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7/6/04 - 7/11/04

Sunday  7/11/04

Threatening Anthropology: McCarthyism and the FBI's Surveillance of Activist Anthropologists  7/11/04 "A vital reminder of the importance of academic freedom, Threatening Anthropology offers a meticulously detailed account of how U.S. Cold War surveillance damaged the field of anthropology. David H. Price reveals how dozens of activist anthropologists were publicly and privately persecuted during the Red Scares of the 1940s and 1950s. He shows that it was not Communist Party membership or Marxist beliefs that attracted the most intense scrutiny from the fbi and congressional committees but rather social activism, particularly for racial justice. Demonstrating that the fbi’s focus on anthropologists lessened as activist work and Marxist analysis in the field tapered off, Price argues that the impact of McCarthyism on anthropology extended far beyond the lives of those who lost their jobs. Its messages of fear and censorship had a pervasive chilling effect on anthropological investigation. As critiques that might attract government attention were abandoned, scholarship was curtailed."

Chilled by draft talk  7/11/04 Baltimore Sun 

El Acuífero Guaraní, de las mayores reservas de agua dulce en el mundo Disputa por el oro azul  7/11/04 La Jornada: publicado en jenero, 2004 - "La supuesta actividad de grupos terroristas en la Triple Frontera que une a Argentina, Brasil y Paraguay ha sido el pretexto de Estados Unidos para incrementar su presencia militar en la región y cumplir su verdadero objetivo: apoderarse silenciosamente del Acuífero Guaraní, la reserva de agua más importante del mundo, compartida por las tres naciones. La autora sostiene que si se explota a un ritmo ecológicamente sustentable, el Guaraní podría producir 40 kilómetros cúbicos de agua al año, suficientes para abastecer, por separado, a los 360 millones de personas asentadas en la región del acuífero y satisfacer el consumo de la población estadunidense,"

Presiones de EU en la zona sudamericana con la mayor reserva de agua del mundo  7/11/04 La Jornada: publicado en octubre, 2003 - "Estados Unidos presiona para militarizar la región sudamericana y romper el eje Brasil-Argentina, en el contexto de una nueva agenda geopolítica en la que además se juega la que sería la mayor reserva de agua dulce del mundo, el llamado Sistema Acuífero Guaraní, por lo que muchos vaticinan que luego del petróleo vendrán las guerras del agua."

U.N. won't monitor U.S. votes - Lawmakers, including Rep. Barbara Lee, requested oversight of election  7/11/04 Oakland Tribune: "United Nations elections observers take to the war-torn and disenfranchised corners of the world, from Kosovo to Burundi and Rwanda to East Timor. In Mexico City recently, they taught elections to Iraqis. Thirteen U.S. House Democrats, led by Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson and including Oakland's Rep. Barbara Lee, say it's time the United States joined the list, "given the troubling events of the 2000 election and the growing concerns about the lack of necessary reforms and potential for abuse in the 2004 election." "

Local Board Membership Information Request  7/11/04 Selective Service: "Local Board members are volunteers appointed by the President. They play an important community role closely connected with our nation's defense. If a military draft becomes necessary, approximately 2,000 Local Boards throughout America would decide which young men in each community receive deferments, postponements, or exemptions from military service based on federal guidelines."

Saudis Facing Return of Radicals - Young Iraq Veterans Join Underground  7/11/04 Washington Post 

Saturday  7/10/04

topIraqi police on the beat as US quits patrols  7/10/04 Telegraph: "American troops have ceased regular patrolling in many Iraqi cities, leaving anti-insurgent operations to poorly trained local security forces in a high-risk strategy marking the official end to their occupation of the country…. There are also fears that many Iraqi policemen are in league with the insurgents. On a day in April when Capt Royer's men were ambushed they searched the residences of many Iraqi policemen. "We only found two in their houses. Most were not in. So where were they? There were badges, complete uniforms but no guns. What would you surmise from that?" "

Friday  7/9/04

topJuly Surprise: Is Bush Pressuring Pakistan to Capture Bin Laden During DNC?  7/9/04 Democracy Now 

U.S. News obtains all classified annexes to the Taguba report on Abu Ghraib  7/9/04 US News 

Thursday  7/8/04

topExemption Allows Medical Studies in Cuba  7/8/04 Black America Web: "In response to Congressional protest, the Bush administration has adjusted its stance prohibiting black, Hispanic and American Indian students from obtaining free medical education in Cuba."

The October Surprise?  7/8/04 Defense in the National Interest: "There is little doubt that Iran has a nuclear weapons program, one that is operating under forced draft to produce a nuclear deterrent as quickly as possible. Iran, along with everyone else in the world, knows that the best way to be safe from an American attack is to have nukes. Even the most howling neo-cons show little appetite for a war with North Korea. The problem is that, while an Iranian nuclear capability may be directed at deterring the United States, it also poses a mortal threat to Israel. Israel is not known for sitting quietly while such threats develop. It is a safe bet that Israel is planning a strike on known Iranian nuclear facilities, and that such a strike will take place. The question is when."

Wednesday  7/7/04

topSpanish parliament backs more troops to Afghanistan, police to Haiti  7/7/04 AFP: a good left-wing government, hard at work.

PAKISTAN FOR BUSH - July Surprise?  7/7/04 New Republic: "This public pressure would be appropriate, even laudable, had it not been accompanied by an unseemly private insistence that the Pakistanis deliver these high-value targets (HVTs) before Americans go to the polls in November. The Bush administration denies it has geared the war on terrorism to the electoral calendar. "Our attitude and actions have been the same since September 11 in terms of getting high-value targets off the street, and that doesn't change because of an election," says National Security Council spokesman Sean McCormack. But The New Republic has learned that Pakistani security officials have been told they must produce HVTs by the election. According to one source in Pakistan's powerful Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), "The Pakistani government is really desperate and wants to flush out bin Laden and his associates after the latest pressures from the U.S. administration to deliver before the [upcoming] U.S. elections." "

Cynthia McKinney's plan for hip hop  7/7/04 SF Bay View: "On Tuesday, June 15, former Atlanta Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney gave a historic address to the hip hop community, outlining the types of positions she supports and the direction she would like to see things move as she bids for another term in Congress. Below are her major talking points. Cynthia McKinney is a strong advocate, mentor and supporter of the hip hop community. Her unique popularity among the members of the hip hop generation and young people across the United States of America has made her a trusted voice on behalf of producers, retailers and consumers of hip hop entertainment. She believes that the Hip-Hop community has the potential to evolve into one of the strongest movements on behalf of social justice and community development. Congresswoman McKinney hosted the first Hip Hop Powershop in 2000 in Atlanta, which featured Afeni Shakur, Kevin Powell and others as special guests."

Haiti's 'natural' disaster a consequence of unnatural trade policies  7/7/04 SF Bay View 

NAACP calls on Ashcroft to stop Florida voter purge  7/7/04 SF Bay View: "NAACP President Kweisi Mfume announced Friday he will ask U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft to order the state of Florida to stop the purging of Florida voters until the process being used to remove convicted felons from the voting rolls has been corrected. “I am calling on Ashcroft to immediately order the state of Florida to cease and desist from all activities around the purging of voters from existing voting lists until glaring inaccuracies are corrected,” he said."

Witch hunt in Haiti intensifies  7/7/04 SF Bay View: "After a violent military coup drove Aristide from power, Neptune became a prime target for anti-government militants. His home was looted and burned. Rebel leader Guy Philippe led a mob in a march on his office. After the installation of Gerard Latortue's puppet regime, Neptune, along with other former officials, was barred from leaving the country. Fearing for his life, he went into hiding. News that his arrest warrant had been issued came shortly after he publicly denounced the new government's policies. The authorities allege that Neptune was the mastermind of a "massacre" in the town of St. Marc during February. The sole basis for this allegation seems to be a report issued by the National Coalition for Haitian Rights, a "human rights" organization with close ties to Lavalas opponents and Washington."

Mass graves found in Zimbabwe  7/7/04 The Australian: "MASS graves containing the remains of people believed killed during Zimbabwe's 1970s independence war have been discovered in northern Zimbabwe, according to reports. The state-run Herald quoted a senior police officer as saying that relatives "possessed" by the spirits of their dead kin had helped to discover the 19 mass graves in the Mount Darwin area, in the remote north-east of the country."

Tuesday  7/6/04

topCaribbean Bloc Won't Recognize Haiti Gov't  7/6/04 AP 

St Vincent won't recognise Haiti's interim gov't  7/6/04 AP 

Almost 2m living in France's angry ghettos  7/6/04 Guardian: "Almost 2 million French citizens are living in newly created urban ghettos in an environment characterised by anti-French feeling, racial hatred and the oppression of women, according to a French intelligence agency report leaked yesterday. The report, parts of which were published in Le Monde, concluded that approximately 1.8 million people across France were living in places which were either "already ghettos or on the way to becoming them". The study is set to reignite the debate over France's struggle to integrate its immigrant population and its inability to cope with rising unemployment, sexual inequality and growing fundamentalism in its urban sink estates."

Saudi secret service 'riddled' with al-Qa'ida  7/6/04 The Australian: "SAUDI Arabia's intelligence agencies are so infiltrated by al-Qa'ida sympathisers that the kingdom's counter-terrorist campaign is failing and militant operations are spreading into neighbouring states, senior Arab and Western officials have warned. The main Saudi intelligence organisation responsible for combating al-Qa'ida at the Interior Ministry is riddled with agents linked to the militants, the officials say. "Their staff is 80 per cent sympathetic to al-Qa'ida," one senior Arab source said."

"There is one safeguard known generally to the wise, which is an advantage and security to all, but especially to Democracies as against despots: suspicion." -- Demosthenes

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