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    World News
1/14/02 - 1/20/02

Sunday  1/20/02

Group calls for 'Black Hawk' boycott  1/20/02 AP: "He cited the death of a Somali man punched at a Minneapolis bus stop in October, which triggered accusations in the Somali and Muslim communities of a hate crime. No one has been charged." Hollywood leads the lynch mob.

Hispanics Targeted in Fake Drug Cases  1/20/02 AP 

Archbishop attacks war on terror  1/20/02 BBC: "The leading contender to become the next Archbishop of Canterbury has attacked the West's war against terrorism, denouncing military action in Afghanistan as "morally tainted". The Archbishop of Wales, the Most Rev Rowan Williams, said the bombing campaign in Afghanistan had lost credibility and was morally equivalent to the terrorism it sought to defeat."

The Long And Hidden History Of The U.S. In Somalia  1/20/02 Black World Today: "Such an overbearing foreign military presence in a country which had been free from colonial rule for only a little more than three decades led to growing resentment, particularly since these elite combat forces were not trained for such humanitarian missions. (Author and journalist David Halberstam quotes the U.S. Secretary of Defense telling an associate, "We're sending the Rangers to Somalia. We are not going to be able to control them. They are like over trained pit bulls. No one controls them.") Shootings at U.S. military roadblocks became increasingly commonplace and Somalis witnessed scenes of mostly white American forces harassing and shooting their black countrymen."

Radios lead Indians to tune out past  1/20/02 Boston Globe: "But that isolation hasn't kept out Protestant missionaries. After making major inroads among most of Mexico's other indigenous communities, the groups set their sights on the 20,000 Huichols. Because all visitors must first get permission from Huichol leaders, they decided to go in by air. ''We will not be deterred until the Gospel reaches every home,'' said Adolfo Garcia, a Baptist missionary from the nearby city of Zacatecas who carried out the airdrops [of radios spreading christian propaganda." The Baptists, well funded by norteamericano baptists: more genocide. And they point a finger at Islam...

Unexploded US bomblets mine villages  1/20/02 Boston Globe: "Despite the official declaration of peace, thousands of Afghans who fled during the war cannot go home because their houses, fields, and villages are littered with unexploded remnants of US cluster bombs - far more than the United States had predicted." Not to mention the tons of depleted uranium, to be revealed later: at 60% of the radioactivity of uranium, it could make cancer rates shoot up 1000%, as it did in Iraq.

Blair's warning on prisoners  1/20/02 Guardian, UK: "Tony Blair has warned President George Bush that the treatment of Taliban prisoners being held at the Guantanamo military base threatens to become a 'political issue' which will lead to widespread and damaging criticism of US policies in Afghanistan."

How bin Laden network spread its tentacles  1/20/02 Guardian, UK: "The Observer uncovers al-Qaeda links from Brighton to Bolton to reveal that Muslim extremism is not limited to a few fiery mullahs."

UK terror detentions 'barbaric'  1/20/02 Guardian, UK: "British terror suspects are being held in conditions condemned as barbaric by the Home Office's own medical experts and described by lawyers who have visited them as 'concrete coffins'." The AngloAmerican commitment to Human rights…

Anthrax Missing From Army Lab  1/20/02 Hartford Courant: "In interviews with The Courant last month, two of the former scientists said that as recently as 1997, when they left, controls at Fort Detrick were so lax it wouldn't have been hard for someone with security clearance for its handful of labs to smuggle out biological specimens."

'WE'VE RUINED THEIR LIVES IN OUR NAMES'  1/20/02 Mirror, UK: WTC victim families meet Afghan victim families: "Grandmother Rita, 70, said angrily: "We have ruined their lives in people like my brother's name. And they have been left totally alone. We must help them." Do we hear this in the US media? They are not allowed to discuss this.

The C.I.A.'s Domestic Reach  1/20/02 NYT 

Belgian Senators Denounce Israeli Torture  1/20/02 Palestine Chronicle: "Hundreds of those considered dead are still missing as they were last seen while dragged by Israeli army trucks to unknown destinations."

Israeli Solider Says: Troops Competed to Kill Palestinians  1/20/02 Palestine Chronicle: "OCCUPIED JERUSALEM: In a special interview aired at Israeli television, Channel 2, and reported by the Palestinian News Agency, WAFA, a solider who was discharged from the Israeli army a week ago said that Israeli troops and special units carried out "unimaginable" practices against Palestinians."

Somali Bomb Assault Would Be 'Waste of Effort'  1/20/02 Sunday Times of London 

Somali Warlords Await US Rematch  1/20/02 Sunday Times of London: The US will again cover itself with glory going after some of the poorest people on the planet with a display of arrogance unequaled since … the last time they did it!

Bosnian Muslims Extradited to US  1/20/02 Ummah News: "The six men, all Bosnian nationals with Algerian descend, were arrested after September 11th and put on to trial for alleged plot on the U.S. Embassy. The men were found Not Guilty and were expecting to be released when they were informed that they were to be extradited to the United States to face the same charges. The six men, all Bosnian nationals with Algerian descend, were arrested after September 11th and put on to trial for alleged plot on the U.S. Embassy. The men were found Not Guilty and were expecting to be released when they were informed that they were to be extradited to the United States to face the same charges."

The Prime-Time Smearing of Sami Al-Arian  1/20/02 Ummah News: details on the University of South Florida's Al Arian case: "USF administrators fired the Kuwaiti-born professor after he appeared on national television for five minutes of punditry last fall. His crime? Not telling viewers that his views did not necessarily reflect those of the school. It was a tortured rationale that all but guaranteed future litigation." Turns out the media was egged on by a 6 year drumbeat cooked up by pro-Israeli "journalist" Steve Emerson.

Settler Assaults Guest of Hebron Peacemaker Team  1/20/02 WRMEA: "Dianne Roe and British activist Angie Zelter, on a week’s visit with the team, went to investigate. As they approached the market, they saw a group of young settler women trying to enter, with soldiers trying to prevent them. The young women called Zelter and Roe “Nazis.” Zelter then saw one of the girls throw a rock at a 75-year-old man, which hit him in the back of his head, causing profuse bleeding." Nazi thugs cleansing Germany in the 30's behaved no differently seeking "lebensraum," room to live in.

Saturday  1/19/02

topAn Israeli Submarine Took Part in Capture of Karine-A  1/19/02 Debka: very peculiar story these Israelis recount - "When all the boarding party was in place, the naval commandos commander, Yossi, went up to Captain Omar Akawi, with whom he had a previous personal acquaintance, and told him what was happening in Arabic. Akawi responded by offering to cooperate. He guided the assault team to the cargo of weapons crates and containers. He then took Yossi and a group of Israel commandos up to his cabin, where he handed over a pile of documents relating to the ship and its weapons cargo. Some of the documents were signed personally by Yasser Arafat and bore the official seals of the Palestinian Authority."

Saudis tell US forces to get out  1/19/02 Guardian, UK: No US paper would dare say this, they only talk about "maybe". Osama thus accomplishes a prime war aim. But the US won Afghanistan, right?

Israeli-Russian journalist calls for castration as anti-terror step  1/19/02 Haaretz, Israel: this is reported in an Israeli newspaper: sounds more like the 3rd Reich every day. Or American "eugenics" programs that were used to continue the genocide of Native Americans into the 30's and 40's, long after the last cavalry massacre. But then Hitler was a great admirer of US Indian policy!

Terror Profile May Add Asians and Africans  1/19/02 IHT: when did they ever stop?

Harappa And Tamil Culture  1/19/02 Intamm: India has its Aryans, its Hindu fundamentalists, its christians, its moslems, and its Dravidians, Harappans, and Tamil.

Israeli Journalist calls for Castration of Palestinians  1/19/02 Palestinian Chronicle: However, "what is even more surprising than the fact that the piece got published, is that the paper did not receive any responses from readers or public representatives of the Russian community. It should be noted that the paper is one of two leading dailies of the Russian community in Israel."

US, Israel engage in angry exchanges over arms ship  1/19/02 Palestinian Chronicle 

KU KLUX KLAN RALLY IN NEWPORT, TENNESSEE  1/19/02 Radio Havana: "Joe Roy, intelligence project director of the Klan-tracking Southern Poverty Law Center in Birmingham, Alabama said 50 to 200 Klan members from a half dozen states were expected at today's rally. He said that they think that the KKK are attempting to unify the Klan across the country."

Friday  1/18/02

topU.S. Developing Communication Strategy in Anti-Terrorism Campaign  1/18/02 Cryptome 

U.S. Denies Talk of Forces Vacating Saudi Arabia  1/18/02 Fox News: De Nial

What the army hides from the [Israeli] public  1/18/02 Haaretz, Israel: "The all-encompassing ban on entry to Area A does not really prevent those who want to buy a cheap sofa or some hashish. But it does limit hundreds, perhaps thousands, of Israelis who are fed up with the patronizing one-way filter through which the IDF passes its recycled, chewed up statements to the Israeli press. There are Israelis who are convinced that their moral and civic responsibility is to monitor closely what their government and army are up to. If these people could get into Area A and Gaza, they could come home and widen the circle of Israelis who are ready to hear something other than the IDF's interpretation of reality. They would see - and then explain - the real balance of forces, who is threatened and who is doing the threatening. They would see dozens of tanks (each weighing more than 50 tons) perched over neighborhoods from hilltops. They would see people forced to hike through wadis to get to home or work. They would see the armored outposts with machine gun barrels poking out of every crack, and they would see the countless observation towers surrounding Palestinian villages and towns. They would see with their own eyes the fields and orchards burned to the ground by the IDF as it departed. They would go to places where dozens of Palestinian children have been killed, and they would find out that no child throwing a rock or even a Molotov cocktail could have possibly harmed the soldiers there."

Saudis May Soon Ask U.S. to End Military Presence  1/18/02 IHT 

Arthur Andersen taking on IIM accounting  1/18/02 IndianZ: Another story you won't see in the mainstream "Pravdaesque" not to mention Kafkaesque press: "Arthur Andersen, the accounting firm embroiled in a scandal over the largest bankruptcy in U.S. history, has taken a major role in the Department of Interior's attempt to conduct an historical accounting of the trust assets of 300,000 American Indians." Said trust assets have been mismanaged and robbed by BIA for decades, so now that job falls to Arthur Andersen, who have honed their skills with Enron.

The Enron Inquiry: as Questions Get Louder, Cheney Stays Silent  1/18/02 LA Times 

Veep Tried to Aid Enron  1/18/02 New York Daily News: ""Good news is that the veep mentioned Enron in his meeting with [Indian opposition leader] Sonia Gandhi yesterday," a National Security Council aide wrote in a June 28 e-mail."

Professor In Court For Alleged Student Assault  1/18/02 On Detroit: "A Dearborn city attorney said that it was within professor John Azar's right to remove what he called a "disruptive student." Wayne County prosecutors disagreed and charged him."

Somalis in Twin Cities prepare for reaction  1/18/02 Pioneer Planet, Minneapolis 

Berated Philippine Govt. Backtracks on U.S. Troops  1/18/02 Reuters: there was the little matter of the Phillipines Constitution, which prohibits the stationing of foreign troops in country.

Afghan tribes balk at aiding search for Taliban: report  1/18/02 The News, Pakistan: more American defeats.

Kissinger in Track II diplomacy  1/18/02 Times of India: uh oh… "Former US secretary of state Henry Kissinger on Thursday met several top Indian leaders here as part of the US diplomatic efforts to reduce tension between India and Pakistan." The man who won a Nobel for threatening North Vietnam with nuclear holocaust at work again.

Saudis May Seek U.S. Exit  1/18/02 Washington Post: bin Laden victory: "Past and present U.S. officials said a Saudi decision to ask the Americans to pull forces out of their country could also complicate the Saudi-American relationship, which was put under great strain by the events of Sept. 11, and appear to give the impression of rewarding Osama bin Laden, who has vilified the royal family for hosting American troops, about 5,000 at the present time."

Thursday  1/17/02

topDetained Egyptian student forgives FBI  1/17/02 AP: "However, his lawyer, Robert Dunn, said he wants to know how investigators came to believe that the handheld radio was found in a safe in Higazy's room at the Millennium Hilton Hotel when it actually belonged to someone else staying one floor below his client." The Federal Bureau of Incompetence up to its old COINTELPRO.

Ex-Lieberman Aide Lobbied For Enron  1/17/02 AP: The CANF's boy at it again…

Former president of Enron to host fund-raiser for Gov. Bush  1/17/02 Florida Times-Union: "Kinder and his wife, Nancy, are strong Republican fund-raisers. They gave the maximum - $500 each - to the Florida governor's last campaign, according to state campaign funding records. They have also given more than $400,000 to President Bush and Republican Party accounts, according to the watchdog group Texans for Public Justice."

Leahy: Enrongate Shredder Has FBI Contract  1/17/02 NewsMax: "Arthur Andersen LLP, the company now battling for its survival in the wake of revelations that it shredded Enron documents last fall, has a $1 million contract with the Federal Bureau of Investigation that could give it access to information about the bureau's Enron probe, Sen. Pat Leahy, D-Vt., head of the Senate Judiciary Committee, revealed Wednesday."

SMITH REPS NORTHERN ALLIANCE  1/17/02 O'Dwyer's PR Daily: Dostum is a ruthless hoodlum and he hires a Republican PR firm to clean up his image…

Vietnam Specter Haunts Philippines as U.S. Troops Settle In  1/17/02 Pacific News Service: Another Vietnam? "While the Philippine government has welcomed U.S. troops to help in its fight against the Abu Sayyaf, a wide range of voices in the country charges that the presence of U.S. forces violates the country's constitution and threatens "Vietnamization" of the Philippines."

Pro-Israeli Congressmen Refuse to Meet Arafat  1/17/02 Palestinian Chronicle: The Democrats bowing down yet again to their ally: "A leading American congressman, US House minority leader Dick Gephardt, who earlier alleged to be visiting the region to help defuse the tension, refused to meet with Palestinian Authority (PA) President Yasser Arafat."

Rumsfeld hints at much broader military mission  1/17/02 Pioneer Planet, Minneapolis: The Empire ready to strike across the globe to avenge one bombing incident equivalent to less than 1% of the bombings they have invlicted on the world in the last 50 years. And Americans wonder when they hear that opinion leaders around the world are less than 100% sympathetic, if they ever hear it at all through their censored media.

6 Israelis dead and 30 injured  1/17/02 Ummah News: more depredations on the "wild west" frontier as colonists and natives continue their confrontation.

White House Backed Off Banking Laws: Bush Gave Enron Breathing Room  1/17/02 Village Voice: "One unexplored approach to unraveling the Enron scandal may lie in the company's use of offshore tax havens, which have scant banking-disclosure laws. The company had over 2800 subsidiaries, some 800 of which were headquartered in nations officially designated as tax havens, including the Cayman Islands. In its lengthy study of Enron, the watchdog Public Citizen argues that by stashing money in this myriad of subsidiaries, Enron could conceivably hide from a growing list of creditors as well as U.S. tax investigators. Indeed, Enron appears not only to have paid no taxes for four of the past five years, but also may have been eligible for hundreds of millions in refunds." Clinton was coming down on these tax havens, Bush reversed course.

Europe GPS Plan Shelved  1/17/02 Wired: US rules: "Exasperated European officials say U.S. pressure appears to have torpedoed a $3 billion project to build a European version of the U.S. global positioning system, which uses signals from orbiting satellites to track geographical position within 36 meters. The proposed system, dubbed Galileo, was intended to give Europeans more autonomy, both industrially and militarily. That's no small concern, since the United States can selectively block access to GPS, as it has during the military campaign in Afghanistan."

Wednesday  1/16/02

topDjibouti Envoy Says 'Fight Terrorism but Help Somalia'  1/16/02 All Africa 

Facts Find Sept. 11 Myths Misleading  1/16/02 AP: nice try on the part of the US conservatives to persuade their country that they are all becoming good right wing christians. From AP, no less.

Palestinians arrest PFLP chief  1/16/02 Arab News 

Saudi family to sue US government for kidnapping  1/16/02 Arab News: "A Saudi family, which claims that one of its members was "kidnapped" by US intelligence in Pakistan, has decided to sue the United States government, an Arabic newspaper reported yesterday. Relatives said they lost track of Abdullah Al-Matrafi, director of the Wafa charity, on Dec. 10 after he called them from Lahore airport in Pakistan, shortly before he was supposed to board an Emirates flight to Jeddah via Dubai."

US charges Walker with conspiracy  1/16/02 Boston Globe 

Subverting the Geneva Convention  1/16/02 Counterpunch: "Next I learn that the prisoners were also forcibly shaved, head and beard, (a deliberate desecration of their religious beliefs). Perhaps this is the reason for both the bag over the head and the Pentagon's fear of photographs? What does a malnourished human being with a shaved head shackled in chains remind you of?"

War crimes threats prompt plans to defend IDF officers  1/16/02 Haaretz, Israel: "The survey checked which European countries include clauses in their legislation which could lead to the arrest of senior Israel Defense Forces officers and other Israeli security officials, and found that the legal systems of Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Belgium and Britain may allow such arrests." The same laws would work on US officers?

As the bombs continue to fall, another US aircraft lands in Afghanistan.  1/16/02 Independent, UK: "This time the mission is reconciliation, as victims of 11 September meet civilian victims of the war on terror." The State Department does not like this Global Exchange effort…

Arabs Lynch Elderly Jewish Man  1/16/02 Israel National News: the brutalities of occupation: just as the Apaches did to settlers in their area. Never mind dressing this up as antisemitism, it is a result of colonial policies.

Spying on America  1/16/02 NewsMax: ""We have seen the Fox News segments that aired several weeks ago on this topic and found some inaccuracies with it. Because they are sensitive issues, I do not have the luxury of discussing what precisely was accurate and what was inaccurate about their reporting," stated Paul Bresson, spokesman for the FBI." Ther stories may have come down from the Fox web site, but the FBI is taking it seriously. How competent will they be?

Black pledge draws angry e-mails  1/16/02 Oklahoman 

Villagers cower as US bombs fall, 24 hours a day  1/16/02 Sydney Morning Herald: "Fifteen people were killed two days ago in Shudiaki village, says Noorz Ali, driving a pick-up truck piled with a wheelbarrow, a brass basin, and four baby goats - the pitiable sum of his belongings as he joins the exodus for the safety of the plains."

US blocks Israeli arms sales to India  1/16/02 Times of India: eliminating a rival?

American civilian held hostage by tribal chiefs  1/16/02 Times, UK: "Clark Bowers, a political consultant from Alabama, apparently was trying to deliver medical supplies when he rang his wife to report his plight...Mr Bowers is a long-time friend of Dana Rohrabacher, a Californian congressman, who put out a statement yesterday saying that he had tried to dissuade Mr Bowers from travelling. One of Mr Rohrabacher’s aides described Mr Bowers as a “thrill-seeker in a war zone”. Mr Bowers told his wife Amanda in a brief, sketchy phone call that he had been robbed of all his belongings and was being held by captors demanding a ransom. The State Department was treating the reports “very seriously”. " Some friend!

Tuesday  1/15/02

topUS troops in mission to crush bin Laden allies in Philippines  1/15/02 AFP: looking for the lost Imam?

Author blames Vatican for Holocaust  1/15/02 BBC 

The Bush-Enron Lovefest Connections  1/15/02 Buzzflash 

Atta, The Times and the Iraqi Agent  1/15/02 Counterpunch: "Said the Times: "Mr. Gross and other Czech officials suggested earlier this month that while there was evidence that Mr. Atta had visited Prague, there was none he had actually met with Iraqi agents. It was unclear what prompted them to revise their conclusions, although it seemed possible that American officials, concerned about the political implications of Iraqi involvement in terror attacks, had put pressure on the Czechs to keep quiet."

Lieberman: Beware Iraq  1/15/02 Hartford Courant: go Lieberman! Persuing terrorism wherever it leads, except of course among his narcoterrorist CANF sponsors (see Lieberman a close ally of Miami's Cuban exiles

Israel sends in its death squads and more bulldozers  1/15/02 Independent, UK: ethnic cleansing

Senator Sees End to U.S. Military Use of Saudi Base  1/15/02 Reuters: "The chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee (news - web sites) said on Tuesday the U.S. military might need to end operations at a Saudi Arabian air base given the restrictions on U.S. military personnel there." The bases were built at the cost of billions, part of which went to the bin Laden family construction company. The move would be a tremendous defeat for Americans -- it is one of bin Laden's major war aims.

U.S. Says Walker Knew of Suicide Missions  1/15/02 Reuters 

Why is U.S. flouting rules on prisoners?  1/15/02 Toronto Star: "But if Sept. 11 was an act of war, then it becomes, in a weird way, less monstrous. Both New York City and the Pentagon are legitimate wartime targets — the former economic, the latter military. Anyone waging war on the U.S. would have targeted Manhattan in the hope of damaging the American economy — as the World Trade Center attack did. So if Sept. 11 was an act of war, why are those captured in the aftermath not treated as prisoners of war? It is considered legitimate self-defence for the U.S. and its allies to invade Afghanistan. Why is it not considered equally legitimate for the Afghans and their allies to resist this invasion?"

Monday  1/14/02

topHerbicide Problems [in Columbia]  1/14/02 60 Minutes: genocide. The victims are largely poor farmers, many of them of Indian and African heritage.

CIA: Bin Laden Escaped Afghanistan  1/14/02 ABC News: "In a major setback to the war on terrorism, CIA analysts have concluded bin Laden escaped from the Tora Bora cave complex in eastern Afghanistan and into Pakistan around the first week of December, intelligence officials said."

Judge Prevents Fingerprint Experts From Identifying 'Match'  1/14/02 ABC News: "That Pollak, a former dean of the Yale Law School and well-respected senior federal judge, was the first to question fingerprint evidence is significant, some experts said. "I think a ruling from a judge of his stature will carry a lot of weight," said Simon A. Cole, author of Suspect Identities: A History of Fingerprinting and Criminal Identification. "It's a significant ruling. There are now judges on two sides of the issue, and other judges will be able to pick one."

Media Abide by Pentagon Order Forbidding Photos of Prisoners  1/14/02 AP: freedom of the press: "We signed papers that said we would not publish photos that endangered a military operation," Curtis said. "There are no military implications for these photos, only political."

Mideast Doves Form Peace Coalition  1/14/02 AP: "Leading Israeli and Palestinian moderates got together with hugs and handshakes Monday, announcing a joint initiative to revive peace talks after 16 months of fighting."

CARICOM Eyes Role in Trinidad's Political Crisis  1/14/02 Black World Today 

American forces 'may be breaking PoW convention'  1/14/02 Independent, UK: "may be"? "The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said yesterday that those being held by American forces must be counted as prisoners of war under the Geneva Convention, and were, therefore, entitled to the full protection offered by it… Some of the terms used by America to describe the prisoners, such as "battlefield detainees", have no legal meaning, the ICRC says." Hard to see how "battlefield detainee" is not equal to POW. If an American were captured, would not the US be calling him a POW?

Snapshot of Professional and Economic Interests Reveals Close Ties Between Government, Business  1/14/02 The Public I: "The average net worth of 15 of the top Bush cabinet officials, including the President and Vice President, was between $9.9 and $28.9 million. That’s more than ten times the average net worth of the cabinet officials who were their immediate predecessors, according to a Center for Public Integrity analysis of executive branch personal financial disclosure forms." Surprise… and silence!

America quietly changes war aim  1/14/02 Times, UK: The naīve but brutal Americans are glossing over their defeat, which stems from a cowboy personification of an enemy who is far more than just one man, since the groups which make up Al Qaeda have a long and independent existence and the conditions which breed them have only been reinforced by a war strategy which is designed to maximize US military industrial profits for many years to come.

MI5 balk at files being opened  1/14/02 Times, UK 

Saudis defy US pressure to revise curriculum.  1/14/02 Ummah News: brainwash the kids so they stop protesting: that always works, right?

How journalists are censored  1/14/02 Voz de Aztlan: The Asper family recently distinguished itself by issuing an edict that there were to be no articles critical of Israel in their many Canadian papers.

Israeli army under fire for mass house demolitions in Gaza  1/14/02 Yahoo 


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"There is one safeguard known generally to the wise, which is an advantage and security to all, but especially to Democracies as against despots: suspicion." -- Demosthenes


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Estimates of the total number of Muslims range from 0.7 to 1.2 billion worldwide and 3 to 6 million in the U.S. About 20% of all people on earth follow Islam. The religion is in a period of rapid growth.

Christianity is currently the largest religion in the world. It is followed by about 33% of all people -- a percentage that has remaind stable for decades. It is expected that, if current trends continue, Islam will become the most popular religion sometime in the mid-21st century.


Death from Americatop

Iraq news: Soaring death rates among Iraqi children, 1999 BBC, UNICEF 500,000 child deaths

Ramsey Clark: Report to UN Security Council re: Iraq, 1/26/2000
1.5 million deaths

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