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    World News
10/1/01 - 10/7/01

Sunday  10/7/01

Pakistani suicide bomber behind Saudi explosion  10/7/01 AFP 

Peace activists protest US military strategy  10/7/01 AFP 

Scores protest in London against military strikes  10/7/01 Ananova 

Anti-terror campaign likely to pit Egyptian government against bin Laden's Egyptian allies  10/7/01 AP 

Chirac says French troops will participate in offensive  10/7/01 AP 

American killed in Saudi explosion  10/7/01 BBC: "The attack on the US base five years ago drove the American forces to relocate to the desert. Nowadays their bases may be out of range of attack, but in the last 12 months, there have been a series of mysterious bombings in Saudi Arabia, all targeting Westerners."

US, Egypt raids caught militants  10/7/01 Boston Globe: "Because those raids were so bold - and have often led to questionable trials and the execution of at least two suspects - some human rights activists have criticized the campaigns for disregarding civil liberties. In addition, some Islamic insiders believe the success of the raids has inspired the enmity that drove bin Laden and his network against the United States. 'They [the Americans] delivered them to death,'' said Yasser al-Sirri, director of a human rights group with wide-ranging contacts in the Muslim world."

The Dallas Morning News Reportedly Canceled "Boondocks" Because of this Comic Strip  10/7/01 Buzzflash 

Terrorism finds foot soldiers in Saudis  10/7/01 Chicago Tribune 

Pakistan Afghan Defence Council may announce holy war against US  10/7/01 Dawn, Pakistan 

Tactical Nuclear Weapons Deployed  10/7/01 Debka, Israel: scroll to bottom of their page - "Presidents George W. Bush and Vladimir Putin, in a single 70-minuted conversation on September 23, eleven days after the terrorist assaults in New York and Washington, agreed on the deployment of tactical weapons. This is an epic shift in the global balance of strength." Putin gave the nod for US forces poised in Central Asia to jump into Afghanistan to be armed with tactical nuclear weapons, such as small neutron bombs, which emit strong radiation, nuclear mines, shells, and other nuclear ammunition suited to commando warfare in mountainous terrain.

Terrorist Theory Preferred  10/7/01 Debka, Israel: scroll to bottom of their page - "Russian and Israeli investigators alike have ruled the missile option out in favor of the terrorist theory. They are coming to believe that an explosive charge attached to a handheld radio was planted in the ceiling of the passengers cabin before it left Nosibirsk for Tel Aviv. Palestinian terrorists have made frequent use of cell phones in the same way for detonating booby-trapped cars. The bomb, it is believed, was most likely planted on Wednesday October 3, by a terrorist attached to a Siberian airport technical crew. One such “electrician” reportedly pulled out a number of ceiling tiles and spent some time checking the wiring, before the Tu-154 took off for Tel Aviv. He was not seen again."


Impressive rally against terrorism  10/7/01 Granma, Cuba 

Experts fear net ensnarls liberties  10/7/01 Houston Chronicle 

Briton hurt as blast kills two in busy Saudi street  10/7/01 Independent, UK: White House - "Based on first reports, we believe this is an isolated incident, not related to 11 September." Bush is determined to minimize the Saudi dissidence which is one of the roots of Al Qaeda, see our page on Saudi Arabia.

Robert Fisk: Our friends are killers, crooks and torturers The Northern Alliance Builds an Airport  10/7/01 Independent, Uk 

EMERGENCY PEACE MARCH 5:00 PM LOCAL TIME EVERYWHERE (english) by MOBILIZATION FOR PEACE 10:46am Sun Oct 7 '01 (Modified on 2:14pm Sun Oct 7 '01)  10/7/01 IndyMedia 

Israeli lawmaker: Jewish terror is ''holy terror''  10/7/01 IRNA, Iran 

Bin Laden: «Behind acts of terrorism are Russia, Israel and India»  10/7/01 Kavkaz 

Les talibans menacent l'Ouzbekhistan de jihad  10/7/01 Le Monde 

Sudan's Change of Heart  10/7/01 Newsday 

50 American Cruise Missiles Zoom Through Pakistani Airspace - Collin Powel is on its way to Pakistan  10/7/01 Pak News 

Attack launched on Afghanistan - Million of refugees influx expected in Pakistan  10/7/01 Pak News 

Extremist leader in Pakistan Maulana Fazl-ur-Rahman under house arrest  10/7/01 Pak News 

Newsweek: Bush Won't Consider Going After Iraq Until Afghan Terror Bases Are Eliminated: Cheney Tells Wolfowitz to Quiet Talk On Iraq; Biden Says No Officials Saying 'Go After Iraq' at the Moment  10/7/01 PRN Newswire 

Bin Laden Look-Alikes Reportedly Placed in Afghanistan  10/7/01 Reuters 

Bin Laden Vows No Peace for 'Infidel' America  10/7/01 Reuters 

China Offers Cautious Endorsement of Strikes  10/7/01 Reuters 

Eastern Afghan city of Jalalabad under attack  10/7/01 Reuters 

NATO to Deploy AWACS Aircraft in U.S.  10/7/01 Reuters 

Two dead in Saudi Arabian blast  10/7/01 Salon: "Saudi Arabia has seen a number of bomb attacks since 1996 -- including two attacks in Khobar -- that Saudi officials said were linked to a settling of scores between criminals." - standard line from House Saud, which seeks to minimize a dissident movement they radicalized in their torture cells - see our page on Saudi Arabia

Saudis want royal foe back  10/7/01 Sun Times 

The proof they did not reveal  10/7/01 Sunday Times, UK 

Bin Laden makes defiant TV appearance  10/7/01 The Guardian, UK: "America was hit by God in one of its softest spots. America is full of fear from its north to its south, from its west to its east. Thank God for that." America's most wanted terrorist warned that Americans "will never feel safe until we and Palestinians feel safe"

The American Phenomenon and The Bin Laden Phenomenon  10/7/01 The Movement for Islamic Reform in Arabia: "It is ironic that the people in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia despise their regime's main ally, the US, even more than the hate towards the US felt by the Palestinians. It may be a surprise to the readers to know that the first reaction to the events of Tuesday was a frantic exchange of congratulatory text messages through mobile phones. People then went on killing sheep and inviting friends for big feasts. America does not know of this seething hatred towards her in the region in general and in the Kingdom in particular. Those who put this in the context of the loathing felt towards superpowers are very much mistaken. Muslims look upon the US from various angles and each glance is enough to precipitate strategic hatred."

The House of Saud In the eye of the storm  10/7/01 The Movement for Islamic Reform in Arabia: "The regime purposefully hid the truth about the opposition, peaceful or otherwise, from the Americans for fear that it might lead their masters to withdraw confidence in them and seek other clients. The rulers exploited the deficient American methods of information gathering and their reliance on technology. They succeeded in cheating their American masters about the identity of those responsible for Al-Khubar. They went on hiding the truth even after the events of Nairobi and Dar es Salaam while bin Laden’s extended organisation was in Saudi Arabia and not in Afghanistan. Even today, the Americans are unaware of the fact that the majority of bin Laden followers and sympathisers are in the Kingdom."

Taliban Issue Official Statement  10/7/01 Washington Post 

U.S. Pressed on Nuclear Response  10/7/01 Washington Post 

Uzbeks Worry What Awaits Them  10/7/01 Washington Post 

Saturday  10/6/01

topGunman Arrested At NATO Summit  10/6/01 AP 

A dark side to the Northern Alliance  10/6/01 Boston Globe 

China Moves Forces into Afghanistan  10/6/01 Debka, Israel: scroll to bottom of their page - "Before even the launching of the major US military offensive in Afghanistan, long Chinese convoys were carrying armed Chinese Muslim servicemen through northwest China into Afghanistan, according to DEBKAfile’s intelligence experts. They were sent in to fight alongside the ruling Taliban and Osama Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda. Their number is estimated roughly between 5000 and 15,000. Our sources report another three convoys are behind the first 3000, who crossed the frontier Friday, October 5. They are entering Afghanistan along the ancient Krakoram Road to the Afghan-Pakistani border, through the Kulik Pass of Little Pamir, which is situated in one of the highest and most remote regions of the world. Beijing is deploying this force in two places: A. Whakyir, the Kirgyz tribal encampment near the Little Pamir-Tadjik frontier, opposite the swelling concentration of US and Russian Special Forces and air strength The Chinese have brought with them Kirgyz fundamentalist militants from the Ferghana Valley of Central Asia, as interpreters. From Whakyir, the Chinese generals believe, with Bin Laden’s and the Taliban’s tacticians, they will be able to block off the movement of the US-led force from its rallying point in Dzhartygumbez, Tadjikistan, no more than 35 miles from Little Pamir, into the mountains of Hindu Kush. B. Jalalabad in north Afghanistan, at the foot of the Hindu Kush range."

Fears of Terrorist Backlash  10/6/01 Debka, Israel: scroll to bottom of their page - "between 30 and 50 terror activists are organized in teams in the United States. They are all armed with detailed missions for implementation in major US cities on both coasts as soon as the US launches its offensive in Afghanistan. Logistical and command posts to run this second wave have been set up on three continents: Canada, in Toronto and Vancouver in Canada; Europe, in Hamburg, Vienna and the north Albanian Adriatic port of Shengjin, an important Albanian mafia center; and the Persian Gulf, in Dubai. These centers are operated by an estimated 900-1000 Al Qaeda activists. At their disposal in the US are a further 70-90 well-trained Islamic militants waiting for missions and orders to strike. An additional 150 terrorists are scattered round Canada, Europe, the Persian Gulf and the Far East, as a reserve force. They live quietly under false identities, with wives and families, usually locals who do not suspect that the head of he family is a terrorist and may disappear forever, if called to action. "The most dangerous terrorists- in-waiting, who live under the deepest cover, are the 100 or so Islamic militants, who are programmed to carry out missions as lone wolves – not all of them inside America. These loners are the ones most likely to carry out chemical or biological strikes, the fear of which is now gripping America."

Talibán dispara contra un avión americano que sobrevolaba Kabul  10/6/01 El Mundo 

Bin Laden pretendía atentar contra el rey Abdalá de Jordania y su familia en el verano de 2000  10/6/01 El Mundo, Spain 

Our brothers and sisters who died off the Barbados coast are symbols in the battle against terrorism  10/6/01 Granma 

US and Britain accused of creating heroin trail  10/6/01 Independent, Uk: "Evidence even exists that the CIA encouraged the spread of hard drugs to demoralise Russian troops."

US insists missile brought down Russian airliner  10/6/01 Independent, UK: the US seems bent on minimizing all acts of terror committed against it and it allies… for a different view, see the Israeli Intelligence portal,

US sends in elite troops as noose is tightened  10/6/01 Independent, UK: A large airfield is being secretly built at Golbahar in opposition-held territory in northern Afghanistan, capable of receiving C-130 or Galaxy transport planes,

U.S. Strategists Begin to Favor Threat to Use Nuclear Arms  10/6/01 International Herald Tribune: A report issued in January by the National Institute for Public Policy declared that "U.S. nuclear weapons may be necessary" against such things as buried targets or biological weapons targets.

It's a war against Islam  10/6/01 Khilafah 

Opposition says Saudi royal family facing crisis of religious legitimacy  10/6/01 Khilafah 

L'industrie antillaise du tourisme craint de s'enfoncer dans la récession  10/6/01 Le Monde 

Tony Blair rend ses lettres de noblesse au Pakistan  10/6/01 Le Monde 

Afghans' Top Rebel Group Has Mixed Record of Its Own  10/6/01 NYT 

Uzbekistan Offers U.S. an Airbase, but Not for Attacks  10/6/01 NYT 

Why people hate America?  10/6/01 Pak News 

News Update  10/6/01 Radio Havana, Cuba: *A Million Rally In Havana To Commemorate 25th Anniversary Of Cubana Bombing *Venezuela To Request Extradition Of Luis Posada Carriles *Ricardo Alarcon On The Fight Against Terrorism *Venezuelans Pay Homage To Victims Of Cubana Plane Sabotage *Barbados Reaffirms Its Support For Cuba On Anniversray Of Cubana Downing *Thousands Of Students March In Memory Of Che Guevara *Un Security Council Tightens Sanctions Against Unita*Police Officer In Atlanta Fired For Racist Anti-Arab Slurs

Allies Build Trap of Military Might Around Taliban  10/6/01 Reuters: Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze, who as Soviet foreign minister urged the withdrawal of Soviet troops from a bloody Afghanistan war, offered the United States his "full cooperation and full solidarity."

Stakes never higher in combat that must come before the snow  10/6/01 SMH, Australia 

No peaceful way to resolve crisis: Hikmetyar  10/6/01 The News. Pakistan: Hekmetyar passed his CIA related drug net on to his friend bin Laden

Thatcher accused of fuelling race hate  10/6/01 The Scotsman, UK 

'US had specific information on Laden'  10/6/01 Times of India 

America's Battle Plans  10/6/01 Village Voice 

Indict Katherine Harris, Democrats Urge  10/6/01 Village Voice 

Friday  10/5/01

top"Fundamentally different relationship" in store for US, Russia: Rice  10/5/01 AFP 

Mullahs speak out against Moroccan role in anti-terror alliance  10/5/01 AFP: "Sixteen Moroccan Muslim theologians declared Friday that Moroccan participation in a US-led alliance against terrorism "is not permitted" and would be a renunciation of the Islamic faith."

No "smoking gun" apparent in case against bin Laden  10/5/01 AFP 

Environmentalists Re-check Priorities, Strategy After 9-11  10/5/01 Alternet 

Afghan Rebels Dominate Opium Growing  10/5/01 AP 

Facts and figures about Uzbekistan  10/5/01 AP: AP fails to describe the severe repression - 7,000 in jail for non-authorized practice of Islam. No mention of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan's widely expected summer offensive, now held in reserve. See our Uzbekistan page.

Florida Man in Critical Condition With Rare Form of Anthrax, Raising Fears About Terrorism  10/5/01 AP 

Following attacks, courtrooms become secret, documents sealed  10/5/01 AP 

Russian interior ministry promises FBI information on bin Laden, wants help on Chechnya  10/5/01 AP 

Field Commander Yakub Al-Ghamedi is Blessed with Martyrdom  10/5/01 Azzam: from the Chechnya point of view. Can the Russians win in Chechnya?

Analysis: Rebels return to the frontier  10/5/01 BBC 

Islamic terror code 'breakthrough'  10/5/01 BBC 

Retaliation: U.S. troops en route to Uzbekistan  10/5/01 CNN 

U.S. Pressures Qatar to Restrain TV Outlet  10/5/01 CNN: Their crime: "The station.. has invited anti-American guests who have argued that U.S. foreign policy was to blame for the September 11 terrorist attacks." Right.

Déjà Vu: The FBI's Assault on Civil Liberties  10/5/01 Counterpunch 

Pakistan warned against backing US  10/5/01 Dawn, Pakistan: warning issued by Gulbadin Hekmatyar, CIA related narcoterrorist who turned his drug networks over to Bin Laden

La Alianza del Norte anuncia una ofensiva inminente sobre Kabul  10/5/01 El Mundo, Spain 

Cooperation on Terrorism Deepens U.S.-Russia Ties  10/5/01 IHT 

Mystery explosion on Russian flight from Israel leaves 76 dead  10/5/01 Independent, UK 

Why was Russia's intelligence on Al-Qaeda ignored?  10/5/01 Jane's, UK 

Bin Laden's dangerous Mideast links  10/5/01 Khathimerini, Greece: "Bin Laden's group has managed to infiltrate the military, the secret services and even government circles of Arab states, including the two leading countries of the Arab world, Saudi Arabia and Egypt."

The Nagging Fear of Nukes  10/5/01 MSNBC: "In 1993 Chechen saboteurs left a package of highly radioactive cesium in Moscow’s Izmailovo Park." - or was it the Russians?

Training Militants: British say Islamic group taught combat courses in U.S.  10/5/01 Newsday 

Pakistan closes airspace, strict orders to shoot down any plane which reaches Pakistan's airspace  10/5/01 Pak News 

Afghanistan's Northern Alliance A Major Producer Of Opium - Un Drug Expert  10/5/01 Radio Havana, Cuba 

Ebola-like virus hits south Pakistan  10/5/01 Reuters 

Georgia offers airfields for war against terrorism  10/5/01 Reuters 

U.S. military planning food drops in Afghanistan  10/5/01 Reuters 

Preparing for the worst  10/5/01 Salon: the genocide in Afghanistan

East Africa: Terrorism's Ties to Drugs  10/5/01 Statfor 

McWorld and jihad  10/5/01 The Guardian, UK 

Tony Blair's dossier on Laden has many blanks  10/5/01 Times of India 

A Peace Movement Grows in New York and Beyond: Make Noise not War  10/5/01 Village Voice: Perhaps the very first antiwar protest in New York occurred when members of Asociación Tepeyac began chanting for peace during a vigil—hundreds of Mexican workers were lost in the World Trade Center attack.

U.S. Military Activity in Pakistan  10/5/01 Village Voice 

Defense Analyst Signs Up Veteran Espionage Lawyers  10/5/01 Washington Post 

Democrats Turn to Populist Issues  10/5/01 Washington Post 

FBI, CIA Warn Congress of More Attacks As Blair Details Case Against Bin Laden  10/5/01 Washington Post 

India, Pakistan Exchange Fire  10/5/01 Washington Post 

Thursday  10/4/01

topA Secret Language: Hijackers May Have Used Secret Internet Messaging Technique  10/4/01 ABC News 

Arabs offer Berlusconi Reading List  10/4/01 AFP: Arab envoys have offered Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi a reading list on the Muslim world after he was quoted as saying the Christian West was superior to Islamic civilisation.

Bin Laden warned of "major operation" against US  10/4/01 AFP 

Israeli peace group slams Sharon over 10 new Jewish settlements since June  10/4/01 AFP 

'Seismic seachange of historic proportions' in US-Russia ties: Powell  10/4/01 AFP 

A Message to Troops, Would-be Troops, and Other Youth  10/4/01 Alternet: The first active-duty military resister of the Persian Gulf War talks about his refusal to kill people in the Middle East, and why today's soldiers should do the same.

Afghan Women Speak from Behind the Media Veil  10/4/01 Alternet 

How the Terrorist Crisis Threatens our Personal Liberties Dan Kennedy and Harvey Silverglate, Boston Phoenix  10/4/01 Alternet 

Tracking Terrorist Money -- Too Hot For U.S. to Handle?  10/4/01 Alternet 

U.S. says Russia fights terror in Chechnya  10/4/01 Baltimore Sun 

French blast 'may have terrorist link'  10/4/01 BBC 

Greek allegiances tested  10/4/01 BBC 

Neighbourly concerns: Tajikistan  10/4/01 BBC 

Russia will lose Central Asia if it gets involved in Afghanistan - Zhirinovskiy  10/4/01 BBC 

Terror network built on outcasts  10/4/01 Christian Science Monitor: Right, the cia had nothing to do with this!

Afghanistan: Suddenly, the People Matter -  10/4/01 FEER 

Taliban Turns to Drugs  10/4/01 FEER 

Advertisement for themselves  10/4/01 Haaretz, Israel: "Something has changed in trans-Atlantic currents, and not in the direction Ariel Sharon intended."

Russian plane from Tel Aviv to Siberia crashes in Black Sea  10/4/01 Haaretz, Israel 

In '96, Sudan Offered to Arrest bin Laden  10/4/01 IHT 

Russian Tectonic Shift? Putin Says Moscow May Rethink NATO Growth  10/4/01 IHT 

Once again bitten by America: Hizb-ut-Tahrir in Pakistan  10/4/01 Khilafah 

War on Terror Profitable  10/4/01 Khilafah 

L'hypothèse de la piste saoudienne  10/4/01 Le Monde 

National Day of Action - Oct 7  10/4/01 Peaceful Justice: National association on college campuses - "We must be vigilant in our demand for Peaceful Justice. Let us reach out to our communities. Let us build this movement into the larger public sphere."

Sergey Snegov: There Will Be No War. It Is Not Needed  10/4/01 Pravda 

News Update  10/4/01 Radio Havana: *Otto Reich Nomination Still In Trouble In Washington *As Washington Seeks War Allies, Cuba Remembers Victims Of Terrorism . *Cuba Demands A Sincere Struggle Against Terrorism

Focus-U.S. attacks may help entrench Taliban power  10/4/01 Reuters 

U.S. House Panel Approves Anti-terrorism Bill  10/4/01 Reuters 

The mystery cure: EMDR  10/4/01 Salon 

Ebola-style killer virus sweeps Afghan border  10/4/01 Telegraph, UK 

The world has been in ferment since September 11, but why weren't there similar outcries at earlier atrocities?  10/4/01 The Guardian 

A threat to the House of Saud could disrupt flow of oil to West  10/4/01 The Times, London 

Ebola-Like Outbreak in Afghanistan  10/4/01 Unknown News 

Homeland Insecurity!  10/4/01 Vietnam Vets Against the War 

Fla. Man Hospitalized With Anthrax  10/4/01 Washington Post 

Wednesday  10/3/01

topCastro tells Kofi Annan that Cuba will follow U.N. anti-terrorist plans  10/3/01 AP 

Key Muslim Allies Worry About U.S.  10/3/01 AP 

Reno Can Be Sued Over Elian Raid  10/3/01 AP 

Tajik-Afghan Border to Be Guarded  10/3/01 AP 

US Official: Taliban in Opium Trade  10/3/01 AP 

Mujahideen Consolidate Gains and Strike a Painful Blow to the Russians  10/3/01 Azzam 

Airborn Laser System  10/3/01 Boeing: Site on the new laser cannon fired from a Boeing jet, available 2002, prototypes likely flying

Sources dispute reports of bin Laden phone call  10/3/01 CNN 

U.N. says Afghan situation 'very serious'  10/3/01 CNN 

National interests surrendered: PML  10/3/01 Dawn, Pakistan 

As US-Russian Force Prepares to Go into Afghanistan, Mid East is Temporarily Sidelined  10/3/01 Debka, Israel: Russia’s 201st Motorized Rifle Division Is Beefed up with Commando Units and New US anti-Terrorist Equipment: Prepares to Join US Forces in Crossing from Tajikistan into Afghanistan’s Pamir Mountains

In Aiding Northern Alliance, Us Must Address Past War Crimes  10/3/01 Eurasianet 

U.S. Charts a High-Tech Strategy for Afghan War  10/3/01 IHT 

Russian special forces believed to have crossed Afghan border  10/3/01 Independent, UK 

Newest U.S. Weapons Built to Swiftly Find and Destroy  10/3/01 LA Times 

Lockheed Martin's Advanced Technology Center: Airborn Laser  10/3/01 Lockheed: Analyst have been touting this weapon as useful in Afghanistan, can pulverize a village with one blast.

Moscow Formalizes Arms Deal With Iran  10/3/01 Moscow Times 

Putin Proposes Closer Ties With EU  10/3/01 Moscow Times 

Annals of National Security: What Went Wrong  10/3/01 New Yorker 


Tajikistan says arrests four Islamic radicals  10/3/01 Reuters 

Taliban commanders 'about to mutiny'  10/3/01 Telegraph, UK 

We can find bin Laden in days, say guerrillas  10/3/01 Telegraph, UK 

West ignored accounts of Taliban abuse, scholar says  10/3/01 The Irish Times 

Attack on Afghanistan to be attack on Islam: JUI  10/3/01 The News, Pakistan 

Satellite 'picks out bin Laden caves'  10/3/01 The Times, London 

'US called off first attacks'  10/3/01 This is London: Attacks were to be launched 10/2

Cracking Down on Immigrants—Again  10/3/01 Village Voice 

Like the Taliban, America’s Middle East Allies Tyrannize Gays and Women: Hate Crimes  10/3/01 Village Voice 

1996 CIA Memo to Sudanese Official  10/3/01 Washington Post 

U.S. Sends Troops to Ex-Soviet Republics  10/3/01 Washington Post 

U.S. Was Foiled Multiple Times in Efforts To Capture Bin Laden or Have Him Killed  10/3/01 Washington Post 

Tuesday  10/2/01

top"Deeply troubled" US demands Israeli, Palestinian peace moves  10/2/01 AFP 

Berlusconi meets envoys from Muslim states, denies Islam comments  10/2/01 AFP 

Evidence bin Laden has sought nukes, chemical and bio-weapons: expert  10/2/01 AFP 

Russia, Iran sign military cooperation accord  10/2/01 AFP 

US begins sharing evidence of bin Laden connection to terrorist attacks  10/2/01 AFP 

US defense secretary to visit Saudi Arabia, Oman, Egypt, Uzbekistan  10/2/01 AFP 

Government Plane Missing Near the Bahamas  10/2/01 AP 

In potential setback for U.S. strategy, powerful tribes resent king's union with northern alliance  10/2/01 AP 

Isolated military bases in Uzbekistan provide ideal secrecy for possible U.S. use  10/2/01 AP 

'There's only one way to stop terrorists using net'  10/2/01 BBC: "The only way to stop terrorist cells communicating via the internet is to disinvent it. Encryption is irrelevant."

Feminist's anti-U.S. speech causes uproar  10/2/01 

America’s ‘born-again’ crusade against the Arab world  10/2/01 Daily Star, Lebanon 


La OTAN recibe pruebas de la culpabilidad de Bin Laden y se pone a disposición de Estados Unidos  10/2/01 El Mundo, Spain 

Afghanistan - Darunta Camp Complex Maps  10/2/01 Global Security 

NY Times: U.S. ready to back Palestinian state before attacks  10/2/01 Haaretz, Israel 

US ready to fight war in 'two phases'  10/2/01 Independent, UK 

Pakistan Sees End for Taliban  10/2/01 International Herald Tribune 

Attacks on US Change Course of Globalization  10/2/01 InterPress Service 

Mujahideen established operative control on foothills - Chechnya  10/2/01 Kavkaz 

Russian have commenced «retaliation»  10/2/01 Kavkaz 

Bukhari supports Taleban, asks PM to shut up  10/2/01 Khilafa 

Central Asian Perspectives and the Afghan Crisis: Uzbekistan  10/2/01 Khilafah 

The Alleged Brains Behind Bin Laden  10/2/01 LA Times 

Les convois d'aide alimentaire reprennent la route de l'Afghanistan  10/2/01 Le Monde 

Sur la piste des tueurs du commandant Massoud  10/2/01 Le Monde 

Sur la piste des tueurs du commandant Massoud  10/2/01 Le Monde, France: Analysis of Massoud assassination, said to be signal to launch 9-11

Beyond Truisms: Albert Interviews Chomsky on the Afghan Genocide  10/2/01 Outlook India 

Bin Laden hiding in Pamir mountain range: Report  10/2/01 Outlook India 

Ground Zero-II: The Inside Story from Tashkent and Peshawar  10/2/01 Outlook India 

Operation Sitzkrieg  10/2/01 Outlook India 

History Warns Against Simply Arming Afghan Insurgents  10/2/01 Pacific News: by Peter Dale Scott

Terrorist or Dissident? Global Coalition Could Jeopardize Human Rights  10/2/01 Pacific News 

News Update  10/2/01 Radio Havana: Massive Pro-Taliban, Anti-Us Demonstration In Pakistan, Berlusconi Claims "Leftists Distorted" His Remarks On Islamic Culture

Bush: Palestinian State 'Always' Part of U.S. Vision  10/2/01 Reuters 

NATO Invokes Mutual Defense Clause After Attacks  10/2/01 Reuters 

The Geopolitical Price of War  10/2/01 Strafor: Analysis of the price to be extracted for Russia's cooperation in the Afghan campaign, by the founder of this private intelligence service.

Army wants to kill Arafat, says Peres  10/2/01 Telegraph, UK 

An enemy of democracy: Berlusconi  10/2/01 The Guardian 

Bin Laden seen in Kabul as net tightens  10/2/01 The Guardian 

Airstrikes may have to wait for aid airlift  10/2/01 The Times, London 

India warns Pak: Our patience is limited  10/2/01 Times of India 

Suicide attack in J&K assembly kills 29  10/2/01 Times of India 

Laden in Pamir  10/2/01 Tribune of India: As also stated in Debka

Report: Bin Laden Hiding in the Pamir Mountains  10/2/01 UPI 

Newspaper: Echelon Gave Authorities Warning Of Attacks  10/2/01 Washington Post 

Monday  10/1/01

topMilitary build-up in America's new war  10/1/01 AFP 

Terrorists likely have means for biological, chemical attack: White House  10/1/01 AFP 

US rejects massive bombardment of Afghanistan: report  10/1/01 AFP 

US-Africa NGO Warns Terrorism Focus Will Divert Attention From Africa  10/1/01 All Africa 

Ten Things to Know About the Middle East  10/1/01 Alternet 

Food as Weapon: No news is bad news  10/1/01 Counterpunch 

Stop Bush's Killing  10/1/01 Counterpunch 

Estados Unidos prepara un ataque inminente con misiles y aviación  10/1/01 El Mundo, Spain 

Where The War Might Be Defense Week  10/1/01 Global Security 

Censoring dissenting voices is a danger to us all  10/1/01 Houston Chronicle 

'Launch-pad' states where repression rules  10/1/01 Independent, UK 

U.S. Is Found Poorly Prepared to Confront Bioterrorism Attacks  10/1/01 International Herald Tribune 

Vast Global Toll Forecast From the Sept. 11 Attacks  10/1/01 International Herald Tribune 

Vital intelligence on the Taliban may rest with its prime sponsor – Pakistan’s ISI  10/1/01 Jane's, UK 

Arafat faces open revolt  10/1/01 Khilafah 

Ashcroft Seeks To Boost Power Of Secret Court  10/1/01 LA Times 

En Egypte, hostilité sans précédent à l'égard de Washington  10/1/01 Le Monde 

Why Americans are so blind  10/1/01 Middle East Times 

Berlusconi apologises for Islam slur  10/1/01 Middle East Times, Cairo 

Blind To A Fault: Pakistan trained aiborn bombers  10/1/01 Outlook India 

Iraq: Russia Gets $40Bln In Contracts  10/1/01 Reuters 

The Taliban's bravest opponents  10/1/01 Salon 

Arafat faces open revolt  10/1/01 The Guardian, UK 

Bin Laden intimidates Taliban: Benazir  10/1/01 The News, Pakistan 

De-mythologising Afghanistan  10/1/01 The News, Pakistan 

Military action against Taliban begins  10/1/01 The News, Pakistan 

PAF planes vacate Quetta airport  10/1/01 The News, Pakistan 

Saudi Arabia refuses attacks from its soil  10/1/01 The News, Pakistan 

The Secret behind the sanctions on Iraq: How the U.S. intentionally destroyed Iraq's water supply  10/1/01 The Progressive 

Pak gears up to counter bio war  10/1/01 Times of India 

US ropes in dissident Taliban leader  10/1/01 Times of India 

Alliance wrests district from Taliban  10/1/01 Tribune of India 

Solutions not slogans: The anti-war protesters are lacking a needed directive  10/1/01 Working for Change: "In this new kind of war, the traditional divisions don't apply."

Enough is Enough!  10/1/01 Yemen Times: "His body was unidentifiable. I cannot imagine how merciless and monstrous those murderers are," said a relative of the victim two days ago.

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