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4/10/06 - 4/16/2006

Sunday  4/16/2006

Bush's Secret War  4/16/2006 Hullabaloo: "the Iranians have been saying American military troops are in there, have been saying it for almost a year. I was in Berlin two weeks ago, sat next to the ambassador, the Iranian ambassador to the IAEA. And I said, "Hey, I hear you're accusing Americans of being in there operating with some of the units that have shot up revolution guard units." He said, quite frankly, "Yes, we know they are. We've captured some of the units, and they've confessed to working with the Americans." The evidence is mounting that that decision has already been made, and I don't know that the other part of that has been completed, that there has been any congressional approval to do this. My view of the plan is, there is this period in which some kinds of ground troops will operate inside Iran, and then what we're talking about is the second part, which is this air strike."

Expert View: The joke's on Bush as Chavez strikes it even luckier  4/16/2006 Independent, UK: "When the reports of the country's latest good fortune came through to New York, a banker turned to me and said: "Surely by now George Bush must realise God is not on his side." Even under the old estimates, Venezuela already had its place as a major oil producer guaranteed for the next 80 years. Now it would appear to stretch into infinity. Together with the Middle East, Caracas will be the major force in world energy markets. In Venezuela itself, high oil prices are having dramatic effects. The Dallas-like skyline is testament to an economy that grew by an astonishing 18 per cent in 2004 and nearly 10 per cent last year. Oil now accounts for well over 80 per cent of exports and more than 50 per cent of government revenues."

Bombs That Would Backfire  4/16/2006 NYT: "The Iranian legislature responded with a $20 million initiative for its intelligence organizations to counter American influence in the region. Iranian agents began casing American embassies and other targets around the world. In June 1996, the Qods Force, the covert-action arm of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, arranged the bombing of an apartment building used by our Air Force in Khobar, Saudi Arabia, killing 19 Americans. At that point, the Clinton administration and the Pentagon considered a bombing campaign. But after long debate, the highest levels of the military could not forecast a way in which things would end favorably for the United States. While the full scope of what America did do remains classified, published reports suggest that the United States responded with a chilling threat to the Tehran government and conducted a global operation that immobilized Iran's intelligence service. Iranian terrorism against the United States ceased."

Iran suicide bombers ‘ready to hit Britain’  4/16/2006 Times, London: "IRAN has formed battalions of suicide bombers to strike at British and American targets if the nation’s nuclear sites are attacked. According to Iranian officials, 40,000 trained suicide bombers are ready for action… According to western intelligence documents leaked to The Sunday Times, the Revolutionary Guards are in charge of a secret nuclear weapons programme designed to evade the scrutiny of the International Atomic Energy Agency. One of the leaked reports, dating from February this year, confirms that President George W Bush is preparing to strike Iran. “If the problem is not resolved in some way, he intends to act before leaving office because it would be ‘unfair’ to leave the task of destroying Iran’s nuclear facilities to a new president,” the document says."

The Flight Forward  4/16/2006 Whiskey Bar: "Instead of creating a secular, pro-American client state in the heart of the Middle East, the invasion of Iraq has destroyed the front-line Arab regime opposing Tehran, installed a pro-Iranian government in Baghdad and vastly increased Iranian influence, not only in Iraq, but throughout the Shi'a world. It's also moved the Revolutionary Guard one step closer to the Kuwaiti and Saudi oil fields – the prize upon which the energy security of the West depends. By the traditional standards of U.S. foreign policy, this is a fiasco of almost unbelievable proportions. More to the point, the neocons may believe that unless they can do something dramatic to recoup those losses, they won't be able to safely withdraw large numbers of troops from Iraq, since they are A.) the only remaining source of U.S. influence in the country and B.) the only shield against Iranian infiltration of both Iraq and the Shi'a majority regions of Saudia Arabia and the Gulf emirates. Yet the military need for such a draw down becomes more critical with each passing day, as the all-volunteer Army is stretched towards its breaking point. In other words, the administration, and the Pentagon, have gotten themselves into one hell of a jam – militarily, strategically and politically. As desperate and reckless as attempted regime change in Iran might seem to us, to the Cheneyites it may look like the only move left on the board."

Saturday  4/15/2006

topDepleted uranium: Dirty bombs, dirty missiles, dirty bullets A death sentence here and abroad  4/15/2006 Black Op Radio: published a year ago

Are 40 Percent of All Swedes "Anti-Semites?" - Anatomy of a Statistical Flim-Flam  4/15/2006 Counterpunch: "Anti-Semitism does exist in Sweden, but it has been strongly exaggerated in this report, most of whose conclusions are highly questionable. This is especially clear when the authors of the report explain that sometimes criticising the state of Israel could be regarded as anti-Semitism. Similarly, Swedes are tarnished with the anti-Semitism brush for concurring with a statement about a Jewish conspiracy controlling the U.S. and that the Jews killed Jesus, without knowing what they are concurring to. The results and interpretations of this report are dubious, and questions arise as to why it was commissioned and how it has been utilized in the press. The combination of questionable methodology, far-fetched interpretations and several references to old anti-Semitic stereotypes that barely are known these days, suggests that the report and most of its findings should be dismissed."

Risking the Ultimate Blowback - Don't Blitz Iran  4/15/2006 Counterpunch: "The first US priority after attacking Iran will be to try to stop the Iranians closing the Gulf at the Strait of Hormuz which they could do by sinking a passing tanker. 90 per cent of oil from the Gulf--about two fifths of the world's supply--is moved by tanker through the Strait, which is less than five navigable miles wide. An easy target area. It will probably take only one sunk ship to seriously disrupt world oil supplies. But even if a single tanker doesn't actually block the Strait, the crews of others are not going to be happy about sailing into danger. Insurance rates will go through the roof, and recent spikes in oil prices will be nothing compared with what would come. If the Iranians manage to sink two large tankers at the Gulf choke point, say goodbye to Gulf oil exports for a week or so. Perhaps US citizens will be happy to pay $10 or more per gallon to fill their cars ; but maybe not. Even then, does anyone think that Iran would let the US clear the Hormuz Strait without doing its best to disrupt salvage efforts? Like hell it would. There would be suicide boat attacks, suicide plane attacks, and further missile strikes. Although most airfields in Iran would be destroyed by cruise missiles and much of the Iranian air force would be shot out of the sky by roving US fighter jocks within hours of the war beginning, Tehran would still retain a limited offensive capability. The Iranians would fire most of the some 400 medium-range ballistic missiles they've got at US bases in Iraq and Afghanistan and at the oil fields across the Gulf. They know exactly where they are, without need for all the clever satellite technology the Pentagon has, because their myriad supporters tell them the precise locations. (There are hundreds of thousands of Shias in these countries.) The missiles might not cause many casualties among US troops, but they will destroy a lot of oil production capacity in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the southern Gulf nations. (Some US troops will die, of course : maybe a few hundred if a couple of missiles strike lucky. But what does that matter to the Bush Administration?) If Israel is involved in the attacks (and, given the paranoia of some of Iran's leaders about Israel, probably even if Israel is not involved in the attacks), then some longer-range missiles will be pooped off in a westerly direction, hoping to impact somewhere in Israel, which at least some of them would do. They might deliver biological or chemical warheads, but even if they are just high explosive and cause only a dozen or so casualties each there would be irresistible pressure within Israel to retaliate, probably with nuclear weapons. Nobody except a few Librul peaceniks will care about that."

Russia to sell state-of-the-art Kalashnikovs to Venezuela  4/15/2006 Interfax: "According to a contract signed in May 2005, Russia will sell 100,000 AK-103 rifles to the Venezuelan army and security forces, Kartavtsev said. "Not a single rifle of this model has yet crossed the Russian border," he said. Venezuelan experts recently visited the Izhmash engineering plant to inspect the first shipment of the Kalashnikovs, he said. The contract also envisions the licensed production of AK-103s in Venezuela. "Venezuela will become the first country in the western hemisphere to receive a license to produce them," Izhmash General Director Vladimir Grodetsky said. Currently there is no licensed production of Kalashnikov assault rifles in any other country, he said. "

Friday  4/14/2006

topPath to Deportation Can Start With a Traffic Stop  4/14/2006 NYT: "These trends include a housing boom that attracted growing numbers of illegal workers, especially to distant suburbs and exurbs, where federal resources are especially thin; an apparent stagnation in the size of the federal immigration police force, which has remained at about 2,000 for several years; and increasing local opposition to illegal immigration, again, especially in the suburbs. George A. Terezakis, a Long Island immigration lawyer, said that in his practice, he had seen a trend. "The heat is definitely getting turned up. Not just on criminals, but against people I would consider charged with relatively minor offenses: Having an invalid driver's license, a fake Social Security card. A person with a job and a family can end up sitting in jail for months, and then being deported." ...Until fairly recently, it was viewed as inappropriate, even unconstitutional, for the local or state authorities to be involved in the enforcement of federal law. In Los Angeles, the police still operate under an internal rule that says "undocumented alien status is not a matter for police enforcement." Similar policies apply in San Francisco and New York City. But that may be changing, partly because the local authorities have decided to play a more active role and partly because of an unabashed call from the federal government seeking help from states and localities."

Rumsfeld Sends MEK Terrorists into Iran  4/14/2006 Propaganda Matrix 

Thursday  4/13/2006

topL.A. "Jewish Mafia" Terrorizes South Central Farmers' "Colectiva"  4/13/2006 Aztlan: "Los Angeles, Alta California- April 13, 2006 - (ACN) Not many people are aware that Los Angeles has a powerful "Jewish Mafia" that is in cahoots with the Los Angeles Police Department and many local elected politicians. This fact is becoming clear to the "campesinos" who are attempting to defend their 14 acre farm in South Central Los Angeles from the sinister Jewish land developer Ralph Horowitz. The South Central Farmers' Collectiva which is bounded by Alameda Street, 41st Street, Long Beach Avenue and Martin Luther King Boulevard was created 14 years ago after the "Los Angeles Rebellion of 1992" when then Mayor Tom Bradley allocated the city owned 14 acres for "marginalized families to become self-sufficient and grow their own food". The farm, operated like a Mexican "ejido", has been a huge success and is providing 347 families with essential fruits, vegetables and medicinal herbs."

TheMcKinneyAffair-RampagingRacismandaCowardlyCaucus  4/13/2006 Black Commentator: by the BC publishers - "We at BC had previously believed that April, 2005, when 37 percent of the 42 Black House members voted for Republican bills, was the lowest point in Congressional Black Caucus history. A year later, the CBC has found a new nadir. On the evening of April 5, undoubtedly on orders from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, CBC chairman Mel Watt gathered twenty or so members to browbeat McKinney into firing her legal team and cease appearing before the media. Watt absented himself from the beat-down, so that it would not appear to be an “official” CBC event. As congressional aides wandered in and out of the room, some Members dutifully echoed Pelosi’s demand that McKinney not frame the March 28 confrontation with the policeman as a “racial” incident, and that she issue an apology on the House floor the following morning. According to several sources who spoke with BC on condition of anonymity, and based on an account given by McKinney staff assistant Faye Coffield to a weekly Atlanta meeting of the Georgia Coalition for the People's Agenda, a “consensus” was reached that McKinney would deliver the apology and abandon efforts to defend herself in the media (although not her legal team). The next morning, at the appointed hour, McKinney was prepared to offer her apology to the House. But Mel Watt had already put the word out that CBC members were to renege on their part of the deal. The Caucus must not stand with McKinney when she stepped to the microphone. Mel Watt, Nancy Pelosi’s poodle, attempted to enforce his Mistress’s wish that McKinney appear utterly isolated and alone. Nothing should distract from the Democrats’ non-strategy of doing and saying nothing until mid-term elections in November. The Republicans must be allowed to self-destruct without interference. McKinney’s charge of racial profiling was a distraction from the Democratic non-strategy – so she must be shunned. Mel Watt was the enforcer – the designated shunner-in-chief. Pelosi appears to harbor a deep hatred for McKinney, whom she cannot control. Most recently, the 51-year-old Georgia lawmaker defied the Leader’s orders, voting in favor of a Republican bill, cynically modeled on Democrat John Murtha’s measure for a quick exit from Iraq. She was among only three Democrats, and the only CBC member, to do so. McKinney also ignored Pelosi’s order that Democrats boycott hearings on Katrina and leave the field to Republicans."

Mearsheimer, Walt and Corrie - The Lobby and the Bulldozer By NORMAN SOLOMON  4/13/2006 Counterpunch 

Seeking an "Even Playing Field": Washington and UN Work to Undermine Lavalas  4/13/2006 NarcoNews 

The Washington snake pit and Cynthia McKinney  4/13/2006 On Line Journal: "It is true that I have changed my hairstyle. It is true that at the time I was not wearing my pin. But many Members of Congress aren't wearing their pins today. Just in the last hour, at least eight Members of Congress have been spotted speaking from the well of the House without their pins and even more have been seen on the Hill today not wearing their Congressional pin. How many of them were stopped by Capitol Hill Police? Do I have to contact the police every time I change my hairstyle? How do we account for the fact that when I wore my braids every day for 11 years, I still faced this problem, primarily from certain white police officers? “This morning at approximately 8:57 a.m., I was going to a Budget Committee meeting due to start at 9 a.m. I was rushing to my meeting when a white police officer yelled to me. He approached me, body-blocked me, physically touching me. I used my arm to get him off of me. I told him not to touch me several times. He asked for my ID and I showed it to him. He then let me go and I proceeded to my meeting and I assume that the police officer resumed his duties.”

U.S. Special Forces are training Guyanese rebels in Guyana for cross-border incursions into the eastern part of Venezuela.  4/13/2006 Wayne Madsen Report: 5th entry for April 13, 2006 - "As U.S. and NATO descend upon the Caribbean in two exercises -- Operation Tradewinds and Partnership for the Americas -- designed to intimidate populist and progressive governments and political movements in Latin America, particularly the Hugo Chavez government in Venezuela, comes word from U.S. intelligence sources that U.S. Special Forces are training Guyanese rebels in Guyana for cross-border incursions into the eastern part of Venezuela. It is clear that with the arming and support of secessionist forces in Zulia state in western Venezuela, the Bush regime has decided to also foment problems in Venezuela's east. The Guyanese-Venezuelan border has a history of irredentist problems among the tribal peoples who live in the region. U.S. missionaries tied to U.S. intelligence activities have been active among Amerindian tribal peoples of Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, and Guyana, especially those living in the border regions of Venezuela. It now appears that President Hugo Chavez was correct when he accused U.S. missionaries, particularly the New Tribes Mission, of being linked to the CIA. Suspiciously, New Tribes Mission is based in Jeb Bush's Florida, which has become a newly invigorated base for CIA-funded right-wing Cuban, Venezuelan, Bolivian, and other Latin American paramilitaries and terrorist groups."

Tuesday  4/11/2006

top5 1/2 Tons of Cocaine Found on Venezuela Plane  4/11/2006 AP: "Mexican soldiers seized 5 1/2 tons of cocaine from a commercial plane arriving from Venezuela, Mexico's Defense Department announced Tuesday. The army was waiting for the plane on Monday at the airport of Cuidad de Carmen, 550 miles east of Mexico City, after receiving information from Venezuelan and U.S. authorities, Gen. Carlos Gaytan told a news conference… A U.S. State Department report released in March said that Venezuela has become a key transit point for drugs because of "rampant corruption at the highest levels of law enforcement and a weak judicial system." Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez suspended cooperation with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration in August, accusing its agents of spying."

THE BELOVED CYNTHIA McKINNEY - A White Ex Cop Speaks Out About a Georgia Congresswoman - by Michael C. Ruppert  4/11/2006 From the Wilderness: "I have walked the halls of Congress with Cynthia McKinney maybe eight to ten times. I have walked into and out of the Cannon and Longworth house office buildings with her. I have walked to hearings in the Rayburn house office building with her. I have walked the underground tunnels from one of those office buildings directly to the edge of the House floor and its anteroom with her. I can tell you one thing for certain because I have seen it and I have felt it. Cynthia McKinney and her staff get treated differently from just about anyone else on the Hill. It’s subtle, but so is the taste of dirt when it’s in your mouth… Cynthia McKinney had been the only member of congress to ask real questions about 9/11. And she didn’t stop or forget when she got back either. More than that, she continued to do—no matter what—the things that her conscience bade her to do as an African-American woman who is anything but a racist (unless you want to refer to the human race). In hearings she questioned Donald Rumsfeld about the multitude of wargame exercises I had identified in my book Crossing the Rubicon. She asked repeated questions about 9/11 in repeated hearings and no one on the Democratic side backed her up when her questions were brushed aside, ignored and forgotten… When she was returned to congress, her party, overlooking well-documented procedure with a number of historical precedents, refused to give her back the seniority to which she was entitled. In terms of committee assignments, instead of being a six-term senior member of her committees, she was a freshman. This placed her last on the list of questioners, last in terms of pecking order, last in terms of recognition, and last in terms of agenda setting. She was denied her old spot on the House Foreign Relations committee. She was moved further and further away from the coveted and influential title of “ranking member” that she should have been approaching. Should the House revert back to Democratic control this year she might have even chaired a committee. God forbid!"

Women and jobless armed by Chavez to resist 'US invasion'  4/11/2006 Independent 

Monday  4/10/2006

topU.S. Warns Venezuela on Thuggish Activity  4/10/2006 AP 

THE IRAN PLANS - Would President Bush go to war to stop Tehran from getting the bomb? by SEYMOUR M. HERSH  4/10/2006 New Yorker: "He went on, “Nuclear planners go through extensive training and learn the technical details of damage and fallout—we’re talking about mushroom clouds, radiation, mass casualties, and contamination over years. This is not an underground nuclear test, where all you see is the earth raised a little bit. These politicians don’t have a clue, and whenever anybody tries to get it out”—remove the nuclear option—“they’re shouted down.” The attention given to the nuclear option has created serious misgivings inside the offices of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, he added, and some officers have talked about resigning. Late this winter, the Joint Chiefs of Staff sought to remove the nuclear option from the evolving war plans for Iran—without success, the former intelligence official said. “The White House said, ‘Why are you challenging this? The option came from you.’ ” The Pentagon adviser on the war on terror confirmed that some in the Administration were looking seriously at this option, which he linked to a resurgence of interest in tactical nuclear weapons among Pentagon civilians and in policy circles. He called it “a juggernaut that has to be stopped.” He also confirmed that some senior officers and officials were considering resigning over the issue. “There are very strong sentiments within the military against brandishing nuclear weapons against other countries,” the adviser told me. “This goes to high levels.” The matter may soon reach a decisive point, he said, because the Joint Chiefs had agreed to give President Bush a formal recommendation stating that they are strongly opposed to considering the nuclear option for Iran. “The internal debate on this has hardened in recent weeks,” the adviser said. “And, if senior Pentagon officers express their opposition to the use of offensive nuclear weapons, then it will never happen.” The adviser added, however, that the idea of using tactical nuclear weapons in such situations has gained support from the Defense Science Board, an advisory panel whose members are selected by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. “They’re telling the Pentagon that we can build the B61 with more blast and less radiation,” he said."

Chavez deepens military ties with Iran  4/10/2006 Washington Times: The Rev Moon's finest are at it again, but aren't they describing Bush - ""Throughout the Venezuelan government, there is a complete lack of accountability because Chavez has destroyed the institutions of accountability," the official said. "He's trying to centralize everything to himself." "

"There is one safeguard known generally to the wise, which is an advantage and security to all, but especially to Democracies as against despots: suspicion." -- Demosthenes


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