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    World News
2/25/02 - 3/3/02

Sunday  3/3/02

Tension on edge of Georgian gorge  3/3/02 BBC: 1, 2, 3, many Vietnams…

US troops to stay in Kyrgyzstan  3/3/02 BBC 

New US-Afghan Offensive is an Eye Opener  3/3/02 Debka: from the Israeli psyops site: "US Air Force B-52 and B-1 bombers, F-15E fighters and AC-130 gunships blasted the caves around Gardez with laser- and satellite-guided bombs, as well as 2,000-pound suffocating “thermobaric” bombs. The Russian Army used this type of bomb against Chechen insurgents in the nineties, to little effect. Moscow’s failure to put down the rebellion in seven years of fighting is partly responsible for the arrival of US Special Forces in neighboring Georgia in the last two weeks...The current offensive, which needs another week at least, has already been an eye-opener. The American-Afghan setback on Saturday demonstrated that the Taliban and its al Qaeda partners had studied the five-month battlefront – especially the Tora Bora campaign of mid-December – and drawn some lessons. They are in far better shape now than in the days of the Mazar- e-Sharif, Konduz and Tora Bora battles. The Tora Bora engagement was for the Taliban and al Qaeda no more than a delaying maneuver to cover a rapid tactical withdrawal in the face of superior strength. Today, their objectives and style of combat are quite different. They have replaced their small, undisciplined bands and free-ranging chiefs with an organized central command at the head of a hierarchy, arming the revamped units with communications equipment and decent clothes. Their arsenal is substantial, containing such heavy weaponry as missiles, mortars and heavy machine guns, which they have learned to use economically. Seen against Afghan battlefield traditions, their food and ammunition supply systems are much enhanced, as are their facilities for caring for the wounded, including evacuation to hospital. There are signs that they have developed a competent, real-time field intelligence capability; their units are also far more mobile and flexible, they time counter-attacks for the hours of dark, have learned to evade US bombing strikes by day and fortify their positions. The Taliban also command a reserve force – not large but adequate - part of which is standing by across the border in West Pakistan. Faced with enhanced and expanded Taliban-al Qaeda combat capabilities, US strategists will need to retool their assault plans accordingly. It must be scheduled for no later than March 15-20, before the receding winter snows open up the mountain passes to Taliban movement."

Police took part in slaughter  3/3/02 Guardian 

Battlefield as Hindu rioters take revenge  3/3/02 Independent, UK 

Man shot in face by FBI in serious condition  3/3/02 Sun, Maryland: now they are shooting down white boys like dogs… what next?

U.S. using sensors for nuclear threats  3/3/02 Washington Post 

Saturday  3/2/02

topU.S. Bombs Eastern Afghan Mountains  3/2/02 AP: "U.S. warplanes and helicopters opened a new offensive Saturday against Taliban and al-Qaida believed regrouping in Afghanistan (news - web sites)'s eastern mountains in an air assault backed by Afghan forces on the ground, Afghan leaders said."

Afghan caves hit with pressure bombs  3/2/02 BBC 

Suicide bomber kills 10 in Jerusalem  3/2/02 Jerusalem Post 

Ethics Problems at Alternet  3/2/02 NarcoNews 

Al Qaeda Beat Off U.S.-Backed Afghan Troops  3/2/02 Reuters: "Afghan troops, aided by U.S. bombing and American advisers, were beaten back in an attack on up to 5,000 al Qaeda and Taliban forces in eastern Afghanistan on Saturday, soldiers back from the front said. The fighting, which started on Friday night, was shaping up as one of the biggest battles between the two sides since Taliban and al Qaeda forces were routed by U.S.-led attacks in December. The Afghan soldiers said they feared some of their units might have been cut off or surrounded in the battle about 20 miles east of Gardez, capital of Paktia province, and near the Pakistan border."

Israeli army 'faces defeat' in war against Palestinians  3/2/02 Telegraph, UK 

A child's charred arm tells of the race hatred engulfing India  3/2/02 Times, UK 

Baby dies at roadblock  3/2/02 UPI 

Cesium density across U.S.  3/2/02 USA Today 

Friday  3/1/02

topEvangelist Blames Jews on 1972 Tape  3/1/02 AP 

Nixon discussed nuclear strike in Vietnam  3/1/02 Boston Globe: "''I'd rather use the nuclear bomb,'' Nixon told Kissinger, his national security adviser, a few weeks before he ordered a major escalation of the Vietnam War."

Taliban fighters are transferred to US custody in secret deal  3/1/02 Boston Globe: "Among the captured fighters are citizens of France, Britain, Denmark, Bosnia, the Philippines, the Russian territory of Chechnya, and roughly 25 other nations, mainly in the Middle East, according to a Pakistani lawyer and a Pakistani government official familiar with the operation. Also included are at least five men carrying American passports and believed to be US citizens, who were fighting on behalf of Al Qaeda and the Taliban, according to the lawyer, Javed Ibrahim Paracha, who tried to block the transfer."

Rampaging Hindus burn Muslim children alive  3/1/02 Independent, UK 

Troops Going to Yemen, Report Says  3/1/02 LA Times: Viet Nam goes global!

15,000 deaths to nuclear tests? Study fuels debate  3/1/02 MSNBC 

Surveillance update: European spycams, Israel's Xacct, Japan, more  3/1/02 Politechbot: "A closer look at Xacct's technology reveals some startling implications and opportunities for abuse. Promoted as a comprehensive, real-time data collection, correlation, aggregation and account provisioning solution, Xacct's technology uses "smart agents" to record information and transmit data to a central event manager, storing the usage data in a commercial database. Direct access to servers is not required, and Xacct claims that more data often can be gathered by interrogating traffic near the device than what the device itself provides."

Anti-US mujahideen step up guerrilla strikes in Afghanistan  3/1/02 Ummah News: 'Nam all over again!

U.S. drops Saudis from allies list  3/1/02 Washington Times: from the Rev Sun Yung Moon

Thursday  2/28/02

top3 Louima Cop Convictions Overturned  2/28/02 AP: terrorism in NY.

Israel Launches Assault on Refugees  2/28/02 AP 

Drugs and intelligence agencies  2/28/02 by Jerry Meldon, 1998

Oil And Military Power In The Middle East And The Caspian Sea Region - Part I  2/28/02 Black World Today 

4 priests in Pa. accused of abuse  2/28/02 Boston Globe: For the pecadores who count: 80 in Boston, 14 in New Hampshire, 35 in Philadelphia, 4 in Allentown, 9 in Albany, 4 in Tucson, and 1 in Wisconsin = 147

Return of Bolivia's Drug-Stained Dictator  2/28/02 Consortium News: by Jerry Meldon, 1997

Long U.S. Dance with Mobutu Ends  2/28/02 Historical Texts Archives: by Jerry Meldon, 4/17/01 - "Former CIA Angola task force chief John Stockwell, who was raised in the Congo, has suggested that Lumumba offended his hosts when he reacted adversely to the experience of segregated washrooms in the nation's capital."

Guantanamo Detainees Go on Hunger Strike  2/28/02 LA Times 

Daschle Says U.S. War Effort Lacks 'Clear Direction'  2/28/02 Reuters 

Our Man in Morocco  2/28/02 Third World Traveler: by Jerry Meldon, 1999, who details an earlier "War on Terrorism" waged in the 60's - "There was reason, however, to suspect an American hand in Ben Barka's disappearance. Besides Washington's sensitivity about Castro and the Non-Aligned Movement, the Johnson administration at the time was moving aggressively around the world to thwart perceived Third World adversaries. Most notably, President Johnson was escalating U.S. involvement in Indochina. But he also dispatched Marines to the Dominican Republic, sent experts to improve the efficiency of Guatemalan security forces and allowed U.S. officials to hand over names of suspected communists to Indonesian generals engaged in exterminating hundreds of thousands of Indonesians."

India braced for anarchy after fatal train attack  2/28/02 Times, UK 

Iranians extradite al-Qaeda murder suspect to Europe  2/28/02 Times, UK: "His arrest is a boost for Europe’s war on terrorism, while American efforts to prosecute 500 prisoners from the Afghan war face further uncertainty after the Pentagon was forced to admit that it was struggling to find evidence against them."

Fallout likely caused 15,000 deaths  2/28/02 USA Today: and few people notice…almost 5 times the death toll of 9-11: "Radioactive fallout from Cold War nuclear weapons tests across the globe probably caused at least 15,000 cancer deaths in U.S. residents born after 1951, according to data from an unreleased federal study."

Wednesday  2/27/02

topMas de 600 mil personas en marcha de respaldo a Chavez  2/27/02 AIN, Cuba: preparing for the Kissinger style coup?

Jonas Savimbi: America's "Freedom Fighter," Africa's Terrorist  2/27/02 Black World Today 

Infant mortality of blacks on rise  2/27/02 Boston Globe: Cuba's numbers are much better than this: 6.2 per 1000 die before 1 year vs 13.6 in Boston. See 'Cuba records lowest infant mortality rate'

Ecuadorian Farmers Fight DynCorp's Chemwar on the Amazon  2/27/02 Counterpunch: "Imagine that scene for a moment--you are an Ecuadorian farmer, and suddenly, without notice or warning, a large helicopter approaches, and the frightening noise of the chopper blades invades the quiet. The helicopter comes closer, and sprays a toxic poison on you, your children, your livestock and your food crops. You see your children get sick, your crops die." These are the words of Bishop Jesse de Witt, president of the International Labor Rights Fund, in a letter to Paul V. Lombardi, CEO of DynCorp."

U.S. Soldier Shot Dead in Kuwait  2/27/02 Reuters: the US saved Kuwait in the Gulf War, now only 28% of Kuwaitis favor the US…

Saudi plan fascinating: Israel  2/27/02 Times of India 

Film links Pope to conspiracy murder  2/27/02 Times, UK 

Terror prisoners escape military tribunals  2/27/02 Times, UK: "AMERICA has failed to compile evidence identifying any of the 500 prisoners it is holding from the Afghanistan war as suitable candidates for a military tribunal, the Pentagon conceded yesterday. The admission is a major setback for the United States, which claimed that it had detained senior members of Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaeda network and the Taleban regime." The idea is not to capture bin Laden or to really do anything, it is to have a perpetual war that puts money in certain pockets.

Tuesday  2/26/02

topStocks Plummet on Rumor; Pentagon Says No U.S. Ground Troops Are in Iraq  2/26/02 AP 

Personal Testimony of an Israeli Refusenik  2/26/02 Arab News, Saudi Arabia 

After the fireworks, who picks up the pieces?  2/26/02 Asia Times 

FBI Closes in on Anthrax Terrorist - Prime Suspect is a Zionist  2/26/02 Aztlan 

1 diocese settles, faces debt  2/26/02 Boston Globe: If you are so indelicate as to count, which no one is: 80 in Boston, 14 in New Hampshire, 35 in Philadelphia, 9 in Albany, and 4 in Tucson = 142 so far

Meltdown in the Catholic Church  2/26/02 Boston Globe 

The Disappeared  2/26/02 Independent, UK: "Since 11 September last year, up to 2,000 people in the United States have been detained without trial, or charge, or even legal rights. The fate of most is unknown. Andrew Gumbel investigates a scandal that shames the land of the free."

Atrocity of 9/11 to save tech sector - Cheney  2/26/02 Register, UK 

Maoists resemble al-Qaeda, says US Ambassador  2/26/02 Times of India: the ambassador has evidently not heard that communists are atheists, not moslems. But then his ilk was never even able to distinguish between the North Vietnamese and the Chinese. Guess they "all look alike"!

Israeli troops dismembered Palestinian corps  2/26/02 Ummah News: "The head of a dead Palestinian was severed by orthodox Jewish soldiers from the IDF’s Nahal unit at a checkpoint in the Jordan Valley last August, according to the weekly Hebrew newspaper Kol Ha’ir. After the head was severed the soldiers stuck a cigarette in the mouth and took pictures according to an Israeli eyewitnesses and member of the same unit."

Orthodox Jews burn Israeli flag to mark holy day  2/26/02 Ummah News: "Orthodox Jews opposed to Zionism today commemorated the religious festival of Purim by burning the Israeli flag in nine places world-wide. The symbolic burnings took place against background of police pressure in the US, Canada, England and in occupied Palestine."

US Congress questions efficiency of Colombian anti-drug program  2/26/02 Yahoo 

Monday  2/25/02

topThe Invisible Whiteness of the Olympic Beer Riot  2/25/02 Alternet 

How Americans are blackmailed by Israel  2/25/02 Arab News, Saudi Arabia 

Women also allege abuse: Pedophile priests targeted girls, too  2/25/02 Boston Herald 

The ADL Spying Case Is Over, But The Struggle Continues  2/25/02 Counterpunch 

Sharon angers Paris with charge of racism  2/25/02 IHT: "One camp believes Sharon is accusing France of anti-Semitism in order to deligitimize it in the Middle East peace process, at a time when Paris is toughening its stand toward Israel. Another version says that Sharon is simply trying to encourage French Jews to immigrate to Israel by fanning the flames of anti-Semitism."

U.S. Customs bars Canadian activist from crossing border  2/25/02 Politechbot: "It was immediately obvious to me that I was dealing with a specialist in interrogation methods. He told the admiring locals at one point that he had been stationed in Yemen and I avoided speculating on how he had employed his talents there." But did he have any success finding the Cole bombers?

DeLay Advisers Reaped Enron Windfall  2/25/02 Roll Call: "In early 1998, Enron Corp. secured a $750,000 contract for political operatives tied to House Majority Whip Tom DeLay (R-Texas) to secretly conduct an aggressive grassroots campaign pushing energy deregulation, according to documents obtained by Roll Call and interviews with individuals involved with the effort." etc etc!

Killing of Savimbi will not end war  2/25/02 Sydney Morning Herald, Australia 

Hindu rite fuels fears of temple site riots  2/25/02 Telegraph, UK 

Suspect worked in U.S. lab  2/25/02 Washington Times: anthrax terrorist is from the heart of the US military industrial complex.

Colombian presidential hopeful abducted by rebels: spokeswoman, photographer  2/25/02 Yahoo 


World News

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