8/01 Reuters 

Small bombs explode in Philippine hotels  10/8/01 Reuters 

U.S. warns of possible evacuation from Indonesia  10/8/01 Reuters 

WFP Temporarily Stops Food Convoys to Afghanistan  10/8/01 Reuters 

Spread of Polio Threatens Afghanistan, Neighbors  10/8/01 Reuters Health 

In this war of civilisations, the West will prevail  10/8/01 Telegraph, UK: Classic racist rant from "Sir John Keegan, Defence Editor"

'Nobody can kill us. We are ready to fight you' By Julius Strauss from Dashti Qala, close to the Afghan front line  10/8/01 Telegraph, UK 

Dissident clerics warn Saudi royals  10/8/01 The Guardian, UK 

Anti-war protests planned across UK  10/8/01 The Times, London 

FBI closes website linked to Real IRA  10/8/01 The Times, London 

Violent anti-US protests in Pak  10/8/01 The Tribune, India 

Opium den: In the Afghan badlands, add drugs to a devil’s brew  10/8/01 US News 

Leader Purges Top Ranks Of Military, Spy Services  10/8/01 Washington Post: Pakistan

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