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    World News
12/3/01 - 12/9/01

Sunday  12/9/01

The Ghost Of COINTELPRO  12/9/01 Black World Today 

Reluctant cops stall queries of Arabs  12/9/01 Chicago Tribune: "Across the country, police and prosecutors are raising legal concerns about racial profiling and the possibility that targeting Arabs could damage police relations with immigrant and minority communities. Several police forces, including those in Portland and Corvallis, Ore., have refused to participate. Chicago police also will not participate in the interviews."

Official: UK opposes execution of bin Laden  12/9/01 CNN 

Al-Qa'eda plan bloody mountain ambush  12/9/01 Guardian, UK 

'Spin' on Boer atrocities  12/9/01 Guardian, UK: Sound familiar: "The tragedy was exposed by British campaigner Emily Hobhouse and caused a political scandal. She was labelled a 'turncoat' for her activities by politicians."

US targets Somalia in hunt for al-Qaeda  12/9/01 Guardian, UK 

Police defy Arafat call for arrests  12/9/01 Observer, UK 

Editorial: Ashcroft's cheap shot / Critics of security measures aren't disloyal  12/9/01 Pittsburgh Post Gazette: more from the heartland

Women in Black  12/9/01 San Francisco Chronicle 

The Consequences of Objection  12/9/01 Washington Post: "Students Who Speak Out Against War Find Themselves Battling to Be Heard"

Saturday  12/8/01

topEditorial: Shame on Ashcroft  12/8/01 DesMoines Register: from the heartland…

Maverick Labour MP will be asked for loyalty pledge  12/8/01 Independent, UK: Labor beats up on antiwar MP, litterally: "The Shrewsbury and Atcham MP will be asked in a meeting on Monday to dispel persistent rumours that he is negotiating to join the Liberal Democrats. He will also be warned that he faces disciplinary action for issuing a press release accusing named colleagues of physically and verbally assaulting him."

Video shows CIA threatened to let prisoner be killed  12/8/01 Independent, UK: This is a war crime, people can be prosecuted for this.

In Letter, 300 Law Professors Oppose Tribunals Plan  12/8/01 NYT 

Newspaper journalist badly beaten in Pakistan  12/8/01 Reuters: "British journalist Robert Fisk was attacked and badly beaten on Saturday by a mob in Pakistan. Fisk, 55, a veteran foreign correspondent for the London based Independent newspaper, was set upon by a group of around 100 Afghan refugees after his car broke down on the road between the Pakistani border towns of Quetta and Chaman. "It was a very frightening experience and I am in a lot of pain but I am glad to be alive," he told a colleague on the Independent. "I'm going to bear the scars for the rest of my life. Sadly I broke down in the wrong place at the wrong time." The colleague told Reuters: "He was passing through a village full of refugees who'd just escaped from Kandahar. Robert told me he discovered later that they'd been bombed."

Mullah Omar 'is captured'  12/8/01 Times, UK 

U.S. experts on Iraq warn of new Vietnam  12/8/01 Washington Times 


Friday  12/7/01

topWestern intelligence knew of Laden plan since 1995: Report  12/7/01 AFP: So the boys knew about this in advance: "It provided for 11 planes to be exploded simultaneously by bombs placed on board, but also in an alternative form for several planes flying to the United States to be hijacked and flown into civilian targets. Among targets mentioned was the World Trade Center in New York, which was destroyed in the September 11 terror attacks in the United States that killed thousands."

Pentagon Denials and Civilian Death in Afghanistan  12/7/01 Alternet 

Understanding of Islam in the West  12/7/01 Arab News: Interesting attepmt to unravel western cultural racism.

Boondocks Cartoon Censored  12/7/01 Black World Today 

Panthers Persecution Holds Lesson For Today  12/7/01 Black World Today 

Noam Chomsky -- Saying What Media Don't Want Us to Hear  12/7/01 Common Dreams 

December 7, 1941: A Setup from the Beginning  12/7/01 Independent Institute, US: 1941=2001?

Italy scuppers EU anti-terrorism plan  12/7/01 Independent, UK: "But diplomats have speculated that the real motive is a desire to exclude a host of crimes, including financial misdemeanours and corruption, from the scope of the proposal. Mr Berlusconi has been linked to a series of financial scandals and his government recently failed to ratify an agreement with Switzerland which would have speeded inquiries into crimes such as money-laundering."

The "Turbanators" And The Terrorists: War Crimes And Media Omissions  12/7/01 Media Channel 

Courthouse mural's Klan image draws fire  12/7/01 Miami Herald 

U.S. Senate rebuffs international tribunal  12/7/01 MSNBC: The Senate is vigilant lest any US soldier or official ever be charged with genocide.

Ashcroft Defends Antiterror Plan and Says Criticism May Aid Foes  12/7/01 NYT: Nixon is back!


UN Rights Head Backs Afghan Probe, Criticizes U.S.  12/7/01 Reuters 

US Forces Suspension of Germ War Pact, EU Angry  12/7/01 Reuters: The US government has not learned its lesson yet…

Shock as columnist investigated for un-American activity  12/7/01 Sidney Morning Herald 

US opposes Karzai-Omar deal on Kandahar  12/7/01 Times of India 

Danger of war as Arafat hits at Hamas  12/7/01 Times, UK: “If that had been true, you wouldn’t have been able to count the number of men coming forward to volunteer as suiciders,” Ibrahim Adwan, an English language student from Gaza’s Islamic University, said.

US endorsed Indonesia's East Timor invasion: secret documents  12/7/01 Yahoo: Incriminates Henry Kissinger: "The documents prove conclusively for the first time that the United States gave a 'green light' to the invasion, the opening salvo in an occupation that cost the lives of up to 200,000 East Timorese."

Thursday  12/6/01

topSo long Geneva, hello Kandahar  12/6/01 Al Ahram 

Foundation says US froze its assets upon Israel’s urging  12/6/01 Arab News 

World demands Israel respect rights  12/6/01 Arab News: A search on DayPOP has 0 hits for the Fourth Geneva Convention as of 10PM EST on the 5th, when Arab News is already out for the following date: "A final declaration called on Israel to "refrain from committing grave breaches involving any of the actions the Fourth Convention, such as willful killing, torture, unlawful deportation." It also called on the "occupying power" to refrain from "collective penalties (and) unjustified restrictions of free movement". A delegate of the International Committee of the Red Cross said violations included Israeli settlements and restrictions on the activities of medical services, including ambulances."

Smart Bombs Made Dumb?  12/6/01 CBS News: Genocide through the lowest bidder.

Hampshire College Condemns War in All-Community Vote  12/6/01 Counterpunch 

US envoy rules out attack on Pakistan  12/6/01 Frontier Post, Pakistan: How reassuring.

Britain and 100 other states warn Sharon on rules of war  12/6/01 Independent, UK: DayPOP search gets 6 hits for Fourth Geneva Convention as of 9AM EST on the 6th, Newstrove gets 1: all in the foreign press, except for US Newswire, whose headline is: "ADL Outraged at the One-Sided Use of 4th Geneva Convention to Censure Israel" So the basest antisemitic assertions of the Islamic fundamentalists and of governments of places such as Saudi Arabia about control of the US media are patently false!

In a War on Terrorism, Who are the Terrorists  12/6/01 IndyMedia 

‘If He Wants to Die, He’s Going to Die Here’  12/6/01 Newsweek: This is pretty clear, from Dave, a CIA agent, to Spann, the agent who was later killed, concerning Walker, the American Taliban: "Dave [to Spann]: The problem is, he’s got to decide if he wants to live or die. If he wants to die, he’s going to die here. Or he’s going to f—cking spend the rest of his short f—cking life in prison. It’s his decision, man. We can only help the guys who want to talk to us. We can only get the Red Cross to help so many guys."

Former President Carter criticizes military tribunals plan  12/6/01 Sacramento Bee 

CONSERVATIVE ISRAELI NEWSPAPER CRITICIZES SHARON'S ACTION  12/6/01 Shalom Center: "Seems to me what is really going on here is a conspiracy of right-wingers — Palestinian & Israeli — Hamas & Sharon — to shatter any chance of peace. Sharon thinks if he does that the result will be permanent Israeli control over the West Bank, and probably the piece-by-piece expulsion of the Palestinians. Hamas thinks that over a longer time period, the result will be the shattering of Israel (thru internal radical-alienation of Israelis of Palestinian origin, & external mobilization of Arabs and Muslims). Either way, the result for the Jewish people is horrendous."

Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War  12/6/01 UN HCHR: just to remind ourselves of what this piece of paper says

ADL Outraged at One-Sided Use of Geneva Convention U.S. Newswire  12/6/01 US Newswire: First appearance of the Fourth Geneva Convention in the US online media according to DayPOP. Never mind what ADL says, just get us the facts, please.

Wednesday  12/5/01

topMcCarthyism returns  12/5/01 Al Ahram: "Under the guise of patriotism, civil liberties in the US are being eroded to the dismay of ethnic and religious minorities and anti-war activists, writes Gamal Nkrumah" - yes, the son of Kwame Nkrumah, who writes for this Egyptian paper.

Fake Anthrax Suspect Caught  12/5/01 AP: The boaster falls.

Israel castigated for 'rights abuses'  12/5/01 BBC: not in the US press? "The UN High Commissioner also stressed that all UN bodies monitoring international treaties are adamant that the convention does cover the Palestinian areas."

Unintended victims fill Afghan hospital  12/5/01 Boston Globe 

Errant bomb kills 2 U.S. troops, wounds 20  12/5/01 CNN: This wayward bomb actually made it into the US media.

U.S., Israel Boycott Convening of Fourth Geneva Convention  12/5/01 CNS: DayPOP did not pick this up until the 7th.

Dissing Democracy  12/5/01 Consortium News 

Scant evidence to prove Somalia has terrorists  12/5/01 Dawn, Pakistan 

Nuclear panic in the United States and more bombs for Bin Laden  12/5/01 Granma 

Arafat's nightmare: Israel bombs the jails  12/5/01 Haaretz Daily, Israel 

Arafat will gamble on Israel's 'war' failing again  12/5/01 Independent, UK: by Robert Fisk: "Hamas, the principal target of the Sharon "war on terror", was originally sponsored by Israel. Back in the 1980s, when Mr Arafat was the "super-terrorist" and Hamas was a pleasant little Muslim charity, albeit venomous in its opposition to Israel, the Israeli government encouraged its members to build mosques in Gaza. Some genius in the Israeli Army decided that there was no better way of undermining the PLO's nationalist ambitions in the occupied territories than by promoting Islam. Even after the Oslo agreement, during a row with Mr Arafat, senior Israeli Army Officers publicly announced that they were chatting to Hamas officials. And when Israel illegally deported hundreds of Hamas men to Lebanon in 1992, it was one of their leaders, hearing that I was travelling to Israel, who offered me Shimon Peres' home telephone number from his contact book."

Civilians abandon homes after hundreds are casualties of US air strikes on villages  12/5/01 Independent, UK 

Jewish group assails Israeli policies toward Palestinians  12/5/01 Minnesota Star Tribune 

Sharon's War Cannot Be Won  12/5/01 New York Times: "Certainly no serious person believes that Mr. Arafat and his lieutenants, nominally controlling a few divided scraps of land in the West Bank and Gaza, can through coercion, arrests and torture do what Israel with all its might has failed to do: bring about an unconditional end to all resistance against the occupation or attacks on Israeli civilians."

So, FBI, What About Bob?  12/5/01 Newsday 

Afghan Interim Leader Slightly Injured by U.S. Bomb  12/5/01 Reuters 

White House approval for Gaza attacks  12/5/01 Scotsman 

F16 missile kills boy, 14, as he walks from school  12/5/01 Telegraph 

With Friends Like These  12/5/01 Village Voice: Torricelli at it again, defending a group of Sadam Hussein backed Iranian terrorists, as he has the Miami narcoterrorists: "Still, MEK has powerful friends here. New Jersey Democratic senator Robert Torricelli has questioned the government's 1999 designation of MEK as a terrorist group, on grounds we are turning against what could be helpful opposition to Tehran."

Tuesday  12/4/01

topPearl Harbor: A Look Back, A Look Forward  12/4/01 Alternet: "While many are aware only of the internees of Japanese ancestry, it is also true that slightly less than half of those interned -- 14,426, to be exact -- were of European descent. The majority of these were Germans, but Italians, Hungarians, Poles, Bulgarians, and Czechs are counted among the thousands interned by our government. As these men and their families learned over the years, the punishment for being different was greater than many of them could have ever imagined. "

DNA Fails to Tie Men to Crime  12/4/01 AP: Police lab analyst lied on the stand - wrongly accused men were black.

Somalia on verge of 'total economic collapse,' UN humanitarian official warns  12/4/01 Arabic News: this is next on the US target list?

Outrage at Israeli strikes  12/4/01 BBC: "French Foreign Minister Hubert Vedrine said in Paris that Israel had adopted the wrong strategy with its attacks on Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat's headquarters. "Everything must be done to stop the kamikaze bloodshed and the terrorism. But to take on the Palestinian Authority, to weaken it, or even to eliminate it, would be a fatal error," he said."

New US Terror Alert Linked to Nuke Fear  12/4/01 Debka: Debka is a classic disinformation site, mixing pearls with garbage. This article seems genuine, and they are correct in affirming that there was a press report of a man caught smuggling a dirty bomb into Israel, by UPI, on 10/27/01: "Little noticed story dated 10-14: "Israeli security last month arrested a man linked to suspected terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden armed with a radiological backpack bomb, as he attempted to enter Israel from the Palestinian Territories via a border checkpoint at Ramallah, according to U.S. government officials."

DoD News Briefing - Secretary Rumsfeld and Gen. Myers  12/4/01 DOD 

Israel's True Intentions in Removing Arafat  12/4/01 Foreign Policy in Focus 

MIDDLE EAST In Focus  12/4/01 Foreign Policy in Focus: rich mine of articles

A village is destroyed. And America says nothing happened  12/4/01 Independent, UK: "And there, in the ruins of a family house, was a small fragment of nothing. It was the tail-end of a compact bomb. It bore the words "Surface Attack Guided Missile AGM 114", and a serial number: 232687. It was half-buried in the remains of the straw roof of a house where three men had died: Fazil Karim, his brother Mahmor Ghulab, and his nephew Hasiz Ullah. "They were a family, just ordinary people," said Haji Mohammed Nazir, the local elder who was accompanying us. "They were not terrorists – the terrorists are in the mountains, over there.''

Bin Laden's deputy injured in attack on cave hideout  12/4/01 Independent, UK 

Employees sue CIA for 'abuse of power'  12/4/01 Independent, UK 

Reason to be Paranoid; a Personal Experience  12/4/01 IndyMedia 

Europeans differentiate between terrorism and Muslims  12/4/01 IRNA, Iran: Not so in the US!

'One of the worst centres in the world for misery'  12/4/01 Media Workers Against War 

Bombers 'don't know, don't care' about hundreds of civilian deaths  12/4/01 Sidney Morning Herald 

Villages pay price as US bombs go awry  12/4/01 Telegraph 

8,000 Pakistanis either dead or missing in Afghanistan  12/4/01 Times of India 

Malaysia urges Germany to restrict US military targets  12/4/01 Times of India: the final ignomy for America: WWII epilog…

Monday  12/3/01

topIslam's Crisis: Can African-American Muslims Stand in the Gap?  12/3/01 Black Headlines 

Villagers Dying Under U.S. Bombs, Anti-Taliban Forces Say  12/3/01 IHT 

US Afghan allies were bombed as they slept  12/3/01 Independent, UK 

US bombs hit wrong target for second time in two days  12/3/01 Independent, UK 

US commandos land in Afghan city of Jalalabad  12/3/01 IRNA, Iran 

Shah's Son Enlists Exiles in U.S. in Push to Change Iran  12/3/01 NYT: His grandfather was removed for being pro-nazi, his father was a ruthless and ineffectual dictator installed by CIA who ruined his country, and now the little boy grows up to be another thug.

Langley is pleased  12/3/01 On Line Journal: "On the wide screen, at a theater near you, CIA-led suicide truck bombs are blowing up Middle Eastern buildings full of people, and CIA assassins are blowing apart the skulls of Southeast Asian politicians. On your TV, model-pretty CIA agents are shooting down and blowing up foreign "evildoers" to the beat of a pulsing techno-rock soundtrack."

Surgeon General: CDC Labs a 'National Disgrace'  12/3/01 Reuters 

Surrender ended in massacre  12/3/01 Scotsman, UK 

70 Pakistanis killed in Kunduz: Report  12/3/01 Times of India 

Burglars With Badges  12/3/01 Village Voice 

What was COINTELPRO  12/3/01 What Really Happened 

Sharon seeks Bush OK for attack that could end Arafat era  12/3/01 World Tribune, 


World News



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