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9/1/06 - 10/1/2006

Sunday  10/1/2006

topPreparations for War in Oaxaca - Military Aircraft Doing Reconnaissance Flights Over APPO Encampments  10/1/2006 NarcoNews: "The Mexican Navy carried out a reconnaissance operation over the buildings and public spaces occupied by the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca (APPO in its Spanish initials). Two MI-17 helicopters and one CASA C212 Navy airplane with registration number AMP-118 flew over the streets of the city – where opponents of Governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz have maintained several encampments over the past 130 days – for about 40 minutes. The zocalo, or central city square, the Oro and La Ley radio stations, the state government building, the Brenamiel and El Rosario radio antennas, as well as the Department of Finance building – all places where the rebels have installed protest camps – were reconnoitered by low-level flights of military aircraft. As they passed over the Radio Oro facilities, the two helicopters were fruitlessly “attacked” with rockets and fireworks that teachers of the National Education Workers’ Union local Section 22 launched from Conzatti Garden. The airplane then made four more passes over the areas around the zocalo and returned to the airport, where five other military aircraft were stationed."

Assassination attempt against him foiled  10/1/2006 Trinidad & Tobago's Newsday: "Chavez appeared to link the plot to his main rival in upcoming presidential elections, Gov Manuel Rosales of Zulia state, claiming that he is in constant danger from opponents seeking toget rid of him. “No more than a few months ago over in Zulia ... they didn’t shoot me by a hair’s breadth,” Chavez said in a televised speech. Chavez said a sniper had waited with a long-range gun and a motorcycle to escape on, and planned to shoot him as he exited from a helicopter and walked across a 200-metre (650-foot) open stretch. “The plan didn’t work out for them — God is always present over there. But those responsible left for Colombia, and by the way, they were from the Zulia police.” "

Saturday  9/30/2006

topChavez: Assassination attempt foiled  9/30/2006 AP: "The incident allegedly occurred when Chavez visited the western oil-producing region of Zulia in June to inaugurate a refurbished fertilizer plant. Chavez appeared to link the plot to his main rival in upcoming presidential elections, Gov. Manuel Rosales of Zulia state, claiming that he is in constant danger from opponents seeking to get rid of him. "The plan didn't work out for them - God is always present over there. But those responsible left for Colombia, and by the way, they were from the Zulia police," he said."

Friday  9/29/2006

topThis Is What Waterboarding Looks Like  9/29/2006 Alternet: "The crux of the issue before Congress can be boiled down to a simple question: Is waterboarding torture? Anybody who considers this practice to be "torture lite" or merely a "tough technique" might want to take a trip to Phnom Penh. The Khymer Rouge were adept at torture, and there was nothing "lite" about their methods. Incidentally, the waterboard in these photo wasn't merely one among many torture devices highlighted at the prison museum. It was one of only two devices singled out for highlighting (the other was another form of water-torture -- a tank that could be filled with water or other liquids; I have photos of that too.) There was an outdoor device as well, one the Khymer Rouge didn't have to construct: chin-up bars. (The prison where the museum is located had been a school before the Khymer Rouge took over). These bars were used for "stress positions"-- another practice employed under current US guidelines. At the Khymer Rouge prison, there is a tank of water next to the bars. It was used to revive prisoners for more torture when they passed out after being placed in stress positions. The similarity between practices used by the Khymer Rouge and those currently being debated by Congress isn't a coincidence. As has been amply documented ("The New Yorker" had an excellent piece, and there have been others), many of the "enhanced techniques" came to the CIA and military interrogators via the SERE [Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape] schools, where US military personnel are trained to resist torture if they are captured by the enemy. The specific types of abuse they're taught to withstand are those that were used by our Cold War adversaries. Why is this relevant to the current debate? Because the torture techniques of North Korea, North Vietnam, the Soviet Union and its proxies--the states where US military personnel might have faced torture -- were NOT designed to elicit truthful information. These techniques were designed to elicit CONFESSIONS. That's what the Khymer Rouge et al were after with their waterboarding, not truthful information."

President dubs alleged Pearl killer MI6 spy  9/29/2006 Gulf Times: "Pakistan President General Pervez Musharraf has disclosed that Omar Sheikh, who kidnapped and murdered American journalist Daniel Pearl and is now facing death penalty, was actually the British secret Agency MI6’s agent and had executed certain missions on their behest before coming to Pakistan and visiting Afghanistan to meet Osama and Mullah Omar. General Musharraf’s book has also given a new twist to the whole drama of kidnapping and murder of American journalist as many believe here British national Omar Sheikh might use Musharraf’s memoir to plea his innocence after, quite surprisingly, Musharraf tried to give a clean chit to Omar despite his role in kidnapping which is punishable with death in Pakistan. It has been reported that General Musharraf has written in his book that while Omar Sheikh was at the London School of Economics (LSE), he was recruited by the British intelligence agency MI6, which persuaded him to take an active part in demonstrations against Serbian aggression in Bosnia and even sent him to Kosovo to join the jihad."

Thursday  9/28/2006

topHouse Report Details 485 Contacts Between Abramoff Team and White House Officials  9/28/2006 Roll Call 

Revolt of the Generals  9/28/2006 The Nation: "A revolt is brewing among our retired Army and Marine generals. This rebellion--quiet and nonconfrontational, but remarkable nonetheless--comes not because their beloved forces are bearing the brunt of ground combat in Iraq but because the retirees see the US adventure in Mesopotamia as another Vietnam-like, strategically failed war, and they blame the errant, arrogant civilian leadership at the Pentagon. The dissenters include two generals who led combat troops in Iraq: Maj. Gen. Charles Swannack Jr., who commanded the 82nd Airborne Division, and Maj. Gen. John Batiste, who led the First Infantry Division (the "Big Red One"). These men recently sacrificed their careers by retiring and joining the public protest."

Contrary to Chomsky’s theories, the United States has no interest to support Israel - by Jeffrey Blankfort  9/28/2006 Voltaire Network 

VoteVets campaigns against Republican Senators who denied the troops body armor  9/28/2006 

Tuesday  9/26/2006

topWhy Bush Will Nuke Iran by Paul Craig Roberts  9/26/2006 AntiWar 

Sunday  9/24/2006

topNoam Chomsky: "entiendo la ira del presidente venezolano"  9/24/2006 Apporea 

From the New "Anti-Semitism" to Nuclear Holocaust - How Israel is Engineering the "Clash of Civilizations"  9/24/2006 Counterpunch 

Bush will kill me: Chavez  9/24/2006 Herald Sun, Australia: "VENEZUELAN President Hugo Chavez accused his American counterpart George W. Bush overnight of ordering his assassination for calling the US leader the devil during his speech at the United Nations this week. "The devil appears very sulphurous, and a few people say that he has given the order to kill me," Chavez said during a speech before scientists in western Venezuela."

Jesse Jackson tells Chavez to cool it ... Delahunt and Meeks indignant  9/24/2006 Vheadlines 

Saturday  9/23/2006

topVenezuela says foreign minister detained at New York airport  9/23/2006 AFP: ""I told the on-duty officials that I was the foreign minister, and the situation got worse because they started insulting, yelling and brought a police officer ... and they started threatening us," Maduro said. "Now I have no documents and cannot travel," he said. Vice President Jose Vicente Rangel linked the detention with Chavez's controversial speech at the General Assembly Wednesday in which he called US President George W. Bush the "devil." "It is an attack against the foreign minister, unheard of, unspeakable in terms of the treatment that people with positions like Minister Maduro deserve," Rangel said."

CIA Spins Spider's Web vs. Cuba, Venezuela  9/23/2006 PL: "Intelligence operations in Venezuela are intensifying just as new indications of massive U.S. spending to get rid of President Hugo Chavez are in the limelight. According to an Associated Press report on Aug. 26, the U.S. Agency for International Development since 2002 has distributed $26 million via 220 grants to Venezuelan recipients under a "Venezuela Confidence Building Initiative." The data emerged from a survey of 132 contracts detailed on 1,600 pages made accessible under the Freedom of Information Act. Within USAID, an "Office of Transition Initiatives" sees to spending in Venezuela and other "priority countries" such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Bolivia and Haiti. Reportedly, OTI funding is free of stipulations applied to other USAID grants, and funds are available on short notice because they originate from "disaster assistance" appropriations. As a parallel program poised to complement U.S. intelligence activities in Venezuela, the National Endowment for Democracy has distributed some $2.9 million over a four-year period for technical training in organizing of political parties and for voter education."

Friday  9/22/2006

topSecret CIA Prisons in Your Backyard  9/22/2006 Alternet 

Bush 'taken aback' about alleged threat to Pakistan  9/22/2006 CNN 

TONS OF COCAINE: CARACAS TO WASHINGTON By Peter Dale Scott, PhD  9/22/2006 From the Wilderness: "Dr. Peter Dale Scott – deconstructs the recent propaganda directed by Washington in an attempt to implicate Hugo Chavez in a 2.2-ton shipment of cocaine. After Scott wrote this response to a story posted at, it was revealed that the facts surrounding how the seizure of that shipment went down are anything but clear."

Anger and Irregularities at the Voting Booth  9/22/2006 NYT: "Interviewing Congressional leaders, journalists and regular voters, Mr. Inaba begins by addressing the Florida debacle of 2000, arguing that behind the exhaustive coverage of hanging chads and faulty voting machines lies an underreported and more complex story of black disenfranchisement. In a strong middle section, the movie examines the political troubles of Representative Cynthia McKinney, a vocal critic of the Bush administration, suggesting that her ouster in 2002 was engineered by Republican crossover voting. A particularly powerful segment shows how at least one of Ms. McKinney’s statements about the Sept. 11 attacks was edited by some commentators to appear infinitely less reasonable than the original. By the time we reach the 2004 general election, the anger in “American Blackout” is palpable. As we listen to voters complain about roadblocks and false felony records, and watch the endless lines of black voters standing patiently in the rain in Ohio, it’s impossible to ignore the gravity of the film’s claims. Though occasionally inflammatory — one interviewee talks about being “slingshotted into slavery” — “American Blackout” isn’t a conspiracy rant. It’s a methodical compilation of questions and irregularities that deserves a wider audience."

Bush denies threatening Pakistan  9/22/2006 Raw Story: "Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan has claimed that former MushDeputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage called him after the September 11, 2001 attacks, promising retaliation if Pakistan didnn't co-operate with United States operations in the region... Armitage reportedly told Musharraf, "Be prepared to be bombed. Be prepared to go back to the Stone Age.""

Thursday  9/21/2006

topThe Bushes & the Truth About Iran  9/21/2006 Consortium News: "Those historical facts – relating to Republican contacts with Iran’s Islamic regime more than a quarter century ago – are relevant today because an underlying theme in Bush’s rationale for war is that direct negotiations with Iran are pointless. But Bush’s own father may know otherwise. The evidence is now persuasive that George H.W. Bush participated in negotiations with Iran’s radical regime in 1980, behind President Jimmy Carter’s back, with the goal of arranging for 52 American hostages to be released after Bush and Ronald Reagan were sworn in as Vice President and President, respectively. In exchange, the Republicans agreed to let Iran obtain U.S.-manufactured military supplies through Israel. The Iranians kept their word, releasing the hostages immediately upon Reagan’s swearing-in on Jan. 20, 1981. Over the next few years, the Republican-Israel-Iran weapons pipeline operated mostly in secret, only exploding into public view with the Iran-Contra scandal in late 1986. Even then, the Reagan-Bush team was able to limit congressional and other investigations, keeping the full history – and the 1980 chapter – hidden from the American people."

Rise Up Against the Empire - Chavez Speech at the UN General Assembly  9/21/2006 Global Research 

The March to War: Iran Preparing for US Air Attacks  9/21/2006 Global Research: "It must also be noted that an attack on Iran would be of a scale which would dwarf the events in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Levant. A full blown war on Iran would not only swallow up and incorporate these other conflicts. It would engulf the entire Middle East and Central Asian region into an extensive confrontation."

Who benefits from the Afghan Opium Trade?  9/21/2006 Global Research 

Senior intel official: Pentagon moves to second-stage planning for Iran strike option  9/21/2006 Raw Story: "The official, who is close to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the highest ranking officials of each branch of the US military, says the Chiefs have started what is called "branches and sequels" contingency planning. "The JCS has accepted the inevitable," the intelligence official said, "and is engaged in serious contingency planning to deal with the worst case scenarios that the intelligence community has been painting." A second military official, although unfamiliar with these latest scenarios, said there is a difference between contingency planning -- which he described as "what if, then what" planning -- and "branches and sequels," which takes place after an initial plan has been decided upon. Adding to the concern of both military and intelligence officials alike is the nuclear option, the possibility of pre-emptive use of nuclear weapons targeting alleged WMD facilities in Iran."

Racism Charges at DC Moonie Paper  9/21/2006 The Nation: "There's a desperate fight for control at the top of the Washington Times, and accusations from the staff are flying that the newsroom is run by racist good ole' boys."

House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi called Hugo Chavez a "thug"  9/21/2006 Wayne Madsen: scroll down to first entry for Sep 21, 2006 - "House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi called Hugo Chavez a "thug" for the Venezuelan President's "diablo" remarks about George W. Bush. Pelosi was speaking at a Washington news conference today when she denounced Chavez as a thug and said he demeaned himself and Venezuela. Pelosi seems to forget that it is a thug who tried to oust Chavez in a bloody 2002 coup, a thug who has invaded and killed tens of thousands of civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan, a thug who gave Israel the green light to pulverize Lebanon and kill over a thousand civilians, and a thug who wants to torture prisoners in U.S. custody. And while Pelosi was calling Chavez a thug, he was busy negotiating the sale of cheap heating oil to the people of Harlem. When was the last time Ms. Pelosi did anything to provide cheap commodities to the poor? Perhaps Ms. Pelosi is a bit confused by the term "thug." Her father, Thomas D'Alessandro, broadcast wartime radio messages to Italy exhorting Italians to rise up against Benito Mussolini. An ally in the program to get Italians to revolt was none other than Mafia don Charles "Lucky" Luciano, who, after the war, was paroled from a federal prison and deported to Italy where he continued to run the Mafia in exile. D'Alessandro was elected Mayor of Baltimore in 1947 -- a time when Luciano's mob had a virtual free reign in the port of Baltimore. It would appear that Ms. Pelosi has forgotten that her mobbed up dear old dad dealt with thugs on a routine basis. Perhaps she should remember that the next time she has an urge to call a democratically-elected real populist leader (Pelosi does not know the meaning of the term "populist") a "thug." Visit Krissy Keefer's web site, the Green candidate for the House to replace Nancy Pelosi from the California 8th Congressional District. Keefer is endorsed by WMR."

President Hugo Chavez calls George W. Bush the devil.  9/21/2006 Wayne Madsen: scroll down to third entry for Sep 21, 2006 - "President Hugo Chavez calls George W. Bush the devil. Amid applause and laughter from the UN General Assembly, Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez yesterday called George W. Bush the devil in his address to the UN General Assembly. [It should be noted that Chavez is not the only world leader to link Bush to demonic influences. The late Pope John Paul II feared Bush was the anti-Christ]. In comparison, Bush's speech the day before was met with stony silence, with many delegates who did not leave the assembly hall beforehand, crossing their arms, looking downward in boredom, or reading. The neocon media is haranguing Chavez, even suggesting that he supports "terrorism" -- the new "communism" bogeyman for the right -- and putting Venezuela's Jewish population in jeopardy as a result of Chavez's support for Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad. The media paid scant attention to Chavez's references to two terrorist incidents in which the Devil's father was directly involved as CIA Director -- the Washington, DC car bombing assassination of former Chilean Foreign Minister Orlando Letelier and the bombing by right-wing Cuban terrorists of a Cubana airliner off Barbados, both occurring in 1976 when George H. W. Bush was ordering these and other atrocities from his perch in Langley, Virginia."

Wednesday  9/20/2006

topScientists shocked as Arctic polar route emerges  9/20/2006 AFP: "European scientists voiced shock as they showed pictures which showed Arctic ice cover had disappeared so much last month that a ship could sail unhindered from Europe's most northerly outpost to the North Pole itself. "

Chavez launches Bush broadside at U.N.  9/20/2006 AP: "Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez called President Bush "the devil" in a speech to the United Nations on Wednesday, making the sign of the cross in a dramatic gesture and accusing him of "talking as if he owned the world." "

Fox News Ups the Fear Factor After Chavez Speech  9/20/2006 News Hound: "Fox News turned to fomenting war against another country Wednesday (Sept. 20, 2006), with one of its anchors warning of a Cuban missile crisis looming with Venezuela and claiming that the country's president is on his way to becoming a dictator."

Damage Control: Noam Chomsky and the Israel-Palestine Conflict - by Jeffrey Blankfort  9/20/2006 Voltaire Network 

Tuesday  9/19/2006

topLa guerre monétaire États-Unis/Iran en suspens  9/19/2006 Reseau Voltaire: "En définitive, face au risque de déstabilisation générale, les États-Unis ont cédé et laissé le gouverneur de la banque centrale du Japon annoncer qu’il compenserait sur les marchés internationaux les échanges de la Saderat, en violation des directives US. Il n’y aura donc pas de crise, mais il est clair qu’en cas de guerre états-uno-iranienne, le dollar serait très gravement menacé."

Monday  9/18/2006

topU.S. faults Bolivia anti-drug efforts  9/18/2006 AP 

Chavez defense of Iran nuclear work risks UN seat  9/18/2006 Reuters: "The council's 10 nonpermanent members serve two-year terms on seats accorded by region. Guatemala acknowledged this month it lacked the votes to beat Venezuela. But some moderate African nations might now withdraw support for Chavez in the secret U.N. vote, said Larry Birns of the Council on Hemispheric Affairs think tank. Neighbors such as Chile and countries across Europe and Asia that were not solidly behind the Venezuelan candidacy, face a fresh argument against Chavez, Shifter said. Venezuelan officials say widespread support in Latin America and Africa, as well as backing from the Arab League and major powers such as Russia and China should assure victory."

Retired Colonel: ‘We Are Conducting Military Operations Inside Iran Right Now. The Evidence Is Overwhelming.’  9/18/2006 Think Progress 

Sunday  9/17/2006

topIn Shadow of 70’s Racism, Recent Violence Stirs Rage  9/17/2006 NYT: "On June 4, the police said, three white men beat a Navajo man, William Blackie, 46, and shouted racial slurs at him after asking him to buy beer for them. The men were charged with kidnapping, robbery and assault, and are being prosecuted under the state hate crimes law, which allows for longer sentences. Six days later, a white Farmington police officer killed a Navajo man, Clint John, 21, after a struggle in a Wal-Mart parking lot. The police said Mr. John had assaulted his girlfriend and attacked the officer — grabbing his baton and moving aggressively toward him — before the officer shot Mr. John four times. Mr. John had a history of violence, the police said. Mr. John’s family says he did not have the baton when he was shot and is filing a wrongful death lawsuit against city officials, the Police Department and the officer."

Ties to GOP Trumped Know-How Among Staff Sent to Rebuild Iraq  9/17/2006 Washington Post 

Saturday  9/16/2006

top"You Are a Dog. You Should Die!" - Death Threats Against Lancet's Haiti Human Rights Investigator  9/16/2006 Counterpunch: "A Haitian resident of London, who wishes to remain anonymous due to the death threats, explains that on Sept. 2 Charles Arthur told her and several other people that "We need to find this woman?s phone number so people can contact her and complain to her directly." The following day a flyer emblazed with Kolbe's photo was released titled "Who is Athena Kolbe?" Respond to Fanmi Lavalas Propaganda!!!!" Another witness, wishing to go unnamed due to the fear of being targeted, explains that Arthur was responsible for distributing the fliers. The flyer's text is identical to portions of Arthur's letter to the Lancet, which he posted online. It ends by encouraging people to "ask her why she is hiding her affiliation with Fanmi Lavalas" and gives Kolbe's phone numbers, email address, home address, and the address and phone number of her family members. The calls began the next day, Kolbe explains, as she received over a dozen. One caller with a "clearly Haitian accent" called her a "Lavalas chimere" saying, "Do you know what we do to Lavalas chimere? You deserve to die painfully. We know where you are. We know who you are." In a later call she was threatened with rape, evisceration and death, said a police official. The harassment is being investigated by the FBI who have given the Wayne State University researchers "several options" to find the callers, says Hutson."

Friday  9/15/2006

topFormer Haitian army colonel fatally shot  9/15/2006 AP: "PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti - A former army commander twice accused of plotting to overthrow Haiti's government was shot to death in an upscale suburb of the capital, police said Friday. Ex-Col. Guy Francois was killed Thursday night, said judiciary police chief Michael Lucius. Police have no motive or suspects in the killing. Francois's body was found slumped behind the wheel of his car in Petionville, a wealthy neighborhood in the hills overlooking Port-au-Prince, radio Kiskeya reported. Francois, who is the brother of Dr. M. Rony Francois, Florida's health secretary, was accused of helping plot a December 2001 attack that then President Jean-Bertrand Aristide said was an attempted coup. Francois spent two years in prison for his alleged role despite maintaining his innocence."

US outraged as Pakistan frees Taliban fighters  9/15/2006 Telegraph, UK: "Five years after American-led coalition forces overthrew the Taliban during Operation Enduring Freedom, United States officials have been horrified to discover that thousands of foreign fighters detained by Pakistan after fleeing the battleground in Afghanistan have been quietly released and allowed to return to their home countries. Pakistani lawyers acting for the militants claim they have freed 2,500 foreigners who were originally held on suspicion of having links to al-Qa'eda or the Taliban over the past four years."

Thursday  9/14/2006

topWhen rockets and phosphorous cluster  9/14/2006 Haaretz: "After being discharged from his reserve duty, the commander sent a letter to Defense Minister Amir Peretz and protested the number of cluster rockets fired in Lebanon, which "perhaps the generals forgot to mention." "As far as the duds are concerned," he wrote, "we have no control over who is hurt. Sooner or later they will explode in people's hands." He has yet to receive a response from the defense minister. At the same time, soldiers are reporting that they fired phosphorous shells, which are supposed to be used by the IDF for marking or setting fire to areas, in order to start fires in Lebanon. The artillery commander says he saw trucks with phosphorous shells en route to artillery batteries in the North. A direct hit from a phosphorous shell causes severe burns and a painful death. Around a year ago, there was an international scandal after a television crew presented harsh pictures of the charred bodies of Iraqis injured by phosphorous bombs during the course of the American attack on the city of Fallujah."

‘Musharraf deal at expense of US troops’  9/14/2006 Indian Express: "The Washington Post has warned in its editorial today that the deal struck by Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf with tribal chiefs in Waziristan may be at the expense of US troops engaged in the war on terror, as al-Qaeda and Taliban members are likely to operate without fear of challenge from the area bordering Afghanistan."

Election glitches 'could get ugly'  9/14/2006 USA Today: "Eight weeks before elections that will decide control of Congress, a rush by state and local governments to prepare new voting machines and train poll workers is raising the possibility of trouble reminiscent of the 2000 presidential election standoff. Problems range from delayed delivery of new equipment to an insufficient supply of trained technicians to fix anticipated problems, voting experts say. Already this year, glitches have occurred in Arkansas, California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and West Virginia. Maryland became the latest on Tuesday, when technical problems, human errors and staff shortages led officials to keep some polls open an extra hour. The fall elections shape up as the most technologically perilous since 2000, election officials say, because 30% of the nation's voting jurisdictions will be using new equipment. They include large parts of Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia, scenes of key Senate races. "If you're ever going to have a problem, it's going to be that first election," says Kimball Brace, president of Election Data Services."

Wednesday  9/13/2006

topTop Secret British dossier on JFK assassination  9/13/2006 Wayne Madsen Report: "The report, classified Top Secret, Blue Circulation (distribution strictly limited), concluded that there were 162 inconsistencies in the Warren Report. The most important conclusion of British intelligence was that a single gunman could not have carried out the assassination."

Tuesday  9/12/2006

topVenezuela locks in UN Security Council seat: diplomat  9/12/2006 AFP: ""We can now assure the world that Venezuela will have a seat on the (UN) Security Council as a non-permanent member," Valero said. The United States, which accuses Chavez of seeking to destabilize democracies in Latin America, has backed Guatemala's rival bid for one of the seats reserved for a Latin American nation. But "the votes in favor have exceeded our expectations. (We have) enough votes for Venezuela to win a seat on the Security Council," Valero stressed."

Bush Administration knew the Whereabouts of Osama  9/12/2006 Global Research: published 11/16/03 - "If the CBS report by Dan Rather is accurate and Osama had indeed been admitted to the Pakistani military hospital on September 10, 2001, courtesy of America's ally, he was in all likelihood still in hospital in Rawalpindi on the 11th of September, when the attacks occurred. In all probability, his whereabouts were known to US officials on the morning of September 12, when Secretary of State Colin Powell initiated negotiations with Pakistan, with a view to arresting and extraditing bin Laden."

Monday  9/11/2006

topUS intel report: Iraq's Anbar province 'politically lost'  9/11/2006 Christian Science Monitor: "In a report that some have said is the most negative yet filed by a senior military officer in Iraq, the chief of intelligence for the US Marine Corps in Iraq concluded that the possibilities of the US and Iraqi governments securing the troubled western Iraqi province of Anbar are remote… One Army officer summarized it as arguing that in Anbar province, "We haven't been defeated militarily but we have been defeated politically – and that's where wars are won and lost." The "very pessimistic" statement, as one Marine officer called it, was dated Aug. 16 and sent to Washington shortly after that, and has been discussed across the Pentagon and elsewhere in national security circles. "I don't know if it is a shock wave, but it's made people uncomfortable," said a Defense Department official who has read the report. ... Devlin reports that there are no functioning Iraqi government institutions in Anbar, leaving a vacuum that has been filled by the insurgent group Al Qaeda in Iraq, which has become the province's most significant political force, said the Army officer, who has read the report. Another person familiar with the report said it describes Anbar as beyond repair; a third said it concludes that the United States has lost in Anbar."

Why 9/11 happened: Bush curtailed Operation CATCHERS MITT  9/11/2006 Daily Kos 

Group of Israeli intelligence agents operated under cover as movers and staged a series of false flag operations on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001  9/11/2006 Wayne Madsen Report: scroll down to Sept. 11, 2006 - "A warehouse located at 3 West 18th Street in Weehawken, New Jersey, where a group of Israeli intelligence agents operating under cover as movers and staged a series of false flag operations on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, attracted the constant attention today of a roving Weehawken police cruiser. The warehouse, which was leased to Urban Moving Systems, an Israeli-owned firm, was discovered to have contained pipes, wires, detonators, blasting caps, fertilizer-fuel compounds, and traces of anthrax by the FBI after an Urban Moving Systems van with five Israelis, spotted earlier photographing the World Trade Center before the first plane struck the North Tower, was stopped by East Rutherford, New Jersey police. Dressed as Arabs and seen by witnesses celebrating the attacks, the five Israelis earned the nickname, "the dancing Israelis." The East Rutherford police stopped the Israeli van based on an FBI national "Be On Lookout" (BOLO) notice issued earlier on the morning of 911. When asked if he recalled the incident, the Weehawken police officer told WMR that the local police had no role in the investigation of the warehouse after the FBI stepped in to assert Federal jurisdiction in the case. The FBI permitted the owner of Urban Moving Systems, Dominick Suter, known to be a Mossad agent, to flee the country after his five employees were arrested for suspicion of involvement with the 911 attack. Suter's name also showed up on a U.S. government watch list of 911 suspects that also contained the names of the hijackers and several of their interlocutors. After being held in the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn for 71 days, the Israelis were permitted to fly home to Israel, a decision prompted -- over the objection of the CIA -- by pressure being applied on the Bush administration by then-Jerusalem Mayor Ehud Olmert and New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. WMR has reported that Suter later re-entered the United States and was working for a Florida-based aircraft parts supply company."

Sunday  9/10/2006

topLopez Obrador suspends downtown Mexico City protests  9/10/2006 AFP: "Lopez Obrador, who officially lost the July 2 election by a razor-thin margin to president-elect Felipe Calderon, said the protest would be lifted to allow the popular September 16 independence day military parade to proceed. The protest has "nothing against" the military, an "institution that guarantees our sovereignty," he told a downtown gathering of thousands of supporters. However, in a challenge to outgoing President Vicente Fox, Lopez Obrador vowed to deliver a rival ceremonial public call for independence late September 15 at the Zocalo, the giant downtown square where the protests are centered. The re-enactment ceremony is traditionally delivered each year at the Zocalo by the sitting president."

The Truth behind 9/11: Who Is Osama Bin Laden?  9/10/2006 Global Research: published 9/12/01, still topical.

Friday  9/8/2006

topBlood borders - How a better Middle East would look  9/8/2006 Armed Forces Journal: references in Asia Times article on Pakistan - "The most glaring injustice in the notoriously unjust lands between the Balkan Mountains and the Himalayas is the absence of an independent Kurdish state. There are between 27 million and 36 million Kurds living in contiguous regions in the Middle East (the figures are imprecise because no state has ever allowed an honest census). Greater than the population of present-day Iraq, even the lower figure makes the Kurds the world's largest ethnic group without a state of its own. Worse, Kurds have been oppressed by every government controlling the hills and mountains where they've lived since Xenophon's day. The U.S. and its coalition partners missed a glorious chance to begin to correct this injustice after Baghdad's fall. A Frankenstein's monster of a state sewn together from ill-fitting parts, Iraq should have been divided into three smaller states immediately. We failed from cowardice and lack of vision, bullying Iraq's Kurds into supporting the new Iraqi government — which they do wistfully as a quid pro quo for our good will. But were a free plebiscite to be held, make no mistake: Nearly 100 percent of Iraq's Kurds would vote for independence. As would the long-suffering Kurds of Turkey, who have endured decades of violent military oppression and a decades-long demotion to "mountain Turks" in an effort to eradicate their identity. While the Kurdish plight at Ankara's hands has eased somewhat over the past decade, the repression recently intensified again and the eastern fifth of Turkey should be viewed as occupied territory. As for the Kurds of Syria and Iran, they, too, would rush to join an independent Kurdistan if they could. The refusal by the world's legitimate democracies to champion Kurdish independence is a human-rights sin of omission far worse than the clumsy, minor sins of commission that routinely excite our media. And by the way: A Free Kurdistan, stretching from Diyarbakir through Tabriz, would be the most pro-Western state between Bulgaria and Japan."

Pakistan: Hello al-Qaeda, goodbye America  9/8/2006 Asia Times: "Thus, for example, it has now been agreed between militants and Islamabad that Pakistan will not arrest two high-profile men on the "most wanted" list that includes Osama bin Laden, his deputy Ayman al-Zawahiri and Taliban leader Mullah Omar. Saud Memon and Ibrahim Choto are the only Pakistanis on this list, and they will be left alone. Saud Memon was the owner of the lot where US journalist Daniel Pearl was tortured, executed and buried in January 2002 in Karachi after being kidnapped by jihadis. Pakistan has also agreed that many people arrested by law-enforcement agencies in Pakistan will be released from jail. Importantly, this includes Ghulam Mustafa, who was detained by Pakistani authorities late last year. Mustafa is reckoned as al-Qaeda's chief in Pakistan. (See Al-Qaeda's man who knows too much, Asia Times Online, January 5. As predicted in that article, Mustafa did indeed disappear into a "black hole" and was never formally charged, let alone handed over to the US.)"

Belgian neo-Nazis in 'terror plot'  9/8/2006 Guardian: "Belgian police yesterday arrested 17 alleged neo-Nazis, mostly serving soldiers, who were said to be planning to destabilise the country's institutions in a series of terrorist attacks. In simultaneous raids on five army barracks and 18 private addresses across the northern Flanders half of Belgium, police uncovered a homemade bomb and numerous weapons."

Thursday  9/7/2006

topAbout Those Nazi Appeasers - Bush Family Values  9/7/2006 Counterpunch 

Arms swapped in Waziristan  9/7/2006 Dawn, Pakistan: "Officials said that the authorities had abolished 11 new checkpoints and the army had evacuated outposts in the area. Now tribal Khasadar force and paramilitary troops were jointly manning old checkpoints in the agency, they added. In a related development, the agency’s political administration removed the names of two militant commanders, Maulvi Sadiq Noor and Maulvi Abdul Khaliq, from the list of wanted men, officials told Dawn in Peshawar."''

Pak-Taliban deal will help both countries: US  9/7/2006 Financial Express, India 

"Smoking gun" evidence uncovered in Ohio of massive vote fraud in 2004 election.  9/7/2006 Wayne Madsen Report: scroll to the first entry for Sept. 7, 2006 - "The reason the Ohio GOP was anxious to destroy the ballots and records is that they are rife with prima facie evidence of massive vote fraud. Dr. Richard Hayes Phillips, a researcher who uncovered the evidence of vote fraud, submitted an affidavit to the U.S. federal court in Columbus outlining details of the vote fraud. Along with the affidavit, Phillips provided evidence of vote fraud, including "documentation of ballot tampering in . . . eleven counties." The most startling evidence of ballot tampering is a punch card ballot that show tape affixed over votes for Kerry/Edwards. Other "stickered ballots" were apparently destroyed during an FBI investigation. The affidavit states: "In Clermont County, eleven weeks of negotiations with the County Prosecutor’s office were required in order to gain access to the public records, and even then we were actively discouraged from completing our tasks in an expeditious manner. On each scheduled visit we were denied access to certain records and told to return another day. In the aftermath of the recount of December 2004, sworn affidavits were signed by three witnesses stating that they observed, on some ballots, white oval stickers over the Kerry-Edwards mark, and the Bush-Cheney oval filled in. The County Prosecutor’s office confirmed this in writing, stated further that there were fewer than 100 such ballots countywide (out of 89,822 ballots cast), and claimed that there had been an FBI investigation into the matter upon the request of Congressman John Conyers, but that the FBI report could not be located."''

Wednesday  9/6/2006

topPakistan Denies Bin Laden Gets a Pass  9/6/2006 ABC: "Former White House counter-terrorism czar Richard Clarke, an ABC News consultant, said "What this means is that the Taliban and al Queida leadership have effectively carved out a sanctuary inside Pakistan.""

Pakistan: Welcome, Citizen Osama!!  9/6/2006 All Spin Zone 

Pakistan's peace with militants won't please US, Kabul  9/6/2006 Deutsche Presse Agentur: "Pakistani President General Pervez Musharraf left for Kabul the day after the agreement was signed with the militants, declaring that he was going there to seek "mutual trust" and political and economic relations that would benefit both countries. Later in the month he was scheduled to travel to Washington for a meeting with US President George W Bush, who has praised him for playing a vital role in the ongoing war on terror and for catching over 600 Taliban and al-Qaeda members who fled the US-led operation which toppled the Taliban regime in Afghanistan following the 9/11 attacks."

Nicaragua braced for the return of the ugly Americans  9/6/2006 New Zealand Herald 

Talibanistan: The Establishment of the Islamic Emirate of Waziristan  9/6/2006 The Fourth Rail: "The news of the Pakistani government signing a truce agreement with the Taliban in North Waziristan is far worse than being reported. We raised the alarm early morning on September 4, and newly uncovered information on the terms of the agreement indicate Pakistan has been roundly defeated by the Taliban in North Waziristan. The “truce” is in fact a surrender. According to an anonymous intelligence source, the terms of the truce includes: - The Pakistani Army is abandoning its garrisons in North and South Waziristan. - The Pakistani Military will not operate in North Waziristan, nor will it monitor actions the region. - Pakistan will turn over weapons and other equipment seized during Pakistani Army operations. - The Taliban and al-Qaeda have set up a Mujahideen Shura (or council) to administer the agency. - The truce refers to the region as “The Islamic Emirate of Waziristan.” - An unknown quantity of money was transferred from Pakistani government coffers to the Taliban. The Pakistani government has essentially paid a tribute or ransom to end the fighting. - “Foreigners” (a euphemism for al-Qaeda and other foreign jihadis) are allowed to remain in the region. - Over 130 mid-level al-Qaeda commanders and foot soldiers were released from Pakistani custody. - The Taliban is required to refrain from violence in Pakistan only; the agreement does not stipulate refraining from violence in Afghanistan."''

US Cautious on Pakistan Border Deal  9/6/2006 VOA 

Tuesday  9/5/2006

topWhy is President Bush's brother hanging out with an alleged Russian mobster?  9/5/2006 Jazz from Hell 

Talibanistan: The Establishment of the Islamic Emirate of Waziristan  9/5/2006 The Fourth Rail: "The truce meeting was essentially an event designed to humiliate the Pakistani government and military. Government negotiators were searched for weapons by Taliban fighters prior to entering the meeting. Heavily armed Taliban were posted as guards around the ceremony. The al Rayah – al-Qaeda's black flag – was hung over the scoreboard at the soccer stadium where the ceremony was held. After the Pakistani delegation left, al-Qaeda's black flag was run up the flagpole of military checkpoints and the Taliban began looting the leftover small arms. The Taliban also held a 'parade' in the streets of Miranshah. They openly view the 'truce' as a victory, and the facts support this view."

Sunday  9/3/2006

topIs TSA's terrorism Watch List being abused to target whistleblowers?  9/3/2006 NarcoSphere: "When he and his family arrived at the first-class ticket counter, another airline official again informed McLaughlin that he was on the terrorism Watch List… [quoting AP on Feb 13, 2003:] A jury has sided with two narcotics agents who claimed their boss — the Pennsylvania attorney general — retaliated against them because they uncovered a drug-trafficking ring that diverted profits to a CIA-backed Dominican presidential candidate. Agents John McLaughlin and Charles Micewski filed a lawsuit claiming their forcible transfer from the Philadelphia office of the state Bureau of Narcotics Investigation violated their civil rights. A federal jury in northeastern Pennsylvania agreed, awarding $1.5 million to McLaughlin and Micewski on Friday after a one-week trial. The verdict capped more than five years of litigation."


"There is one safeguard known generally to the wise, which is an advantage and security to all, but especially to Democracies as against despots: suspicion." -- Demosthenes

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