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    World News
2/18/02 - 2/24/02

Sunday  2/24/02

King widow angers Kinchen kin  2/24/02 Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Coretta King has always been very conservative, so this is a remarkable statement on her part concerning the fairness of H. Rap Brown's trial.

Vatican Still Has Much To Answer For On The Holocaust  2/24/02 Black World Today: "In 1998, the church made a mild stab at public atonement for past injustices when it formally apologized for centuries of Catholic anti-Semitism and the failure to combat Nazi persecution of the Jews. But the Vatican made no mention of Pius XII's stone silence on Nazi atrocities. And it's this continuing blind spot that riles many Jewish and church scholars." Silence on nazi links, silence on pederast priests.

Whispers In The Land: Washington Knows That Bush Has Gone Too Far  2/24/02 Bush Watch: "With the White House in such a state of impenetrable self-justification and hubris, there's nothing the rest of us can say or do; these are people who've spent their entire lives spinning and believing these narratives that star themselves, and it would seem they literally can no longer recognize the reality in front of them. They have become, plainly, mentally ill. The catastrophic shock of 9/11 did not break the narcossis, perhaps future shocks received when invading Iraq and Iran will."

Pearl's father: 'Israeli connection' could hinder investigation  2/24/02 Haaretz: "Professor Yehuda Pearl, father of murdered Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, has told Ha'aretz that he fears that making public his son's Israeli citizenship could adversely affect investigative efforts by Pakistani police to apprehend the killers and track down the murdered reporter's body. In a telephone conversation from his Los Angeles residence, Professor Pearl expressed regret and anger over the revelation by the Israeli media of his family's "Israeli connection." The U.S. media, which was aware of the information, complied with the family's request not to make it public. The American media was asked to comply with this request after information was obtained that confirmed reports that the 38-year-old reporter was dead."

Angola Shows Rebel's Body on Television  2/24/02 NYT 

Delusional Sharon Can't Remember Family History  2/24/02 Palestine Chronicle: "Inflating the span of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict is a common ruse to give the Israelis 'ancient' credentials. One of the reasons the Zionists deliberately destroyed their native Yiddish culture, including killing the Yiddish language, was to cut all traces to their Central European origins. It was a unique act of cultural self-emmulation for the greater political goal of creating the myth of a 'reborn ancient people returning to the promised land'. A cursory check of the birthplaces of Begin, Ben Gurion, Abba Eban, Shamir and Golda Meir will clearly demonstrate where these people came from. The conflict between the native Palestinians and Yiddish colonial invaders dates back to the early 1920s. It is not only Sharon and his Likudnik partners in crime who inflate the span of the conflict. I recently heard Senator Lieberman voice the opinion that the Israeli/Palestinian conflict had raged on 'for centuries'. Of course, he knew better. But, he is a Senator and that is close enough to the truth for a Senator with Yiddish supremacist leanings."

Rockets Fired at U.S. Airbase in Afghanistan  2/24/02 Reuters 

American Gulag: Petty criminals doing hard time  2/24/02 San Francisco Chronicle: reinstituting slavery - "The United States has achieved the dubious honor of boasting the largest prison and jail population on Earth. It reached this zenith by surpassing cash-strapped Russia -- long its only rival as a society of mass imprisonment -- after Russia released thousands of inmates so as to save money. A few years earlier, as America rushed to lock up ever more of its population for ever-pettier offenses, the absolute size of its incarcerated population surpassed that of China -- despite China's population being more than four times that of America. According to research by the British Home Office, America now incarcerates over one fifth of the world's prisoners."

Paal has his share of critics  2/24/02 Taipei Times: "It is widely believed in Washington that Douglas Paal's nomination as head of the Taipei office of the American Institute in Taiwan was delayed by congressional conservatives' questions over Paal's `unfriendly' speeches on Taiwan over the years. Those questions were followed by series of financial and background checks on the incoming diplomat. Thanks to the efforts of former US president George Bush, who came to the aid of Paal, the nomination has been finalized and is waiting to be officially announced, according to a `Taipei Times' source in Washington"

Tunnel to US embassy found in Rome: Reports  2/24/02 Times of India 

The Scent of Another Coup - The US and Venezuela  2/24/02 Zmag 

Saturday  2/23/02

topRebels Flee Colombian Troops  2/23/02 AP 

Philadelphia inquiry finds evidence of 50 abuse cases  2/23/02 Boston Globe: 35 priests in the Philly area, add that to over 80 in Boston and 14 in New Hampshire… Is anyone starting to add this up or is that too indelicate?

Elite Colombian troops pour into Farc stronghold  2/23/02 Independent, UK 

Chavez «le révolutionnaire» chahuté à Caracas  2/23/02 Liberation: "disciplinaire. Armées de casseroles, quelques centaines de personnes s'étaient retrouvées lundi soir à la place Francia, dans l'est de Caracas, pour applaudir la dernière insubordination militaire en date." Right wing protesters banging kitchen pots just as in Chile.

DynCorp Charged with Terrorism  2/23/02 NarcoNews: DynCorp has ties to the Enron scandal and which has a little scandal of its own brewing over Balkan child prostitution rings.

Swedish aid worker killed in Somalia  2/23/02 Times of India 


Friday  2/22/02

topRobertson's comments about Islam draw ire  2/22/02 AP: the traditional engine of McCarthyism and JEdgarism was the fundamentalist right wingers in the Bible Belt.

Angolan rebel leader 'killed'  2/22/02 BBC: Savimbi, CIA aid recipient and ally of South Africa.

U.S. hubris could come back to haunt us  2/22/02 Columbia Tribune, Missouri 

Republican Party of Texas, brought to you by Enron  2/22/02 

Charley Reese: Wrong to call terrorists cowards  2/22/02 Enterprise Journal 

Gobierno y Fuerzas Armadas de Angola confirman muerte de Savimbi  2/22/02 Granma 

Afghans flee hunger and strife  2/22/02 Guardian, UK 

Lawyer asks appeals court to rein in Enron case judge  2/22/02 Houston Chronicle 

'Germans helped Franco run civil war death camps'  2/22/02 Independent, UK: Falangistas in Spain = Falangistas in Miami.

Colombian Army Attacks Rebel Posts  2/22/02 LA Times 

Les médias américains dans la guerre  2/22/02 Le Monde: review of American media in France's equivalent of the New York Times.

L'Institut international de la presse dénonce "la guerre contre les médias"  2/22/02 Le Monde 

September Eleventh Families for Peaceful Tomorrows  2/22/02 Peaceful Tomorrows: "Peaceful Tomorrows is an advocacy organization founded by family members of September Eleventh victims. Its mission is to seek effective nonviolent responses to terrorism, and identify a commonality with all people similarly affected by violence throughout the world. By conscientiously exploring peaceful options in our search for justice, we choose to spare additional innocent families the suffering that we have already experienced—as well as to break the endless cycle of violence and retaliation engendered by war."

U.S. Military Helicopter Crashes in Philippines  2/22/02 Reuters: radio reports had the copter on fire before crashing - missile attack?

Hospital incidents go unreported  2/22/02 Rocky Mountain News, Denver: "The numbers from Denver metro hospitals last year sound serious enough: 19 patients suffered brain injuries while hospitalized; 31 died unexpectedly or without explanation; 98 reported being abused. But these numbers probably represent just a fraction of the true figures."

Sharon takes swipe at army refuseniks  2/22/02 Times of India 

U.S. drops pledge on nukes  2/22/02 Washington Times: "The Bush administration is no longer standing by a 24-year-old U.S. pledge not to use nuclear weapons against non-nuclear states, a senior administration official said yesterday." Now it's back to Kissinger threatneing North Vietnam with nukes…

Bush fails to win more Chinese backing for "war on terrorism"  2/22/02 Yahoo 

Thursday  2/21/02

topDespite Appearances, Israeli Doves Remain Lost  2/21/02 Black World Today 

Israeli Rights Group Blasts Military  2/21/02 Fox News: "Israeli soldiers fired indiscriminately and without justification at civilians and paramedics in the Gaza Strip earlier this week and apparently used illegal anti-personnel shells in the incident, an Israeli human rights group said Wednesday."

MI5 fears flood of Afghan heroin  2/21/02 Guardian, UK 

Drug War Goes Boom in Colombia  2/21/02 NarcoNews 

The FARC Speaks  2/21/02 NarcoNews 

Shh, It's an Open Secret: Warlords and Pedophilia  2/21/02 NYT: warlords and catholic priests…

From silence to the bullet  2/21/02 Palestine Chronicle: "Members of the US media need to take a clear stand against the illegal practices of the Israeli army now, before the train of history passes them and the ignominy of having stood silent while crimes against humanity were committed."

Views of Business and Regulation Unchanged by Enron  2/21/02 Pew Research: "Even as the percentage of Americans paying some attention to news of Enron has steadily risen -- from 34% in December, to 43% in January and 61% in February, basic opinions of American business have not changed much."

VENEZUELA: A FEW REALITIES  2/21/02 Radio Progresso, Miami: "In the case of Venezuela, if we guide ourselves by the assertions published in most media outlets, it might seem that we're facing a military dictatorship of the old school, like those that abounded in Latin America until well into the 1980s, such as the ones in Argentina, Chile or Uruguay. Nevertheless, the current government is the result of a long democratic process, wherein President Hugo Chávez enjoys a record in consecutive elections and referenda that is hard to match. From 1998 to 2000 he was elected twice as the nation's leader, he summoned a Constitutional Assembly, a new Constitution was drafted whose text was approved by a national referendum, the nation's name was changed and the political superstructure of the nation was revolutionized – in a way. No previous Latin American president had achieved power with so many supervised public elections as Hugo Chávez. Despite that, he never pleased the American governments or their allies, who saw in the Bolivarian process – a peaceful process conducted through the ballot box – a danger to their interests."

Last Three Months Warmest on U.S. Record Books-NOAA  2/21/02 Reuters: but the Wall Street Journal says there is no global warming.

Washington blocks $5bn supplies to Iraq  2/21/02 Reuters 

Special Forces 'Poised For Strike' in Somalia  2/21/02 Sky News 

The Intensification of Global Instability  2/21/02 Stratfor 

US says troops to stay in Afghanistan till Taliban, al-Qaeda go  2/21/02 Yahoo: we are not in a quagmire therefore we are not in a quagmire.

Wednesday  2/20/02

topEnronGate  2/20/02 Alternet: numerous articles on Enron

US well versed in 'black arts'  2/20/02 BBC 

A Tangled Web: A History of CIA Complicity in Drug International Trafficking  2/20/02 Federation of American Scientists 

U.S., reducing arms, considers new nuclear weapons  2/20/02 IHT: "The Nuclear Weapons Council, made up of officials from the Defense and Energy departments, has ordered a three-year study into developing a nuclear-tipped, earth-penetrating weapon that can destroy hardened underground targets. The administration has also established "advanced warhead concept teams" at the country's three nuclear weapons laboratories to work on new warheads or warhead modifications."

Revealed: Pentagon's new black propaganda unit  2/20/02 Independent, UK 

Venezuela Faces U.S. Coup Plot  2/20/02 Narco News: the US, ably led by its Miami Mafia Latin American team, is fomenting a Chile style coup in Venezuela - Otto Reich, John Negroponte, Lino Gutierrez, Elliot Abrams, Emilio Gonzalez, Rogelio Pardo-Maurer, Roger Noriega, etc etc see also The Miami Connection in Granma, which tracks this very well.

OLD SAYBROOK — The Enron bankruptcy may cost the town $75,000.  2/20/02 New Haven Register: story repeated across the US…

Israel Murders 26 Palestinians in 24 Hours  2/20/02 Palestine Media Center 

Presentation to the Olin Foundation - Information and National Security Conference - United States Air Force Academy  2/20/02 thrilling stuff by Rendon, recently selected to do "PR" work for the Pentagon.

Afghanistan war 'just beginning'  2/20/02 Telegraph, UK 

Cheney Led Halliburton To Feast at Federal Trough  2/20/02 The Public I 

Getting 'Em Where it Hurts  2/20/02 Weekly Planet: "For anybody who thinks that marching around a Taco Bell and demanding better wages for tomato pickers is a waste of time, the Coalition of Immokalee Workers has news: You're wrong." Includes dates of the Taco Bell Tour.

US troops fan out across Philippine rebel stronghold  2/20/02 Yahoo 

Tuesday  2/19/02

topReserve generals back unilateral withdrawal  2/19/02 Haaretz, Israel: very significant: "After four months of intense discussion, the Council for Peace and Security, a group of 1,000 top-level reserve generals, colonels, and Shin Bet and Mossad officials, are to mount a public campaign for a unilateral Israeli withdrawal from all of Gaza and much of the West Bank. Taking care to avoid the term "separation" - council member Shlomo Avineri, a former foreign ministry director general, said it smacks of apartheid - the organization is calling for evacuating Gaza, dismantling 50 settlements, the immediate establishment of a Palestinian state, and immediate peace talks with Palestinians, whether there is a cease-fire or not."

Europe Upset by US Inaction Over Resumed Afghan Opium Production  2/19/02 Peter Dale Scott: by the respected co-author of Cocaine Politics.

Expert: Anthrax suspect ID'd  2/19/02 Times, NJ: "But the FBI might be "dragging its feet" in pressing charges because the suspect is a former government scientist familiar with "secret activities that the government would not like to see disclosed," said Barbara Hatch Rosenberg, director of the Federation of American Scientists' Chemical and Biological Weapons Program."

Israel funding extremist supporter of Baruch Goldstein  2/19/02 Ummah News: "The Religious Affairs Ministry has been financing the association that distributes the writings of Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg, the author of the pamphlet "Baruch Hagever" (a play on words that can be translated as "Baruch the Man," or as "The Blessed Man"). The pamphlet lauded the massacre carried out in 1994 by Baruch Goldstein, who shot and killed 29 Muslim worshippers at the Ibrahim mosque, claimed by Jews as the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron. The ministry last week published on its Web site a list of the organizations that it funds, in accordance with the law on freedom of information. The list shows that in 2001, the association Gal Eini received NIS 141,454. The association's goal is to publish and distribute summaries and videos of Rabbi Ginsburg's teachings."

Monday  2/18/02

topHarvard activists group call for Harvard to investigate Enron ties  2/18/02 AP: See also our Enron page.

Israeli economy mired in crisis  2/18/02 BBC 

Students eye Harvard link to Enron  2/18/02 Boston Globe 

French outbursts annoy US  2/18/02 Dawn, Pakistan 

Bin Laden's No 2 'captured in Iran'  2/18/02 Guardian: "Zawahiri, the founder of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, was arrested several days ago and has been imprisoned in the city's Evin jail, where political prisoners are usually held, the Hayat-e-Nou newspaper said."

Israelis lose faith in military solution  2/18/02 Guardian: "Ariel Sharon's strategy is collapsing," said the Ma'ariv newspaper. "At this stage, as difficult as it may be to say so openly, the Palestinians are losing the battles to a superior force, but Israel is losing the war… Opinion polls at the weekend showed 35% of Israelis support what is coyly known here as "transfer" - the wholesale expulsion of the Palestinians - and there is a growing clamour to re-invade and re-occupy the entirety of the territories." In Ma'ariv's weekend opinion polls, some 49% of Israelis agreed, saying the "national leadership has lost control of the security situation".

Trading Truth at Harvard: A Report on Harvard's Enron Entanglements  2/18/02 Harvard Watch: "Herbert "Pug" Winokur is a member of the Harvard Corporation, the university’s seven-member self-selecting governing body, and a longtime member of the Board of Directors at Enron Corporation. He is currently the chair of the board’s Finance Committee. In this capacity Winokur reportedly approved the creation of more than 3,000 partnerships and subsidiaries which were allegedly used by Enron to hide debt and avoid taxation. Winokur’s position on the board’s Finance Committee gave him unique access to Enron’s financial structure and should have alerted him to the company’s imminent collapse." It keeps getting better from there…

Al Qaeda's gold: following trail to Dubai  2/18/02 IHT 

Bush relishes reactions to his rallying cry  2/18/02 IHT: frat boy: "As a new and glaring rift emerges between the White House and America's allies over how to pursue the next phase of the war on terrorism, something odd has happened: President George W. Bush and his top aides now seem to welcome, even to egg on, the sharp differences prompted by Bush's determination to expand his battle against what he calls "evil" regimes."

ENRON'S MANY STRANDS: COLLEGE REACTION - Watchdog Group Wants Investigation on Harvard Official  2/18/02 NYT: dated 2/1 - "ABSTRACT - HarvardWatch calls for Harvard University to investigate whether Herbert S Winokur Jr, longtime Enron Corp director who is also member of Harvard Corp, might have given insider information to investment fund Highfields Capital Management, which manages part of Harvard's endowment, permitting it to profit from fall in Enron's stock price late last year; group acknowledges it has no evidence; Winokur has no direct ties to fund; group estimates that positions would have yielded $50 million to $120 million in profit (M)"

Pentagon Readies Efforts to Sway Sentiment Abroad  2/18/02 NYT: "The Pentagon is developing plans to provide news items, possibly even false ones, to foreign media organizations as part of a new effort to influence public sentiment and policy makers in both friendly and unfriendly countries, military officials said….But it recently created the Office of Strategic Influence, which is proposing to broaden that mission into allied nations in the Middle East, Asia and even Western Europe. The office would assume a role traditionally led by civilian agencies, mainly the State Department." OK! Rummy is now institutionalizing his lying!

Wisconsin Oneidas Vow to Persist in Their Lawsuit, Jeopardizing Pataki's Settlement  2/18/02 NYT 

World News

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