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6/28/04 - 7/7/04

Sunday  7/4/04

More Than 100 Children Imprisoned - Report Of Abuse By U.S. Soldiers  7/4/04 Information Clearinghouse]: "According to information from the International Red Cross, more than a 100 children are imprisoned in Iraq, including in the infamous prison Abu Ghraib. The German TV magazine "Report" revealed that there has been abuse of children and youth by the coalition forces."

Questions over felon `purge list' threaten Florida governor  7/4/04 Knight Ridder: "As thousands of Floridians learn that a state list could wrongly bar them from voting, Democrats have found a rallying point for the November elections and proof, they say, of long-held suspicions that Gov. Jeb Bush's elections machinery is rigged against them. More than 2,100 people, many of them black Democrats, remain on the list of potentially ineligible ex-con voters despite winning clemency - and the right to vote - after their crimes, The Miami Herald reported Friday. Democrats and activists call it a "purge list" - a phrase that deeply irks the governor."

Terms of Denouement for Venezuela Opposition - President Hugo Chávez, Polls Say, on the Verge of a Stunning Victory  7/4/04 NarcoNews 

Saturday  7/3/04

top"Progressive" Latin American Leaders Support the Coup in Haiti  7/3/04 Counterpunch: "The shameful fact, however, is that this time the occupation is being carried out by not only by the French, whose savage imperial history there is well known, and by the Canadians (perennial handmaidens of the US), but by Argentina, Brazil, and Chile--three nations who have themselves been victimized by the covert operations establishment of the United States, and governments who are making the now-specious claim that they are "progressive." The Haitian people and their popular organizations are utterly astonished by this grotesque betrayal and unabashed political opportunism. More than one Haitian with whom I spoke while there for three weeks in June posed the question: How will these allegedly leftist governments respond when and if we attack them?"

An Interview with Greg Bates - Ralph Nader's Revolt  7/3/04 Counterpunch 

Venezuela's Media Tycoons - The Anti-Chavez Echo Chamber  7/3/04 Counterpunch 

Weary of Indigenous Resistances? Just Pretend They're Not There  7/3/04 Counterpunch: "Only the most inescapable signs of that resistance in Latin America make the corporate media. The list of important events barely covered outside the countries where they happened reveals how popular protest is neglected. For example, the successful 37 day strike by national oil company workers in Colombia this year received virtually no coverage at all… Likewise, serious human rights abuses in Vicente Fox's Mexico also go mostly unreported. An overwhelmingly peaceful recent demonstration in Guadalajara outside the meeting between European and Latin American leaders was violently dispersed after provocations by a small number of aggressive protestors well infiltrated by government provocateurs. Hundreds of bystanders and peaceful demonstrators were rounded up, severely beaten and in many cases tortured during their subsequent detention… Gutierrez is reported to have closed down press and radio media critical of his government. But the formula for the international media seems to be "Cuban censorship, bad: Ecuadoran censorship, so what?...."7 So you only discover these reports on the web… Just as all these events have failed to attract the same level of attention in the international media as similar events in Venezuela, coverage is largely absent of the referendum scheduled for July 18th which will decide the future of Bolivia's huge gas fields. Will they be ransacked by the Pacific LNG consortium of BP- Amoco, British Gas and the Spanish giant Repsol for sale in Mexico and the US? Or will they be exploited so as to benefit Bolivia's impoverished majority? The contrast between the virtually non-existent coverage of the rights and wrongs of this referendum and that given to Venezuela's referendum is sharp."

"We Don't Trust You Guys" - Pentagon Tried to Censor Saddam's Hearing  7/3/04 Independent: by Robert Fisk - "According to American journalists present at the 30-minute hearing of Saddam and 11 former ministers at Baghdad airport, an American admiral in civilian clothes told camera crews that the judge had demanded that there should be no sound recording of the initial hearing. He ordered crews to unplug their sound wires. Several of the six crews present pretended to obey the instruction. "We learnt later," one of them said, "that the judge didn't order us to turn off our sound. The Americans lied--it was they who wanted no sound. The judge wanted sound and pictures.""

U.S. General Says Met Israeli Interrogator in Iraq  7/3/04 Reuters 

Left, Right Playing Blame-Israel Game  7/3/04 The Jewish Journal of LA: "But the administration bolstered the blame-Israel line of reasoning by using the threat Iraq posed to the Jewish state to sell the war to skeptical Democrats, hinting that a vote against the war was a vote against Israel’s security. But that was politics, not policy; protecting Israel was never central to the administration’s Iraq aims."

Friday  7/2/04

topUS lawmakers request UN observers for November 2 presidential election  7/2/04 AFP: "Recalling the long, drawn out process in the southern state, nine lawmakers, including four blacks and one Hispanic, sent a letter Thursday to UN Secretary General Kofi Annan (news - web sites) asking that the international body "ensure free and fair elections in America," according to a statement issued by Florida representative Eddie Bernice Johnson, who spearheaded the effort."

The Secret History of Anonymous  7/2/04 Alternet: "The identity of the CIA veteran whose book indicting the Bush administration is creating a media storm is finally unmasked."

Why the Elites Hate Hugo Chavez - Buzz Words and Venezuela  7/2/04 Counterpunch: "For the white elite Chavez represents ugliness. The man with Indian and African features has committed the unpardonable sin: redistributing wealth. He increased the percentage of the budget that goes toward public health (8%) and education, although still not up to the level of developed countries. He also stopped subsidizing private schools where the wealthy send their kids… Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, along with the US Government, have contributed not only to political confusion about Venezuela. By misusing the words, democracy and human rights, they have created a semantic nightmare. They seem to accept US coups and destabilization campaigns as compatible with democracy, while Chavez's efforts to make majority rule a reality by providing for basic substantive rights become an offense. He has not shut down, censored or interfered with the media or the property that belong to his enemies."

Thursday  7/1/04

topAn Interview with Sibel Edmonds - FBI Whistleblower Talks to  7/1/04 AntiWar 

Venezuela: The opposition’s latest maneuver is electoral fraud  7/1/04 Granma: "INTERVIEW WITH ADAN CHAVEZ FRIAS, VENEZUELAN AMBASSADOR IN HAVANA"

Aristide's premier surrenders  7/1/04 Miami Herald: "Yvon Neptune, the prime minister under ousted Haitian President Aristide, is being held in connection with the killings of several Aristide opponents in St. Marc."

Aristide backers fearful in exile  7/1/04 South Florida Sun Sentinel 

Wednesday  6/30/04

topWill the 2000 farce be repeated?  6/30/04 Granma 

US military police raid Iraqi detention centre to stop abuse of prisoners  6/30/04 Guardian: "Nashwan Ali - who said his nickname was Big Man - said: "A US MP asked me this morning what police division I was in. I said I was in criminal intelligence. "The American asked me why we had beaten the prisoners. I said we beat the prisoners because they are all bad people. But I told him we didn't strip them naked, photograph them or fuck them like you did." "

Acoli parole decision deferred  6/30/04 Home News Tribune: ""In these days of violence and terrorism, a so-called domestic terrorist should not be sent back into society until at least his sentence is complete," he told the Home News Tribune this week." Nor should a Nazi cell in the NJ State Troopers go unchecked.

Blind, Or A Coward?  6/30/04 Tom Paine: "Moore totally avoids the question of Israel. Not only that, but the opening polemic of the movie ties President Bush and company mightily to Saudi Arabia. In one sequence, what seems like several dozen images flash by showing Bush and his advisers shaking hands and chumming it up with leading members of the Saudi royal family. Moore says outright that while Bush is paid $400,000 by U.S. taxpayers in salary, Saudi Arabia has supported Bush and his family with more than $1 billion in business-related subsidies. (That amount, it seems to me, is ridiculously inflated and must be nonsense.) The stated implication is that Bush is more loyal to the Saudis than he is to America. Huh? Here are some questions for Moore: If Bush is so “in the pocket” of Saudi Arabia, why is he Ariel Sharon’s strongest backer? Why, when he had Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah down at the Texas ranch a few years ago, did he flip off the Saudi’s peace plan? And most important, why did he invade Iraq—since Saudi Arabia was strongly opposed to the U.S. invasion of Iraq? Why did he launch his Iraqi adventure over Saudi objections, with many of his advisers chortling that Saudi Arabia would be “next”? Why did he stock his administration with militant neocon crusaders who see Saudi Arabia as the main enemy? Why, Michael?"

Tuesday  6/29/04

topA revolutionary's evolution  6/29/04 Cuba Now: "Activist Angela Davis, a visiting professor at Stony Brook, rips the prison system in her recent book."

Bush and Africa  6/29/04 Cuba Now 

The Coming Revolt of the Guards  6/29/04 Cuba Now 

Report of the Haiti Accompaniment Project  6/29/04 Haiti Action Net 

Parole decision due for N.J. trooper's killer  6/29/04 Home News Tribune: "Sundiata Acoli will learn today whether he will gain his freedom or continue serving time for the May 3, 1973, murder of New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster."

U.S. Official Warns of 1 Million Deaths in Sudan  6/29/04 Reuters: "Up to 1 million African refugees could die this year in Sudan's Darfur region due to government-supported ethnic cleansing, a senior U.S. official said on Tuesday. International donors and relief organizations are racing to beat incoming rains to place food and medicine at camps for those driven from their villages in the world's worst humanitarian crisis."

Monday  6/28/04

topBerlusconi suffers major setback in Italian election: estimate  6/28/04 AFP 

Enemy Combatants Win Right to U.S. Courts  6/28/04 AP 

How Hitler Became a Dictator  6/28/04 Future of Freedom 

Army Plans Involuntary Call-Up of Thousands  6/28/04 Reuters 

Saudis agree they need help to combat terrorists and calm expatriates  6/28/04 Telegraph: one of the major issues for Al Qaeda, and one that contributed to its growth, has been the presence of foreign troops on Saudi soil.


"There is one safeguard known generally to the wise, which is an advantage and security to all, but especially to Democracies as against despots: suspicion." -- Demosthenes

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