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    World News
1/7/02 - 1/13/02

Sunday  1/13/02

Infiltrating SA security  1/13/02 Africa Analysis: Apartheid redux - "A US-based company now controls one of the largest groups of private, paramilitary 'armed response' units in South Africa. At the same time, there are allegations at a senior level within the government and the governing party, that Britain's external security organisation, MI6, has gained a dominant influence in the country's élite 'Scorpions' crime fighting unit."

Internet and the changing pattern in social values  1/13/02 Arab News, Saudi Arabia: From Saudi Arabia itself! "The Internet is now a great influence on human behavior and relationships. Its influence can also be viewed as a changing pattern in middle class social values. Great exposure to the Internet and an opportunity to communicate with other people in other societies has led to this tremendous alteration in social values."

Labour MPs protest as CIA gets power to snoop on any house in Britain  1/13/02 Independent, UK: 1984, the good old days…

US steps up hunt for the man groomed to succeed Bin Laden  1/13/02 Independent, UK: "Officials have identified Abu Zubeida, an elusive thirtysomething Palestinian, as the man selected to take over the mantle and try to help al-Qa'ida regroup. Up to this point he has been acting as an emissary for Mr bin Laden – liaising with various elements of the network, including those who carried out the attacks of 11 September."

As Jury Selection Begins In H. Rap Brown Case, Rights Group Criticizes Alleged Sentencing Strategy  1/13/02 NNPA: H. Rap Brown (Jamil Adbullah Al-Alamin) to be sentenced to death on the basis of his political beliefs: "In an open letter to Fulton County, Ga. District Attorney Paul Howard, Amnesty International says it was disturbed by reports that prosecutors, seeking the death penalty against Al-Amin, would reportedly introduce excerpts from Imam Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin's two books, his 1969 autobiography, ''Die, Nigger, Die!'' and ''Revolution By the Book,'' a 1993 memoir written after Al-Amin converted to Islam." Bomb Afghanistan, kill 4,000 civilians, pull the switch on Rap Brown, kill, kill, kill. Don't be surprised if this breeads more terrorism.

Powell defends Israeli military action in Gaza  1/13/02 Sydney Morning Herald: Why the Arab world has little love for the US…

Indonesian Muslim leaders wary of U.S. motives.  1/13/02 Ummah News 

Saturday  1/12/02

topManila may use American troops  1/12/02 Guardian, UK 

US challenged on terrorist evidence  1/12/02 Guardian, UK 

Black Hawk Down: Shoot first, don't ask questions afterwards  1/12/02 Independent 

3 Chester men stop talking to FBI  1/12/02 Philadelphia Inquirer: The Federal Bureau of Incompetency looking to duplicate its recent success in the case of the Egyptian who "confessed" and was "caught" with a pilot's radio near WTC. You go boys!

FATHER OF WASHINGTON, DC CAR-BOMBING VICTIM DEMANDS JUSTICE  1/12/02 Radio Havana: all terrorists are not created equal: "Murry Karpen writes that he has learned from Washington sources that the FBI found sufficient evidence to indict Pinochet for his role in blowing up Orlando Letelier's car. But the indictment apparently sits unsigned on the desk of the U.S. attorney."

Kandahar comes out of the closet  1/12/02 Times, UK: "Kandahar’s Pashtuns have been notorious for their homosexuality for centuries, particularly their fondness for naive young boys. Before the Taleban arrived in 1994, the streets were filled with teenagers and their sugar daddies, flaunting their relationship."

Inside Report: Lieberman's stock rising  1/12/02 Town Hall: The CANF's boy at the top!

Friday  1/11/02

topEast Africa summit agrees Somalia talks  1/11/02 BBC 

California Mulls Death Penalty, Wiretaps for Terrorists  1/11/02 CNS News: Given the very fuzzy definition of terrorist, this should allow the State to kill just about anyone they want!

Governmental Monitoring of Internet Traffic  1/11/02 Cryptome: "A major US ISP which is a subsidiary of a foreign corporation hosts a US government operation to monitor all traffic handled by the ISP at a central network operations center. This operation was set up as a condition for the foreign corporation to acquire the ISP and as far as known is not the result of a court order."

Lieberman Bipartisan Role at Risk in Enron Probe  1/11/02 Forward: "The investigation poses a unique challenge for Mr. Lieberman, one of the most conservative Democrats on Capitol Hill: how to maintain a public persona as a reserved centrist while tackling a scandal that could intensify the growing partisanship in the capital."

Al-Qaida helped to flee, US says  1/11/02 Gurardian, UK: "Al-Qaida fighters are escaping from Afghanistan in large numbers, eastwards through Pakistan and westwards through Iran, with the help of hardline anti-American elements in the security services of both countries, US intelligence sources said yesterday."

Teacher with anti-war views removed from teaching mass media class  1/11/02 Naples Daily News, Florida 

US begins withdrawal from Pak bases  1/11/02 Times of India: And this has nothing to do with Al Qaeda, or anything it fostered in Kashmir, of course!

Taleban back in black to plot return  1/11/02 Times, UK: The gullible Americans don't yet quite understand that the Russians took Kabul in 2 days then had hell to pay for 10 years.

US base in Kandahar comes under fire: military spokesman  1/11/02 Yahoo 

Thursday  1/10/02

topConsumers Want Bin Laden But Government Says No  1/10/02 Black World Today: in Egypt - the long reach of American $$$

In South Africa, many blacks convert to Islam  1/10/02 Christian Science Monitor: "The faith is attracting both poor shantytown dwellers who appreciate Islam's emphasis on charity, and young intellectuals attracted by the faith's focus on lifestyle and social reform."

Israeli Rights Group Assails Army  1/10/02 Counterpunch: "The report, by the Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories, or B'Tselem, covers the fatal shootings of 15 Palestinians, at least nine of whom were unarmed, by the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) after the army's incursion into the Palestinian-controlled Bethlehem region last October 19-25. B'Tselem's investigation found that "in all the cases described in the report, no shots were fired toward IDF soldiers from the immediate vicinity of the civilians who were killed."

Federal Policy on Use of Potassium  1/10/02 Cryptome: Potassium Iodide is taken to reduce risks from radiation

Documents Show Nazis Planned to Eliminate Christianity  1/10/02 Fox News 

Anti-Semitism: France’s National Shame  1/10/02 Front Page 

US asks Israel to downplay talks on Phalcon sale to India  1/10/02 Hindustani Times 

Colombia prepares for war against FARC rebels  1/10/02 Jane's 

Saudis Shocked -- Bush Energy Move Terrifies Middle East  1/10/02 Pacific News 

New Israeli Settlement Projects in the Occupied Palestinian Territory  1/10/02 Palestine Chronicle: "RAMALLAH(Palestine Media Center): Palestinian sources revealed on 7 December that Israeli Moraih Company (Jerusalem Development Company) approved on 7 December to carry out illegal development projects in Israeli settlement areas in Occupied East Jerusalem valued at approximately 10 million US dollars."

Why the Occupation Will End  1/10/02 Palestine Chronicle: cogent analysis

PREPARATIONS FOR NEXT WAR: SOMALIA (12/19/01; updated 1/10/02)  1/10/02 Peter Dale Scott 

U.S. Lending Legitimacy to Russia's Chechnya Campaign  1/10/02 Stratfor 

Powell orders watch on 'lawless country'  1/10/02 Telegraph, UK: ""And one place that's been mentioned particularly is Somalia, because it is quite a lawless place without much of a government and because of past affiliation with such activity." The US army suffered its heaviest day of combat casualties since Vietnam in Mogadishu on Oct 3, 1993, when 18 soldiers were killed, 82 injured and one captured." Not mentioning the 1000+ Somali men, women, and chilldren killed on that day. But that's D. Whitman.

'US targets' in Somalia running for cover  1/10/02 Telegraph, UK: "Militia leaders are already giving the Americans lists of "terrorists". Some may be genuine, but often they are rivals the leaders are keen to dispose of." The Gestapo was also used to settle scores under the German occupation: without any due process, how could it be otherwise?

US to mount raids into Pak to hunt Laden  1/10/02 Times of India 

US may drug PoWs on way to Cuba  1/10/02 Times, UK 

CIA orders Arafat to seize and freeze bank accounts of charitable societies in Palestine  1/10/02 Ummah News: "The American Central Intelligence Agency has ordered Palestinian Authority President Yasser Arafat to seize and freeze the financial assets of all charitable societies operating in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, sources close to the PA leadership said today." Shameful Imperium.

US Military Plane Shot Down in Afghanistan  1/10/02 Ummah News: "Mujahideen fighters in Afghanistan claim to have shot down a C-130 Hercules transport plane late Wednesday afternoon, on its way from the Bagram Airbase North of Kabul, towards Islamabad in Pakistan."

'When trying to be too clever by half'.  1/10/02 Ummah News: "Thoughtful commentators who occasionally take time to read a map or two, pointed out that the ship, christened the "Karine-A", was not sailing in sea lanes where it could expect to evade Arik's tight blockade and smuggle the load of weapons to Palestine, which is being held hostage by Arik. The Karine-A was not even near enough to Palestine to drop cases of arms into the sea off the coast where Palestinian fishermen could pick them up."

Terrorists moving from Somalia  1/10/02 Washington Times: from the Rev. Sun Young Moon's Unification Church

Ethiopia says no reason to deploy troops in Somalia  1/10/02 Yahoo: "On Tuesday, the speaker of Somalia's transitional parliament, Abdalla Derrow Issak, repeated an accusation that Ethiopia wanted to topple Somalia's transitional government by sending troops and military hardware to Puntland, an autonomous region in northeast Somalia."

Wednesday  1/9/02

topIsraeli legislator apologizes for ethnic slur against U.S. ambassador  1/9/02 ABC News: "Parliament member Zvi Hendel, a member of the National Union party, on Tuesday described U.S. Ambassador Daniel Kurtzer an Orthodox Jew as a "Yehudon," a Hebrew insult meaning "Jewboy."

US Does Missile Deal With Greenpeace USA For Five Years  1/9/02 AFP: the hazards of protesting under the imperium

Police Brutality Sparks Outrage  1/9/02 Black World Today: ""I don't know how citizens can feel that extra-judicial killings can have nothing to do with them. Police brutality does not take down the crime rate, as we have seen in Jamaica, " said Backer. " And CIA has had its nefarious influence in both places over the years, militarizing the police and the political thugs.

NYT Buries Story of Airstrikes on Afghan Civilians  1/9/02 FAIR 

Activists at Bush visit protest Afghan civilian deaths  1/9/02 Foster's: "What about the dead Afghani children, President Bush?" Rob Wolff shouted before being shoved back into his seat. Following Bush’s remarks, Wolff said he opposes the war because it will make a difficult situation worse. "It’s only going to increase anti-American sentiment across the world," the 22-year-old sophomore said. "It’s killing thousands of innocent Afghani civilians. It’s not ultimately going to make us any safer really."

Ex-Black Panther says murder trial is FBI conspiracy  1/9/02 Guardian, UK 

McCARTHYISM IS ALIVE AND KICKING IN WASHINGTON  1/9/02 Radio Havana: "As Mme Roland mounted the steps of the guillotine during the height of the French Revolution she looked at the familiar statue of Liberty placed near the scaffold and cried out, "Oh, Liberty! What crimes are committed in your name!"

Bad Intelligence Causing Pentagon-CIA Rift  1/9/02 Stratfor: "On the other side of the payoff are cagey and ruthless Afghan clan leaders or warlords, who trade purported knowledge of the whereabouts of Omar or bin Laden for cash, weapons or food. They know how to exploit the inability of many field agents to distinguish between credible and obviously false reports. If he is particularly skillful, a good tribal leader can also convince an operative that a local rival is actually harboring Omar and should be bombed."

Israel kills Palestinian boys then steals their organs for transplants.  1/9/02 Ummah News: "Israeli Minister of Health Nessim Dahhan said in response to a question by Arab Knesset Member Ahmed Teibi that he couldn't deny that organs of Palestinian youths and children killed by the Israeli forces were taken out for transplants or scientific research." as per orders of Dr. Mengele

Christer Americans Want Crusade - Osama Was Right  1/9/02 Village Voice 

Somali president rules out US strike on his country  1/9/02 Yahoo 

Tuesday  1/8/02

topTarget Somalia: A Hidden U.S. Agenda?  1/8/02 Alternet 

Michigan congressman forced to strip to underwear for security at Washington airport  1/8/02 AP: "Security guards at Washington's Reagan National Airport forced U.S. Rep. John Dingell to strip to his underwear before boarding a flight to Detroit."

Jury selection begins for Al-Amin murder trial  1/8/02 Arab News, Saudi Arabia 

Political dissent can bring federal agents to door  1/8/02 Christian Science Monitor: ""All of this speaks to the new McCarthyism, where political dissent is being equaled to treason," Mr. Steinhardt says. "It's a very frightening trend: that people are doing nothing more than expressing the very freedoms that we are fighting to preserve - and find themselves with the FBI at their door."

Explosive New Book Published in France Alleges that U.S. Was in Negotiations to Do a Deal with Taliban  1/8/02 CNN: US media ignored this for almost two months…

Busta Ryhmes Speaks Out About 9-11  1/8/02 Davey D: "September 11th is an issue that supersedes whatever we got goin on. It's a lot deeper than us. It's George Bush and their corruptive legacy, you know I'm not disrespecting America, but as an American I feel as Americans we're entitled to the truth about what's really going on with America and their business." Amen.


Arms Seizure Backfires, Wounds Israel  1/8/02 Stratfor: From a respected strategic forecasting firm: "Israeli naval commandos seized a vessel loaded with arms in the Red Sea on Jan. 4. Israel claims the weapons came from Iran and were bound for the Palestinian territories. But the circumstances surrounding the shipment and details that emerged after its seizure have raised questions about the entire incident and, more importantly, about Israel's credibility. Audiences in Europe and the United States now will be more likely to question other Israeli claims concerning Palestinians." Getting a little clumsy there, boys.

U.S. must approach Somalia with caution  1/8/02 Sunspot, Maryland 

Radical Muslims to bring terror to Britain, militant vows  1/8/02 Sydney Morning Herald 

1,300 enemy men killed by handful of Green Berets  1/8/02 Telegraph, UK 

Who Killed John O'Neill?  1/8/02 The Daily Brew 

Colombia says IRA sent 25 to train rebels  1/8/02 Times, UK 

After Afghanistan, US likely to focus on Indonesia, Philippines: Wolfowitz  1/8/02 Yahoo 

Monday  1/7/02

topEthiopian troops 'deploy' in Somalia  1/7/02 BBC 

Danny Glover Under Attack  1/7/02 Black World Today: "As the totalitarianism rustles continue to rise across the American landscape sowing intolerance, more and more progressive voices are being targeted. Danny Glover is the latest."

The Nixon Story You Never Heard  1/7/02 Counterpunch: "On that December day Nixon agreed to cover-up a criminally insubordinate spying operation conducted by the Joint Chiefs of Staff inside the National Security Council because of the military's strong, visceral dislike of Nixon's foreign policy. In particular, the JCS thought Nixon gone "soft on communism" by reaching out to the Chinese and Russians, and they resented Vietnamization as a way to end the war."

Bloody evidence of US blunder  1/7/02 Guardian, UK: "Some of the things his follow-on reporters missed: bloodied children's shoes and skirts, bloodied school books, the scalp of a woman with braided grey hair, butter toffees in red wrappers, wedding decorations. The charred meat sticking to rubble in black lumps could have been Osama bin Laden's henchmen but survivors said it was the remains of farmers, their wives and children, and wedding guests."

Peres backs India’s claim for UN Security Council seat  1/7/02 Hindustan Times: as one ethnic supremacist to another?

Afghan Jail Described as Having 50 to a Cell - Conditions Are Deadly, Aid Groups Say  1/7/02 IHT 

Kissinger Had a Hand in 'Dirty War'  1/7/02 Insight: more war crimes… in the pages of a Sun Young Moon publication, no less.

Taliban planned to supplant the Cali Cartel  1/7/02 Online Journal 

US risks Arab backlash with ring of military bases  1/7/02 Sydney Morning Herald: "Since September 11, Pentagon sources say, military tent cities have sprung up at 13 locations in nine countries neighbouring Afghanistan, substantially extending the network of bases in the region. From Bulgaria and Uzbekistan to Turkey, Kuwait and beyond, more than 60,000 US military personnel are stationed in these forward bases. While they make it easier for the US to project its power, they may also increase prospects for renewed terrorist attacks on Americans. The build-up, which is occurring with almost no public discussion, has passed virtually unnoticed outside the region - partly for reasons of operational security in Afghanistan, but also because Washington and host governments have agreed not to discuss the bases in public."

US Senate delegation arrives in Afghanistan  1/7/02 Time of India: Sen Lieberman, the CANF creation…


topWorld News

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