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    World News
2/4/02 - 2/10/02

Sunday  2/10/02

Where were you in '72?  2/10/02 AWOL Bush 

Iran acts against Kabul opponent  2/10/02 BBC: "All the offices in Iran of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar's Hezb-e-Islami faction have been closed down." Hekmatyar, once the darling of the CIA and the largest drug trafficker in Afghanistan, of course. He handed his networks over to bin Laden, according to Le Monde.

American Democracy: R.I.P - The Emergence of the Fascist American Theocratic State  2/10/02 Cryptome, US 

Egypt, Lebanon, and Iran  2/10/02 Defense and the National Interest: somewhat suspect account of life in the streets.

Armed to the teeth  2/10/02 Guardian, UK: 'Ostensibly,' says one European diplomat, 'this is about security. But quite how a massive increase in defence spending is supposed to prevent another terrorist attack remains unclear. Instead this seems to be about repairing the bruised American psyche after 11 September. America's powerlessness in the face of this attack requires big gestures and reassurances, even if they are counter-productive and meaningless.'

The Company Presidency  2/10/02 LA Times: "Yet, there has been nothing quite like the rise and fall of Enron in U.S. history, certainly no plausible comparison since the late-19th-century heyday of railroads and robber barons. The sums in Enron's collapse certainly overshadow those in Teapot, much as a space shuttle does a Model T Ford. More important, not in memory has a single major company grown so big in tandem with a presidential dynasty and a corrupted political system. Indeed, the Bush family has been a prominent and well-rewarded rung in Enron's climb to national political influence."

New Bush Tie to Enron - White House lawyer got 35G while in Tex.  2/10/02 NY Daily News: "Now Gonzales is the White House advocate for keeping secret the roster of people who helped Vice President Cheney devise the administration's energy policy."

Ratlines:The CIA &The Nazis  2/10/02 Ratlines: "In 1945 the navy captured documents from the Nazi oil cartel, Kontinentale Ol A. G. Konti headed by former Reichsbank officer Karl Blessing. A young naval officer was assigned to review those Konti documents. Allen Dulles had personally vouched for Blessing's as an anti-Nazi. If Blessing would have went down as a war criminal and a Nazi, Dulles and his clients would go down as traitors. Dulles personally asked the young naval officer to keep quiet about those documents in exchange for financing the young man's first congressional race, thus was launched the political career of Richard Nixon. (The Secret War Against The Jews, John Loftus, Mark Aarons, St Martin's Griffin, 1994,, p221)."

Missile from drone kills nomads  2/10/02 Telegraph, UK: another great kill for US technology: they thought they got bin Laden or at least "senior" al Qaeda, but it was just folks collecting scrap metal that they wiped out.

Villagers Released by American Troops Say They Were Beaten, Kept in 'Cage'  2/10/02 Washington Post: The Empire strikes back…

Saturday  2/9/02

topMake A List: Prominent Enlistments in the War Against Terror and the Evil Axis  2/9/02 "Beginning on Monday, December 8th, 1941, just hours after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor that brought the US into the Second World War, military recruiting offices were inundated by long lines of American men eager to take up arms against the Japs. These regular GI Joes were augmented by the enlistment of prominent actors, musicians and the sons of many of the elite families of the American political and business establishments. Clark Gable, Jimmy Stewart, Ronald Reagan, Glenn Miller, Teddy Roosevelt Jr. and a very young George Herbert Walker Bush come to mind. (With the exception of Reagan, all saw actual combat or served in theaters where their lives were at risk.) But since the 9/11 attacks that killed approximately 3,000 Americans within our own borders, we have witnessed not a single high-profile enlistment from the ranks of our political, industrial, media, or entertainment elites. Not one."

Saudi firm signs railway deal with China company  2/9/02 Arab News: and the Saudis are hardline anticommunists…

Alarm bells ring over US overseas military spending  2/9/02 Asia Times: "It's like the counter-insurgency era all over again," noted one Congressional aide in a reference to the period which culminated in Washington's withdrawal from Vietnam in 1973. "Only this time we're going to be fighting 'terrorism' instead of 'communism'," said the aide, whose boss has been skeptical about expanding US military commitments." Globalizing the Viet Nam War…

The Panic Spreads  2/9/02 Forbes: "You can no longer safely shrug off Japan's economic crisis. It just might drag the world into a depression."

Patten lays into Bush's America  2/9/02 Guardian, UK: "Chris Patten, the EU commissioner in charge of Europe's international relations, has launched a scathing attack on American foreign policy - accusing the Bush administration of a dangerously "absolutist and simplistic" stance towards the rest of the world. As EU officials warned of a rift opening up between Europe and the US wider than at any time for half a century, Mr Patten tells the Guardian it is time European governments spoke up and stopped Washington before it goes into "unilateralist overdrive".

Enfants des Minguettes avant d'être prisonniers talibans  2/9/02 Liberation: French neighborhood where Guantanamo POWs grew up wants them back.

Iraq logical next target, says US adviser  2/9/02 The Age, Australia: Newt Gingrich weighs in on Iraq.

Arafat? 'Hang him,' Cheney tells Israelis  2/9/02 WorldNetDaily 

Friday  2/8/02

topEnron's fall ripples into other firms  2/8/02 Christian Science Monitor 

France steps up criticism of U.S.  2/8/02 CNN 

Border Police Supt. Yossi Tabaja - Sept 29, 2000  2/8/02 Gamla, Israel: Yossi was one of many Beta Israel from Ethiopia who immigrated to Israel and wound up in the Israeli army or police. They have encountered a great deal of prejudice in Israel, but have increased in numbers to about 80,000.

The Blond Beast Returns  2/8/02 Gamla, Israel: For Israelis, all criticism is Nazi propaganda? And Sharon is a patient man of peace???

Sultans of North African Rai Spread the Joy  2/8/02 IHT 

Sharon pushing Bush to cut all ties with Arafat  2/8/02 Independent, UK: by Robert Fisk

Powell Toes Hard Line on Haiti  2/8/02 LA Times: Powell steps in on the side of the Catholic French oriented Haitian rich who consistently deprecate African traditions. His talk of fighting narcoterrorism is laughable given US support for notorious Haitian, Caribbean, and South American traffickers in the past.

Des doutes subsistent sur l'identité des détenus français en Afghanistan  2/8/02 Le Monde, France: Not seen in US media: France encountering difficulties identifying its citizens who are being held prisonner in Afghanistans.

U.S. Must Get Serious About Peace in Afghanistan  2/8/02 Pacific News: by Peter Dale Scott

Iran arrests Taliban infiltrators  2/8/02 The News, Pakistan 

US rebuffs Sharon on Arafat isolation  2/8/02 The Scotsman: tweedledum and tweedledee.

US dismisses European charge of simplistic world view  2/8/02 Times of India 

Palestinians free 32 militants during attack by Israeli jets  2/8/02 Times, UK 

Iran ordered to pay $183 million to family of US citizen  2/8/02 Ummah News: and now an Iranian court can press for judgments against the US for various acts of terror, including the shoot down of a civilian airliner in 1988. According to the Cuban model, can we expect interruption of phone service to Tehran?

Thursday  2/7/02

topWe, reserve combat officers and soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces  2/7/02 Courage to Refuse: Israeli antiwar site. A worthy cause.

Lay's ties to Bush go back years  2/7/02 Dallas News 

Norton says trust reform to cost hundreds of millions  2/7/02 Denver Post: would some future Israeli commission repaying Palestinians for Israeli settler depredations behave as badly as the US does here? No wonder Hitler was such an admirer of US Indian policy: "Interior Secretary Gale Norton strongly defended her plans Wednesday for revamping her department's historic trust responsibility for American Indians but acknowledged that trust records are "a complete bookkeeping nightmare" and will cost "hundreds of millions of dollars" to fix." Hundreds of millions for record keeping?

French anger at US policy on Israel  2/7/02 Guardian, UK 

Action Replay  2/7/02 Haaretz, Israel: now what used to be said by 'anti-semites,' that Israel is acting like the 3rd Reich, is confirmed within Israel: "Last week, I quoted a senior IDF officer in the West Bank who said that in order to carry out a mission such as taking control of a refugee camp or seizing the casbah in Nablus without casualties - on either side - it was up to him to learn from every source, including the operation of the German army in the Warsaw ghetto. The anonymous quote generated a good many furious responses. One agitated reader, cabinet minister Dan Meridor, is considering the possibility of demanding a cabinet discussion on the subject. In a meeting with journalists at the White House, someone - not necessarily one of the righteous gentiles - asked spokesman Ari Fleischer about it in a vain effort to extract an anti-Israeli response from him."

France Upbraids U.S. as 'Simplistic'  2/7/02 IHT: simple minded? Moronic?

Proposed Filipino 'terms of reference' standoff over US troops  2/7/02 Irish Times 

A Judge's Past  2/7/02 NYT: W, who was 'elected' by denying votes to African Americans, picks a virulent racist for the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals: "Mr. Pickering had a significant effect on his home state's racist past as early as 1959 when he was a student at the University of Mississippi Law School. He felt it was important to bolster Mississippi's anti-miscegenation law. A marriage between a black person and a white person was a felony, punishable by up to 10 years in prison. But Mr. Pickering recognized there was a loophole in the law that could allow some interracial couples to fall in love and marry without being arrested and sent off to prison. He wrote an article in The Mississippi Law Journal explaining how the law could be fixed. The state legislature took his advice, amending the law the very next year. Mr. Pickering's claim that he had had no contact with the notorious Sovereignty Commission seemed pretty dubious when the commission's previously sealed records were released a few years ago. People for the American Way, one of the groups fighting Judge Pickering's nomination, noted that in 1972 and 1973 he voted as a state senator to appropriate money to cover expenses of the commission."

EU-U.S. Gap Widening  2/7/02 Tehran Times 

US Commandos Kill Innocents, CIA Pays Off Kin--A Model Program?  2/7/02 The Nation: Sergio Leone: Buy 'em or kill 'em.

Arrogance and fear: an American paradox  2/7/02 Times, UK: "Is America about to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory? To judge by the incoherent, paranoid mood of the World Economic Forum in New York, American politicians, businessmen and media commentators appear to be on the brink of a collective nervous breakdown… The greatest danger to America’s dominant position today is not Islamic fundamentalism. It is the arrogance of American power." - from a conservative UK newspaper!

Wednesday  2/6/02

topProsecutors: Don't Release Lindh  2/6/02 AP: "In the motion, the government cited among other things a Sept. 28, 1998 letter that Lindh wrote to his mother suggesting that the bombings of U.S. embassies in Africa "seemed far more likely to have been carried out by the American government than by the Muslims." In its 11-page filing, the government also cited an e-mail that Lindh sent to his mother on Feb. 15, 2000, suggesting that she should move to England. "I really don't know what your big attachement (sic) to America is all about. What has America ever done for anybody?" it said." On this basis, the US government should arrest quite a few people and keep them in jail.

Russian Military Intelligence: The War on Iraq Will Be Launched in September  2/6/02 Counterpunch: "Russian sources report that the US is trying to use the Kurds - who are fighting for their independence in Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Iran - as its main allies in removing the current regimes in Iraq, Syria, and Iran. Since the break-up of the USSR, Russia has retained quite a good network of secret services in the areas where Kurds live in these countries. According to sources in Russia's military intelligence services, the US has already recruited leaders of the Kurdish communists, and nearly finished financing projects to restore landing strips in these districts. Weapons produced in the Soviet Union and in Russia, familiar to the Kurds, have now been purchased for them. It is not clear as yet whether the Pentagon will bomb Iran, Iraq and Syria at the same time, or whether it will start with bombing Saddam Hussein. At least one of the plans reported in the La Vanguardia newspaper (Spain) envisages destruction of Hussein's regime within eight weeks. In the opinion of the newspaper, the United States intends to eliminate the Ground Forces and air bases of Iraq in extensive air strikes, thus providing an opportunity to declare a "popular uprising". Then, a controllable pro-western leader - Khamid Karzay of Afghanistan - will be given the "throne."

Anti-Americanism has taken the world by storm  2/6/02 Independent, UK 

Americans defiant over growing divisions with Europe  2/6/02 Telegraph, UK: The US is increasingly isolated in its culture and its politics.

Tuesday  2/5/02

topIn Uzbekistan: Repression Gets a Green Light  2/5/02 Alternet: "But cozying up to regimes like Karimov's could have consequences. Beyond further impoverishing Uzbekistan and diminishing the rights and livelihood of its people, it could help breed new radicals, even a new al-Qaeda of Central Asia. Instead of encouraging dictatorships like Karimov's, the U.S. should stand firmly behind its principles. It should promote economic prosperity and democracy." Its principles? Only when it suits the kleptocracy that governs the US.

When the Army Owns the Weather  2/5/02 Alternet 

Cornell University Student of Mexican Descent has been Re-victimized  2/5/02 Aztlan: "The first year female student of Mexican descent at Cornell University who was chased by 7 bat wielding white thugs on campus on January 26, 2002 has been victimized once again. This time it is not by white thugs with bats but by the "pen" of Joseph J. Sabia who writes for the ultra-conservative right wing publication called the Cornell Review. In short, he is calling the young lady from Chicago a "liar" by calling into question her report to campus authorities. This is unconscionable and reflects the racist environment that exists at the "ivy league" university in central New York state. We are certain that if the incident had happened to a white girl and the thugs were Blacks, that there would now be ten to twenty Blacks youths in jail." Amen.

Belgium apologises for Lumumba killing  2/5/02 BBC News: now it's the turn of Frank Carlucci, head of the Carlyle Group, then CIA in the Congo. But Americans never apologize.

Combat Photos Put New Face On War  2/5/02 Guardian, UK 

Social Security Takes on Role of a Cash Cow  2/5/02 LA Times: "In the budget he delivered Monday, President Bush relies on one source of new money more than any other to pay for his proposals: the trillions of dollars in Social Security funds being set aside for the start of the baby boom retirement… "The president is requiring the use of Social Security to pay for the normal operations of government," said Robert D. Reischauer, president of the nonpartisan Urban Institute and a Washington budget veteran. "That's the most significant, and largely unrecognized, change he's making." Enronitis in the government…

U students protest Patriot Act, fear civil liberties threatened  2/5/02 Minnesota Daily 

US IS COMMITTING POLITICAL SUICIDE  2/5/02 Mirror, UK: photos of prisoner on stretcher after operation being led away for interrogation - "But in the end it's going to benefit Muslim groups like us because people will sympathise and the number of sympathisers will swell." Yousef spoke out after pictures of a shackled al-Qaeda suspect being taken for interrogation on a stretcher brought fresh condemnation of conditions at Camp X-Ray in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. In Britain, MPs spoke of "barbarism" and "snatching defeat from victory."

Iran Moves to Ease Tension with U.S.  2/5/02 Reuters: "After days of harsh warnings from U.S. officials and angry responses by Iranian hard-liners and military officials, Iran's reformist Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi offered an olive branch. ``Instead of waging negative propaganda, the Americans had better give us any information they have so that we go after them and keep them out of Iran,'' he told a news conference."

'Enronitis' sweeps through Wall Street  2/5/02 Telegraph, UK: the Empire as paper tiger - funny money! "WALL Street caught "Enronitis" yesterday, sending shares tumbling on fears that the profits claimed by some of corporate America's biggest players are based on little more than creative accounting."

A Scandal for our Time: Republicans ruled; ergo, Enron.  2/5/02 The American Prospect: "Enron dwarfs the momentous insider infamies of the Gilded Age and the Jazz Age. But it is also special for other historical reasons. It signals a crisis in modern conservative thinking and politics -- a crisis that has less to do with bad character than it does with scandalously bad federal policy. Enron is the belated culmination of the age of Ronald Reagan, George Bush the elder, and Newt Gingrich. It stands as a monument to the era of deregulation and laissez-faire business politics that has endured for more than 20 years."

US officials differ on Libya policy  2/5/02 Times of India 

FBI appoints training director  2/5/02 USA Today: "The world is changing," says Chandler, the first black female agent at the FBI to rise to the rank of assistant director, the third-highest classification at the bureau. "We have to make sure that we have the skills, the mindset and the type of individuals with multiple backgrounds who can take on this big world." As for the "old-boy network," she says, "I think you are going to see that crashing rapidly."

The Return of Anti-Semitism  2/5/02 Wall Street Journal: "A friend back from Spain relating: "It's never happened to me before--I only had to say I was from Israel for all eyes to go cold." An article in the respected French left-wing weekly Le Nouvel Observateur reporting, straight-faced, a long-disproved slander to the effect that soldiers of the Israel Defense Force rape Palestinian women so that their families will then murder them to redeem the family honor. Another article by the respected British novelist A.N. Wilson in the London Evening Standard of Oct. 22, coming "reluctantly" to the conclusion that the state of Israel no longer has a right to exist."

Monday  2/4/02


Devices in US aircraft  2/4/02 Frontierpost, Pakistan: "Steele, a former CIA officer and author of On Intelligence: Spies and Secrecy in an Open World, believes foreign buyers are entitled to be sceptical about other American-made technology. “President Bush should understand that his intelligence managers are obsessed with technology at the expense of all else. For what we spent for that plane, the CIA could have hired 100 Chinese scholars to read all the newspapers in China for a year,” says Steele. “The Chinese episode should be a kick in the behind for the president: Wake up! Your people are too busy spending money playing esoteric technical games.”

Bin Laden's Trail Is Lost, but Officials Suspect He Is Alive  2/4/02 NYT: remember bin Laden?

Top U.S. Military Commanders Are Transferred Closer to the War Zone  2/4/02 NYT: the endless US war fantasies: "The top Marine general for Central Asia and the Persian Gulf is moving his headquarters to Bahrain from Hawaii, joining Army, Navy and Air Force counterparts who have already uprooted from peacetime postings in the United States to set up battle stations in the region, military officials said today. Even as the war in Afghanistan fitfully winds down, the moves suggest future operations against terrorism in the 25-nation region spanning the Red Sea to the Indian Ocean that makes up the Central Command."

Bush keeps photo hit-list of enemies  2/4/02 Telegraph, UK: a moron at work - no understanding that when he kills the people in the photos, his policies ensure thousands will take their place.

Malaysia won't extradite suspected terrorist Yazid Sufaat to US  2/4/02 Ummah News 


World News

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