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    World News
4/1/02 - 4/7/02

Sunday  4/7/02

Israelis massacre Palestinians in Jenin  4/7/02 Arab News, Saudi Arabia: "Nearly 100 Palestinians were killed as Israeli troops, tanks and helicopters raided the Jenin refugee camp prompting a fierce fight. Palestinian sources said it was a massacre of Palestinians by Israelis in the refugee camp. Five Israelis were reported killed in the fight. Twelve Palestinians were killed elsewhere."

Palestinian death toll mounts  4/7/02 BBC 

Rocket fired at Kabul peacekeepers  4/7/02 BBC 

White frights  4/7/02 Guardian 

In the gruesome wake of the Israeli army  4/7/02 Haaretz, Israel 

Mideast-related violence rocks France  4/7/02 Haaretz, Israel 

Unholy War: The Bethlehem bellringer, the doctor, the mother. The innocent keep on dying  4/7/02 Independent, UK: "This weekend, the Israeli army has got to batter the Palestinians into submission. And somehow, the Palestinian forces have got to hang on and keep fighting. If they succeed, and the Israelis withdraw their tanks without subduing them, Mr Sharon is forced into a bitter humiliation. If the Israelis do not withdraw at Mr Powell's demand, then the first serious crack appears in the Sharon-Bush alliance. In which case, Mr Arafat will win yet again. The Israeli army, meanwhile, is proving once more – as it did in Lebanon – that it is not the "elite" force it's cracked up to be. It is impossible to dismiss the widespread reports of looting from homes in Ramallah (not least because that is exactly what Israeli soldiers used to do in southern Lebanon in 1983); and that brave Israeli academic, Avi Shlaim, has himself charged Israel with extra-judicial killings in Ramallah."

Les juifs de France manifestent pour Israël et contre l'antisémitisme  4/7/02 Le Monde, Paris: right wing Zionist knifes police in the abdomen trying to get at pro-peace Israeli demonstrators in Paris: "Au cours de la manifestation, un commissaire de police a été grièvement blessé à l'abdomen par un jeune appartenant à un groupe extrémiste juif qui tentait de s'en prendre à des manifestants d'un mouvement pacifiste israélien, favorables à la création d'un Etat palestinien, qui avaient défilé quelques instants plus tôt près de la place de la Bastille."

Spanish Minister: Sanctions Against Israel Possible  4/7/02 Palestine Chronicle 

Israels say they will "finish the job," Palestinians cry "massacre"  4/7/02 Yahoo 

Saturday  4/6/02

topRussian Generals Question Pentagon Victories In Afghanistan  4/6/02 Counterpunch: What many US officers are also saying in private: "However, the US and European press carried enough facts that prompt conclusions about the inadequate preparation of US special troops for hostilities in the mountains."

A dark and dangerous undercurrent in U.S. society  4/6/02 Denver Rocky Mountain News: wonder how long this editory will keep his job…

Anti-Nazi veteran not allowed to enter Ramallah  4/6/02 Irish Times: "Mr Manolis Glezos, the Greek resistance fighter who in 1941 pulled down the Nazi flag flying from the Parthenon, strode confidently at the head of the Greek delegation in spite of his 82 years. "His presence is meant to send a message to an indifferent world about what is happening in Palestine," a member of the Greek delegation said."

Rallies around U.S. pan Israeli offensive  4/6/02 Nando Times 

100 Killed in Jenin: Thirty-Three Palestinians Killed in Less than Twelve Hours  4/6/02 Palestine Chronicale: "(Palestine Media Center): The Palestine Red Crescent Society confirmed today that Israeli occupation forces have killed at least thirty Palestinian civilians in Jenin’s refugee camp today. Eyewitnesses inside the camp confirm that Israeli bulldozers have leveled the refugee camp’s front row homes while the families were still inside."

Israel to reopen desert concentration camp for Palestinians  4/6/02 Ummah News 

Tanks fire at Arafat's office  4/6/02 UPI 

Israeli troops increase killings in defiance of Bush's call  4/6/02 Yahoo 

Friday  4/5/02

topMountain Division: Why the U.S. can't match the British at high altitudes.  4/5/02 American Prospect: relevant for some time to come, published 3/21/02

Captured by the One-Eyed Cyclops (I): Vest Report  4/5/02 Defense and the National Interest: A professional soldier's view (3/22/02) of the battles in Afghanistan and the wishful thinking about these on the US side: "Other officers I interviewed found it interesting that the person arguably best suited to help the public understand what was going on in Shah-i-Kot had been muzzled, and were not charitable in speculating as to what that meant. One officer who follows Grau's work did, however, draw my attention that day to a recent article co-authored by Grau for the Military Review Bulletin, published by the Army Command and General Staff College. Entitled "Ground Combat at High Altitude," the article flies in the face of early official optimistic pronouncements about Anaconda, essentially stating that the US Army's knowledge about high-mountain combat – defined as 10,000 feet and higher – is disturbingly deficient. (Anaconda ranged over turf from 8500 to 13,000 feet). "The US Army has no experience fighting in truly high mountains and its mountain warfare manuals deal primarily with low and medium mountains," the piece begins, adding that the Army "needs to know how to conduct high-altitude mountain warfare, develop the tactics, techniques and procedures to do so, and share the experience of other armies to understand and prepare for possible high-altitude conflicts."

Vreeland Talks  4/5/02 Guerilla News Network: "14. Q: Does that statement imply that the U.S. or some other intelligence agency had achieved complete penetration of the terrorist cells? A: That goes without question. Sometimes certain governments design, create networks like Al Qaeda, which was really the government in Afghanistan. Those entities create specific problems at the creating government’s direction."

Ground Combat at High Altitude  4/5/02 Military Review: From the Jan/Feb 2002 issue: "The U.S. Army has no experience fighting in truly high mountains and its mountain warfare manuals deal primarily with low and medium mountains and stress the use of helicopter aviation to conduct that combat. However, helicopters cannot haul normal loads over 13,000 feet [3965 meters] since their rotors lack thick enough air to "bite" into, and high altitude weather conditions will frequently shut down flying for days. High-altitude combat differs from medium- and low-mountain altitude combat and requires a different orientation and force structure."

"Grassroots International Protection for the Palestinian People (GIPP)”  4/5/02 Palestine Monitor 

Peace Activists Abused On Plane Home From Israel  4/5/02 The Age, Australia 

Israeli army targets reporters in Ramallah  4/5/02 Times of India 

Media reports restrictions  4/5/02 Washington Times 

Thursday  4/4/02

topQuest for Revenge - How Terrorism Led to Humanity  4/4/02 ABC News 

Bringing Non-Violence to the West Bank  4/4/02 Alternet: "As the Israeli Army intensifies its iron-fisted advance in the Palestinian territories and the bloody battle rages on, a strange calm has fallen on Yasir Arafat's compound. Just last week the prime target of the Israeli offensive, it now sits in the eye of the storm. Why? "Because we entered," says Samir Alassi, a Belgian citizen. The shelling stopped last Sunday, when he and 40 other concerned foreigners marched peacefully on the compound, past tanks and gunfire, and into the buildings where Arafat and his last hold-outs sit holed up in Ramallah."

Rogue General - Sharon May Inflict Israel's Greatest Defeat Yet  4/4/02 Black World Today 

The Middle East Conflict - Has it Been Engineered by Extremist Rightwing Christians and Zionists Hoping to "Force" the "Rapture"?  4/4/02 Cheryl's Daily Diatribe 

A nyuk on the wild side - Did the Three Stooges cover up the murder of their founder?  4/4/02 Chicago Tribune: la mas fea no perdona.

Anthrax whodunit may have political subplot  4/4/02 Dallas Morning News: "Similarly, enough is known about the anthrax letters that at least one researcher would almost certainly have a pretty good idea who sent them. So maybe the FBI already knows who did it but doesn't have enough evidence to make an arrest. There is, however, another possibility, Dr. Block mentioned at the physics meeting. Perhaps the FBI knows who did it but also knows that it is someone who knows too much. "The FBI, after all these months, has still not arrested anybody," Dr. Block said. "It's possible, as has been suggested, that they may be standing back because the person that's involved with it may have secret information that the United States government would not like to have divulged."

UM faces further budget cuts - Legislators cite KOMU policy on flag and ribbon wearing as the motivation for the cuts.  4/4/02 Digital Missourian: "Rep. Bubs Hohulin, R-Lamar, offered an initial amendment to cut the UM budget by $5 million. He cited discontent with KOMU news director Stacey Woelfel and his policy forbidding reporters from wearing red, white and blue ribbons or flags while working for the newsroom as his motivation for the amendment."


Area man says father shot MLK  4/4/02 Gainsville Sun 

Threat grows of second front in Lebanon  4/4/02 Guardian, UK 

Israeli Army Refusenik Update  4/4/02 IndyMedia 

Sharon dazzles Christian Zionists  4/4/02 Jerusalem Post: Oct 2000 article

Drop Peace Effort, Right Urges Bush  4/4/02 LA Times: "As President Bush struggles to define a consistent course in the Middle East, a chorus of leading conservative voices has begun loudly discouraging the administration from inserting itself into peace negotiations--and instead is urging the president to give Israel a freer hand to respond militarily to Palestinian suicide bombings." Seeking Armageddon and the Rapture? Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.

Israel uses intimidation against media  4/4/02 MSNBC 


International Peace Delegations Refused Entry at Ben Gurion  4/4/02 Palestine Monitor 

Medical Teams are Targeted - Civilian Population Under Attack  4/4/02 Palestine Monitor 

APOCALYPSE? MAYBE!  4/4/02 1998 article

Anishinaabe U  4/4/02 Utne 

Israeli Extremists and Christian Fundamentalists: The Alliance  4/4/02 Washington Report on ME Affairs: 1988 article with relevance for today - "Scofield said that Christ cannot return to earth until certain events occur: The Jews must return to Palestine, gain control of Jerusalem and rebuild a temple, and then we all must engage in the final, great battle called Armageddon. Estimates vary, but most students of Armageddon theology agree that as a result of these relatively recent interpretations of Biblical scripture, 10 to 40 million Americans believe Palestine is God's chosen land for the Jews."

Coalition forces under attack in Anaconda battle zone  4/4/02 Yahoo: the forever war

Wednesday  4/3/02

topU.S. Backs Israel Defense Rights  4/3/02 AP 

Arabs draw closer to action  4/3/02 Asia Times: "According to the Arab daily Asharaq al-Ossat, some US$27 billion has been withdrawn from foreign banks by Saudi investors since September 11. The report said that Saudi investors felt uneasy about their investments in the West, and their worst fears became true when US authorities froze the investments and assets of a number of Saudis on charges of being linked to the perpetrators of the September 11 attacks." And the Israeli site says one month's supply of suicide bomb belts is $5,000.

Shekel gains brief respite  4/3/02 BBC 

Wary Israel offers US airlines needed export: antiterror  4/3/02 Boston Globe: Boston's Logan has hired Israeli "security expert" Rafi Ron. Will Logan now enjoy the high level of security that exists in Israel?

DoD News Briefing - Secretary Rumsfeld and Gen. Myers  4/3/02 Cryptome, US: Rummy talks hard - "Q: Mr. Secretary, you said earlier that Abu Zubaydah is under U.S. control or the U.S. is controlling his detention. Can you help us understand what the priorities are with a prisoner like this? Is it to get intelligence from him first and to prosecute later? And if that becomes a difficulty, just focus on the intelligence-gathering? Is that how you approach an individual like this? Rumsfeld: There is no question but that the overriding importance -- important issue is intelligence gathering."

Prosigue invasión israelí a ciudades palestinas autónomas  4/3/02 Granma, Cuba 

Israeli tanks take war into Manger Square  4/3/02 Guardian, UK: Now the Christians get a taste of it: "Israeli warplanes, armour and infantry launched a huge attack on the Palestinian town of Bethlehem as Israel's prime minister Ariel Sharon pushed ahead with the second phase of his five-day long assault on Palestinian targets. The assault was opened by Israeli helicopters at 1am on Tuesday as gunships fired missiles into a number of targets around Manger Square and the Church of the Nativity."

US Embassy Knew of Assassination  4/3/02 Narco News: "Documents Reveal Details of Casimiro's Murder Embassy Called Him a "Die-Hard," & Worried Over Political Fallout"

Afghanistan Flap Leaves Oprah Feeling 'Used'  4/3/02 NY Daily News 

Details Emerge About American Woman Shot Dead By Israeli Soldiers  4/3/02 Palestine Chronicle 

Re-Occupation, Curfews and Assaults on Civilians Continue  4/3/02 Palestine Monitor 

Clergy Abuse Tracker: A Coverage Weblog  4/3/02 

Myth of Israel’s ‘generous offer’ damages truth, peace  4/3/02 Ummah News: "Israel would not return to its 1967 borders. Barak’s offer would have left the main Israeli settlements and their Jewish-only bypass roads intact. Palestinian villages would continue to be "islands" isolated from each other, "Bantustans" completely surrounded by the Israeli military who could and do blockade entire villages from travel. Except for three villages, Barak excluded the 28 Palestinian villages Israel illegally annexed to Jerusalem. Israel would accept no responsibility for the Palestinian refugee problem. To his credit, Barak broke long-held taboos in discussing Jerusalem and the refugees."

D.C. insurance policies reflect terrorism threat  4/3/02 Washington Times 

Tuesday  4/2/02

topOpen Letter To The Commander Of The Israeli Paratroopers  4/2/02 Black World Today: "Aviv, what happened to the sensible and judicious officer? How did you become a war criminal?"

US invented air attack on Pentagon, claims French book  4/2/02 Khilafah 

Girl Suicide Bombers  4/2/02 Slate: "The message for Israel, and the rest of the world, is clear: Terrorism is not just a fringe phenomenon. Terrorists are not just strange young men whispering in dark rooms. Terrorists are high-school students, terrorists are women—and terrorists are all around you. No one—not the old man on the bicycle or the young girl walking to school—can be discounted. All Palestinians are potential terrorists, and terrorism will never go away."

Israeli army uses human shield in Ramallah  4/2/02 Times of India: just like Saddam Hussein…

Farrakhan to visit the Middle East  4/2/02 UPI: "Nation of Islam leader Minister Louis Farrakhan blasted Washington for foreign policies that single out Muslims for blame and said Tuesday he wants to travel to the Middle East to try to resolve the differences between Israelis and Muslims."

Monday  4/1/02

topEx-CIA official says Kissinger policies destabilized southern Africa  4/1/02 AP 

Will He Talk?  4/1/02 CBS News: "The capture of Abu Zubaydah, al Qaeda's top surviving operational commander, is one of the most significant accomplishments in the U.S. war on terrorism, officials and experts said Monday. In Zubaydah's head, U.S. officials believe, are the names, faces and locations of numerous al Qaeda operatives the world over."

US Civilians Shot by Israeli Military at Beit Jala Peaceful Protest - w/photos  4/1/02 Colorado Campaign for Middle East Peace 

Most Far-Reaching Gag Order In 1st Amend. History?  4/1/02 Editor & Publisher 

Crude oil prices rise on Middle East tensions  4/1/02 Financial Times: "Fears that the violence could spread unrest in the Middle East, where two thirds of the world's reserves sit, drove crude prices sharply higher on Monday. At 1030 GMT, US Nymex crude futures in off-hours Access dealings, were up over a dollar to $27.40 per barrel. The International Petroleum Exchange in London was closed for Easter Monday."

HOW STUPID DO THEY THINK WE ARE?  4/1/02 From the Wilderness: "Zbigniew Brzezinski and the CFR Put War Plans In a 1997 Book – It Is “A Blueprint for World Dictatorship,” Says a Former German Defense and NATO Official"

US ignores international mood and lays blame on Palestinians  4/1/02 Independent, UK 

Apostate Jew dines with Arafat in besieged compound  4/1/02 Jerusalem Post 

Switzerland: FARC not "Terrorist Org"  4/1/02 NarcoNews: "Refuses U.S. Order to Freeze Colombian Rebel Bank Accounts"

PRO-ISRAEL PROTESTERS VENT THEIR RAGE HERE  4/1/02 New York Post: "Speakers at the rally condemned New York humanitarian worker Adam Shapiro, branding him a traitor. Shapiro, 30, of Brooklyn, is Jewish, and spent Friday night treating wounded Palestinians inside Yasser Arafat's besieged West Bank compound. "Shapiro is a traitor, a piece of garbage, and we are going to make his life and his parents' lives a living hell," said Betar spokesman Ron Torossian." No more Mr Nice Guy?

U.S. Fears Afghan Farmers Can't End Cash Crop: Opium  4/1/02 NYT 

Más de dos mil personas protestan frente a embajada Israel en Madrid  4/1/02 Prensa Latina, Cuba 

Kuwait Says U.S. Contributing to Israeli Attacks  4/1/02 Reuters 

Adversaries go inside ADL's spying operation  4/1/02 San Francisco Examiner 

Spy-guy Bullock wove web of intrigue  4/1/02 San Francisco Examiner 

7 foreigners wounded by Israeli fire: Activists  4/1/02 Times of India 

U.S. arranges for Arafat's exile in Morocco  4/1/02 World Tribune: a reliable US ally

World News

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Iraq news: Soaring death rates among Iraqi children, 1999 BBC, UNICEF 500,000 child deaths

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