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3/31/07 - 6/30/2007

Saturday  6/30/2007

Venezuela Strengthens Ties to Russia and Belarus with Chavez Visit  6/30/2007 Venezuela Analysis 

Tuesday  6/26/2007

Threat to world peace: The possibility of a US attack on Iran  6/26/2007 Global Research: by Peter Dale Scott

Monday  6/25/2007

Namibia again postpones US software fugitive case  6/25/2007 Reuters: From Wayne Madsen - "The Israeli-born Alexander's company Comverse was cited in Justice Department memos as being possibly being involved in wiretapping of Justice Department, including FBI, surveillance systems."

Sunday  6/24/2007

topBrazil: Racism takes many hues  6/24/2007 Miami Herald: "Visiting Brazil, where race has a way of seeming both hauntingly familiar and exotically strange, the experience is like looking into a fun-house mirror."

Saturday  6/23/2007

topNYC Police Brutalize Human Rights Attorney - A human rights attorney known for handling cases of police brutality became a victim of police abuse  6/23/2007 Indymedia: "Quickly, word of the Warrens arrest spread, and several hundred people descended on the 77th Precinct demanding his release. Organizations including the December 12th Movement, 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care, Malcolm X Grassroots, International Action Center, CEMOTAP, the Muslim community, the Haitian community and many others were present and several media outlets were on hand. NYC Councilman Charles Barron, Attorneys Roger Wareham, Reginald Haley, and Marisa Benton began negotiating their release with Brooklyn's top brass, including Community Affairs Chief Douglas Zeigler, Brooklyn Borough Commander Chief Gerald Nelson, and 77th Precinct Executive Officer Michael Marino. At approximately 10:30 PM Evelyn Warren was released with a DAT (desk appearance ticket), Michael Warren was released with a DAT at 11:30 PM. Councilman Barron and other community activists are demanding Talvy be fired and that Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hines "drop the charges (against the Warrens) and charge the police." Barron further criticized recent NYPD policy of making cops who kill or assault people take Breathalyzer tests for alcohol. "We need to stop the killing. Police who murder and assault us must be charge with crimes and put in jail. That is the only deterrent." "

Christie blasts Rudy on WTC air  6/23/2007 NY Daily News: "Former Environmental Protection Agency boss Christie Whitman says she urged Ground Zero workers to wear respirators, but then-Mayor Rudy Giuliani blocked her efforts. She also said city officials didn't want EPA workers wearing haz-mat suits because they "didn't want this image of a city falling apart.""

Friday  6/22/2007

topKeeping Talk Radio Pro-Israel  6/22/2007 Jewish Week 

The CIA's Family Jewels - Agency Violated Charter for 25 Years, Wiretapped Journalists and Dissidents  6/22/2007 National Security Archive 

Tuesday  6/19/2007

topDems Push for Voter Suppression Probe  6/19/2007 AP: "Senate Democrats urged the Justice Department on Monday to investigate whether one of its former prosecutors led attempts to suppress Florida voter turnout during the 2004 presidential election. The request by Sens. Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts and Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island is the latest facet of Congress’ ongoing inquiry into whether politics played a role in the firings of eight U.S. attorneys. One of the fired prosecutors, Bud Cummins in Little Rock, Ark., was replaced on an interim basis by Tim Griffin - a protege of presidential political adviser Karl Rove who worked at the Republican National Committee in 2004. The two senators Monday pointed to two e-mails to Griffin - titled “caging” and dated August 2004 - listing nearly 2,000 potential voters in Jacksonville, Fla. The e-mails were posted on a political Web site critical of the Bush administration, but a White House spokeswoman said the Democrats did not doubt their authenticity. “Caging” refers to efforts to disqualify voters who fail to sign for registered campaign mail sent to their houses. In theory, the practice identifies homes where voters no longer live."

Monday  6/18/2007

topConfronting Joe Lieberman to Stop a War With Iran  6/18/2007 Common Dreams 

How Not to Counter Terrorism  6/18/2007 Consortium News: "Everyone wants security. But all too few recognize that security and liberty are basically flip sides of the same coin. Just as there can be no meaningful liberty in a situation devoid of security, there can be no real security in a situation devoid of liberty."

Sunday  6/17/2007

topElection 2004: The Urban Legend  6/17/2007 Global Research 

A different kind of hell for one American in Iraq - FBI informant imprisoned and treated like an insurgent for 97 days  6/17/2007 NBC Dateline: "He took a job with an Iraqi company, Shield Group Security, or SGS, which provides protection for businesses and organizations. Vance supervised security and logistics operations. Before long, he says he started noticing troubling things at the company — explosives and huge stockpiles of ammunition and weapons, including anti-aircraft guns. He worried they were going to militias involved in sectarian violence."

Friday  6/15/2007

topOn the Escalator to War With Iran by Patrick J. Buchanan  6/15/2007 AntiWar: "As many as 200 American soldiers" may have been killed by Iranians or Iranian-trained insurgents, Lieberman claimed. Petraeus and Nick Burns would not be making these charges publicly if the White House did not want them made publicly. What is going on? The most logical explanation is that the White House is providing advance justification for air strikes on camps of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard that are allegedly providing training for and transferring weapons to Afghan and Iraqi insurgents. And if the United States conducts those strikes, Iranians will unite around Ahmadinejad, and Tehran will order retaliatory strikes against U.S. targets in Iraq and perhaps across the Middle East. President Bush will then have his casus belli to take out Natanz and all the other Iranian nuclear facilities, as the Israelis and the neocons have been demanding that he do. This would mean a third Middle Eastern war for America, with a nation three times as large and populous as Iraq. Perhaps it is time to begin constructing a new wing on Walter Reed."

Venezuela: US fears spread of Chavez example  6/15/2007 Global Research 

Defending Enhanced Interrogation Techniques  6/15/2007 Harper's: "Before there were “enhanced interrogation techniques,” there was verschärfte Vernehmung, (which means “enhanced interrogation techniques”) developed by the Gestapo and the Sicherheitsdienst in 1937 and subject to a series of stringent rules. Now, as we have seen previously, there were extremely important differences between the Gestapo’s interrogation rules and those approved by the Bush Administration. That’s right—the Bush Administration rules are generally more severe, and include a number of practices that the Gestapo expressly forbade."

Thursday  6/14/2007

topHow The Nazis Defended "Enhanced Interrogation"  6/14/2007 Atlantic 

Wednesday  6/13/2007

topRCTV's Colonial Television - Racism and TV in Venezuela  6/13/2007 Counterpunch: "The debate in Venezuela has less to do with the alleged absence of freedom of expression than with a perennially tricky issue locally referred to as "exclusion", a shorthand term for "race" and "racism". RCTV was not just a politically reactionary organization which supported the 2002 coup attempt against a democratically elected government - it was also a white supremacist channel. Its staff and presenters, in a country largely of black and indigenous descent, were uniformly white, as were the protagonists of its soap operas and the advertisements it carried. It was "colonial" television, reflecting the desires and ambitions of an external power."

Tuesday  6/12/2007

topCivil Rights Enforcement - Who Is Hans von Spakovksy?  6/12/2007 "During his tenure in the U.S. Department of Justice, Hans von Spakovsky made it harder for Americans to vote. Now the Bush administration has nominated him to the Federal Elections Commission. If confirmed by the Senate, he could influence election law in this country for the next three election cycles, a prospect that should alarm all who care about the right to vote. As an attorney in the civil rights division of the Justice Department from 2001-2005, von Spakovksy did everything in his power to minimize the vote, particularly of minorities and Democrats."

Sunday  6/10/2007

topVenezuela seizes 2.5 tons of cocaine  6/10/2007 AP: "Venezuelan authorities seized 2.5 tons of cocaine bound for Africa and arrested nine suspects including four federal police officers and a U.S. citizen, the military said Sunday."

Iran threatens Gulf blitz if US hits nuclear plants  6/10/2007 London Times: "Admiral Ali Shamkhani, a senior defence adviser to the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, warned that Gulf states providing the US with military cooperation would be the key targets of a barrage of ballistic missiles. Shamkhani told the US journal Defense News that missiles would be launched not only at US military bases but also at strategic targets such as oil refineries and power stations. Qatar, Bahrain and Oman all host important US bases and British forces are based in all three countries. Any Iranian attack would be bound to draw in the other Gulf Cooperation Council states: Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait."

Friday  6/8/2007

topRockets, Napalm, Torpedoes & Lie - Israel's Attack on the USS Liberty, Revisited  6/8/2007 Counterpunch: "The Liberty was positioned just off the coast from the town of El Arish. In fact, Ennes and others had used the town's mosque tower to fix the location of the ship along the otherwise featureless desert shoreline. The IDF had seized El Arish and had used the airport there as a prisoner of war camp. On the very day the Liberty was attacked, the IDF was in the process of executing as many as 1,000 Palestinian and Egyptian POWs, a war crime that they surely wanted to conceal from prying eyes. According to Gabriel Bron, now an Israeli reporter, who witnessed part of the massacre as a soldier: "The Egyptian prisoners of war were ordered to dig pits and then army police shot them to death.""

Sunday  6/3/2007

topVenezuelan TV channel goes on-line despite Chavez  6/3/2007 Jerusalem Post: "Forced off the air by President Hugo Chavez, an opposition-aligned Venezuelan TV channel has begun taking its news shows to popular video-sharing Web site YouTube. Since it went off the airwaves Sunday, Radio Caracas Television has kept taping programs and is uploading its news show "The Observer" each day to YouTube, RCTV vice president Maribel Morales said Friday. YouTube listed the program as its most-subscribed feed of the week."

Rove’s Mini-Me Tim Griffin Resigns after Evidence Ties Him to Alleged Voter Suppression  6/3/2007 Pensito Review: "Palast recently obtained hundreds of emails sent by White House officials to Bush-Cheney operatives during the 2004 campaign. Among these were emails containing caging lists sent by Griffin, apparently in his role as communications deputy. Late last week, Palast agreed to show Griffin’s emails to Rep. John Conyers, chairman of the Judiciary Committee. On Thursday, Griffin abruptly announced his resignation in Little Rock, citing an urgent need to work in the private sector. (Some sources say Griffin is in negotiations to join Fred Thompson’s presidential campaign; while one wag suggests Griffin resigned “to spend more time in jail.“)"

Saturday  6/2/2007

topHysterical Western Media Hype Flimsy Cyber War Against Estonia  6/2/2007 Alternet 

Friday  6/1/2007

topWelcome to the Summer of Hate - "elements in the US administration are mulling an attack on Iran"  6/1/2007 Global Research: "While the Ziocons itch for another war, Iraq bleeds. From 20 to 50 bodies are found in the streets of Baghdad every day. They don't even register in the news cycle anymore. The Sadrists - who rule the Shi'ite street - know that the overwhelming death squads in Baghdad are from the Badr Organization, straight from the US-friendly, Supreme Islamic Council in Iraq-controlled seventh floor of the Interior Ministry. Meanwhile, the Pentagon keeps invading Sadr City, calling air strikes on houses and back streets, killing civilians and arresting Mahdi Army "terrorist" commanders in "secret cells" who allegedly smuggle explosive formed penetrators from Iran (no credible evidence is produced)."

Thursday  5/31/2007

topConyers Requests Palast's "Vote Caging" Evidence  5/31/2007 TruthOut: " Experts have concluded the caging lists were designed for a mass challenge of voters' right to cast ballots. The caging lists were heavily weighted with minority voters, including African-American homeless men, students and soldiers sent overseas. Conyers, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee investigating the firing of US attorneys, met Thursday evening in New York with Palast. After reviewing key documents, Conyers stated that, despite Griffin's resignation, "We're not through with him by any means." Conyers indicated that he thought it unlikely that Griffin could carry out this massive caging operation without the knowledge of White House Deputy Chief of Staff Rove."

Friday  5/25/2007

topRefugees warn clashes may spread amid fury at Lebanese army  5/25/2007 Independent: "Lebanon's worst internal violence for two decades is in danger of spreading throughout the country, politicians, diplomats and refugees warned yesterday, as anger grew at the tactics of the Lebanese army fighting Islamists in a northern refugee camp."

Wednesday  5/23/2007

topIran joins Sunnis to banish US  5/23/2007 Australian 

Goodling Says Dep. Attorney General 'Incomplete or Inaccurate' in Regard to 'Vote Caging' Allegations About Karl Rove Aide - Says DAG Paul McNulty Withheld Knowledge of Tim Griffin's Involvement in Challenging Minority Voter Registration in 2004  5/23/2007 Brad Blog: "From Monica Goodling's opening statement to the U.S. House Judiciary Committee this morning [emphasis added]: Despite my and others' best efforts, [Deputy Attorney General, Paul McNulty]'s public testimony was incomplete or inaccurate in a number of respects. As explained in more detail in my written remarks, I believe that the Deputy was not fully candid about his knowledge of White House involvement in the replacement decision, failed to disclose that he had some knowledge of the White House's interest in selecting Tim Griffin as Interim U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Arkansas, inaccurately described the Department's internal assessment of the Parsky Commission, and failed to disclose that he had some knowledge of allegations that Tim Griffin had been involved in vote "caging" during his work on the President's 2004 campaign."

Monday  5/21/2007

topVenezuela giving Danny Glover $18m to direct film on epic slave revolt  5/21/2007 Guardian: "Venezuela is to give the American actor Danny Glover almost $18m (£9m) to make a film about a slave uprising in Haiti, with President Hugo Chávez hoping the historical epic will sprinkle Hollywood stardust on his effort to mobilise world public opinion against imperialism and western oppression. The Venezuelan congress said it would use the proceeds from a recent bond sale with Argentina to finance Glover's biopic of Toussaint Louverture, an iconic figure in the Caribbean who led an 18th-century revolt in Haiti."

Exclusive: Secret US plot to kill Al-Sadr  5/21/2007 Independent: "It was agreed that the last meeting would take place in the house in Najaf of Muqtada's father Mohammed Sadiq al-Sadr who had been murdered by Saddam's gunmen with two of his sons five years before. Dr Rubai'e and other mediators started for the house. As they did so they saw the US Marines open up an intense bombardment of the house and US Special Forces also heading for it. But the attack was a few minutes premature. Mr Sadr was not yet in the house and managed to escape. Although Dr Rubai'e, as Iraqi National Security Adviser since 2004 and earlier a member of the Iraqi Governing Council, is closely associated with the American authorities in Baghdad, he has no doubt about what happened. He sees the negotiations as part of a charade to lure Mr Sadr, who is normally very careful about his own security, to a house where he could be eliminated."

Sunday  5/20/2007

topPope Thinks Indians Were Waiting for Christianity to Arrive  5/20/2007 InfoShop: "The pope said Sunday that indigenous people of Latin American and the Caribbean were seeking Christ without realizing it. "Christ is the savior for whom they were silently longing," Benedict told a regional conference of bishops in Brazil. "It's arrogant and disrespectful to consider our cultural heritage secondary to theirs," said Jecinaldo Satere Mawe, chief coordinator of the Amazon Indian group Coiab. Mawe said the Pope's remarks made no mention of the violent history that followed or the documented decimation of native cultures in favor of the Christian model Conquistadors and other Europeans colonizers. Benedict not only upset many Indians but also Catholic priests who have joined their struggle, said Sandro Tuxa, who heads the movement of northeastern tribes. "We repudiate the Pope's comments," Tuxa said. "To say the cultural decimation of our people represents a purification is offensive, and frankly, frightening."

Friday  5/18/2007

topWill Al Gore Face His Inconvenient Truths About Our Stolen Elections?  5/18/2007 Common Dreams: "Gore’s actions on the 2000 recount might be discounted as a stategic failure. But they were followed by something much much worse. In January, 2001, the Black Caucus of the US House demanded a Congressional dialogue on the seating of the Florida delegation to the Electoral College. This procedure had been established in 1887, in response to the stolen election of 1876. It required the signature of one Representative and one Senator. Tragically, Gore prevented this from happening. As the presiding officer over the joint session of Congress gathered to ratify the election, Gore repeatedly gaveled down those Representatives demanding a discussion of the theft of Florida’s decisive electoral votes. This very ugly, politically catastrophic moment is forever memorialized in Michael Moore’s Farenheit 9/11. Staff from the office of the late Sen. Paul Wellstone have said Gore told those Senators inclined to join in that he would not recognize them if they tried. Senator Hillary Clinton told the Free Press Editor that Gore “begged” her not to sign on to such a challenge. The result: there was no Congressional challenge on the theft of the election of 2000. Ironically, with Dick Cheney presiding over Congress, there was indeed such a session on the stolen election of 2004, facilitated by Sen. Harry Reid. But following the cave-in of 2000, it again lacked the full weight of the Democratic Party and its presidential candidate."

Earth’s Natural Defenses against Climate Change ‘Beginning to Fail’  5/18/2007 Independent 

Rapid rise in global warming is forecast  5/18/2007 London Times: "The reduced ability to absorb carbon is thought to be a result of high winds acting on ocean currents bringing deeper waters that already contain high levels of carbon to the surface. The higher winds are themselves believed to have been caused by climate change due to a combination of changes in the ozone layer and carbon emissions. The scientists from countries including Britain, France and Germany, said their findings marked the first time that one of the world’s natural “carbon sinks” had been shown to be weakened by Man’s own actions. Ian Totterdell, a climate modeller at the Met Office Hadley Centre, described the research as “an important piece of work”. He said: “This is the first time we have been able to get convincing evidence that a change in the uptake of CO2 by the oceans is linked to climate change. “It’s one of many feedbacks we didn’t expect to kick in until some way into the 21st century.” "

China kills to harvest organs: MDs  5/18/2007 Ottowa Citizen: "The report's conclusions were drawn from interviews with a handful of eyewitnesses from the medical side, recipients of organs harvested in China, official government pronouncements, statistics showing a sudden explosion in the number of transplants performed, marketing websites and undercover inquiries to hospitals. In one instance, an Asian patient recounted that after rifling through a list of potential donors, a military doctor departed and returned to the hospital several times, bringing back a total of eight different kidneys before finally settling on a match. In another, a sick patient found out one day he needed a transplant and had an organ within 24 hours. Websites market transplants in China in five languages and in some cases guarantee availability of a matching organ within two weeks. The average wait time for a kidney in Canada is 32.5 months, while in British Columbia it is 52.5 months."

Thursday  5/17/2007

topGreg Palast, Author of Armed Madhouse, on How Rove May Have Already Stolen the 2008 Election  5/17/2007 Buzzflash: "By sending letters to the homes of soldiers, marked "do not forward." When they came back undelivered, they said: Aha! Illegal voter registered from a false address. And when their ballot came in from Fallujah, it was challenged. The soldier didn’t know it. Their vote was lost. Over half a million votes were challenged and lost by the Republicans -- absentee ballots. Three million voters who went to the polls found themselves challenged by the Republicans. This was not a small operation. It was a multi-million dollar, wholesale theft operation. They’re right that I’m a British reporter, because I put this story on British TV, not on American TV, which won’t touch it. [BuzzFlash note: Palast writes for British papers and reports on the BBC, but he is a product of the San Fernando Valley and the University of Chicago, 100% American.] But our election was a complete, total fraud. This is grand theft -- no question. It’s not a dirty trick; it’s a felony crime."

Russia accused of unleashing cyberwar to disable Estonia  5/17/2007 Independent: "A three-week wave of massive cyber-attacks on the small Baltic country of Estonia, the first known incidence of such an assault on a state, is causing alarm across the western alliance, with Nato urgently examining the offensive and its implications. While Russia and Estonia are embroiled in their worst dispute since the collapse of the Soviet Union, a row that erupted at the end of last month over the Estonians' removal of the Bronze Soldier Soviet war memorial in central Tallinn, the country has been subjected to a barrage of cyber warfare, disabling the websites of government ministries, political parties, newspapers, banks, and companies."

Scientists Cast Doubt on Kennedy Bullet Analysis  5/17/2007 WaPo: "Tobin, Spiegelman and James said they bought the same brand and lot of bullets used by Oswald and analyzed their lead using the new standards. The bullets from that batch are still on the market as collectors' items. They found that the scientific and statistical assumptions Guinn used — and the government accepted at the time — to conclude that the fragments came from just two bullets fired from Oswald's gun were wrong. "This finding means that the bullet fragments from the assassination that match could have come from three or more separate bullets," the researchers said. "If the assassination fragments are derived from three or more separate bullets, then a second assassin is likely," the researchers said. If the five fragments came from three or more bullets, that would mean a second gunman's bullet would have had to strike the president, the researchers explained."

Racism, anti-Semitism taunts fly as black U.S. leader denied entry  5/17/2007 Winnipeg Free Press: "A black American leader scheduled to attend a rally at the Ontario legislature and deliver a lecture in Toronto was apparently denied entry to Canada on Tuesday amid acrimonious accusations of racism, anti-Semitism and questions about free speech."

Wednesday  5/16/2007

topCommander's Veto Sank Threatening Gulf Buildup  5/16/2007 AntiWar 

Monday  5/14/2007

topJailbreak out of History - a re-biography of Harriet Tubman  5/14/2007 Kersplebedeb 

Sunday  5/13/2007

topBritain fights to curb US Afghan onslaught  5/13/2007 London Times: owned by Ruper Murdoch - "BRITAIN will step up its presence in Afghanistan this week with the deployment of a high-profile new ambassador as concern mounts that the toll of civilians killed in the war is setting back the coalition’s efforts to win Afghan “hearts and minds”. There is growing alarm over a wave of US bombing raids in which 110 civilians have died in the past two weeks. Twenty-one people were killed last week after US special forces called in airstrikes on the town of Sangin in Helmand province. “Sometimes you wonder whose side the Americans are on,” said a British official."

Friday  5/11/2007

topRepublicans fear defeat over Iraq  5/11/2007 FT: "The same growing unease applies with even greater force to Republicans in the Senate, who hold 21 of the 33 Senate seats that will be contested in next year’s congressional elections. Many Democrats believe that they could improve their narrow 51-49 Senate majority next year to a filibuster-proof 60 seats or more. Such is the Democratic party’s confidence that some Democrats are talking of bringing about the same kind of splits in the Republican party that so damaged their own party’s electoral fortunes following the Vietnam war a generation ago. “There are a lot of people on the Republican side who are not happy with the situation,” said Trent Lott, a normally hardline Republican Senate leader."

Farewell America by James Hepburn  5/11/2007 "A combination of these powerful interests called "The Committee" coordinated all aspects of the murder, from setting the time and place of the shooting to the recruitment of the gunmen and the cover-up of the conspiracy afterward. The bottom line was that enemies of JFK collaborated with the CIA to erase the perceived threat to their interests by John and Robert Kennedy. Heady stuff for 1968. So incendiary, in fact, that importation of the book through Canada was squelched, allegedly at the instigation of the FBI. Farewell America wasn't just another book about the assassination conspiracy; it was full of restricted information about U.S. intelligence agencies, the White House, global business, and military and political affairs that had to have come from a knowledgeable source, in this case, French intelligence. It also represented the surreptitious intrusion by those in French government circles into American politics, namely, the 1968 presidential elections. Farewell America is well documented with footnotes and appendices, and supported by an exceptional Introduction by noted investigative author and best selling author William Turner, an ex-FBI Special Agent. Herve Lamarre, the publisher of the original edition of Farewell America, admitted that the author of record, James Hepburn, was fictitious and that the true sources included Andre Ducret of the Surete; Interpol; and, among others in French intelligence, Philippe Vasjoly, the chief French petroleum agent in the United States. William Turner is an authority on the Kennedy assassinations, the FBI and the CIA, and is the author of nine books (translated into six languages), including his recent best selling memoirs, Rearview Mirror: Looking Back at the FBI, the CIA and Other Tails (Penmarin, 2001). From Chapter 13: "President Kennedy's assassination was the work of magicians. It was a stage trick, complete with accessories and false mirrors, and when the curtain fell the actors, and even the scenery, disappeared."

Tuesday  5/8/2007

topMINUSTAH Intimidates Journalist on World Press Freedom Day  5/8/2007 Haitian Analysis 

France : élections présidentielle & législatives 2007 - Machine à voter, machine à truquer  5/8/2007 Reseaux Voltaire 

General: Air fleet wearing down  5/8/2007 USA Today: "The Air Force's fleet of warplanes is older than ever and wearing out faster because of heavy use in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to the service's top combat commander. Gen. Ronald Keys, who leads the Air Combat Command, points to cracked wings on A-10 attack planes and frayed electrical cables on U-2 spy planes… The Air Force says it wants to buy new planes to lower the average age of its fleet to 15 years over the next two decades. That will cost an estimated $400 billion."

Venezuela Accuses U.S. DEA of Being a “Drug Cartel”  5/8/2007 Venezuela Analysis: "¨The United States establishes cooperation agreements in the fight against drug trafficking through economic cooperation so that they can later impose the presence of military bases under the pretense of cooperation," said Carreño yesterday. Carreño dismissed any possibility of permitting the intervention of US authorities in Venezuela to fight drug trafficking and accused the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) of forming its own “drug cartel.” According to the Carreño, when Venezuela ended its cooperation with the DEA two years ago, they observed that the US agency was trafficking drugs through the country. "They were making a large quantity of drug shipments under the pretense of monitoring them, and they didn't carry out arrests or breakup the cartels," explained Carreño. "We were able to determine the presence of a new drug cartel in which the United States Drug Enforcement Agency was monopolizing the shipment of drugs," he said. Carreño assured that Venezuelan security forces are willing to receive information that the United States can offer in order to detain drug traffickers in the country, but he maintained that Venezuela "is not going to allow them to carry out operations in our territory." "

Monday  5/7/2007

topRFK: Rove And Rove’s Brain, ‘Should Be In Jail,’ Not In Office  5/7/2007 Greg Palast: “Timothy Griffin,” said Kennedy,”who is the new US attorney in Arkansas, was actually the mastermind behind the voter fraud efforts by the Bush Administration to disenfranchise over a million voters through ‘caging’ techniques - which are illegal.”

Report: Saudis, US sponsoring covert action against Iran  5/7/2007 Raw Story: "People focus altogether on the nuclear facilities and how difficult they would be to take out," he quotes former Secretary of State George Shultz as saying. "But it’s not difficult for somebody to sabotage those refineries."

Sunday  5/6/2007

topA French e-voting "catastrophe" - Paperless direct-recording electronic (DRE) used in several cities  5/6/2007 Global Research: "Two types of machines were certified for use in France's election, both of which are of the paperless direct-recording electronic (DRE) variety now notorious (and hopefuly soon-to-be outlawed) in the States: an iVotronic model from American company ES&S, and another model from Dutch company Nedap." The following report published a week before the French presidential run-off elections on May 6 point to the use of e-voting machines in several French cities. The potential for electoral fraud in the run-off elections --in which Nicolas Sarkozy won with a four point margin-- cannot be dismissed and should be the object of an independent inquiry in the cities where e-voting was used."

Victor Ostrovsky: How Mossad Got America to Bomb Libya & Fight Iraq  5/6/2007 Myers 

White House employee fired for trying to protect president's life  5/6/2007 NarcoNews: "Waxman sent a letter to former White House Chief of Staff Andy Card on April 23 of this year outlining those concerns. From that letter: Since I first wrote you on March 30, 2007, I have received new information that suggests there may have been a systemic failure to safeguard classified information at the White House during and after your tenure [Card resigned in March 2006] as White House Chief of Staff. Multiple current and former White House security personnel have informed my staff that White House practices have been dangerously inadequate with respect to investigating security violations, taking corrective action following breaches, and physically securing classified information."

Saturday  5/5/2007

topIran: A careful look before a US leap  5/5/2007 Asia Times, Hong Kong: "Iran's intelligence-run cells are believed to have links with a network of contacts across three continents. Sabotage and subversion experts from Iran are believed to be cooperating with both Cuba and Venezuela for operations in Washington's own back yard. Iran has also apparently established similar cells and cooperation in Sudan, Somalia and Yemen. Significantly, in European Muslim areas such as Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo and Chechnya, a highly successful relationship with the largely Sunni al-Qaeda has developed. Shi'ites and Sunnis have apparently buried their religious differences in favor of finding common cause against a joint enemy, the United States."

Friday  5/4/2007

topBreaking: RF Kennedy, Jr. Says USA Griffin Under Investigation  5/4/2007 Daily Kos: "Tonight in Montpelier, Vermont, Greg Palast announced that he received a phone call this evening from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. that US Attorney replacement Timothy Griffin, Rove's former assistant, is under investigation for election fraud."

The Kissinger Connection  5/4/2007 Taki's Top Drawer: "It is more likely that the Democrats and the brain-dead Republicans voted to invade and take over Iraq not because they regarded Saddam as a threat to the United States, but rather because, first and foremost, (a) they felt Washington could get away with it and (b) because the political payoff for war in the Congressional midterm elections of 2002 was deemed significant. If you voted against the Administration, you could be smeared as soft on terrorism and national security. More important, you would be bucking the outsized political clout of the Israel Lobby, which was pushing for war on Iraq to the max, and had been for years. Moreover, after a decade of devastating economic sanctions, Iraq was going to be a cake walk, in any event. So it was a low risk proposition. To the professional politicians making their career calculations, the downside of launching the war appeared small and very manageable. The upside was impressive… Feith was a protégé of “neocon” geopolitical grandee, Richard Perle. Feith is on the Advisory Board of the (U.S.) Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs. Feith is a face card in the deck of the Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies, headquartered in Jerusalem. The law office he founded in 1986, Feith & Zell, is based in Israel, catering to Jewish-American “settlers” on the West Bank. Colonel Larry Wilkerson, who was aide-de-camp to Secretary of State Colin Powell, has stated he looked upon Feith as a card-carrying member of the Likud party. How did these important items in Feith’s background qualify him to oversee the U.S. military? In his capacity as the “undersecretary for policy” at the Pentagon, Doug Feith was the number three civilian in charge of the entire U.S. Defense establishment, behind Professor Paul Wolfowitz and Don Rumsfeld. Was that appropriate? Whose idea was it to put him there, creating such an obvious and enormous conflict of interest? Inquiring minds would like to know."

Tuesday  5/1/2007

topShadow Of The Swastika The New World (Dis)Order  5/1/2007 

Saturday  4/28/2007

topA failure in generalship  4/28/2007 Armed Forces Review: "You officers amuse yourselves with God knows what buffooneries and never dream in the least of serious service. This is a source of stupidity which would become most dangerous in case of a serious conflict." - Frederick the Great

Wednesday  4/25/2007

topAlleged Hit Man Worked at US Embassy  4/25/2007 AP: "A retired army colonel accused of conspiring to assassinate President Alvaro Uribe's most vocal critic worked for the U.S. Embassy two years ago… Villate also was accused before his embassy job - when he was still in the military, in mid-2004 - of spying on leaders of Cali's public employees union in what the union described as an assassination plot. That scandal was widely publicized at the time, and remains under criminal investigation. The U.S. Embassy conducted normal background checks before hiring Villate that "did not turn up any derogatory information about him," Louis said in a later statement." [Uribe was revealed in a declassified DIA memo to have been a "close personal friend" of Pablo Escobar and a "narcosenator" prior to assuming the presidency.]

Don’t Fire Gonzales  4/25/2007 Greg Palast: "Griffin himself, after the December 7 firings, was appointed by Attorney General Gonzales, at Rove’s personal request, to one of the newly-vacated slots as US Attorney for Arkansas. The sleeper cell of Rove-bot US attorneys is now in place to bless voter suppression games in 2008. I’ve previously reported for BBC that Griffin was the Man in the Memos who directed the massive, wrongful purge of African-American soldiers in 2004 — the ‘caging’ list scam. Based on that expose, voting rights lawyer Robert F. Kennedy Jr., said, “Griffin and Rove should be in jail, not in office.” That, too is another story — But the important thing to pick up here is: 1. It’s all about the 2008 election. 2. It’s not about Gonzales. We’ve been here before. Gonzales is getting Libby’d. Takes the bullet for Karl Rove and the White House. If you wondered why the Republican jackals like the sinister Senator Specter piled on Gonzales — it’s because they were told to."

Tuesday  4/24/2007

topKarl Rove's Jim Crow Voter Suppression Machine is Humming Along Just Fine, All Ready for 2008  4/24/2007 Buzzflash 

Saturday  4/21/2007

topBenton Harbor and the Persecution of Rev. Edward Pinkney - Travesties of Justice in a Black City in Michigan  4/21/2007 Counterpunch: "In the fall of 2004, Pinkney and BANCO circulated recall petitions for Yarbrough, using his failure to discipline the Police Chief as the reason. Once the recall election was put on the ballot for February 2005, Pinkney used his grassroots and BANCO network to get out the absentee vote. He knew that, with his limited resources, he could never hope to compete with the Yarbrough "machine" on Election Day. BANCO was successful. There was a 42% absentee voter rate and Yarbrough lost the recall by 54 votes. Yarbrough immediately swung into action. He went to the County Clerk complaining about the absentee votes. She referred him to the Prosecutor, who personally called the Sheriff to have an investigation opened. Within days, Yarbrough had "found" a young man named Mancel Williams, who alleged that Pinkney paid him $5 to vote for the recall. A week later the same Mancel Williams went to City Commissioner Etta Harper and made a tape recording, indicating that Yarbrough had paid him $10 to claim that Pinkney had paid him $5. The tape was turned over to Mayor Wilce Cook, who turned it over to the Benton Harbor Police. Nothing happened. The County Sheriff's investigation did not mention it. Mancel Williams is in prison on another charge and has refused to testify for either side, fearing retaliation by the police and Prosecutor."

How the Taliban Defeated the Pakistani Army in Waziristan  4/21/2007 Counterpunch: "Pakistan's army suffered losses of 700 killed in its unsuccessful effort to push Taliban and Al Qaeda fighters from Afghanistan out of their tribal sanctuaries in Pakistan, an Islamabad-based journalist reports. That defeat may explain Islamabad's reluctance to resume the struggle. "With every incursion, civilian death and displacement, the Pakistan Taliban grew stronger," writes Graham Usher in the April 16 issue of The Nation magazine, published in New York. The Taliban "defended villages, ambushed army patrols, killed pro-government elders and imposed their own brand of Islamic' law and order. " "When the army sued for peace with pro-Taliban tribesmen in the Waziristans in 2005 and 2006, it was not because of a new holistic' strategy for the tribal areas, as sold by (Pervez) Musharraf to Washington," Usher said. "It was because of the army's military and political defeat.""

Voter Fraud and Fired U.S. Attorney Paul Charlton  4/21/2007 ePluribus Media: "The ruling is one more in a growing body of circumstantial evidence that supports what 35-year veteran and once head of the Voting Rights Section Joe Rich alleges is a well-orchestrated partisan program to disenfranchise minority voters, who, as a general rule, tend to vote Democratic."

Graymail and Freedom of the Press: Is Mainstream Corporate Media subverting the AIPAC Spy Trial?  4/21/2007 IRMPE 

Chávez arms community groups as he anticipates US invasion  4/21/2007 Telegraph: "On Mr Chávez's order, 17,000 communal councils have now been set up across the country, and an estimated £1 billion earmarked to fund them. As the official slogan, "Build power from below", proclaims, their stated purpose is to promote grass-roots democracy and hand power directly to the people - in particular the urban poor who make up the bulk of his most fervent supporters. But as well as grappling with the grim conditions in slums such as Catia, members of these voluntary groups will constitute a nationwide militia, schooled in Cuban-style tactics for both guerrilla warfare and counter-insurgency. Gen Alberto Mueller, an advisor to Mr Chávez, told The Sunday Telegraph: "Some communal groups have already received military training. They'll train in their own neighbourhoods and will be equipped with any arms - guns, grenades, knifes - the community can provide. We have a right to defend ourselves, like the UK has, and be sure we'll do it.""

Thursday  4/19/2007

topArkansas U.S. Attorney Bud Cummins Was Fired Just After Reports Surfaced of Investigation into Law Firm of Top Level White House/GOP Operative and Close-Friend-of-Rove, Thor Hearne  4/19/2007 Brad Blog: "As BRAD BLOG readers know, Hearne is a top-level White House operative, a very close friend of Karl Rove's and the co-founder of the currently-back-underground "American Center for Voting Rights" (ACVR), the mysteriously-funded group behind all of the GOP's phony "voter fraud" claims and the accompanying push for disenfranchising "Voter ID" restrictions at the polling place. (See our Special Coverage page on ACVR scam here...) The first reports of Cummins' investigation into the Blunt/Lathrop Gage scandal were apparently in May of 2006. Cummins was removed from his position just afterwards in June of 2006 --- prior to all the other firings which took place later that year on the same day in December. He was replaced at that point with Karl Rove's personal aide Timothy Griffin."

Wednesday  4/18/2007

topDebating the Primacy of The Pro-Israel Lobby - THE DEBATE BETWEEN JAMES PETRAS AND NORMAN FINKELSTEIN  4/18/2007 Znet: "One, because of the disaster in Iraq, the public is open to discussion, particularly with the prominence of Zionists in bringing about the war – so I think you have public opinion open because of the discontent with the war and their concern about who got us into the war and into this mess. Second reason is that there is an inter-elite fight in the United States, between sectors of the military, sectors of the Congress, conservatives versus the pro-Israel crowd, the pro-war crowd. And the third reason is the arrogance and bullying by the Zionists, in particular, their organizations that go around trying to prevent this discussion has backfired and I think people are fed up with the Zionist banning (the play about Rachel) Corrie in New York and elsewhere – so I think these are the reasons."

Tuesday  4/17/2007

topFrance told US before September 11 of Al-Qaeda plans: report  4/17/2007 AFP 

Why is the Peace Movement Silent About AIPAC?  4/17/2007 Counterpunch 

Sunday  4/15/2007

topSoros adds voice to debate over Israel lobby  4/15/2007 Reuters: ""The pro-Israel lobby has been remarkably successful in suppressing criticism," wrote Soros. Politicians challenge it at their peril and dissenters risk personal vilification, he said. AIPAC has consistently declined comment on such charges, but many of its supporters have been vocal in dismissing them. Historian Michael Oren, speaking at AIPAC's 2007 conference in March, said the group was not merely a lobby for Israel. "It is the embodiment of a conviction as old as this (American) nation itself that belief in the Jewish state is tantamount to belief in these United States," he said in a keynote speech."

Friday  4/13/2007

topFugitive says he met missing ex-FBI agent  4/13/2007 FT: "According to Mr Salahuddin, the meeting was only to put Mr Levinson in touch with Iranian authorities to help his investigations on smuggling of cigarettes as part of the former agent’s work for a tobacco company. “What he was trying to do in Kish was to find a channel to introduce him to authorities in Tehran to help find out about networks involved in smuggling of cigarettes, because his contractor company has been losing a lot of money.” ...US officials have stressed that Mr Levinson, whose expertise lies in Russian criminal gangs and counterfeiting, was not in Kish on US government business."

Former Bush Speechwriter Hints at 9/11 Inside Job  4/13/2007 Global Research: "For Gold, a lifetime Bush family friend and a GOP darling, to go turncoat and detail how the Neo-Cons were feverishly preparing for a false flag event to justify their pre-planned war, while questioning the official 9/11 story, is a resounding slap in the face to those who claim that 9/11 couldn't have been an inside job because whistleblowers would foil the conspiracy. Hundreds of experts and professionals in all sectors of government, the military, science and industry have blown the whistle, but whenever they attempt to garner media attention, they are harangued as anti-American traitors by loudmouth TV shills who are on the payroll of the very criminals that carried out 9/11."

The Iran War Theater's "Northern Front": Azerbaijan and the US Sponsored War on Iran  4/13/2007 Global Research 

Thursday  4/12/2007


Wednesday  4/11/2007

topFive Years Later, Venezuelan Ambassador Reflects on US-Backed Coup  4/11/2007 Democracy Now 

Sunday  4/8/2007

topUS offered to scare Iran: report  4/8/2007 Herald Sun, Australia: "THE US offered to mount aggressive air patrols over Iranian bases during the country's stand-off with Britain, UK media reported today. Citing unnamed diplomatic sources, The Guardian newspaper said Pentagon officials offered a series of military options that Britain rejected. Britain reportedly told the US to keep out of the affair and instead tone down armed forces activity in the Gulf region… "If this had been between Iranian and American soldiers, it could have been the beginning of an accidental war," said a senior Iranian source. The source claimed British forces had illegally entered Iranian waters three times in three months before the capture, which was decided upon by a regional commander."

Saturday  4/7/2007

topEtymology and the Israel Lobby - When an Anti-Semite is Not an Anti-Semite  4/7/2007 Counterpunch 

"My Name Used to Be #200343"  4/7/2007 Truth Out: "An American former Navy soldier and private contractor imprisoned and tortured in Iraq by the US military and falsely accused of "aiding terrorists" warns that our worst fears about Iraq have come true."

Iran: The threat of a nuclear war by Léonid Ivashov  4/7/2007 Voltaire Net: [Author is former Chief of Staff, Russian Federation] "The activities having consequences of global proportions can only be intended to deal with a global problem. This problem itself is by no means something secret - it is the possibility of a crush of the global financial system based on the US dollar. Currently the mass of the US currency exceeds the total worth of the US assets by more than a factor of ten. Everything in the US - the industry, the buildings, the high-tech, and so on - has been mortgaged more than ten times all over the world. A debt of such proportions will never be repaid - it can only be relieved. ... The solution is already in the plans. The US has nothing to offer the rest of the world to save the declining dollar except for military operations like the ones in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, and Iraq. But even these local conflicts only yield short-term effects. Something a lot greater is needed, and the need is urgent. The moment is drawing closer when the financial crisis will make the world realize that all of the US assets, all of its industrial, technological, and other potentials do not rightfully belong to the country. Then, it all must be confiscated to compensate the victims, and the rights of ownership of everything bought for dollars all over the world - everything drawn from the wealth of various nations - are to be revised. What might cause the force major event of the required scale? Everything seems to indicate that Israel will be sacrificed. Its involvement in a war with Iran - especially in a nuclear war - is bound to trigger a global catastrophe. The statehoods of Israel and Iran are based on the countries’ official religions. A military conflict between Israel and Iran will immediately evolve into a religious one, a conflict between Judaism and Islam. Due to the presence of numerous Jewish and Muslim populations in the developed countries, this would make a global bloodbath inevitable. All of the active forces of most of the countries of the world would end up fighting, with almost no room for neutrality left. Judging by the increasingly massive acquisitions of the residential housing for the Israeli citizens, especially in Russia and Ukraine, a lot of people already have an idea of what the future holds. However, it is hard to imagine a quiet heaven where one might hide from the coming doom. Forecasts of the territorial distribution of the fighting, the quantities and the efficiency of the armaments involved, the profound character of the underlying roots of the conflict and the severity of the religious strife all leave no doubt that this clash will be in all respects much more nightmarish than WWII."

Friday  4/6/2007

topMysterious disappearance of US bees creating a buzz  4/6/2007 AFP: "The phenomenon now being witnessed across the United States has been dubbed "colony collapse disorder," or CCD, by scientists as they seek to explain what is causing the bees to literally disappear in droves. The usual suspects to which bees are known to be vulnerable such as the varroa mite, an external parasite which attacks honey bees and which can wipe out a hive, appear not to be the main cause. "CCD is associated with unique symptoms, not seen in normal collapses associated with varroa mites and honey bee viruses or in colony deaths due to winter kill," entomologist Diana Cox-Foster told the Congress committee. In cases of colony collapse disorder, flourishing hives are suddenly depopulated leaving few, if any, surviving bees behind. The queen bee, which is the only one in the hive allowed to reproduce, is found with just a handful of young worker bees and a reserve of food. Curiously though no dead bees are found either inside or outside the hive. The fact that other bees or parasites seem to shun the emptied hives raises suspicions that some kind of toxin or chemical is keeping the insects away, Cox-Foster said."

Monday  4/2/2007

topFire destroys synagogue of group that attended Iran's Holocaust conference  4/2/2007 Columbus Dispatch: "Rabbi Yisroel Dovid of Neturei Karta said the group suspects arson because of previous threats. "There's no question that the issue is to stifle the opposition to Zionism," he said by telephone early this morning. Rabbi Moshe Beck, a senior rabbi for the group, lived on the top floor of the building, Dovid said. Beck is one of the group's more outspoken leaders. "He's the backbone of much of the activity, so that's why he's supposedly been singled out," Dovid said."

Sunday  4/1/2007

topBronfmans' history  4/1/2007  

The "Bronfman Gang" chapter from "DOPE INC" by Lyndon Larouche  4/1/2007  

The Rest of the Story - The Bronfman Crime Families  4/1/2007 Hidden Mysteries: "The Bronfman (Edgar left) family started out in the hotel business in Canada but during Prohibition they reportedly made tremendous profits by shipping liquor into the United States, reportedly shipping booze through Cleveland, Detroit and New York. Dalitz's connection to the Bronfman family stemmed from the fact that the Bronfmans shipped most of their liquor through Cleveland because of the city's proximity to the Canadian border. However, the Bronfmans also dealt with the Purple Gang in Detroit, and with various New York bootleggers including Luciano (right), Lansky and Arnold Rothstein. The Bronfmans were always entertained lavishly and treated to the best seats at boxing matches by their underworld hosts. After Prohibition, the Bronfmans' distilleries were among the most profitable in the liquor industry... In 1976 a crusading Phoenix reporter, Don Bolles, was murdered by a car-bomb after writing a series of stories exposing the organized crime connections of well-known figures in Arizona, including one Jim Hensley. Five years later "Honest John" McCain arrived in Arizona as the new husband of Hensley's daughter, Cindy. "From the moment McCain landed in Phoenix," according to Charles Lewis of the Center for Public Integrity, "the Hensleys were key sponsors of his political career." ...While it is well-known McCain's father-in-law is owner of the biggest Anheuser-Busch beer distributor in Arizona—one of the largest beer distributors in the nation—the media has had nothing to say about the origins of the Hensley fortune that financed McCain's rise to power.The Hensley fortune, in fact, is a regional offshoot of the big time bootlegging and rackets empire of the Bronfman dynasty of Canada, founded by Sam Bronfman, an early partner of Meyer Lansky, longtime "chairman of the board" of the international crime syndicate. (The Bronfmans cover all bases. Sam's son, Edgar, today—at least publicly—supports George W. Bush.) McCain's father-in-law got his start as a top henchman of one Kemper Marley who, for some forty years until his death in 1990 at age 84, was the undisputed behind-the-scenes political boss of Arizona. But Marley was much more: he was also the protege of Lansky's longtime lieutenant, Phoenix gambler Gus Greenbaum."

Mossad and JFK assassination By Peter Edel  4/1/2007 William Bowles 

"There is one safeguard known generally to the wise, which is an advantage and security to all, but especially to Democracies as against despots: suspicion." -- Demosthenes

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