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4/11/05 - 5/1/2005

Sunday  5/1/2005

topItaly media reveals Iraq details  5/1/2005 BBC: "A Greek medical student at Bologna University who was surfing the web early on Sunday found that with two simple clicks of his computer mouse he could restore censored portions of the report. He passed the details to Italian newspapers which immediately put out the full text on their own websites. The missing text contains the names and ranks of all of the American military personnel involved in the killing of Nicola Calipari, the Italian agent who was given a state funeral and awarded Italy's highest medal of valour."

Saturday  4/30/2005

topHugo Chavez: U.S. citizens are oppressed by their own government  4/30/2005 CNN 

Army pair's tactics eyed - Student-led sting ensnarls recruiters  4/30/2005 Rocky Mountain News: "The report featured David McSwane, an Arvada West High School honors student and editor of his school newspaper, who was "curious" to see what recruiters at a Golden recruitment facility would do if he told them he wanted to join the Army as a high school dropout with a serious marijuana problem. McSwane, 17, said he had read about the challenges the military was facing in recruiting and wanted to find out "how desperate they really are." ...Starting in January, McSwane met with two recruiters in Golden several times and secretly taped a series of phone calls with them. On the tapes, one recruiter is apparently heard encouraging McSwane to create a fake high school diploma to cover for the fact that he had dropped out. "It can be like Faith Hill Baptist School or something - whatever you choose," the recruiter said. McSwane said he bought a phony diploma, complete with a transcript, from a Web site for $200. He was told that it passed the Army's academic evaluation. ...McSwane got a friend to film another recruiter driving him to a store to purchase a detoxification kit to rid his system of supposed marijuana traces. By the middle of March, McSwane was asked to sign a routine paper attesting that everything he had told recruiters was true."

Evangelical Christians dominate Air Force Academy, report says  4/30/2005 Seattle Times: "Religious intolerance is systemic and pervasive at the Air Force Academy and, if nothing changes, it could result in "prolonged and costly" litigation, according to a report issued by a group advocating strict separation of church and state. The 14-page report, released Thursday, listed incidents of mandatory prayers, proselytizing by teachers, insensitivity to religious minorities and allegations that evangelical Christianity is the preferred faith at the institution. "I think this is the most serious, military-related systemic problem I have ever seen in the decades I've been doing this work," said Barry Lynn, executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State. "There is a clear preference for Christianity at the academy, so that everyone else feels like a second-class citizen." "

Friday  4/29/2005

topBrazil reassured on Venezuela-US  4/29/2005 BBC: "Brazil's president says his concerns over tensions between the US and Venezuela have been dispelled after talks with the US secretary of state."

Posada has something on Bush, says expert on Kennedy case  4/29/2005 Granma: "Dankbaar, also a Dutch businessman, who has made a documentary on the assassination of Kennedy titled Second Look, has shown how one of the three individuals arrested by Dallas police shortly after the crime placed Luis Posada Carriles in Dealey Square in that same city at the moment of the assassination."

Are newspapers covering Akbar case under a military gag order and not reporting it?  4/29/2005 Media Matters: "The restrictions on the press reportedly include a ban on speaking without permission to any civilians or soldiers at the Fort Bragg, North Carolina, Army base where the trial was held. The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, and the Associated Press have all covered the trial, but none has reported allegations that the Department of Defense (DOD) imposed restrictions on coverage, nor did they report -- as would be the case if DOD did, in fact, enforce such a policy -- that their own reporters agreed to and complied with those restrictions. While it is not known whether those papers actually acceded to the restrictions as a condition of getting access to the trial, none of the four media organizations -- all of which evidently attended the proceedings -- in fact included any quotes from civilians or soldiers on the base who were not involved in the trial."

Thursday  4/28/2005

topThey shoot journalists, don't they? By Pepe Escobar  4/28/2005 Asia Times: "There was no checkpoint, Sgrena told Klein. "It was simply a tank parked on the side of the road that opened fire on us. It was not a checkpoint. They didn't try to stop us, they just shot us. They have a way to signal us to stop, but they didn't give us any signals to stop and they were at least 10 meters off the street to the side." The crucial part is that Sgrena says the Toyota was shot from behind - which contradicts the Pentagon version of soldiers shooting in self-defense. According to Klein, "Sgrena really stressed that the bullet that injured her so badly came from behind, entered through the back of the car. And the only person who was not severely injured in the car was the driver, and she said that this is because the shots weren't coming from the front ... They were driving away." This might explain why the Pentagon apparently blocked the Italian government from inspecting the Toyota, even though the Italian government had bought the car from the rental agency after the shooting. Sgrena is 100% sure: "It was not self-defense. The soldiers were to the right of us on the side of the road, they started to shoot from the right and kept shooting from behind. Most of the shots came from behind. Calipari was shot from the right and I was shot in the shoulder from behind. When we stopped, they were behind us. We could see that all the back windows of the car were broken from behind ... They didn't try to stop the car and they shot at least 10 bullets at the level of people sitting inside the car."

Wednesday  4/27/2005

topVenezuela's President Chavez to Visit Cuba  4/27/2005 PolitInfo 

Cité Soleil under siege: Haiti’s elite, UN and fat cat NGOs paralyzed  4/27/2005 SF Bay View: "Evidence shows these poor neighborhoods have been victims to fragmentation and incendiary type bombs lobbed into the community by UN forces over the past few days. One victim of the shrapnel explained: “We were sleeping when the bomb exploded. It sent metal fragments to kill people everywhere. It landed in a large pool of water that became filled with fire before exploding. It nearly burned down my house. At first I didn’t feel anything, but my son said I was bleeding from my side.” A Lavalas militant stated, “The Jordanians are the most brutal among the UN forces. We are not stupid. We realize the Jordanian people could never live up to the one-man one-vote formula dictated to us by the international community. We have contact with Jordanians who say they are living under an undemocratic dictatorship in their own country. “What has the U.S. promised them in military aid to oppress our people in the name of democracy? Look it up in the record. Every single nation that is participating in the UN coalition in Haiti receives large funding from the Pentagon. All we ask is that you do your homework."

US and Brazil Do Not See Eye-To-Eye on Venezuela  4/27/2005 Venezuela Analysis 

The National Housewives’ Union in Venezuela  4/27/2005 Znet 

Tuesday  4/26/2005

topBrazil’s Black Civil Rights Activists Achieving Overdue Policy Reform  4/26/2005 Americas Program 

When authorities screen your children for mental illness ...  4/26/2005 Mother Jones: "Aliah Gleason is a big, lively girl with a round face, a quick wit, and a sharp tongue. She's 13 and in eighth grade at Dessau Middle School in Pflugerville, Texas, an Austin suburb, but could pass for several years older. She is the second of four daughters of Calvin and Anaka Gleason, an African American couple who run a struggling business taking people on casino bus trips… Six weeks later, in January 2004, a child-protection worker went to Aliah's school, interviewed her, then summoned Calvin Gleason to the school and told him to take Aliah to Austin State Hospital, a state mental facility. He refused, and after a heated conversation, she placed Aliah in emergency custody and had a police officer drive her to the hospital. The Gleasons would not be allowed to see or even speak to their daughter for the next five months, and Aliah would spend a total of nine months in a state psychiatric hospital and residential treatment facilities. While in the hospital, she was placed in restraints more than 26 times and medicated -- against her will and without her parents' consent -- with at least 12 different psychiatric drugs, many of them simultaneously."

Justice Sunday Preachers  4/26/2005 The Nation: "Senate majority leader Bill Frist appeared through a telecast as a speaker at "Justice Sunday," at the invitation of the event's main sponsor, Family Research Council president Tony Perkins. "Justice Sunday" was promoted as a rally to portray Democrats as being "against people of faith." Many of the speakers compared the plight of conservative Christians to the civil rights movement. But in sharing the stage with Perkins, who introduced him to the rally, Frist was associating himself with someone who has longstanding ties to racist organizations. Four years ago, Perkins addressed the Louisiana chapter of the Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC), America's premier white supremacist organization, the successor to the White Citizens Councils, which battled integration in the South. In 1996 Perkins paid former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke $82,000 for his mailing list. At the time, Perkins was the campaign manager for a right-wing Republican candidate for the US Senate in Louisiana. The Federal Election Commission fined the campaign Perkins ran $3,000 for attempting to hide the money paid to Duke."

The Good Terrorist  4/26/2005 Washington Post 

Monday  4/25/2005

topChavez says U.S. military officers spread negative image of Venezuelan government  4/25/2005 AP: "Chavez said that a woman in the U.S. armed forces had been detained by authorities while taking pictures of military installations in central Venezuela. He did not identify her or say whether she had been released. ``If she or any other U.S. official does this kind of activity again, they will be imprisoned and face trial in Venezuela,'' he said. Chavez also said several American journalists were detained taking pictures of a refinery 60 miles west of Caracas. He did not elaborate except to say they were released. Chavez said the cases indicated the U.S. might be planning to invade Venezuela."

U.S. Prison Population Soars in 2003, '04  4/25/2005 AP: "He said many of those incarcerated are not serious or violent offenders, but are low-level drug offenders. Young said the prison population could be lowered by introducing drug treatment programs that offer effective ways of changing behavior and by providing appropriate assistance for the mentally ill. According to the Justice Policy Institute, which advocates a more lenient system of punishment, the United States has a higher rate of incarceration than any other country, followed by Britain, China, France, Japan and Nigeria. There were 726 inmates for every 100,000 U.S. residents by June 30, 2004, compared with 716 a year earlier, according to the report by the Justice Department agency. In 2004, one in every 138 U.S. residents was in prison or jail; the previous year it was one in every 140. In 2004, 61 percent of prison and jail inmates were of racial or ethnic minorities, the government said. An estimated 12.6 percent of all black men in their late 20s were in jails or prisons, as were 3.6 percent of Hispanic men and 1.7 percent of white men in that age group, the report said."

Evidence that the U.S. May Be Losing the Global War on Terror  4/25/2005 Independent Institute: "According to Larry Johnson, a former CIA analyst and State Department terrorism expert who still has many sources within the intelligence community, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s office is suppressing data showing that the number of major terrorist attacks worldwide exploded from 175 in 2003 to 625 in 2004, the highest number since the Cold War began to wane in 1985. U.S. officials said that when analysts at the National Counterterrorism Center declined the office of the secretary’s invitation to use a methodology that would reduce the number of terrorist attacks, her office terminated publication of the State Department’s annual “Patterns of Global Terrorism” report."

More than 1 million rally to support Mexico City's mayor  4/25/2005 Knight Ridder: "Mexico City police estimated that 1.2 million protesters joined the so-called "March of Silence," which would make the protest the largest march for democracy in Mexican history. They wore white masks over their mouths and carried signs with the mayor's picture that read, "We are with you" and, "You're not alone." Opinion polls have given Lopez Obrador a large lead in advance of Mexico's 2006 presidential election. Lopez Obrador advocates reducing Mexico's dependence on the United States, criticizes free trade and emphasizes creating jobs for the 40 million Mexicans who live in poverty. However, he's been in political limbo since April 7, when Congress voted to strip him of political immunity so he could be charged in a murky land expropriation case."

Venezuela to oil firms; accept sovereignty or leave  4/25/2005 Reuters 

Sunday  4/24/2005

topPut a Tiger In Your Think Tank  4/24/2005 Mother Jones: "ExxonMobil has pumped more than $8 million into more than 40 think tanks; media outlets; and consumer, religious, and even civil rights groups that preach skepticism about the oncoming climate catastrophe. Herewith, a representative overview."

Pope 'obstructed' sex abuse inquiry  4/24/2005 Observer: "The order was made in a confidential letter, obtained by The Observer, which was sent to every Catholic bishop in May 2001. It asserted the church's right to hold its inquiries behind closed doors and keep the evidence confidential for up to 10 years after the victims reached adulthood. The letter was signed by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, who was elected as John Paul II's successor last week. Lawyers acting for abuse victims claim it was designed to prevent the allegations from becoming public knowledge or being investigated by the police. They accuse Ratzinger of committing a 'clear obstruction of justice'."

US admits 2,600 weapons sent to Haiti  4/24/2005 Scotsman: "THE US government gave more than 2,600 weapons to bolster Haiti’s controversial police force last year despite allegations of human rights abuses and a more than 13-year-old arms embargo, officials at the State Department and US Embassy said. The officials rejected allegations of a massive $7m shipment of arms and ammunition to Haiti in 2004, but conceded that the US had given a smaller amount of arms to the Haitian government in the form of bilateral assistance. An official at the State Department added that the US government was considering a request by the Haitian government to approve the sale of an additional $1.9m in weapons this year."

Saturday  4/23/2005

topBolton Finds U.N. Nomination in Jeopardy  4/23/2005 AP 

Friday  4/22/2005

topShaking Up Israel's Spy Nest - AIPAC scandal resurfaces  4/22/2005 AntiWar 


THE KISS OF DEATH - NUCLEAR WEAPONS STEALTH TAKEOVER  4/22/2005 Deep Black Lies: "The cost to the predominantly black community at Hunter's Point Naval Shipyard in San Francisco is much greater. Navy ships brought back to Hunter's Point shipyard for decontamination by the Navy, after the first atmospheric tests in the Pacific, led to the establishment of the secret Naval Radiological Defense Lab (NRDL) which operated at the shipyard into the 1970's. Secret experiments exposing animals, plants, soldiers, prisoners, and local residents to radiation were conducted at the NRDL, where 550 civilian scientists worked with 65 Naval officers to study the biological effects of ionizing radiation. The radioactive waste and dead animals from the lab were dumped at the shipyard, filled a back bay, and sunk off the Golden Gate bridge in a battleship and 55 gallon drums, contaminating one of the richest fisheries in the world. The community today has the highest rates of breast cancer in women under 40 in the US, as well as high rates of other radiation related diseases. A former City of San Francisco coroner found that every Hunters Point resident he had done an autopsy on, had cancer no matter what the cause of death. Even worse, the Radiation and Public Health Project (RPHP), while conducting studies on infant mortality and cancer around nuclear power plants, discovered that milk contaminated with radiation has been shipped into black inner city communities - a genocidal plan which explains why blacks have the highest cancer rates, infant mortality, and asmtha (Gotham Gaz.May 2003) in the US, which has been blamed on poverty. The studies using US govt. data on radiation in milk revealed that at the time of Chernobyl the Pennsylvania Milk Board had been selectively shipping radioactive contaminated milk from dairies around the Three Mile Island and Peachbottom reactors into eastern black inner city communities (see Jay Gould, Deadly Deceit: Low Level Radiation, High Level Coverup). In an RPHP study on health improvements by race in San Francisco County, after the shutdown of the Rancho Seco nuclear power plant in 1989, health improved for all ages, diseases and races except for blacks. Black infant mortality also increased after startups and accidents, but unlike improvements for whites and Asians which decreased after the 1989 shutdown, black infant mortality reflected startups and shutdowns at other nuclear power plants in California."

Pope's home town witnessed Nazi atrocities against Jews  4/22/2005 Independent: "Pope Benedict XVI grew up in a German town in which Polish and Hungarian Jews were once massacred on a death march through its streets by SS guards. It also had a Nazi concentration camp on its doorstep. The disturbing account of Nazi rule in Bavarian Traunstein, where the Pope went to school and spent the years of his youth, is in a brief history of the town by a local author, Friedbert Mühldorfer, available in the town library. The book, seen by The Independent yesterday, reveals atrocities, expulsion of Jews, widespread use of slave labourers, persecution of anti-Nazis and details of the camp on the town's outskirts. Somewhat remarkably, none of the events described appear to have been mentioned in the Pope's autobiography, Milestones, which was published in 1997."

Denuncia Aristide que EEUU y Francia cometen un holocausto negro en Haití  4/22/2005 Jiribilla 

Thursday  4/21/2005

topThe end of oil is closer than you think  4/21/2005 Guardian 

Rice’s Plan to Inspect Russian Nuclear Sites Lost in Translation  4/21/2005 Moscow News: "Condoleezza Rice effectively admitted that the U.S. was set to inspect Russia’s nuclear facilities, and unequivocally demanded that Putin resign in 2008 after his second term in office expires. She also hinted that Belarus would soon see an “Orange Revolution”. Her Russian interlocutors pretended stubbornly that they didn’t hear anything, the Russian daily writes."

Venezuela: ‘In Defense of Humanity’ by Amiri Baraka  4/21/2005 SF Bay View: "Then sure enough, in the middle of Chavez’ anti-imperialist, anti-superpower, anti-norteamericano assault, like the loud wings of that necessary angel, he introduced the man, who now sat directly in front of us, “Compañeros, I want you to greet the great Algerian Revolutionary, BEN BELLA.” I had shaken his hand when he came in, but now I touched his shoulder as the crowd dipped past peak and re-introduced myself and Amina and shook his hand, this time with the passion of my memory of that Revolution. Certainly then images of “The Battle of Algiers” flashed through all those who knew that connection; it did ours. (In perfect confirmation of their infamy, Encyclopedia Britannica, in their entry on Algeria, mentions the overthrow of the French Colonial regime in 1965, by FLN, of which Ben Bella was the best known of the leadership and first premier of Liberated Algeria, and that later this was “overthrown by a military coup.” THERE IS NO MENTION Of BEN BELLA!)"

Tuesday  4/19/2005

topNew pope intervened against Kerry in US 2004 election campaign  4/19/2005 AFP 

Air Force Cadets See Religious Harassment  4/19/2005 AP: "There have been 55 complaints of religious discrimination at the academy in the past four years, including cases in which a Jewish cadet was told the Holocaust was revenge for the death of Jesus and another was called a Christ killer by a fellow cadet. The 4,300-student school recently started requiring staff members and cadets to take a 50-minute religious-tolerance class."

Four indicted in death of 'God's banker'  4/19/2005 Globe & Mail: " A Sicilian mobster, a Roman crime boss and two others were indicted yesterday in the death of Italian financier Roberto Calvi, a banker with close ties to the Vatican who was found hanging under a bridge in London in 1982, a defence lawyer for one of the four said."

Monday  4/18/2005

topHolocaust Case Against Vatican Bank Revived  4/18/2005 AP: "The Vatican Bank, the financial arm of the Roman Catholic Church, denies allegations that it stored the looted assets from thousands of gypsies, Jews, Serbs and others who were killed or captured by the Nazi-backed regime that controlled Croatia during World War II. A federal judge had dismissed the 1999 case, but the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said the survivors should have their day in court in an effort to be compensated for their monetary losses, and to be given an accounting of what money, if any, the bank received from the Ustasha regime."

Ex-Vatican powerbroker living in Sun City  4/18/2005 Arizona Republic: published 5/4/03 - "Marcinkus was indicted in Italy in 1982 as an accessory in the $3.5 billion collapse of Banco Ambrosiano, an Italian financial institution with close ties to the Vatican Bank. He never was arrested, however, because Italian courts ruled Vatican employees are immune from prosecution. The Banco Ambrosiano scandal made international headlines when two of the bank's top officers, including high-profile Chairman Roberto Calvi, were murdered."

Cracking the Silent Citadel  4/18/2005 I españa: published in 2000 - "Levy case, Alperin v. Vatican Bank, filed in 1999 with the district court of San Francisco, involves some three hundred plaintiffs seeking restitution for assets allegedly stolen during World War II by the Ustasha dictatorship, Hitler Croatian puppet regime. In addition to slaughtering Jews, Serbs, and Ukranians in Nazi-style concentration camps, the Ustashi were also known to have drained millions worth of their victims personal holdings into the Croat treasury. Central to the Alperin case is the claim that the Vatican Bank was instrumental in laundering the stolen loot after the war, before it was spirited off to several destinations in South America to bankroll fugitive Nazi sympathizers. Vatican officials have so far claimed innocence in the affair, but documents recently declassified at the plaintiffs request, including several CIA memos, have helped to raise troubling questions about the extent of the Holy See involvement."

A Planetary Problem  4/18/2005 New Yorker: "There is a very broad consensus in the scientific community that global warming is under way. To the extent that there are conflicting views, they are usually over how exactly the process will play out. This is understandable. The climate affects just about every natural system on earth, and these systems in turn affect the climate. So making predictions is very complicated. Meanwhile, we have only one planet, so it’s impossible to run a controlled experiment. To focus on the degree of disagreement, rather than on the degree of consensus, is, I think, fundamentally misguided. If ten people told you your house was on fire, you would call the fire department. You wouldn’t really care whether some of them thought that the place would be incinerated in an hour and some of them thought it would take a whole day."

Saturday  4/16/2005

topRockefeller Aide's Tie to 1980 'October Surprise' Mystery  4/16/2005 Consortium News 

Friday  4/15/2005

topItaly in row with US over shot spy  4/15/2005 Guardian: "Gianfranco Fini, the foreign minister, said Italy and the US had shown excellent cooperation in the investigation, which is led by a US brigadier general and has two Italian members. But Italian newspapers yesterday suggested the diplomatic words hid serious misgivings. Ms Sgrena has also said in interviews: "There were no hand signals, warning lights or warning shots - nothing. We were travelling at regular speed.""

Latvian Nazis  4/15/2005 Venik's Aviation 

Thursday  4/14/2005

topWashington’s Iraq panic attack  4/14/2005 Open Democracy 

Wednesday  4/13/2005

topTime for Apologies - The Brazilian Military and Human Rights in Haiti  4/13/2005 NarcoNews: "At the end of March the international GNO Global Justice Center and the Human Rights Program of Harvard University released a report that shook the trust of the international community in the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH), commanded by Brazilian troops. The report not only claims that the peace forces are not fulfilling the mandate, but also actually accuses them of violating human rights. “The time for excuses if over,” says the report (PDF). Global Justice president James Cavallaro teaches law at Harvard and has been denouncing the human rights situation in Brazil for many years. He was in the country twice, in December 2004 and February of this year, together with other researchers, to talk to and gather information about the work of the troops. He gave Narco News the following interview:"

Venezuela Issues Extradition Request for Terrorist in U.S.  4/13/2005 Venezuela Analysis: "Venezuela formally asked U.S. authorities to extradite an escaped prisoner who was responsible for the bombing of a Cuban airliner in 1976, in which 73 persons were killed. The former prisoner, Luis Posada Carriles, is a Cuban exile who had escaped a Venezuelan prison in 1985. For a while he lived in Panama, where he was also captured for planning an assassination of Cuba’s President Fidel Castro in 2000. He was then pardoned in Panama, though, and entered the U.S. about a month ago. Venezuela’s Vice-President, José Vicente Rangel, said, “We going to step up our demands for extradition.” “I hope Mr. Bush will take note of his own anti-terrorism policies and hand over Posada Carriles,” added Rangel."

Tuesday  4/12/2005

topItalian Journalist: U.S. Lied  4/12/2005 CBS: "Pelley's interview with Sgrena will be broadcast on 60 Minutes Wednesday, April 13, at 8 p.m. ET/PT… "Seven hundred meters more and we are in the airport and we will be safe...and in the same moment, [American soldiers] started the shooting," says Sgrena, who tells Pelley that, contrary to claims by the U.S. Army, her car was not warned by hand signals, arm signals, flashing white lights or warning shots."

Monday  4/11/2005

topAmerica’s Broken Electoral System - Get over it, says mainstream press  4/11/2005 FAIR: "At the same time, however, a parallel story emerged: Ohio—and many other states—had been dogged by a variety of voting difficulties, particularly affecting minority communities who traditionally vote Democratic. Besides the large numbers who found they could only vote provisionally, others found a shortage of machines that meant waits of up to 10 hours—which, given the reality of jobs and other responsibilities, meant that many people were simply unable to vote. Still others had their votes improperly recorded—or not recorded at all—by electronic terminals or punch-card machines, the “chad”-producing technology still used in three-quarters of Ohio. As later documented, the irregularities resulted in a significant number of disenfranchised voters, and in something unseen since 1877: a debate in Congress, on January 6, 2005, over whether to certify a state’s electoral votes."

GIVE IT BACK, GEORGE - Did Wyly Coyotes' Ill-Gotten Loot Buy White House?  4/11/2005 Greg Palast 

Kerry Alleges Intimidation of Voters in 2004  4/11/2005 Washington Post: "Many would-be voters in last year's presidential election were denied access to the polls through trickery and intimidation, former Democratic presidential candidate John F. Kerry told the Massachusetts League of Women Voters on Sunday. Kerry cited examples of how people were duped into not voting. "Leaflets are handed out saying Democrats vote on Wednesday, Republicans vote on Tuesday. People are told in telephone calls that if you've ever had a parking ticket, you're not allowed to vote," he said."


"There is one safeguard known generally to the wise, which is an advantage and security to all, but especially to Democracies as against despots: suspicion." -- Demosthenes

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