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5/1/08 - 5/31/2008

Saturday  5/31/2008

Photos in Colombia's "Magic Laptop" Undermine Claim of Chavez-FARC Connection  5/31/2008 Alternet: "A series of photos allegedly found on the laptops of Raúl Reyes, the FARC leader killed when the Colombian government bombed and raided a FARC encampment across the Ecuadoran border, appear to have actually been taken by Colombian intelligence agents--or by allied police or intelligence agents--in Quito, Ecuador. The photos were supplied to the Bogotá daily El Tiempo by an anonymous Colombian intelligence source Monday, March 3, just two days after the raid on the encampment. Credible doubts about the provenance of the photos are potentially explosive, suggesting that a piece of evidence that the Colombian government claimed originated from the FARC laptops actually came from another source, and also because they indicate the presence of Colombian intelligence in Quito." [includes sample fotos]

Thursday  5/29/2008

topFixers Indicated That Hillary Was a Key Player in the Marc Rich Pardon Deal - Bill Clinton and the Rich Women  5/29/2008 Counterpunch: "Meanwhile, back in Lucerne, Rich was beginning to cultivate the Israeli government. He established the Rich Foundation in Tel Aviv, which would distribute more than $100 million to Israeli causes over the next decade. To oversee the foundation, Rich selected a former high-ranking Mossad official named Avner Azulay, whose ties to the intelligence agency probably never totally evaporated. Azulay was a useful conduit to Israel’s political elite. He was close to Yitzak Rabin, Ehud Barak, Shimon Peres and Ehud Olmert. A decade later, Azulay would play a key role in securing Rich’s pardon from the Clintons. Through Azulay, Rich offered his services to the Israeli government, especially the Mossad. Indeed, according to letters from Israeli officials, Rich played the role of a “Say-Ayon,” or unpaid asset of the Mossad. In fact, Rich was subsidizing Israeli intelligence operations. He financed numerous covert missions and allowed Mossad operatives to work covertly in his offices around the world. With experience as an international spook now added to his C.V., Rich reached out through intermediaries to both the FBI and the CIA. He offered his services to both agencies in exchange for dropping the charges against him. The CIA’s response is unknown, but the FBI was intrigued and sent the request to the Justice Department, where it was quashed."

Italy officer tells of spying on spies in cleric's kidnapping  5/29/2008 LA Times: "The officer, Bruno Megale, recounted an astonishing tale of spies spying on spies. Police, armed with judicial warrants, used cellphone logs, wiretaps and intercepted e-mails to ensnare a CIA station chief, a U.S. Air Force colonel, five American diplomats and officers from Italy's military intelligence service accused of collaborating with the Americans. The Americans are being tried in absentia; none are in Italy and none have acknowledged the proceedings in Milan's main courthouse. For their 20-plus court-appointed defense attorneys, one said, this is a trial of ghosts."

Neo-Cons Silent on Hagee Repudiation by McCain  5/29/2008 Lobe Log: "Virtually nothing has appeared in the National Review Online, and nothing at all in Bill’s Kristol’s Weekly or Daily Standard. Most remarkably, Commentary’s hyper-active on-line blog, ‘Contentions’ — which, like the other two publications, has been obsessed with Obama and the Rev. Wright — has simply ignored the event, as if it never happened. Is it because any comment at all is seen as too politically risky? Criticizing McCain for so peremptorily rejecting the man who, after all, was the keynote speaker at last year’s AIPAC convention could undermine his courtship of Jewish voters and funders. Agreement with McCain’s decision, on the other hand, could be taken badly by the Christian Right, a strategic ally of the neo-cons since before the 1980 election campaign."

CIA spook Roland Carnaby gunned down by intolerance  5/29/2008 NarcoNews: "Attorney Mark Conrad is a former supervisory special agent who oversaw nine states and two foreign offices for the Internal Affairs Office of the U.S. Customs Service (which has since become part of the Department of Homeland Security). He also is a member of the Houston chapter of the Association for Intelligence Officers (AFIO) – of which Carnaby was the president. Conrad says while he was a federal agent, he, on occasion, worked with the CIA in relation to various intelligence- and national security-related matters, so he is very familiar with the Agency’s operations and has contacts in the intelligence world to this day. Conrad says he considered Carnaby a friend and confirms that Carnaby did work for the CIA and was considered a valuable player in the Agency’s clandestine operations. What did he do? “Whatever they [the CIA] needed,” Conrad says. Last spring, at an AFIO meeting in Houston, Conrad says he was present when James Pavitt, the former Deputy Director of Operations for the CIA, lauded Carnaby publicly for his service to the CIA and the country."

Venezuela Replaces Decades-Old Intelligence Institutions  5/29/2008 Venezuela Analysis 

Wednesday  5/28/2008

topBush 'plans Iran air strike by August'  5/28/2008 Asia Times 

Tuesday  5/27/2008

topUS Academic Deported and Banned for Criticizing Israel  5/27/2008 Guardian: "Norman Finkelstein, the controversial Jewish American academic and fierce critic of Israel, has been deported from the country and banned from the Jewish state for 10 years, it emerged yesterday. Finkelstein, the son of a Holocaust survivor who has accused Israel of using the genocidal Nazi campaign against Jews to justify its actions against the Palestinians, was detained by the Israeli security service, Shin Bet, when he landed at Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion airport on Friday."

Spies for hire  5/27/2008 Nachrichten Heute 

Monday  5/26/2008

topJimmy Carter says Israel had 150 nuclear weapons  5/26/2008 Times 

Sunday  5/25/2008

topAsesor de política exterior de John McCain - Otto Reich: "Obama no tiene ni un día de experiencia internacional"  5/25/2008 El Mercurio: [Otto Reich -- he's baaack!!!] - "Aunque dice que nunca ha abandonado la vida política, lo cierto es que Otto Reich, ex jefe de la diplomacia estadounidense para América Latina, anunció su retorno con "bombos y platillos", nada menos que como asesor del candidato republicano a la Casa Blanca, John McCain."

Friday  5/23/2008

topThe Adrian Garcia Campaign for Harris County Sheriff  5/23/2008 

Council Member Adrian Garcia - City Hall Annex  5/23/2008 American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS), Houston: "Council Member Garcia's goals for his second term include increasing the number of police officers patrolling the streets of Houston, improving emergency preparedness at the neighborhood level, increasing the amount of Homeland Security funding for our region, and he wants to build Houston's economy by giving large and small businesses in Houston priority for city contracts over out-of-town firms; this is his “Invest in Houston First!” initiative ." [See]

Rove Protégé to Dig for Dirt on Obama  5/23/2008 Consortium News: "FirstRead, a political Web site of NBC News, cited a Republican source as confirming that Griffin was being brought onboard by the Republican National Committee to handle opposition research on Obama. Griffin hung up on me when I contacted him at his home and asked him to comment about the report. An RNC aide told me he could neither “confirm nor deny the report.” Griffin’s return to the RNC as an opposition researcher – a post he held during the Bush-Cheney campaigns – would seem to mark a return to a “dirty tricks” style of campaigning that presumptive Republican nominee John McCain has vowed to avoid."

Judge Orders HPD to Recover Guns Used to Kill Chase Suspect  5/23/2008 Fox: "One of the most serious things that I saw was the guns that were used in the shooting were given back to the officers," Susan Carnaby's attorney Randall said. " Well, that's not preservation of evidence." On Thursday, Kallinen said officers with the Houston Police Department failed to follow its own policy regarding chases and high-risk vehicles. Kallinen said they should have taken cover and talked Carnaby out of his sport-utility vehicle."

Judge issues orders to city in Carnaby suit - He says evidence normally discarded must be preserved  5/23/2008 Houston Chronicle: "Randall Kallinen, the lawyer representing Roland Carnaby's widow in a federal suit accusing the officers of violating her husband's civil rights, asked U.S. District Judge Keith Ellison to force the city to retain items, including 911 tapes and data transmissions that the department normally discards after a few months. "The condition of the guns are very, very critical to the case," he said. Annie Teehan, a senior assistant city attorney, said she didn't know if the guns had been discharged since the April 29 fatal shooting… During a hearing Friday morning, Teehan confirmed that the Secret Service is looking at Carnaby's laptop."

Memorial service for Palestinian activist reveals more layers  5/23/2008 Statesman:  published 5/11/08 - "But Hamad's brother-in-law denied Saturday that the family had described him as suicidal. And the circumstances have fueled online theories that Hamad was killed by the U.S. government or Israeli operatives. Roberta Clark, a spokeswoman for the Austin chapter of the Anti-Defamation League, referred to Hamad's death as a tragedy but said that rumors pointing the finger at Israel "are hateful and hurtful and they fuel the flames of those who are anti-Semitic and/or anti-Israel." "

Thursday  5/22/2008

topThe Hillary Myth and the Good Reverend Wright?  5/22/2008 Black Commentator: "The single most important debate that has not even touched the lips of the corporate media is that both Bill and Hilary Clinton were involved in the importation of cocaine into the Untied States during the Iran Contra Affair. If Hilary were to get the Democratic nomination and be elected President, we can be assured of the fact that like Presidents Clinton and Bush before her she will do nothing to address the biggest scandal in US history: US government involvement in the narcotics trade. A complete investigation into this problem is the start of any program to rebuild the inner city."

O'Reilly critic is fired from job at CN8  5/22/2008 Boston Globe: scroll down, thnis story is buried -- "CN8 host Barry Nolan , who publicly complained a few weeks ago about Bill O'Reilly receiving an award from the Boston chapter of National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, has been fired by the Comcast network. "Their take is that I was insubordinate," Nolan told us yesterday. "They wanted me to sit down and shut up." The host of "Backstage With Barry Nolan" had argued that O'Reilly, the volatile Fox News host and former Channel 7 anchor, was unworthy of the Governor's Award. (Past recipients include the likes of Mike Wallace, Ken Burns, and Natalie Jacobson.) "The idea of honoring someone who does their job with constant factual errors, name-calling, and mangling of the truth . . . It's ridiculous," said Nolan, who's married to Garland Waller, a veteran TV producer who teaches at Boston University. We're told Nolan was warned by his bosses at CN8 to pipe down, but at the May 10 dinner honoring O'Reilly he handed out a six-page document listing some of O'Reilly's wackier errors, utterances, and information about the talk-show host's sexual harassment settlement. Seems Comcast was concerned that Nolan's actions could harm the network's relationships with the academy and Fox. He was immediately suspended without pay for two weeks and then fired over the phone Tuesday."

CIA Reports on POW John McCain  5/22/2008 Cryptome 

The Swiss CIA - Nuke Connection  5/22/2008 Nachrichten Heute: by Wayne Madsen - "Plame leak damaged a major CIA investigation linking senior Bush administration officials to WMD proliferation. U.S. intelligence insiders have pointed out that the White House is using "Rovegate" and "Who in the White House said what to whom?" as a smoke screen to divert attention away from the actual counter-proliferation work Mrs. Wilson and her Brewster Jennings & Associates team were engaged in."

Wednesday  5/21/2008

topChavez says United States is spying on Venezuela  5/21/2008 AP: "Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez accused the United States on Wednesday of using anti-drug flights for spying — and said that fighter jets are ready to defend Venezuela's sovereignty. Chavez said a U.S. Navy plane that flew into Venezuelan airspace during a purported anti-drug mission was actually involved in reconnaissance. "They are spying, even testing our capacity to react," Chavez said in a televised speech. "We are not going to allow the violation of our sovereignty.""

Controversy Over Guajira - U.S. Military Bases in South America  5/21/2008 Counterpunch 

Israel ups the stakes in the propaganda war  5/21/2008 Guardian: published 11/06 - "He declared there to be a "war on the web" in which Israel had a new weapon, a piece of computer software called the "internet megaphone". "During the war we had the opportunity to do some very nice things with the megaphone community," he revealed at the conference. Among them, he claimed, was a role in getting an admission from Reuters that a photograph of damage to Beirut had been doctored by a Lebanese photographer to increase the amount of smoke in the picture. This was first spotted by American blogger Charles Johnson, who has won an award for "promoting Israel and Zionism". To check out the power of the megaphone, I logged onto a website called GIYUS (Give Israel Your United Support) last Wednesday afternoon. More than 25,000 registered users of have downloaded the megaphone software, which enables them to receive alerts asking them to get active online."

Israel backed by army of cyber-soldiers  5/21/2008 Times, London: published 7/06, now has an odd blank pop-up - "Israel’s Government has thrown its weight behind efforts by supporters to counter what it believes to be negative bias and a tide of pro-Arab propaganda. The Foreign Ministry has ordered trainee diplomats to track websites and chatrooms so that networks of US and European groups with hundreds of thousands of Jewish activists can place supportive messages. In the past week nearly 5,000 members of the World Union of Jewish Students (WUJS) have downloaded special “megaphone” software that alerts them to anti-Israeli chatrooms or internet polls to enable them to post contrary viewpoints. A student team in Jerusalem combs the web in a host of different languages to flag the sites so that those who have signed up can influence an opinion survey or the course of a debate."

Megaphone desktop tool  5/21/2008 Wikipedia: "The Megaphone desktop tool is a Microsoft Windows application distributed by the World Union of Jewish Students and other pro-Israel organizations, through the website. Released on July 19, 2006, it delivers real-time alerts about key articles, videos, blogs, and surveys to subscribers so that they can voice their opinions and work together to support Israel on the public opinion front."

GIYUS calls Jews of world to web duty  5/21/2008 Ynet 

Tuesday  5/20/2008

topChuck Hagel Takes On McCain, Repeatedly Praises Obama  5/20/2008 Huffington Post: "Chuck Hagel is quickly becoming Barack Obama's answer to Joe Lieberman. The Republican Senator from Nebraska was a political thorn in McCain's side on Tuesday night, repeatedly lavishing praise on the presumptive Democratic candidate and levying major foreign policy criticisms at the GOP nominee and the Republican Party as a whole. At one point, Hagel even urged the Arizona Republican to elevate his campaign discourse to a higher, more honest level… And when asked to respond to rumors circulating within political circles that the Bush administration was ginning up the possibility of war with Iran, the Senator even raised the specter of impeachment. "You've got the power of impeachment, now that is a very defined measure if you are willing to bring charges against the president at all. You can't just say I disagree with him, let's impeach him," said Hagel. An attack on Iran without Congress' consent, he added, "would bring with it... outstanding political consequences, including for the Republican Party."

Bush intends to attack Iran before the end of his term  5/20/2008 Jersualem Post: "US President George W. Bush intends to attack Iran in the upcoming months, before the end of his term, Army Radio quoted officials in Jerusalem as saying Tuesday. The official claimed that a senior member of the president's entourage said during a closed meeting that Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney were of the opinion that military action was called for."

Slain Colombian Insurgent Held Secret Talks with U.S. Diplomats  5/20/2008 National Security Archives: published 3/4/08 - "The slain insurgent, Raúl Reyes, met secretly in Costa Rica in December 1998 with a U.S. diplomatic mission led by Philip T. Chicola, then director of the State Department's Office of Andean Affairs. The meeting was particularly sensitive in that the guerrilla group represented by Reyes, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), was listed on the State Department's list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations. The FARC remains Colombia's oldest and largest rebel army. Stressing "the absolute requirement for confidentiality," Chicola told Reyes that the U.S. wanted to "to develop a channel of communication" with the FARC."

Monday  5/19/2008

topMI5 spy quits over scandal  5/19/2008 Herald Sun, Australia: "The officer was believed to be in his 40s and to have served in the military before joining MI5, where he was involved in surveillance operations, the paper reported. He had responsibility for watching al-Qaida suspects, Russian spies, crime bosses and drug lords. The disclosure raises questions about why the service's vetting procedures failed to discover an agent's wife was a prostitute, leaving him open to blackmail attempts."

Superdelegates Turned Down $1 Million Offer From Clinton Donor  5/19/2008 Huffington Post: "One of Sen. Hillary Clinton's top financial supporters offered $1 million to the Young Democrats of America during a phone conversation in which he also pressed for the organization's two uncommitted superdelegates to endorse the New York Democrat, a high-ranking official with YDA told The Huffington Post. Haim Saban, the billionaire entertainment magnate and longtime Clinton supporter, denied the allegation. But four independent sources said that just before the North Carolina and Indiana primaries, Saban called YDA President David Hardt and offered what was perceived as a lucrative proposal: $1 million would be made available for the group if Hardt and the organization's other uncommitted superdelegate backed Clinton."

Haim Saban  5/19/2008 Source Watch: the owner of Univision and superdelegate briber - "Haim Saban is an Israeli-American media-mogul, one of the biggest contributors to the campaigns of pro-Israel politicans in the U.S. and has been described by a New York Times reporter as a "tireless cheerleader for Israel." He has also founded various centers and institutions to produce policy research favorable to Israel. He is a financial donor and founder of the Saban Institute for the Study of the American Political System at the University of Tel Aviv. He is a member of the Board of Trustees at the Brookings Institution. In 2002 he pledged $13 million to found the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution."[1] Saban is the founder of Saban Entertainment and Fox Family Worldwide. More recently, he has made significant new gains. In 2003 he bought ProSiebenSat.1, Germany's largest privately-owned television network. [2] In 2006, he acquired Univision Communications, the largest Spanish-broadcasting television company in the US for the price of USD 12.3 billion. [3] "

Sunday  5/18/2008

topTHE WAR MACHINE: OR HOW TO MANIPULATE REALITY  5/18/2008 Chavez Code: "The Secretary General of the International Police (INTERPOL), Ronald Kenneth Noble, is an ex US Government employee, and he was First Undersecretary of the Department of Treasury in charge of the Secret Service, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the Center for Federal Law Enforcement Training, the Network of Financial Crimes Control and the Office of Foreign Assets Control (which, by the way, is the entity in charge of enforcing the blockade against Cuba and the prohibition of US citizens to travel there). Noble has been Secretary General of INTERPOL for 8 years (two terms), and it was he who was in charge of supervising the authentication of the “evidence” obtained by the Colombian government in the FARC camp. INTERPOL was charged with a pretty limited and subjective mision, that was to “Examine the user files on the eight seized FARC computers and to determine whether any of the user files had been newly created, modified or deleted on or after 1 March 2008.” INTERPOL did not occupy itself with verifying the origin, accuracy or source of those files or computers, which means that reasonable doubt still remains regarding the true authorship of that data. INTERPOL took for granted that the machines and the evidence pertained to Raul Reyes and the FARC, which in legal terms prejudices the entire investigation because it shows that from the beginning, INTERPOL had already taken the side of the Colombian government."

The Bushes and Hitler's Appeasement  5/18/2008 Consortium News: "If Borah, an isolationist Republican from Idaho, sounded naïve saying “Lord, if only I could have talked to Hitler, all of this might have been avoided,” then what should be said about Bush’s grandfather and other members of his family providing banking and industrial assistance to the Nazis as they built their war machine in the 1930s? The archival evidence is now clear that Prescott Bush, the president’s grandfather, was a director and shareholder of companies that profited from and collaborated with key financial backers of Nazi Germany. That business relationship continued after Hitler invaded Poland in 1939 and even after Germany declared war on the United States following Japan’s bombing of Pearl Harbor in December 1941. It stopped only when the U.S. government seized assets of Bush-connected companies in late 1942 under the “Trading with the Enemy Act.”

Money Laundering & Murder in Colombia: Official Documents Point to DEA Complicity Kent Memo’s Corruption Allegations Bolstered by FOIA Records, Leaked U.S. Embassy Teletype  5/18/2008 NarcoNews 

Chávez Seizes Greater Economic Power  5/18/2008 NYT: "Faced with shortages of foods, building materials and other staples, President Hugo Chávez is intensifying state control of the Venezuelan economy through a new wave of takeovers of private companies and the creation of government-controlled ventures with allies like Cuba and Iran."

Iran busts CIA terror network  5/18/2008 Tehran Times: but 9/11 happened because they hate our freedom -- "The Intelligence Ministry on Saturday released details of the detection and dismantling of a terrorist network affiliated to the United States. In a coordinated operation on May 7, Iranian intelligence agents arrested the terrorist network’s members, who were identified in Fars, Khuzestan, Gilan, West Azerbaijan, and Tehran provinces, the Intelligence Ministry announcement said. The group’s plans were devised in the U.S., according to the announcement, which added that they had planned to carry out a number of acts such as bombing scientific, educational, and religious centers, shooting people, and making public places in various cities insecure."

Venezuela accuses Colombian troops of intrusion  5/18/2008 Xinhua: "The Venezuelan government on Saturday accused 60 Colombian troops of illegally entering the Venezuelan territory and called "the incursion" a provocation by the Colombian government seeking to destabilize the region". "Venezuela views with concern that this act of provocation comes at a time when our government has denounced the belligerent policy of the Colombian government that is deliberately looking to destabilize the region," the Foreign Ministry said in a protest note."

Saturday  5/17/2008

topBush Family Appeasement - The Power to Name  5/17/2008 Counterpunch: “Fortunately for Bush, who was later elected a United States senator, his name never surfaced in the news when his Union Banking shares were seized by the U.S. government. The only media reference related to the seizure was a brief 1944 item in the New York Times announcing that ‘The Union Banking Corporation, 39 Broadway, New York, has received authority to change its principal place of business to 120 Broadway.’ The article neglected to point out that the company's assets had been seized under the Trading With the Enemy act or that 120 Broadway was the address of the U.S. Alien Property Custodian. If the news had been publicized, it might well have derailed Bush's political career as well as the future presidential aspirations of both his son and grandson.”

Scientists Cast Doubt on Kennedy Bullet Analysis - Multiple Shooters Possible, Study Says  5/17/2008 Wapo: "In a collision of 21st-century science and decades-old conspiracy theories, a research team that includes a former top FBI scientist is challenging the bullet analysis used by the government to conclude that Lee Harvey Oswald alone shot the two bullets that struck and killed President John F. Kennedy in 1963. The "evidence used to rule out a second assassin is fundamentally flawed," concludes a new article in the Annals of Applied Statistics written by former FBI lab metallurgist William A. Tobin and Texas A&M University researchers Cliff Spiegelman and William D. James. The researchers' re-analysis involved new statistical calculations and a modern chemical analysis of bullets from the same batch Oswald is purported to have used. They reached no conclusion about whether more than one gunman was involved, but urged that authorities conduct a new and complete forensic re-analysis of the five bullet fragments left from the assassination in Dallas."

Friday  5/16/2008

topChavez: Interpol report 'ridiculous'  5/16/2008 AP 

Venezuela weapons worry US, Colombia  5/16/2008 AP: "Now they have documented reasons for their worries — certified by Interpol. Colombian rebel computer files described Thursday as authentic by the international police agency suggest a dramatic arms buildup by President Hugo Chavez could benefit leftist guerrillas that the U.S. has spent billions to defeat."

Fake CIA Agent Roland Carnaby: Conspiracy Theorists Having A Field Day  5/16/2008 JBlog Central: The Jewish and Israeli Blog Network: "Since Carnaby's death there hasn't been any intrepid newspeople digging into Carnaby's life. We received a comment here at DBKP (Death By 1000 Papercuts) where someone has claimed Carnaby bilked his father out of hundred of thousands of dollars in some sort of investment in a "security" firm. We cannot validate this claim but would be interested if anyone else had information which could confirm the allegation. We're interested in just how Carnaby managed to support himself through the years. Carnaby may be an enigma at the moment but we believe the information on Carnaby is out there, just waiting to be dug up."

U.N. racism investigator to visit U.S. from Monday  5/16/2008 Reuters: "The United Nations said Doudou Diene would meet federal and local officials, as well as lawmakers and judicial authorities during the May 19-June 6 visit. "The special rapporteur will...gather first-hand information on issues related to racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance," a U.N. statement said on Friday. His three-week visit, at U.S. government invitation, will cover eight cities -- Washington D.C., New York, Chicago, Omaha, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Miami and San Juan, Puerto Rico."

WAYNE MADSEN ON MURDER OF CIA AGENT IN HOUSTON  5/16/2008 Site has numerous (not all) Wayne Madsen Reports on Roland Carnaby - May 15, 2008 -- CIA agent was monitoring Israeli finances - May 14, 2008 -- SPECIAL REPORT. CIA agent kept Mossad "close" - May 13, 2008 -- Carnaby subjected to character assassination campaign - May 5, 2008 -- Carnaby CIA status confirmed - April 30, 2008 -- BREAKING NEWS. UPDATED 4X. CIA agent gunned down by Houston police

Thursday  5/15/2008

topChavez Says Attack by the U.S. Would Cause $500 Oil  5/15/2008 Bloomberg 

EVA GOLINGER - The CIA is more active than ever in Venezuela  5/15/2008 Granma: "If he should be elected president of the United States, McCain would engage in a much more hostile and aggressive policy toward Venezuela and Cuba, and even the other ALBA countries. His discourse is already more precise toward the region and he is constantly mentioning how he would further tighten policy on what he classifies as dictatorships and threats in Venezuela and Cuba. That goes beyond simply wanting the Florida vote. McCain is a military man and an imperialist in the sense that he wouldn’t accept the United States losing its influence over and domination of its "backyard." He suffers from that same complex that the other Republicans have about Cuba and Fidel Castro, for example. They still cannot accept that Cuba has defeated imperial aggression and the 50 years of blockade and attacks. They persist in their spoilt and infantile attitudes that stop them from turning the page and accepting reality: the most powerful empire in the world could not defeat the Cuban Revolution. So, with a McCain, we will be even worse off than with a Bush and, believe me, he is a hard one to surpass."

Interpol says Colombia FARC documents authentic  5/15/2008 Reuters: "Interpol concludes there was no alteration," Interpol chief Ronald Noble said through an interpreter at a Bogota news conference. "Our role has nothing to do with the content."

Wednesday  5/14/2008

topVenezuela's Chavez "anxious" for better U.S. ties  5/14/2008 Reuters: "Whoever the next president is and whatever party they are from, we aspire, we are anxious, that 2009 start with a new level of relations," Chavez said from an oilfield close to the Orinoco River. In the past, Chavez has said a victory for Republican presidential candidate John McCain in the November election could worsen relations between the two countries. All candidates are wary of the outspoken critic of U.S foreign policy, although Democrat Barack Obama has said he could meet with him.

ALTA CALIFORNIA: Tribal Chief says Indian Reservation "in a near state of war" with Riverside County Sheriff's  5/14/2008 Voz de Aztlan 

Tuesday  5/13/2008

topWhy Harsh Immigration Crack Downs Will Never Work  5/13/2008 Alternet: "Arizona's new "enforcement only" immigration law, which mandates the use of an electronic verification system and subjects employers to the loss of their business license for hiring the wrong person, has turned out to be a disaster that might rank up there with the Edsall or New Coke in the pantheon of bone-headed ideas. The state had a very low unemployment rate when the law was passed -- it was, at least in part, a "solution" to a problem they didn't have. Unemployment was at 4.1 percent when the law went into effect in January, and had been at 3.7 percent when a judge upheld the measure in early 2007. Law-makers are now scrambling to undo the shock they've inflicted on the state as up to eight percent of the population -- according to one estimate -- have decided to hightail it out of Arizona en masse. The people of Arizona are learning that immigrants not only supply labor, but also demand goods and services in turn -- and the labor that goes into them. They're also learning that newer immigrant communities have a mix of people with different legal status all jumbled together, and that when there is a widespread perception that politicians (and citizens) are attacking immigrants, it doesn't much matter that some differentiate between those who are "legal" and "illegal" -- Arizona is losing many American citizens and legal permanent residents among that eight percent population drop."

How under-the-gun Iran plays it cool  5/13/2008 Asia Times: "To this end, they have little choice, faced with the enmity of the globe's "sole superpower", but to employ a sophisticated counter-encirclement foreign policy. After all, Iran is now completely surrounded by post-September 11 American military bases in Afghanistan, Central Asia, Iraq and the Gulf states. It faces the US military on its Afghan, Iraqi, Pakistani and Persian Gulf borders, and lives with ever-tightening US economic sanctions, as well as a continuing drumbeat of Bush administration threats involving possible air assaults on Iranian nuclear (and probably other) facilities. The Iranian counter-response to sanctions and to its demonization as a rogue or pariah state has been to develop a "Look East" foreign policy that is, in itself, a challenge to American energy hegemony in the Gulf. The policy has been conducted with great skill by Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki, who was educated in Bangalore, India. While focused on massive energy deals with China, India and Pakistan, it looks as well to Africa and Latin America. To the horror of American neo-cons, an intercontinental "axis of evil" air link already exists - a weekly commercial Tehran-Caracas flight via Iran Air."

Archive for Roland Carnaby  5/13/2008 Rose Speaks 

Susan Carnaby Sues Houston Police  5/13/2008 Rose Speaks: Court case documents.

Monday  5/12/2008

topDomestic spying far outpaces terrorism prosecutions  5/12/2008 LA Times: "The number of Americans being secretly wiretapped or having their financial and other records reviewed by the government has continued to increase as officials aggressively use powers approved after the Sept. 11 attacks. But the number of terrorism prosecutions ending up in court -- one measure of the effectiveness of such sleuthing -- has continued to decline, in some cases precipitously. The trends, visible in new government data and a private analysis of Justice Department records, are worrisome to civil liberties groups and some legal scholars. They say it is further evidence that the government has compromised the privacy rights of ordinary citizens without much to show for it."

Militants imperil stability in Turkey  5/12/2008 The Nation, Abu Dhabi: "The group called Ergenekon is seen as the latest incarnation of the “deep state”, a term used by politicians and media in Turkey to describe nationalist officials who see themselves as patriots and take the law into their own hands to fend off what they perceive as threats to the republic. Ergenekon, whose name refers to a legend about the origins of the Turkish people in central Asia, is alleged to have been led by Veli Kucuk, a former general. Police action against the group was triggered by the discovery of 27 hand grenades and other explosives in a house in Istanbul last summer. After months of covert investigations and phone trappings, police arrested dozens of alleged gang members in January. More than 40 people, among them Mr Kucuk and other former soldiers, prominent radical nationalists as well as lawyers, journalists and academics, have been arrested and charged with membership in the terrorist organisation and trying to incite a rebellion against the government."

Sunday  5/11/2008

topBlogs, 'CIA brother' spin zest into Carnaby mystery Friend's ex-wife calls claims about spy work hogwash  5/11/2008 Houston Chronicle: By Mike Tolson - Outstanding example of the character assassination campaign waged against Carnaby. Some observers note that the Premel identity seems to have been constructed across numerous posts." [Mike Tolson is reputed close to Houston Chief of Police Harold Hurtt.]

Saturday  5/10/2008

topUS 'authenticates' Chavez-Farc ties  5/10/2008 Al Jazeera: "US intelligence officials have said computer files seized from a Colombian rebel leader's laptop computer are authentic and show strong ties between Farc and Hugo Chavez, Venezuela's president."

Friday  5/9/2008

topHPD addresses deadly police chase  5/9/2008 ABC 

Obama Now Takes The Lead in Superdelegates Too  5/9/2008 ABC 

Jumblatt, All Type Informer: Former French Intel Chief  5/9/2008 Al Manar 

War With Iran Might Be Closer Than You Think  5/9/2008 American Conservative: "The US demanded that Iran admit that it has been interfering in Iraq and also commit itself to taking steps to end the support of various militant groups. There was also a warning about interfering in Lebanon. The Iranian government reportedly responded quickly, restating its position that it would not discuss the matter until the US ceases its own meddling employing Iranian dissident groups. The perceived Iranian intransigence coupled with the Lebanese situation convinced the White House that some sort of unambiguous signal has to be sent to the Iranian leadership, presumably in the form of cruise missiles. It is to be presumed that the attack will be as “pinpoint” and limited as possible, intended to target only al-Qods and avoid civilian casualties. The decision to proceed with plans for an attack is not final."

Police Defend Officers In Chase Shooting  5/9/2008 Click2Houston: "One of the reasons that they do this job is they want to help, so it's not like they shoot somebody and say, 'OK, we're going to let him lay there and die,'" he said."

Police review first-aid training - Fatal shooting of man who claimed to work for CIA prompts new look  5/9/2008 Houston Chronicle: "Both veteran officers who fired at Carnaby, Sgt. Andrew J. Washington and Officer Charles Foster, are back on duty."

Last gasp for Olmert's political career?  5/9/2008 IHT 

Poll: Most Jewish voters want Obama to win  5/9/2008 Jerusalem Post: "A new Gallup survey found that 61% of Jewish voters prefer Obama to McCain, who got 32% of the Jewish support. That number is far greater than the rate found for the general population, who only preferred Obama to McCain 45-43, according to the poll. Obama also still trails Clinton in Jewish support, according to the survey, with Clinton winning against Obama in the Jewish community 50%-43%. Though the results showed Obama is favored by the Jewish community, the Republican Jewish Coalition pounced on them to attack Obama. "In 2004, John Kerry received 75% of the Jewish vote and George W. Bush received 25%. The recent polling numbers demonstrate Obama's weakness among Jewish voters. This data comes on the heels of the exit poll data from the Democratic primary in Pennsylvania. Hillary Clinton beat Obama among Jewish voters 62%-38%," said RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks. But the Obama campaign dismissed his comments, with one adviser calling it, "a desperate attempt to squeeze one drop of lemonade out of a mountain of lemons."

Thursday  5/8/2008

topCIA Employee, Ciralsky, Claims Agency Harrased Him Over 'Israel Ties'  5/8/2008 Was there an Israeli angle to the neocon hit on Carnaby? Ciralski helped establish Premel as legitimate.

Lawsuit by Young Jewish Attorney Charges Anti-Semitism at CIA-Source Says "They're Out of Control;" ADL Offers Sensitivity-Training  5/8/2008 Ciraslki helped legitimize Premel in an NBC interview - "Mr. Ciralsky's case is based on a CIA document which speaks of "rich Jewish persons and friends from college." Supporting Likud? The document says Mr. Ciralsky has ties to and supports the Likud party of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and adds "He may not be telling more because it makes him and his family appear as fanatic supporters of the hard-line Likud party-and he does not want to be portrayed as such." ...According to a report by Seth Gitell in the Forward, the Ciralsky case has now deteriorated to a semantic brawl between Mr. Sher and Abraham Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League. According to the Forward, after 14 years of refusing to help Jonathan Pollard because he did not believe anti-Semitism played a role in his case, Mr. Foxman has recognized that the CIA is chock-full of "discrimination, prejudice, and anti-Semitism." But, Mr. Sher said, Mr. Foxman has recognized these failings in the agency only because the CIA is now willing to pay the ADL for the organization's "sensitivity training." "

The Adam Ciralsky and David Tenenbaum Cases  5/8/2008 Ciralsky interviewed Alan Premel who has been linked to Carnaby.

Adam Ciralsky on "DarkSide" Ops and Alan Premel  5/8/2008 NBC: by Adam Ciralsky, 9/25/07 - "I served at CIA in a legal capacity and i wanted to ask a former CIA officer their take on it. So we turned to recently resigned CIA former clandestine service officer and analytical red cell analyst Alan Premel for his input on the buzz surrounding bin Laden."

Uribe Would Be Involved in the “Final Offensive” Against Venezuela  5/8/2008 Venezuela Analysis: "This information is recorded in the document titled “Shock and Awe Theory in Venezuela: Provoke a State of Shock In Order to Command Respect,” presented to the Public Ministry by former Venezuelan Attorney General Isaías Rodríguez when he went to make declarations regarding the Danilo Anderson case last Friday. Citing sources from the Security Administration Department (DAS) of Colombia, the document recounts a recent private meeting in which Ambassador Brownfield, President Uribe, Colombian Vice President Francisco Santos, and Colombian Defense Minister Juan Manuel Santos participated. They conversed about plans to promote the “secession of the state of Zulia, Venezuela.”

Wednesday  5/7/2008

topColombian colonel, three others arrested for alleged paramilitary ties  5/7/2008 AP 

Drug pilot, election exec killed on CIA plane  5/7/2008 Mad Cow Morning News: "The downed plane's relevance to the ongoing story of vote fraud in America involves the identity of it's passenger, Jose Alfredo Anzola, a 34-year old founder of Smartmatic, a Venezuela-based election company whose American subsidiary counted one in every three votes in the 2004 Presidential election, while engaged the whole time in heated controversy over allegations the firm counting America's votes had hidden ties to—of all people— Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez. The connection between last week's plane crash and the ongoing saga of CIA Drug trafficking begins with 43-year old Mario Donadi Gafaro, the veteran drug pilot at the controls of the twin engine plane."

Leaders Warn of Autonomy Attempts in Venezuela, Ecuador  5/7/2008 Venezuela Analysis 

Tuesday  5/6/2008

topCarnaby text in Association for Intelligence Officers (AFIO) site  5/6/2008 AFIO: [now only on Google cache] - "AFIO extends sympathy to the family of former Houston Chapter President Roland V. Carnaby, and to his friends and chapter members, over his untimely and inexplicable death. A man gifted with remarkable people skills and charm, Roland called upon his wide range of contacts -- particularly those in the Houston and Federal law enforcement communities -- to support an impressive speaker series and other local activities in the Houston chapter he reactivated a few years ago. Mr. Carnaby underscores the achievements and energy associate members bring to the association to assist in the educational mission of AFIO. Funeral arrangements -- when announced -- will be conveyed to his chapter members."

Don Clark's Big Lie About Roland Carnaby  5/6/2008 Gene Dios: "According to Clark's bio that was released when he went to work for Sharp Technology, Clark managed the FBI's investigation of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. He was also in charge of the investigation of Achille Lauro attack in which Leon Klinghoffer was killed. He coordinated and managed the investigation and prosecution of the dragging death of James Byrd, Jr. in Jasper, Texas and he was in charge of the investigation and coordination to locate FBI’s top-10 fugitive and accused “Railcar Killer” Rafael Resendes Ramirez. Clark was also the special agent in charge of the Houston FBI office, a position he held until he retired in 2000. He's a well-known figure in Houston law enforcement circles… Roland Carnaby introduced Pavitt and Clark and gave a presentation that evening. Yet we're to believe that a highly-decorated and highly-respected former FBI agent has no recollection of Carnaby's name? ...What matters even more is that the media, the press, the Fourth Estate, has buried this story so far that it's hoped that we short-attention spanned Americans will forget it. This American won't forget it. If this is how the police treat one of their own, how will they treat us when push comes to shove?"


Diamonds, Dubai, the Russian-Israeli Mafia and bin Laden  5/6/2008 Wayne Madsen: published 3/06 - "Osama was a rich man, a millionaire, but spend a lot on the Afghan war and reconstruction. While he was in Africa in exile, the Israelis approached him to take over the diamond business from the Lebanese in West Africa. (background: Muslims provide the strong arm for the raw diamond trade in West Africa, and it required a respected and tough Muslim like Osama to wrestle the trade away from the Shi'ites from southern Lebanon. The Israelis could not stand the thought of their Antwerp diamond industry financing suicide bombers in south Lebanon)." "With the diamond trade under his control, Osama became a billionaire (repeat), a billionaire . . . The diamonds were sent to the Russian mafiyah, who then sold to Antwerp."

The Middle East firestorm was to have started on April 25  5/6/2008 Wayne Madsen Report: reposted from WMR site, scroll down - " It is known that retired CIA officer and contractor Roland Carnaby, a Lebanese-American, had close contact with all of Lebanon's various factions. On April 29, four days after the planned assassination of Nasrallah by Mossad, Carnaby was killed in broad daylight by Houston police. WMR previously reported that Carnaby had successfully penetrated a Mossad ring active in the Houston area. It is clear that Israel would not have carried out the Nasrallah assassination without the knowledge and approval of the neocon cell operating from Vice President Dick Cheney's office and extending to elements of the U.S. Air Force, CIA, and other federal agencies."

Monday  5/5/2008

topRoland Carnaby  5/5/2008 Cryptogon: compilation of articles on Carnaby - "Everywhere that I’ve seen this story being discussed on the Internet, there are a lot of anonymous comments saying that Roland Carnaby made it all up; that he just imagined that he was in the CIA, Photoshopped himself into a picture of the lobby of CIA headquarters, created the plaques and commemorations himself. All of that is possible. In fact, it may even be likely... However, there is a mountain of stuff here that is so odd that it practically left a bitter taste in my mouth just from reading it. I don’t know what the “National Security Command Center” is, but that’s the organization listed as the owner of the vehicle Carnaby was driving when he was killed. And maybe a total faker can become the president of a local chapter of the Association for Intelligence Officers. Right?"

Criminal gangs rise from ashes of militias - Demobilized fighters in Colombia turn into drug traffickers, killers  5/5/2008 La Times 

The Guardian Covers (Up) Colombia’s Reality - London’s “Left Leaning” Newspaper Props Up Latin America’s Most Authoritarian Government  5/5/2008 NarcoNews: "During these two months the Guardian published 38 articles that discussed Colombia in significant detail. It is a very revealing exercise to scan these articles for information that is readily available on the website of Human Rights Watch (HRW).? HRW is a prominent organization with a track record of being disproportionately hard on US enemies (Hizbullah, Hamas, Venezuela) and soft on the US allies (Israel, Haiti under Gerard Latortue). [1] It is not a group likely to exaggerate the crimes of a US and UK ally. One might expect that a supposedly left leaning newspaper like the Guardian would, at the very least, tell readers what HRW has been reporting."

9/11 Conspiracy Connection To DC Madam Murder  5/5/2008 Prison Planet: "In addition, Madsen pointed out that Jack Abramoff, who was also connected to the DC Madam scandal, allowed at least two of the 9/11 hijackers to use one of his casino boats in the days before 9/11, and this is what Palfrey was probably referring to when she spoke about her call girls picking up information about 9/11 before it happened. "There's the link, when you've got Abramoff and you had two of those hijackers on his casino boat a few days before 9/11 - I just wonder if that's what Jeane was talking about," said Madsen, "Because now I'm looking at this crazy incident in Houston with Roland Carnaby, a retired CIA guy who was still contracted to the CIA, being gunned down in broad daylight by the Houston police department - now I've been told by Agency sources in Houston that one of the people he was looking at was Abramhoff and the casino boats - so here you've got two people in the same week, looks like they were both assassinated in broad daylight," he concluded."

Roland Carnaby?  5/5/2008 Considerable information on Carnaby and Premel, traces many on-line postings about Premel and how some were fabricated.

Cash payoffs, bonds and murder linked to White House 911 finance  5/5/2008 The Antechamber: "Is the situation so bad that patriotic intelligence agents--worried about the future of their own families--are increasingly bypassing "purchased" and compromised mainstream media outlets because they don’t trust them to tell the truth anymore? "

OFFICER-INVOLVED SHOOTING INCIDENT AT 200 WEST LOOP SOUTH  5/5/2008 Tribune, Texas: "The two officers who discharged their weapons, Sergeant A.J. Washington and Officer C.A. Foster, both assigned to the Traffic Division, were not injured. Sergeant Washington was sworn in as an HPD officer in February 1986 and Officer Foster was sworn in in August 1993."

Carnaby CIA status confirmed  5/5/2008 Wayne Madsen Report: requires subscription

Sunday  5/4/2008

topScript: The Traitor 4/05  5/4/2008 ABC Nightline: [Aired 4/27/05 - David Adler is one of the voices in Houston calling Carnaby a fake. Here, he is interviewed about his rescue of rogue agent Edward Wilson, imprisoned for selling arms to Libya..]

From someone in Houston that's paying attention  5/4/2008 Freedom4Um: scroll down to #3 - "I think it's very curious that all three major TV stations in Houston apparently had copters following this guy, as well as 4 HPD choppers.. On the video tapes shown, the scene showed only one true HPD Traffic Enforcement vehicle, but plenty of other white unmarked police cars, including two pulled up next to this SUV. I didn't think unmarked cars could participate in chases, and I thought HPD had just instituted a new policy where they don't conduct high-speed chases that could endanger innocent civilians, because they have accidentally killed too many with their high speed chases before… In the tape, you can clearly see two men dressed in camouflage pants, with brown or black tee shirts on that have some kind of badge hanging down. These two men are carrying assault rifles. Who are they and why are they there? ...One of the cops after seeing Roland laying on the ground dying, claps his hands together, like YES! We got him! Why anyone who was not threatening to them would be treated like a common criminal gunned down in broad daylight is beyond comprehension. ...If Roland wasn't CIA, why did the CIA immediately and simultaneously deny any knowledge of him and announce that someone will be arriving from Langley, VA. to "ASSIST" the HPD with their investigation? 19. Why is the family lawyer being retained a CIA lawyer that investigated the assasinations of both JFK & MLK? Why not Rusty Hardin or some other media hungry attorney from Houston?"

Ed Wilson's Revenge - The Biggest CIA Scandal in History Has Its Feet in the Starting Blocks in a Houston Court House  5/4/2008 From the Wilderness: [discusses David Adler's role as Edward Wilson's attorney.]

New Colombia drug gangs wreak havoc  5/4/2008 LA Times: "The young farmer was killed in a roadside ambush in February near this mining and drug trafficking hub in north-central Colombia, apparently by one of a new generation of criminal gangs that have emerged in the two years since right-wing paramilitary fighters officially disbanded. The status of the paramilitary fighters has serious ramifications for President Alvaro Uribe, a conservative U.S. ally who famously broke up the militias, which were playing a role in destabilizing the country. But he has seen his presidency challenged by revelations that many of his closest allies were tied to the right-wing gunmen. The paramilitary groups, originally formed to defend farmers and ranchers against leftist rebels, subsequently turned to drug trafficking and other criminal activities, including extortion and mass killings, prosecutors say."

The Power of One  5/4/2008 [David Adler attacks Carnaby for being a fraud, this article discusses his background.]

John Mearsheimer Eviscerates the 'Times' Review of '1948'  5/4/2008 MondoWeiss: Mearsheimer co-wrote the Israeli Lobby - "Fifth, he clearly implies that the expulsion was the Arab's own fault. He writes: "The Arabs, it was said, had only themselves to blame for the upheaval: they’d started it. And, Morris notes, the Jews were only emulating the Arabs, who’d always envisioned a virtually Judenrein Palestine." This is an outrageous argument. The Zionist came to Palestine knowing full well that there were an indigenous people there and that they would have to steal their land. Margolick, to his credit, quotes Ben-Gurion saying that the Zionists stole their land. Of course, the Palestinians resisted the Jews. Who could blame them? Again, Ben-Gurion is worth quoting: “Were I an Arab, I would rebel even more vigorously, bitterly, and desperately against the immigration that will one day turn Palestine and all its Arab residents over to Jewish rule."

Former FBI special agent Don Clark lies his pants off about knowing Roland Carnaby  5/4/2008 Ron Paul War Room: "But on Feb. 16, 2007, Clark and Carnaby shared the bill at an AFIO event in Houston: 16 February 2007 - Houston, TX - AFIO Houston Chapter hosts James L. Pavitt, former DDO CIA, and Don K. Clark, Former Special Agent-in-Charge of the Houston Field Office of the FBI at a formal dinner - 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. at the SHERATON SUITES HOTEL, 2400 West Loop South (I-610), Houston, Texas 77027. 713-586-2444. A presentation and introduction will be made by Roland V. Carnaby President of AFIO Houston Chapter, and Dr George Friedman, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Stratfor." [Carnaby shares billing with Friedman, founder of Stratfor, aka the Shadow CIA.]

Saturday  5/3/2008

topLetting Down Afro-Colombians - The Shameful Failure of the Black Congressional Caucus  5/3/2008 Counterpunch: "H.Res. 618 calls on the Colombian government to end racial discrimination and protect Afro-Colombians’ constitutionally guaranteed lands. The resolution encourages the U.S. and Colombian governments to consult with Afro-Colombians when developing policies which stand to affect their communities. The measure is currently in the first stage of the legislative process and is being considered by the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Co-sponsors of the bill include prominent African American lawmakers such as John Conyers, Jesse Jackson, Jr., and Barbara Lee. But, out of 38 African American members in the House, a whopping 13 refused to become co-sponsors of H.Res 618. What does this say about the leadership abilities of veteran legislators such as John Conyers? Even more disgracefully, Charlie Rangel, Democrat of New York and a founding member of the Congressional Black Caucus, refused to sign on to the legislation. In fact, African Americans from New York have been particularly derelict. Yvette Clarke, who represents one of the most liberal districts in the state comprising Park Slope, Brooklyn, also failed to support the legislation."

Tie in with May 4 Houston Refinery FALSE FLAG? - CIA agent Roland Carnaby Killed by Houston Police  5/3/2008 CRIMES AND CORRUPTIONS OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER NEWS: "WMR has learned that one individual who interposed himself with the media after Carnaby's shooting is a well-known Jewish-American asset for the Mossad station in Houston."

Premel's Intel Chief (Roland Carnaby) Retires "One of the CIA's former counter-terrorism chiefs and pioneers in covert operations…"  5/3/2008 Godlike Productions: Copies a post rescued from Google cache, dated 2/12/08, appears to show Carnaby as a CIA heavyweight -- "One of the CIA's former counter-terrorism chiefs and pioneers in covert operations, Roland Carnaby retires. In the past few months, Mr. Carnaby, who has led a private intelligence firm in Houston, Texas has been delegating more and moredaily responsibilities to his lietenants and is completing his succession planning, say people familiar with the matter. A decision about his departure could come within weeks, though the situation remains fluid, say these people… The departure of Mr. Carnaby, 52, would mean the loss of CIA's most experienced, talented and high profile clandestine officers in management. Few executives who helped pioneer the commercialization of private intelligence and private security firms have remained on top for as long, except for some who can also claim founder titles, such as Patriot Oil, and Pan-American Shipping and Consulting Group."

Roland Carnaby: Man shot by Houston Police, Attorney Says it was an "Assassination"  5/3/2008 JBlog Central: The Jewish and Israeli Blog Network: [This is the second such entry on Carnaby on "The Jewish and Israeli Blog Network," both casting doubt on Carnaby.]

'CIA operative' faced arrest for impersonating federal agent  5/3/2008 KHOU, Houston: "He was also the president of a local chapter of an intelligence officer’s association. While an officer in the Houston chapter of the Association for Intelligence Officers, the association’s national office identified him as an “associate” member. The association has several classifications for members including designations for confirmed current and past members of the intelligence community. Associate members are considered to not have been an intelligence operative or agent, but rather citizens who support the intelligence community." [Can the president of a local chapter be an associate member?]

Overwhelming Evidence Points To Murder Of DC Madam  5/3/2008 Prison Planet: "Evidence is stacking up to suggest that the alleged "suicide" of DC Madam Deborah Jeane Palfrey was in fact a calculated murder, as the manager of Palfrey’s Florida Condo reveals that Palfrey was not suicidal when he spoke to her Monday and told him of her fears about a contract being out on her life. The new testimony is backed up by at least four other recorded public statements on behalf of Palfrey attesting to the fact that she would never commit suicide and if she was found dead to immediately suspect murder. Despite these on-the-record statements, the majority of the corporate media has ignored each one and instead given credence to the unverified claim of a professional conspiracy debunker who has been caught fabricating statements in the past."

Obong Crisis: One Killed, Nine Missing in Bloody Clash  5/3/2008 This Day 

Fake fed faced fracas for falsehoods  5/3/2008 True Crime Tumblelog: "Thing is, even digging up public records on Carnaby can support his contention that he was CIA and did secret work for the government. He played fast and loose with his name. Public records showed that he was using the name Roland Manti Karnabe when he got married to a younger woman named Paula in the 80s. He was still using the “M” when he was at one address in the 90s. He seemed to change his middle name to “Vincent” arbitrarily at some point. One fed who knew Carnaby/Karnabe socially knew him as “Tony.” Apparently Carnaby’s family was fine with him using an alternate spelling of his last name. He supposedly was the scion of a wealthy clan of Karnabes who had interests in shipping."

Tussle over Obong of Calabar claims lives  5/3/2008 Vanguard, Nigeria 

Friday  5/2/2008

topThe Right's America-Hating Preacher  5/2/2008 Consortium News: "In many countries, especially the United States, churches are granted broad protections against government interference. With missionaries traveling around the world and with church members attending international religious conferences, a church also provided an effective cover for spying, money-laundering or passing on messages to agents. In 1962, KCIA founder Kim Jong-Pil traveled to San Francisco where he met with Unification Church members. According to an account later published by a congressional investigation, Kim Jong-Pil promised discreet support for Moon's church… Kodama and Sasakawa also allegedly grew rich from their association with the yakuza, a shadowy organized crime syndicate that profited off drug smuggling, gambling and prostitution in Japan and Korea. Behind the scenes, Kodama and Sasakawa became power-brokers in Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party. Kim Jong-Pil's contacts with these right-wing leaders proved invaluable to the Unification Church, which had made only a few converts in Japan by the early 1960s. Immediately after Kim Jong-Pil opened the door to Kodama and Sasakawa in late 1962, 50 leaders of an ultra-nationalist Japanese Buddhist sect converted en masse to the Unification Church, according to Kaplan and Dubro."

In his final moments, Carnaby made calls to FBI, HPD as he fled  5/2/2008 Houston Chronicle: "He asked him questions like who's your supervisor? Do you have a contact number you can call and verify? And the answers weren't very good," Jett said." [Why do this when he is retired?]

Wife of man who claimed CIA link sues  5/2/2008 Houston Chronicle: "When a person has their back to you, the officer cannot be in reasonable, objective fear for his life," Kallinen said."

This just in: Thousands of dock workers stay home, West Coast ports shut down  5/2/2008 LA Times: "All 29 ports on the West Coast, including the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, have been effectively shut down this morning as thousands of dockworkers stayed home to protest the Iraq war. The walkout comes two months before the contract between dockworkers and and port operators expires."

Thursday  5/1/2008

topFormer FBI Agent: I Knew Chase Suspect By Different Name  5/1/2008 Fox, Houston:  [But Agent Clark, who is now a Fox Security and Law Enforcement analyst, shared billing with Carnaby at an AFIO event. See]

Investigators Sorting Fact from Fiction in Fatal Chase Man Fatally Shot by Police Claimed to be CIA Agent  5/1/2008 Fox, Houston: [photo shows Carnaby bleeding to death in handcuffs, face down, with no assistance being rendered]

Was it a spy, or would-be spy, in that SUV?  5/1/2008 Houston Chronicle: "This friend, and others, remain loyal, both to the warm and engaging man they knew and to the intelligence agent he claimed to be. They insist his bona fides were too solid and his recognition by former intelligence personnel too genuine for him to be a fake. A caller identifying himself only as "Chuck" and responding to an inquiry sent to chapters of the Association for Intelligence Officers insisted Carnaby worked with the CIA in the 1980s in its Soviet Union unit… On the other hand, he was friends with local federal agents and they often came to the couple's Spring home for dinner, Burch said. The couple had private dinners with the head of the Houston Port Authority, she said, and Carnaby also was close friends with former Harris County Sheriff Johnny Klevenhagen, who she said was best man at their wedding in 1986. Klevenhagen died in 1999. The Port Authority connection could make sense for a strictly commercial reason. Carnaby's family, which used the different spelling of Karnabe, was involved in the shipping industry, which was the apparent source of his considerable but undetermined income. He paid cash for his cars."

Colombian militia camp found inside Venezuela  5/1/2008 IANS: "Venezuela’s armed forces have discovered a camp set up by a Colombian militia group inside the country and arrested four of its members, Spain’s EFE news agency reported Wednesday quoting a top military official. The secret camp of the outlawed United Self-Defence Forces of Colombia, or AUC, was found last Thursday in the western state of Zulia near the Colombian borders, General Jesus Gonzalez said, adding that the camp was set up to train the right-wing paramilitaries. He also said that several documents, 19 uniforms with AUC insignia, weapons, munitions, explosives and 80 kgs of cocaine were found from the site."

US policemen shoot, kill ex-CIA official erroneously  5/1/2008 IBN, India: Video shows police giving chase, breaking Carnaby's window, and firing, on CNN in India.

"CIA" Agent Shot by Houston Police: Death by Cop Suicide?  5/1/2008 JBlog Central: The Jewish and Israeli Blog Network: [First entry on Carnaby on the JBlog Central: The Jewish and Israeli Blog Network. Casts doubt on Carnaby's CIA status.]

Mystery widens in case of ‘CIA operative’ gunned down by police  5/1/2008 KHOU: [Cites David Adler against Carnaby. Adler once helped free rogue agent Edward Wilson]

U.S. has Mandela on terrorist list  5/1/2008 USA Today 

CIA Man Roland Carnaby - GETS POPPED ~ LIVE FOOTAGE  5/1/2008 YouTube of local TV station: [Shows the assassination of Carnaby, who appears to be facing the officer who shot him. Note also the camera panning the book, "At the Center of the Storm," by former CIA director George Tenet, inscribed "Dear Tony aka "RC." …You have always stood side by side with me…" - RC presumably are his initials and they are side by side with Tony in Tenet's handwriting.]


"There is one safeguard known generally to the wise, which is an advantage and security to all, but especially to Democracies as against despots: suspicion." -- Demosthenes


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