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1/1/08 - 1/31/2008

Thursday  1/31/2008

Defeat Without End - 'Why is our economy tanking? The war, the war, the war'  1/31/2008 Common Wonders: "Consider the number 72,000. This number — of total U.S. battlefield casualties in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, through Jan. 5, 2008 — is simple enough, but as Iponder the fact that Paul Sullivan and his organization, Veterans for Common Sense, had to wrest it from the Department of Defense with a Freedom of Information Act request, and the fact that the only media outlet to pick up on it so far is the Scottish newspaper The Herald, I begin to grasp the extent of the deception in place sustaining the war on terror. The reason that the casualty totals reported are far lower, Sullivan explained to me, is that the Defense Department releases the stats on only one category of battlefield casualty to the media, the number of GIs “wounded” in action, that is, harmed by the instrumentation of war: bullet, shrapnel or knife. A GI who cracks his head on the windshield of his Humvee in a crash, though he may have suffered brain damage and had to be evacuated from the battlefield, is considered “injured,” not “wounded,” Sullivan explained, and thus doesn’t show up in the figure the DoD releases and the media misleadingly report. Likewise, a GI who suffers a heart attack, or, let’s say, one of those desert mystery illnesses, or a severe emotional collapse, is “ill,” not “wounded,” and is also MIA from the official casualty count. And in this way does the war remain a tad more statistically palatable to a distracted public. “This administration has a concerted plan to conceal the human and financial costs of these two wars to maintain public support,” said Sullivan, a Gulf War 1 vet and former Veterans Administration project manager who was blowing the whistle on the shoddy quality of vets’ health care long before the Washington Post “broke” the Walter Reed scandal a year ago. “There are some in the VA — top political appointees — who are fundamentally opposed to providing health care to vets,” Sullivan went on, talking about the deeper deceptions of the war on terror that keep the political debate focused on vague future “consequences of failure” rather than the present-day consequences of a criminally inept, shoot-from-the-hip foreign policy of aggression."

Wednesday  1/30/2008

topCongressional Black Caucus Split Evenly Between Backers of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama  1/30/2008 Black America Web: "Among those endorsing Clinton are Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas; Stephanie Tubbs Jones of Ohio; Kendrick Meek, Corrine Brown and Alcee Hastings of Florida; Yvette Clarke, Charles Rangel, Gregory Meeks and Edolphus Towns of New York; Emanuel Cleaver of Missouri; Dianne Watson and Laura Richardson of California; David Scott and John Lewis of Georgia and Donna Christian-Christensen (V.I.). Obama’s supporters include Bobby Scott of Virginia; Danny K. Davis, Bobby Rush and Jesse Jackson Jr. of Illinois; Barbara Lee of California; Artur Davis of Alabama; Gwen Moore of Wisconsin; William Lacy Clay of Missouri; Elijah Cummings of Maryland; Sanford Bishop and Hank Johnson of Georgia; John Conyers of Michigan; Keith Ellison of Minnesota; Chaka Fattah of Pennsylvania and Al Green of Texas."

Tuesday  1/29/2008

topHa'aretz Rates the Candidates  1/29/2008 AntiWar: "Some critics of Middle Eastern policy have been hopeful that Barack Obama, who has less baggage on the issue than the other candidates, might approach the Israel-Palestine conundrum with a more open mind. Such hopes are fleeting, as Obama has adopted an increasingly strident pro-Israel line to make himself more electable. This line was apparently crafted by his key adviser on the region, Dennis Ross, a former State Department official who was the key negotiator between Palestinians and Israelis under President Bill Clinton. Ross has invariably tilted in the Israeli direction by defining most regional problems in terms of Israeli security concerns. When he is not advising Obama, Ross is now a "distinguished fellow" at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP), the strongly pro-Israeli Washington think tank that was founded by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). He is also a Middle East analyst for Fox News… At the bottom of the heap? Yes, it's Barack Obama with a 5. He has tried to demonstrate that he is true blue when it comes to Israel by manfully supporting last year's invasion of Lebanon, which killed more than 1,000 civilians and caused billions of dollars worth of damage: "I don't think there is any nation that would not have reacted the way Israel did after two soldiers had been snatched. I support Israel's response to take some action in protecting themselves." I suppose that, In spite of the bad grammar, that came off a bit too eggheaded, not to mention mealy-mouthed. Obama lived for a while in Indonesia, which is known to be overrun with Muslims. He could himself be some kind of crypto-Islamofascist, and a few years ago he had some nice things to say about Palestinians. You lose, Barack."

California Blacks, Lifted by Obama’s Decisive S.C. Win, are Fired Up for State’s Big Primary  1/29/2008 Black America Web 

A Sibel Edmonds Timeline  1/29/2008 Counterpunch: [covers 2001-2008] -- "Edmonds is tirelessly and fearlessly campaigning for Congressman Waxman, now chair of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, to hold hearings. She says that FBI agents and even former Turkish intelligence officials are willing and able to validate her charges. But the congressman hesitates, perhaps fearing the storm of indignation that explosive evidence will produce in a country sick of its politicians, the lying neocons, and the war. Should they discover that, while disseminating disinformation about foreign nukes in order to fearmonger and build support for aggressive war, some of these officials were actually peddling nuclear secrets-committing treason while receiving honors for their patriotic service---the response could be explosive."

Sibel Edmonds: ‘Buckle up, there’s much more coming.’  1/29/2008 Dissident Voice: "Sibel Edmonds: The way they’ve structured this deal is that Congress has 90 days from the announcement, now 84 days, to block the ‘agreement’ otherwise it basically becomes law. The first thing that we need to do is to make sure that this doesn’t ‘automatically’ become law. We need the journalists, the experts, and the bloggers to raise hell over this issue, and we need to make sure that Congress investigates this properly before rubber-stamping it. The clock is ticking and we need to act now."

Berlusconi invokes Mussolini in threat to march on Rome  1/29/2008 Independent, UK 

Third Cocaine Plane Surfaces and is Tied to Web of Government Connections - Drug War Beginning to Look Like One Giant Cover Story  1/29/2008 NarcoNews: "According to press reports and an investigation conducted by the European Parliament into the CIA’s terrorist rendition program, Devon Holding is a CIA shell company and N168D is a tail number to a CIA aircraft. The former ICE agent went on to explain the cause of his humor over the Nicaraguan press reports. He said if the armed men involved in the cocaine shipment were indeed real narco-traffickers, they would not have left a witness alive to talk, nor would they have bungled the attempt to burn the plane — which is not a hard thing to accomplish considering the flammable nature of the fuel that feeds it. Most telling, he says, they would never leave behind their guns. “Those guns are their only protection,” the ICE agent says. “And an AK-47 is a prized possession in their world.”"

Obama aide wants talks with terrorists - Foreign adviser's 'anti-Israel policies,' sympathy for Hamas, raise concerns  1/29/2008 WorldNetDaily 

Monday  1/28/2008

topFound in Translation - FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds spills her secrets.  1/28/2008 American Conservative: by Philip Giraldi, a former CIA Officer and a partner in Cannistraro Associates, an international security consultancy. - "The FBI was interested in ATC [American Turkish Council] because it suspected that the group derived at least some of its income from drug trafficking, Turkey being the source of 90 percent of the heroin that reaches Europe, and because of reports that it had given congressmen illegal contributions or bribes. Moreover, as Edmonds told the Times, the Turks have "often acted as a conduit for the Inter-Services Intelligence, Pakistan's spy agency, because they were less likely to attract attention."

None Dare Call It Treason - Who is stealing our nuclear secrets – and why are they being shielded by the authorities?  1/28/2008 AntiWar: "In 2001, Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), Pakistan's powerful intelligence agency, had proof that Osama bin Laden had received in person two retired Pakistani nuclear scientists at his secret HQ in Afghanistan. Both had become Islamist radicals in retirement. "According to the son of one of them, bin Laden told them he had succeeded in acquiring highly enriched uranium from the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan and he wanted their help to turn it into a bomb. Amazed, they explained that while they could help with the science of fissile materials, they were not weapons designers. "Soon afterwards, a secret army audit discovered evidence that 40 canisters of highly enriched uranium (HEU), the feedstuff for a nuclear bomb, were missing from the Kahuta enrichment labs outside Islamabad after A.Q. Khan retired. Dr. Muhammad Shafiq ur-Rehman, an insider who is the son of one of Khan's former key aides, revealed: 'They could only account for 80 out of a supposed 120 canisters.'"

Colombia “Free Trade” Is Harmful By Dr. Keith Jennings  1/28/2008 Black Star News: "The Colombia “free trade” deal currently being promoted by the Bush Administration should be opposed by all those who seek justice and those who want the United States to regain some of its lost respect at the international level. The human rights situation in Colombia—Latin Americas’ third largest country—is appalling and should be clearly and unequivocally condemned by all members of Congress, but especially the Congressional Black Caucus given the abuses faced by the Afro-Columbians. The free trade agreement, as proposed, is not about fair trade and in effect would further exacerbate human rights violations and environmental degradation in Colombia. This agreement would continue the marginalization and social exclusion of Afro-Colombians, Indigenous Peoples and the poor. Furthermore, the consequential exporting of manufacturing jobs from the United States will continue to have a disproportionately destructive and detrimental impact on Black workers."

ALBA, an Economic Alternative for Latin America by Medea Benjamin  1/28/2008 Common Dreams 

Clinton's Latino spin  1/28/2008 LA Times: "A few weeks ago, Sergio Bendixen, a Clinton pollster and Latino expert, publicly articulated what campaign officials appear to have been whispering for months. In an interview with Ryan Lizza of the New Yorker, Bendixen explained that "the Hispanic voter -- and I want to say this very carefully -- has not shown a lot of willingness or affinity to support black candidates." ...But was Bendixen's blanket statement true? Far from it, and the evidence is overwhelming enough to make you wonder why in the world the Clinton campaign would want to portray Latino voters as too unrelentingly racist to vote for Barack Obama. University of Washington political scientist Matt Barreto has compiled a list of black big-city mayors who have received broad Latino support over the last several decades. In 1983, Harold Washington pulled 80% of the Latino vote in Chicago. David Dinkins won 73% in New York in 1989. And Denver's Wellington Webb garnered more than 70% in 1991, as did Ron Kirk in Dallas in 1995 and then again in 1997 and 1999. He could have also added that longtime Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley won a healthy chunk of the Latino vote in 1973 and then the clear majority in his mayoral reelection campaigns of 1977, 1981, 1985 and 1989. Here in L.A., all three black members of Congress represent heavily Latino districts and ultimately couldn't survive without significant Latino support. Five other black House members represent districts that are more than 25% Latino -- including New York's Charles Rangel and Texan Al Green -- and are also heavily dependent on Latino voters."

Obama takes big risk on driver's license issue  1/28/2008 SF Chronicle: "Sen. Barack Obama easily won the African American vote in South Carolina, but to woo California Latinos, where he is running 3-to-1 behind rival Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, he is taking a giant risk: spotlighting his support for the red-hot issue of granting driver's licenses to illegal immigrants. It's a huge issue for Latinos, who want them. It's also a huge issue for the general electorate, which most vehemently does not. Obama's stand could come back to haunt him not only in a general election, but with other voters in California, where driver's licenses for illegal immigrants helped undo former Gov. Gray Davis."

Obama to Hispanics: “This is your country.”  1/28/2008 The Border Line 

Hillary and Sun Myung Moon: A Strategic Catastrophe  1/28/2008 The Real Sun Myung Moon: [Moon's Unification Church has long been suspected of money laundering and alliances with major narcotraffickers] - "The video included one prominent American politician, Senator Hillary Clinton who is quoted as expressing the following sentiments: "I applaud the Universal Peace Federation's global networks of individuals and organizations committed to peace building through dialogue, education, and service." "

SPECIAL REPORT. Turkish spy ring also intersects with Israeli espionage ring  1/28/2008 Wayne Madsen Report: [extensive background material]

Sunday  1/27/2008

topPhil Giraldi chats about Sibel Edmonds  1/27/2008 Let Sibel Edmonds Speak: "One of the questions that some people have about the case is how could Sibel have come across if she was 'just a translator,' and there is a related concern about the fact that, as a translator, Sibel must have only seen just a few snippets of information and couldn't possibly have seen the entire picture. These concerns stem from the fact that people apparently presume that translators are simply passive translators of material, isolated from the cases they are working on. Giraldi, who is familiar with how these things work, says: "(A)s a translator (she) would have worked very closely with the FBI supervising officers to try to figure out what these transcripts meant. So the argument that she only saw these 'bits' is not really true, she would have been very interactive in terms of the people running these operations and she would have found out a lot more." ...Giraldi also debunks the 'she uncovered a sting operation' idea that has started floating around lately, after 5 years. "And the other argument that keeps getting trotted out, is that Grossman and all these other people might have been part of some sting operation back in 2001, 2002. Well, first of all a sting operation back in 2001, 2002 that has been pretty much exposed in the media in the subsequent six years is not something that you would necessarily have to hide. You could say 'Look, they were involved in doing the finest, highest level work for the US government' - they could say something like that to make this story go away, but they haven’t done that. And I assure you, as a CIA officer, that the agency would never have used the number 3 person at State Dept as a person in a sting operation. The State Dept would never have permitted it, and the agency would never have even conceived of it, so the whole argument that this was some kind of sophisticated scam to sting the AQ Khan network or something like that is ridiculous."

Margaret Thatcher told navy to raid Swedish coast  1/27/2008 London Times: "MARGARET THATCHER ordered the Royal Navy to land Special Boat Service (SBS) frogmen on the coast of Sweden from British submarines pretending to be Soviet vessels, a new book has claimed. The deception involved numerous incursions by British forces into Swedish territorial waters in the 1980s and early 1990s, designed to heighten the impression around the world of the Soviet Union as an aggressive superpower. Sometimes the boats landed commandos, but often their job was to fool the Swedes by mimicking the sonar signals given off by the Soviet vessels that stalked the same waters. The Swedish government, neutral in the cold war, is not believed to have known about the deceptions, which were carried out by the British and American navies."

Tip-off thwarted nuclear spy ring probe  1/27/2008 London Times: "Phillip Giraldi, a former CIA officer, said: “It’s pretty clear Plame was targeting the Turks. If indeed that [State Department] official was working with the Turks to violate US law on nuclear exports, it would have been in his interest to alert them to the fact that this woman’s company was affiliated to the CIA. I don’t know if that’s treason legally but many people would consider it to be.” "

A President Like My Father  1/27/2008 NYT: by Caroline Kennedy - "Senator Obama is running a dignified and honest campaign. He has spoken eloquently about the role of faith in his life, and opened a window into his character in two compelling books. And when it comes to judgment, Barack Obama made the right call on the most important issue of our time by opposing the war in Iraq from the beginning. I want a president who understands that his responsibility is to articulate a vision and encourage others to achieve it; who holds himself, and those around him, to the highest ethical standards; who appeals to the hopes of those who still believe in the American Dream, and those around the world who still believe in the American ideal; and who can lift our spirits, and make us believe again that our country needs every one of us to get involved. I have never had a president who inspired me the way people tell me that my father inspired them. But for the first time, I believe I have found the man who could be that president - not just for me, but for a new generation of Americans."

Gandhi Chased Out By Jews In Denial  1/27/2008 People's Voice: "The Washington Post has this 'On Religion' column that is supposed to talk about religious matters. Most often, this means some sort of story about how wonderful Judaism is and how nice it is for other religions to get along with each other and not fight over ownership of olive trees and mud huts. But when Gandhi's grandson dared to request Jews to please stop using the Holocaust as an excuse to steal and kill in the Holy Land, he was attacked and driven out of the 'Peace Institute' he led just as Jimmy Carter has been 'vanished' by the media for doing the same thing."

Saturday  1/26/2008

topChavez Urges Withdrawals From U.S. Banks  1/26/2008 AP: "Chavez warned that U.S. "imperialism is entering into a crisis that can affect all of us" and said Latin America "will save itself alone." To help pool resources within the region, Chavez and other leaders were setting up a new development bank at the summit of the Bolivarian Alternative for the Nations of Our America, or ALBA."

Ex asesor del Banco Mundial asegura que la vida de Presidente Correa está en peligro  1/26/2008 Aporrea: "John Perkins, ex asesor del Banco Mundial, reveló que durante su gestión debía persuadir y corromper a políticos para que sus países entregaran lucrativos proyectos a contratistas de empresas estadounidenses, asimismo, confirmó que los ex presidentes de Ecuador, Jaime Roldós, y de Panamá, Omar Torrijos, fueron asesinados y no murieron en accidentes aéreos. Por otra parte, señaló que la vida del Presidente de la República Rafael Correa podría correr peligro. "Nosotros, sicarios económicos, ingresamos al país, diciendo '¡Qué bueno! Ustedes no pueden pagar su deuda', entonces hay que darnos un favor, vender su petróleo a nuestras compañías a un precio bajo, o hay que votar con nosotros en Naciones Unidas o conceder una base militar en su país de los Estados Unidos, como Manta del Ecuador, y así hemos conseguido ese imperio global, el primero del mundo", indicó Perkins."

UK Sunday Times: State Dept. Official (Marc Grossman) Outed Plame's 'Brewster Jennings' to Turkish Agents in 2001, According to Sibel Edmonds  1/26/2008 Brad Blog 

Kevin Barrett: Media are ignoring 9/11 whistle-blowers  1/26/2008 Capital Times: "Recently, the former president of Italy, Francesco Cossiga, stated publicly that the global intelligence community and the democratic forces in Europe know that the CIA and Mossad perpetrated the 9/11 attacks. Why wasn't that front page headlines? Last week, the probable next prime minister of Japan, Yukihisa Fujita, grilled current prime minister Fukuda for half an hour about the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center and the staged events at the Pentagon and asked whether the Japanese police could arrest George W. Bush for his complicity in 9/11. Why wasn't that front page news? Japan, after all, is the world's second-largest economy, and if they are pulling the plug not just on financing the Iraq and Afghan wars, but the whole U.S. economy, because they know this country is led by 9/11 war criminals, maybe the American people should hear about it. Also last week FBI whistle-blower Sibel Edmonds, who has implicated leading neocon ex-members of the Bush administration in the financing and coverup of 9/11, made front page headlines in the UK. Why won't the U.S. media cover Edmonds, the most gagged whistle-blower in U.S. history?"

Scott Horton Interviews Philip Giraldi  1/26/2008 CASMII: "Former CIA counter terrorism officer and columnist Philip Giraldi discusses his information that Secretaries Rice and Gates have once again been sidelined by Vice President Cheney who remains bent on war with Iran, the truth about al Qaeda and what is to be done about them and the case of former FBI translator-whistleblower Sibel Edmonds and her allegations of crimes by powerful government officials and foreign spies." [MP3, Edmonds segment is at the end of the piece.]

UK Times: Brewster Jennings outed by 'treasonous' US govt official in 2001, not 2003  1/26/2008 Let Sibel Edmonds Speak: "In Joe Wilson's book, The Politics of Truth, he says that he met his future wife, Valerie Plame, at an American Turkish Council (ATC) event at the residence of the Turkish ambassador in Washington DC in 1997. At the time, both the ATC and the Turkish diplomatic community were targets of FBI investigations. Incidentally Wilson was on the Defense subcommittee of the board of the ATC, and he was personally and professionally close to ATC Chairman and former National Security Advisor, Brent Scowcroft. Scowcroft recently appeared in a Rogue's Gallery, apparently indicating that he is one of the guilty parties in Sibel Edmonds' case. Wilson's consulting company, JC Wilson International Ventures, appears to have some Turkish clients, some of which may have come through his involvement at the ATC. Clearly there are a number of potential conflicts of interest here. I don't have any theory as to what was going on here, there are more questions than answers. Wilson had business interests with the ATC, and he was friendly with ATC Chair Brent Scowcroft, who was apparently a target of these investigations. The idea of a CIA agent dating, then marrying, someone so closely aligned with a target also gives the appearance of a conflict of interest."

Venezuelan Pleads Guilty in Cover-Up of Suitcase of Cash  1/26/2008 NYT 

Friday  1/25/2008

topTurkey's Drug-Terrorism Connection  1/25/2008 Consortium News: "Edmonds, who left the FBI in 2002, said she stumbled upon this corrupt network – which also may have involved money laundering and drug trafficking – when she was hired after the 9/11 attacks to translate a backlog of tapes dating back to 1997. That was the same year when published a remarkable story by Martin A. Lee about Turkish government officials caught in a web of corruption with notorious drug traffickers and right-wing terrorists. In view of the Sunday Times article and a follow-up on Jan. 20, we are republishing our earlier story to provide historical context for Edmonds’s allegations."

How the CIA Inflitrated the DEA - Operation Two-Fold  1/25/2008 Counterpunch 

Why Bush Wants to Legalize the Nuke Trade with Turkey  1/25/2008 Dissident Voice 

Chavez accuses Colombia of preparing military attack on Venezuela  1/25/2008 DPA 

A Democratic Coup D'etat in Turkey?  1/25/2008 Kurdish Aspect: "While the leader of the Turkish 'Deep State', war criminal, General Yasar Buyukanit, was out of the country visiting London (20th-24th Jan), 33 members of a shadowy, extreme right wing ultra nationalist group, named Ergenekon were rounded up and detained (22nd Jan). They are now awaiting charges of political murder, assassination, provocations and dirty 'Deep State' activities. Was it significant that General Buyukanit was out of the country when these arrests took place and does this indicate an escalation in the tension and friction between the ruling AKP and Turkish 'deep staters' such as Buyukanit?"

On FBI whistle-blower Sibel Edmonds  1/25/2008 People's Voice: "Brewster Jennings, a CIA front for the counter-proliferation division, had dealings with all the Turkish American organizations. Some of Sibel's comments suggest that she thought someone within those organizations found out Plame was a spy and could have been tied to the effort to out her . It is probably more than coincidental that a number of top neo-cons have business relationships with Turkey. Richard Perle and Doug Feith do consulting and lobbying for Turkey through International Advisors, Inc. Others who work or worked for Turkey are Marc Grossman, Paul Wolfowitz, Eric Edelman, and former Congressman Stephen Solarz. Most of these people also have close ties to Israel. Of course, there is a strong de facto, but silent, alliance between Turkey and Israel. Citizens of both countries work together moving illegal arms and procuring illegal end user certificates to cover their shipments. Perle, Wolfowitz, and Feith have established records of trying to create loopholes in regulations affecting the arms trade. In January, 2004, Israeli citizen Asher Karni, who was connected to the network, was arrested for shipping 66 nuclear triggers to Pakistan. Federal judge Thomas Hogan released him on $100,000 bail --which the prosecutor did not challenge, and Karni moved into a Jewish rest home. Hogan is the same judge who permitted the FBI to raid William Jefferson's Congressional office. Karni was eventually given a three year sentence. Zeki Bilman, his alleged accomplice, died under strange circumstances. Karni lived in South Africa for twenty years and is said to have masqueraded as a Muslim. FBI leakers claim that wiretaps named Douglas Feith and Turkish MIT intelligence agents working in the American Turkish Council. In 1995, Der Spiegel claimed that Urs Tanner, who operated a plant in Switzerland and was allegedly tied to the ring, was a CIA agent, probably tied to Plame's Brewster Jennings counter proliferation effort. The same leakers claim that Eric Edelman , former ambassador to Turkey, was deeply involved in the drug and nuclear arms network. He had served as Scooter Libby's assistant and is now Undersecretary of Defense. Richard Pearle's International Advisors, Inc., a lobbyist for Turkey, was also tied to the network. Former Speaker Bob Livingston also lobbies for Turkey, and Dennis Hastert has received large political contributions from the Turkish lobby."

Thursday  1/24/2008

topBush pushes US-Turkey nuclear cooperation  1/24/2008 AFP: [This Bush move may be a result of the Times' revelations on Sibel Edmonds and the Turkish nuclear spying in the US] - "President George W. Bush has green-lighted a civilian nuclear cooperation deal with Turkey, saying that private-sector proliferation worries have been addressed, the White House said Wednesday. Bush on Tuesday sent the US Congress a July 2000 agreement, signed by then-US president Bill Clinton, that would clear the way for transfers of nuclear know-how to Turkey's planned civilian atomic sector, it said."

US Officials Rejected Key Source on '94 Argentina Bombing  1/24/2008 AntiWar: "The Iranian defector who was the source of Argentina's allegation that Iranian officials began planning the Jul. 18, 1994 terror bombing of a Jewish community center at a meeting nearly a year earlier had been dismissed as unreliable by US officials, according to the FBI agent who led the US team assisting the investigation in 1997-98. The FBI agent, James Bernazzani, also says Argentine investigators had no real leads on an Iranian link to the bombing when his team was in Argentina. Three top officials in the US Embassy in Buenos Aires at the time – including Ambassador James Cheek – have confirmed the absence of evidence linking Iran to the bombing, which killed 85 people and wounded another 300."

Edwards' Strategic Mistake by Bill Fletcher Jr  1/24/2008 Black Commentator: "Edwards, much like Kucinich (in both the 2004 and 2008 Kucinich campaigns), fell prey to the historic "white populist error." What is this error, you ask? Simply put, it is the idea that unity will magically appear by building a campaign that attacks poverty and corporate abuse, supports unions and focuses on the challenges facing the working class, BUT IGNORES RACE AND GENDER. The labor union movement makes this mistake all the time. It is the idea of inoculation, for lack of a better term. The notion suggests that one can be "inoculated" against racism and sexism by emphasizing the common economic injustices we all face. Once we recognize these, the theory goes, we can put aside our differences based on race and gender and march forward in unity. It does not work that way. The history of social justice struggles in the USA is littered with the casualties from this approach. IF unity is built that way, it is temporary, but more often than not, it does not come into existence at all." [very much like Cuban communism].

Desperate Iraqi Farmers Turn to Opium  1/24/2008 Counterpunch: "Al-Qa'ida is in control of many of the newly established opium farms and has sometimes taken the land of farmers it has killed, said a local source. At Buhriz, American military forces destroyed the opium farm and drove off al-Qa'ida last year but it later returned. "No one can get inside the farm because it is heavily guarded," said the source, adding that the area devoted to opium in Diyala is still smaller than that in southern Iraq around Amara and Majar al-Kabir. After being harvested, the opium from Diyala is taken to Ramadi in western Iraq. There are still no reports of heroin laboratories being established in Iraq, unlike in Afghanistan. Iraq has not been a major consumer of drugs but heroin from Afghanistan has been transited from Iran and then taken to Basra from where it is exported to the rich markets of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the Gulf. Under Saddam Hussein, state security in Basra was widely believed to control local drug smuggling through the city. The growing and smuggling of opium will be difficult to stop in Iraq because much of the country is controlled by criminalized militias. American successes in Iraq over the past year have been largely through encouraging the development of a 70,000-strong Sunni Arab militia, many of whose members are former insurgents linked to protection rackets, kidnapping and crime. Muqtada al-Sadr, the leader of the powerful Shia militia, the Mehdi Army, says that criminals have infiltrated its ranks. The move of local warlords, both Sunni and Shia, into opium farming is a menacing development in Iraq, where local political leaders are often allied to gangsters. The theft of fuel, smuggling and control of government facilities such as ports means that gangs are often very rich. It is they, rather than impoverished farmers, who have taken the lead in financing and organising opium production in Iraq."

Mubarak pulls Eyptian border forces out of N. Sinai, Washington evacuates US MFO unit from El Arish  1/24/2008 Debka, LohAma Psicologit: "This step effectively handed over to the control of Hamas-led Palestinian terrorist organizations and al Qaedal a northern Sinai enclave of roughly 855 sq, km., twice the area of the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip… Senior military sources told DEBKAfile that Hamas’ strategic feat is irreversible. By demolishing the 10-km concrete barrier dividing the Gaza Strip from Egyptian Sinai, Hamas has acquired a new stronghold outside Israel’s military reach while their missiles and guns retain access to Israeli targets from the Gaza Strip."

Israeli-Turkish relations tense as Erdogan says Qassams don't kill  1/24/2008 Haaretz: "Erdogan was critical of Israel's closing the Gaza Strip border as well as IDF operations in the area. "The Palestinian territories are like an open-air prison, they are under siege from Israel," he said in a televised speech to lawmakers Wednesday. He blamed Israel for the situation in Gaza: "The people of Gaza are facing a humanitarian tragedy," he said. "We cannot accept a practice that amounts to punishing nearly 2 million innocent people due to some rocket attacks. ... When we ask [our Israeli colleagues] how many Israeli citizens died as a result of these rocket attacks, we do not get an answer." "

The day Gaza's Berlin Wall came down  1/24/2008 Telegraph 

Wednesday  1/23/2008

topTruth was first US casualty in Iraq war: study  1/23/2008 AFP: "US President George W. Bush and his top officials ran roughshod over the truth in the run-up to the Iraq war lying a total of 935 times, a study released Wednesday found."

Dear Canada, Please Think Before You Ink  1/23/2008 Embassy, Canada: "In a letter to Canadian officials, U.S. Congressmen warn against rushing a free trade pact with Colombia, saying Colombians themselves aren't keen on it."

Somalia in Pictures: The Islamic Courts' Leaders  1/23/2008 Long War Journal 

Erdogan advises Obama to outgrow amateur talk  1/23/2008 Turkish Press: "Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan dubbed Barack Obama, one of the Democratic frontrunners in the U.S. presidential elections who promised to recognize the killing of Armenians in 1915 as “genocide,” an amateur of politics without explicitly mentioning his name."

Tuesday  1/22/2008

topVenezuela troops crack down on smuggling  1/22/2008 AP: "The food shipments seized included milk, rice, sugar and other products, Oviedo said. Venezuelans have suffered shortages of basic products like milk, chicken and sugar recently as the oil-producing country's robust economic growth has far exceeded agricultural production. Critics say the socialist government's attempts to force down prices have contributed to the shortages by making it tough for sellers to make any profit. Some people allegedly have sought to sell their goods for higher prices across the border. Chavez has warned that Venezuelan farmers who attempt to smuggle milk or other foods into Colombia seeking a higher profit could have their properties expropriated by the state."

How the Clinton Campaign Armed a Black-Latino Time Bomb in Nevada - Divide and Conquer Politics  1/22/2008 Counterpunch: by Al Giordano, NarcoNews - "Obama--not Clinton--was a co-sponsor of the Immigrant Reform Bill that was the central issue of 2007 for the Latino population. He has to make that case and do so fast or the black-Latino rift that the Clintons have so cynically encouraged could become the story of the remaining Democratic primaries, leading to such acrimony that one group, or the other, stays home in November. In addition to those factors, Obama needs to shine an eviscerating light upon the actual record of the first Clinton administration and the brutality of its increased prosecution of Hispanics for non-violent federal drug crimes. According to a 2003 survey by Fairbanks, Maslin, Maulin & Associates for the Drug Policy Alliance, a wide majority of Latinos in California oppose prison terms for drug offenders… The terrible Clinton legacy of US government mistreatment of Mexican-Americans--including the majority that are legal citizens--provides the constitutional law professor and civil rights lawyer from Illinois the opening to do so. But the time bomb of black-Latino division is ticking and could explode, if not disarmed in the next week, as soon as Tsunami Tuesday rolls in on February 5."

Foreign Boycotts over Iraq War: A Factor in US Economic Downturn  1/22/2008 Global Research 

US journalists ignore Sunday Times scoop on FBI nuclear scandal  1/22/2008 Guardian: "Harry Shearer, one of the voices behind The Simpsons, has used his own blogging voice to ask a pertinent question. Why has a story broken by the Sunday Times over here about nefarious goings-on in the States failed to take off in the American media? He isn't alone in his concerns. Daniel Ellsberg, the man who leaked the Pentagon Papers some 35 years ago, is even more outraged."

Monday  1/21/2008

topCovering Up the Coverage - The American Media’s Complicit Failure to Investigate and Report on the Sibel Edmonds Case  1/21/2008 Brad Blog: by Daniel Ellsberg

Sunday  1/20/2008

topObama campaign cites Nevada vote irregularities  1/20/2008 AFP 

Anti-Iran Coalition in the Gulf? Read This.  1/20/2008 AntiWar: "While in the run-up to Bush’s visit to Saudi Arabia, its foreign minister, Saud al-Faisal, was quoted in some of the mainstream press as warning against U.S. efforts to pit the Gulf states against Iran in this way, a remarkably blunt editorial, entitled “Peace Now,” that appeared in the Jeddah-based English-language Arab News on the second day of the president’s sojourn in Saudi Arabia — two days after his Abu Dhabi speech — received virtually no notice. It should have, because it is probably unprecedented in its bluntness about the kingdom’s honored guest, constituting what the former U.S. ambassador to Riyadh, Chas Freeman, today called “a notable …breach of standard Arab etiquette” and one that was presumably condoned, if not approved, by senior members of the royal family. No one from the News has since been publicly admonished or dismissed, let alone arrested; indeed, no official has distanced the government from the sentiments expressed in it. The entire text, which is reproduced below, warrants attention, but the last paragraph — in which U.S. policy is described as “madness” — is not a little breathtaking, considering that the presidential party probably received complimentary copies with their morning coffee."

Shiite leader may reconsider Mahdi Army freeze- spokesman  1/20/2008 Aswat Al Iraq 

FBI denies file exposing nuclear secrets theft  1/20/2008 London Times: "One of the documents relating to the case was marked 203A-WF-210023. Last week, however, the FBI responded to a freedom of information request for a file of exactly the same number by claiming that it did not exist. But The Sunday Times has obtained a document signed by an FBI official showing the existence of the file. Edmonds believes the crucial file is being deliberately covered up by the FBI because its contents are explosive. She accuses the agency of an “outright lie”. “I can tell you that that file and the operations it refers to did exist from 1996 to February 2002. The file refers to the counterintelligence programme that the Department of Justice has declared to be a state secret to protect sensitive diplomatic relations,” she said. The freedom of information request had not been initiated by Edmonds. It was made quite separately by an American human rights group called the Liberty Coalition, acting on a tip-off it received from an anonymous correspondent."

FBI denies file exposing nuclear secrets theft  1/20/2008 London Times: [the fist comment on the Times site is: "Is the irony caught by anyone else that the original title of this story was "FBI "Covers Up" File Exposing Theft Of Nuclear Secrets?" What's with the cover up of the cover up? "] -- "One of the documents relating to the case was marked 203A-WF-210023. Last week, however, the FBI responded to a freedom of information request for a file of exactly the same number by claiming that it did not exist. But The Sunday Times has obtained a document signed by an FBI official showing the existence of the file."

Saturday  1/19/2008

topComputer Hackers Allege That Notorious Neo-Nazi Radio Host Is on FBI Payroll  1/19/2008 Alternet 

UK Sunday Times Scoops US Media Again, Confirms FBI Cover-Up of Documents in Sibel Edmonds Nuke Secrets Case  1/19/2008 Brad Blog: "In response to that story, the top newspapers from Turkey to Pakistan to India to Israel picked up on the report. But in the United States, incredibly enough, absolutely nothing. Not a single major American media outlet covered the explosive and disturbing allegations. We asked Edmonds tonight whether she had concerns that the British media outlet leading the way on coverage was, in fact, the Rupert Murdoch-owned Sunday Times, as some in the blogosphere had noted, with some concern, after the initial report two weeks ago. "Murdoch is not doing it," she replied. "It's the difference between the UK's reporters and the U.S. reporters and the way they go after stories. It shows that they have far more leeway. I think a lot of it is the self-censorship [of the U.S. media] and the reliance 100% on only government sources." "I have had [American] reporters call me and tell me that I have 'stumbled on some big time national security, covert operation'," she continued, explaining that as the reason given by some for staying away from the story."

Friday  1/18/2008

topDelahunt expresa preocupación por financiamiento estadounidense a paramilitares  1/18/2008 Aporrea: "Caracas, 18 Ene. ABN.- El congresista estadounidense William Delahunt afirmó este viernes que está 'muy preocupado' por las confesiones de paramilitares desmovilizados colombianos sobre la recepción de financiamiento por parte de empresas estadounidenses."

Intelligence officials on both sides of the Atlantic question al Qaeda role in Bhutto killing  1/18/2008 Raw Story: "Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf, President Bush, CIA Director Michael Hayden, and news reports have all claimed that al Qaeda was responsible. However, some current and former US and British intelligence officials now say the evidence points instead to Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence Agency (ISI), the country’s security services. Moreover, both Scotland Yard and a spokesman for MI6 told RAW STORY this week that British investigators are not examining the question of who killed Benazir Bhutto. They were only charged with identifying the cause of her death."

Thursday  1/17/2008

topScotland Yard report on Bhutto's death  1/17/2008 India Times: "The Scotland Yard team probing former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto's assassination has declared that she died due to a bullet wound in the head. In its initial investigation report submitted to the Government of Pakistan, the British investigators held that Benazir Bhutto was shot dead, thus rejecting the government's view that she died after colliding with the lever of the sunroof. According to the report, Benazir Bhutto was targeted from three sides and the lever of her car was not the cause of her death. "This notion was supported by videos and other material found from the crime scene," the report said."

Wednesday  1/16/2008

topHow the Pentagon Planted a False Story  1/16/2008 "The initial press stories on the incident, all of which can be traced to a briefing by deputy assistant secretary of defense for public affairs in charge of media operations Bryan Whitman, contained similar information that has since been repudiated by the Navy itself. Then the Navy disseminated a short video into which was spliced the audio of a phone call warning that U.S. warships would "explode" in "a few seconds." Although it was ostensibly a Navy production, IPS has learned that the ultimate decision on its content was made by top officials of the Defense Department. The encounter between five small and apparently unarmed speedboats, each carrying a crew of two to four men, and the three U.S. warships occurred very early on Saturday Jan. 6, Washington time. But no information was released to the public about the incident for more than 24 hours, indicating that it was not viewed initially as being very urgent. The reason for that absence of public information on the incident for more than a full day is that it was not that different from many others in the Gulf over more than a decade. A Pentagon consultant who asked not to be identified told IPS that he had spoken with officers who had experienced similar encounters with small Iranian boats throughout the 1990s, and that such incidents are "just not a major threat to the U.S. Navy by any stretch of the imagination." "

The Financial Tsunami: The Financial Foundations of the American Century  1/16/2008 Global Research 

Tuesday  1/15/2008

topBush takes distance from key Iran findings  1/15/2008 AFP: "Citing an anonymous senior US administration official, Newsweek magazine reported Monday that Bush had all but disowned the NIE in talks with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. "He told the Israelis that he can't control what the intelligence community says, but that (the NIE's) conclusions don't reflect his own views" about Iran's nuclear-weapons program, the weekly quoted the official as saying."

Eight U.S. State Department Veterans Challenge the Official Account of 9/11  1/15/2008 Global Research: "The petition stated, in part, “We want truthful answers to questions such as: 1. Why were standard operating procedures for dealing with hijacked airliners not followed that day? 2. Why were the extensive missile batteries and air defenses reportedly deployed around the Pentagon not activated during the attack? 3. Why did the Secret Service allow Bush to complete his elementary school visit, apparently unconcerned about his safety or that of the schoolchildren? 4. Why hasn't a single person been fired, penalized, or reprimanded for the gross incompetence we witnessed that day? 5. Why haven't authorities in the U.S. and abroad published the results of multiple investigations into trading that strongly suggested foreknowledge of specific details of the 9/11 attacks, resulting in tens of millions of dollars of traceable gains?”"

Main Japanese Opposition Party Questions 9/11 in Parliament  1/15/2008 Global Research 

NYPD Seeks an Air Monitor Crackdown for New Yorkers  1/15/2008 Village Voice: "Damn you, Osama bin Laden! Here's another rotten thing you've done to us: After 9/11, untold thousands of New Yorkers bought machines that detect traces of biological, chemical, and radiological weapons. But a lot of these machines didn't work right, and when they registered false alarms, the police had to spend millions of dollars chasing bad leads and throwing the public into a state of raw panic. OK, none of that has actually happened. But Richard Falkenrath, the NYPD's deputy commissioner for counterterrorism, knows that it's just a matter of time. That's why he and Mayor Michael Bloomberg have asked the City Council to pass a law requiring anyone who wants to own such detectors to get a permit from the police first. And it's not just devices to detect weaponized anthrax that they want the power to control, but those that detect everything from industrial pollutants to asbestos in shoddy apartments. Want to test for pollution in low-income neighborhoods with high rates of childhood asthma? Gotta ask the cops for permission. Why? So you "will not lead to excessive false alarms and unwarranted anxiety," the first draft of the law states… "There are currently no guidelines regulating the private acquisition of biological, chemical, and radiological detectors," warned Falkenrath, adding that this law was suggested by officials within the Department of Homeland Security… Nevertheless, he had a few concerns. When the Environmental Protection Agency promised that the air surrounding Ground Zero was safe, Vallone said, independent testers proved that such assurances were utterly false. Would these groups really have to get a permit before they started working? "It's a good question, and it has come up prior to this hearing," Falkenrath replied. "What I can assure you is that we will look extremely carefully at this issue of the independent groups, and get the opinion of the other city agencies on how to handle that, and craft an appropriate response." And if people use these detectors without a permit, Vallone asked, do we really have to put them in jail? Afraid so, Falkenrath answered."

Monday  1/14/2008

topHillary Clinton's Dirty Campaign Tactics  1/14/2008 Alternet: "But on the ground in the presidential season's opening states, there is a darker narrative: that Hillary Clinton will not just fight hard, but fight dirty, to win. And her tactic of choice is attempting to suppress the votes of her rival's supporters. The latest example is from Nevada, where the Nevada State Education Association is widely seen as filing a suit on Clinton's behalf to stop Las Vegas' most powerful union, Culinary Workers Local 226, from caucusing inside downtown casinos after the union endorsed Barack Obama. The tactic foments a split along racial and class lines in arguably the strongest union city in America."

European press: It wasn't a miracle - Hillary won via a rigged vote  1/14/2008 Global Research: "The mainstream Italian media are reporting both the rigging of the New Hampshire primary for Senator Hillary Clinton and the official demands for a swift, accurate and impartial recount. In an article written by Marcello Foa, one of Europe's most respected journalists, it appears that vote tallies for all Democratic candidates as well as Republicans were reduced by Diebold vote-counting machines. In an analysis of the hand-counted ballots, the influential Milanese newspaper - Il Giornale, reports that all Democratic candidates except Senator Hillary Clinton made gains when the New Hampshire ballots were manually tabulated, while Senator Clinton made inexplicably large gains where ballots were tabulated by computerized scanners. According to the report, Ron Paul should have finished third in the Republican primary rather than fifth. Thus, it would appear that both Barack Obama and Ron Paul were the primary targets of vote-rigging operations in New Hampshire."

Escalating Ice Loss Found in Antarctica  1/14/2008 WaPo: "Climatic changes appear to be destabilizing vast ice sheets of western Antarctica that had previously seemed relatively protected from global warming, researchers reported yesterday, raising the prospect of faster sea-level rise than current estimates… Rignot said the tonnage of yearly ice loss in Antarctica is approaching that of Greenland, where ice sheets are known to be melting rapidly in some parts and where ancient glaciers have been in retreat. He said the change in Antarctica could become considerably more dramatic because the continent's western shelf, an expanse of ice and snow roughly the size of Texas, is largely below sea level and has broad and flat expanses of ice that could move quickly. Much of Greenland's ice flows through relatively narrow valleys in mountainous terrain, which slows its motion. The new finding comes days after the head of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said the group's next report should look at the "frightening" possibility that ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica could melt rapidly at the same time. "Both Greenland and the West Antarctic ice sheet are huge bodies of ice and snow, which are sitting on land," said Rajendra Pachauri, chief of the IPCC, the United Nations' scientific advisory group. "If, through a process of melting, they collapse and are submerged in the sea, then we really are talking about sea-level rises of several meters." (A meter is about a yard.) Last year, the IPCC tentatively estimated that sea levels would rise by eight inches to two feet by the end of the century, assuming no melting in West Antarctica."

Saturday  1/12/2008

topCocaine Jet Crash in Mexico Linked to Narco-Trafficker Who Worked for U.S. Government  1/12/2008 NarcoNews: "Baruch Vega, a Colombian citizen who has a long history as a CIA asset operating in Central and South America, has told Narco News that the Gulfstream II was part of an undercover government operation led by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) – a law enforcement agency that is part of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Previously, DEA officers had told Narco News the same thing, indicating the Gulfstream II was linked to an ICE operation called the Mayan Express. Documents obtained previously by Narco News also indicate that the jet was used in prior CIA operations and was last owned, in part by a pilot named Greg Smith — who was involved in prior DEA, FBI and CIA operations in Latin America some eight years ago."

Friday  1/11/2008

topPakistan president tells US to stay out - Pakistan's President Tells US It Is Not Welcome to Join Fight Against al-Qaida  1/11/2008 AP 

Thursday  1/10/2008

top"Suitcase Scandal" is Another U.S. Foreign Policy Blunder  1/10/2008 Alternet: "The U.S. Justice Department alleges that the money was intended for the election campaign of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, who was elected president of Argentina on October 28. Of course this would not violate U.S. law, even if it were true; nor would the Feds' charge that the money came from the Venezuelan government. What makes it a Federal case is the charge that the defendants, allegedly acting on behalf of the Venezuelan government, tried to convince Antonini to keep quiet about the alleged origin and destination of the money. Thus the men are indicted for failing to notify the U.S. Attorney General that they were acting as agents of a foreign government (Venezuela). The charges have deeply alienated the new Argentine government, which by all accounts was poised to increase its engagement with the United States. President Cristina Fernandez immediately dismissed them as "garbage," and her government accused Washington of using "dirty tricks" to intimidate her and attempt to drive a wedge between Argentina and Venezuela. Her husband, former president Nestor Kirchner, demanded that the U.S. surrender the fugitive Antonini, for whom the Argentine government has repeatedly sought extradition from the United States."

Wednesday  1/9/2008

topThe Bomb in the Shadows: Proliferation, Corruption and the Way of the World  1/9/2008 Atlantic Free Press 

9-11 and Israel's Use of Terrorism to Coerce the West  1/9/2008 Bollyn: "In July 2006, the former prime minister and leader of the Likud, Benjamin Netanyahu, attended a two-day 60th anniversary celebration of the King David Hotel bombing with former terrorists of the Irgun and Haganah. The event was organized by the Menachem Begin Heritage House, the University of Haifa, and the Association of IZL [Irgun] Fighters. The seminar was held "to mark the 60th anniversary of the bombing of the King David Hotel, Jerusalem, by members of the United Resistance Movement (Haganah and Irgun)," The Jerusalem Post noted in its pre-event notices. The newspaper specifically noted that members of the Haganah and Irgun had been involved in the terrorist bombing. One of the terrorists even led a tour of the hotel he had bombed. The fact that the American-educated right-wing politician and terror specialist, "Bibi" Netanyahu, had participated in a two-day event celebrating the bombing of the King David Hotel was reported in the Jerusalem Post, and in leading newspapers in Britain, France, and India – but not a single word about the event was printed in the controlled press of the United States, the nation supposedly fighting a "War on Terror." "

Democratic Scorecard  1/9/2008 CNN 

Republican Scorecard  1/9/2008 CNN 

Pakistan: The west has not just repressed democracy. It has aided terror  1/9/2008 Guardian 

Tuesday  1/8/2008

topRecession in the US 'has arrived'  1/8/2008 BBC 

Worldwide Coverage of the Sibel Edmonds Bombshell! And in the United States of…  1/8/2008 Brad Blog: "Sunday's British blockbuster, detailing how nuclear secrets were then proliferated to Iran, Libya, North Korea, and potentially even al-Qaeda, was picked up on Monday and reported by international mainstream outlets such as The Times of India, Pakistan's Daily Times, Iran's PressTV, Israel's Haaretz and even the Turkish Daily News. Here in the United States, the mainstream media coverage included: That's right. Nobody. None of them. Zilch. Not a one."

Worldwide Coverage of the Sibel Edmonds Bombshell! And in the United States of…  1/8/2008 Brad Blog 

CITGO, Venezuela Distribute Oil To U.S. Services  1/8/2008 CBS: "For scores of low-income families it will be like the equivalent of winning a small lottery jackpot. A program run by former Congressman Joe Kennedy will deliver free heating oil – donated by Citgo and the Chavez regime in Venezuela – to some 200,000 households. CBS 2 takes a look at how the program works, and who qualifies."

Sibel Edmonds’ State Secrets Privilege Gallery  1/8/2008 Synagogue of Satan: adds info to the faces

Sibel Edmonds  1/8/2008 Washington Note: "I am not in a place to judge the veracity of her claims, but I do find it odd that the Senators and investigators involved were vigorously seeking to know the back story to her narrative until a certain point. And then, it's like someone pushed an off button, cease and desist. Again, I won't argue details of the case with her or others about this -- but the thought has occurred to me that she may have been unaware of a larger operation in which she was in a compartmentalized piece of the game. I think that much of the effort to get A.Q. Khan involved aggressive, comprehensive, globally deployed intelligence efforts to penetrate networks and to quickly animate action through the attempted sale of bogus nuclear equipment and blueprints."

Monday  1/7/2008

topNukes, Spooks, and the Specter of 9/11 - We're in big trouble if even half of what Sibel Edmonds says is true…  1/7/2008 AntiWar 

FBI Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds 'Names' Names  1/7/2008 Brad Blog 

Sibel Edmonds, Turkey and the Bomb - A Real 9/11 Cover-Up?  1/7/2008 Counterpunch 

Sunday  1/6/2008

topSIBEL EDMONDS SPEAKS TO UK SUNDAY TIMES: SAYS U.S. OFFICIALS INVOLVED IN RELEASE OF NUKE SECRETS TO TURKEY, PAKISTAN, IRAN, OTHERS, POSSIBLY EVEN AL-QAEDA  1/6/2008 Brad Blog: "While the FBI was investigating, several arms of the government were shielding what was going on."

US Military Escalation Gets Underway In Pakistan  1/6/2008 Common Dreams: "The US government is considering direct military intervention in the tribal areas of Pakistan, risking an escalated conflict with Pashtun nationalism in the name of crushing al Qaeda. An essay in last week’s Washington Post, a front page story in today’s New York Times and reports from the Real News Network all confirm that a decision to intervene is near. The Times confirms that as many as 50 American personnel, whether special forces or CIA, already operate clandestinely inside the Pakistani border. Democrats have called no hearings nor raised significant voices of opposition to the unfolding plan. In New Hampshire last night, Sen. Barack Obama repeated his endorsement of unilateral US military intervention in Pakistan if “actionable intelligence” exists. His Democratic rivals did not dissent. The consequences of the possible escalation are extremely unpredictable. The alleged al-Qaeda militants are embedded in complex tribal networks in a remote mountainous area. Military action could inflict severe casualties and damage to these traditional communities and inflame anti-American sentiment across Muslim Pakistan. It might accelerate the disintegration of the US-backed Musharraf dictatorship which currently possesses nuclear weapons. Musharraf and the Pakistani military have steadfastly opposed direct American intervention for the past five years."

Sibel Edmonds Speaks…  1/6/2008 Huffington Post 

Sibel Edmonds case: Front page of the (UK) papers (finally)  1/6/2008 Let Sybel Edmonds Speak 

For sale: West’s deadly nuclear secrets  1/6/2008 Times, UK: "Among the hours of covert tape recordings, she says she heard evidence that one well-known senior official in the US State Department was being paid by Turkish agents in Washington who were selling the information on to black market buyers, including Pakistan. The name of the official – who has held a series of top government posts – is known to The Sunday Times. He strongly denies the claims. However, Edmonds said: “He was aiding foreign operatives against US interests by passing them highly classified information, not only from the State Department but also from the Pentagon, in exchange for money, position and political objectives.” She claims that the FBI was also gathering evidence against senior Pentagon officials – including household names – who were aiding foreign agents. “If you made public all the information that the FBI have on this case, you will see very high-level people going through criminal trials,” she said."

Friday  1/4/2008

topComplete 911 Timeline - Sibel Edmonds and Related Scandals  1/4/2008 Cooperative Research History Commons 

Profile: Albert Wohlstetter  1/4/2008 Cooperative Research History Commons 

Profile: Richard Perle  1/4/2008 Cooperative Research History Commons 

The use of Islamist militants by American and Israeli militarists -- The war in Afghanistan to September 11 and beyond  1/4/2008 Cooperative Research History Commons 

"There is one safeguard known generally to the wise, which is an advantage and security to all, but especially to Democracies as against despots: suspicion." -- Demosthenes

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