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    World News
12/31/01 - 1/6/02

Sunday  1/6/02

Cops: Teen Pilot Supported bin Laden  1/6/02 AP 

More than a man on trial  1/6/02 Atlanta Constitution: "Four months ago, the trial of Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin threatened to resurrect the divisiveness of the radical '60s. Now, as 1,500 potential jurors are summoned to the Fulton County Courthouse this week to start the murder trail of the man once known as H. Rap Brown, the case raises a new question: Can a Muslim get a fair trial after Sept. 11?"

Inviting Future Terrorism  1/6/02 Black World Today 

Report: Afghanistan Faces Serious Environmental Crisis  1/6/02 Islam Online 

El terrorismo en el país de las "maravillas"  1/6/02 Juventud Rebelde 

U.S. places little trust in Somali terror 'tips' Bitter rivalries make clan informants unreliable  1/6/02 NYT 

Shoe-bomb flight -- a trial run? U.S., British officials fear similar attacks in the works  1/6/02 San Francisco Chronicle 

U.S. helicopters gunned down fleeing Afghan women and children  1/6/02 Yellow Times 

Saturday  1/5/02

topHotlines for reporting erring police officers  1/5/02 Arab News 

Makkah imam slams Western arrogance  1/5/02 Arab News:  "The imam of the Grand Mosque in Makkah yesterday slammed the Western arrogance saying that it thrives on humiliating and subjugating other nations. Sheikh Saleh ibn Humeid also said in his Friday sermon, televised around the world by satellite channels, that there is a huge gap between theory and practice of the Western principles of democracy, freedom and human rights."

Taleban envoy detained by US  1/5/02 BBC: why should criminal American diplomats, frequently CIA agents, be accorded any different treatment, why should they then not be detained and punished according to a secret military tribunal? The Americans have no answer to this question, for none is possible other than reasons of imperium.

Gaping Holes in the 'CIA vs. bin Laden' Story  1/5/02 Emperor's New Clothes: interesting observations in this Nov 8 story.

Marines Arriving Amid Increased Surveillance in Qaida Hunt  1/5/02 IHT: getting ready for Somalia - "Also, the Pentagon soon will have in the Arabian Sea three Marine Corps units, each carrying about 1,200 Marines. One of those units is scheduled to set sail for the United States soon, but there will be a one-week period in mid-January when all three will be available in the region, officials said." The upcoming Somalia genocide can help perpetuate the warfare state.

Liberty on the Defensive  1/5/02 In These Times: "The indictment of Petrelis and Pasquarelli accuses them of stalking, terrorist threats and conspiracy on 27 counts—half of which are felonies—carrying a potential total penalty of 78 years in prison. A probable cause hearing on the indictments is not scheduled until January 23—and meanwhile, the two ailing men are languishing behind bars, where they are being held on bail of $500,000 each. Both men have AIDS, are in fragile health and have complained of the inadequacy of medical attention in jail." Turning every protestor into a terrorist.

THE OIL FACTOR IN SOMALIA  1/5/02 LA Times: from 1/18/93 - "Far beneath the surface of the tragic drama of Somalia, four major U.S. oil companies are quietly sitting on a prospective fortune in exclusive concessions to explore and exploit tens of millions of acres of the Somali countryside." So that's why it's next after the Unocal deal in Afghanistan. Oil companies rule!

Ghosts of Our Past  1/5/02 Modern Maturity 

Anti-Bush protesters march through Portland neighborhood  1/5/02 Oregon News 

US preparing for long stay in central Asia  1/5/02 The News, Pakistan: "Ostensibly, the moves will allow US forces to keep looking for terrorists in Afghanistan. But the presence of US troops in the back yards of Russia and China for the long haul could cause worry to the regional countries. That the region offers the world's largest oil and gas reserves after the Middle East gives credence to the conspiracy theories about larger US designs in the region."

Are Congress people dumb about Israel, or just faking it?  1/5/02 Ummah News: "I asked what he thought about the four-part series that Fox cable news had aired about this round-up of Israelis as detainees. He did not know anything about it."

Singapore, Malaysia arrest Muslims fingered by US  1/5/02 Ummah News: "Officials in Singapore say they have rounded up 15 people over the past four weeks (under provisions of Singapore's Internal Security Act). A search of the suspects' homes is said to have produced detailed information about bomb construction, photographs and videos of potential terrorist targets, forged passports and immigration stamps and material linked to al-Qaida."

A Body and Spirit Broken by the Taliban  1/5/02 Washington Post: not mentioned when Unocal was dealing with the Taliban…

Ex-terrorism suspect gets prison sentence, deportation  1/5/02 Washington Post: "A Saudi Arabian man who was arrested the night of the Sept. 11 hijackings as a possible co-conspirator was sentenced yesterday on immigration charges to four months in prison and should be on his way home to the Middle East by the end of the month." Curious…

Friday  1/4/02

topH. Rap Brown [Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin] doomed?  1/4/02 AP: "Supporters of Brown [Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin], the former black militant awaiting trial for murder, contended Friday, Jan. 4, 2002 that anti-Muslim sentiment amplified by America's war against terrorism could send an innocent man to Georgia's death row."

Right-Wing Propaganda Machine is in High Gear  1/4/02 Black Headlines: "When DeWayne Wickham, a highly-respected columnist for ''USA Today'' and former president of the National Association of Black Journalists, wrote a column that accurately states Berry's position, he was accused of having a conflict of interest by a White journalist who himself had a clear conflict of interest." DeWayne went on a trip to Cuba with a group of Black coumnists and even wrote not too right wing columns on it… wonder when the rampaging right wing Americans will accuse him of being a Castro lover.

Brazil's drug users will get help, instead of jail  1/4/02 Christian Science Monitor: but the US continues its price support policies to maintain the viability of off the books funding.

Facts Altered In Anti-terror Effort  1/4/02 Guardian: Is the US addicted to lying?

MP seeks air strike inquiry  1/4/02 Guardian: more evidence of war crimes - "… the UN said it had unconfirmed but reliable reports that 52 civilians were killed in the incident. It said there was no evidence that Taliban or al-Qaida fighters were in the village when it was hit."

America resumes bombing as net closes on Omar  1/4/02 Independent, UK: "Meanwhile, the Pentagon faced new charges as rescuers and local reports claimed the bodies or parts of bodies of 52 people, 25 of them children, had been found at two villages in the eastern Paktia province after a bombing attack on Sunday morning, on what the US claimed were hide-outs of Mr bin Laden's al-Qa'ida network and the Taliban, including an arms depot. But United Nations spokesmen insisted that innocent villagers were the victims of what would be the third major recent incident of unintended "collateral damage" caused by American air strikes in the eastern provinces of Paktia and Paktika. Local people accused a warlord, Pacha Khan, of bringing about the latest attack. Khan is also alleged to have engineered an American attack on a convoy last month, by feeding false information to the US intelligence to settle personal political scores."

Detained Secret Service Agent Targeted Because of Ethnicity: Witness  1/4/02 Islam Online 

CIA, Israel, force PA to close down independent weekly  1/4/02 Islamic Association For Palestine: ""It is lamentable that the United States which values press freedom at home is bullying the Palestinian Authority to suppress press freedom in Palestine. What happened to the American First Amendment, or maybe it doesn't apply to non-Americans?" Amayreh asked rather bitterly. The Hebron Times occasionally hosted Islamist columnists, such as Nayef Rajoub, a brother of PA Security Chief Jebril Rajoub. Last week the editors of the Hebron Times were summoned to the Hebron Governor's office where they were told to tone down the paper's criticisms of American policy."

Afghanistan: US Casualties Spiral  1/4/02 IWPR: "Uzbek sources at Khanabad suggest that the real figures of US casualties are far higher than the Pentagon's official totals. This IWPR reporter, who smuggled himself onto the facility on December 2, witnessed soldiers scrambling to meet an incoming US helicopter. They lifted out five wounded men on stretchers and loaded them into waiting vehicles. Uzbek army personnel working at the air base said scores of US casualties have been arriving there. From November 25 to Decemeber 2, an Uzbek orderly working with American medical staff said he had witnessed the arrival of four to five US helicopters - carrying between them 10-15 American casualties - each day." Hiding the casualties as they have done in all recent wars for fear of reducing support.

BOOTED BODYGUARD LASHES OUT AT AIRLINE  1/4/02 NY Post: ""The only reason why he was not allowed on that plane is because he is an American of Arab descent," said his lawyer, John Relman. "Pure and simple, this is a case of discrimination."

Warlords Steal Food Shipments, Hampering Efforts to Relieve Famine  1/4/02 NYT: more good behavior from US narcoterrorist allies

ACLU investigation says Tampa facecam system a flop, a farce  1/4/02 Politechbot: another boondoggle

UN CONFIRMS SUNDAY'S CIVILIAN CASUALTIES IN AFGHANISTAN; MORE INNOCENT DEATHS REPORTED  1/4/02 Radio Havana: "As new reports of civilian casualties in Afghanistan surface, the United Nations has joined voices with those condemning last Sunday's bombardment of a civilian village. While residents near the village in eastern Afghanistan assert that more than 100 innocent people were killed, the UN said the air strikes killed more than 50, half of them children."

CIA stops diplomats seeing Briton  1/4/02 Times, UK: "From their unofficial contacts yesterday, British diplomats in Islamabad have no doubt that the man being questioned is the former Duke of Edinburgh Award-winner who dropped out of university and converted to Islam."

US raid killed 25 children, says UN  1/4/02 Times, UK: from conservative press magnate Murdoch's flagship paper in London, the venerable Times - more genocide, sounds like 'Nam - "UNARMED women and children were chased and killed by American helicopters during an attack on an Afghan village that left 52 dead, the United Nations suggested yesterday, citing an unconfirmed report. Some of the victims, who included ten women and 25 children, were said to have been killed by the initial airstrike on Niazi Qala village in Paktia Province, others as they fled to shelter and a third group as they tried to rescue survivors, Stephanie Bunker, a UN spokeswoman in Kabul, said." War crimes are punishable, there is no statute of limitation, and perpetrators can be arrested in many countries, as the Israelis and others are beginning to discover.

London store withdraws Israeli settlement goods under pressure  1/4/02 Ummah News 

Civil Liberties War Among Jews  1/4/02 Village Voice 

Trolling the Web for Afghan Dead  1/4/02 Wired: true pathology on display - ""We did not start this war," Rumsfeld said. "So understand, responsibility for every single casualty in this war, whether they're innocent Afhgans or innocent Americans, rests at the feet of al-Qaeda and the Taliban."

Thursday  1/3/02

topChanging their tune  1/3/02 Al Ahram: "A decision by Sweden to extradite two Egyptian militants marks a shift in attitude among Western nations on political asylum in the wake of 11 September"

Government Bans Opposition Party  1/3/02 All Africa: Mauritania bans anti-slavery party

PALESTINIAN ACTIVIST AND PHYSICIAN ARRESTED, BEATEN TWICE BY ISRAELI FORCES  1/3/02 Democracy Now: Unreported in the mainstream US media: "Israeli police arrested leading Palestinian human rights activist Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi yesterday and then released him on the edge of Israeli-occupied East Jerusalem, where he was then rearrested by the Israeli Army. Barghouthi was severely beaten by the Army, first on the street and then in a car. Among his injuries was a fractured knee. Barghouti is president of the Union of Palestinian Medical Relief Committees."

Actor who plays film hero decried in US as an assassin and terrorist  1/3/02 Guardian: "He seemed like a hero for the times. A black American doctor who had fought with the mojahedin against the Russians and had returned to treat women suffering under the Taliban. Except that the actor who plays the character in Kandahar - the film about Afghanistan which received so much acclaim that President George Bush asked for a private screening - has now been accused of being an Islamist terrorist who assassinated an Iranian dissident in the United States."

Refugees left in the cold at 'slaughterhouse' camp  1/3/02 Guardian, UK: "Maslakh camp, translated as Slaughterhouse in English, is on the brink of an Ethiopian-style humanitarian disaster, aid workers have warned. Situated 30 miles west of Herat city, the camp is home to more than 350,000 displaced Afghans, of whom 100 die each day of exposure and starvation."

Israel looks to U.S. for economic boost  1/3/02 Haaretz: as a reward for keeping up with those Indian fighter traditions so dear to the Americans?

Mining Company Gets Protection in Legislation Pushed by Daschle  1/3/02 NYT: Tom Daschle proves once again that he has no respect for the Lakotas, whose Black Hills (Paha Sepa) have been ravaged by American mining interests.

"Black Hawk Down" – Hollywood drags bloody corpse of truth across movie screens  1/3/02 Online Journal: Another war criminal subject to arrest? "Marine Lt. Gen. Anthony Zinni, who commanded the operation, informed the press that 'I'm not counting bodies . . . I'm not interested.' "

Palestinians Bury Three Children, Killed, Mutilated by Israeli Troops near Gaza  1/3/02 Palestine Chronicle 

Geopolitical Agenda Turned on Its Head  1/3/02 Stratfor: "For countries like Germany and Japan, the war on terror offers an opportunity to expand their own re-emergence into the international security system while proving their worth to the United States."

Iraq Eying Iran for Help Against U.S.  1/3/02 Stratfor: "Iran could not stop the U.S. from attacking Iraq. But it could force Washington to commit to a more politically and economically expensive military campaign than it might desire. This would sufficiently raise the stakes to make the United States think twice about attacking Iraq."

Israeli army tortures three boys to death, hand bodies to PA  1/3/02 Ummah News: "There were many stab wounds on their bodies, and their heads were bludgeoned with stones and clubs."

PC apparently used by al-Qaida leaders reveals details of four years of terrorism  1/3/02 Wall Street Journal: "Memos refer to al-Qaida as "the company" and its leadership as "the general management." -- wonder where they got that language from…

U.S. plans bombings in Somalia  1/3/02 Washington Times: with Sun Yung Moon's Reunification Church cheerleading

Oil company adviser named US representative to Afghanistan  1/3/02 World Socialist: not available in the mainstream media - "President Bush has appointed a former aide to the American oil company Unocal, Afghan-born Zalmay Khalilzad, as special envoy to Afghanistan. The nomination was announced December 31, nine days after the US-backed interim government of Hamid Karzai took office in Kabul. The nomination underscores the real economic and financial interests at stake in the US military intervention in Central Asia. Khalilzad is intimately involved in the long-running US efforts to obtain direct access to the oil and gas resources of the region, largely unexploited but believed to be the second largest in the world after the Persian Gulf. As an adviser for Unocal, Khalilzad drew up a risk analysis of a proposed gas pipeline from the former Soviet republic of Turkmenistan across Afghanistan and Pakistan to the Indian Ocean. He participated in talks between the oil company and Taliban officials in 1997, which were aimed at implementing a 1995 agreement to build the pipeline across western Afghanistan."

Eight Russian soldiers and civilians killed in Chechnya  1/3/02 Yahoo: why would we not expect similar headlines in the future about Americans in Afghanistan? Because they the story will be killed!

Wednesday  1/2/02

topSomalia next on the block?  1/2/02 Al Ahram: from the son of Kwame Nkrumah - "The Somali government, however, insists that Somali militant Islamist groups were dealt a severe blow during the civil war. These groups are widely discredited in the eyes of the population at large and are all but finished politically and militarily, according to the government."

INDIA'S TERRORIST MINISTER  1/2/02 "Defense chief George Fernandes raised funds and supplied arms to the terrorist Tamil Tigers"

Who are the Kashmir militants?  1/2/02 BBC: lined up against Aryan supremacists in India who will not marry darker skinned women.

U.S. Changes its Mind on Carrying Air Strikes on Somalia  1/2/02 Black World Today 

Pentagon: al Qaeda regrouping in Afghanistan  1/2/02 CNN 

Mandela Changes View of Bin Laden  1/2/02 Cybercast News 

Ranks of Latinos Turning to Islam Are Increasing  1/2/02 NYT 

Kifah: The Movie Star that Israel Killed  1/2/02 Palestine Chronicle: "Out of a population of 12,000, Kifah is the 9th martyr from Dehaisheh camp to be killed in this Intifada. Like all the 900 Palestinian martyrs of this Intifada, there is a poster, widely circulated, of young Kifah. His smile is a small one."

Ignorance is Not Bliss  1/2/02 San Francisco Chronicle: "While American viewers remain oblivious, Europeans, Asians and others have access to information about the catastrophic effects of U.S. bombing. They have seen images of dead and wounded civilians and the many widows, widowers and orphans created by Operation Enduring Freedom."

Secret calls tell parents al Qaeda sons died Confusion in Arab world over fighters' fates  1/2/02 San Francisco Chronicle 

Israel says it arrested militant Hamas missile financier  1/2/02 Space Daily 

Israeli FM to visit India next week  1/2/02 Ummah News 

Jalalabad ambush hits US soldiers  1/2/02 Ummah News: al qaeda and the Taliban have been defeated, kust as the Russians conquered Kabul in 2 days in 1979. Memories are short.

Mandela apologises to Muslims for supporting US-led war  1/2/02 Ummah News 

Tuesday  1/1/02

topUS accused of killing over 100 villagers in air strike  1/1/02 Guardian, UK: "A Qalaye Niazi villager, Janat Gul, told Reuters he was the sole person from his 24-member family to survive Sunday's pre-dawn attack by helicopters and jets. "There are no al-Qaida or Taliban people here," he insisted. Haji Saifullah, head of the tribal council, invited US forces to inspect the village, claiming 107 civilians died, including women and children." - that pathological liar Rumsfeld at work again.

US troops sent to find Mullah Omar  1/1/02 Independent, UK: "American commanders in Afghanistan were believed to have rushed scores of marines into the mountains near Baghran, about 100 miles north-west of Kandahar, in a fresh attempt to capture or kill the defeated Taliban leader, Mullah Mohammed Omar

Israeli weapons give India's troops strategic advantage  1/1/02 Israeli Insider: "According to unconfirmed media reports, Israel is India's second largest defense supplier. Defense transactions exceeding $3 billion have been signed or are in the pipeline between the two countries, and Israel may soon overtake Russia, the current leading exporter to the Indian market. Israel is considered the fifth largest exporter of weapons in the world." So that's what they did with the US aid as seed money.

Thousands of Christians, Muslims protest Israeli religious persecution, blockade of Jesus' birthplace  1/1/02 Palestine Chronicle: "ousands of Christians and Muslims from Palestine and around the world today marched through the narrow streets of Bethlehem, the traditional birthplace of Jesus, to protest Israeli religious persecution and blockade of the holy city. Leading the march were prominent Muslim leaders and Christian clergymen including Bishop Michael Sabbah, the highest-ranking Roman Catholic official in the Middle East. Also participating in the "march for peace" were the Chief Islamic Judge of the West Bank Taysir Tamimi and Fr. Hanna Atallah, Chief Spokesman of the Christian Orthodox Church in Jerusalem and the Whole of Palestine and scores of other religious and political leaders. Sabbah called on the Israeli government to stop persecuting the Palestinian people "because persecution and oppression deepen hatred and makes the realization of peace more difficult."

A Defeat for Mumia Abu-Jamal  1/1/02 Poor News Network 

‘Silent Thunder’  1/1/02 Southern Poverty Law Center: "A massive California police raid reveals how white supremacists are making a bid to control methamphetamine distribution."

U.S. efforts 'barely scratched' al-Qaida?  1/1/02 WorldNet Daily 

Monday  12/31/01

topGerman troops headed for Somalia  12/31/01 Africa Online: "The warships, from the German city of Hanover, are expected off the coast of Djibouti on January 2."

Jackson, Harvard President to Meet  12/31/01 AP: fair Harvard has a long history of abject racism, which this pap from AP does little to explain, not even mentioning that grade inflation is endemic: "[President] Summers, inaugurated in October, reportedly rebuked West for recording a rap CD, for leading a political committee for the Rev. Al Sharpton's possible presidential campaign and for allowing grade inflation in his introductory black studies course."

US denies bombing Afghan civilians  12/31/01 BBC: "Villagers told the Reuters news agency that the attack on Niazi Qalaye, 20 kilometres north of the town of Gardez in Paktia province, took place early on Sunday."

Massive delivery of wheat averts famine in Afghanistan  12/31/01 Boston Globe: buried on the back pages…

India Deploys Israeli Hi-Tech War Equipment in War Preparations  12/31/01 Debka: "The highly advanced Israeli-made weapons systems acquired by the Indian army in 2001 figured prominently in the tactical pros and cons of going to war, in New Delhi and Islamabad alike. Revealing this, DEBKAfile ’s military sources name the items imported from Israel as the Green Pine radar system, developed for Israel’s Arrow anti-missile missile, three electronic tracking and command centers and the Rafael version of the Popeye cruise missile. The war rhetoric on both sides eased slightly today after Pakistan detained 30 militants and shut down three terrorist organizations’ offices. However if war nonetheless erupts, Israeli electronic warfare and naval cruise missiles expert operators will be there on the spot and directly involved."

Shoe bomber Richard Reid and the Izz el-Deen al-Qassam Brigades  12/31/01 Debka, Israel: "The shoe bomb case has also sent ripples through US-Israeli relations. DEBKAfile’s sources report the angry tone taken by US officials with Israeli security officers and Sharon himself over the Reid affair. They believe Israeli intelligence services knew six months ago about Reid’s suspected involvement in terrorist activities as well as the real purpose of his Gaza visit – but said nothing. Had Israel spoken up, or at least dropped some hint about Reid, he never would have been allowed to board the American Airlines plane. Washington would have tipped off French authorities, which would have picked Reid up immediately on his arrival in Paris. To make the situation worse, a private security company called ICTS, owned by an Israeli, Ezra Harel, and registered in the Netherlands, was employed at Charles de Gaulle airport to screen passengers boarding US planes. Most of its personnel are ex-Shin Bet officers. The company covers security at Boston’s Logan airport, where the American Airlines plane came down after flight attendants and passengers overpowered Reid. The Americans believe someone at ICTS must have known that Reid planned to take that flight and passed it on to Israel, which withheld information that could have prevented a major air disaster. The Israeli response to US allegations is no less harsh. They admit letting Reid board an El Al flight from Amsterdam to Tel Aviv in July, although an armed sky marshal was ordered to sit next to him. This was a calculated risk in order to find out who Reid’s contacts were in Israel and the Palestinian territories and the only way to cover his movements effectively."

Sharon strengthened by rival's election  12/31/01 Stratfor 

Onions out, poppies in and let the good times roll  12/31/01 Sydney Morning Herald: Looks only at the small scale farmer and not at the massive resurgence of major traffickers in the new regime, following the time honored tradition of American clients in Laos, Viet Nam, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Bolivia, and so many other places around the world. Drug war = price support.

Bin Laden book banned  12/31/01 The Australian 

We will win nuclear war, says India  12/31/01 Times, UK: And nuclear winter, o holy man?

topWorld News

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