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    World News
7/22/02 - 7/28/02  

Sunday  7/28/02

Britons left in jail amid fears that Saudi Arabia could fall to al-Qaeda  7/28/02 Guardian: "Saudi Arabia is teetering on the brink of collapse, fuelling Foreign Office fears of an extremist takeover of one of the West's key allies in the war on terror. Anti-government demonstrations have swept the desert kingdom in the past months in protest at the pro-American stance of the de facto ruler, Prince Abdullah. At the same time, Whitehall officials are concerned that Abdullah could face a palace coup from elements within the royal family sympathetic to al-Qaeda. Saudi sources said the Pentagon had recently sponsored a secret conference to look at options if the royal family fell."

Friday  7/26/02

Gaza Attack Sending Shrapnel Flying Through Israeli Society  7/26/02 Forward 

Ashcroft vows no database for citizens' tips  7/26/02 IHT: he also wants to sell you a bridge in Brooklyn.

La policía judicial identificó a francotiradores del 11-A  7/26/02 Rebelion: the Caracas April 11 shooters have been identified, the American among them is listed as "Robert F. Mckigth," possibly a misspelling.

Denver mayor rejects panel’s findings to destroy secret police files  7/26/02 The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press: "Denver Mayor Wellington Webb said July 22 that he will not follow an independent panel's recommendation to destroy within 60 days surveillance files that police have collected on peaceful protestors since 1954. Webb commissioned the panel, composed of three retired judges, after the American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado wrote to him in March that it had "obtained documents that demonstrate that the Denver Police Department is monitoring and recording the peaceful protest activities of Denver-area residents and keeping files on the expressive activities of law-abiding advocacy organization."

Terrorist rabbi killed in West Bank resistance attack  7/26/02 Ummah News: "An Israeli occupation army spokesman said the dead person was a Rabbi from Gush Emunim, a Judeo-Nazi movement advocating the expulsion or extermination of all non-Jews in Palestine… By relying on the Code of Maimonides and the Halacha, Rabbi Ariel stated, 'A Jew who killed a non-Jew is exempt from human judgement and has not violated the [religious] prohibition of murder."

Israeli intelligence: Narco-terror profits funded Sept. 11 attack  7/26/02 World Tribune: "Profits from drugs shipped by Afghanistan were used by Al Qaida in carrying out the September 11 attacks, according to a classified report by Israel's police intelligence service.' And what were Israel's spies doing dogging the DEA?

Thursday  7/25/02

top25 COLOMBIANS ARE BEING FORCIBLY DISAPPEARED EACH WEEK  7/25/02 ANNCOL: "Newly released figures show that 25 people are being forcibly disappeared in Colombia each week – nearly all by groups linked to the State. Another 1,000 Colombians are forced from their land each day as a result of the counterinsurgency war being waged by the Colombian armed forces."

United States loses fight to block U.N. vote on torture convention  7/25/02 AP: "Among U.S. concerns was language that could allow for international and independent visits to U.S. prisons and to terror suspects being held by the U.S. military at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba. Such visits are unlikely unless the United States chooses to adopt the plan, known as a protocol, which seeks to enforce the 1989 treaty against torture."

Colombia: Rebel plot to crash plane into buildings foiled  7/25/02 Boston Globe: "Jaramillo said Carvajalino had recruited a pilot who had agreed to fly a plane into the Congress building during Independence Day ceremonies on July 20 or into the presidential palace on Aug. 7, during the inauguration of the next president."

At anthrax base, 'space suits' and haze of suspicion  7/25/02 Christian Science Monitor: "The FBI has questioned all of the scientists here at this huge, low tan building about a hour north of Washington. Some have been interrogated more than once. Several have been polygraphed. And at least one, sometimes two, FBI agents are on the premises every day."

War on Terrorism or Police State?  7/25/02 Counterpunch: "In a period of two months, recently declassified documents on Operation Lantern Spike indicate that 240 military personnel were assigned in the two months of March and April to conduct surveillance on Dr. King. The documents further reveal that 16,900 man-hours were spent on this assignment. Dr. King had done nothing more than call for black suffrage, an end to black poverty, and an end to the Vietnam War."

Left-Wing Jews Rally Behind Rep. McKinney  7/25/02 Palestine Chronicle 

Saudis behind Russian blast plot  7/25/02 Times of India: "Unidentified plotters in Saudi Arabia were behind an attempted bombing in southern Russia which was averted by the police last week, security sources told the RIA Novosti news agency on Wednesday. A source from the Federal Security Service (FSB) was quoted as saying that "the order came from Saudi Arabia," and that those who were supposed to carry out the bombing were all based in Russia's separatist republic of Chechnya. Russian police said they had prevented a huge bomb attack Friday after discovering a truck in the southern region of Stavropol loaded with a plastic explosive that would have caused a blast equivalent to 800 kilograms (1,760 pounds) of TNT."

Wednesday  7/24/02

topMachetes Undercut Plans for Mexico's International Airport  7/24/02 Americas Program: "Infuriated by the threat of seizure of their ancestral turf, a few hundred Nahua Indian farmers picked up their machetes and called for the formation of a people's front to defend the land, instigating a struggle that achieved the astonishing result of the president's offer this July to reconsider the location."

How to Charge War Crimes  7/24/02 ANC News: "Called the International Criminal court, its first case could involve the Israel-Palestinian conflict, after Palestinian leaders on Tuesday accused Israel's generals of committing war crimes — a charge typically associated with genocide."

4 US troops feared dead in Gardez attack  7/24/02 Frontier Post, Pakistan 

IDF Company Commander and soldier charged with severely abusing Palestinian youth  7/24/02 Jerusalem Post: "The charges against lieutenant-colonel (Res.) Sagi Geva and another soldier claim that while serving in the village of Doha near Bethlehem, the two were carrying out searches for a man when they discovered his son. The commander threatened the youth with a loaded rifle, before commanding him to remove his pants and underwear. The two then held a flame near the youth's genitalia."

2 Held Liable for Salvador Torture  7/24/02 LA Times: "A Florida jury on Tuesday found two retired generals from El Salvador liable for torture, rape and other atrocities committed during that nation's civil war two decades ago, and ordered them to pay $54.6 million to three surviving victims."

Fighter plane's laser may blind civilians  7/24/02 New Scientist: "The 100-kilowatt infrared laser, which is being developed for the F35 Joint Strike Fighter by defence companies Lockheed Martin and Raytheon, is far more powerful than any laser ever used in war. But because it is designed to attack targets such as other fighter aircraft, ground vehicles and anti-aircraft batteries, it is exempt from the Geneva Convention's ban on blinding weapons."

Every Israeli is now a target, warns Hamas  7/24/02 Times of India: "CAIRO: The Palestinian Islamic radical movement Hamas warned on Wednesday that every Israeli is now a target for attack, following Israel's devastating F-16 air strike on Gaza City. "Every Israeli, at any time and in any place, is now a target for strikes by the Palestinian resistance," Hamas spokesman Mahmoud al-Zahar said, quoted by Egypt's news agency MENA."

Tuesday  7/23/02

topRussia 'thinning out' Chechens  7/23/02 BBC: "An international human rights organisation has accused the Russian military of a campaign of executions in Chechnya to deliberately reduce the break-away republic's male population. In a report released on Tuesday, the International Helsinki Federation (IHF) alleges that Chechen men are regularly abducted and murdered during sweep and search operations by Russian special forces."

Bush's role in corporate fraud  7/23/02 Boston Globe: "George W. Bush, private citizen, emulated his brother Neil. He became rich through a buyout of his interest in the Texas Rangers at a huge profit. How did he purchase that interest in the first place? He got a very large loan from a very friendly bank. How was the bank able to justify the loan? If at all, because of the market's valuation of Bush's shares in Harken. Why was he on Harken's board of directors and also a well-paid consultant? Because his name was Bush. Why was he able to sell his Harken shares for a profit? Because Harken committed a financial fraud that hid real losses and created fictional income. What was the nature of that fraud? It was a variant on the Enron and Lincoln Savings frauds. Harken insiders formed a entity which ''purchased'' Harken's bad assets for a grossly excessive price. But Harken financed almost all of the sale. If the bad assets had stayed on the books, Harken would have had to report severe losses, threatening its survival and causing its stock values to plummet. George W. Bush is a wealthy man today because his business friends were willing to stoop to fraud to make him rich."

Hunt for bin Laden goes online  7/23/02 CNN: "Authorities also are investigating information from detainees that suggests al Qaeda members -- and possibly even bin Laden -- are hiding messages inside photographic files on pornographic Web sites."

Why Afghanistan's Leader Wants American Bodyguards  7/23/02 Time Magazine: the puppet regime.

Navy plans floating commando base Proposal indicates military emphasis on special forces  7/23/02 USA Today 

Monday  7/22/02

topGranting Police Powers to Military Called 'Terrible Idea'  7/22/02 CNS: "But Healy, an attorney and policy analyst with Cato, thinks having the military performing civilian law enforcement duties would be a "disaster." "I think it's a terrible idea. Soldiers are trained to shoot to kill. Civilian police officers, ideally are trained to use force as a last resort," said Healy."

Forbidden Truth - The Sellouts in the Fourth Estate  7/22/02 Counterpunch: "So the media elite, in some perverted and confused quest to show its loyalty to the Bush family, has decided that linking its policies in Afghanistan and the Middle east to its past oil dealings, is somehow off the mark, "out there," unworthy of consideration. Reconstructed liberal and progressive journalists throw around the "C word" (conspiracy) to detract from those who write about the massive evidence that points to the Bushes having traded the nation's economic well-being and national security for personal profit. Grandfather Bush, Prescott, certainly did this during World War II when his investments included companies that supported Nazi Germany's war effort."

Why are the CIA & FBI Targeting Me?  7/22/02 Counterpunch: human rights workers target of right wing death squads and the CIA/FBI in the US.

Bomb errors may have cost 800 civilian lives  7/22/02 Scotsman, UK: "The US aid and advocacy group Global Exchange, based in San Francisco, claims survey teams sent into Afghan villages have compiled a list of 812 Afghan civilians killed in air strikes. But more damaging for the public image of the Pentagon may be yesterday’s report in the New York Times. The newspaper said its survey of 11 locations put the death toll at up to 400 civilians." Both these numbers are on the low side.

Europe rethinks its relationship with Washington  7/22/02 Sydney Morning Herald: "European leaders, increasingly irritated by the Bush Administration, feel they are coming to a moment of truth about themselves and their relationship with Washington. United States contempt for a weak Europe is producing pressure for more unity, more outspoken independence and a clearer understanding that Europe must spend more money on its military forces if Washington is going to take it seriously."

How bin Laden's huge convoy gave American forces the slip  7/22/02 Times, UK: "Mohammed Rahim, a local businessman, said that the al-Qaeda convoy arrived between November 1 and 15. “We don’t understand how they weren’t all killed the night before because they came in a convoy of at least 1,000 cars and trucks,” he said. “It was a very dark night, but it must have been easy for the American pilots to see the headlights.”

World News

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