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4/17/06 - 4/30/2006

Saturday  4/29/2006

Colombia’s Secret Narco-Police - Claims of Collaboration with Drug Traffickers and Paramilitaries Sting the Country’s DAS Security Service and Support Allegations of DEA Corruption Published in Narco News  4/29/2006 NarcoNews: "Though it has barely registered in the U.S. press, a national scandal is currently unfolding in Colombia, where a jailed high official of the Administrative Department for Security (DAS, in its Spanish initials) has been speaking freely with journalists about the extensive collaboration between the secret police agency and right-wing paramilitary groups. Rafael García lost his post as DAS’ information technology chief after being charged with taking bribes from rightwing paramilitaries and narcos (often, one and the same). He now claims that DAS has been working for years, at least since Uribe’s 2002 election, in conjunction with the paras and their narco allies, sharing documents and intelligence to help kill and intimidate activists and unionists, help powerful drug traffickers avoid prosecution and murder informants. And investigative journalists in Colombia have verified and shed more light on a number of these claims."

Beating about the Bush? Not with Hersh - He is about all we have left to frighten the most powerful man in the world  4/29/2006 Robert Fisk: "Hersh has also been casting his wizened eye on the Brits. “Your country is very worried about what Bush is going to do – your people” – Hersh means the Foreign Office – “are really worried. There are no clearances ... no consultations.” In Washington, “advocating humanity, peace, integrity is not a value in the power structure ... my government are incapable of leaving (Iraq). They don’t know how to get out of Baghdad. We can’t get out. In this war, the end is going to be very, very messy – because we don’t know how to get out. We’re going to get out body by body. I think that scares the hell out of me.” "

Turkish Armed Forces Strike PKK Camps in N. Iraq  4/29/2006 Zaman 

Friday  4/28/2006

topIntelligence indications and warnings abound as Bush administration finalizes military attack on Iran.  4/28/2006 Global Research: "Southeast Asian intelligence sources report that Burma's (Myanmar's) recent abrupt decision to move its capital from Rangoon (Yangon) to remote Pyinmana, 200 miles to the north, is a result of Chinese intelligence warnings to its Burmese allies about the effects of radiation resulting from a U.S. conventional or tactical nuclear attack on Iranian nuclear facilities. There is concern that a series of attacks on Iranian nuclear installations will create a Chernobyl-like radioactive cloud that would be caught up in monsoon weather in the Indian Ocean. Low-lying Rangoon lies in the path of monsoon rains that would continue to carry radioactive fallout from Iran over South and Southeast Asia between May and October. Coastal Indian Ocean cities like Rangoon, Dhaka, Calcutta, Mumbai, Chennai, and Colombo would be affected by the radioactive fallout more than higher elevation cities since humidity intensifies the effects of the fallout. Thousands of government workers were given only two days' notice to pack up and leave Rangoon for the higher (and dryer) mountainous Pyinmana. In neighboring West Bengal, the leftist government and its national leftist allies around the country are planning massive demonstrations during Bush's upcoming trip to India. They are protesting the war in Iraq as well as the threats against Iran. Reports from Yemen indicate that western oil companies are concerned about U.S. intentions in Iran since the southern Arabian country catches the edge of the monsoon rains that could contain radioactive fallout from an attack, endangering their workers in the country."

Six Nations negotiates land claim as standoff draws the world's notice  4/28/2006 Indian Country: "Although the elected band council supports the claims, it did not initially back the Douglas Creek occupation, which has been led since Feb. 28 by the traditional clan mothers with support from the Confederacy chiefs. The colonial government tried to replace the traditional authorities with the elected government in 1924, but the two institutions have since led a parallel and often contentious coexistence. Their bitter disagreement over the occupation ended abruptly with the police raid, when the band council endorsed the Confederacy chief's leadership on the issue."

Mexico welcomed fugitive slaves and African American job-seekers  4/28/2006 Sf Bay View: "It has been said that for most of the 19th century, Mexican immigrants were more highly regarded by African Americans than any other immigrant group. What may account for this, at least in part, is the enormous if not pivotal role undertaken by Black fighters in the war to secure Mexican independence from Spain and abolish slavery. Unfortunately, many of us repeat the falsehoods of our adversaries and have forgotten our special relationship with Mexican and Indigenous peoples. It is time that our memories be restored and that the naysayers and nativist negroes among us either put up or shut up. What follows is the little known history of Mexico serving as a refuge for fugitive slaves and a provider of job opportunities for Blacks emigrating from the U.S. to Mexico… From the very beginning of his Texas colonization scheme, a determined and deceitful Stephen Austin sought to have Mexican officials acquiesce to the settlement of slave-owning whites into the territory. It was generally acknowledged that the people and government of Mexico abhorred slavery and were determined to prohibit its practice within the Mexican republic. In 1836, after the fall of the Alamo and its slave-owning or pro-slavery leaders, such as William Travis, Jim Bowie and Davy Crockett, Mexican forces were defeated and an independent Texas was eventually annexed by the United States. However, before the expulsion of Mexican forces from Texas, Brig. Gen. Jose Urrea evicted scores of illegally-settled plantation owners, liberated slaves and, in many instances, granted them on-the-spot titles to the land they had worked. Oddly enough, many Black people call for "40 acres and a mule" - a reference to Union Gen. Sherman's Special Field Order 15 and Gen. Howard's Circular 13, which made some land available to former slaves. But what one never hears are references to Mexican Gen. Jose Urrea and the land titles that he and his men granted to former Texas slaves following the defeat of the Alamo, a generation before the Civil War."

Thursday  4/27/2006

topSweden pulls out of air exercise  4/27/2006 BBC: "Sweden has withdrawn its aircraft from an international air exercise after finding out Israel was taking part."

Not Showing Up: Black, Military Recruitement, and the AntiWar Movement  4/27/2006 Black Commentator: "But Hutchinson’s contention, and one put forward by many on the Left, that Blacks aren’t actively opposing the war is simply not accurate. In March 2005, the U.S. Army reported that the enlistment of Black youth was at an all time low, dropping from 23 percent in 2001 to 14 percent by 2005. The report indicated that many youth were afraid of being killed in the conflict. However many also conveyed a lack of desire to serve in a war they felt was unjust. Additionally, the report showed that key role models – parents, ministers, and the like – who have traditionally encouraged military enlistment, are now actively discouraging Black youth from signing up. So the Black community has become actively involved in steering Black youth away from the military. Why is this not considered an act of radical defiance, especially considering the lack of options for Black youth?"

Breaking the Last Taboo - The United States of Israel?  4/27/2006 Counterpunch: "Walt sits in a Malaysian restaurant with me, patiently (though I can hear the irritation in his voice) explaining that the conspiracy theories about him are nonsense. His stepping down as dean of the Kennedy School was a decision taken before the publication of his report, he says. No one is throwing him out. The much-publicised Harvard disclaimer of ownership to the essay - far from being a gesture of fear and criticism by the university as his would-be supporters have claimed - was mainly drafted by Walt himself, since Mearsheimer, a friend as well as colleague, was a Chicago scholar, not a Harvard don."

May 1st and America's New Race War - Immigration Endgame  4/27/2006 Counterpunch: "The recent mass raids are part of a Homeland Security / ICE plan called ENDGAME. The plan bluntly states the aim of the Bush administration: to deport all deportable migrants by the year 2012."

More mainstream media comes to the defense of Mearsheimer-Walt paper  4/27/2006 Wayne Madsen Report: scroll down to April 27, 2006 - "The Mearsheimer-Walt article took a serious look at how the Israel Lobby unduly influences American policy in the Middle East. The same type of paper could have been written about the undue influence of the Cuban community, largely based in southern Florida, over U.S. policy not only in Cuba but now in all of Latin America. But writing anything critical of the Israel Lobby's power over U.S. foreign policy was bound to bring out the typical charges about anti-Semitism from the expected corners. However, the fierce criticism and attacks on the two respected academicians -- Mearsheimer and Walt -- have resulted in a backlash against their attacker. Not only did columnist Molly Ivins write in support of them but in Tuesday's Washington Post's Op-Ed page comes a blistering condemnation by Richard Cohen of those who have attacked Professors Mearsheimer and Walt. Since many neocons are also strong supporters of Israel and there is now evidence of collusion in the lead up to the war by elements inside the Pentagon and the Israeli Prime Minister's Office, the disaster of Iraq is bringing forth a renewed and serious debate about America's uneven relationships within the Middle East."

Wednesday  4/26/2006

topIsrael Lobby Nutjobs on the Loose  4/26/2006 Altenet 

Tuesday  4/25/2006

topThe Prophecy of Oded Yinon Is the US Waging Israel's Wars?  4/25/2006 Counterpunch 

Former German Minister Says Building 7 Used To Run 9/11 Attack  4/25/2006 Prison Planet: "Von Bülow commented on the disputed identities of the named hijackers. "The names of these nineteen [hijackers] never came up in the official passenger list, until now there's no proof they were on the planes." Von Bülow also pointed out how the alleged hijacker's flight instructors told investigators that they couldn't even fly Cessna's, never mind complex large commercial airliners. Von Bülow also touched upon the implausible collapse of the buildings. The towers came down in the velocity of free fall which is totally impossible, they fall down in 8, 9, or 10 seconds, the pancake theory is ridiculous," he said. Von Bülow also highlighted the fact that there were 67 successful intercepts of errant aircraft in the year of 2001 before 9/11 and yet four planes were allowed to veer wildly off course without any being intercepted on that one day."

Monday  4/24/2006

topSix Nations: How to survive a siege  4/24/2006 Dominion Weblog: "It wasn't just police and army violence we had to watch out for. False media information was used to incite violent attacks against us by red necks and psychologically unstable members of the general public. At one point in the crisis, we had organized an evacuation of elderly people and children from Kahnawake. The rabble rousing media found out about this. They called out to all the hooligans in the neighborhood to rush out there at the end of the Mercier Bridge and to do their worst. The Quebec police kept the convoy trapped on the bridge for hours until a large crowd gathered. When the captives finally drove off the bridge, the cops stood and watched as the crowd stoned, beat the people and crushed their cars. One elderly man died of a heart attack the next day. Another a few days later. All for the sin of thinking that the Canadian forces would act with minimal standards of decency. Despite the public outcry about what happened in kahnawake, the same tactics were used at Burnt Church to sic French fishermen on their Native neighbors. We are already seeing the same tactics at Six Nations/Caledonia where local drunks have attacked the people at the barricades."

CNN's Immigration Problem - Is Dobbs the exception—or the rule?  4/24/2006 FAIR 

Deep roots in land claims  4/24/2006 Hamilton Specator: "The author, William Newbigging, lives in Hamilton. He is chair of the department of history, and an associate professor of Anishinaabe-mowin (language and culture of the Anishinaabek people) at Algoma University College in Sault Ste. Marie."

Balochistan takes another blood bath!  4/24/2006 Sindh Today: published in Feb 06 - "Addressing a press conference here the party's secretary general, Agha Shahid Hasan Bugti said the security forces used five chemical gas shells on Sunday night. He also alleged that fighter jets and helicopter gun ships fired missiles on civilian population in Kordan area (31b0806)"

Firing of CIA Inspector General (IG) officer, 61-year old CIA veteran Mary O. McCarthy  4/24/2006 Wayne Madsen Report: scroll down to the first April 24, 2006 entry - "An intelligence professional who knows McCarthy reports that she discovered sensational illegal activities by the CIA and was stymied by the Inspector General senior management. McCarthy is said by a colleague to be a devout Catholic who must have bent the rules only out of religious impulses and a high degree of frustration. The intelligence community source also confirmed past CIA activities in drug smuggling, which have now been resumed by Porter Goss. Three CIA proprietary airlines that flew in Laos during the Indochina war flew heroin from the Golden Triangle in Burma to South Vietnamese and American intermediaries for street distribution to U.S. troops in South Vietnam. The CIA proprietary airlines involved were Air America, Byrd and Sons, and Continental Air Services, Inc. (CASI). CASI, based in Vientiane, Laos, flew the most lucrative aircraft for hauling large amounts of heroin -- ironically, the Swiss-built Pilatus "Porter" -- which could haul large amounts of drugs, 15 armed men, and land uphill on remote airstrips in Laos. Porter Goss was a clandestine CIA officer in Latin America during the height of the CIA's illegal drug smuggling activities. The current leaks of information about renewed CIA drug smuggling activities are clearly an attempt by some CIA professionals to link Goss to past illegal activities."

Iraq war architect Paul Wolfowitz uses his position as World Bank President to reward those that signed the International Criminal Court exemption agreements  4/24/2006 Wayne Madsen Report: scroll down to the first April 24, 2006 entry - "The countries granted debt relief that signed the Article 98s with the United States, include Benin, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guyana, Honduras, Madagascar, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Rwanda, Senegal, Uganda, and Zambia. Three countries that have not signed Article 98s with the United States -- Mali, Niger, and Tanzania -- are under intense pressure to do so and the Wolfowitz debt relief action may be a tool to pressure them into signing the agreements. The Bush regime is attempting to get Niger to amend its constitution to permit it to sign an Article 98. Tanzania is embarrassed to sign such an agreement as the host of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda. The Bush administration brought direct pressure on the Malian President to sign an Article 98 in exchange for the financial assistance now being dangled by Wolfowitz and his neocon cabal at the World Bank."

Ontario: Mohawk uprising spreads  4/24/2006 WW4 Report 

Sunday  4/23/2006


The Empire and the Cia against Latin America [First part]  4/23/2006 ANNCOL 

Brazil follows same nuclear path as Iran  4/23/2006 Chicago Sun Times: "Brazil, like Iran, has signed the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, and Brazil's Constitution bans the military use of nuclear energy. Also like Iran, Brazil has cloaked key aspects of its nuclear technology in secrecy while insisting the program is for peaceful purposes, claims that nuclear weapons experts have debunked. While Brazil is more cooperative than Iran on international inspections, some worry its new enrichment capability -- which eventually will create more fuel than is needed for its two nuclear plants -- suggests that South America's biggest nation may be rethinking its commitment to nonproliferation."

Bin Laden Tells Militants to Fight in Sudan  4/23/2006 NYT 

The Smack Brigades - How Opium Lost the Afghan War  4/23/2006 Sobaka: "In Iraq and in Afghanistan today there are the same temptations, and though the pay for the American soldier is better than ours was it is still not much by their country's standards. Addiction is not a Soviet disease. In an army, the only sign that I know of for sure that it is happening is that your enemy begins to shoot you with your own guns."

Caledonia split widens by the hour  4/23/2006 Toronto Sun: "The disputed area rests on a section of land known as the Haldimand tract -- 988,000 acres handed to natives by the British for help against the Americans during the U.S. War of Independence. A part of the tract was sold to non-natives in the 1800s, but Six Nations researchers say it was only a lease. A lawsuit against Ottawa, launched by the local band council, challenges management of that land, which tracks on both sides of the Grand. That river runs fast now with sucker fish, just across the street from Pettigrew's bait shop. In an action of their own, a rebel group -- largely led by native women and culturally powerful clan mothers who do not recognize the authority of the band council -- took over the small, half-finished subdivision in February." [Traditionally, the clan mothers chose the leaders.]

Natives not ready to stop protest  4/23/2006 Toronto Sun 

Former National Security Agency (NSA) signals intelligence analyst Kenneth Ford Jr. to report to high security Federal Prison in Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary in Pennsylvania on May 15.  4/23/2006 Wayne Madsen Report: scroll down to April 23, 2006 entry. Ford is African American.

Friday  4/21/2006

topSix Nations: 'They've started a war!'  4/21/2006 Indian Country: "The police action struck with abrupt violence the morning of April 20. Armed and with weapons drawn, hundreds of Ontario Provincial Police invaded the encampment, clashing with activists at approximately 4 a.m. Arrests took place and at least one clan mother was reported as injured during the assault. The Six Nations quickly regrouped and within hours, hundreds more arrived to reinforce and retake the disputed property. Tires were set ablaze on the main road, Highway 6, which runs through town. As of the deadline for this edition, it is being reported that as many as 1,000 OPP are suiting up in riot gear for another charge on the compound, while perhaps as many Native protesters have come in to support their compatriots. Canada, it would appear, has another Indian war in the making. Reports confirmed that the warriors at the encampment kept their no-weapons stance as police moved in. However, the early morning raid unleashed a massive wave of sympathy for the beleaguered Native occupants, who were quickly reinforced by Six Nations residents, who formed a solid line and ''walked back'' the police from the contested camp area. The OPP raid was the worst possible move to make at this juncture; it has already produced an intense radicalization at the Six Nations Reserve, and a response is forthcoming from other Haudenosaunee communities."

Death at Florida Boot Camp Draws Thousands of Protesters  4/21/2006 NYT: "The death of a teenager at a Florida boot camp for young offenders last January drew hundreds of protesters to the state capital today, where they called on state officials to finish an investigation and charge those responsible. The teenager, Martin Lee Anderson, died Jan. 6 after guards at a Panama City juvenile boot camp repeatedly kicked, kneed and choked him, in an incident caught by a security camera. No arrests have been made and no guards have been fired. Wearing t-shirts comparing the 14-year-old to Emmett Till, students from Tallahassee's three colleges joined a march led by the Rev. Jesse Jackson and the Rev. Al Sharpton. The march followed a two-day sit-in at the office of Gov. Jeb Bush. Mr. Jackson and Mr. Sharpton used the event to bring attention to other racially charged deaths across the United States and the need for blacks to be more vigilant in political matters. "Today, we thank Martin," Mr. Jackson said. "His death made us come alive. When you stand up and fight back, you change the world.""

US recalls ambassador to Azerbaijan  4/21/2006 UPI: "The U.S. State Department is recalling U.S. Ambassador Reno Harnish from Azerbaijan. The Azerbaijani media is rife with speculation that Harnish is being recalled because of a burgeoning human smuggling scandal which came to the attention of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The Moscow newspaper Trud newspaper reported on Thursday that FBI agents began interviews with embassy officials about the smuggling of Azerbaijani prostitutes into the United States and the issuing of visas."

Porter Goss's Cocaine Import Agency (CIA) has links to "Al Qaeda" and Saudis  4/21/2006 Wayne Madsen Report: scroll down to April 21, 2006 - "Last year, WMR reported on links between the Saudi Royal Family and CIA proprietary airline companies involved in cocaine smuggling. On April 10, Mexican police, acting on a tip from INTERPOL, seized a DC-9 aircraft carrying 5.5 tons of cocaine with an estimated street value of $100 million. The U.S.-registered plane was en route from Caracas, Venezuela, which, according to French intelligence, is a known hub for cocaine shipments from Colombia to Saudi Arabia (see article below). The DC-9 (registration number N900SA) made an emergency landing at Ciudad del Carmen in Campeche state. A Falcon aircraft that arrived at Ciudad del Carmen from Toluca airport in Mexico state in advance of the arrival of the DC-9 was also seized. The cocaine was contained in 128 suitcases. The Mexican police later claimed the unidentified DC-9's pilot managed to escape. However, the police did arrest the co-pilot. The DC-9 was painted in the familiar blue and white colors of the U.S. Transportation Security Administration with am official-looking seal with an American eagle bearing the inscription: "Sky Way Aircraft - Protection of America's Skies." The registered owner of the aircraft is: Royal Sons Inc., 15875 Fairchild Drive, Clearwater, Florida. On April 5, 2006, the plane flew from St. Petersburg/Clearwater International to Simon Bolivar International in Caracas. "Sky Ways" (see article below) has also been linked to the Saudi government and Bush family/CIA activities. Royal Sons, the name of which may indicate the involvement of Saudi princes, such as the cocaine-transporting Prince Nayif, cited below, also maintained an office at 224 East Airport Ave., Venice, Florida, at the same time lead hijacker Mohammad Atta and Marwan al-Shehhi were training at Huffman Aviation, which was located near by at 400 East Airport Avenue. Two years before 911, Venice was also the subject of intensive intelligence operations by Israeli intelligence agents masquerading as "art students." Not surprisingly in light of Saudi involvement with cocaine smuggling, the activities of the Israelis drew the particular attention of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), which had Venice airport under surveillance and later prepared a lengthy report on the activities of the Israelis. Atta and al Shehhi also used Clearwater airport for practice take-off and landings during off-peak hours."

Thursday  4/20/2006

topThe One Certainty About Iraq: Spiralling Costs for Americans - Poor Planning, Need for New Equipment Could Push War Costs to $1 Trillion  4/20/2006 ABC 

Black voices silent during protests  4/20/2006 Dallas Examiner: "Some have called the wave of marches by Hispanics against extreme immigration reform as the awakening of a sleeping giant. In response, another giant - African Americans - has been quiet, sometimes confused, angry or, according to some leaders, falling asleep."

Venezuela, like U.S., to hold military exercises in the Caribbean  4/20/2006 Pravda: "The dates of the training were unclear, but the defense minister suggested Venezuela's military was planning air and naval exercises on its coast in the short-term. Chavez also has sought to build up the military reserve to face a possible U.S. invasion a suggestion Washington denies as baseless. The leftist president says all Venezuelans must be prepared for a "war of resistance" and that he aims for the military reserve to grow to 1 million men and women, and it already has some 150,000 members, outnumbering the military's 100,000 regular troops."

Cheney has tapped Iranian expatriate, arms dealer to surveil discussions with Iran, officials say  4/20/2006 Raw Story: "The Department of Defense and Vice President Dick Cheney have retained the services of Iran-Contra arms dealer and discredited intelligence asset Manucher Ghorbanifar as their “man on the ground,” in order to report on any interaction and attempts at negotiations between Iranian officials and US ambassador to Iraq, Zelmay Khalilzad, current and former intelligence officials say… If these allegations are true, Ghorbanifar’s recruitment reinstates him to a position he held during the Iran Contra affair, when he was implicated in the scandal of selling arms to Iran in order to fund a right wing terrorist group, the Contras, who were battling the democratically-elected Sandinista government in Nicaragua."

Remember ‘66! The police do  4/20/2006 SF Bay View: "Later, it was said by one of Bayview’s boys-in-blue, that it was a domestic situation in a home on that block. Yet, Palou and Quesada were both blocked off completely by cop cars, and residents on those avenues were “evacuated.” Two white negotiators were seen on the corner of Third and Palou talking on the phone to the person who, witnesses say, was the suspect. Meanwhile, news choppers, tanks, SWAT and tactical units, as well as about 20 or 30 uniformed officers made their way back and forth between the two locations – carrying AK-47s. A battering ram was even positioned on top of a waiting vehicle… Being that we in the Bayview are constantly under siege by police terrorism, I think it is very important that we stay on top of these tactical exercises and let SFPD know that we are not target practice or training for the next head buster to enter the Bayview Precinct. We are citizens. We are residents. We are human. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Hunters Point uprising, days that everyone who lived here then will remember forever. Tanks rumbled down Third Street, cops fired into the beloved Opera House and still residents stood their ground. In 1966, one life lost in Hunters Point at the hands of SFPD was too many. HP wasn’t having it! And we’re not having it now. Who remembers those “riots” that broke out just weeks before the Black Panther Party was born? Come forward; send us your stories. Don’t let this legacy of revolution and of power die. The constant intimidation and terrorism SFPD has inflicted on us has bent us, but damn it, we ain’t broken. Remember ‘66!"

Wednesday  4/19/2006

topChavez: Oil Will Be Destroyed if Attacked  4/19/2006 AP 

Georgia boycott contemplated  4/19/2006 SF Bay View: "In signing the Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act, Gov. Sonny Perdue stated, “It’s our responsibility to ensure that our famous Georgia hospitality is not abused, that our taxpayers are not taken advantage of and that our citizens are protected.” California LULAC is considering the possibility of launching a boycott of Georgia to give Sonny Perdue and the Georgia legislature a historical lesson about hospitality. Angel Luevano, California LULAC state director, said that “historically, Mexico extended the greatest hospitality to people from Georgia and throughout the South as a haven for runaway slaves. In fact, the reason that Mexico lags behind the United States in development to this day is the loss of territory that Mexico suffered as a direct consequence of attempting to free the slaves illegally brought to Texas by Americans. That set off the chain of events which led to the illegal provocation of war against Mexico by President Polk, which was denounced by then-Congressman Abraham Lincoln and later described as atrocity by then Army Capt. Ullyses S. Grant.” According to Luevano, “Those that pass laws in ignorance of the history of relations between the United States and our neighbors to the south are likely to set off a chain of events leading to economic and political disaster.” "

McKinney under fire - Character assassination attempts continue  4/19/2006 SF Bay View: "Evidence that racism and racial profiling exists within the Capitol Police ranks can be seen, for those willing to look, in the 2001 and 2003 lawsuits filed by the Capitol Black Police Association against the Capitol Police Department. These facts have not surfaced in the mainstream media reports relative to McKinney, even though it would add credence to her pronouncement that she is a victim of racial profiling by the Capitol Police. However, journalists with The Final Call Newspaper and the NNPA, the Black press association, reported extensively on the legal actions. Hazel Trice Edney, Washington correspondent for the NNPA, documented the lawsuits in two stories, "Black Police Discrimination Complaint Gives Capitol Hill 'Black Eye' - Use Of KKK, 'N-Word' Reveals Level of American Racism, Black Officers Charge" and "Capitol Hill Police Group Files Discrimination Suit - 'Let's go get a rope?': Black Officer Says He Was Abused by White Subordinate." In "Black Capitol police suit back in court," Askia Muhammad, White House correspondent for the Final Call Newspaper, wrote, "Attorneys representing more than 350 Black U.S. Capitol Police officers headed back to court Dec. 5 (2003), pursuing their two-year-old discrimination lawsuit after 11 months of fruitless settlement negotiations. "The force has 1,200 members, of whom 357 (or 29 percent) are Black, according to the complaint. In the higher ranks - detective and above - Blacks hold 32 of 244 slots (or 13 percent), which is down from 16 percent of those slots held by Blacks in 1993.""

Going Lawless - Border Guardians leader calls for violence  4/19/2006 Southern Poverty Law Center 

A U.S. Intelligence Hoax on Venezuela?  4/19/2006 Venezuela Analysis: "Yesterday morning, Caracas awoke to the news in the Venezuelan daily paper, 2001, that US intelligence sources had reported the existence of a secret agreement between Iran and Venezuela whereby Iran will be sending nuclear weapons to Venezuela and Cuba… Curiously, yesterday’s 2001 article, which caused the stir, is no longer available online.[1] In its place is an article on the Minister’s reaction.[2] A reaction, which has been covered by over 80 media outlets around the world. But according to the AP, which reported only a tiny blurb on the piece, “other papers did not carry the [original] report and the newspaper did not give any details about how it obtained the information.” A deeper investigation, however, reveals an uncanny similarity between yesterday morning’s 2001 article and the information found in an article by former self-proclaimed criminal and current US law-enforcement collaborator Kenneth Rijock."

Tuesday  4/18/2006

topReligious debate heats up Don't judge me, says Prime Minister; Mayor warns against mixing God with politics  4/18/2006 Jamaica Observer: "The religious debate sparked by Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller's political embrace of the church continued to boil Sunday night and yesterday with Simpson Miller mounting a stout defence of her position, and Kingston Mayor Desmond McKenzie warning against the blending of politics and religion, at two separate functions"

Rethinking Chomsky  4/18/2006 NY Transfer News Collective: "Rethinking Camelot (Boston: South End Press, 1993) is Noam Chomsky's worst book. I don't think it merits a detailed review, but we should be clear about the stand that "America's leading intellectual dissident," as he is often called, has taken on the assassination. It is not significantly different from that of the Warren Commission or the majority of Establishment journalists and government apologists, and diametrically opposed to the view "widely held in the grassroots movements and among left intellectuals" (p. 37) and in fact to the view of the majority of the population. For Chomsky, the only theories of the assassination "of any general interest are those that assume a massive cover-up, and a high-level conspiracy that required that operation." These he rejects out of hand because "There is not a phrase in the voluminous internal record hinting at any thought of such a notion," and because the cover-up "would have to involve not only much of the government and the media, but a good part of the historical, scientific, and medical professions. An achievement so immense would be utterly without precedent or even remote analogue.""

Saudi Entrepeneur Adnan Khashoggi Linked to 911 Terrorists  4/18/2006 Questions, Questions: published 10/04, extensive discussion of the topic

Source: McKinney fiasco shakes Capitol Police, officer knew her  4/18/2006 Redding News Review: "A source said an officer, who says Rep. Cynthia McKinney struck him in the chest with a closed fist, knew who she was, and claims the incident has caused infighting among U.S. Capitol Police. The source, who is close to the ongoing grand jury investigation of the March 29 scuffle, said Paul McKenna, a third year officer in the U.S. Capitol Police, was given a picture of the congresswoman in training. "No one believes that a man with a name that similar to hers would not know who she is," the source told Redding News Review. "He clearly knew who she was and what she looked like but stopped her anyway." ...The source - who did not want to be identified in fear that they might lose their job - also said that the incident has resulted in "fighting and heated arguments between white and black officers." "This case is tearing the department apart," the source said. "The blacks say the whites were screwing with her, but the white officers are saying that she should have stopped."

The indigenous rise up in Latin America  4/18/2006 Sun Sentinel, FL 

"There is one safeguard known generally to the wise, which is an advantage and security to all, but especially to Democracies as against despots: suspicion." -- Demosthenes


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