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10/18/04 - 10/24/2004

Sunday  10/24/2004

Karl Rove in a Corner  10/24/2004 Atlantic: "Karl Rove is at his most formidable when running close races, and his skills would be notable even if he used no extreme methods. But he does use them. His campaign history shows his willingness, when challenged, to employ savage tactics."

Daily Endorsement Tally: On 'Super Sunday,' Kerry Makes Huge Gains  10/24/2004 Editor & Publisher: "Senator John Kerry continued his raid on newspapers that backed President George W. Bush in 2000, grabbing 20 new "flip-flops," as well as The Washington Post. He has now won over at least 31 papers that went for Bush in 2000, while Bush has only earned two Gore papers. However, Bush got a prize in Ohio, the Columbus Dispatch. Kerry now leads Bush 118-69 in endorsements in E&P's exclusive tally, and by about 14.9 million to 8.9 million in the circulation of backing papers."

Twelve ways Bush is now stealing the Ohio vote  10/24/2004 Free Press, OH: "The Republican "November Surprise" to steal the 2004 election is in full force here in Ohio. With polls showing a dead heat, the GOP is staging an all-out attack on a fair vote count in the Buckeye State."

Abu Ghraib team bids to run UK prisons  10/24/2004 Guardian 

Questionable Absentee Ballots Lead To Criminal Charges  10/24/2004 KOTA TV News: "Six Republican notary publics face misdemeanors in connection with absentee ballot applications filled out on South Dakota college campuses."

FDLE Investigating Voting Fraud In Duval, Other Counties  10/24/2004 News4 JAX: "Many of the problems seem to be cropping up with forms turned in by groups that hire people to register new voters. An FDLE press release singled out the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN, saying its "workers have been connected with the widespread voter irregularities." [And from ACORN's site,, "ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, is the nation's largest community organization of low and moderate-income families, with over 150,000 member families organized into 800 neighborhood chapters in 65 cities across the country. Since 1970 ACORN has taken action and won victories on issues of concern to our members. Our priorities include: better housing for first time homebuyers and tenants, living wages for low-wage workers, more investment in our communities from banks and governments, and better public schools."

Judge Hears Arguments Over Duval County Early-Voting Sites  10/24/2004 News4 JAX: "Attorney Laura Shores told U.S. District Judge Harvey Schlesinger that compared with other large Florida counties, Duval County's five early-voting sites are not enough. She said Duval county has the largest African-American population in the state, but the fewest early-voting sites of any large city in Florida."

Secret report: terrorism spreading across Iraq  10/24/2004 Sunday Herald: "They include Sunni resistance groups, Ba’athist groups loyal to the ousted Saddam regime, Shi’ite resistance groups, and other terrorists groups that have moved into Iraq from Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Pakistan and Egypt since the occupation began in the spring of last year. The intelligence revision of the scale of the insurgency, which puts the number of militant cells at over 50 and growing, indicates that the current level of coalition forces will struggle to cope with an increased level of insurgent activity as the election approaches next year."

US may crumble BRIC by BRIC  10/24/2004 Times of India: "China and India may emerge as the world's No 1 and No 2 car markets. Within 20 years, China could have overtaken the US as the world's largest auto market, with India displacing the US perhaps as soon as 15 years later."

Florida vote still a tossup; turnout will be key factor  10/24/2004 Times Union, Jacksonville, FL: "Kerry received 48 percent support in the poll. Bush had 47 percent, and independent Ralph Nader had 2 percent. In a sign the race is intensifying toward a battle over turning out voters, only 2 percent were undecided. The survey of 600 likely voters was conducted Monday to Thursday by Research 2000, a Maryland polling firm. The poll's margin of error is 4 percentage points."

Martinez, Castor seek last-minute support in final debate  10/24/2004 Times Union, Jacksonville, FL: "Geoffrey Becker, former executive director of the Republican Party of Florida, said Castor is expected to run strongly among South Florida's Democratic base. But Martinez, who would be the first Cuban-American in the U.S. Senate if elected, could undermine that in Miami-Dade. "In a race like this, if he can blunt Betty's obvious Democratic strength in southeast Florida ... (with) the story, he's way better positioned," Becker said."

Priority placed on getting mistakes off the ballot  10/24/2004 USA Today: "Duval County, Fla., had the most errors. It spread the presidential candidates' names over two pages. More than 10,000 people voted once on the first page for Bush or Gore, then again on the second page for a minor-party candidate. It won't happen again. Duval County replaced its punch-card system with touch-screen voting machines that make such errors impossible. "We've gotten rid of those gosh-awful things," says Mike Hightower, Republican Party chairman in Duval County, which includes Jacksonville. His Democratic counterpart, Clyde Collins, agrees: "The new design is light-years ahead of what we had."" [But can you do a recount?]

Cheney Conjures a Worse World Had Kerry Led It  10/24/2004 Washington Post: "Vice President Cheney, on a stop here Saturday, continued his role as the campaign's point man for delivering ever-sharper attacks on John F. Kerry, asserting that if the Massachusetts senator had been president in recent history, the Soviet Union might not have fallen, a nuclear-armed Saddam Hussein could be in control of the Persian Gulf and the United States might have ceded its national defense to the United Nations."

Saturday  10/23/2004

topFrance considers Pinochet trial  10/23/2004 BBC 

GOP challenges voters Party questions validity of thousands in Ohio  10/23/2004 Columbus Dispatch, OH 

Black Caucus members visit Florida to get out vote  10/23/2004 Dallas Morning News: "Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson, D-Dallas, said after a Kerry rally in Pembroke Pines, near Fort Lauderdale. "We've already witnessed some of the shenanigans going on." "

Florida Has 1.55 Million New Voters  10/23/2004 News4 JAX: "Since November 2000, Republicans have increased their numbers by 465,328 while Democrats have added 460,461 new party members, a difference of 4,867 in favor of the GOP. "I'm shaking my head. To think that out of 1.6 million that there would be less than 5,000 new registrants separating the two parties," said Aubrey Jewett, a University of Central Florida political science professor. "I just can't believe it." What that means as Democrat John Kerry tries to defeat Bush on Nov. 2 is anybody's guess, especially considering 628,507 new voters didn't choose either party."

Three-Fourths of Voting Machines will be Used Again on Nov. 2  10/23/2004 NNPA 

Voter intimidation begins early in Florida  10/23/2004 Simply Appalling: "Black ministers and others decried Carlberg's decision to open a single early voting site and last week descended on his office but left unappeased after Carlberg, who is white, refused to open additional sites or work to correct voter registration applications that were incomplete… On Thursday, the elections office contacted police after Democrats complained about men videotaping people in front of the office all day. U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown and coalition members confronted them in the evening. But Scheu said the videotaping was allowed on a public sidewalk across the street. "We're powerless to stop them," Scheu said. Owner Fred Hillerich of Price Rite Investigations of Jacksonville declined to say who hired his firm to videotape events at the office. But he said he had done the work elsewhere before, and "I ain't doing anything to nobody." "I'm sure it is, it's intimidation," said the Rev. Willie M. Bolden, a Southern Christian Leadership Conference official who joined others questioning Hillerich. "They're doing all kinds of things across the state." "

British ex-envoy heads international observers of voting  10/23/2004 Washington Times: "The mission is being conducted by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe's Office of Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR). They will monitor electronic voting, watch for voter fraud and track whether the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) is being implemented."

Friday  10/22/2004

topWest Virginia: Elector Says He Might Not Vote For Bush  10/22/2004 AP: "South Charleston Mayor Richie Robb said that based on his research, an elector has "qualified discretion" when it comes to casting a vote. Still, Robb called it "highly unlikely" that he would cast a vote for Democrat John Kerry. He says he might cast his vote for Vice President Cheney or another Republican instead, meaning the president would lose out on one electoral vote."

DR Congo slams 'Tintin' minister  10/22/2004 BBC: "The Congolese government accused Karel de Gucht of acting like Tintin - a colonial-era Belgian cartoon character. "Belgium needs a minister of foreign affairs who is a diplomat," the Congolese information minister said."

Number of black Republican candidates up in South  10/22/2004 Black America Web 

Reports of Voter Irregularities Plague Cities Across the Country  10/22/2004 Black America Web: "Don’t rely on mailings or calls that claim to be informing you where the polling place is located. One of the most popular confusion tactics used in the 2004 primaries was to inform black voters of the wrong polling location through mailings and phone calls according to Melanie Campbell, executive director of the National Council on Black Civic Participation."

Could the Associated Press (AP) Rig the Election?  10/22/2004 EcoTalk: "The Associated Press (AP) will be the sole source of raw vote totals for the major news broadcasters on Election Night. However, AP spokesmen Jack Stokes and John Jones refused to explain to this journalist how the AP will receive that information. They refused to confirm or deny that the AP will receive direct feed from voting machines and central vote tabulating computers across the country. But, circumstantial evidence suggests that is exactly what will happen. And what can be downloaded can also be uploaded. Computer experts say that signals can travel both to and from computerized voting machines through wireless technology, modems, and even simple electricity. Computer scientists have long warned that computer voting is an invitation to vote fraud and system failure. An examination of Diebold election software by several computer scientists, including Dr. Avi Rubin and his staff, proved that secret backdoors can be built into computer programs that allow votes to be easily manipulated without detection."

Polls say Bush could face electoral college defeat  10/22/2004 Financial Times: "Corrine Brown, Democratic congresswoman from Duval County in Florida, where 27,000 ballots were discarded in 2000, said there was widespread concern about voter intimidation, voting irregularities and a replay of the outcome four years ago. An AP/Ipsos poll on Friday showed Mr Kerry had pulled three points ahead among likely voters, after a Gallup poll at the beginning of the week said that Mr Bush had an eight point lead. Norm Ornstein, political scientist at the American Enterprise Institute, said: “There is a significant chance that we could end up with a nail-biter election, with several states that are very close. This is not going to be a dispute limited to one state.” "

The Coming Post-Election Chaos: A Storm Warning of Things to Come If the Vote Is as Close as Expected - By JOHN W. DEAN  10/22/2004 FindLaw: "It does not seem to trouble either Rove or Bush that they are moving us toward a Twenty-first Century civil war -- and that, once again, Southern conservatism is at its core. Only a miracle, it strikes me, can prevent this election from descending into post-election chaos."

Florida is focus of furor again  10/22/2004 Gregory Law Firm - USA Today 

Profile: Rep. Corrine Brown  10/22/2004 News 4 JAX: "Despite winning over retired Navy officer Jennifer Carroll by 16 percentage points two years ago, Carroll's back in the race this year. None of her fine opponents have received more than 44 percent of the vote in the designated minority district, which snakes from Nassau County to Orlando. Brown -- who's held elective office for almost 20 years -- remains popular despite several brushes with controversy and not always taking the most popular political positions."

Florida's E-Voting Concerns Complicate Recount Worries  10/22/2004 News4 JAX: ""The Republican party has tried to disenfranchise us," said Addie Greene, a black Democratic commissioner for Palm Beach County. Greene helped the county purchase 5,000 Sequoia voting machines, and then became an active opponent of paperless voting and is asking constituents to send in absentee ballots. "Palm Beach County will create a stir nationwide that no one ever would believe ... if we're disenfranchised again," she said."

Most College Students Favor Kerry -Harvard Poll  10/22/2004 Reuters 

Group wants 8 more sites for early voting  10/22/2004 Times Union, FL: "Owner Fred Hillerich of Price Rite Investigations of Jacksonville declined to say who hired his firm to videotape events at the office. But he said he had done the work elsewhere before, and "I ain't doing anything to nobody." "I'm sure it is, it's intimidation," said the Rev. Willie M. Bolden, a Southern Christian Leadership Conference official who joined others questioning Hillerich. "They're doing all kinds of things across the state.""

Thursday  10/21/2004

topVote observers: access to US polling places difficult  10/21/2004 AFP: "International observers invited for the 2004 US election found access to polling stations difficult in Florida and Ohio, a watchdog group said Thursday. "One of the surprising things we learned is that most voting jurisdictions have no mechanisms for non-partisan polling observation," said former Canadian cabinet minister David MacDonald. A system needs to be put in place that allows for international and domestic non-partisan poll observation." ...In Florida, only Leon county has consented to the presence of observers in polling places, the group said, while Miami-Dade, Fort Lauderdale and Broward counties have not responded. In Missouri, Columbia and St. Louis counties gave a green light to the observers and will allow them to recount the ballots, the group said. However, in Ohio, the observers have been given permission to observe voting only in Cuyahoga county, near Cleveland, Baghoomians said."

AP Poll: Bush, Kerry in Dead Heat  10/21/2004 AP 

Kerry Looks to Avoid Gore Recount Errors  10/21/2004 AP: "Sen. John Kerry, bracing for a potential fight over election results, will not hesitate to declare victory Nov. 2 and defend it, advisers say. He also will be prepared to name a national security team before knowing whether he's secured the presidency."

Lawsuit barrage heralds elections Electronic voting and provisional ballots among challenged issues.  10/21/2004 AP 

Print this and take with you to the polls Nov. 2!  10/21/2004 BET: "Let’s say, for example, that you roll up on the polling place in your neighborhood and find out that your name is nowhere to be found on the vote list. Or that your name is on the list – but it’s a list of ex-felons, and you’re incorrectly denied your right to vote. How about if the electronic voting machines malfunction, or the representative you would like to vote for is not on the ballot? Even more dramatic, what if there’s a group of heavies blocking your way to the election booth?"

Tom Joyner Show Personalities to lead vote drives in 6 cities  10/21/2004 Black America Web: "Tom Joyner and his morning show crew will hit the road Friday to boost early voting in six key states where voters can cast ballots at selected locations in advance of the Nov. 2 presidential election. In Little Rock Ark., Nashville, Tenn, Raleigh, N.C., Las Vegas, Nev., and Orlando, Fla., the morning show crew will broadcast live along with affiliate radio stations airing the Tom Joyner Morning Show. Houston was added to the tour."

CA$H: The currency of elections  10/21/2004 East Texas Review: "At the end of slavery, Booker T. Washington cautioned that without economic underpinnings the pursuit for voter empowerment would prove fruitless for blacks. But, the masses of blacks dismissed Washington then, and have ever since, sought their liberation through the voting process. ...Pocketbooks, not votes, determine political representation; and unless black voices are amplified with cash, basically, we remain simple cattle counts for the Establishment’s politicians."

Why Election Problems are Human Rights Violations: A Primer on the International Law Governing November 2  10/21/2004 FindLaw: "November 2's election - especially if it is as close as predicted, or if the transition to new balloting methods does not go smoothly - may be heavily litigated. If it is, the litigants should consider invoking not only domestic but also international law."

Defaming Mr Mbeki  10/21/2004 Jamaica Observer: "We, however, are having to re-assess our analysis of Mr Latortue and are edging towards the conclusion that the interim prime minister's frequent outbursts are not the result of ineptitude, but part of some grand strategy, whose end-game we have not determined. For how else can we explain Mr Latortue's latest statement about a respected world leader, whose hue and view of the world Mr Latortue may not have found to be endearing? We, of course, refer to Mr Latortue's comment on Sunday that Mr Thabo Mbeki, the prime minister of South Africa, was failing to respect international law, ostensibly for providing asylum to the deposed Mr Aristide."

Federal Judge: Provisional Ballots In Wrong Precinct Don't Count  10/21/2004 News4 JAX: "TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Rejecting a claim by Democrats, a federal judge said Thursday that the state must reject provisional ballots if they're cast in the wrong precinct."

Estimates by U.S. See More Rebels With More Funds  10/21/2004 NYT: "According to data assembled by the military, about 80 percent of the violent attacks are criminal in nature - kidnappings for ransom or hijackings of convoys - with no political motivation… Marine officers said that in addition to Mr. Zarqawi, a Sunni extremist named Omar Hadid and a sheik named Janabi, a radical Sunni cleric, were both influential anti-American militants. They said Mr. Hadid ran a gangland-style operation, making money through car smuggling and hostage-for-ransom operations, as well as from tithes collected by sympathetic mosques." These activities were, of course, purely criminal in nature!

Early Voting Could Be Perilous  10/21/2004 Pacific News: "The worst excesses have occurred in Florida. The winner in Miami's 1997 mayoral election was removed from office after a court found that many of the absentee ballots that helped elect him had been forged, coerced, stolen from mailboxes or were otherwise fraudulent. Four years earlier, a judge ordered a new election for mayor of Hialeah because of absentee ballot irregularities. Absentee votes also were part of the controversy over voting in Florida during the last presidential election, with Democrats claiming Republicans had misused them to help secure George Bush's victory."

Kerry Closes Gap To Make Florida Too Close To Call, Quinnipiac University Poll Finds; Senate Race Is A Dead Heat  10/21/2004 Quinnipiac University 

Foreign observers see problems in U.S. election  10/21/2004 Reuters: "Substantial threats to the integrity of the U.S. presidential election remain despite an improvement in election practices since 2000, an international delegation of election observers reported on Thursday. The delegation of 20, including lawyers, diplomats, civic leaders and veteran election monitors from 15 countries, visited five key states last month to review preparations for the Nov. 2 balloting. They plan to return to Florida, Ohio and Missouri on Election Day, although officials in some counties have so far not agreed to allow them access to polling places and vote counting centers."

Suppressing the overseas vote  10/21/2004 Salon 

Breaking News... DeLay Gets Served!  10/21/2004 The Stakeholder 

SCLC asks for probe of voting tactics - Duval, Leon counties targeted for practices that are taken as discouraging black voters  10/21/2004 Times Union, Jacksonville, FL 

International Election Observers Release Report On Upcoming US Elections  10/21/2004 VOA: "International observers are recommending the US election process be reformed to boost public confidence and guarantee fair elections. After two weeks of meetings with citizens groups, government officials and policy experts, they’ve released a report entitled “Election Readiness: It’s Never Too Late For Transparency.” "

Caltech/MIT Report: Voting - What Is, What Could Be  10/21/2004 Votewatch: posted 7/1/04 - "Soon after the 2000 Presidential Election, Caltech and MIT conducted a nationwide study of the problems associated with the election and current voting technology. They found that at least 1 in 25 (or 4% to 6%) of the votes cast in the 2000 election were "lost" – either uncounted or miscounted."

Personal Voices: Staying up Late to Vote Early  10/21/2004 WireTap 

Wednesday  10/20/2004

topE-Voting Struggles Weigh on Diebold Earns  10/20/2004 AP 

The art of stealing elections  10/20/2004 Boston Globe: "But any fair comparison of election abuses this year will reveal that one party is expending energy to register as many supporters as possible and assure that that their votes will be counted, while the other one is registering its supporters but also systematically trying to keep the opposition's votes from being cast. There is simply no comparable Democratic program of ballot suppression. Maybe we should invite election observers from Afghanistan and Iraq."

Rock the Draft - Choking Free Speech  10/20/2004 Counterpunch 

Iowa laws on voting may face a lawsuit  10/20/2004 DesMoines Register, IO: "The League of Women Voters of Iowa, the National Voting Rights Institute and the Iowa Civil Liberties Union are among those challenging the state's requirements that voters check a citizenship box on registration forms and that reject votes cast in the wrong precinct."

IUP students duped into changing party affiliation  10/20/2004 Indiana Gazette: "An official from the Indiana County Voter Registration Office estimated Tuesday that several hundred IUP students had been duped into registering as Republicans several weeks ago."

EARLY VOTING: Democrats grab turnout lead - Party says kickoff to election in Nevada bodes well for Kerry win  10/20/2004 Las Vegas Review Journal 

Campaign 2004: Voter registration workers cry foul  10/20/2004 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: "An ostensibly nonpartisan voter registration drive in Western Pennsylvania has triggered accusations that workers were cheated out of wages and given instructions to avoid adding anyone to the voter rolls who might support the Democratic presidential nominee."

Haiti: Rebellion in Bel Air  10/20/2004 SF Bay View 

Anti-Kerry Film Won't Be Aired - Democrats, Investors Push TV Conglomerate to Alter Broadcast Plans  10/20/2004 Wahington Post 

Tuesday  10/19/2004

topDEPLETED URANIUM: OBSERVATORY LAMENTS DENIAL  10/19/2004 AGI, Italian Prime Minister's office: "According to the Italian Military Health Observatory a total of 109 Italian soldiers have died thus far due to exposure to depleted uranium. The observatory stressed the fact that 41 pct of active personnel casualties relate to disease. According to Domenico Leggiero at the Military Health Observatory, "The total of 109 casualties exceeds the total number of persons dying as a consequence of road accidents. Anyone denying the significance of such data is purely acting out of ill faith, and the truth is that our soldiers are dying out there due to a lack of adequate protection against depleted uranium"."

Buying The Black Vote  10/19/2004 Atlanta Inquirer 

Bush: Beyond Reason  10/19/2004 Consortium News: "Journalist Ron Suskind relates a chilling conversation he had in 2002 with a senior aide to George W. Bush, who taunted Suskind for being a person from “what we call the reality-based community." "

GOP Pressures Rock the Vote to Stop Talking About the Draft  10/19/2004 Democracy Now: "Last week GOP Chairman Ed Gillespie sent an extraordinary letter to the group Rock the Vote requesting that it "cease and desist" from promoting its campaign warning young voters that the government may reinstate the draft. Gillespie threatened to take legal action and said the group's non-profit status could be in jeopardy."

Across the Country, Beware of Attempts to Block the Vote  10/19/2004 Minneapolis Star-Tribune: "Florida's secretary of state recently ruled that voter registrations would be deemed incomplete if those registering failed to check a box affirming their citizenship, even if they had signed an oath saying the same thing elsewhere on the form. Many counties are, sensibly, ignoring this ruling, but it's apparent that some officials have both used this rule and other technicalities to reject applications as incomplete, and delayed notifying would-be voters of problems with their applications until it was too late. Whose applications get rejected? A Washington Post examination of rejected applications in Duval County found three times as many were from Democrats, compared with Republicans. It also found a strong tilt toward rejection of blacks' registrations."

Still fighting to vote  10/19/2004 NY Daily News: "A recent report by the New York-based Century Foundation, summarizing the many studies ofthe 2000 election, concluded: "Every study found that African Americans in Florida had a profoundly higher rate of votes thrown away than whites. ... Among the 100 precincts with the highest numbers of disqualified ballots, 83 were majority black." The New York Times, which conducted its own study of 6,000 Florida precincts, found "a strong pattern of ballot rejection in black precincts that is not explained by socioeconomic differences or voting technology." "

Kerry slow to energize black vote  10/19/2004 USA Today 

Monday  10/18/2004

topSinclair's Shame  10/18/2004 Alternet: "According to the media advocacy group Media Matters, an estimated 100,000 calls have been made to advertisers. And it's already taking effect – companies are pulling their ads in various parts of the country, including Maine and Wisconsin. According to the Portland Press Herald in Maine, Sinclair television station WGME's plan to air the anti-Kerry documentary prompted three Maine companies – Hannaford supermarkets, the Lee Auto Malls, and the law offices of Joe Bornstein – to pull their advertising from the Portland TV station... The rapidly growing, aggressive advertising boycott effort has already had a measurable financial impact on Sinclair, whose stock dropped 10 percent over the past week, closing on Friday at an all-time low of $7.04 – a $60 million loss in value."

Problems reported as Florida voters begin casting early ballots  10/18/2004 AP: "In Orange County, the computers went down for about 10 minutes shortly after voting began, said Margaret Dunn, the senior deputy elections supervisor. She said she did not know what caused the problem." An earlier version of this story apparently had Dunn saying it was a faulty Internet connection, though these machines are not supposed to be connected to the net.

Poll suggests Kerry has lead in swing states  10/18/2004 CBC 

VOTING BY MACHINE OR ABSENTEE VIOLATES YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE and to have your vote counted properly  10/18/2004 EcoTalk 

DEMOCRAT PLANS IN FLORIDA  10/18/2004 Free Republic: "Well .. there's an additional Democratic tactic in Florida. The Drudge Report has obtained a copy of the Kerry/Edwards election manual for Florida. Campaign workers are encouraged to canvass local Democratic strongholds and pick up completed ballots. The ballots will then supposedly be delivered to Florida's Early Vote locations."

As election approaches, U.S. troops experience difficulties voting  10/18/2004 Knight Ridder 

GOP fails in effort to move polls Last-minute bid tried to relocate 63 mostly black polling places  10/18/2004 Philadelphia Daily News 

U.S.: Journalist Requests Temporary Restraining Orders Against Use of Voting Machines & Absentee Ballots - Urges Use Of Remote Polling Precincts & Provisional Ballots  10/18/2004 UN Observer 

U.S.: Republican Fraud will Disqualify 200,000 in Florida Vote, Says Harper’s and New Documentary  10/18/2004 UN Observer: "Rampant voter fraud in Florida will disqualify 200,000 mainly Democratic and African American voters on November 2, according to an article in next week’s Harper’s by Greg Palast, the BBC investigative reporter who in 2000 broke the original story regarding the infamous felon list in Florida. Palast’s findings were echoed in the October 14 New York Times Op Ed by Paul Krugman."

"There is one safeguard known generally to the wise, which is an advantage and security to all, but especially to Democracies as against despots: suspicion." -- Demosthenes

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