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    World News
7/15/02 - 7/21/02  

Sunday  7/21/02

Sesionará Comisión de colaboración Cuba-Venezuela  7/21/02 AIN: "En esta ocasión se analizarán las posibilidades de cooperación en los sectores de salud, cultura, educación, industria azucarera, deporte, educación y educación superior, medio ambiente, transporte y agricultura, precisó."

Bush, Sharon and US defense contractors sued  7/21/02 Arab News, Saudi Arabia: "A Washington-based human rights group filed a lawsuit this week against Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, President George Bush, Secretary of State Colin Powell and United States defense contractors as well as some Christian and Jewish organizations that are financially supporting the development of an illegal settlements in the Palestinian Occupied Territories."

Little Support For TIPS  7/21/02 Newsday: ""It's going to be overused and abused, especially with people so nervous as it is," said Freeman, 45, who hauls produce cross-country. "You're going to have people running every which way looking for terrorists and their 15 minutes of glory."

Flaws in U.S. Air War Left Hundreds of Civilians Dead  7/21/02 NYT: significant article for its appearance in the New York Times, employs the "limited hangout" technique of admitting to a portion of the problems, as the number of civilian deaths is certainly far larger than the "hundreds" claimed.

Justice Dept. forges ahead with TIPS, despite Armey ban  7/21/02 St Louis Post Dispatch: "The Justice Department is forging ahead with establishing a network of domestic tipsters_despite being dealt what may be a deathly blow to the plan: House Majority Leader Dick Armey, R-Texas, inserted last week a ban on the program in the bill to form a new Homeland Security Department."

President doesn't have absolute military authority over Americans  7/21/02 St Petersburg Times: "No citizen shall be imprisoned or otherwise detained by the United States except pursuant to an Act of Congress. Congress passed this law in 1971 in response to concerns the executive branch could overstep its authority during a national emergency and hold, without charge, Americans deemed dangerous or disloyal. So why are two Americans in that very predicament today?"

US pushes Parsley Island rivals into climbdown  7/21/02 Telegraph, UK: "The pull-out followed a deal brokered by telephone by Colin Powell, the US secretary of state, under which Morocco agreed not to retake the islet if Spain's forces left."

Saturday  7/20/02

topComprehensive US Plan to Rebuild Palestinian Administration  7/20/02 Debka, Israel: installing a puppet regime - "The Bush administration has assigned USAID a leading role in five of its regular spheres, all essential components of the new Palestinian government: Water, electricity, transport and infrastructure Democracy: The creation of elected national and local authority. Public health: Setting up medical and social welfare services. Education: Creating a new school system whose curricula is not impregnated with nationalist and religious incitement. This will be America’s first experiment in creating for a Muslim-dominated society an educational system free of the taint of fostering terrorism – suicidal terrorism, in the Palestinian case. Community Services: To be made the main instrument for creating a judiciary. Security has been added to USAID’s regular spheres of control. Our sources report that the United States has begun recruiting Palestinians for the two new systems it regards as pivotal: the judiciary and security. The CIA has been assigned with creating a single new security force with a single command, according to a plan drawn up by its director, George Tenet, to replace the dozen or more security groups subject to Arafat…Their American instructors will din into them that their break with the past must be total; terrorism against Israel must never recur and their past associations severed with terrorist groups and their intelligence bodies, like the Fatah’s al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades and the Islamic extremists. Their primary function henceforth will be to fight those groups relentlessly."

Arabs in U.S. could be held, official warns  7/20/02 Detroit Free Press: "A member of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission said in Detroit on Friday he could foresee a scenario in which the public would demand internment camps for ArabAmericans if Arab terrorists strike again in this country. If there's a future terrorist attack in America "and they come from the same ethnic group that attacked the World Trade Center, you can forget about civil rights," commission member Peter Kirsanow said."

French sources: U.S. to attack Iraq `soon'  7/20/02 Haaretz, Israel 

Indians not amused by U.S. detention of a movie star as terror suspect  7/20/02 IHT: "Verma's detainment, which lasted nearly five hours, caused frenzy in the press in India and much consternation from Indians in the United States. "We are concerned," said Sunil Lal, the press relations counselor at the Indian Embassy in Washington. "These things should not happen."

FBI Targets Black Muslims in Anti-Terrorist Watch  7/20/02 LA Times: "a federal investigation of a possible terrorist cell in the Pacific Northwest is focusing on a group of African American converts to Islam, possibly opening a new chapter in the domestic war on terrorism. Across the nation, court papers suggest that FBI anxiety about radical African American Muslims has reemerged in the last decade as the bureau has concentrated on Islamic terrorism."

Evidence Against Suspect From 9/11 Is Called Weak  7/20/02 NYT: "Since December, when the government indicted Zacarias Moussaoui as the first man charged in the Sept. 11 attacks, an unusual gulf has opened between what prosecutors have charged in court and what investigators are saying privately about what they can prove about him."

Bombers' families targeted as Israel responds to new violence  7/20/02 Sydney Morning Herald: "Senior military commanders said they were ready to exile the men from the West Bank to the Gaza Strip. Even Israel's dovish Foreign Minister, Shimon Peres, said he was now ready to back what many regard as collective punishment."

Colombia death squads 'disbanded'  7/20/02 Telegraph, UK: "But observers said the move was part of the death squads' plan to reinvent themselves as the government, backed by America, plans to take action against them. They also hope it will give them a seat at peace talks. The announcement by the feared paramilitary warlords Carlos Castano and Salvatore Mancuso that the 12,000-strong United Self Defence Forces of Colombia (AUC) were being disbanded took the country by surprise. Insisting that "anarchy and drugs trafficking" had penetrated parts of the organisation, the warlords said they had no choice but to break up the federation of death squads."

Azzam removed from the Internet  7/20/02 Your Browser: "This website removed for "Terms of Service" (TOS) Violations" - all Azzam does is report the news from an Al Qaeda point of view, which of course is a crime! However, Americans might ask themselves how they can expect to understand their enemy if they are consistently denied access to his thinking.

Friday  7/19/02

topHamas threatens wave of attacks if bomber families transferred  7/19/02 AFP: "The armed wing of the radical Islamic group Hamas has threatened to send its suicide bombers "everywhere" in Israel if the army transfers the arrested families of militants from the West Bank to the Gaza Strip."

Hip-hop Nation  7/19/02 Alternet 

MURDEROUS GENERAL REINSTATED  7/19/02 ANNCOL: "The Colombian government has ordered that an army General who was fired in 1995 for gross violations of human rights be reinstated and paid 84 months of back pay."

Dow tumbles below Sept. 11 low  7/19/02 CBS: "The Dow suffered a devastating 4.8 percent loss on Friday, tumbling below its post Sept. 11 intraday low to levels not seen since September 1998 in its ninth down day over the past ten. The blue-chip barometer has fallen almost 14 percent since the start of the month."

'If you see a tank, just leave the car and run for it'  7/19/02 Independent, UK 

The Anthrax Files  7/19/02 NYT: "When someone expert in bio-warfare mailed anthrax last fall, it may not have been the first time he had struck. So while the F.B.I. has been unbelievably lethargic in its investigation so far, any year now it will re-examine the package that arrived on April 24, 1997, at the B'nai B'rith headquarters in Washington D.C. The package contained a petri dish mislabeled "anthracks."

VENEZUELA QUIERE CONTRIBUIR AL LOGRO DE LA PAZ EN COLOMBIA  7/19/02 Radio Havana: El jefe de Estado venezolano, Hugo Chávez, dijo que está dispuesto a hacer todo lo necesario para contribuir al logro de la paz en Colombia.

Psychological war over bin Laden - Both U.S., al-Qaida using uncertainty of Osama's status as tool  7/19/02 Stratfor: "Two recent conflicting reports about whether Osama bin Laden is alive or dead demonstrate that whether the terrorist actually is still breathing may be less important than how Washington and al-Qaida use the current ambiguity for psychological warfare, says Stratfor, the global intelligence company."

Traditional rights to go in judicial shake-up  7/19/02 Sydney Morning Herald: "Britain has unveiled sweeping changes in its criminal justice system, scrapping the ban on "double jeopardy", the 800-year-old legal principle that forbids trying a suspect twice for the same crime. Other changes include making hearsay evidence admissible in court and letting jurors know of suspects' previous crimes. The plan also introduces trial without jury in serious fraud cases where there is a risk of jury intimidation, allows the police to lock up dangerous sexual or violent offenders indefinitely, and adjusts sentencing guidelines to tailor the punishment to the criminal, not just the crime."

Si hay méritos Fiscal General está dispuesto a juzgar al Presidente Chávez  7/19/02 Venpres: "Sobre las acusaciones ante el Tribunal Supremo de Justicia y el Ministerio Público contra el presidente de la República Hugo Chávez Frías, por presuntos delitos de malversación de fondos públicos, expresó el fiscal general, Isaías Rodríguez, que de haber pruebas fehacientes contra el denunciado, no dudaría en someterlo a juicio, lo cual reveló este viernes, en conferencia de prensa, ofrecida en su despacho. De esa manera responde a las múltiples críticas que han surgido en su contra, por la comentada amistad entre él y el Presidente, aspecto que le impediría accionar contra la cabeza del Poder Ejecutivo. Incluso, se han realizado manifestaciones frente a la sede del Ministerio Público solicitando su renuncia por no darle, hipotéticamente, celeridad a los casos, donde aparecen señalados funcionarios o personas ligadas al Gobierno."

Thursday  7/18/02

topPress release from Gush Shalom, the Israeli peace bloc  7/18/02 Arab News: "Brute force does not provide a solution. Even a month of total occupation in the Palestinian cities, ongoing curfew and suffocation which brings the population to the edge of starvation, provide no solution and bring us no security. On the contrary - the acts of the soldiers who enforce the daily curfew prevent some terrorist attacks - but only at the price of increasing the hatred from which ever-new attacks spring."

Intel faces world boycott over links to Israeli war crimes  7/18/02 Arab News, Saudi Arabia: ""Intel built its second largest international fabrication plant in Israel, on land stolen by Israel from Palestinians after express, written guarantees by Israel that it would protect the Palestinians, respect their property and respect international law… It is basic law that a thief can confer no title to another party. Palestinians have rights to that land. Because Intel is an American company, it can and will be sued in the United States to recover the property or pay fair compensation. In a recent case, Bigio v. Coca-Cola, 239 F.3rd 440 (2nd Cir. 2000) the court addressed similar facts and found justiciable issues."

3 Al-Qaida Suspects Arrested In Spain  7/18/02 Azzam: "It is believed that Spanish police were leaked a report, which suggested that some of the people behind the September 11 attacks had held a meeting in Eastern Spain in July 2001. It was further suggested that these three men had taken a trip to the U.S. around three years ago and photographed/filmed the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre from various different angles. The men have been held in custody and are currently being interrogated by different intelligence officials and agencies."

Boss says Md. doctor isn't anthrax suspect  7/18/02 Baltimore Sun: wether he is guilt or not, Hatfill served in the Rhodesian SAS at a time when the Rhodesians were waging bioterrorism against its colonized people, and he "has close ties to imprisoned Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB) leader, Eugene Terre'blanche" according to South Africa's Daily News. The interesting question here is what will he do in his new position - "Hatfill started July 1 as associate director of Louisiana State University's National Center for Biomedical Research and Training, which is supported by grants from the Justice Department to train emergency personnel to handle bioterrorist attacks."

Alaskan glaciers melting faster  7/18/02 BBC: What we see over the last 50 years is that they have thinned quite substantially and then over the last five to 10 years there has been an acceleration."

Harvard fund poured millions into Bush-connected oil firm  7/18/02 Boston Globe: "But the money from Harvard, beginning in 1986, was crucial, at one point giving the fund one-third control of Harken. That was such a large stake that a key member of Harvard Management's investment team acquired stock in the firm on his own and was invited to join Bush on Harken's board of directors."

Postal officials change stance on Operation TIPS  7/18/02 CNN: "In a shift from its position 24 hours earlier, the U.S. Postal Service said Thursday it had decided to meet with the Justice Department to discuss Operation TIPS, a government plan to encourage U.S. postal workers to report suspicious activity as part of the government's war on terrorism."

Judge: Gov't Must Explain Why It Is Holding American-Born Prisoner  7/18/02 Fox News: "A judge Thursday ordered the U.S. government to explain within a week why it is holding prisoner an American-born man who was captured with Taliban fighters in Afghanistan. The judge also directed the government to spell out with whom the United States is fighting its war on terrorism."

Sarid wants trial for rabbi who okayed executing refuseniks  7/18/02 Haaretz 

Who Bought Bush’s Stock?  7/18/02 New York Press: "What kills the President is that every time Harken comes up, Democrats get to retell the story of how he made his money. And this, basically, is the story of the spectacular unfairness with which moneymaking opportunities are lavished on the politically connected. It is the story of a man who has been rewarded for repeated failures by having money shot at him through a fire hose. It is the story of a man who talks with a straight face about having "earned" a fortune of tens of millions of dollars, without having ever done an honest day’s work in his life...But until the identity of the Harken purchaser is revealed, probing the issue will be a no-lose situation for the Democrats. They can ask whether George Bush’s fortune has its roots in Arab oil money. They can ask whether the corrupt Bank of Credit and Commerce International was involved. They can ask why it was that the entire bin Laden clan was allowed to be flown out of the country in the immediate aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks. They won’t accuse Bush of intentionally bungling the war on terror to please the Saudis. But they may note that it was tragic that, at a time when thousands of Americans were murdered by extremists whose only ultimate means of support was oil, we had an oil man in the White House. "

US recruited Islamic radicals in 1980s  7/18/02 The News, Pakistan: "I kept saying no,'' Springmann recalled. "But, again, the head of consular section gave him a visa. I asked why. He said national security reasons.'' And so it went for the 18 months that Springmann was in Jiddah. About 100 applicants -- Pakistanis, Syrians, Lebanese, Palestinians -- whom he felt were unqualified were approved for visas over his objections, he said. "I had people come to me and say, well, you can issue me the visa now or you can issue me the visa when the consul general overrules you,'' Springmann said."

Congress signals interest in bills limiting U.S.-Saudi ties  7/18/02 World Tribune: "Rep. Tom Lantos, a California Democrat, said Congress would return to examine U.S.-Saudi relations and consider legislation to restrict weapons sales to the kingdom. Lantos said Riyad has prevented the U.S. Air Force from using Prince Sultan Air Base for Persian Gulf military operations." No more petrodollar recycling?

U.S. has more than 19,000 troops in Arab world  7/18/02 World Tribune: "The United States has more than 19,000 troops in the Persian Gulf and other parts of the Arab world, Pentagon officials said. They said the troops were deployed in the areas under the responsibility of U.S. Central Command. These include Gulf Cooperation Council states and Egypt. Gulf Defense sources estimate the true figure may be more than 25,000, Middle East Newsline reported. About 10,000 U.S. troops are based in Kuwait and 4,000 in Saudi Arabia, U.S. officials said."

Wednesday  7/17/02

topONE MILLION BUSYBODIES - The govt's TIPS program means an army of citizen-informers  7/17/02 Antiwar 

Arrest Cameraman Pleads Innocent  7/17/02 AP: punished for filming a police beating

FBI Boss Thinks Bin Laden Dead  7/17/02 AP: "Is (bin Laden) alive or is he dead?," Watson said. "I am not really sure of the answer....I personally think he is probably not with us anymore but I have no evidence to support that."

Postal Service Won't Join TIPS Program  7/17/02 AP: "The Postal Service has decided not to take part in a government program touted as a tip service for authorities concerned with terrorism, but which is being assailed as a scheme to cast ordinary Americans as "peeping Toms."

Police Abuse Will Continue!  7/17/02 Black World Today: "We need to move from saying police abuse, or police brutality, or police misconduct, to calling it police crimes. We need to start labeling police shootings as police murder."

George W. Bush Financial Scams: CRG selection of articles  7/17/02 Center for Research on Globalization, Montreal 

In Tough Times, a Company Finds Profits in Terror War  7/17/02 Cryptome: "The Halliburton Company, the Dallas oil services company bedeviled lately by an array of accounting and business issues, is benefiting very directly from the United States efforts to combat terrorism. From building cells for detainees at Guantánamo Bay in Cuba to feeding American troops in Uzbekistan, the Pentagon is increasingly relying on a unit of Halliburton called KBR, sometimes referred to as Kellogg Brown & Root."

Banks to shut doors on Saudi royal cash  7/17/02 Guardian, UK: "Western banks may refuse deposits from members of the Saudi royal family under guidelines drawn up to identify "politically exposed" wealthy individuals whose assets could in future be confiscated."

Police: Fox May Have Illegal Funds  7/17/02 Miami Herald: "Cardenas said records show that contributors transferred dollars from two U.S. banks and that a U.S.-based Mexican migrant workers group also made donations in dollars. Records also indicate that a multinational cooperation based in Belgium provided funds in a foreign currency, Cardenas said. He said the contributions varied in size from $1,000 to $2 million. Investigators don't yet know the total amount of contributions that apparently came from foreign sources." Aztlan claims the bulk of these donations came from Jewish contributors in a pattern similar to the Hilliard campaign.

US Campuses Call for Discarding Investments in Israel  7/17/02 Palestine Chronicle: "Similar petitions have been circulating at IV League universities like Harvard, MIT, Cornell, Princeton, and University of California campuses. Hundreds of faculty members have signed the pro-divesting petition and so have 6,000 students. A number of Israelis, who belong to faculties in America well as in Israel, have added their signatures, including Prof. Immanuel Farjun from Hebrew University and MIT Prof. Yosef Grodzinski, of Tel Aviv University, and Ben-Gurion University Prof. Naomi Shir, Ha'aretz confirmed."

Nazis and Bush family history: Government investigated Bush family's financing of Hitler  7/17/02 Remember John 

Remember John  7/17/02 "In August 2001, FBI Deputy Director John O'Neill resigned from his post over George W. Bush's policy on terrorism and Osama bin Laden. Specifically, O'Neill's department was told to "back off" their bin Laden and Al Queda investigations while the Bush administration negotiated with the Taliban. O'Neill became the security chief of the World Trade Center - where he died during the events of 9/11."

Congressional Black Caucus and African Colombians force meeting with Colombian President-elect Uribe  7/17/02 SF Bay View: "Congressman John Conyers, D-Mich., representing the near 40-member Congressional Black Caucus, whose members in turn represent millions of American taxpayers and voters including 35 million people of African descent in the U.S., met with the “disinterested” Colombian President-elect Alvaro Uribe Velez in the office of the Colombian ambassador on June 20 after “forcing” the president-elect not to “blow off the CBC… Congressman Conyers described the meeting as “positive but not naïve. They were gracious. They got the point,” he said. The CBC, the African Colombians, and African Colombian support groups in the United States and throughout the world are moving forward to stop the killing and begin the healing in Colombia. Eleven CBC staffers will visit Bogota and Choco from Aug. 10 to 15 to collect and analyze information and write a report on their observations of the crisis in Colombia. Congressman Conyers will lead a congressional delegation to Colombia after the November election.” The CBC invited the newly elected president, who owns land and a hacienda in the African Colombian state of Choco, to meet with the CBC during its weekly policy luncheon on June 19. Uribe rejected the invitation, saying “he couldn’t find time in his schedule,” according to the Colombian embassy. However, two years of work by the CBC and African Colombians in the United States, the warning of a white congressional colleague to Uribe not to “blow off the CBC,” the threat of unfavorable media exposure and a surprisingly cool U.S. reception forced Uribe to meet in the Colombian ambassador’s office the next day with Congressman Conyers. The other CBC members were unable or unwilling to comply with the contemptuous scheduling of the Colombian head of state."

Nigeria welcomes a long-lost son of the land by Babalawo Shangodare Fashina  7/17/02 SF Bay View: "On July 24, 2001, I traveled to Nigeria. This was a momentous occasion because it was the place from which my paternal ancestry emanates. Just like Alex Haley, the author of “Roots” and “The Autobiography Of Malcolm X,” I had traced my ancestry. My ancestral ties date back to 1790, when my great-great-great-grandmother was taken from the Blight of Benin, an area that stretches from Porto Novo, Republic of Benin, to Bidagry, Nigeria. Although it took long arduous hours to look up genealogical slave and free census records and write and record numerous hours of oral genealogical information from relatives, the African-American Genealogical Society under the leadership of Vice President Electra Price provided invaluable help. Upon my arrival in Nigeria, I was soon to undergo an initiation as a Babalawo, or high priest, in the African indigenous religion called Ifa. Ifa is an African belief system more than 10,000 years old."

Tuesday  7/16/02

topIn Colombia, U.S. Companies Get Down to Business  7/16/02 

Expert: Palm Beach's New Voting Machines Have Problems  7/16/02 AP: "The voting machines that replaced butterfly ballots and hanging chads are checked by an "Enron-style of auditing" and don't provide voters any assurance that their votes are being cast, an expert testified Tuesday."

Ex-U.S. officials warn that U.S. policies threaten repression  7/16/02 AP: "Former Secretary of State Warren Christopher and former FBI and CIA chief William Webster challenged administration policies dealing with terrorism suspects Tuesday, and Christopher warned that secrecy threatens to lead America down a path to repression... In a panel discussion of national security and civil rights, Christopher raised the specter of the kind of repression once common in Argentina."

Israeli lobby targets Rep. McKinney  7/16/02 Arab News: "McKinney’s main “problems” started last summer when she said the Bush administration’s decision to pull out of the Durban racism conference was a “travesty.” Last October, after New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani returned a $10 million gift to the city from Saudi Prince Alwaleed ibn Talal after the prince gently criticized the US policy in the Middle East, McKinney issued a public letter supporting the prince, asking that the donate the money to black charities. Finally, in an April radio interview, McKinney called for an investigation into whether President Bush might have had prior knowledge of the Sept. 11 attacks and if he profited from them."

An Israeli View - Barak Was Willing, And So Were U. S. Jews  7/16/02 Black World Today: "In this case, in particular, several of the leaders were Orthodox Jews who believed strongly in the Greater Land of Israel and were closely affiliated with the settlers of the West Bank and Gaza, some of whose settlements would be evacuated if Barak succeeded at Camp David and a Palestinian state were established. After a few moments of silence one of them turned to the group and, his voice breaking, said: "We knew this time would come. I think we have no alternative but to get behind the prime minister of Israel." There was no further debate."

George and Dick's Amazing Corporate Misadventures  7/16/02 Guerrilla News Network 

Robert Fisk: The secret links, the missing evidence, and the questions that still have to be answered  7/16/02 Independent, UK: "But the British-born prisoner's death threat was only the most bizarre episode in a very odd and very unique and – so the defence has constantly claimed – a very unfair trial. It was held in secret, in the bunker beneath Hyderabad Prison. No reporters were allowed to witness the 13 weeks of proceedings. The body, said to be that of Mr Pearl, was dug up in a Karachi slum on 17 May but has never been formally identified. Even the results of the DNA analysis of the remains has stayed secret. DNA samples were sent to both Pakistani laboratories in Lahore and the United States. Yet neither the Pakistanis nor the Americans has told us what they found. Why not?"

Two Qaeda Suspects Are Captured at Sea  7/16/02 NYT: driving while Arab in the Arabian Sea in these times…

China Seeking Nigerian Energy Partnership  7/16/02 Stratfor: "Nigeria inked several cooperation agreements, including those on trade and tourism, with China July 3. The deals will cement the foundation for economic and political cooperation between Beijing and Abuja and could provide China with an important alternative source of energy."

Police puzzled at 'Day of the Jackal' attack  7/16/02 Sydney Morning Herald: "A Canadian tourist, Mohamed Chelali, told French television that he was watching the parade. "I felt the crowd moving to my right. Then I saw a guy with a gun. I threw myself forward, grabbed the gun and then everyone starting calling: 'Police, police.' They took a long time to come, maybe two or three minutes."

Magazine accuses State of intimidation  7/16/02 Washington Times: "The editor of the National Review [a conservative paper] yesterday protested the State Department's treatment of one of its reporters who discussed a classified cable, whose contents had been published in both the National Review and The Washington Post, from the U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia during an on-camera briefing Friday."

Planned volunteer-informant corps elicits '1984' fears  7/16/02 Washington Times 

Monday  7/15/02

topU.S. Military Concentrates Troops in Shahbaz Airbase, Pakistan  7/15/02 Azzam: "Highly informed sources have reported that the Shahbaz Airbase in Pakistan is now being used as the main base of U.S. operations in their ongoing campaign to search for Taliban and Al-Qaida Mujahideen in regions of Pakistan. This base had been used by the U.S. military earlier in their campaign for launching bombing raids and transporting/deploying troops into Afghanistan. Eye-witness accounts state that the number of U.S. military aircraft landing and taking off from this airbase has increased at an alarming rate and it seems as if the U.S. are concentrating their forces and preparing to launch an offensive in the region. This move seems to be shifting U.S. troops from Afghanistan, where they have failed to find any Mujahideen, to Pakistan. Another reason is that the U.S, after having suffered a number of casualties in Afghanistan lately, together with a series of military blunders, have decided to move their troops to a 'safer' location, where their friends in the Pakistani military will offer further protection."

BBC Video on the coup  7/15/02 BBC 

House OKs life sentences for hackers  7/15/02 CNET 

Bolivia's leftwing upstart alarms US  7/15/02 Guardian, UK: as in Venezuela and Palestine, the US seeks to promote democracy, aided by noble men such as Otto, who helped get terrorist Orlando Bosch out of jail - "Otto Reich, the Cuban-American appointed by President George Bush as his assistant secretary of state for western hemisphere affairs, warned that American aid to the country would be in danger if Mr Morales was chosen on August.Mr Morales is leader of the country's coca-growers and is opposed to the coca eradication programme sponsored by the US as part of the "war on drugs" on the continent." Could it be that Reich is against removing price support for his narcoterrorist friends?

Enquête sur le néonazi qui a voulu tuer Chirac  7/15/02 Le Monde: French police check up on would-be assassins nazi connections - "Membre d'un groupuscule de l'extrême droite radicale, l'homme qui a tenté de tirer sur Jacques Chirac pendant le défilé du 14-Juillet avait acheté une carabine et loué une voiture pour commettre son attentat. La brigade criminelle cherche à savoir si son acte a été préparé avec des complices."

Bush recount troops land plum D.C. jobs  7/15/02 Miami Herald 

The Ambassador's Tango and Other Stories  7/15/02 NarcoNews: "Each and every one of the candidates of the traditional parties of Bolivia went at one moment or another to see the Viceroy and ask for his support. Manfred Reyes Villa, of the New Republican Force, even traveled to Miami to see the Cuban Republicans and to Washington to speak with Otto Reich in the State Department. None of the other candidates wanted, in the beginning, to participate in debate with Evo Morales ("It's a minor political party," the organizers of forums and debates were accustomed to saying). Then the things got hot. On Jun 17, during a campaign swing in the Eastern part of the country, Evo told the media that he wasn't interested in debating anymore with the neoliberal parties: "The one who I want to debate is Ambassador Rocha… I prefer to argue with the owner of the circus, not the clowns."

US planning to recruit one in 24 Americans as citizen spies  7/15/02 Sydney Morning Herald: truly frightening in its implications - as anyone who survived the Nazi occupation of Europe or who has studied informant systems knows, they are rife with get even and get rich schemes.

US identifies key Sept 11 terrorist  7/15/02 Telegraph, UK: "The September 11 plot was initiated in Malaysia after the turn of the Millennium and finalised in Spain at a gathering attended by two of the eventual hijackers, according to US intelligence sources. Investigators believe that the key to how the terrorist attack was formulated could be held by Ramzi Binalshibh, a Yemeni al-Qa'eda member thought to have attended both meetings. Binalshibh, 29, tried repeatedly to secure an American visa but was refused."

Vietnam hopes US will accept Agent Orange legacy  7/15/02 The News, Pakistan: "Vietnam said Sunday it hoped a conference in Sweden later this month on the impact of chemical weapons used during the Vietnam War will force the United States to acknowledge responsibility for a legacy of contamination and destruction." What was that about bioterrorism?

President Chavez Frias plans to rule for another 11 years  7/15/02 Trinicenter: "The President, talking during his weekly radio show, said that he no longer faces a threat of being deposed by a coup, following the failure of the April attempt and intends to rule until 2013. "The world is confident in Venezuela and its government," the President said. "Anyone who thinks there is going to be another shock or coup should forget it."

Citizens' Corp  7/15/02 US Government: "Operation TIPS - the Terrorism Information and Prevention System - will be a nationwide program giving millions of American truckers, letter carriers, train conductors, ship captains, utility employees, and others a formal way to report suspicious terrorist activity. Operation TIPS, a project of the U.S. Department of Justice, will begin as a pilot program in 10 cities that will be selected."

World News

"There is one safeguard known generally to the wise, which is an advantage and security to all, but especially to Democracies as against despots: suspicion." -- Demosthenes


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