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    World News
6/7/04 - 6/13/04

Sunday  6/13/04

Chavez says Bush is his real adversary in August 15 recall referendum  6/13/04 AFP 

Israeli Settlements Come under… MI6 Surveillance  6/13/04 Debka, Israel 

Nazi commander 'was CIA agent'  6/13/04 News 24, South Africa: "Niznansky is accused over the massacre of 146 people in two villages in modern-day Slovakia and later of ordering the execution of 18 Jews. He was arrested in January after a probe by Czech and Slovak officials. In its edition on sale on Monday, Focus said he collaborated with the CIA just after he recruited by the Czech secret service in 1947 to keep tabs on the communist opposition in Austria. He supplied the Americans with codenames, the addresses of safe houses and helped turn in enemy agents, according to the documents. Niznansky lived unnoticed for years in Munich where he used to work for Radio Free Europe until he obtained German citizenship in 1996. In early 1945, Niznansky was the commander of the Slovakian section of a Nazi unit codenamed Edelweiss that was tasked with hunting resistance fighters after an attempted uprising."

Saturday  6/12/04

topRichard Armitage: Foreign Narcotics Control Office  6/12/04 Conspiracy Planet: "And why is Armitage called 'Mr. Cocaine'? "The famous quote by Kerry Committee senior panel member Senator Daniel Inouye of Hawaii (D-Hawaii) should be noted. When Armitage was put under oath, he kept calling him "Mr. Cocaine" instead of "Mr. Secretary." I don’t think Inouye meant it as a joke. Armitage didn’t much like it." [Armitage is Deputy Secretary of State]

Uno de cada 100 hondureńos padece de SIDA, afirma experto  6/12/04 Prensa Latina 

Friday  6/11/04

topCease Fire In Disarray In Najaf, US Choppers Fire At “Targets” In Sadr City  6/11/04 Jihad Unspun 

Iraqi Resistance Report June 7 - 9, 2004  6/11/04 Jihad Unspun 

Venezuelan Recall Is in Dispute Even Before the Vote  6/11/04 NYT: "Touch-screen voting machines, which have been plagued by security and reliability concerns in the United States, will be used in the recall vote on President Hugo Chávez, prompting his foes and foreign diplomats to contend that the left-leaning government may use the equipment to manipulate the vote."

Miami TV station invites terrorists to talk openly about planned attacks on Venezuela  6/11/04 Vheadlines: "Adding weight to recent accusations of Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez, former Venezuelan army captain Eduardo Garcia was also present in full uniform to discuss the help Comandos F4 were giving in his efforts to bring down Chavez by force. Chavez has frequently charged that Miami Cuban-American terrorist organizations are involved with Venezuelans seeking to assassinate him. The host of the Round Table program, Randy Alonso, simply asked viewers to form their own conclusions after seeing such an astonishing program, commenting that the message that Frometa gave was clear: his paramilitary organization was ready and trained -- it just needed the money. And, said Alonso, the money is there -- US$36 million recently earmarked by the US government to support such groups."

President Hugo Chavez Frias swears in popular new Culture Minister Sesto  6/11/04 Vheadlines: "President Hugo Chavez Frias has sworn in the new Culture Minister Francisco "Farruco" Sesto, who has been charged with making the government latest social program Mision Cultura a success. The mission's objective is to reunite the Venezuelan People with its roots. "There cannot be a revolution," the President told followers, "if we do not manage a transformation of the Spirit ... the rest is secondary." "

Thursday  6/10/04

topDedican Festival del Caribe a huella francohaitiana en Cuba  6/10/04 Sierra Maestra 

Wednesday  6/9/04

topA Nicaraguan Priest Remembers the CIA's Contra War Reagan was the Butcher of My People  6/9/04 Counterpunch: "I'm not insensitive to the feelings of many U.S. people mourning President Reagan, but as I pray that God in his infinite mercy and goodness forgives him for having been the butcher of my people, for having been responsible for the deaths of some 50,000 Nicaraguans, we cannot, we should not, ever forget the crimes he committed in the name of what he falsely labeled "freedom and democracy." " [Over 16 times the 9/11 dead…]

The Pinochet Principle: Bush Defends Torture in the Name of National Security  6/9/04 Democracy Now 

Haiti: Background to a Coup  6/9/04 Dollars & Sense: Articles on Haiti from the D&S Archive

Why are some of the capital’s most influential power players hanging out with a bizarre Korean billionaire who claims to be the Messiah?  6/9/04 Gadflyer: "Should Americans be concerned that on March 23rd a bipartisan group of Congressmen attended a coronation at which a billionaire, pro-theocracy newspaper owner was declared to be the Messiah – with royal robes, a crown, the works? Or that this imperial ceremony took place not in a makeshift basement church or a backwoods campsite, but in a Senate office building?"

Kerry boosts lead over W - poll  6/9/04 NY Daily News: "Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry widened his lead over President Bush - 49% to 43% - in the past two weeks, a Gallup Organization poll found. Kerry, 60, a four-term Massachusetts senator, leads Bush, 57, among registered voters who say they are likely to cast ballots in the November election, in Gallup's poll conducted June 3-6. Independent candidate Ralph Nader drew support from 5%."

GIs marching away from re-enlistment  6/9/04 Rocky Mountain News 

Haiti's sin: Fighting to live and be free from European and American chains  6/9/04 SF Bay View 

Mayor held accountable for 3 deaths at hands of Chicago police Anti-police brutality activist and 8-year-old killed  6/9/04 SF Bay View: "Hicks died less than 12 hours after 55-year-old May Molina, an activist widely respected for her tireless work against police brutality and wrongful convictions, died in a police cell at Belmont and Western after repeated appeals from family members and her attorney for medical treatment for the wheelchair-bound community activist. The cops say her family, her lawyer, and the dead woman herself made no such appeals. Molina's supporters say the cops are liars."

Tuesday  6/8/04

topThe Myth of Reagan's "Enormous Popularity"  6/8/04 FAIR: with polling data.

La CIA en Venezuela  6/8/04 Rebelion 

Ban on torture overruled in Pentagon  6/8/04 Telegraph, UK: "The leak appears to be part of an extraordinary civil war in the Pentagon between civilian officials and uniformed officers appalled by what they have described as moves by political appointees to shroud the war on terrorism in an "environment of legal ambiguity"."

Deja Vu At The Florida Polls? Scrubbing felons from voters rolls raises fresh concerns  6/8/04 Time 

Monday  6/7/04

topState Dept. Quashed 9/11 Links To Global Drug Trade - FBI Whistleblower  6/7/04 Break For News: "LATEST: Sibel Deniz Edmonds was awaiting a June 14 court hearing to determine if she can publicly tell the full story of intelligence failures over the 9/11 attacks. The U.S. government wants her knowledge to remain a state secret. Judge Reggie Walton has now called off the hearing --no reason cited, and no future date scheduled. The fourth time he's done this in past two years. Sibel Edmonds will hold a press conference with Daniel Ellsberg at 3rd & Const. Ave. on Monday, June 14, at 9:30 AM in front of the Court."

Ayuda, no marines  6/7/04 El Habanero 

Haiti en El Habanero  6/7/04 El Habanero: series of articles on Haiti in Cuban paper.

"There is one safeguard known generally to the wise, which is an advantage and security to all, but especially to Democracies as against despots: suspicion." -- Demosthenes

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