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12/1/07 - 12/31/2007

Monday  12/31/2007

Special forces on standby over nuclear threat  12/31/2007 Herald, UK: "US special forces snatch squads are on standby to seize or disable Pakistan's nuclear arsenal in the event of a collapse of government authority or the outbreak of civil war following the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. The troops, augmented by volunteer scientists from America's Nuclear Emergency Search Team organisation, are under orders to take control of an estimated 60 warheads dispersed around six to 10 high-security Pakistani military bases. Military sources say contingency plans have been reviewed over the past three days to prevent any of Pakistan's atomic weapons falling into the hands of Islamic extremists if the administration of President Pervez Musharraf appears threatened by civil unrest."

Sunday  12/30/2007

topSome pros say Bhutto's assassination could be an inside job  12/30/2007 Ny Daily News 

Bhutto murder blamed on Pakistan agents  12/30/2007 Scotsman 

Saturday  12/29/2007

topPope's exorcist squads will wage war on Satan  12/29/2007 Daily Mail, UK 

Friday  12/28/2007

topPolice abandoned security posts before Bhutto assassination  12/28/2007 Raw Story 

Wednesday  12/26/2007

topRally and rolling fast call for liberation of Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine  12/26/2007 Amnesty International 

Tuesday  12/25/2007

topAmnesty International breaks its silence: Issues statement on Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine  12/25/2007 NarcoNews: "Amnesty International finally broke its silence and released an official statement regarding leading human rights activist Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine who has been missing for four months in Haiti, and was the subject of Joe Emersberger's recent story here. "Human rights activists have been trying to convince them for months," Emersberger's fellow HaitiAnalysis researcher and publisher Jeb Sprague tells Narco News. "But now just a few days after the Narco News piece they actually finally do something.""

Saturday  12/22/2007

topShock and Tasers in New Orleans  12/22/2007 Alternet: "This is just one particular piece of this whole program. Public hospitals are also being shut down and set to be demolished and destroyed in New Orleans. And they've systematically dismantled the public education system and beginning demolition on many of the schools in New Orleans--that's on the agenda right now--and trying to totally turn that system over to a charter and a voucher system, to privatize and just really go forward with a major experiment, which was initially laid out by the Heritage Foundation and other neoconservative think tanks shortly after the storm. So this is just really the fulfillment of this program."

Friday  12/21/2007

topPanama to probe US invasion  12/21/2007 BBC: "The national assembly in Panama has declared a day of national mourning to mark the anniversary of the US invasion 18 years ago. The assembly also set up a commission to investigate how many people were killed during the invasion. The government estimates up to 500 Panamanians were killed, but human rights groups say more than 1,000 died."

Fury in New Orleans as housing demolition Okd  12/21/2007 LA Times: "The fate of the 4,500 public housing units has become a flash point as this city struggles to piece itself back together after Hurricane Katrina damaged more than 134,000 homes, many of them in poor, mostly black neighborhoods… City Council members -- some sipping water, others leafing through file folders -- looked on impassively as a man was tasered, handcuffed and dragged from the council chambers. Outside, dozens of locked-out people tried to force their way through iron gates and clashed with police, who used pepper spray and stun guns on them. One woman was taken away on a stretcher after being sprayed."

Chavez extends oil largesse at Caribbean summit  12/21/2007 Reuters: "Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez proposed on Friday extending a barter scheme used by Cuba to other Caribbean and Central American nations to help them pay for oil supplies with products and services. At a summit of his growing regional energy alliance, Petrocaribe, the leftist firebrand attacked the United States and other rich consumer nations for quandering their unfair share of world resources… Chavez, the fiercest antagonist of the United States in the region despite being a major U.S. oil supplier, opened a revamped Soviet-era refinery in Cienfuegos, Cuba that will supply diesel, gasoline and jet fuel to members of Petrocaribe. The Petrocaribe alliance, which has bolstered Chavez's regional influence since it started in 2005, grew to 17 countries on Friday with the entry of Honduras, a traditional U.S. ally. Guatemala's president-elect also wants to join."

Thursday  12/20/2007

topDescendants of Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse break away from US  12/20/2007 AFP: "Lakota country includes parts of the states of Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana and Wyoming. The new country would issue its own passports and driving licences, and living there would be tax-free -- provided residents renounce their US citizenship, Means said. The treaties signed with the United States are merely "worthless words on worthless paper," the Lakota freedom activists say on their website. The treaties have been "repeatedly violated in order to steal our culture, our land and our ability to maintain our way of life," the reborn freedom movement says. Withdrawing from the treaties was entirely legal, Means said. "This is according to the laws of the United States, specifically article six of the constitution," which states that treaties are the supreme law of the land, he said. "It is also within the laws on treaties passed at the Vienna Convention and put into effect by the US and the rest of the international community in 1980. We are legally within our rights to be free and independent," said Means. The Lakota relaunched their journey to freedom in 1974, when they drafted a declaration of continuing independence -- an overt play on the title of the United States' Declaration of Independence from England. Thirty-three years have elapsed since then because "it takes critical mass to combat colonialism and we wanted to make sure that all our ducks were in a row," Means said."

Support Edwards and Obama's decision to reject FOX  12/20/2007 FOX Attacks 

U.S. grand jury indicts 5 in Argentine "suitcase scandal"  12/20/2007 Reuters: "MIAMI (Reuters) - A U.S. grand jury indicted four Venezuelans and a Uruguayan on Thursday on charges of acting as unregistered foreign agents for Venezuela who allegedly tried to cover up a scheme to smuggle $800,000 in cash to Argentina." [Dateline Miami.]

Tuesday  12/18/2007

topFormer Florida Governor Jeb Bush does a little business with a New York bank. Next thing you know, Florida taxpayers are holding the bag for billions.  12/18/2007 NY Crank: "Jeb Bush, who incorporated Jeb Bush & Associates in February 2007, a month after completing his second term [as Governor], had been hired as a consultant to Lehman Brothers in June. Bush is the brother of President George W. Bush… What Stipanovich, 58, hadn't told his boss, Florida Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink, was that Lehman Brothers was the same firm that had sold the state fund $842 million of mortgage- backed debt in July and August. Those securities defaulted within four months, and totaled more failing debt than any other bank sold the state, Florida records show. ` `At the time, I never knew it was Lehman Brothers that actually sold us these investments,'' Sink says. Florida CFO Sink is riled up about more than Stipanovich. She says JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Lehman Brothers were offloading tainted debt on Florida and other states at a time when those assets were plummeting in value."

Monday  12/17/2007

topU.S. JCS Chief Tries To Calm Israelis Over Iran  12/17/2007 Defense News: "U.S. officials insisted the trip was not aimed at controlling damage from the controversial National Intelligence Estimate (NIE), but Mullen’s visit allowed officials to vent frustrations over findings that Tehran had suspended its nuclear weapon program and was now less intent on acquiring atomic arms. In a Dec. 11 interview, an Israeli official conceded that presentations by Maj. Gen. Amos Yadlin, director of military intelligence, contained no new data or supporting evidence that had not already been shared with U.S. allies. Nevertheless, he said, the briefing provided a thorough chronological accounting and methodological explanation of how Israeli analysts arrived at conclusions that ran counter to the NIE, released Dec. 3. According to the official, Mullen repeatedly tried to assuage Israeli angst over the damage the downgraded U.S. threat estimate would inflict on efforts to rally international opposition to Iran’s uranium enrichment program. “The chairman insisted he still viewed Iran as a significant threat to the region, and that was nice. But so what? The damage from the NIE is already done,” he said."

Sunday  12/16/2007

topAnonymous Blogger Offers Evidence-Free Claim That 'Left-Wing Activist' Academics and SoS Brunner 'Cooked Up' Report Results Showing All Buckeye State E-Voting Systems Vulnerable to Failure, Fraud, Easy Tampering…  12/16/2007 Brad Blog 

STUDY: VOTING SYSTEMS VULNERABLE  12/16/2007 Ohio Secretary of State 

Bolivia: Las once restricciones  12/16/2007 TeleSur: published 2006

Saturday  12/15/2007

topVideotape shows Sharpton cutting a deal  12/15/2007 Philadelphia Inquirer 

Friday  12/14/2007

topNicolás Maduro: Detrás del caso de Antonini Wilson está el poder que protege a Posada Carriles en EEUU  12/14/2007 Aporrea 

Prison interrogation techniques in Israel: Now you are paralyzed, as we promised  12/14/2007 Global Research 

Nazi propaganda: prelude to a military coup or foreign military intervention in Venezuela  12/14/2007 Mathaba 

Public Committee Against Torture in Israel  12/14/2007 

Argentine Leader Slams U.S. Allegations  12/14/2007 WaPo: "Argentina's new president berated the United States on Thursday for alleging that the government of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez had tried to illegally funnel cash to her recent presidential campaign, labeling the accusations "garbage." U.S. officials, though, said four men who were charged in Miami in connection with the case -- and who allegedly conspired to cover up the truth -- had close ties to the Venezuelan administration."

Thursday  12/13/2007

topClinton Campaign Is Backwards on Racist Drug War  12/13/2007 Alternet: " Federal mandatory minimums enacted by Congress in the 1980s punished sellers of crack cocaine 100 times more severely than those convicted of powder-cocaine offenses. Five grams of crack means an automatic five years in jail. It takes up to 500 grams of powdered cocaine for the same punishment. This has not led to less drug use but, instead, a prison system that mass incarcerates African Americans and Latinos. While drug abuse doesn't discriminate, our drug policies do. Despite equal drug use among blacks and whites, blacks go to jail on drug charges at 13 times the rate of whites. Hillary Clinton is the only major Democratic presidential candidate who did not support the Sentencing Commission's unanimous vote this week to apply recent sentencing reductions for crack-cocaine offenses retroactively."

Ecuador to Evict U.S., Offer Air Base to China  12/13/2007 Alternet: "Strategic Forecasting (STRATFOR) predicts that Correa's offer is "aimed partly at maintaining domestic support, partly at extracting preferential trade access to U.S. markets (something Washington probably will cave in to and deliver), and partly at securing Chinese capital for fulfilling Manta's future role as the largest Sino-Latin American trade trans-shipment hub on the South American west coast."

Major Blow Struck Against Racist U.S. Crack Sentencing Rules  12/13/2007 Alternet 

Voter fraud fraud  12/13/2007 Boston Globe: "IT MADE for a tantalizing news story: Thousands of people who cast votes in the 2004 presidential election in New Jersey were actually dead. Newspapers wrote articles with grabber headlines like "GOP Sees Dead People" and "Dead Man Voting." Except that a more careful analysis of the allegations found flaws in the match between the voting rolls and death lists, and none of the claims was ever substantiated. more stories like thisNew Jersey's state Republican Party also claimed that 4,397 people had voted twice in 2000, and another 6,572 voted both in New Jersey and in one of five other states. But a systematic review by the Brennan Justice Center at New York University Law School found most of the matches ignored different middle names, dates of birth, or other discrepancies. All told, the center found that eight of the 3.6 million New Jersey voters in 2004 intentionally cast invalid votes - a "fraud rate" of four ten-thousandths of one percent. These fraud alarm bells - even if they are false alarms - distract Americans from real problems in the democratic process, from electronic voting machines that leave no paper trail to campaign tactics that confuse or intimidate voters. Also, supposed fraud is often used to build support for stiffer voter requirements, such as government-issued IDs, which would almost surely drive down participation among poorer, older, and less-educated voters. "The voter fraud phantom drives policy that disenfranchises legitimate voters without a corresponding benefit," the Brennan Center's report concludes."

Haiti: Leading Human Rights Activist Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine Missing for Four Months  12/13/2007 NarcoNews: "A former member of Amnesty’s U.S. national board, Mike Levy, recently observed “I am disappointed that AI has failed to respond to Mr. Pierre-Antoine’s abduction. AI is clearly aware of his high profile as one of Haiti’s leading human rights activists and that he has received threats in the past in connection with his work.” An AI official in the USA told the website HaitiAnalysis that only Amnesty’s UK office can issue a statement of concern about Lovinsky Pierre Antoine’s case. In early November Amnesty’s UK office said it was considering making a public statement about Pierre Antoine’s disappearance but the group has yet to issue any public statement. Meanwhile, HRW, while having found time and energy over the past two years to defend Venezuelans from legal reprisals for participating in the coup d’état that briefly ousted their country’s elected president Hugo Chávez in April of 2002, has had nothing to say about the disappearance of Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine."

Wednesday  12/12/2007

topIraq contract worker seeks hearing on alleged rape  12/12/2007 AP: "In a letter dated Tuesday, Rep. John Conyers, D-Michigan, asked Attorney General Michael Mukasey if his office had investigated Jones' claims and whether the Justice Department has jurisdiction to prosecute under military provisions of the USA Patriot Act. Conyers also seeks clarification on a statement from KBR, the military contractor that split from Halliburton in April, that says it had initiated investigations into the alleged assault but later halted the probe."

Jamie Leigh Foundation - a nonprofit organization  12/12/2007 Jamie Leigh Foundation: Foundation created by Jamie Leigh Jones, whose 2005 kidnapping and rape was covered up by KBR, then a Halliburton sub.

Chavez Calls For a Battle of Ideas to Combat U.S. Interference in Latin America  12/12/2007 Venezuela Analysis: "President Hugo Chavez called for increased Latin American integration and a "battle of ideas" in order to combat United States interference in the region. The U.S has launched a colossal media war against the peoples and governments of Latin America Chavez said, because "We have left behind being the U.S.'s backyard, this is why they attack us so much." "They bombard us without clemency, the minds of children, young people, men and women to try to convert us into human beings without a past, disconnected from reality, and into people without a future.""

Tuesday  12/11/2007

topOminous Arctic melt worries experts  12/11/2007 AP: "Just last year, two top scientists surprised their colleagues by projecting that the Arctic sea ice was melting so rapidly that it could disappear entirely by the summer of 2040. This week, after reviewing his own new data, NASA climate scientist Jay Zwally said: "At this rate, the Arctic Ocean could be nearly ice-free at the end of summer by 2012, much faster than previous predictions." So scientists in recent days have been asking themselves these questions: Was the record melt seen all over the Arctic in 2007 a blip amid relentless and steady warming? Or has everything sped up to a new climate cycle that goes beyond the worst case scenarios presented by computer models?"

Lukery: Sibel Edmonds and the Untellable story of AIPAC (America Israel Public Affairs Committee)  12/11/2007 HongPong 

Venezuela's Chavez again demands Spain apology  12/11/2007 Reuters: ""If the King of Spain does nothing to apologize, this will continue to deteriorate," Chavez told reporters at the end of a three-day visit to Argentina where he attended the inauguration of President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner."

Monday  12/10/2007

topFrench journalist investigated over intelligence leaks  12/10/2007 Committee to Protect Journalists: "The article contained excerpts from a DGSE file titled “Aircraft hijack plan by radical Islamists”—part of a 328-page classified report on al-Qaeda activities, which Le Monde said it possessed. One excerpt from the report, dated January 5, 2001, said al-Qaeda had a list of potential airline targets, which included the United and American Airlines carriers used in the 9/11 attacks, the AP said. Le Monde said the DGSE files in its possession contained maps, analyses, graphics, and satellite photos, Deutsche Presse-Agentur reported."

Ritual Gloating Postmortems - The Corporate Media v. Hugo Chavez  12/10/2007 Global Research 

Documents: Early on, U.S. tried to reach out to Chavez  12/10/2007 McClatchy-Tribune: "The U.S. government eagerly reached out to Venezuelan presidential candidate Hugo Chavez in 1998 and moved quickly to denounce a rumored coup plot against the man who's become one of the Bush administration's archenemies, newly declassified State Department documents obtained by McClatchy Newspapers reveal. State Department officials initially appeared dazzled by Chavez's oversized persona and his promise for sweeping reforms, and seemed sincere in their efforts to help him, the documents show. Some of those overtures drew positive responses from Chavez, who said he wanted U.S. help in fighting corruption and drug trafficking. But as the months passed, American unease grew, and cables from the U.S. Embassy in Caracas, the Venezuelan capital, began warning of "populism" and "the authoritarian threat which lurked behind his tough policy statements." McClatchy obtained 53 documents totaling some 200 pages, mostly cables from the embassy, in response to a 2005 Freedom of Information Act request. The documents — almost of all them redacted for classified or sensitive information, some so heavily that they're little more than blank pages — are a small slice of U.S. government records on Venezuela."

Obama's Biggest N.H. Pick-Up Yet  12/10/2007 Ny Observer: "Carol Shea-Porter, who was elected last year to represent the eastern half of New Hampshire in Congress, has decided to endorse Barack Obama. This is easily the most significant Granite State endorsement for Obama and one that could have a ripple effect. Shea-Porter's political history explains why. A former social worker and a true grass-roots activist, her frustration with the Iraq war and the Bush administration led her to run for Congress last year. Immediately, she was opposed by local, state and national Democratic organizations -- including Rahm Emanuel and the D.C.C.C., which endorsed her primary opponent, the then-Democratic leader of the state House of Representatives. With her bare-bones budget, volunteer staff, and complete lack of name recognition, Shea-Porter was expected to be trounced in the Democratic primary. Instead, she mobilized unprecedented grassroots support, organizing individual towns like no Democrat had ever done before in her part of New Hampshire, and won the primary by a staggering 14 points."

Making Victory of Defeat: What Next for Venezuela?  12/10/2007 Venezuela Analysis 

Sunday  12/9/2007

topAmerica's Fascist Coup Owes to Bush's Nazi Grandfather  12/9/2007 Global Research 

Saturday  12/8/2007

top‘Not us. We’re not going.’  12/8/2007 Army Times: "“It was like a scab that wouldn’t heal up,” Ybay said. “I couldn’t force them to go out. Listening to them in the mental health session, I could hear they’re not ready.” At 2 a.m, Ybay said, he’d found his men sitting outside smoking cigarettes. They could not sleep. Some of them were taking as many as 10 sleeping pills and still could not rest. The images of their dead friends haunted them. The need for revenge ravaged them."

Bush Embarks on Saudi-Brokered Deal with Tehran  12/8/2007 Debka 

Intelligence expert who rewrote book on Iran  12/8/2007 Guardian 

CIA Loses Case at DC Circuit  12/8/2007 JFK Lancer: "The CIA had previously won summary judgment on a case where requester Jefferson Morley sought records on George Joannides, a deceased CIA agent. The Circuit Court however found that the CIA's search wasn't adequate as it hadn't search usually FOIA exempt operational files because in this case there was an exception that made these files non-exempt from the FOIA in their entirety. The Court remanded the case back to the lower court for the CIA to search its operational files. Further, the CIA was ordered to search JFK act files that it had transferred to NARA, but had admitted to keeping copies of as well as to sent to NARA but that aren't to be released to the public until 2017. Finally, the Court found the CIA's description of its search inadequate and remanded the case for a further explanation of the search."

The George Joannides Coverup by Jefferson Morley  12/8/2007 JFK Lancer: Published 5/19/05 - "People interested in the JFK story will be interested to know that the CIA is due to file papers in court tomorrorow, May 20, to block release of certain JFK assassination-related documents. The records in question concern a deceased CIA officer named George Joannides. At the time of Kennedy's death, Joannides was the Chief of Psychological Warfare branch of the Agency's JM/WAVE station in Miami. Among his primary responsibilities were guiding, monitoring and financing the Revolutionary Cuban Student Directorate or DRE, one of the largest and most effective anti-Castro groups in the United States. CIA records show, and the group's former leaders confirm, that Joannides provided them with up $18-25,000 per month while insisting they submit to CIA discipline. Joannides, in his job evaluation of 31 July 1963, was credited with having established control over the group."

George Joannides  12/8/2007 Spartacus Educational 

Friday  12/7/2007

topAppeals Court Rules in Favor of Morley on Joannides Records  12/7/2007 AARC: "The U.S. Court of Appeals reversed Judge Richard Leon's decision to deny release of records related to George Joannides' service in 1963, and ordered the CIA to search its operational files for Joannides material and explain the absence of monthly reports on the DRE during his tenure."

Did He Jump or Was He Pushed? Aristide and the 2004 Coup in Haiti  12/7/2007 Haiti Analysis 

The CIA's Destroyed Interrogation Tapes and the Saudi-Pakistani 9/11 Connection  12/7/2007 Huffington Post: by Gerald Posner, infamous author of "Case Closed," who delivers another kind of message here.

Thursday  12/6/2007

topWhen NOT to Vote Black (At Least in Memphis)  12/6/2007 Black Agenda Report 

Wednesday  12/5/2007

topVenezuelan Opposition Emboldened  12/5/2007 AP 

The Hidden Truth About Genetically Modified Foods  12/5/2007 Common Dreqams: "Consider Dr Arpad Pusztai, the world’s leading scientist in his field, who inadvertently discovered in 1998 that unpredictable changes in GM crops caused massive damage in rats. He went public with his concerns and was a hero at his prestigious institute for all of two days. The director of the institute received two phone calls, allegedly from the UK prime minister’s office, and Dr Pusztai was fired after 35 years and silenced with threats of a lawsuit."

Chavez Turns Bitter Over His Defeat in Referendum  12/5/2007 WaPo 

Monday  12/3/2007

topAnálisis somero de la no aprobación de la propuesta de reforma  12/3/2007 Aporrea 

Derrota estratégica en Venezuela; peligro mortal para Bolivia y Cuba  12/3/2007 Aporrea 

Rumsfeld replacement (Robert Gates) was director of voting company  12/3/2007 Baltimore Chronicle: published 11/06

Bush Drops Military Option, Tehran Slams Door on Diplomacy  12/3/2007 Debka 

Confessions of a Covert Agent - Psychological Operations are my specialty  12/3/2007 Global Research: "The author of the text below claims to be highly experienced in covert intelligence programmes and psychological operations - psyops. Interestingly, he charges that Robert Gates personally helped rig the presidential elections of 2000 an 2004 via massive computer fraud. Stating that this opinion is taken for granted throughout the US intelligence community, the author warns against future elections manipulated via computer fraud. He paints a vivid and disturbing picture of the levels of moral depravity now surging out of the Neocon volcano."

Chavez Concedes Venezuela's Constitutional Reform Lost in "Foto Finish"  12/3/2007 Venezuela Analysis: "The vote was divided into two blocks, whereby the first block included Chavez's 33 proposed article changes and the second block included changes proposed by the national assembly. The second block lost with a slightly higher margin, with 51.0% for "No" to 49.0% for "Yes". "

Why did Abstention Win in Venezuela?  12/3/2007 Venezuela Analysis: "The largest share of the responsibility for the defeat lies in those who convinced Chavez that the revolution depends exclusively on his personal figure. This is an error. Probably without Chavez there would be no revolution, but only with Chavez neither. There is a need to correct the tendency to minimise the leading role of the people in times of important deliberations and decisions. The "Chavismo apparat" (the leadership of PSUV, [United Socialist Party of Venezuela[) was defeated."

Sunday  12/2/2007

topNuevos documentos revelan financiamiento de EE.UU. a estudiantes en Venezuela  12/2/2007 Aporrea 

Reporte de tramposerías en Leopoldogolpilandia  12/2/2007 Aporrea: "Cuando denuncio el hecho ante el representante del CNE, una señora se acerca, se identificó como jefa del batallón del PSUV y le señaló que a otras personas les pasó lo mismo. Cuando oigo eso, me doy cuenta que esas “otras personas” eran chavistas. ¿Qué tal? Firmé el informe del CNE y me retiré del centro."

Deception from the Dailies on the Eve of Venezuela Referendum  12/2/2007 NarcoNews 

Students Become Potent Adversary To Chavez Vision  12/2/2007 WaPo: "Many of the anti-government students and their leaders do hail from such elite universities as Andres Bello, the prominent Catholic university in Caracas. And some student groups have received funding for workshops from the U.S. Agency for International Development, according to documents made available to The Washington Post on Saturday. The U.S. documents, obtained through a freedom of information request filed by a researcher for the National Security Archive at George Washington University, show that $216,000 was provided from 2003 through this year to unnamed student groups at several universities for "conflict resolution," "democracy promotion" and other programs. Jeremy Bigwood, the researcher, has obtained other documents in recent years showing U.S. aid for anti-Chávez groups. He said these documents show, at the very least, that the Bush administration wanted to "keep a finger on the pulse of the student movement.""

Saturday  12/1/2007

topNew Document Provides Further Evidence That Owner of Crashed Cocaine Jet Was a U.S. Government Operative  12/1/2007 NarcoNews 

The Return of Juan Forero, or Why NPR Still Sucks Ass  12/1/2007 novus.liber: "The following is an analysis some of the key lies told on NPR this morning about Venezuela, and why they are lies and how they are lies. It follows the very useful practice in French literature classes (Forero’s report is, after all, fiction) of the explication de texte, by isolating key phrases and examining them."


"There is one safeguard known generally to the wise, which is an advantage and security to all, but especially to Democracies as against despots: suspicion." -- Demosthenes

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